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Spring Day

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‘Yoongi baby! Hoseok’s here!’ Yoongi’s mom called from downstairs. Yoongi’s eyes lit up and he jumped up from his bed, baby blue sheets spread across it, to run downstairs on to see his friend. Hoseok was Yoongi’s bestest friend. They sat together at lunch and made sandcastles together in the sandbox during their morning break.

‘Hobi!’ Yoongi called out and embraced his younger friend in a tight hug. Their mothers were babbling on about things that moms talk about, mostly their husbands and some new recipes they’d found in some magazine they both liked to read.

‘Yoongles!’ Hoseok smiled, his lips forming a heart-shape. That’s at least what Yoongi had told him one time when they were learning about different shapes at school.

“Look Hobi! This shape looks like you when you smile!” Yoongi said while holding up the cardboard red heart at Hoseok.

Hoseok had eventually agreed with that.

‘Come on let’s play I got a new puzzle from Dad!’ Yoongi giggled and they both ran upstairs to Yoongi’s small bedroom, decorated with white furniture and light blue walls, matching his bedsheets and a little carpet next to his bed. He had a box filled with toys that was slightly bigger than Hoseok’s. Hoseok was a little bit jealous, but he was a nice boy and wasn’t angry about that anymore.

Yoongi took out the puzzle from his toy box and showed it to his little friend. Hoseok smiled, the picture on the puzzle was one of a rainbow butterfly and he liked butterflies lots.

After making the puzzle for about 4 times the two little boys were lying on Yoongi’s neatly made bed. Yoongi had a white lamp in the shape of a cloud, and the two 5 year olds were so fascinated by it.

‘Hey Hobi?’ Yoongi asked his friend, who hummed in response.

‘You’re my best friend forever and ever right?’ he asked with a little voice. What if Hoseok would say no? Hobi sat up and looked at Yoongi with a shocked expression on his face.

‘Of course Yoongles! I will stay with you until we- until we – until we’re old!! Until we’re 20!!! So old!!’ Hoseok stuttered, hugging his older friend. The two boys giggled as they cuddled together, locking their pinkies together as they made their promise.