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I Told You So

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"The people are celebrating us."

"They are. But soon, I'll set sail."

"Let the fates come when they may. Tonight, Kassandra, we are together. All of us. One family. One rebellion."


One family.

It seems that every family Kassandra finds herself in is just as dysfunctional as the next. This time, however, she was probably was the cause for such the mess. Kassandra wanted to tell Kyra the truth, but now just didn't feel like the right time. There was a party going on and this news could surely wait as it's not like Thaletas was going to reanimate from the dead to rat her out otherwise.

No, tonight was a night to celebrate the freedom that Mykonos had and, more importantly, for Kyra's people to see that she's always had their best interests at heart.

Wine, food, and merriment were the only things that needed attention right now so Kassandra would happily put the incident she had earlier tonight behind her.

The rebels dance away the night and Kassandra cannot help but notice how Kyra keeps looking at her. Kassandra can't pinpoint why she is, but it unnerves her a bit. She's looking at her in a different way than she has prior, but she can't quite say how it differs. Kassandra has been on the receiving end of many of Kyra's look, but this is definitely new. It's almost like a look of adoration mixed in with something else.

Sure, they've had some fun together and Kassandra really enjoys Kyra, but she's not a one woman kind of gal so it wouldn't work between them anyway. That and the fact that she killed her boyfriend, but that's a problem for future Kassandra, current Kassandra is going to take advantage of the good mood and see what kind of night she can have.

Before she can peruse her potential conquest, Kassandra is pulled aside by Barnabas.

"Kassandra! There you are, you must give a speech!" Barnabas exclaims which is followed by him downing his wine glass.

"A speech?" Kassandra questions as she couldn't remember agreeing to do such a thing. "When did I say I'd do that?"

"Well..." Barnabas trails off, "you didn't, BUT I knew that you wouldn't mind as you have such a way with inspiring the souls of men."

"I think you are only flattering me to have me overlook the fact that you told a bunch of people I'd talk to them" she states plainly, but she knows she can't say no to him.

"Please Kassandra, for me?" Barnabas asks with a small plea and Kassandra knows right there that's she's going to do it. Barnabas has been by her side and has not judged her for the immense amount of questionable decisions she's made so the least she can do is give this speech.

"Fine, but it is only because you said please" Kassandra answers and this earns her a hearty laugh and a strong hand clamping on her shoulder.

"That's my girl!" Barnabas speaks animatedly as he is definitely feeling the effects of the drink. "Come, they're expecting you."

"What? Now? Are you serious? I haven't even had time to prepare anything" Kassandra protests.

"You are the mighty Eagle Bearer! You were born ready" he reassures as he motions for everyone to gather near.

"Everyone, may I have your attention please?" Barnabas calls out to the crowd. "Kassandra has happily obliged to say a few words for us here tonight."

With that said, he looks to Kassandra along with the other forty or so other people that are also here. She really wasn't the best with speeches and just happened to luck out most of the time, but she would make her best attempt. Besides, it's not like she would ever see these people again anyway so even if she bombed it, it wouldn't matter.

That thought alone helps her relax as she didn't realize how nervous she was. She stands on a nearby table to get leverage and so that she could look among the crowd.

"Hear me, for tonight we revel in victory!" Kassandra shouts out and garners a sea of applause in return. "Today we ended an era of cruelty and celebrate for what is to come. No longer will you be oppressed by a ruthless tyrant, but now, you the people will be free!"

The crowd gets rowdy and the men and women cheer to their newfound freedom. Kassandra feels pride at what everyone here has accomplished. They banded together against terrible odds to overcome a rule that was rooted in evil and deception.

"Today we have toppled a corrupt regime and we have sent a message to anyone wishing to rule Mykonos with an iron fist. You are people's now united and the rebellion will always live on inside of you until your parting breath with this world. So tonight, celebrate." Kassandra softens her tone as she takes a more serious tone.

"Never again will you live in fear, never again will you worry if you shall survive the night because of what you believe in. That died tonight with Podarkes" she says morosely.

She stands even taller to exude her trademark confidence as she can tell the crowd is hanging off her every word.

"For tomorrow," she says as she points to the direction of the setting sun, "we begin anew and a new dawn and era will wash upon your shores. Embrace the change and do better. Be better."

Kassandra clenches her hand into a fist and raises it high in the air. "Tomorrow you shall be free people for the first time in your lives, seize the day and make this your own!"

