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Blind Beauty

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Harry woke up with a gasp, his arms pulling against whatever held him down on ... a bed? He opened his eyes and blinked a few times, but he couldn't see a thing. "What's going on," he murmured, beginning to squirm. That's when he noticed he was naked. In an unknown room. And he couldn't see a single thing. "Hello?" he called out.

He felt the bed dip down as a weight settled beside him and the barest hint of fingers brushing his hair off his face.

Harry turned his head away quickly, his heart beating fast. "Who are you?"

Fingers entwined in his hair, running through the thick locks and then smoothing them down. He could feel the heat of a body near his and the hint of breath against his face.

"No," Harry whispered, forcing himself not to feel comforted by the gesture. "Who are you?" he asked again.

The fingers traced their way down his face, over his cheek and along his jaw line, then repeated the gesture along the other side. Harry kept trying to turn his face away, but he couldn't seem to escape the fingers, which reached into his hair again, took hold of a large handful and held tight, forcing his head to still. Another hand joined the first, and he felt his face explored again, this time ending with the tips of those fingers ghosting over his mouth.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut. All he could hear was his own heartbeat. He lay still, hoping this was all a bad dream and Ron was going to wake him any minute. He pressed his lips together when he felt the fingers over his mouth.

He felt the weight on the bed shift and then the graze of skin against skin, as knees pressed lightly against his side. Someone was kneeling beside him. His head was still held firm and he could feel the warmth of that body hovering over him, leaning in, and then the feel of lips against his forehead, kissing his scar. Harry's body shuddered involuntarily and he stopped breathing for a moment. He wished he could see ... something ... anything.

Soft hair was brushed back from Harry's face as the person moved back and then leaned lips to his ear, whispering. The soft whisper was unrecognisable, barely audible. "I can see you, but you can't see me. I love the fire in those eyes."

A light flush covered Harry's cheeks just at the thought of the person being able to see him like this. "Tell me who you are," he said.

Those lips nibbled at Harry's ear, licking and breathing warmth along with the wet. Harry shuddered again, his eyes closing a bit. "Please," he whispered, biting down on his lip.

"Please what?" the voice whispered, second hand coming up to cup Harry's face.

"Please tell me who you are ... where I am ... something," he answered quickly.

The mouth licked and sucked along Harry's jaw until it started on his other ear. After a few minutes of licks and nibbles the voice whispered again, "You are a prisoner."

"Why are you doing this?" Harry asked and then whimpered, the little nibbles and licks sending these strange shocks through his body. The mouth moved down, licking and nibbling at Harry's neck, while one hand smoothed over his naked chest.

"God," he muttered, hating that he couldn't do more than just lay there and let someone do this to him.

The hand on his chest began scratching lightly and grazing Harry's nipples. He gasped and arched toward the hand, eyes going wide. This was like torture.

The mouth continued to kiss, adding light nips as it continued down to Harry's chest, then it closed on Harry's nearest nipple, sucking the now hard tissue. A small groan bubbled up in Harry's chest, and he tried to hold it back by biting his lip hard again. As the pressure continued, however, a moan forced its way out causing Harry to blush in shame.

"Yes," the voice whispered against his nipple, licking it in a kind of reward. As it began kissing across to the other side, the body above came into contact with Harry's. Naked flesh against his. Smooth, hard, muscular flesh.

Every doubt that the person above couldn't possibly be a man slipped out of his mind when he felt that body against his, but instead of making him squirm to get away more, his heart sped up as his breathing quickened. It shouldn't have made him feel like that, but it did. It made the experience even more realistic than ever.

The man's mouth closed over Harry's other nipple and his chest rubbed against him. One hand gripped Harry's shoulder while the other began sliding down his belly and Harry's fear slowly began to turn into nervousness. Here he was tied to a bed, with an unknown man, whose intent was clearly set on doing something sexual to him. His body said yes (he wanted to blame his hormones for the heavy erection between his legs), but his mind was going in all different directions.

Fingers now teased the hair around Harry's twitching cock. The head lifted from his chest, soft hair caressing sensitive skin as the man turned to look at Harry.

Harry still couldn't see a thing, and he wanted to so badly as his hips twitched up when he felt those fingers get close.

