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You are the unforecasted storm

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It was a rather chill summer’s night. It had rained earlier that evening, the roads were still wet, reflecting the neon lights of nearby buildings. A man in a light gray suit was walking in the streets of Kamurocho, as his phone suddenly beeped. A text message.

“Oi, Kiryu-chan! Wanna meet up at Shine?”

It was Majima. Kiryu wondered, how did Majima end up getting his number, as he was pretty sure he had never given it to his friend, or enemy, not sure which one Majima was to Kiryu. Maybe bit of both? Kiryu knew Majima meant well by beating him up time after time, but there were times it felt more annoying than rewarding.

Perhaps it was the sheer curiosity or just the boredom, that made Kiryu head for the hostess club he was just asked to visit. He had just been out for some midnight snack over at Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street, which wasn’t, luckily, too far from the Shine at Pink Street, only two blocks away. His luck quickly turned though after the first block, as some drunken delinquents tried to put up a fight at the corner of Poppo Store after being told to leave after a failed attempt at grab ‘n’ go beers.

“Mister, could you help us a bit?” hollered young cashier guy, clearly waving his hand at Kiryu’s direction. He looked like your typical just-graduated teenage boy, barely any muscle to his arms and posture like a wet noodle. Ex yakuza felt like it was his duty to help cashier out, as there was really no one else nearby.

“Yeah, let me help out to take this trash outside” he said, giving a mocking look at the three hooligans at the word “thrash”. They all had a strong smell of whiskey emitting from them, telling Kiryu this would probably be over in a blink of an eye. He grabbed two of the nearest guys heads from the back and smashed their foreheads together with attack strong enough to leave a nasty bruises and make tomorrow’s hangover even worse. The last man, who had a few six packs of beer with him went down with a sharp kick on the shin. Cashier quickly caught the falling beers before they hit the asphalt.

“Nice catch”, Kiryu commented kind of surprised on those quick reflexes.

“Nice moves mister! Thanks a ton! Heh, what I lack in power, I replace with quick reactions. And my parents said arcade games are a waste of time…” young man said, mumbling the last sentence to himself. Kiryu was astonished how easily it all went. He was still rusty after those ten years in jail, but maybe the few sparring sessions with Majima had already started to wake the fiery dragon trapped inside him. Which reminded him about the meeting that was supposed to take place.

Kiryu wished good night’s to the cashier and continued his walk to Shine, hoping for no more interruptions. He was curious what Majima was up to. Usually he just sort of appeared out of nowhere with twisted smile, knife in his hand and full of fighting spirits. Was hostess club really an ideal spot for a fight? No way Majima would be that mad, even though it was obvious he had more than a few screws loose in his head.

There was a few people in front of Shine, arguing with the bouncer, who had a look on his face that indicated he’s clearly not getting paid enough for this. As he was looking away, trying to hide his frustration, he noticed Kiryu.

“Ah, you must be Kiryu-san, we’ve been expecting you, go right in”, bouncer said, pointing Kiryu to the door. He seemed relieved to have gotten a break out of that argument earlier.

It was dimly lit, stylish black and red interiors. Most of the tables seemed full, after all it was one of the most popular clubs of the Kamurocho. Upbeat lounge music was loud enough to be heard but not too distracting to keep you from hearing what your hostess had to say. Talking about the girls, they were pretty and talented, or that’s what Kiryu had heard anyway. He hadn’t really visited clubs like this before, so it was an experience on it’s own, no matter what Majima had planned for them. Wonder if he had requested girls for them, and if so, what kind of girls they would be?

“Welcome to Shine. Let me guide you to your table, Kiryu-san. Don’t worry about the bill, it’s already taken care of”, steward said with wide customer service smile on his face. He escorted Kiryu through the lobby. All the tables were taken, expect for the one in the very back of the room. It was in the shadows of the corner where light could barely reach. Table was equipped with the usual; champagne bucket filled with ice, set of two glasses, ashtray and a towel. Corner couch was made from bright red leather, matching the interiors. On the couch there sat a hostess, which after a second look really wasn’t the prettiest girl in the club. In fact, it was not a girl at all, but Majima in a drag.