The men and women cheer and chant for Kassandra and they all join her motion and send their fists to the sky.

"Be free!" Kassandra shouts and the crowd continues her chant as she hops down from the table.

A man towards the back of the crowd shouts "let's drink to the Eagle Bearer, to Kyra, and to a free Mykonos!"

Kassandra raises her glass towards the crowd as they all break apart and continue where they left off her speech.

"I have to say, you never cease to impress me" Barnabas chimes in as he makes his way up to Kassandra to embrace her.

"Such powerful words that will echo these walls for centuries to come. Everything they have, they owe to you. You'll be a legend here" Barnabas gloats as the pride he feels for Kassandra is unrivaled.

"What can I say? I just got lucky with that" Kassandra brushes off the compliment and takes a sip of her drink.

"Lucky? My girl, there was no luck in that" he counters. "What you said up there is what you felt and that's not luck."

"Perhaps," Kassandra accepts as she doesn't feel like arguing the point, "but it is over now so we must join in on the fun before all the wine is gone."

"They raided Podarkes' private stash so there is wine aplenty so go, have your fill" Barnabas ushers her forward, but decided to leave her with another parting thought.

"Oh, and Kassandra..." he says as she turns around to face him, "don't do anything I wouldn't do."

He gives her a wink and walks back towards where the food was at while Kassandra chuckles silently to herself. That man could always find the right moment to take a jab at her, but it was always in good fun.

Speaking of good fun, Kassandra can't remember when she last saw Kyra. They had returned together after burning Podarkes' body, but she hasn't seen her since and that's almost been an hour at this point.

She had skimmed the crowd for Kyra while giving her speech, but she couldn't see her. Kassandra doubts she would've left the celebration so early so she must have just been preoccupied elsewhere.

As Kassandra makes her way to get more wine, she is greeted by several people, all wishing to shake her hand and applaud her efforts. She takes them in pride, but she knows it's not all because of her. She hopes Kyra is feeling the same kind of adoration.

Kassandra was confident that Kyra would've found a way without her to win, but it would have been much messier and more lives would have been lost. She is glad Barnabas brought this cry for help to her attention as this was probably the first deed she's done in a long time that wasn't for money.

Kyra couldn't offer much of anything as her funds were limited and what she did have, needed to go towards supplies for the rebels. Kassandra will admit she wasn't too keen on this proposition to begin with, but when Kyra tossed a dagger inches from her face, she found herself intrigued. That in itself was worth the poor amount of drachmae she'd receive when this was all over.

There was something different about Kyra from women Kassandra had dealt with in the past. Kyra was undeniably bold and relentless which was refreshing, especially for a woman. Too many felt the need to be meek and mild to please the men around them and Kassandra felt for them. Not living life for yourself was a crime and Kassandra would rather die than be subjected to the rule of a man.

Kyra reminded her a lot of herself actually and Kassandra could respect that. They had both come from hard beginnings and made the most of what they could. They were never satisfied with the hand they were dealt and they fought to get better cards. Kassandra with her nomadic tendencies and constant drive to her to be more while Kyra has her desire to do better for her people and to gain leverage on her life.

Kyra was surely one heck of a woman in many ways. It also didn't hurt that she was also the most gorgeous woman Kassandra had ever laid eyes on and she has seen her fair share of ladies. Kassandra like to think of herself as a connoisseur of women and meeting Kyra was like striking gold.

She knew she had to have her when they first met. It was going to be strictly physical as that's all Kassandra ever did, but finding out about Thaletas added a unique twist to their relationship.

Kassandra couldn't care either way if she was spoken for as that's never been a deterrent for her. Maybe it should be, but Kassandra never dabbled too much in the logistics of morals. Her line of work wasn't necessarily for the pure of heart so as long as she didn't get killed, she considered it acceptable to do what she needed to do.

This won her many enemies, but she's still alive and breathing so she's pretty much on top at this point. Kyra, on the other hand, didn't share the same whimsical views. Kyra was a person of morals, justice and fairness. Kassandra was pretty sure she wouldn't have approved of half of what she's done in her life as those three weren't too high up on her list.

Kyra was what a good leader should be and Kassandra hopes that she's the one to take over the reigns now that her father is out of the picture.

To Kassandra's knowledge, only a select group of people knew that he was her father as she made sure she told her in private instead of announcing it to her rebels. There was that random beggar who turned out to be an old caretaker of Kyra's, but other than that, it was just the three of them.

