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A Grand Weekend

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Hawke wasn’t entirely sure how she’d ended up in this position, flat on her back in bed, with Merrill’s slender thighs quivering around her head while Isabela’s mouth trailed a serpentine pattern down her stomach, but she didn’t have any complaints. None at all. Her last clear memory was of walking through the front door, petting her dog, and removing her overcoat. A thick, honeyed scent — no, scents — had enveloped her, familiar and enticing. And then...

High pitched, needy whimpers filled the bedroom, and the soft heat rubbing against Hawke’s mouth splintered her thoughts. The smell of aroused omega was everywhere, all around her, and she wanted to drown in it. A growl stirred in her chest, and her cock strained in confines of her breeches, throbbing with want.

Fuck, why are my pants still on?

But Isabela was already working on that problem. Hawke’s hips twitched as the omega’s clever fingers unfastened buttons and laces, grazing the bulge in her smallclothes with teasing deliberation. It was pure torture, something Hawke knew Isabela had vast experience with, in many different forms.

Merrill’s fingers ran through her hair, trying to pull her closer. “Sathan, ma vhenan. Ar isala…”

The words were breathy and indistinct, mumbled between whines, but Hawke got the gist. It seemed both her mates had entered their heats at the same time, as often happened when omegas lived together. Although Hawke couldn’t fully recall the lead-up to this pleasant turn of events, she was more than happy to help. It was her job, as well as her delight.

“Tell me what you need, love.” She nipped Merrill’s inner thigh, not hard enough to leave a bruise, but enough to make sure Merrill felt it. “I’ll do anything.”

Merrill grasped Hawke’s hair tighter, rocking her hips to make her meaning clear. Hawke registered a dim sort of surprise — Merrill normally wasn’t so forceful while seeking pleasure, and in fact preferred to submit — but she’d barely resumed licking before Isabela made a noise of triumph. A warm hand eased Hawke’s shaft from her smallclothes, followed in short order by even hotter lips.

All Hawke could do was moan. She completely forgot what her tongue was supposed to be doing, although she was still quite pleased to have it between Merrill’s legs, because Isabela — that sneak — had started sucking her head and pumping her shaft. It wasn’t a tease anymore, and Hawke wrapped her fingers around Merrill’s thighs, in desperate need of something to grip.

“Fuck,” Isabela panted. “Sorry, kitten, m’going first. Need this in me.”

Merrill made an adorable noise of distress, but she locked her knees tighter around Hawke’s head, seemingly unwilling to give up her position anyway. Hawke tried her best to regain some focus. She couldn’t easily make out what Isabela was doing while Merrill rode her face, but she managed to latch onto Merrill’s clit before she got too distracted. The stiff bud twitched against her tongue, and Hawke sucked eagerly, only easing up to gather some of the wetness running over her chin as well.

Merrill arched. Her lithe, tattooed body curved like an archer’s bow, but Hawke only got to enjoy the stunning sight for a few moments before slick, gripping heat swallowed the tip of her cock again. Only it wasn’t Isabela’s mouth this time. Hawke shuddered, her eyes rolling back in her head. It seemed Isabela had run out of patience.

“Easy,” she rasped, detaching from Merrill long enough to offer Isabela a warning. “I won’t last long if you — oh fuck.” She completely forgot what she was going to say as Isabela squeezed her, rippling in the most delicious way. Her mate’s inner walls were hot and tight and perfect, and they slid around her like silk.

“Not fair,” Merrill said, but she didn’t sound the least bit angry. In fact, the note of longing in her voice was more of a mewl than anything. “Why do you get her cock first?”

“Because I just fucked you into the bed for an hour waiting for this idiot to get home,” Isabela grunted, setting a selfish and somewhat blistering pace. Hawke panted, torn between trying to catch her breath and continuing to please Merrill. “I need filling too, you know.”


There was only one way to forestall an argument. Hawke redoubled her efforts, putting her tongue to the best possible use. It was especially hard to concentrate while Isabela rode her, bringing their pelvises together at the apex of every thrust, but she did her best. Fortunately, Merrill seemed to appreciate her unfocused, albeit enthusiastic attempts. She squealed, and Hawke soon lost herself in the heat and scents and sounds of the women above her. Both women. Her mates.

Isabela came first, which wasn’t much of a surprise. She’d obviously meant what she’d said about needing to be filled, because after only a minute or two, she locked her thighs around Hawke’s hips and cried out, both palms hitting the mattress as she tried to maintain her balance. Hawke braced herself as well, but there was barely time to prepare before the contractions started. While the rest of Isabela’s body melted, her inner walls went wild, pulsing heavily up and down Hawke’s length.