“W-W-What?” Kiryu asked in disbelief, facepalming due to the sudden shock. If he would’ve looked at Majima, he would’ve seen his so-called date was a little bit hurt by this. However, Majima quickly gathered himself and did his signature twisted smile.

“Kiryu-chan! I almost thought you’d left me hangin’ here” he said, making a somewhat exaggerated pout, crossing his arms over his chest.

“S-Sorry about that, I got caught up in a fight”, Kiryu replied. He realized he might have been a bit harsh on Majima, so he decided to do his best to not to be a jerk, and sat down on the couch. He gave another look at Majima, even though it felt weird. He had put his hair, which was probably a wig, up in a sort of messy bun, keeping it together with a pink bow. His lips were pink and the one visible eye lined with kohl pen and framed with mascara. That could’ve fooled someone drunk enough, but the fact that he hadn’t shaved his beard, made it obvious he was a man named. To top it all of, he had a pink bodycon dress with zipper in the middle and belt on the waist, made from pink snakeskin leather of course, that revealed his tattooed chest, shoulders and somewhat muscular arms.

“Ya like my dress, Kiryu-chan? I had it made just fer ya”, Majima said with flirty tone. Kiryu was astonished by this effort, and turned his head down to look at his own shoes. Or he would have, but Majima’s legs distracted him. First of all, no matter how feminine he tried to look, he still sat like a man. Secondly, he had fishnets stockings on, which looked, nicely put, odd on legs as toned as his. Not in a bad way necessarily, just something you don’t see every day.

“Ahem, my eyes are up here”, Majima joked. Kiryu blushed and immediately raised his head and looked at Majima’s face. He couldn’t come up with a clever comeback, so he motioned his hand at the steward. Drink or two would really calm him down, he thought. Steward came right away, handing them a menu.

“We’ll take the rosé champagne”, Majima ordered without bothering to take a look at the menu and returning it to the steward, who then left, heading to the kitchen. There was an awkward silence between the two men now that they were waiting for their drink.

“So, Majima-san, what did you have in mind, asking me to meet you here?” Kiryu wondered aloud, half to himself, to lighten the mood a little. Majima leaned closer to Kiryu. Uncomfortably close.

“Shh, it’s Goromi for tonight”, he whispered. His breath had a scent of whiskey, and his neck smelled like fancy perfume with just a hint of vanilla.

Majima quickly pulled himself back, as he heard approaching footsteps. It was the steward, carrying a pink champagne bottle.

“Here you go, have a pleasant evening and call the staff if you need something”, he said while placing the bottle on the cooler bucket. Before he had time to turn his back, Majima already reached for the bottle, opening it like a professional. What made it even more amazing, was that he was able to pull the cork off so smoothly with those long fake nails he had on his fingers. He filled the two glasses on the table, offering other to Kiryu.

“Guess this isn’t your first time uncorking champagne?” Kiryu asked, taking his first sip. The taste was crisp and sweet, very bubbly, with hint of raspberry.

“Ya ain’t gonna believe it, but I used to run a cabaret almost two decades ago” Majima replied, flashing almost a smug smile. “But I’ve never tried bein’ a hostess before”, he added.

“Wouldn’t okama bar suit those needs better than your regular cabaret club?” Kiryu asked, half joking. There was no way Majima could’ve thought he’d actually fool anyone, right?

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, you’re bein’ awfully rude tonight. I hoped to party with ya, but seems I might have to drag ya to the back alley to beat some manners into that thick skull of yours”, Majima sighed, taking a big sip from his drink.

“Sorry Maji… I mean Goromi”, Kiryu apologized. He felt ashamed and rubbed behind of his neck, looking down. “I appreciate the effort. I’m just really surprised, that’s all.”