Kassandra had considered sharing this knowledge with the others in her crew, but she felt it would be unnecessary gossip and she didn't want to risk anyone overhearing them. She respected Kyra too much to cause a friction like that for her.

Kassandra continues with the pleasantries as she tries again to locate Kyra in the crowd, but still with no luck. It's not like she needed to see her, but Kyra's had a rough day and Kassandra just wanted to the right thing. That's all, no other motives whatsoever (at least that's what she's telling herself).

Kassandra is able to find Praxos so she's thinking if anyone knows where she is, he would.

"Praxos, hey!" Kassandra greets with a firm hand shake which Praxos happily offers back.

"Kassandra! That was a good speech, it really encouraged the men" Praxos says as he releases his grip to give her a not-so-gentle punch to the shoulder.

"Thank you Praxos, I hope it helps them with whatever they need as tonight is their night" Kassandra says while trying to not wince from hit she just took. She knows it was meant to be friendly, but he is a big man and can pack a punch.

"Speaking of encouraging, have you happened to see Kyra anywhere? I was hoping she was going to speak with me" she asks.

"I believe I saw her head inside. I think the festivities were a bit too much for her so she went for some privacy" he answers and Kassandra deflates a little at the tone he took when he mentioned that she wanted to be alone.

Did that mean for everyone or just everyone that wasn't her? She didn't know, but she wasn't going to bother Praxos anymore as he was loyal to her to a fault and he would defend her without question. Kassandra wondered if he knew about her and Kyra and maybe that's why he's saying this to her. She knew they were both close, but she never thought them close enough to share details like that.

Nevertheless, if Kyra wanted a pity party she would happily allow her to wallow. Kyra would just be another notch in her belt in a couple days so feelings didn't matter anymore with them. She would say this to herself, but even she wasn't too sure if she believed her own words.

Something felt different with Kyra, but Kassandra refused to allow herself to dwell on it. They were two very different people in two very different walks of life so anything between them would only ever be temporary. She knew Kyra would never leave and Kassandra couldn't see herself staying in one place too long. The open sea and adventure were her loves and everything else was just temporary.

That didn't, however, stop her from wanting to have another night or two with Kyra before she goes. Kyra was, by far, the best lover she's ever had and she's not afraid to take charge which can be incredibly sexy. Kyra was pure temptation and Kassandra had indulged once and now she wanted more, at least while she was here. It's not like she had to actually contend with Thaletas anymore, although Kyra didn't know that. She would lay on the charm and Kassandra was confident she would get what she wanted, even if it took some persuading.

With her new game plan in check, she heads into the house to try to locate Kyra.

Kassandra tries to be discreet about what she's about to do and with whom, but most of Kyra's group are all thoroughly drunk now so they probably wouldn't even notice the two of them together. It's not like any of them would really care anyway, except maybe Praxos, but he was busy with a bottle so as long as she avoids him she should be all set.

She takes to going to the outskirts of the house and decides to take the long walk around to the other entrance on the opposite side of the building than crossing through the congestion. It is a beautiful night out and there's a slight glow left from the sun that makes the view something that to rival.

Mykonos was indeed one of the most beautiful island she'd ever encountered and she could see herself spending a little more time here to enjoy the sights before taking off to search for more cult members. There was no true rush as their damage was already done so all Kassandra was doing was weeding them out so that order could be restored yet again.

The cult had been the driving force for just about everything she's been doing for the past several years and this contract for Kyra would probably have to be the first one she's done for a different reason. To Kassandra's knowledge, the cult died with Podarkes so it became newly unsullied by their poisonous ways. She should probably warn Kyra about them and their resiliency as Kyra was smart, no doubt about that, but Kassandra knew how these people thought and operated which was useful.

Kassandra works her way around, taking her time to enjoy the gentle salt breeze from the sea as she approaches from the front entrance. There are some scattered people about, but they were mostly the staff and were too preoccupied to notice her so she quietly made her way upstairs.

Kassandra hadn't spent a whole lot of time in this place so she wasn't sure exactly where Kyra was, but she could fathom a guess as only one door was slightly ajar.

Kassandra walks towards the door with purpose, but as she raises her hand to knock, she hesitates.

She doesn't know why she does as it's not unusual for her to be here, but she just felt like something was different between them now. After everything was done and after what Kassandra did, she'd be lying to herself if she thought she could just ignore this.

