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Death in Shallow Valley

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It's been six years since Mt. Weather. Clarke has not been seen since. Lexa didn't die. Nia and Ontari were a problem, but Lexa handled it. She worked with Abby on the Nightblood solution to save the 13 clans from Praimfaya. They used both Mt Weather (not destroyed) and Polis bunkers for safety. Lexa led the 13 clans to Shallow Valley in hopes of finding a new home. Turns out they aren't the first people to get to the Valley.


Chapter 1


"Bellomi, where did they all come from?" Lexa shook off the grogginess as she spoke. This was NOT how this day was supposed to go, she thought to herself. They found no prey, and had camped in hopes of a fresh start in the morning. Now her hunting party was surrounded by at least a dozen of the largest wolves she'd ever seen. How had they managed to sneak into their camp? Lexa took in the sight of those in her party. All seemed to have been sleeping as she had been when Bellamy's shouts woke them.


"I have no idea, Heda. They didn't show themselves until they had our camp surrounded. And….Miller might have fallen asleep at his post." Bellamy absentmindedly touched his forehead as he spoke. Lexa would not forget Miller's failure, once they were safe she would punish him for this. Though by the sight of these huge creatures, they might not make it through the night. Why did she insist on no guns on this trip? Lexa shook her head and sighed. Bellamy was right, she would make sure to tell him that later.

The circle of wolves parted just enough for a man clad in black to pass into the circle. He stood over six feet, though he was still shorter than the wolves surrounding them. His eyes were as black as his cloak and Lexa couldn't see any whites in his eyes at all. "Who are you? Why do you trespass on our lands?" His voice was deep, demanding, yet calm.

"Your lands?" Lexa raised a brow. "I am Leksa kom Trikru, Commander of the 13 clans. This place was a part of my coalition, before Praimfaya. We arrived 3 days ago looking for a home in the wasteland,
but there were no signs of life when we arrived. We did not realize there were others in Shallow Valley." Lexa kept her tone calm, despite the growls from the wolves. Could this man control the wolves? None of them attacked, no one in the hunting party had been harmed...maybe he could.

"I am Mikkel, my people traded with the people of these lands. My sister came to find survivors after the world burned 5 years ago and found the people dead. She did not know their customs, so she buried the bodies 2 miles south of the valley. She didn't know their names, so the graves aren't marked. But if you wish to lay them to rest in your way, you will find them there." We have food and supplies in a camp nearby, we should continue our conversation there."
The man seemed sincere and his wolves seemed to calm, the growls had ceased. It would be a risk to trust him, but Lexa was tired of war. If he betrayed them, she would deal with him.

"Alright, but with the understanding that my people will not be harmed. Is that acceptable, Mikkel?"

"It is," He nodded to the beasts surrounding them and they scattered to the edge of the woods. All but one. The remaining wolf seemed to gesture at her. As if asking her to follow. Lexa looked to the man, and he nodded as he spoke. "She will not harm you, but it is she you must convince to trust your people, not I." He bowed his head, and the wolf let out a small "woof". Lexa looked at the wolf more closely. She had yellow eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness of the night. Her coat was white, except for a small golden colored section above her brows. Lexa wondered at how human the expression on the wolf's face seemed. Who are these people? She took a step in the direction the wolf had gestured and the wolf turned to lead the way. Bellamy nudged Lexa and gave her a questioning look, but she shook her head. Now was not the time, and Bellamy surprisingly seemed to understand her expression.


They walked mostly in silence for an hour, giving Lexa time to think. Thank the spirits she had brought a small group. All of whom knew to follow her lead without question. Only Bellamy seemed uncomfortable, but that was to be expected from Skaikru. Even now 6 years later Skaikru had a tenuous relationship with the other clans. Marcus was a huge help, but since joining the coalition she had to deal with 3 attempts to undermine Marcus' power over his people. Bellamy was always hard to gauge. He had helped Pike take control of Skaikru and slaughtered 300 of her people. She only forgave Bellamy as an act of faith once Marcus regained control. But he was punished accordingly. His dark curls mostly covered the brand on his forehead. Mark of the Commander. Since then he has proven loyal, but constantly questioned her decisions. Lexa only allowed his questions because he so often reminded her of Clarke. Lexa winced at the thought. NO, she can't think of her now. Stay in the present she told herself. She glanced over her shoulder, and sighed in relief. Octavia had moved closer to keep Bellamy in check. Good. Octavia she trusted with her life. She had been loyal, and was instrumental in Skaikru joining the coalition. Indra and Lincoln had taught her well. She was level headed, an excellent warrior, and was being prepped to become one of Lexa's generals.

