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Spring Day

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‘Yoongi baby! Hoseok’s here!’ Yoongi’s mom called from downstairs. Yoongi’s eyes lit up and he jumped up from his bed, baby blue sheets spread across it, to run downstairs on to see his friend. Hoseok was Yoongi’s bestest friend. They sat together at lunch and made sandcastles together in the sandbox during their morning break.

‘Hobi!’ Yoongi called out and embraced his younger friend in a tight hug. Their mothers were babbling on about things that moms talk about, mostly their husbands and some new recipes they’d found in some magazine they both liked to read.

‘Yoongles!’ Hoseok smiled, his lips forming a heart-shape. That’s at least what Yoongi had told him one time when they were learning about different shapes at school.

“Look Hobi! This shape looks like you when you smile!” Yoongi said while holding up the cardboard red heart at Hoseok.

Hoseok had eventually agreed with that.

‘Come on let’s play I got a new puzzle from Dad!’ Yoongi giggled and they both ran upstairs to Yoongi’s small bedroom, decorated with white furniture and light blue walls, matching his bedsheets and a little carpet next to his bed. He had a box filled with toys that was slightly bigger than Hoseok’s. Hoseok was a little bit jealous, but he was a nice boy and wasn’t angry about that anymore.

Yoongi took out the puzzle from his toy box and showed it to his little friend. Hoseok smiled, the picture on the puzzle was one of a rainbow butterfly and he liked butterflies lots.

After making the puzzle for about 4 times the two little boys were lying on Yoongi’s neatly made bed. Yoongi had a white lamp in the shape of a cloud, and the two 5 year olds were so fascinated by it.

‘Hey Hobi?’ Yoongi asked his friend, who hummed in response.

‘You’re my best friend forever and ever right?’ he asked with a little voice. What if Hoseok would say no? Hobi sat up and looked at Yoongi with a shocked expression on his face.

‘Of course Yoongles! I will stay with you until we- until we – until we’re old!! Until we’re 20!!! So old!!’ Hoseok stuttered, hugging his older friend. The two boys giggled as they cuddled together, locking their pinkies together as they made their promise.

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Jung Hoseok. 18 years old, best tennis player of the school’s club, daringly bright red dyed hair and a beaming sunshine smile. Next to him was his best friend, Min Yoongi, also 18, best student in all the science subject (Namjoon didn’t count, he had an IQ of 148) and the absolute sweetest guy ever.

The duo made quite an iconic impression and basically everyone at their school knew them. They weren’t necessarily popular, but they were hard to not look at when they passed through the hallway. Besides their other friend Namjoon, they usually hung out together, not really feeling it when other people would interfere with their business.

During lunch, the three of them sat together, munching on the stale fries from the school cafeteria.

‘So, are you guys nervous for finals?’ Namjoon asked, eating his bowl of what seemed to be fried rice with stir-fry. He always brought his own lunch, his boyfriend insisting on that since “You couldn’t trust the poisonous cafeteria food” and “The American cuisine’s flavor equaled to eating cardboard with bacon grease on top”. In the end, that probably was the best thing to do, but did either Yoongi or Hoseok want to make time for that? Absolutely not.

‘Of course I’m nervous, what kind of question is that?’ Hoseok responded, his mouth full of the wilted leaves from his side salad.

‘It’ll be fine Hobi, you’re smart and very hardworking’ Yoongi smiled. He truly did believe in his friend’s success. Even though Yoongi did mostly get better grades than Hoseok, this didn’t mean he felt better than him or that he would be there less to help and support him!

‘Yeah, Yoongi-hyung’s right, you’ll be fine hyung, but it’s okay to be stressed’ Namjoon said. Something about the way Namjoon conversed was always really peaceful. He somehow could always manage the sometimes hyper duo that was Yoongi and Hoseok, so that probably made him the perfect partner for his somewhat loud and sometimes extravagant boyfriend he had.

Seokjin was Namjoon’s boyfriend’s name. He was a year older than the three others and was already in university, majoring in Theatre, Film and Television, with a minor in eastern languages (focusing on Japanese and Korean). He was a very eager student, much like Namjoon. Not only that, but he was drop dead gorgeous. Yoongi definitely appreciate a handsome face like Seokjin’s, damn, Namjoon was lucky.

Seokjin did have an interesting form of humor, mainly consisting of unnecessary dad jokes and his weird windshield-like laugh that easily made others laugh along. In the end, he was a great guy and Yoongi was very happy for Namjoon that he bonded with such an amazing person, forming a wonderful relationship.

That was another thing, bonding. A very special moment in people’s lives. When you were born, there somehow is this person that is your soulmate. In some way – Yoongi still didn’t understand why or how – you would end up with that person one day and when something happened to the both of you, some “life-changing, drastic moment”, a mark would appear on both of your bodies. This mark signified the fact that you were in fact soulmates and now you were bonded for life.

Some time ago the standard was that you had to end up marrying your soulmate, but nowadays things had loosened up a bit and there were many people that were, what they called,  “platonic soulmates”, being just friends that could potentially date outside their bond.