Kassandra can see Kyra leaning out on the balcony, overlooking the festivities. Kassandra can only see her side profile, but she can see a small smile, but it just doesn't quite reach her eyes. She looks lost and sad.

Maybe she thinks she'll feel better if she watches everyone else, but by the look of it, it's not working. Kassandra wonders if she is thinking of Thaletas and his absence. That is a conversation she didn't ever want to have so her fingers were crossed that wasn't it.

Kassandra doesn't realize how long she's just been standing there in the doorframe, but it must've been at least a minute as Kassandra found herself lost in her own mind.

Kyra was making Kassandra do something she's not done with anyone before.

Kyra was making her feel.

Kassandra takes a step back and shakes her head like she was just splashed with water.

Nope. No. Absolutely not.

She would just move on from this like she has numerous times before and that would be that. Even though Kassandra repeats this over and over in her mind, she finds it harder to believe when she looks at Kyra. Someone so strong, but so vulnerable and all Kassandra wants to do is hold her tight and tell her that it will all be ok.

She won't though as all these new and confusing feelings will only complicate her life and that's not at all what she needs. She needs uncomplicated and unattached.

She wouldn't, however, be opposed to a continuation of their activities only a few nights before. That she could do and maybe once she got it out of her system, everything would bounce back to normal.

"How long are you just going to stand there?" Kyra questions, not looking over.

"Oh, um, I don't know actually" Kassandra says as she offers a small shrug. "I just found myself enjoying the view."

Smooth Kassandra, smooth.

This earns her a genuine smile though as Kyra turns to face her. "Well, aren't you going to come in?" Kyra inquires as she moves back to make space for Kassandra to come stand next to her.

"Yes, yes I would like that" Kassandra answers as she steps through the door, taking care to close it behind her.

Kyra looks back towards her at the motion, but doesn't comment on it as Kassandra settles in beside her.

"How long have you been hiding up here?" Kassandra asks, her head tilted towards Kyra's.

Kyra doesn't look back at her as she answers her. "What makes you think I'm hiding?"

"Well, considering this is the first time I've been able to find you all night may suggest that you came up here almost immediately" Kassandra explains as she, again, looks towards Kyra, but Kyra keeps her focus forward.

"You were looking for me were you?" Kyra asks amusedly.

"I mean, I wasn't actively seeking you out if that's what you mean" Kassandra says a bit defensively.

"Of course, I would never insinuate such a thing. Forgive me" Kyra says with a bit of bite in her tone.

Kassandra just decides to ignore it as she didn't come all the way here just to argue.

"I was hoping you would be there to help support me with the speech" Kassandra admits. "They're really not my thing and I shouldn't have been the only one giving a pep talk since these are your people."

"I think I've done enough talking for a while as I don't think I have anything inspiring to say anymore, at least not for right now" Kyra confesses, finally looking towards Kassandra.

She can see now that Kyra had been crying which would explain why she didn't want to look at her. She wouldn't press it as she knows in her few moments of weakness that she just wanted to be alone.

"For what it's worth," Kassandra starts, "I think they would listen to anything you had to say and support you no matter what."

Kyra wipes away the few tears that had managed to escape and Kassandra can tell she took a bit of comfort in those words.

"Perhaps," Kyra begins, "but you had it all handled without me. You seemed like a natural."

"Well I don't want to brag, but I am a woman of many talents" Kassandra says with a flirtatious undertone.

"It was indeed quite the speech you gave misthios, I'm sure you will have your pick of the litter tonight" Kyra says neutrally, void of all emotion as she looks fully at Kassandra for the first time since she got up here.

"Mmm, perhaps, but perhaps that's not what I desire" Kassandra responds back, her eyes not leaving Kyra's.

Kassandra had no shame when it came to wooing women and now was no different. Bold was her style as you win nothing when you bet nothing and she was going to place it all on Kyra for tonight.

Kyra's mouth slightly parted as she ran her tongue across her bottom lip. Kassandra's eyes were glued on the movement and her eyes grew darker and hungrier.

The tension between them was mounting, but neither made a move. Kassandra was all in, but she could tell Kyra was having seconds thoughts.

Thaletas wasn't even alive and he was still blocking her advances. She could let out a frustrated groan, but it wouldn't help her cause out any.

That's why she didn't do love, it could be far too messy for its own good. You had to think of another person the time and it just sounded exhausting. Having to actively care what someone wants just sounds unpleasant at best. It complicates life and she is happy she's never had those feelings before.