If Octavia hadn't insisted on teaching Bellamy to hunt, he would not have been here. But Lexa knew she would keep her brother from questioning her in front of the strangers. She glanced towards the back of the group where she found Miller. He walked with his eyes to the ground. He knew he fucked up, and he was probably more afraid of what Octavia would do to him than Lexa. She chuckled at the thought. A smile started to form as she glanced forward at the she-wolf. The wolf had stopped at the entrance to a cave, and turned to look Lexa directly in the eyes. Lexa felt a shiver come over her body, and quickly shifted her eyes to the ground. Wait, why was she compelled to do that? She gazed back to the wolf, to find her heading into the cave. Mikkel gestured for her to follow, and she stepped in behind the wolf. Light from a fire lit the walls of the cave. It was large, with a small pool of water that smelled like bad eggs. She crumpled her nose at the smell as she followed the wild deeper into the cave. The wolf stopped near the campfire, and Lexa watched in shock as she morphed suddenly into a woman. Gasps filled the cave. The women's curly blonde locks stopped just above her shoulders. Giving full view of her naked body. Her back was littered with dozens of scars, horrible scars. It had to have been torture. The woman bent down to grab a blanket as she spoke for the first time.

"So, I suppose we should reach an agreement on dividing the land." Lexa's heart stopped, all air sucked from her lungs. There was no mistaking who that voice belonged to.

"Clarke!" Bellamy barreled forward to close the distance, but Octavia held him back. He glared at her angrily before he realized the dozen of wolves in their company baring teeth and filling the cave with vicious growls. Clarke used a blanket to cover herself. She turned to look at her guests.

"Who's Clarke?" Her eyes narrowed and scanned the group before her. She didn't seem to recognize them. Lexa took a step forward, but Clarke let out a growl effectively stopping Lexa in her tracks. Her face had two deep scars. One long one spanning the left side of her face. Running from above eyebrow to just above her mouth. The other ran over the right side of her mouth to her chin. Her expression was calm and thoughtful.

"Clarke, its us! It's ok. We'll get you out of here I promise." Bellamy said before turning to look Mikkel in the eyes. "What the fuck have you done to her?!?! I swear I'll kill all of you!" Once again, the cave filled with growls.The pack surged toward the hunting party.

"Em pleni, Bellomi! Clarke can speak for herself." Lexa met Clarke's eyes, then scanned her face. She wasn't afraid, in fact she seem confident and strong. Clarke let out a growl as well. She closed the ten feet between them in lightning speed. She stood face to face with Lexa, causing her to gasp.
The tips of her canines seemed to extend. What did they do to her?

"I'll ask again, who's Clarke?" Clarke's eyes were definitely glowing now. Lexa had to stop herself from shivering.

"You are Clark kom Skaikru. You are one of my people. You left us years ago, we thought you were dead. We mourned you." Lexa didn't realize she started to cry until Clarke raised her hand and wiped the tears from Lexa's face. The touch instantly calmed Lexa's nerves. Clarke's eyes were blue again. Her teeth had receded behind her lips. The cave seemed to fill with an intoxicating aroma Lexa had never smelled before. She no longer felt sad or scared. She felt safe. Clarke felt like home.

"I'm sorry, I don't…" Clarke let out a soft sigh that filled Lexa with an overwhelming feelings of sadness. "I don't recall anything before my father found me." A sad look crossed Clarke's Face. "I assumed it was for the best…..considering my state when they found me. I was...I... should've died..I…wished I was dead...I..was attacked." Clarke's eyes went dark, and seemed to look through Lexa. Lost in what Lexa knew was a nightmare. Lexa brushed Clarke's face, bringing Clarke back to herself. Lexa smiled softly at her.