The bonding moment could honestly be anything, from drinking coffee in some coffeeshop together to saving the other’s life in a car crash. It honestly didn’t matter, as long as it somehow was a turning point in the soulmates’ lives.

Yoongi wasn’t bonded yet. From when he was little he had always secretly hopes his soulmate would be Hoseok, but if so, their marks must’ve appeared long ago and they hadn’t. He knew Hoseok used to hope they were soulmates too, but he’d given up on that long ago.

Yoongi remembered when Hoseok got his first girlfriend. He was convinced she was his soulmate, but quickly got frustrated as no bonding seemed to happen. He dumped her during their 9th grade ball, which was honestly a shitty move. Hoseok promised Yoongi then he’d never do something like that again.

‘How’s bonding going by the way?’ Namjoon asked the duo. Yoongi and Hoseok looked at each other and shrugged.

‘Still nothing’ they said at the same time. Namjoon shook his head and let out an airy laugh.

‘I think something just went wrong in both of your systems and y’all have bonded 4 centuries ago. You guys share like, one braincell’ he laughed. Yoongi was left unamused by Namjoon’s comment and Hoseok only chuckled.

The bell rang, signaling they had to leave for their next class. The duo said goodbye to Namjoon and made their way to Math. The two had almost all classes together, except for all sciences, because Hoseok had quite a hard time with everything that involved science, whether it was Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

Yoongi thought about Namjoon’s joke. Could it really be that something was wrong in their bodies and that’s why they didn’t bond? It couldn’t be, eventually everyone got bonded, their were perhaps 3 cases in the last 400 years of people who didn’t get bonded, so it was unlikely.

The bonding age was between 15 and 25 years old, some a bit earlier and some later. Yoongi still had time to find his bonding partner, he didn’t really need to make it his top priority. He used to really not care about it, but he seemed to be in somewhat of an angsty, emotional moment of his life where he suddenly did care about it.

Perhaps he was just slightly jealous of Namjoon, who had bonded when he had just turned 15. Thinking about it made Yoongi chuckle.

‘What are you laughing about, sillyhead?’ Hoseok asked, laughing in a sweet tone. His eyes formed little crescents and his lips were heart-shaped. It had been like that ever since they were both kids.

‘I was just thinking about Namjoon and Jin-hyung’s bonding experience’ Yoongi laughed softly. Hoseok grinned.

‘Dear god, that was just nothing more than a tragedy, please don’t remind me of it or I’ll combust’ the younger laughed out loud.

Hoseok was right, Namjoon and Seokjin’s bonding had been quite the experience, and the perfect example that not all bondings were super romantic or all sunshine and rainbows.

It had been about 2 years since then. The 10th graders had to partner with the 11th graders for a big Chemistry project they were working on (much to Hoseok and Yoongi’s dislike, since that meant they couldn’t work together).

Somehow, Namjoon and Seokjin ended up together as a duo, which was weird, since usually they teamed up the better students with the students that had some problems with the subject and they were both best of their year.

Namjoon never wanted to admit it, but he had been developing a little crush on the elder. In all honesty, how couldn’t you? Seokjin was beautiful, smart and funny (well, debatable). Yoongi and Hoseok loved teasing him about it, he kept denying it.

They decided to work on their project on an evening after school in their school’s laboratory. They were doing a very big project, since, being the eggheads they were, they wanted to stand out.

The thing was, even though Namjoon was really smart and good at Chemistry, he was absolutely not meant to work in a laboratory. He was probably the clumsiest man alive, especially when he was younger.

So, working on their project in the laboratory, Namjoon managed to drop some kind of chemical on Seokjin’s foot, the liquid burning through his shoe, burning his foot. They ended up going to the hospital since Jin had third degree burns on his foot.

Namjoon was tearing up in regret when he felt something burn on his chest, and while he first thought it was just the embarrassment kicking in, he ran to the bathroom to notice the mark on the left side of his chest. It was a drawing of a little rose. Right when he turned around, Seokjin stood in front of him and showed the mark on the right side of his chest.

They couldn’t do anything but laugh.

Since that day they had been dating.


The rest of their day went by smoothly, Hoseok managed to not fall asleep during any of the classes and Yoongi actually made somewhat decent notes. An accomplishment, if you asked him.

Yoongi was now waiting for Hoseok to get done with practicing. He was in the school’s tennis club and they always had practice after school. He himself used to be in the music club, but he decided to stop this year because he wanted to focus on his grades.

Yoongi’s eyes widened when he saw a boy run by and almost bump into him. The boy stopped running and gave him a shocked expression.

‘I’m so sorry!!’ he apologized, a panicked look on his face. The boy was dressed in a similar tennis uniform Hoseok wore and he had his racket in his hand.

‘It’s okay kid, don’t worry about it. Are you in the tennis club?’ Yoongi asked the younger looking boy.

‘I am!’ the boy proudly answered. Yoongi smiled at him. The boy reminded him of Hoseok when he was younger, passionate about what he liked doing most, tennis and dance.

‘What’s your name?’ Yoongi then asked the boy, curiously.

