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Tin had tried to get Can to stay home the next day but the hyperactive boy couldn't be persuaded to take it off. So Tin had to watch his boyfriend walk off to class and Tin could swear that Can got hotter with every step of distance he put between them.

Walking into his own class Tin found Pete frantically finishing his homework "I think the idea of it is that you do that at home"

"Gee thanks for the revelation" Pete snipped as he continued to write not appreciating Tin’s sarcasm in his time of stress.

"That's wrong" Tin said pointing at an earlier question "and so it that one" seeing the frustration that he was causing to build in his friend Tin took the pen out of his hand and the sheet away.

"What are you doing?" Pete tried to take it back but seeing Tin fly through the sheet stilled his hand "thank you" Tin just gave Pete a tight nod while he worked on the sheet. "You seem to be in a good mood" Pete saw a smile pull at the corner of Tin's lips "did you get lucky last night?"

Turning to Pete he handed over the completed sheet with a broad smile "I’m lucky every night, I have Can by my side"

Pete's laughter rung out through the room "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Pete said trying to get his laughter under control "you went from brutal Ice Prince to warm puppy mush. Look at you, you little Fluffy Mess"

"I do your homework for you and you mock me. Why are we friends again?"

"The raw unadulterated animal magnetism that is our desire to never ever sleep with each other" Pete deadpanned as he shrugged looking over the answers Tin had written down.

"Oh yeah, that" the sarcasm was etched on his face and in his voice as his phone buzzed pulling his attention away from his friend.


When lunch rolled around Tin found Can in the corner of Sports Science canteen as instructed in his text, Can was longingly looking at his friends plates but none of them seemed willing to share and Tin understood why. Sitting down next to him Tin placed a tray of food down in front of Can "I love you" Can's voice was sweet but Tin couldn't be sure if he was talking to him or the food. Sensing Tin's annoyance Can put the spoon down that was less than an inch from his mouth turned to his cranky boyfriend and pushed him back from the table slightly. Climbing into his lap Can wriggled his hips making himself comfortable before he started eating. Tin was to shocked to even utter a word as their table mates watched them while Can happily eat his food.

Tin woke up when he felt food getting pushed against his lips "say ahhh" Can said tapping the spoon full of food against the uncooperative boy's lips.

"Um Can what are you doing?" Techno asked with a curious look at the boyfriends.

"Trying to get my boyfriend to eat some lunch" Can said still facing Tin who had taken the offered food with a smile.

"If you two are going to sickeningly feed each other I'm not going to eat with you" Techno mimed throwing up.

"Feel free to go elsewhere" Tin said as he nudged Can's jaw line with his nose letting Can know he was ready for more food. Letting out a small laugh Can prepared another spoon for Tin as Techno watched with disgust etched on his face.

Tin happily eat from the spoon held by Can as he slipped his arms around Can's waist hugging against his back, Can fondly smiled as he eat his own mouth full of food. "God, whatever" Techno grumbled looking at the ridiculously happy couple "did you need me to bring anything for the house warming party tonight?"

Straightening up Can looked back at Tin with a touch of worry on his face because he hadn’t run the idea past Tin before inviting people "do you mind if we host a house warming party baby?"

Tin's response lodged in his throat at being called baby, moving his hands on to Can's hips Tin's grip squeezes into them "I don't know, what do I get out of letting your friends traps through our home?" Rolling his hips down into Tin's lap as he rolled his head back Can whisper into Tin's ear. Techno watched as Tin's smirking face moved into something he couldn't quite read "don't be there before seven" Tin growled at Techno as he climbed out of his seat taking Can with him.

"Put me down Tin, I can walk on my own" Can cried as Tin threw Can over his shoulder and carried him out of the canteen to the surprised and shocked eyes of the other students.


Can felt the cusp of pain roll out along the pleasure he felt as Tin pressed him against a wall while he stretched him. Wanting to hear Can scream out his name Tin dropped to his knees, spread Can cheeks apart and began fucking Can with his tongue. Feeling his knees grow weak Can clawed at the wall trying to find something to hold to keep himself up. Feeling the instability in the naked boy in front of him Tin doubled his efforts pulling and playing with Can's balls.

Reaching behind him Can's finger thread through Tin's hair pulling on it and pushing him in closer as he spilled on the wall and floor as he screamed out Tin's name.

Pulling his hands away from the quietly murmuring boy Tin watched as Can's body failed to keep him up and slid down the wall "Tin my legs won’t work" Can's voice was so soft and weak making lust thud through Tin as the puddle of a boyfriend looked up at him with tears in his eyes. Scooping Can up in his arms Tin carried him to their room dropped him on their bed and stripped his own clothes off as he retrieved a condom and rolled it down his throbbing cock.