"You don't have to talk about it, Clarke. Not if you don't want to." Clarke nodded her head and took a deep breath.

"So...who are you? I got the whole Leksa kom Trikru part, but how do you know me, where did you come from, where do I come from, why weren't you looking for me?"

Lexa smiled softly. "Bellamy, Octavia? You should speak first." Clarke looked over Lexa's shoulder to see who she was talking to. Ocean eyes filled with curiosity.



They tooks several breaks while Clarke heard the stories of her past. Those breaks are more accurately described as breathing time for Bellamy. Surprisingly, Clarke didn't seem bothered by the hard choices she had made so her people would survive. In fact each time they spoke of the choices that had once shook her to the core, she shrugged and I said that's what she would do now. While Lexa and Octavia seemed impressed at Clarke's changed attitude towards killing when necessary, Bellamy was livid. Often standing and demanding what they did to her. Clarke always argued that he was too emotional, causing more anger from Bellamy. All but the last outburst ended with him stomping out of the cave, only to return in a sour mood.

"Em pleni, Bellamy!! You're acting like a spoiled child! Clarke is….different yes. But she is still Clarke. If you love her a fraction as much as I do, you will accept her as she is.." Lexa stopped herself and blushed. Well shit, she can't take it back now. Octavia gave her a knowing smirk. Clarke moved closer to her and took her hand.

"Tell me about that." Lexa's cheeks were bright red now. Even in the dim light of the fire. Lexa felt dizzy.

"I'm sorry, Clarke I.." The eagerness in Clarke's face shook Lexa to the core. Clarke gently squeezed Lexa's hand. Lexa opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted.

"Aya, perhaps we should let the humans rest. They are exhausted, hungry, and emotions are high. I'm tiring of the boy's outbursts, he's clearly about to have a tantrum again." Mikkel glared at Bellamy, who was clearly unhappy to her Lexa's sudden declaration of love for Clarke. He pulled some bread and dried meat from his bag and offered it to them.

"Mikkel is right." Clarke shook her head punishing herself for being so selfish. The humans needed sleep. And she should've been paying more attention to their state.It was midday now and she hadn't let them out of thrall since the night before. She was just so enthralled by Lexa and her people. She wanted to know everything about them, and she wanted it now. "I apologize for my selfishness. I forget the needs of humans sometimes, I promise I won't let it happen again." It wasn't until Clarke spoke, that Lexa all realized just how tired and hungry she was. Lexa looked to her people, and saw they too were just now aware of how they felt. Many of them seemed to suddenly be overcome sleepiness, dropping to the ground as if their leg gave out. Lexa felt as if she was hungover. What is happening to us? As if reading her mind, Clarke spoke. "I was controlling you….in a way... keeping your attention on me instead of your needs. I swear to you, I won't do it again, Lexa." Clarke's eyes were full of shame as she reached around Lexa to help her gently to the ground. Mikkel handed her some food. Lexa ate quietly, almost dozing as she did. Everything seems blurry now. Clarke pulled her close, wrapping her arms around Lexa. "Go to sleep. I'm so sorry." Lexa rested her head on Clarke's shoulder and gave into the wave of sleepiness.


Six years earlier


All she could taste was blood. Her blood. Pain washed over her body. She couldn't move. It hurt too much. She started to sob. Why? Why am I alive? Why can't I die? Please just let me die. She could still smell them on her. Those sick fucks left her here to die slowly and painfully. Her stomach lurched at the thought of them. She hated them for doing this to her. Not a week before she marched proudly to war at Lexa's side. Army at her back. So sure of herself, so brave. And they made her weak. A helpless victim begging for death to take her. She wanted to scream at the sky above her. Demand whatever deity there was to put her out of her misery. There can't be a god. If there was, he or she wouldn't let this happen to her. To anyone. But her lips wouldn't move. Please kill me! I can't do this this. This is karma. Oh fuck, this is what I deserve for killing those innocent people. Children. I am a monster that murders children, and God is punishing me now. The faces of those she killed ran through her mind. I deserve this. She closed her eyes. I must accept my punishment, my death. She opened her eyes to see not the sky, but a man with dark almost black eyes and a kind face.

