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Say cheese!

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Slowly taking a sip from his black coffee, Aizawa marks on an essay in the quiet teacher's lounge. In what can only be described as a relaxed evening, Aizawa had the pleasure of getting a visit by the one and only symbol of peace.


"I am here!" He roared, skidding into what used to be a relaxed atmosphere. "Hello Aizawa!" he greeted, flashing his insincere grin towards the tired man.


Reflecting, Aizawa knows he doesn't dislike All Might. He had spent his life in the pursuit of saving others, which is quite honorable. However, he couldn't help but feel like All Might  acted like some sort of action figure… very plastic.


With his never fading grin, and the aggressively positive way he talks, very little emotions bubble to the surface. But, he had only been teaching for a couple of weeks. If Aizawa honestly expected this man to open up to him in such a short time frame, he was being unrealistic.


Feeling slightly energetic, Aizawa decided it would be a day to take the more social route. "How are you, Toshinori?" He muttered, not bothering to look up from his essays.


"Tired" Toshinori groaned as he was enveloped by steam. Sitting down, he let his now baggy clothes almost swallow him whole.


"Aren't we all?" Aizawa replied easily, finally glancing over. "I need to know. Why do you smile all the time? You obviously aren't happy, made clear by your face in this state. Why do you put on a show?"


Toshinori gulped, absentmindedly tangling his finger in one of his long bangs. "Well… I could tell quite the story, detailing how I wanted to give the world a pinnacle of strength" he said semi-dejectedly. "I wanted to be someone constantly smiling, to let other people know they could smile too."


"But… now, I just do it to hide my fear, I suppose" he blushed. Aizawa can't say he wasn't surprised. "Makes sense… but you realize you look like a barbie doll-right?"


It was clear by the silence that followed that Toshinori was unaware, and couldn't come up with a single dignified response. He did however, receive the lovely noise that was Toshinori coughing up blood.


Looking at him with obvious pity in his eyes, he started feeling guilty about the whole conversation. He hadn't meant to pry or be aggressive. He just genuinely didn't understand.


Hoping to turn the conversation around, Aizawa gave Toshinori a strained smile. His pale face and bloodshot eyes didn't do much good. "I think if I walked around with a smile on my face all day, I would make a couple of kids cry."


Toshinori chuckled, a genuine smile blooming on his face, and without thinking about it, Aizawa muttered "I think that smile is much better than the one in your All Might form."


Toshinori smile dissolved, being replaced by a scarlet blush. "Nobody's ever told me that before" he reflected.


"Don't let it get to your head" Aizawa monotoned, facing back towards his papers. Slowly, Toshinori sat next to Aizawa, paper's on his lap accompanied by tired eyes. The two sat in companionable silence, and, if either noticed the small smile present on the others face, it definitely wasn't commented on.