Kassandra knew there really was no further threat to her with this, but Kyra still very much believed he was alive and she probably didn't want to start something when he could arrive at any moment.

This would prove to be a bit of a challenge, but Kassandra was feeling extra confident tonight and knew she could get what she wanted with some patience and a little healthy competition to nudge Kyra in her direction once more.

Kassandra knew Kyra wanted this too. Her body told Kassandra everything her mouth wouldn't and Kassandra knew she had her, but she just needed a good pull in the right direction.

Deciding to play it cool, Kassandra sends Kyra a wink before she leans in for a kiss.

Kassandra was pretty sure that Kyra wouldn't have moved if she connected the kiss, but she also thought Kyra's mental battle was not over yet so it would get cut short and Kassandra would have to find someone else to spend the night with and she did not have the fortitude for that.

Hovering right over her lips for a split second, Kassandra then shifts to the left and places a soft and tender kiss on Kyra's cheek. Kassandra keeps her lips there long enough for it to be more than casual before she pulled back and stepped away from Kyra entirely.

"It is clear that you wanted to be alone up here and it was selfish of me to invade on that" Kassandra says as she walks back towards the door. "You should consider mingling though as it's not every day you topple a dictator."

Kassandra doesn't wait for a response as she opens the door and heads back down towards the party.

Now that she knows where Kyra is, she can make sure she's positioned in the right spot for maximum viewing while she "mingles" with the other female rebels.

Was what she was doing a bit much? Sure, but none of these women would even come close to Kyra so there wasn't even much of a competition as all would pale in comparison. She's had to work for women before so, in theory, this should be no different.

She had a fool proof method that hasn't failed her yet as jealousy was the folly of mankind and it continually kept being proved true. Jealousy can make even the palest skin green and create either fools or opportunists. Kassandra liked to think of herself as the latter and has yet to be proven a fool and she was not about to start tonight.

Kassandra settles herself with a hearty glass of wine as she could feel her buzz from earlier wearing off and made for lower level. The men and women were dancing and singing to the music and Kassandra was not one to be left out of a good time.

She grabs a random woman and brings her to the dancing area as they join in motion with the others. She didn't usually dance and didn't know that many steps, but she was feeling determined and carefree so she moved and twirled along to the beat.

Kassandra knew this random woman was into her because, really, who wouldn't be? Kassandra tried to not allow her ego to runaway, but she would slip from time to time as, after all, she was only human.

Kassandra stood for many things and she had a freedom that most only ever dreamed of, man or woman. She had a ship, she had a crew, and she had a special skill set that allowed her to make a decent living. She wanted only for justice, drachmae was just a good bonus.

Kassandra pulls the woman in close after their dance and beings to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She knows that all she has to do is give her the word and she would not be spending the night alone, but, alas, that was not her goal tonight.

Kassandra decides she's had enough of this woman and decides to pawn her off on some of her crew nearby. They were discussing past heroics they all got involved in so she chimed in with a quick story of her own so she could quickly excuse herself to head elsewhere.

She notices a couple men speaking with a handful of women so she decides to head over to flex her skills. One of the men gives a dramatic reenactment of their own personal battle with some of Podarkes' men and, while Kassandra knew it was all a lie, the rest seemed to be eating that story up.

"There I was, face to face with this brute who must've been half ox by his size" the man exaggerates. "He challenges me to a battle of strength so I say "it's your funeral" and the two of us grab each other's hands to see who is strong enough to bring the other to their knees."

The man rambles and spews out the most unrealistic events so Kassandra decided to knock him down a peg and she'll be sure to impress the women with her prowess as an added bonus.

"The size of an ox you say?" Kassandra chimes in. "My, that does sound so impressive."

The man never caught on that she was in his little audience so to say he got nervous was an understatement.

"Eagle Bearer!" The man exclaims as he clears his throat. "What an honor to have you here."

"Well, when I got word of your deeds I just knew I had to come over and see it for myself" Kassandra says cheerfully and as unthreatening as possible as she doesn't want him to back out of this.

"Ah, it was nothing" the man suddenly tries to downplay it, but Kassandra was not about to let him slide.

"So humble a man are you for achieving such a feat" she says as she steps closer to him. "Come now, let's show these people what you can do."

"Oh...well...I couldn't" the man stammers out as he tries to backpedal from the comment.

