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How To Train Your Keyblade

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a magnificent City in white with dragons and people living in peace. Many Windmills spin in the flow of the the water showed more aquatic dragons as the story zoomed in onto the top of the city. Inside the castle were to teenagers playing chess. A boy with white hair and tan skin and another with black hair and light skin.

"Have you heard of the Ancient Keyblade War?" asked the teen with White hair. "Huh" asked his friend.

"Of course i have" said The boy as he moved a peice and took out one of his pawns. "

"Long ago, Keyblade Wielders waged a war for ownership of Light." siad the white haired teen as he took out a silver piece.

"Yeah, the Master's favorite Story." said the teen with black hair.

"I wonder what they planned to do with Kingdom Hearts after making it appear." said the white haired teen.

"Who' knows, i dont know who would initiate a war" said the boy with black hair as they continued their game.

" know the Lost Masters?" asked The whtie haired teen.

"Who" asked the black haired teen.

There the ones who started the Keyblade War," said the white haired teen.

"Never heard of did you hear that " said The black haired teen as he moved another chess peice. "Or, the war is for them."

"Im not following you?" said the black haired teen as he moved his piece off the board.

"You can drop the facade" said The white haired teen.

"Facade?" asked the black haired teen.

"On that fated land shall Darkness prevail and Light expire, A perspective Keyblade Master should know this." said the white haired teen.

"If you say so" said the black haired boy.

The white haired boy looked at a weapon mounted a has a dark black in the form of a skeleton key. handle with a raised spiral carved around it. Its pommel and guard resemble black, demonic wings. The base of the blade is an etching of a goat,] and the shaft is formed from two black, barbed blades, etched with a white icon resembling a bramble of thorns. The teeth are formed in the shape of a demonic wing, and are set with the big blue cat like eye.

The Gazing Eye sees the fate of the world. The future it's already been written" said the boy looking at the weapon.

"Really, i'm not so sure about that," said The black haired boy moving another piece. "Besides, who's said that i can;'t change it and maybe light will prevail. After all, your forgetting about the The Dragon's Gaze" said the teen pointing to another keyblade above them. THis one was similar to the grey one only it was pitch black iy had a head of a Night Fury etched on it instead of a goat. . A Deep Green Catlike eye was near the teeth which was a Night Fury's wing. The token was The Strike class symbol with another green eye. "The Dragon's Gaze with the power to command the Dragons to it's will swore to protect the balance. You might be surprised. One Day it will choose it's new master" said the boy looking at his friend with his brown eyes.

The white haired boy looked at him with his silver eyes. "Oh i hope so"

The chess pieces showed a gold one with a goat head and two silver prices. One with the crown and another with the Night Fury.

/How to Train Your Keyblade/."

Valka The Gentle Haddock watched in worry as she stood beside a small crib. In the crib was a baby boy with red brown hair and next to him was a baby girl with auburn hair. Both of them are asleep holding their stuffed dragons she made for them.

"He's strong Val, he will make it through the winter." said her husband Stoick as he stood beside her. "I know" she said as she brushed her son's hair. Since their children were born too early. They feared that they would not survive the winter. Currently they were holed up in the great hall with the other members of the tribe. Gobber, Spitelout and his wife Helina stood beside them worry as well as they looked at Hiccup and his twin sister Kairi were asleep. "Everyone get some sleep." said Stoick as the Hooligans did what were told as they fell asleep except for two guards. They were on duty to keep an eye on the storm. As they talk. They noticed a ball of light had appeared out of nowhere. The two guards were alarmed reaching for their weapons when they froze like statues. The ball of light floated over to where the young heirs were sleeping. The ball of light came to a halt as if it was focused on Hiccup. Baby Hiccup woke up as he looked at the light.. The ball of light then let of a glow as the two babies also had a glow much similar to the orb of light. The ball of light then descended to Hiccup as it went into his chest as a Dagger with a silver hilt and gold blade was formed and was beside him in a scabbard . He yawned as he fell back asleep.

Outside of the great hall. A Blue Sun like Star which light was so bright it broke though the clouds as it's light descended down to the village before it disappeared into the clouds as the storm came to an end.

