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Crimson Threads

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Everything was dark and the room was silent. The last thing Atsushi heard was the door locking. He couldn't quite tell how long ago that was now. There was a clock in the room, it didn’t matter. He couldn’t see anyway; not with this blindfold on. He had tried counting the seconds as they passed, but he eventually lost count after the third or fourth minute. After all, the discomfort of the position he had been put in was rather… distracting.

The sound of his own heartbeat and measured breathing was joined by the squeaky noise of the wet, silicone ball gag against his teeth as he tried to make himself comfortable. Atsushi forced himself to relax his jaw as he tilted his head back and felt his hair falling away from his face. At least he could swallow a little easier like this.

Atsushi heard static sparking from the receiver in his ear, followed by Issay’s comforting voice saying, “Acchan? Can you hear me?”

“Unh.” That was all Atsushi could manage with the ball gag in the way. It couldn’t be helped.

Issay hummed, satisfied. “I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but it seems alright.”

Atsushi grunted again.

“I’m out in the garden now,” Issay said. “And I can see you.”

Atsushi could practically hear the smile in his voice.

“I wish you could see yourself right now, Atsushi,” Issay chuckled, sounding particularly pleased. “I should probably snap a photo and show it to you later.”

Atsushi shook his head. It was embarrassing enough as it is.

“So beautiful,” Issay muttered and sighed wistfully. “How nice of you to show up at my door like this,” he said, “wearing nothing but a trench coat over your corset, and garters, and stockings.”

Reminded of his state, Atsushi huffed and jerked his arms, which were bound to the armrests of the chair he sat in with silk wraps.

“Careful, Acchan,” Issay’s concerned voice warned through the receiver. “I don’t want you falling over and hurting yourself.”

Atsushi whined, shaking his head furiously in frustration. Then, a mild vibration started and stopped suddenly in his small, black briefs, against his scrotum. He groaned, this time trying to move his legs, which have been bound to keep them bent and spread apart to put his nether regions on full display. Obviously, he could not move either.

Issay chuckled low. “I assume the vibrator works as well?”

Atsushi tossed his head back and groaned as the vibrator was turned on and off at random. Unable to predict when the stimulation came, each jolt felt more intense than it normally would be. Atsushi could feel himself growing harder from the vibrations. With the briefs keeping his genitals stuffed with the vibrator, Atsushi getting an erection only meant that he was not going to get any relief from this.

“Don’t they all call you a tiger, Atsushi?” Issay asked teasingly. “So, Atsushi, tell me; are you now a tiger? Or a kitten?”

Atsushi whined and turned his head to the side, suddenly self-conscious at the thought of anyone else seeing him like this.

He could hear Issay huff and chuckle quietly as he said, “A kitten, aren’t you?” Atsushi didn’t respond but neither did Issay wait for one as he added, “My precious kitten.”

Atsushi could feel a rush of affection in his veins, making his body tingle and his cheeks warm. As he revelled in Issay’s soothing murmurs, Atsushi eventually left the vibrator buzzing noisily and incessantly. The constant stimulation shook him from his tranquil contentment, turning him irate again. Attempting to shake the vibrator loose, Atsushi tried to thrust his hips but only succeeded in making the chair jerk.

“Be careful, Acchan,” Issay repeated. He now sounded slightly breathless. It seemed like he, too, was affected by Atsushi’s increasingly indecent appearance. “Don’t get too eager now.”

Atsushi made a noise, a weak, incoherent imitation of Issay’s name before he whined, long and loud.

Issay increased the vibrator’s intensity and chuckled, “How badly do you want me, Atsushi?”

Atsushi whined again, tossing his head back as he tried to thrash around.

Issay chuckled again then paused. He was silent for a while before he asked, “Did you hear that?”


“There was a- Who are-!” Issay’s voice got cut off, leaving Atsushi alone in the darkness.

Atsushi found himself holding his breath as he nervously waited for Issay’s voice to come back. He waited a while and then tried to call out to Issay with an incoherent grunt.

There was no response. This was weird. Whatever libido he had has dissipated. Worry replaced it, gnawing at Sakurai’s chest as he continued to wait for Issay to say something. Did Issay’s transceiver malfunction? Or did something happen to him?

The last few words Issay blurted were stuck in Atsushi’s head. The more he thought about it, the more convinced he was that something untoward had happened to Issay. He furrowed his brow. What should he do? Rather, what could he do when he was bound up like this?

Just then, the doorknob rattled loudly. Atsushi was faced away from it and even though he couldn’t see, his first instinct was to try and turn around to confront whoever was coming in. Unfortunately for him, he was bound too securely to move. Atsushi’s helplessness in this state vexed him greatly. As much as he wanted to do something, he found himself completely incapable of anything.

The door suddenly opened noisily and someone barged in. They didn’t act like how Issay would if he entered the room again and this didn’t sound like Issay’s footsteps. Anger and panic welled up in Atsushi’s chest, and as he felt his blindfold being removed, he squinted his eyes against the glare, swung his arm with all his strength, and sat up.

Atsushi looked around, eyes narrowed against the bright sunlight as he tried to orientate himself. The sound of the doorknob rattling assaulted his ears again and he snapped his head to his bedroom door, only to find Chibi, his short-fur calico cat, stretching up to paw at the doorknob. He breathed in deep and sighed. It was a dream.

Relieved as Atsushi was that nothing bad had happened, he couldn't help but feel disappointed that he was never with Issay after all. How long has it been since the last time they met?

Stretching his arms out, Atsushi groped around under the sheets in search for his phone. When his hand finally hit something hard, he grabbed it and brought it to him. He turned on the screen. Ten in the morning. No messages or calls came in while he was asleep.

Atsushi swiped through his contacts list and stopped at Issay's number. He paused. Should he call? He stared at the number for a while, thumb hovering above the phone symbol. If Issay has yet to contact him, it must mean that he's still busy, right?

Atsushi groaned and tossed his phone aside. Throwing himself back down onto the bed, he curled and heaved a sigh as he stared at the ring on his fourth finger. Grey fur came into sight as Momo, his other cat, approached him and rubbed his head against Atsushi's face with a meow. Atsushi smiled and took Momo into his arms. Kneading his fur as he gazed forlornly at Momo, Atsushi sighed and asked, "What should I do?"