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World of Horror And Love

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The young boy ran out the door his heart pounding, his older brother's words ringing in his ears. "Goten, do you know what time it is?" Goten ran as fast as he could when suddenly a figure appeared in front of him. "Goten, do you know what time it is?" A teen asked with a smirk. "Oh no! Gohan please, no more!" Goten cried. Gohan picked up Goten and put him over his shoulder. "No! NO! Leave me alone!" Goten screamed. Gohan threw him on the ground and ripped off his clothes. "No please don't!" Goten sobbed. Gohan took off Goten's clothes and stared at his brother's naked body. Oh god…he's so beautiful… Goten screamed and hit his older brother, but Gohan ignored it. "Oh god, please no Gohan!" Goten screamed. No, this can't be right! He's my younger brother! But oh my god…he's just perfect! Oh god no! Gohan get a hold of yourself! Goten cried harder but Gohan was too lost in his thoughts to notice. Gohan slowly spread his brother's legs apart. "Shh…it'll all be over soon…" Gohan whispered as he slowly entered Goten.

"GOHAN! GOTEN! COME DOWN AND EAT!" Chi-Chi yelled. Goten groaned and opened a sore eye. He hated to get up early on the weekends, epically since Chi-Chi made his onichan babysit him and that never turned out good. Goten still had bruises from the last babysitting fiasco. Goten sighed and put on his gi. Gohan was already downstairs eating all the food. "Hey…no fair…you ate my breakfast!" Goten whined. "Shut up, it's not my fault you didn't come down right away." Gohan said with a glare. "Mooommmmyyy!" Goten whined. "Goten, please shush. Look in the fridge, there are leftover there for you to eat. I have to go out again so Gohan will look after you." Chi-Chi said. Goten's heart sank. Couldn't she stay home for just one weekend? "Yes mom…" Goten said glumly.

"Goten come on, there must be something you want to do!" Gohan said sternly. "I want you to leave me alone!" Goten yelled. "Goten calm down…I just want to have some fun…" Gohan said, his voice trailing off. "The last time you said that you bit me! On the neck! And it really hurt!" Goten whined. "Goten stop whining!" Gohan snapped. "And you told me Saiyans mark their mates by biting their neck, and their necks are really tender so it stays there forever!" Goten cried. "Goten! Will you just shut up?" Gohan shouted. Goten yelped and covered his mouth. Gohan eyes narrowed and his ki flared up. Goten let out of a cry of fear.

"Hey Goten I'm sorry for what I did to you, I really am." Gohan said softly. Goten wiped away his tears. "You say that after every beating…" Goten softly accused. Gohan sat down beside Goten and held his hand. Goten looked into his big brother's eyes and couldn't help but forgive him again, he just couldn't stay mad at his Nii-chan. Aah yes, his dearest Nii-san, the one who could do no wrong. He was older so he had to be right, what he was doing had to be okay 'cause onichan never did no wrong!