/five months later./

Valka and Stoick had noticed that Hiccup has improved a lot and he was babbling and giggling like his sister. But Valka was a bit furious when she saw the dagger in the crib next to Hiccup and she glared at Stoick. He said he didn't put that there at all. She took the dagger but it would always return to Hiccup so she assumed that it was a magic dagger. Winter came to an end and Stoick was rounding up some men to go gather some fish for their storage. Only a few men were staying behind to watch the village and protect the children. Valka holding Hiccup and Kairi in her arms walked over to her good friend Kira and Ryos house where her children can play with a child their age. a baby boy named Sora. "Hello Valka, come on in" said Kira as she allowed her to come in. "Valka," said Ryo as he was one of the Fisherman along with Olaf Hofferson.

"Ryo, Kira"said Valka as she set her babies down next to a baby boy with brown hair which is forming into spikes,. "Were all happy that Hiccup is going to be alright" said Kira as they watch the babies play with blocks.

"Yes, im just happy to know my little ones are going to be okay" said Valka with a smile. Just then one of the embers from the fires leaped out and Hiccup caught it. That made the three parents wide eyed as Hiccup began playing with the embers as did Sora, and Kairi. The fire didn't even burn them. "What is this?" said Ryo as he picked up Sora after they dropped the embers. He checked their hands and he saw no burn marks. The same with Valka picking up Kairi and Hiccup. No burn marks on her hands too. "Lets go see Gobber" said Kira as the family left the Osment Home and towards the Forge. Gobber was closing shop for the day as he noticed the family. "Everything alright?" he asked.

"No gobber, its our children. They were playing with the embers from our firepit and they have no burn marks on their hands." said Valka as she noticed Hiccup had the dagger again. She took it from him but the dagger just went back to him. Kairi took the dagger from Hiccup and it didn't even return to Hiccup. She smiled as Valka took it from her. "That dagger is strange, never seen anything like it." said Gobber.

"Gobber we need answers." said Ryo.

"Then were going to go see some friends of mine who know more about this than me" said Gobber as he closed up the forge and he gestured them to follow him. The three parents gholding their children entered the forest. Ryo held his sword in case a wild dragon attacked as they followed Gobber until they came to a small clearing filled with rocks.. "Hello is anyone home?" asked Gobber as the rocks came to life. "Trolls" said Valka as gobber nodded.

One troll who appeared to be the elder of them approached. "Gobber, welcome back, how is it that we can help you."

"It's these children, they were playing with fire and their parents are concerned Rockfoot." said Gobber as Rockfoot came over to look at them. He looked at the babies before he gasped. "These children, have been chosen"

"Chosen by what Rockfoot?" asked Gobber.

"They have been chosen by the Keyblade." said Rockfoot as All the trolls began speaking among themselves.

"The Keyblade?"

"New wielders of the Keyblade."

The four vikings looked at each other before Gobber asked. "What's a Keyblade?"

Rocktroll looked at them before he said. ""It's an ancient weapon that's been around longer then even before I was born. We only learned from it from another Keyblade Master, Master Yen Sid."

"But what does this have to do with them playing with the embers?" asked Valka.

"Because Keyblade Wielders can manipulate the elements to their will. Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning and Earth. They become warriors to deal with the Dark ones. We dare not speak their names. More importantly, your children will become their highest targets." said Rockfoot.

"Why?" asked Valka.

"Because your daughter is a Princess of Heart. A maiden who will have no darkness in her heart and your son. He has been chosen by one Keyblade that has been forgotten. The Elder Blade ." said Rocktroll.

"Elder Blade?" asked The four vikings.

Rockfoot then said. "Long Ago. everyone bathed underneath a great light that went by the Name of Kingdom Hearts. But however, Kingdom Hearts was guarded by it's counterpart. The χ-blade . But however. People wanted the light for themselves and thus darkness was born. They forged keyblades of their own to mirror the χ-blade and fought each other for the possession of the χ-blade thus starting the Keyblade War. and the aftermath of the keyblade war was this, Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness never to be seen again and Darkness covered the world. And the χ-blade was destroyed according to Master Yen Sid"

"What does this have to do with this Elder Blade?" asked Kira.

"The Elder Blade was believed to guard an ancient star called the Lightstar. A Star which is said to hold a power that Rivals the power of Kingdom Hearts." explained Rockfoot

"Lightstar? What's the Lightstar?" asked Valka.