Can watched as Tin covered his cock with lubricant and pushed into him with one thrust ripping a moan from his throat as he trembling beneath his boyfriend. "You don't know how badly I wanted to fuck you when you dropped your cute little ass into my lap" Tin's voice was deeper than normal as he pushed in as deep as he could go.

"Ahhh, Oh god Tin please move, I need you to move" Can whined as his finger dug into Tin's back "I need to feel you fuck me"

"I love the way words sound coming out of your mouth" Tin said snapping his hips forward as he licked a hot stripe up Can's moaning throat. The moment Can's legs wrapped around him Tin felt himself push in deeper than before "you're squeezing me so tight" he said against Can's lips as Can huffed out panting breathes against Tin's face.

With every hit against his prostate Can's body trembled making his nerves snap with sparks that built up behind his navel and sped up his heart "Touch me Tin, I need to cum"

"Not yet" Tin whispered as he pinned Can's hands into the mattress "I want us to come together" Tin lent forward pinching Can's nipple between his teeth giving it a painful squeeze before using his tongue to lick away the sting.

Arching his back Can felt a wave of sparks add to the buildup in his already hyper sensitive body "Tin please" Can's voice shook as he pleaded and whined. Snickering Tin pounded harder as he swallowed Can's whines and moans and pushed his tongue into Can's mouth. Feeling himself get close Tin snuck his hand in between their bodies clasping Can's pulsing, leaking cock.

"Cum with me" Tin whispered into Can's ear both of them pulsing, cumming with loud moans that filled their bedroom.


Hours later Can was quietly sitting on the overstuffed dark blue couch drinking a beer as he watched Tin happily chat with someone across the room. Even as the room bustled with his friends Can could feel himself staring a hole through Tin knowing that he shouldn’t be but he was jealous that someone else was getting his boyfriend's attention. That someone else was receiving Tin’s laugh and smile, something in Can demanded that they should be only for him. It took a moment for Can to realized that someone had been talking to him, trying to get his attention “is everything alright Can?” Pete asked in his usually sweet way but Can’s confusing thoughts and the alcohol had him blurting out his mind to Pete.

“When you and Ae started sleeping together did it change the way you looked at him? Does it infuriate you to see him talking and being kind to others? Do you think about just pushing him down and fucking him yourself?”

The stream of questions flustered Pete as they hit him all at once and filtered through slowly. Dropping down onto the couch next to Can Pete took a deep breath decided how he was going to answer the boy who looked at Pete like he was lost. Drinking down the last of his own drink Pete rolled his shoulders as he prepared to answer Can’s questions truthfully “yes, at first I looked at him with an innocent desire but once we started sleeping together it changed to a lust that I sometimes have trouble controlling”

Can looked both shocked and impressed “what do you do about it?”

“Thankfully Ae is a bit.....completely lust driven himself so I just have to say or do something that I know will flick his switch and then I can just let myself get swept up in his flow” Pete looked a bit shy as he blushed keeping his eyes down.

“I wonder what Tin’s switch is” Can said absentmindedly before he put his hand on Pete’s knee “what about seeing him with others?”

“It did to begin with but that was mostly before we were dating. Now it’s only if someone else approaches him. I’m still a bit worried that Ae will meet the right girl and he will be taken from me” Pete gave a sad smile that annoyed Can because he knew Pete should have more confidence in himself and his love.

“Ae love’s you more then he likes breathing. You never have to worry about someone taking him from you, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even consider others as human let alone as love interests” Can said squeezing Pete’s knee as he shuffled closer to whisper “during games Ae is always watching you in the crowed to make sure no one take you away from him”

Pete seemed to brighten at Can’s words “that’s impossible, no one is better than Ae”

“Tin is, Tin’s way better than Ae” Can pouted before giving Pete a mischievous smile.

“Oh are we going to start comparing boyfriends now; because I’m afraid you are going to lose” Pete teased Can who seemed to rise to the challenge. So much so the he was on his knees hovering over Pete who was using the arm of the couch as a back rest.

"Oh you want to compare your quick to anger, football obsessed boyfriend with a pervert for a roommate. To my brilliantly smart, six pack having Adonis" Can's voice had gotten louder the more excited he got and now people were starting to listen in on their conversation.

"You mean my crazy strong, super kind, honest and loving Engineering student boyfriend. Then yes I'm more than willing to compare" Pete said crossing his arms and staring up at Can with a raised eye brow.