"Nonsense, come, challenge me in arm wrestling and we shall see who walks away victorious" Kassandra challenges as she steps further into his space.

By this time, word had spread fast so their small group turned into a much larger crowd as everyone wants to witness who was stupid enough to challenge Kassandra.

The other man in the group decides to be the referee as they clear space off a table. Kassandra leisurely takes a seat as her opponent begrudgingly takes his.

A solid wall of people encompasses them as he and Kassandra lock hands. She feels how clammy and sweaty his palm is and she was definitely going to need to wipe her hands off after this one that's for sure.

Kassandra looks up towards the direction of where she left Kyra, but found the balcony empty.

She was mentally kicking herself for not looking to make sure she was even there before she tried to impress her. Oh well, she'd at least get to knock this liar down a peg or two for his grossly fabricated stories.

They referee places his hand over both of theirs and gives them the rules. He looks to both of them who acknowledge it and he counts down.

3, 2, 1....

Now usually Kassandra would just easily sweep him, but she wants to send a message. She doesn't know the man across from her, but he seems rather on the shady side, an opportunist to put it politely. He most likely sat back while everyone else did the dirty work and only stepped in when his safety was almost all but assured. A coward to put it mildly.

No, no. She wasn't just going to win, she was going to annihilate him.

Kassandra allows her hand to slowly drop as she feigns a struggle on her end as she can tell he is already working up a sweat.

The crowd looks on in silence as they don't quite believe what they are watching as it actually looks as though Kassandra is losing.

Kassandra continues the ruse until her hand hovers just slightly above the table. She glances at the man and can see a smug grin take over his features.

"Take it all in you malaka" Kassandra thinks to herself as she can tell he thinks he's won this. She is debating at how long she wants to hover when someone catches her eye.


Kassandra meets her gaze and cannot help but to smile.

"What are you smiling about girl? You're about to lose last I checked" her opponent mocks.

Deciding she wants to see Kyra more than she wants to drag this out, she drops the act immediately. No longer does she appear to be struggling and no longer is her look one of pleasure.

"You know, I thought it would be good fun to just embarrass you, but now that you're talking to me in that manner, I think it's time for a lesson" Kassandra's voice goes cold as she easily lifts their hands to the middle.

"Lying is not inherently bad you see," Kassandra begins with her head slightly tilted to one side, "as I was lying about this being a challenge and nobody was harmed."

"But," Kassandra continues, "lying about your involvement in stabilizing an entire island is not just something small. No, quite the opposite."

Kassandra now forces his hand so it is barely above the table so she can deliver her final verbal blow. "What you did was take credit for actions you did not take to make you look like the hero you are not."

Kassandra tightens her grip and can see the pain radiating across his face as he's trying to not show it, but she can tell it's there.

"You owe everyone here an apology and maybe next time you should try to think for once before boasting about such falsehoods" she says as she slams his hand the rest of the way, claiming the victory.

"I suggest you leave and not come back unless you would like to have a rematch?" Kassandra challenges as she stands up in front of him.

The man says nothing and the crowd remains deathly quiet as he stands up and immediately makes for the exit.

Kassandra turns back to the crowd and starts laughing as she reaches for her wine glass. "To the real heroes here tonight!" Kassandra exclaims and the crowd roars back into swing as if nothing ever happened in the first place.

Kassandra makes light of what just happened and moves on as if it was nothing more than an inconvenience. She makes her way to where she last spotted Kyra, but finds the area lacking her presence.

Kassandra's search is interrupted by one of the more...sultry women of the evening and finds herself backed up against on of the fences.

"What a spectacle you put on Eagle Bearer" the woman croons as she leans into Kassandra's personal space. "I dare say you are not one to be made a fool of."

"I'd dare say you're correct" Kassandra replies, trying to politely have the woman move off from her.

This only spurs the woman to move in closer so they are basically chest to chest and Kassandra isn't usually one to scoff at such an advance, but she has other plans for who she will spend the night with.

"You're so smart and incredibly strong" the woman says as she feels up Kassandra's bare arm. "I wouldn't mind being your next challenge."

Kassandra closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she wants to be polite yet firm, but can already feel the resistance already.

Before Kassandra can respond, she feels the woman moving abruptly away from her. Surprised by the lack of contact, Kassandra opens her eyes to see a very, very angry Kyra in front of her.