"During the age of Fariy Tales before the keyblade war. Many people found this strange small particles of light called Lux. They collected the Lux in order to appease Kingdom Hearts thinking thought Lux came from Kingdom Hearts but they were wrong. Lux actually came from the Lightstar as it was the original Lux. When Kingdom Hearts Vanished after the Keyblade War. The Lightstar came and bestowed seven baby girls with hearts full of light to fight back the darkness and they used that light to rebuild the world after the horrible war." said Rockfoot.

"Amazing, such a story Rockfoot. Where is this Elder Blade?" asked Gobber.

. "it has been lost until now, a thousand years later, it has returned and chosen it's master.." said Rockfoot as he eyed the dagger Valka was holding. She looked at the dagger before she said "You mean that?"

"Yes Valka. That Dagger is the Elder Blade in some sort of concealed form by the gods. Waiting for the day when it's master is ready to receive its power and will Guard the Lightstar." said Rockfoot as he began casting a spell on the Dagger. "So until he's ready, i will place this spell on the Elder Blade to Keep its power from breaking out until your son is ready."

"Gobber i trust that you will not tell Stoick" said Valka.

"But Val" began Gobber as Valka interrupted him. "If Stoick learned of this weapon and the Lightstar. He will use them both to try to find the Dragon Nest. He's changing Gobber and i don't like it one bit. What happens if someone wanted the Lightstar for themselves. Please, you must keep this between us"

Gobber sighed as he said. "Alright, I'll keep this between us Val"

Valka smiled as did Ryo and Kira. They too swear to keep what they learned a secret. They left the trolls and returned to Berk.

/Five years later/




Two small children were walking together as always. Both were five as of today and no-one has wished them a happy birthday. they ignored the taunts of several vikings. A boy with small red brown hair and green eyes wearing a small green tunic and brown leggings and with him was a girl with Auburn hair and she was wearing a purple and white dress with leggings. THe taunts and the sneers got to them. "Hiccup, Kairi, there you two are" said Gobber as they entered the forge. Four years ago. Valka went missing after she left Berk to find more answers to the Keyblade and the Elder Blade and  since then. Stoick had become distant to them and never pays any attention to them except to scold them in front of the entire tribe for something they didn't do. So far Snotlout and the Twins had given them trouble and Hiccup took the beating for Kairi until Sora and Riku arrived to help them. They were Kairi's friends and she likes Sora and Sora likes her.

"You okay Hic?" asked Kairi looking at her brother. The twins did a number on him before Sora and Riku arrived.

"Yeah, just my shoulder hurts" said Hiccup rubbing his shoulder. Their father put them in the forge to keep them out of trouble. "Say laddie, Lass, i got something for you two" said Gobber as he went to the backroom. A minute later did Gobber come back with a Dagger and a Bow. "Here you go, Hiccup, This Dagger was found by your mother and she wanted you to have it"

"Really, Mama found this for me?" asked Hiccup as he looked at the dagger. It felt light in his hand as he gave a few practice swings. Gobber knew one point he had to give the lad the Dagger which is the Elder Blade. He was curious to what this Elder Blade would look like as well as this keyblade Kairi and Sora are destined to wield.

"And for you lassie, i have this training bow for you." said Gobber knowing how much kairi wanted a bow.

"Thank you Gobber" said the Haddock Twins as they heard. "Kairi, Hiccup"

They turn to see a boy with small brown spiky hair wearing a white tunic and red leggings. His blue eyes sparkled with joy, next to him was a boy with white hair and green eyes. His attire was a yellow tunic and blue leggings. "Hi Sora!" said Kairi instantly as Sora said with a grin. "Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you Sora" said Kairi as Riku came over next. "Here, my dad and i got this for you Hiccup"

Hiccup opened the wrapping and he saw it was his very own forge kit. "Thanks Riku!" Hiccup said with a smile.

"Your welcome" said Riku with a smile.

"Hey i asked my dad if he can row us to Destiny Island to play. He said he is alright with it." said Sora.

"Gobber? Can we go?" asked Hiccup and Kairi looking at their godfather.