Can let himself fall forward placing a hand either side of Pete on the arm rest holding himself up off the normally kind boy who was refusing to back down "Tin is phenomenal in bed, he has made me feel things I didn't know the human body could feel" Can whispered down to Pete who smiled up in return.

"It would seem that there they are evenly matched" Pete's smirked as Can gave a brief nod of agreement with a bright smile.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Ae's gruff anger broke them out of the bubble they had gotten in and turning to it they were met with a set of very unimpressed looking boyfriends. Ae didn't know what to think about the situation he had found his boyfriend and one of his best friends in. He knew how Can felt about Tin but how they had gotten into the situation was a mystery. Tin on the other hand had jumped to irrational jealousy, walking over Tin didn't utter a word as he pulled Can off of Pete and into his arms caging him to his body.

Can had been concerned for all of two minutes until Tin's arms were wrapped around him, pushing up on to his toes so he could reach properly Can pressed a kiss to the corner of Tin’s frown. The moment their lips connected Tin melted his lips forming a soft smile before he shifted his head slightly to capture Can’s. Breaking the kiss Can saw out of the corner of his eye that Ae take his spot on the couch next to the soft but handsome boy "Pete what were you and Can doing"

"Talking" Pete said softly but at Ae’s continued worry Pete added "which lead to a small argument"

"You're still wrong by the way" Can interrupted having turned around in Tin's arms to face the other two.

"No I'm not, Ae is far better" Pete said sitting up a bit straighter as he felt himself getting pulled into the argument again.

"Far better at getting angry" Can teased because while on the outside it looked like they were arguing both Pete and Can knew that what they were really doing was bragging. That was why when they chipped at the others boyfriend they stayed away from insecurities.

"Have you even met your boyfriend? The night you left that charity function early Tin came back in so angry that he scared the living hell out of the two that had caused the mishap. He then called his parents out in front of everyone for trying to bribe you to go away. That was anger" Pete had honestly thought Tin would have told Can but based on the shock colouring Can's face the boy hadn't known.

"What the hell Pete?" Can could feel the vibrations of Tin's words as they rumbled through Tin's chest and into his back.

Looking over his shoulder at his annoyed boyfriend Can gave Tin a soft smile "you did that for me?"

"Of course, you are my boyfriend, they can't treat you like that" Tin lent in pressing their lips together enjoying the shiver that ran through Can when he lightly ran a finger down his neck.

Breaking the kiss Can looked at Pete with a triumphant smile "told you Tin is better"

"Better what?" Ae snapped stopping Pete from objecting.

Can and Pete looked at each other with matching smiles "boyfriend" the boys said in unison.

Laughing Tin tightened his hold on Can "well Can is right I am the far better boyfriend" Tin looked smug as he watched Ae waiting for the reaction.

Not failing to rise to the bait Ae was off the couch staring Tin down "fuck off, like hell you are"

Looking down at Ae Tin rested his chin on Can's shoulder "you won’t even go to social functions with Pete while I have never missed a single one of Can's games"

"Pete and I have already discussed that and you haven't been dating long so that's not really that impressive" Ae said crossing his arms so the he wouldn't be tempted to take a swing at Tin.

"Irrelevant of what Pete agreed to he still wants you to go with him" Tin watched as Pete pulled back a little when Ae's eyes trained on him "and I wasn't talking about since we started dating, I meant I have been to every single one of Can’s games"

Ae looked back at Tin before his shoulders dropped and a frown appeared on his face "when is the next one again?" Ae said looking up at Pete with puppy dog eyes.

"Tomorrow" Pete's voice was soft but they all heard the hopefulness in it making Ae truly feel how much he had let his boyfriend down by not going.



To help Ae feel better and more comfortable about going to the one of so so so many charity events that Tin and Pete were obligated to go to each year the four boys went together. Sitting in the back of Tin's car Ae watched as Can's hand wondered on to Tin's leg, palm up, waiting for when Tin was able to navigate one handed so that he was able to hold the drivers hand. "How you feeling Ae?" Can asked looking over his shoulder seeing the boy looking nervous "relax, you can't be hated as much as I am in this crowd" Can offered an encouraging smile.

"I doubt you are hated" Ae said rolling his eyes but looking at Pete he could see that he was wrong "what did he do?"

"Mainly dating Tin but it doesn't help that he punched a guy in the face" Pete said watching Ae's jaw drop.

"He was a pervert trying to assault a girl" Can jumped in trying to defend his actions in that situation before Ae could ask.

"And told my mother that he would slap some sense into her with a stack of money if he had it" Tin glanced at Ae in the rear view mirror.