‘I’m Jeon Jungkook from grade 10!! Nice to meet you!‘ he cheerily announced, bowing a little at the elder.

‘Nice to meet you Jungkook, I’m Min Yoongi from 12th grade’ Yoongi smiled, waving at the younger boy. Jungkook’s eyes lit up at hearing the elder’s name and he almost jumped up in surprise.

‘Oh! You’re Hobi-hyung’s friend!’ Jungkook exclaimed. Oh, so he did know Hoseok. Well yeah, of course he knew Hoseok, he was the star tennis player of their school’s team, it was hard not to know him, especially if he was in the tennis club himself. Yoongi also couldn’t help but notice his use of honorifics, which made him smile. Not all Korean Americans used honorifics towards other Korean Americans, but it was nice when they did.

‘How did you know? Does he gossip about me or what?’ Yoongi asked, chuckling unbelievingly at himself. He could already imagine it in from of him, Hoseok just babbling away about his own social life to the younger boy.

‘No it’s not that! Hoseok-hyung and I talk quite often so I guess it’s only natural that he’s mentioned you!’ Jungkook smiled. He had the cutest smile ever, one that reminded Yoongi of a bunny almost.

‘Ah, I see’ Yoongi commented.

‘I have to go now though! My friend is picking me up after school so I don’t want to let him wait! It was nice talking to you hyungnim!’ Jungkook said in a hurry and ran away.

He forced himself to not think more about it, but he knew himself. It was hard from him to not ponder about things.

If Hoseok had mentioned Yoongi to Jungkook because they “talked quite often”, why had Hoseok never mentioned Jungkook to him?

Yoongi saw Hoseok walk around the corner from outside, his hair wet and a towel around his neck. He probably just got done showering after practice, since he’d changed in his regular clothes already.

‘Ahh Mr. Tennis Champion’ Yoongi greeted his best friend. Hoseok chuckled and the tips of his ears turned slightly red. They talked about practice and after going to their lockers they began walking home.

The spring weather was extremely nice, with the blossoms blooming on the trees and the smell of flowers hanging in the air. Yoongi loved all the colorful flowers he saw in people’s front gardens and in the flowerpots on the side of the roads.

The sun was lovely too, but it was getting quite hot. Living in Los Angeles had its benefits, but there were also quite a lot of negative things about it.

Yoongi thought back at Jungkook from earlier. Hoseok was humming a tune while letting the sunrays warm up his face and talking further about how he “served really well” during practice.

‘Hey Hoseok-ah, do you know a boy named Jungkook?’ Yoongi asked the other, not able to let his curiosity pass. Hoseok stopped walking and nervously scratched the back of his neck.

‘J-Jungkook-ah? Oh yeah, he’s just this guy from my tennis club. He’s really sweet! I guess we’re friends?’ Hoseok rambled. Yoongi lifted an eyebrow at his younger friend.

‘Alright’ he commented, not wanting to make Hoseok uncomfortable.

‘Why hyung? You’re not thinking anything weird right?? It’s not like I’m… like I’m – uh – gay! No that’s weird’ Hoseok said, scrunching his nose a little. Yoongi sighed and looked down at the ground.

‘I’m sorry!! I don’t think you’re weird!! Or that being gay is weird!! It would just be weird if I were to be gay!!’ Hoseok explained. Yoongi nodded. They’d had this discussion many times and Hoseok never seemed to change his viewpoint. He’d always say those things.

It was the only thing about his best friend that Yoongi had difficulty with, which is why he usually never brought the topic up.

‘Yeah yeah, it’s fine Hoseok-ah, let’s talk about something else now’ Yoongi mumbled and Hoseok already was talking about something else.

However, even though Hoseok seemed to stay loyal to his own opinions, something was off. Yoongi would talk about it with his friend at some point, but not now. Yeah, he was a procrastinator, and he didn’t want to say or do anything wrong that could potentially damage their friendship.

Once at Yoongi’s place, Hoseok stayed over for dinner (which was quite normal in the Min household, Hoseok basically lived there) and after doing homework together, the younger left home, leaving Yoongi alone in his bedroom.

Yoongi stared at his darkened ceiling. It was past 11 pm probably and it’d be better if he went to bed, but he couldn’t help thinking. It was like this most times, he was a deep thinker. He used to journal, but someone had once convinced him that was really “gay” and even though now he had come to terms with the fact he was in fact, gay, he seemed to have gotten some traumatic experience from his middle school bullies.

He smiled though. Even though Yoongi wasn’t the typical sporty, really manly guy, Hoseok had always been by his side, from when he was only a toddler until now, a legal adult.

They sometimes had their difficulties, but their friendship was beautiful and so strong. Nothing could change that, they had a bond that was inexplicable and Yoongi never wanted to let his best friend go.

He never worried about that though, he was sure they were going to stay best friends forever. One day he’d go to Hoseok’s first housewarming party, and he hoped to be best man on his wedding.

With those happy thoughts, Yoongi drifted off to sleep with a small, kitten-like smile on his lips.

He truly did love Hoseok.