"It's fine with me, you two go have some fun with your friends" said Gobber with a smile. "Come on" said Sora as the four followed Ryo who was waiting on them. Ryo rolled them over to the play island which wasn't too far from Berk about a good few minutes of rowing and they spent the day playing with each other on the play island. Ryo was with them as he smiled before he approached them. "Kids, come over here for a sec" 

the four children came over to Ryo curious to what he wanted. "Now children. starting tomorrow, we will begin training you to use weapons. Hiccup, Kairi since you are the heirs of the tribe and your father wont do anything to prepare you two, we are going behind his back to train. I talked to Gobber and he agreed with me" Ryo said. 

"Yes Mr. Osment" they said to him with a smile. Over the next few months. Ryo along with the permission of his brother Vern brought Roxas and Xion along to train with them on the play island. . It was perfect for their training. they had learned fast. After the first month, they could already throw their daggers good enough that even Ryoku was impressed.

They had moved on to blunt wood weapons, apparently the children were skilled with swords as if they were meant to wield them. 

the dragons continued to raid, but is was only once or twice a month, so it didn't affect Berk to much. On the play island. Riku and Sora met two people. A man with long brown hair and a women with blue hair. They were very nice and Kairi also met the nice women after she save her from a group of blue monsters with the help of a strange Mouse with a key shaped blade. Nobody believed her about the blue monsters exept for Hiccup and Sora.

One day after training, Hiccup looked at Ryo as he asked "Ryo, why do the dragons raid us?" It was a simple question, but no one knew the answer to it.

"Well Hiccup, I don't know. No one really knows why they raid, all we can do it fight them off while trying to keep our food." Ryo replies as he told the children he was training. They nodded before resuming their training with their mentor.

It was getting late and Gobber had told Stoick to expect a raid any day. Stoick then announced it after all the children were put in bed.

The next day is when the raid happened, and Stoick was grateful that Gobber was correct this time.

There were a few times where Gobber was off a week or so, and it didn't go very well. Nobody blamed Gobber though, those beasts were unpredictable. One night Sora and Riku were watching the stars. They tried to ask Hiccup and Kairi if they wanted to come but Stoick put his foot down and closed the door. "I'ts getting late. We better head home soon" said Riku when he noticed something was wrong with Sora.

, "Sora, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Huh?" he said looking at the silver haired boy.

"You're..." Riku points to his tears. Sora wipe it off, "That's weird. It's like something squeezing me inside." Sora said.

Riku thinks for moment before looking up, "Somebody up there must be pretty sad." Sora was confused, "Up where?"

"They say that ever star up there is another world. The light is there hearts, and it's shining down on us like a million lanterns and it's all connected on one big sky. So maybe there's somebody up in all those worlds who's really hurting like I am, and they're waiting for you to help them." Riku explain remembering an old legend he heard from the brown haired man who let him hold his mysterious weapon. He believe it. Sora looked concerned,"Well gee, do you think there something I could do?" Sora asked.

Riku cross his arms to think, "Hmm... Maybe that someone just need you to open your heart and listen." Sora nodded, "If you say so Riku. I'll try it."

Riku smiled as Sora closed his eyes and opened his heart. They awaited him to finish in case he needed them.

/Sora's platform/

When Sora opened his eyes, he wasn't with Riku and Hiccup . He was standing on a glass stain floor. Sora was amazed by the can of scenery but then remembered why he was here. "Hey, can you hear me?!" Sora called out.

He then saw something bright floating towards him. "I heard your voice." It said, "It cut through the darkness around me. All alone, I followed the sound into the sea of light and I've found myself here, with you."

Sora held the orb of light and nodded at it. The orb spoke, "You game me something back when I needed it most. A second chance." Sora raised an eye brow, "I did?"

" I have to go back asleep again." The voice continued with sadness in his voice. Sora asked, "Are you sad?"

The voice didn't answer but Sora knew the answer to that question. The voice asked, "Would it be alright if I stayed here, with you?" Sora smiled, "Sure, if it will make you feel better."

"Thank you." Sora then brought the orb of light to his chest, where their hearts become one.

Sora opened his eyes to see Riku and Hiccup sitting next to him. "Did it work?" he asked him.

Sora nodded, "Yeah. I think it did."

"Thats good, Whoever is hurting must be happy now knowing you helped them Sora" said Riku as the two returned home. That night there was no Dragon Raid and everyone slept peacefully in their beds.