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Book of NSFW Fate Stories

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You had been teasing him all day long, and he was more than fed up with it by now. Gilgamesh could do nothing more than stare as you flounced around in that short, tight dress greeting every guest; and yet you have not even greeted your King. It was unacceptable. You were his and his alone, why did you even think you could behave in such a manner without there being repercussions? The King of Heroes had made up his mind.


He would teach you a lesson you shan't forget for a long time; a lesson in pain and obedience.


Gil found you chatting with a group of aristocrats in the corner of the ballroom. Even a blind man could see just how desperate the men were to touch you. Hell, even he noticed one of them drooling whilst he shamelessly ogled your breasts. Disgusting. That was it, Gilgamesh would not allow anyone he deemed unworthy to touch his treasures. And you were his most precious treasure.

You noticed Gil all but sprinting toward you while you were talking to some men you had no clue Gilgamesh knew. Then again, he was a king with many connections. It wasn’t that much of a surprise. What did surprise you was how quickly Gilgamesh snatched you away from the conversation without acknowledging the others. You weren’t even allowed to speak as he pulled you all the way back to his bedroom, which was quite far from the ballroom.

“Gil, what the heck are you-”

“On your knees before your King, pet.” Without a second thought, you obliged and sank to your knees. Your breathing sped up slightly as his hands made their way down your collar to the neckline of your dress.


“Can you guess why I brought you here, treasure?” His fingers traced sinister patterns along your exposed skin before yanking down the front of the dress until your breasts spilled out. You weren't wearing a bra.

“I don’t know, my King. Have I done something wrong?" You said in the most innocent voice you could muster while batting your eyelashes up at Gilgamesh.

You nearly shrunk back at the harsh gaze his amber eyes fixed you with. He looked to be quite frustrated... You couldn't possibly imagine why.

"Allowing those mongrels to stare at you, even allowing them to be in your presence is far more than they deserve." Gilgamesh circled around you as he spoke before stopping behind you.

"Not to mention the fact that you've been teasing me all night with that dress..." You attempted to turn your head so you could see him, but the sudden pain in your scalp indicated that Gil had a tight grip on your hair; easily preventing you from moving an inch. Your voice broke as you cried out.


“I am going to teach you how to behave, my naughty little girl. You will listen to each and every command I give you and follow them obediently. Or else you will not like what follows, should you disobey your King... Now, say yes if you understand."

"Yes..." You muttered breathlessly which then turned into a yelp as Gilgamesh pulled your hair again.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, my King!" Said king grinned like a cat at your obedience, circling back around until he was facing you. Gilgamesh slowly massaged his cock straining against his pants and smirked at the fearful look in your eyes.




Sure your mouth was aching painfully, but you were enjoying every moment of your King's cock forcing its way down your throat. Every now and then, Gilgamesh would thrust hard and quickly enough so that his tip brushed against your uvula. Despite the fact that he took immense pleasure in watching you choke and gag on his dick with spit trailing down your chest, it wasn't nearly enough.

You were starting to feel light-headed, yet you still willingly allowed him to fuck your throat raw. Who were you to say no to a king; your king? One of his hands stayed in your hair for leverage to drag your head up and down on his length. Gil's other hand cupped your jaw, tilting your head upwards so he could study the look on your face. You looked so debauched, so slutty...

"Gods above, you take your King's cock so well, darling." You squeezed your eyes shut as Gilgamesh fucked your face relentlessly before groaning lowly, filling your entire mouth with warm ropes of cum.

Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you attempted to swallow it all, gagging slightly as most of it slid down your throat. 


"Swallow it all." Gilgamesh commanded, a dark look in his eyes whilst he watched you struggling to swallow. 

The leftover cum that didn't make it down your throat spilled between your breasts, to which you used your fingers to get the rest in your mouth; where it belonged. Satisfied, Gilgamesh cradled your cheeks with warm hands and smiled down at you as if you were the prettiest little thing he'd ever seen. And you were. 

"We should return to the ballroom before we are missed, my treasure." You playfully rolled your eyes and huffed, considering he was the one who brought you both here in the first place.

"Whatever you say, my King."