“Ya better behave, ya naughty boy!” Majima taunted, raising his voice few notes higher than usual to sound more feminine. Kiryu was happy he was forgiven yet again, swearing to himself he’d do his best to stay nice. Majima had gone through a lot for this, probably, so better try to play along for now at least. Also, it would’ve been awkward for the rest of the clients. If all else were to fail, at least they could still solve this by beating each others up in the end, like every other time before.

“Well, at least ya got my name right this time”, Majima cheered, clapping his hands a few times. “So, let’s get this hostess thing back on. How you’ve been, big boy?” he asked, leaning closer to Kiryu, not as close as earlier though. Kiryu chuckled a bit for Majima’s eagerness.

“I went out for a karaoke with my brother earlier today, I got a new record on my favorite song”, he answered, without coming up with a better story to tell. Majima nodded his head.

“I didn’t know ya sing karaoke. You’ve got a nice, deep voice, it’d be a shame if ya didn’t. Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll come with ya some day”, he replied, looking visibly interested. Karaoke with Majima, that’d be a real sight to see, Kiryu thought. Majima served them another round of drinks. Music covered the sound of champagne glugging as it was poured.

“I’ll make sure to invite you then. When are you free?”, Kiryu answered, smiling slightly.

“Ara ara, aren’t ya eager, Kiryu-chan? Let’s finish this date before thinkin’ about the next one”, Majima responded, trying to pull of a girly giggle. Kiryu chuckled at Majima’s overly feminine act.

“You’re right, I’m getting ahead of things. Maybe it’s the drinks that got me like this, or that I’m still trying to figure you out, what’s your motivation behind all this”, Kiryu said after thinking a while.

“Wanted to find out if you’re the man I’ve been lookin’ for. I need someone strong, with stamina to keep me satisfied”, Majima answered, giving Kiryu a meaningful look. Kiryu almost choked on his champagne.

“What’s with the innuendos?” he asked after a few coughs. “You’re getting really into your role, aren’t you, Majima-san?”

Majima stood up. As long as he already was, the high heels he wore added few more inches to his height. He leaned forward, and gave Kiryu a light slap on the cheek. It wasn’t that painful, but stung a little anyway. “It’s Goromi, baka”, he insisted.

“Y’know, I didn’t wanna start a fight here with ya tonight Kiryu-chan, but your skull’s thicker than I thought”, he continued as he sat back down. Kiryu rubbed his cheek, looking down to the tip of his shoes. He seemed so pitiful it made Majima think of a beaten down puppy.

“Listen, I’m really sorry… Goromi”, Kiryu sighed apologetically, giving Majima an eye contact with a slight smile when saying his name. Majima felt a strange wave of feels inside him as he saw Kiryu’s puppy eyes and remorse. He grabbed man’s hand and moved it away, kissing his cheek softly.

“Hope I didn’t hurt ya too much, unless you’re into that of course. That’d sure explain a thing or two, like why ya always allow me to beat ya up”, Majima said with a cocky smile on his face. He had gotten some kind of twisted satisfaction, seeing Kiryu get so flustered. It took a good five seconds or so for the man in gray suit to gather himself to come up with an answer.

“I’ve been gone for ten years, what did you expect? Isn’t that why you always seek me out, to help me rise to your level and above, eventually?” Kiryu replied, emptying his glass, deciding to let Majima’s yet another innuendo to pass this time. Majima poured them yet another rounds, emptying the pink bottle. He then waved his hand to get the steward’s attention.

“I got the pink one to match my dress, let’s go for white champagne this time to match that suit of yours, Kiryu-chan”, he said to the steward, who then left.

“I’ve missed ya, Kiryu-chan. Things have been borin’ without ya here. Can’t wait to see ya top me one day”, Majima continued. He leaned closer to Kiryu, and put his hand on man’s chest. He made few circles with his index finger around his collar bone.