"Oh, yes," the voice whispered, fingers wrapping around Harry's cock.

Harry groaned, already beginning to thrust up into his hand, and there was a wicked sounding chuckle as the hand continued to stroke him, fingers teasing the head of his cock.

Harry whimpered as his hips continued to rock. "Oh, God ...." It wouldn't take him that long.

The hand slowed and stopped, then let go. He felt the man get off the bed.

"Ah ... what ... wait," Harry mumbled, pulling at the bonds again.

That wicked laugh again. "What do you want?" the voice asked.

"Uhm ... uhm," he stuttered, shaking his head. What did he want? "Touch me."

"How?" the voice asked.

"There," he answered, his hips thrusting up into the air. He needed more. "Just ... please."

He felt the weight on the bed again, near his legs and then the feel of legs, sliding over his as the man knelt between Harry's legs. A single finger ran down Harry's cock. "Here?"

Harry nodded quickly, his head jerking up. "Yes ... yes ...."

A hand was laid on both thighs, pushing Harry's legs even further apart, and then travelling up to his crotch. Fingers gently cupped and stroked Harry's balls, while the other hand wrapped around the base of his cock.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut again as his entire body trembled. He tried to hold back. He really, really tried. Then he felt soft, wet lips encircle the head of his cock, a tongue licking at the soft glans. Harry couldn't control himself anymore as he came with a sharp cry, his hips lifting as much as they could off the bed. The man's mouth sucked and licked until Harry squirmed under the feel of that tongue.

"Too much," he whispered softly, becoming over-sensitive quickly.

Another soft lick and the mouth moved off him. There was that laugh again, and Harry felt the legs sliding over his and the weight on the bed shift as the man climbed off the bed.

Harry didn't say anything as he let his body relax against the sheets. He turned his head to the side and stared at the darkness, still wondering who it could be. He listened to the other man breathe, wondering what was happening right in front of him, then Harry heard a sound and understood. He knew the sound of a hand fisting a cock. He had lived in a dorm for years. The man's breathing sped up, and Harry almost relaxed as the sound reached his ears. Finally, something he was used to.

The man's breathing sped up until he gasped, moaning as he came, "Harry!"

Harry's ears perked up at the sound of his name. He flushed, still confused as to why the other man would wank while thinking about him. There were a few minutes while the man's breathing evened out. Then the weight settled on the bed next to Harry again. He looked up expectantly, nervously chewing on his lip. "Hi," he said a bit shyly.

The hand was once again on his face, moving sweaty strands of hair out of Harry's eyes.

Harry blinked a bit, relaxing slightly. "Thank you."

The man leaned over again and Harry felt lips on his. He lay still for a moment, before beginning to kiss the man back. For some reason, Harry felt the need to thank him with more than words.

The man's breath caught when Harry kissed him back, and he felt him open his mouth, tongue caressing Harry's lips until they parted with a small gasp, his tongue tentatively moving to touch his captor's. The man's tongue slipped in, running along the inside of Harry's lips and caressing his mouth. Harry wanted to reach up and pull him closer, but he could do no more than tilt his head slightly as the kiss was deepened.

The man kissed him for several minutes, licking and nibbling at Harry's lips. Then he sighed and rested his face with his cheek against Harry's, his breath in Harry's ear. "You are so fucking beautiful," he sighed.

Harry blushed, licking his lips as he sighed softly. "Thank you," he said. Like this, he could almost forget the situation he was in.

"I wish I could have you all to myself," the man whispered.

"You kind of do right now," Harry replied softly, a hint of a smile on his face.

"No, I don't actually," he whispered. "We are watched."

"What is your name?" Harry asked softly, biting his lip.

"I believe you would not be happy if you knew that," the man said with a trace of anger in his voice.

"You don't know that, you know," Harry said. "Just tell me."

The man's mouth closed on Harry's again. He kissed him passionately before pulling back. "It doesn't bother you knowing this is a man doing this to you?"

"No, what matters more right now is who it is," Harry admitted.

There was a silence and then the man sat back up. "I will be back," he said quietly.

"What? You can't go. Don't go!" he called out, not wanting to be left alone.

There was the sound of a door opening and closing.

Harry let out a frustrated groan, pulling at the bonds. "You can't leave me here," he murmured, hoping he was around.