“Fuck. Oh fucking shit that’s good…”

Hawke didn’t realize she’d been neglecting Merrill until the frustrated whimpers resumed, interspersed by more of Isabela’s choice swears.

“Sathan, ma’ lath…”

“Andraste’s tits, I needed that.”

“Ar nuis...”

“Well, fuck. I think I still need it. Going again.”

“Ver em…”

Clumsily, Hawke managed to work one of her hands between Merrill’s legs. She slid in with two fingers, then three, delighting in how easily they moved. Merrill was incredibly tight, but also dripping wet and more than ready to be filled.


Hawke’s hips snapped as she realized Isabela had resumed riding her, with barely a moment’s break. Her cries blended with Merrill’s, and Hawke found herself dizzy and overwhelmed. Pressure throbbed at the base of her shaft, expanding rapidly outwards as her knot began to form. She didn’t know how long she could withstand such wonderful torment, but she doubted she’d last. It simply wasn’t fair, the two of them ganging up on her, even if they were in heat.

“Gonna come,” she told them, crooking her fingers the way Merrill loved best. That earned her a delighted sigh, and Isabela slowed down the tiniest bit. Trying to stretch out her turn, obviously.

“Don’t tie her, Hawke,” Merrill begged. “Not ‘til you’ve had me at least once, too…”

“Oh, fine,” Isabela huffed. “But only because I can’t stand it when you look at me with those sad eyes.” She sped up again, although she only allowed herself to grind atop Hawke’s knot instead of taking it inside. Still, that was more than enough, and Hawke cried out as Isabela clenched around her.

The rush of pleasure was as powerful as it was sudden. Hawke gave a full-body jerk as she came, lifting her hips off the bed and driving as deep inside Isabela as she could without actually tying her. Isabela gave a hitched sob, and then the shudders started, milking the upper half of Hawke’s length for absolutely everything she had.

Hawke snapped her teeth, barely realizing she’d buried them in Merrill’s thigh. She growled around her hold, pulling down on Merrill’s hip with her free hand since Isabela was out of her reach. Everything but her own pleasure faded into the background as she surrendered to the need to take and claim and fill.

Bringing Merrill over the edge with them wasn’t part of the plan, but it certainly was a bonus. Hawke spilled faster inside Isabela when she felt Merrill tighten around her fingers, and she finally released Merrill’s thigh, latching back onto her clit and circling it rapidly with the tip of her tongue. Wetness bathed Hawke’s chin as well as her knot and lower belly, and if her mouth hadn’t been busy, she would have sighed in relief.

Now that I’ve made them both come at least once, maybe I can get my bearings.

But neither of Hawke’s mates seemed inclined to give her a rest. Isabela dismounted, making the mattress move as she changed positions, and lay on her back, spreading her thighs in wordless invitation.

“I thought it was my turn?” Merrill asked, with a truly adorable pout. So adorable, in fact, that it stopped Hawke’s knot from receding and her shaft from softening against her thigh. She’d never been able to resist that sweet, innocent look.

“It is,” Isabela said, “but I’m not tapping out, either. Put that pretty mouth of yours to use while Hawke fucks you instead of giving me the quivering lip and big doe eyes.”

Merrill blushed, and Hawke’s face flared with heat as well, especially when she realized what, exactly, Merrill would taste between Isabela’s legs. Even without the tie to encourage her, she’d come a considerable amount. She propped herself up, and felt a stab of desire deep in her belly as she looked at Isabela’s pussy, pink and puffy and obviously well-fucked, dripping with their mingled release.

It seemed Merrill wanted an even closer view, because she dove between Isabela’s legs like a wolf pouncing on its prey. Isabela laughed, but allowed Merrill to duck beneath her knees, and the sound quickly became a moan instead.

Hawke kicked off her rumpled breeches and smallclothes, tossing them unceremoniously onto the floor before shifting onto her own knees. She cupped Merrill’s rear in both hands, spreading the omega’s cheeks for a good look. Merrill’s lips were thinner than Isabela’s, without the lovely dark brown on the edges, but equally as beautiful. She even had a cute little freckle near the bend of her thigh.

“Relax,” Hawke whispered, although Merrill hardly seemed to need reassurance. Her thighs were coated in slickness, and she lifted her backside higher, presenting herself so prettily and obediently that Hawke was almost stunned. She shook herself and grasped her cock, which didn’t seem to remember that she’d come only a short while ago.

She didn’t waste any more time sinking inside of Merrill. It was a tight fit, but there was barely any resistance, and Merrill immediately rocked back in search of more, only stopping at the top of her knot. Hawke dug her fingers into Merrill’s ass, squeezing greedily. Might be my job to satisfy my mates, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself, too.