“Didn’t take you for a lightweight drinker. Are you sure you haven’t drank enough already?” Kiryu asked, brows furrowed in judgmental look, though he didn’t really try to stop Majima’s hand. It’s not that it had bothered him that much, it was just very, very odd.

“Ya gonna assume I’m drunk just ‘cause I can appreciate a good-lookin’ guy when I see one?” Majima asked, making his overly feminine voice again. He acted out as to stretch his other hand, and then proceeded to slip it around Kiryu’s shoulder.

“I’m gonna be bold here now. Are you hitting on me?” Kiryu wondered. Majima leaned on even closer, moving up his hand to softly stroke Kiryu’s beard.

“Ya think I’d give a shit about ya if we can’t throw a few good punches every now and then?” he replied, giving a flirty smile.

“That’s not what I meant…” Kiryu sighed. He knew damn well Majima was doing this on purpose. Why, Kiryu kept thinking.

“What did ya mean then? Don’t keep me in suspense, you tease”, Majima demanded. He had moved upwards from Kiryu’s beard and was now stroking his lower lip. Majima’s fingers smelled like cigarette. His face was so close now, only few inches between the tips of their noses. Why was Kiryu being the one who got called as a tease?

“I….”Kiryu couldn’t find any words to say. His mouth was dry as a desert, even though he had been drinking for the last hour or so. He felt Majima’s breath on his face. There was barely an inch between their lips now.

All of a sudden, Majima pulled back, as he saw from the corner of his eye the steward approaching their table, metal bucket with white bottle in it. He refilled the ice and replaced the empty bottle with a new, full one.

“You need anything else? We’ll be closing in the kitchen in the next 15 minutes”, informed the steward. Majima probably answered something, but Kiryu didn’t pay attention at that moment. He was left so hot and bothered and most of all, thirsty, after what just happened. Why was he feeling like this? He quickly downed his glass Majima had just moments ago poured for him. The sip was bigger than he had estimated, and he spilled a few drops from the corner of his mouth.

As suddenly as Majima had backed off just a while ago from the sight of the steward, he was now there again, few inches away from his partner’s face. He had kept his hand behind Kiryu’s back all this time, and now Majima shoved his hand into Kiryu’s flowy hair, grabbing it gently but firmly to get a good hold of his head. He then leaned in close, closer than before, and licked the corner of Kiryu’s mouth teasingly slow. His tongue was warm and wet. Kiryu was confused.

“Don’t ya dare to spill it, I’m the one payin’ this after all”, Majima whispered after the latest tease. Instead of withdrawing, he rested his head against Kiryu’s chest, who knew he was doomed, his heart was beating so hard it was almost painful. “Is there a disco hidden under all those sexy muscles, Kiryu-chan? The beat’s insane.”

“You got me kinda restless, Goromi. Maybe we ought to head to somewhere else?”, Kiryu said hastily, not really knowing what he meant by that. Majima giggled as he stood up and turned his back on Kiryu.

“Nah, we ain’t in hurry yet. I can dance for ya if that’s what ya want”, he answered seductively. He slowly rocked his hips from side to side, slowly approaching Kiryu’s crotch. When he was about five inches away from the initial contact, he backed off a bit and sat on Kiryu’s left leg, giving it a few gentle grinds, turning his head and eyeing Kiryu and his confused reaction from the corner of his eye, clearly enjoying how he messed with Kiryu’s brain. He felt Kiryu getting shivers behind his back, giving him an extra confidence boost to come back to work on his crotch. At first he barely let his butt touch the pleats of other’s trousers, and even this got Kiryu breathing heavier than before. Majima still only gave a few gentle grinds on other’s lap, to keep the suspense going.

He now turned to face Kiryu, and slowly lowered himself to sit on his partner’s lap. Majima leaned closer, breathing heavily to smell Kiryu’s aroma. The man in red shirt gave out a deep sigh, as Majima’s lips made contact with the neck for the first time. Sighs only deepened, as kisses turned into gentle sucks and bites. Majima kept rocking his hips back and forth with gradually increasing tempo and pressure.

