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The Friendship Bracelet

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Minho's POV


I snapped out of my thoughts as I blinked up at Felix who was waving his hands in front of my face.

"Hmm?" I hummed in response, feeling slightly annoyed that he interrupted my fantasy of kissing my crush.

"I asked if you were coming to Jisung's house tonight?"

I bit my lip. "I shouldn't-"

"Come on Minho! Stop missing out on chances to get closer to him. I know you were daydreaming about him." he smirked.

I glared at him. "Was not."

"Don't you remember what happened with Changbin and I? I liked him and he liked me but neither of us knew so we avoided each other... until one day I blurted my confession to him and now we've been together for almost a year!"

"Lucky you." I muttered. "But I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me."

"Come onnn." he whined.

"Fine! I'll come." I said just to shut him up.

He bounced on the spot in excitement. "Nice! We'll be playing truth or dare by the way, thought I'd let you know."

"Wha- FELIX!" I yelled after him as he ran out the classroom.

"That kid." I sighed and laid my head on my hands.

A minute later I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I ignored them and continued where I'd left off in my daydream. However they kept on tapping until I felt myself snap and I smacked their hand away.

"Piss of Feli-" I lifted my head and immediately stood up, knocking over my chair.

I was standing face to face with the person in my fantasy.

I had just smacked away Jisung's hand. The person who I'd always wanted to touch, I'd just smacked his hand away.

"Fu- fuck sorry Jisung, I er- didn't know it was you... did you need something?"

"I was just going to ask you if you had made up your mind about tonight?" his eyes were wide, probably shocked at my reaction to being tapped on the shoulder.

I picked up my chair and saw Felix grinning from the doorway out the corner of my eye.

"Yeah I'll come." I told him, trying to suppress my excitement by putting on a neutral expression.

I swear I saw his eyes light up for a split second before they went back to normal. "Great, everyone has agreed to meet by the gates after school."

I nodded. "I'll meet you all there then."

He placed his hand on my arm, causing fireworks to explode inside me. "I'm so glad you're coming Min, it's been so long since we hung out together. I kinda feel like you're avoiding me?"

"What! I-I'm not avoiding you..." I laughed nervously.

"Okay..." he shot me sceptical look. "Anyway I'm looking forward to tonight."

He squeezed my arm before turning and leaving the classroom.

Me too Jisung, I'm looking forward to tonight too.

I sat down with a heavy sigh and slumped forward onto my desk.

"How'd it go?"

The annoying boy was back, his eyes sparkling brightly as he tried to get information out of me.

"Damn it Felix, you could have just told him I agreed to go. Why'd both you and him have to ask me?"

"I wanted you to talk to him." he laughed and sat on the edge of my desk.

"You're really annoying." I groaned.

"You'll thank me later." he shrugged. "When you both are cuddling in bed you'll suddenly remember I'm the reason you both are together."

I punched his leg. "I will not be thanking you for anything. I'm pretty sure he likes Herin, he hangs out with her a hell of a lot."

"She's just his childhood friend Minho and I'm picking up on signs that he swings both ways."

"I don't see it." I grumbled.

"Hey Minho, you coming tonight mate?" Chan entered the room and sat at his desk in front of me.

I threw my hands up in the air. "Is everyone going to ask me that question?! You're the third person to ask!"

"Well since you've been declining a lot of invitations to hang out recently... I was just curious if you'd finally say yes."

"Yes! Okay?! Can you please tell our friends that I'm going so I don't get asked by everyone?"

Changbin walked in and slipped his arm around Felix's waist. "Hey Minho are you-"

"For fuck's sake... YES!"