"I am so sorry this happened to you. No one deserves this. If you wish to die, I promise I will pass no judgment and that it will be painless. But...if you wish to live, I promise you a life beyond your imagination. I will give you a home full of love. A family that will never betray or harm you. You will never again be a victim. No one will ever harm you again. But you must decide quickly, there isn't much time."

She didn't have to think. "Live..I want to…" The man put his finger to her lips.

"Then you shall live." He said, before biting down on her neck. The pain slowly lifted and her eyes grew heavy. "Shh, you will live just drink." Her mouth filled with a thick liquid, metallic taste. Blood. "The beasts that attacked will be dead by the time you wake, I promise you that. What they did was unforgivable. Never again will you be harmed. You will live...always and forever. " The taste of the man's blood tasted sweeter and more intoxicating by the moment. "Stronger than any man or beast. You will crush those like the beasts that attacked you." A feeling, like electricity washed over her body. Tears fell down her cheeks, though she wasn't sure if they were tears of joy or loss. "Shh, my sweet daughter, you are loved, you are safe. Sleep now, and wake a goddess among men, wolves, and vampires. " Everything faded into darkness.


Present day


"Aya, you're thinking too loudly." Mikkel looked concerned.

"Sorry, just memories. Why can't remember anything before? No matter how hard I try I can't remember anything before that night. I remember thinking of my life. Of this Lexa, but I can't .." She stared down at Lexa, sleeping peacefully in her lap. She turned her gaze to the rest of the group. None of them looked familiar, yet she felt a strange connection to these humans.

"You never will. Nothing from our human lives ever come back to us. Images, emotions, but you will never remember it fully. I should know, at my age sister." Mikkel smiled at Clarke. "You know we normally allow time to prepare for that before we turn someone….but...father didn't have time." Clarke gently laid Lexa's head on the ground and moved across the cave to her brother with a blink. She pulled him into a hug.

"I don't regret it, brother. I'm glad father found me and gave me this life. He gave me a choice and I clearly remember making it. With the humans here, I just can't help but wonder." She pulled out of the hug to look him in the eyes. "I'm sorry I lost control with them. I know better, but something about her…"

"I assume you speak of their leader." Mikkel smirked. "She smells different than most humans. They all do, but hers is almost like…"

"It smells like she sired them. They all smell like her, but different. Like our kind do. Her blood runs in their veins. They are covered in her scent, yet they are human." Mikkel nodded in agreement. "What is she brother?"

"I don't know, sister. Father will know, he knows everything. When the sun goes down, we should take them to him."

"How the fuck are we going to take a group of humans to our father without some newborn attacking them? There's a dozen of them, and the wolves can't pass into his territory. We're both pretty badass, but there's thousands of vampires between us and father. I'm not sure we can get them there safely. Not without an escort." Clarke shook her head. "I can move faster than you, and in daylight. I will go to father now and bring him here."

"Do you always have to rub it in that you're a hybrid?" He smirked at Clarke. She stared off into the distance and frowned.

"I literally suffered through hell to end up like this." Mikkel pulled her into a warm hug.

"I love you, sister. Hybrid or not. It just sucks being insignificant in comparison to my badass baby sister. Don't hit me, but you're more emotional than normal. You don't often think about those fuck heads. I suppose the humans from your past has fucked with your world." Clarke smiled.

"Yes it fucking has. It shouldn't be more than 2 hours. It's best that way. Sun will be down by then, and you can go outside. Just try to keep them inside inside the cave until then. Or you can't protect them. I'll have the wolves hold the perimeter, in case that Bellamy guy stomps off again." She shook her head at the thought. That one is way too emotional. Ex-boyfriend maybe? He seemed territorial. Especially with Lexa. "Ugh....humans," she muttered as she exited the cave.