“I suspected you’d come fightin’ me armed”, Majima murmured as he noticed Kiryu’s bulge. He let out an awkward chuckle, while reaching his hands to grab Majima’s hips to guide them for even better experience.

“I see it’s your first time here, y’know ya ain’t allowed to touch the girls”, Majima sneered, slapping Kiryu lightly on the wrist.

“Hey, hold up, you’re the one who’s been groping me all night here!” Kiryu insisted. He only received a smug smile from Majima, who was now getting up.

“Ya wanna head out? I know a place nearby I bet you’d like”, he suggested, emptying his glass, leaving lipstick smears on the rim. Looking at the glass, Kiryu realized his neck would look like a mess, as Majima got quite passionate just few minutes ago.

“That depends. Are you still gonna beat me?” Kiryu asked, getting up from the red leather couch without waiting for an answer. Maybe all he really needed was a good smack in the head to clear his thoughts, which were now wandering on dangerous waters, although he didn’t want to admit it to himself just yet.

“Beat you? I guess I could, at least a part of ya…” Majima replied, eyeing Kiryu from head to toe, staying awfully long at around the lower mid section. Kiryu was pulling his shirt to get some cool air under it, because he was suddenly feeling uncomfortably hot. That was one of those things you can’t say tomorrow day, after you’ve sobered up and regained all of your social inhibitions. Or, maybe Majima could, but not anyone else.


They headed outside, where it was a lot cooler, looking for the nearest taxi to pick them up and to take them few streets away. Kiryu didn’t yet have any idea, what Majima had planned for them for the rest of the evening, but after the initial shock, all had turned up to be quite the experience, if nothing else.

“Ya got any smokes? I couldn’t bring my own ‘cause this damn dress doesn’t have any pockets”, Majima asked, as they were standing at the taxi pole. Kiryu pulled a pack from his pocket and took two cigarettes out, lighting his own and then giving both the lighter and the other cigarette to his date.

“Aren’t you cold?” Kiryu asked, after looking at Majima, who only had his short, tight dress and fishnet stockings, who after a closer look seemed to be shivering a little.

“Ya could always warm me up”, he replied, leaning towards Kiryu, who then started to strip his jacket. Majima looked opposed. “Ya think I’d wear something so boring? I meant somethin’ a bit more physical…”

“Aren’t you a tsundere?” Kiryu joked. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of public displays of affection, especially with Majima. It’d just make things weird, not just for the two of them, but for everyone around. He didn’t have too much time to worry about that, as taxi stopped in front of them just when they had finished their cigarettes.

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked as soon as both of the men had sat down on the backseat.

“Hotel White, ya know where it is?” Majima requested. Driver nodded, put the first gear on and hit the gas. Driver hummed along the radio, which was playing some easy-listening pop music.

“Did you rent us a hotel room? What exactly are you planning, Goromi?” Kiryu asked, even though he at this point knew damn well what was about to happen. He should’ve been worried, probably, but the lap dance at the club made his blood drop from head to somewhere else, therefore the lack of clear thoughts. Even more so, when his date got all handsy again, kissing Kiryu’s neck and placing his hand on Kiryu’s thigh and gradually moving it upwards.

“I don’t mean to intervene, but you should drink less if you’re seriously considering on banging that. It’s obviously a man”, said the taxi driver. Majima, who sat behind him, kicked the seat, while still keeping rest of his focus on making Kiryu as uneasy as possible.

“You’re right, all we asked is that you drive us to that hotel”, Kiryu defended. H knew he had been rude earlier, and he didn’t really like mean people, so he guessed that was some sort of an apology. Majima was so honored by this act of bravery he moved his hand right up to Kiryu’s pleasure zone.

“I’ll treat ya so damn well once we get to the hotel”, he whispered into Kiryu’s ear. After that he proceeded to give his earlobe a few sucks and kisses.