Her eyes raging with a fire Kassandra had never seen before and she couldn't figure out why. Kassandra hadn't even done anything, well, that Kyra knew about anyway, so this seemed like it came from nowhere.

Kyra firmly moves the woman off Kassandra and gives her a once over before addressing her. "You should move along as there are plenty of others ripe for the picking."

It looks like the woman wants to counter this, but the look Kyra gives her makes her think otherwise.

"You're right," the woman concedes, "a pleasure speaking with you Eagle Bearer."

Kassandra only dares to nod as the woman walks out of sight as she can see that Kyra still looks pretty pissed.

"I thought you were in your room for the evening?" Kassandra asks calmly.

"You thought wrong" Kyra snaps back.

Kassandra still isn't sure what's wrong, but she gathers from Kyra's tone it has to do with her.

Kyra grabs her hand and leads her away from the crowd so they can continue their "discussion" undisturbed.

"Can you do nothing with tact Kassandra?" Kyra aggressively questions.

"Tact?" Kassandra scoffs at the insinuation. "What would you even know of tact?"

"Do you just enjoy flaunting yourself in front of me? Flaunting other women in my face? Do you get pleasure from that?" Kyra inquires as she steps closer into Kassandra's space.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth?" Kassandra inquires.

"Yes, always the truth" Kyra says as she meets Kassandra's eyes.

"Yes" Kassandra answers briskly as there's no use in lying about this as it won't much matter anyway in the long run.

"I get incredible enjoyment out of making you want me and the only thing stopping you from having me is you" Kassandra elaborates.

"Who am I to deny myself carnal pleasures because you feel guilty? What's in it for me if I wait for you?" Kassandra offers up, but this only makes Kyra more upset.

"Oh yes, heaven forbid you have some kind of morals for even a moment" Kyra argues. "You are just so incredibly selfish!"

"Selfish?" Kassandra laughs at the insinuation. "I'm not the one in a relationship Kyra, that one is all on you so maybe you should take a solid look at yourself before you get judgmental about how I live my life."

Kyra is taken back by the harsh (albeit true) accusation and she realizes she doesn't want to have this conversation anymore. It's clear Kassandra wants to argue this point heavily and even though she started this, she was not going to let her ruin what should be a night of celebration.

Kyra knew Kassandra was right. She was with Thaletas and she shouldn't be harping on Kassandra for who she chooses to be with. Kyra has no right, but she can't help it. Kassandra makes her feel in such a way that she never has before. She makes her feel passionate and alive, her touch makes her come alive.

There's not a day that goes by that Kyra doesn't regret being with Thaletas over Kassandra although Kassandra had made it pretty clear it was only casual that she wanted. Kyra didn't buy it and the more time they spent together, the more she knew Kassandra felt the same about her as she did for Kassandra.

She just needed to have Kassandra see that, but right now she wasn't in the mentality to think rationally. She needed to get away from Kassandra and fast, she needed air as it felt like she was suffocating.

"You're right," Kyra concedes, much to Kassandra's surprise, "my apologies, do excuse me" and, with that, Kyra leaves a stunned Kassandra standing alone.

She doesn't spare a look back and decides to make herself scarce for the time being.

She finds Praxos with a handful of her men and they rise to greet her, but she just keeps walking past so Praxos is quick to follow so Kyra stops to turn around.

"It's ok Praxos, I just need to take a walk to clear my head" she reassures him, but he knows her better than that and scoffs at the idea.

"This is one of the biggest days of your life and you think I will let you wander alone?" Praxos rhetorically asks. "I do not think so."

Praxos turns to the men behind him and call them to attention.

"Come men, let's escort our exalted leader for a walk and then we can finish up at the tavern. Sound good?" He asks and Kyra can only smile at him as he truly is her rock.

"That sounds perfect, thank you Praxos" Kyra says and the group of them wander off into the distance.

Kassandra is left stunned and alone as she watches them walk away.

"Good going Kassandra, you're such a malaka!" She angrily scolds herself at screwing up this evening.

It was not supposed to go this way. At all. It seems she might even have to stay a bit longer than expected. She could just leave, but there would always be a little voice nagging at her for not setting this right. She just needed to get Kyra to not hate her again and then she'd be off.

She had made a fool of herself and her "foolproof" method backfired entirely in her face. Kyra was not the average woman and thus, she couldn't rely on old tricks.

Still ever confident in herself, Kassandra gears up to try to win back favor in a heart she never thought she had.