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Thank You For Your Service

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Darcy mingled near the bar, sipping her drink and feeling sorry for herself.  She’s all on her lonesome tonight, Jane bowed out early with Thor and probably wouldn’t be seen until Monday.   She’s not meant to be out on her own, but she’s fed up with her dad’s overprotective paranoia.  Ever since Tony found out about her existence he’s been  trying to make up for the last twenty odd years of her life.   The latest decision, that she needs a bodyguard, causing a huge argument, which she hopes she’s won.

This was not the Friday night she had been counting on though and she hadn’t actually been drinking, not feeling safe to with Jane gone.  She was just about to call it a night when she spotted him across the room, he was making a bee line towards her.  

She turned back to the bar and felt panic creeping up her spine.  Her ex, Ian, was here and now he’s seen her, god she wants the floor to swallow her.  She looks to the right where the same man had sat all night.  He was big and broad and although the long hair was a little hobo, he seemed intimidating enough to do the job, he held himself like a soldier so she thinks she can appeal to his protective nature.  

Darcy kicks the leg of his bar stool and he turns his head to look at her, for a second, she nearly stops breathing.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes with thick generous lashes she has ever seen, he also looks like a Greek god with a strong jawline and cheekbones to die for.  He’s frowning at her as she stares, struck dumb for a moment before her brain kicks back in and she leans forward, laying on the best drunk damsel impression she can manage.

“Look, I know this seems really weird and totally like some bad pick up line, but can you pretend to be my boyfriend, for like, ten mins tops?  Just till I get rid of my ex?”  She murmurs, deliberately curving her mouth into a pouty flirty smile, not that it took much effort, god he was hot.  

Before he can answer Ian’s voice breaks into the slightly awkward silence.

“Darcy, fancy seeing you here.  I thought you’d be in DC by now?”

Darcy turns her head and smiles saccharinely, resisting the urge to throw her drink in his face.

“Really?  I heard you moved to Boston, I guess we were both wrong.”

“Still trailing around after Dr Foster then?”

“We’re not trailing around, we’re heading the astrophysics lab at Stark Industries.”

She enjoys the look of jealousy for about two seconds before he recovers.

“I didn’t know they paid interns at SI, still living off Dr Fosters charity then, or are you picking up other work.”

She wants to smack him, is only stopped from doing so by the arm that suddenly slips around her waist.

“What exactly are you implying?”

It’s the hot guy sitting next to her.  Darcy squashes the sudden flutter in her belly at the way the heat of his hand seems to sear through the thin material of her dress.

Ian looks startled and taken aback.

“I’m sorry, and you are?”

“James Barnes, and think you were about to apologise to my girlfriend for implying that she was a whore.”

She wants to cheer, Ian looks fit to pee his pants.  Clinging to her tipsy girl persona she snuggles into the hot hobo and pats his chest.

“James is very protective.” She shots Ian a shark like grin as her fake boyfriend takes a half a menacing step forward.  Ian squeaks out an apology and can’t high tail it fast enough. Darcy can’t help it, she breaks into a peel of laughter and ends up clutching her saviors shirt in a effort to stay upright.

She laughs so hard she nearly falls off her seat.

“Jesus Doll, how much have you had?”  The sweet concern in his tone has her patting his chest lightly, admiring the firm muscle beneath the Henley as his hands hover at her hips, worrying about letting her fall.

“None.”  She manages to gasp as the laughter finally calms.


“Sorry handsome, I needed help and drunk damsel usually works really well.”

“I’d have helped you out without the act doll, he’s a real piece of work.”

“Yes, he is.”  She agrees, still patting at his chest.  Good lord, how much working out did he do to get this buff?  “You know, I really feel as though I should thank you properly for the save.”  She bites her lip and widens her eyes, just  a little, her tone honey sweet and low.

He smiles down at her and cocks and eyebrow.

“You want to thank me for my service?”  The teasing tone send a thrill through her and a pleasant tingle starts in her belly.

“However you’d like me too, soldier.”  His eyes darken at her words and his hands finally land on her hips.  He wets his lips and she smooths her hands down his front to pluck at the front of his jeans.  She makes the decision quickly, she doesn’t usually do this sort of thing, but he is hot and she is horny and he just squished Ian like a bug, she is so turned on that her panties are soaked through.

She pushes him back and he goes without protest as she jumps off the stool and then she takes his hand and tugs him after her, headed through the bar and dragging him into the lady’s restroom.  He gets the idea quick and they’re in a stall and he has her skirt pushed up and her leg pulled over his hip even as his mouth descends on hers for a filthy hot kiss that make her mewl in want.  Jesus Christ, he knows how to kiss.  