Ride from Pink Street to Hotel District didn’t take too many minutes, and after the disciplinary actions performed by both men, the taxi driver kept quiet and even gave them a discount to make sure they wouldn’t start a boycott or hire some thugs after him or the company. Taxi dropped them in front of a big hotel, which was made of light gray painted rock and white bricks, hence the name “Hotel White”. It looked very basic, nothing too fancy. There was some shrubbery planted on planters build into the walls, and a modest sign revealing hotel’s name, prices and hours of operating.

“Welcome to Hotel White”, greeted the receptionist as the two men entered the lobby. It was rather spacious, plenty of white and light gray decorations, including sofas, rugs and curtains, as well as bar counter with few stools and a barkeeper behind. It stood between the two staircases leading to upstairs to suites.

“I made a reservation under the name Goromi”, Majima said to the receptionist, who looked awkwardly at the man. His lipstick had smeared quite a lot, and Kiryu behind him had a messy hair and neck marked by other man’s lipstick and love bites. Receptionist gave a slight, forced smile, as she wrote something on the computer behind the counter and after checking the reservation she handed a set of keys to Majima. “Your suite is in the third floor, go to the hallway on the right, it should be around the halfway. There’s a phone in your suite, feel free to call if you need something.”

Majima left the receptionist’s counter and looked around the lobby for a sign of elevator.

“There it is”, he said, pointing at a wall with metal doors that were framed by yucca brevifolias.

“My feet are killin’ me”, he muttered as he was heading towards the elevator, only to find out that it was closed due to maintenance. He let out a disappointed groan.

Kiryu, already been teased twice, was getting impatient. His heart was racing and thoughts kept circulating on acts that happens on bedroom, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Majima, placing one arm under his knees and other around his waist. Majima wrapped his arms around Kiryu’s shoulders.

“Oh, Kiryu-chan, you’re so strong… Can’t wait to see ya unleash all your power on me”, he murmured by Kiryu’s ear, breathing heavily. Kiryu got a boost of adrenaline and testosterone from this and rushed through the two sets of stairs, then turned right to the hallway as was instructed. Majima handed Kiryu the key, and he opened the door with a bit of struggle, as he still got his hands full. The door opened after few tries.

Kiryu carried Majima inside, and slammed the door shut right behind them. He pinned Majima against the door and went straight in for a passionate kiss, tasting the cigarettes and alcohol they had consumed. He had place both of his hands on Majima’s butt, lifting him up against the door. Majima had wrapped his legs around Kiryu’s hips, and his hands were softly pulling Kiryu’s black hair. They were so hungry for each others, teeth collided as they kissed and hips bumped together. If someone would’ve told Kiryu that morning, that by the evening he’d me making out with Majima, he would’ve laughed, but right now it felt the most natural thing to do.

“Let me blow ya, Kiryu-chan”, Majima sighed in a middle of the kiss. Kiryu lowered Majima back on his feet and took a few steps back. Majima walked towards Kiryu and pushed him to sit on the edge of the king-sized bed. Majima then sat on his lap and started opening Kiryu’s red shirt, giving few kisses first on his chest and then on his abs as the buttons opened from top to bottom. As the last button was opened, Majima took off the shirt and threw it somewhere on the soft carpet floor.

“Please… I’ve waited this for so long” Kiryu said yearning, as Majima placed his hand on other man’s belt. He smiled gently and opened the belt, deciding he had done enough bullying for one day. He grabbed Kiryu’s trousers and boxers by the waistline and pulled them off, throwing them on the floor to accompany the red shirt. Kiryu was now naked, sitting the edge of the bed. Majima was checking him out, licking his lips with lustful look in his eye. He lowered himself and sat on the floor, between Kiryu’s thighs, reaching out his hand to grab the base of Kiryu’s dick. He gave it a few gentle licks. Kiryu looked down and saw Majima grinning and looking back at him. Majima seemed really to be enjoying himself. Then he proceeded to take the tip into his mouth, slowly rolling his tongue around Kiryu’s dick. Kiryu was panting, and placed his hand on Majima’s head, stroking his hair and softly pushing it. Majima allowed Kiryu deeper into his mouth, and started doing up and down strokes combined with slight twist with his hand. He used his left hand to softly caress Kiryu’s balls. Kiryu was trembling slightly, grasping sheets with his other hand.