Can turned to look at Ae "in my defense the money I was referring to was money she had tried to bribe me with to stay away from Tin" Can saw Ae's eyes widen with shock "though I think what most of them hate me for would be making Tin happy" Tin laughed under his breath as he pulled up to the valet.


Walking into the room Can ignored the break out of whispers remembering what Pete had told him about the way Tin had left the last gathering of these rich people and started laughing. The other three looked at him as he slipped his hand firmly into Tin's "let's go greet your parents" Tin's eyes widened with shock before he broke into laughter at the mischievous smile on Can's face.

"You know what baby, I think that is a wonderful idea" Tin set off to find his parents with Can in tow.

Silently hoping that it was going to turn into a spectacle Pete quickly followed behind pulling Ae along with him.

Finding a spot on the edge of the chaos about to unfold Pete handed Ae a drink as they kept their eyes on their friends.

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Medthanan" Can said with a vibrant smile as he greeted them respectfully "it's great to see that so many idle people can gather again to support whatever ridiculousness this event is for"

Tin and Can watched as Mrs Medthanan's face twist and turn red with anger. Pulling in a deep breath she set herself to yell at her son's odious partner when a deep booming laughter issued from beside her. Turning she found her husband's head thrown back as his laughter rang out, calming himself Mr Medthanan looked at Tin and Can "I like this kid" he said addressing Tin before turning to Can "who are you?"

"Can Kirakorn" Can gave another respectful bow "Tin's boyfriend" Can saw Mrs Medthanan tense up as she sucked in a sharp pull of air as the smile fell from Mr Medthanan's face.

"So you're the one that has causing my wife endless frustration and getting my son to stand his ground" he paused looking Can over "keep it up!" everyone stared between the two in shock.

Seeing someone he had wanted to talk to Mr Medthanan excused himself but paused when he was next to Can "do me a favour Can, go a little easier on my wife; she’s not use to not getting her own way"

Can turned to Tin with his usually bright smile that quickly shifted into mischievous as his hand wrapped around Tin's tie pulling him into a brutal kiss that had Tin clawing at Can's back and ass to his mother’s distaste .


After that night Tin stopped attending the high society functions no matter how much his mother had protested and to his mother’s greatest vexation the girls stopped accepting blind dates with him. And despite the three months of blissful function free peace when Can had seen the invitation insisted that they attend the Halloween themed event, Tin had steadfastly said no. Can tried to convince Tin by pouting but Tin stuck to his guns, until Can moved on to his fail safe. Pushing Tin down onto their couch it had only taken a couple grinds from Can’s hips to get him to say yes. But Tin had gotten his own by pushing Can sideways onto the couch and after a bit of fumbling and a lot of kissing Tin had Can naked knees spread on the couch leaning forward over the back of the couch.

Tin didn’t waste any time as he licked, sucked and bit his way down Can’s back. Tin drew a sharp cry from his shaking boyfriend as his hand came down hard on Can’s ass cheek leaving it slightly red with a pleasant sting.

“Eager to bend over for me aren’t you” Tin said against Can’s stinging cheek before his tongue came out and soothed it with a slow lick.

“Fuck you” Can let out on a gasp when Tin reached in between his legs as lightly squeezed his balls.

“No my sweet Cantaloupe, I’m going to fuck you” Tin said as he pulled Can’s cheeks apart and slipped a lube slicked finger into Can’s hole pumping it in and out a few times before adding a second finger. Feeling Can’s mussels tighten the intruding fingers Tin added a third making sure to avoid the bundle of nerves that would bring Can relief. Enjoying the sounds of Can's shuttering moans Tin felt his own stiff cock give a twitch.

Getting Can stretched out and eager to take him Tin admired the scene. Taking in the way that Can was obviously fighting the mussels in his legs to keep him up and the way his hips seemed to move towards Tin seeking more pleasure. Smiling Tin slipped on a condom and pushing inside his well-prepared boyfriend in one go "I think we need to get your little hole a plug" Tin said pulling all the way out to watch the way the mussels retracted before pushing back in with a hard thrust "keep you open and ready for me to fuck you any time you want it"

Can couldn’t help the shiver that pulsed through him along with the excitement and lust that was spurred by Tin's words, letting out a loud moan Can spilled on the couch beneath him "does the idea excite you that much?" Tin said with a few more hard thrusts before his hips stilled.


The costume party had been over two weeks later and Tin had grown increasingly frustrated that Can was keeping his costume secret. He had also not only roped Pete and Ae into going as well but also into giving him a lift so that Tin would get to see the costume the same time everyone else did.