“Oh, she likes that,” Isabela informed her, locking eyes with Hawke over Merrill’s head. She lifted an eyebrow, the one with the ring through it, and smirked. “She pushed her whole tongue in me when you grabbed her.”

“Did she now?” Hawke drew one hand back, delivering a playful slap to Merrill’s right cheek. Merrill flinched, flanks quivering, but the liquid moan she made between Isabela’s legs was undeniably one of approval. She loosened further, and Hawke gave a testing push, watching in awe as the top of her knot sank inside.

Isabela quickly joined in the game. “You like that, don’t you? Naughty little slut.” She tousled Merrill’s hair, tugging it in a way Hawke sensed was mostly for show. The sight still encouraged her to start a rhythm, and she began moving, working a little more of herself in each time, savoring the way Merrill shivered around and beneath her.


“You don’t need to tell us,” Isabela said, her voice dropping half an octave. Omega though she was, there was power in it, and the hair on the back of Hawke’s neck prickled. “We already know exactly what you need. What you deserve.”

Hawke listened with half an ear. She very much appreciated that Isabela was taking care of the dirty talk for her, because she could scarcely concentrate enough to remember her own name. All she could do was follow her instincts as both omegas’ scents ensnared her again, pulling her toward another inevitable peak. She rubbed desperately against Merrill’s entrance, barely stifling a groan.

“I think she’s ready,” Isabela purred, running her tongue over her pierced lower lip. “Are you going to knot her, Hawke?”

Hawke hesitated. She wanted to. Maker, she wanted nothing more in this moment, but she didn’t want to make Isabela wait. She would undoubtedly want to go in for round two once Merrill came.

“It’s all right. I can wait… as long as you knot me right after.”

Knot… them… both of them…

Even though Hawke had done so many times before, and quite regularly, the thought was still overpowering. She grasped Merrill’s hips and pushed all the way inside, grunting as their bodies locked together. Merrill yelped, instantly tightening around her, and Hawke barely managed to keep from coming. Being all the way inside was almost too much to bear.

Moving only made it better— or worse. Hawke couldn’t quite tell. She drove forward with shallow thrusts, the only kind she could make while tied, speeding up each time Merrill made another sweet noise. The pressure along her length worsened whenever she caught Isabela’s eye. Not fair , Hawke thought for what had to be the hundredth time. I don’t stand a chance against the both of them.

But Isabela sensed her need, or perhaps Merrill’s, and took pity. “Do you want Hawke to fill you, kitten? To flood that tight little pussy of yours with come until you can’t hold any more?”

Merrill broke away from licking Isabela and shot a searing glance over her shoulder, a look that struck Hawke straight to the core.


Regardless of whether Isabela granted Merrill permission or not, Hawke couldn’t help herself. She grunted and slammed forward, bending over Merrill’s back as she spilled for a second time. Merrill gave a delighted cry and rippled around her, coaxing her to empty all she had with sharp, needy pulses.

“Such a good girl,” Isabela cooed, and somewhere amidst the blur of her orgasm, Hawke caught sight of her caressing Merrill’s face. “Be still and let her breed you.”

That caused Hawke to release several more spurts. While their… particular lines of work in Kirkwall didn’t really lend themselves toward a future with children, the thought of it, the fantasy… from Merrill, or Isabela, or even both…

She came until she was utterly spent, panting into the back of Merrill’s neck, her knot twitching weakly within the warm grip of her mate’s walls.

“Hawke?” Isabela said. “Scoot forward a bit. I think you’re pulling her.”

Dazedly, Hawke realized she’d been trying to withdraw too far for more leverage. Her knot tugged at the tender inner lips of Merrill’s pussy, still sealed tight around her. She eased her thrusts, making sure to rock against Merrill’s inner walls instead, where there was no chance it would pinch. Merrill sighed in relief, clearly satisfied at last.

“Don’t get caught up fucking her again,” Isabela said, and Hawke realized the other omega had come to kneel beside her, leaving Merrill slumped face first on the mattress in a post-orgasmic daze. “Once you can pull out, I need your knot as well.”

Hawke leaned over, tilting her head and offering Isabela her lips. Isabela took them in a deep kiss, and Hawke tried to convey without words all the adoration she felt, and how sweet it had been of Isabela to let Merrill go first. “I promise, love, I’ll give you my best just as soon as this greedy little thing lets me go.”

“Not greedy,” Merrill protested. “It hurts to be empty during a heat . You can’t blame me.”

“I know, kitten,” Isabela said, trailing a hand down Merrill’s back. “But Hawke will take care of us, and we’ll take care of each other. This is going to be a grand weekend.”

Hawke’s stomach tensed as Isabela’s fingertips jumped ship, tracing her abdominals instead and wandering down to feel where she was joined with Merrill. A grand weekend indeed… assuming I manage to survive it.