Darcy’s fingers make quick work of his shirt buttons, she moans in appreciation when she sees his chest and abs.  The whimper he makes as she lightly pinches his nipples has her wet with want, fuck he was beautiful.   His large hands skim over her tits, squeezing and pressing and she feels her knees go weak, the only thing keeping her upright his hard thigh between her legs where she grinds herself frantically, desperate for friction as she rocks against him.  

She doesn’t protest as he pulls down her top and pushes the cups of the bra out of his way, his mouth tracing a hot path of kisses from her neck south until his lips closed around one aching nipple, she gasps and lets out a reedy cry, she thinks she could come from this alone, fuck he knows what to do with his mouth and tongue.  Cool fingers dip into her panties, seeking out her wet folds, the rumble in his chest when he finds her hot and wet and quivering for him makes her gasp.  

She tugs his belt open and pushes his pants down far enough to free his cock.  He is achingly hard and hot in her palm and leaking.  He captures her in another kiss and then he’s lifting her, back pressed to the wall of the stall, legs wrapping around his hips and he wrenches her panties to one side.  

The thick head of his cock eases into her, teasing at her entrance and all the breath leaves her body as he makes one hard thrust, filling her quickly.  She moans his name, her walls clenching around the sudden invasion. He pants into her ear, tells her how good she feels, how fucking tight and wet her pussy is and she cants her hips, grinding her clit into his pelvic bone and then he pounds into her, hips snapping upwards with each stroke.  The sound of skin meeting skin is sinful and then his thumb seeks out her clit, stroking it gently for such a rough looking man and then she’s coming hard, back arching, more dirty talk is muttered into her ear, encourage her and praising her for coming around his cock, calling her a good girl, so sweet and dirty.  She can only cling to him, as he drives into her over and over, their sweat slick skin meeting again and again as he fucks her.  He holds her effortlessly while he thrusts and she feels a second orgasm building, following the first, his cock pressing deeper and then he adjusts the angle and he’s stroking firmly over her g-spot with each lunge.  

Her whole body arches as she comes again, clutching him greedily, drawing him in and she feel nothing but triumph as he stiffens and slams into her once more, burying himself in her possessively as he comes, his lips on her neck, hands holding her ass, pressing his cock so deeply in her pussy she wants to come again from the fullness and heat of him spilling inside her.  The ache of his cock filling her makes her dizzy, he feels so good, it feels as though he’s thoroughly imprinted in her body and she’ll never forget what he feels like.  

He keeps her pined to the wall for a few minutes, his cock slowly softening as he kisses her slow and dirty, both of then still shuddering as aftershocks rip through them.  When he finally lets her down onto her feet her legs hardly support her, but he steadies her with a chuckle and holds her up till she finds her footing again.  

She feels starry eyed and besotted from the pleasure he gave her, it doesn’t help that she thinks he might have the finest body she’d ever seen and she’s seen Thor naked, but James was better, so much better, but this was just a one time hook up.  He pulls himself together and leaves her to fix her clothes.

In the fluorescent light she sorts herself, pulling down her skirt and making sure her top covers her modestly before washing her hands and leaving the bathroom.  Suddenly feeling shy and a little embarrassed, because what the hell was she thinking?  She sneaks out the back way and hails a cab.  

Climbing into bed back at the Tower, she finally really needs to sleep, she decides she doesn’t regret the impulsive decision.  Her only regret that she hadn’t taken the chance to ask for his number.



The next morning she’s nearly at Jane’s lab when Tony shouts for her to pop into his lab.  Darcy swerves and crosses the hallway, poking her head in.  Tony isn’t alone, there is a man with him.

“Darcy, meet Bucky Barnes, he’s going to be our new head of security for the Tower.”  

He turns to see her and Darcy freezes.  It’s him, the hot hobo from the bar.  All she can do is gape as Tony introduces them.  Her mind goes blank and she wonders how she missed a vibranium arm. Then it all falls into place and her mind finally makes the connection.  He’s the Winter Soldier.  His answering introduction and the way he kisses the back of her hand has Tony shaking his head while Darcy swoons a little more.   If she’d known who he was she’d have brung him back to her apartment the night before, not having to worry about sneaking him past security.   In the light of day he looked even better, clean and washed and dressed smartly, his hair tied back.    He smiles at her like he wants to eat her and she thinks she might just let him.  That is until Tony tells her he’ll be her new bodyguard, one she won’t be able to give the slip to.