When Tin arrived dressed as a doctor and without a date there was a flurry of whispers until May approached him "are you here on your own Tin? Where is our champion of justice Can? I am curious to see what he has come as" Tin’s anger was rising quickly at the suggestive way May talked about his Can.

"He going to be coming as my boyfriend so keep your filthy hands to yourself" Tin snipped picking up a drink from a passing tray.

"So over protective Tin, it's a very unattractive quality" May said adjusting her maid outfit down to show more cleavage.

It was at that moment that Ae and Pete walked in, Pete dressed as Captain America and Ae as the Winter Soldier. Tin laughed at how well their costumes matched their personalities but immediately stopped when he caught sight of Can. His boy was dressed in a polo shirt, black dress short and a cap holding a pizza box, Tin’s body started moving on its own as he forced his way across the room. On his way through he heard people mocking Can’s outfit but they were quickly shut up as Tin scooped him up into his arms Can’s legs wrapped around Tin’s waist as Tin slammed them against the nearest wall. Can looked down at Tin with a bright smile “so you like my costume?”

“Like it? I want to fuck you through this wall” Tin growled before pulling Can’s bottom lip into his mouth and sinking his teeth into it.

Can felt the sting of skin breaking as his lip was slowly released from Tin’s mouth “everyone is looking”

“I don’t care” Tin growled as he ripped the collar of Can’s shirt aside and bit right at the junction where neck meets shoulder. Grinding up into his boyfriend Tin felt a sense of satisfaction when he heard an embarrassingly loud moan rip from Can’s throat. Letting Can’s legs drop to the ground Tin moved over him blocking the crowd’s view of his quivering boyfriend as the boy tried to catch his breath “you’re not normally this sensitive, is it-” Tin glanced over his shoulder then back to Can “is it because of all the people watching?”

“No” Can wrapped his arms around Tin’s neck as he whispered in his ear “I have the full costume on”

Tin looked confused trying to think what more had been to the costume in the porno when his eyes went wide. Reaching around behind Can and gently grabbed at Can’s ass letting his middle fingers press in between the cheeks feeling the slightest vibrations through the material “you have a vibrating butt plug in?” Tin’s voice gave a slight quiver as he stepped back to look at Can who was leaning against the wall using it to hold himself up while he waited for his body to come down from the high Tin had just put it in.

“What have you done to him” Ae’s voice sounded from Tin’s side pulling him out of all the mind numbing thoughts he was having especially one about how Can would have looked preparing himself for the plug.

“Fallen in love with him all over again” Tin let his voice carry as he pushed back in to hold onto Can “come on we are going home”

“No, I just got here” Can said pulling away from Tin’s hold. Bending over to the pick up the pizza box Tin caught a glimpse of Can’s underwear.

Unable to convince Can to leave Tin stack to his side, there was no way he was going to let anyone get close to his boyfriend not when the minx was wearing a thong while dressed as a porn star who was ready to go at any time. But as they moved through the room Tin's mind kept wondering off to all the things he wanted do to his already stretched and stuffed boyfriend when the conversation happening around him floated through "I will admit I don't really understand the point of your costume" a zombie said with a smirk as he looked over the pizza boy costume again.

Before Tin realized who the statement was aimed at Can was already filling the group in on something Tin would rather people didn't know "it's for Tin, it's a character from his favourite porno"

The collection of shocked faces stared at Tin who just moved in behind Can giving the group a shrug as he slipped his arms around the pizza boy’s waist. Pressing himself close causing Can to shiver as the plug moved "well that explains Tin nailing you to a wall when you arrived" the zombie said through his shock while Ae just shook his head.

"Not for the first time I would bet" Pete said barely under his breath.

"Jealous Pete?" Tin teased with a wink as Tin's fingers wandered up his shirt and into the waist band of Can's pants.

"Ae's strong enough to pin Pete to a wall" Can chastised Tin as he slapped at Tin's wandering hands.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Can, but that’s not really something I want to discuss with people let alone a room full of strangers” Ae slipped a protective arm around Pete as the taller boy seemed to squirm a little as the blush on his cheeks deepened as Ae whispered something into Pete’s ear.

As much as Tin wanted to leave he was enjoying the feeling of Can leaning back against him as the people he had grown up despising could do nothing but watch him I his happiness. The knowledge that Can was standing in front of these people totally devoted to him and ready for him made Tin hard. Which he put to use as he subtly rubbed himself against Can and his plug waiting to see how long it would take for Can to snap and drag him off to a dark corner.