“Hngh, Goromi… You feel so… so good. I… I’m gonna…” he panted. Majima withdrew his hands and gave Kiryu’s cock one last, very slow lick, from base to tip. After all the love Majima had given to Kiryu’s manhood, it was now all pink from his lipstick. He then got up from the floor and got on the bed, laying down on his back and making a sexy pose, complete with bedroom eyes and flirty smile.

“Kiryu-chan, I need you to fuck me up. I want to witness the Dragon of Dojima unleash his full powers on me”, he murmured seductively, making “come here” motion with his index finger. Kiryu climbed on top of Majima and bestrode on his lap, reaching to open the pink snakeskin dress.

“Ya have any idea how much I paid for this? I’m keeping this on for tonight”, Majima hissed. Kiryu withdrew his hands, focusing on Majima’s underwear then. At this point it didn’t even surprise him, to see Majima wearing black, laced thong. Kiryu pulled them off and dropped to the floor. He noticed Majima was hard.

“Oh wow”, Kiryu said quietly, mostly due to surprise. He hadn’t been with a man before, so this was all a bit weird for him, not in a bad way. In fact, it was exciting, right now he had trouble keeping his hands off from Majima, it’s just that he wasn’t sure what to do.

“What’s the matter?” Majima asked, after seeing Kiryu’s confused face. “Don’t tell me you’re virgin,” he teased, but swiftly got more serious as he saw Kiryu not laughing.

“Well, no… Kinda…” Kiryu muttered. Majima smiled, but it was genuine, not an evil smile.

“I’m already helpin’ ya to get your strength back, and now I also get to teach ya the art of pleasin’ a man? Oh boy, we’re gonna have a great time, Kiryu-chan!” he replied, still laying on his back and looking at Kiryu. He reached to get something from under the pillow. It was a small white tube.

“Here’s the lube. I got condom hidden somewhere on my body, have fun lookin’ for it. No hurry, I got this room booked till noon”, he continued, flashing a teasing smile. Kiryu leaned over Majima, giving him a kiss. As he slid his tongue in other’s mouth, he also ran his hair through Majima’s blonde wig to make sure he hadn’t hidden the said condom there. Kiryu felt Majima becoming restless under him, as his breathing got heavier and he rocked his hips. The condom wasn’t in the wig, so Kiryu backed off from the kiss.

“I’m gonna assume you didn’t put it under your wig? It’d be a shame to make a mess of your beautiful hairdo”, Kiryu asked, gently withdrawing his hand.

“Nah,” Majima replied, appreciated Kiryu’s considerateness, giving him a thumbs up to continue his search. Kiryu then placed his lips on Majima’s chest, kissing and occasionally giving a soft bite along the neckline of his dress. Majima seemed to like the bites, maybe that’s why he was so into doing it to Kiryu.

Now that they were in a more tranquil place, Kiryu noticed just how good the perfume Majima wore, smelled, even when it was mixed with cigarette smoke and sweat.

Despite Majima’s sighs and slightly tensed up body, Kiryu moved lower as he hadn’t yet found what he was looking for. He slid his fingers under the dress’s belt, still not finding the condom. Majima made a happy squeal, as Kiryu laid his hand on top of other man’s cock, massaging it through the dress’s fabric few times, before rising the hem to further continue his research. Of course Kiryu saw right away that the rubber wasn’t there, but it would’ve been just rude to stop there, and besides, he was feeling curious, so he leaned forward, hovering his face above Majima’s dick and placing his hands on other man’s hips. Here it goes, he thought to himself as he gave it few gentle licks along the shaft, just enough to tease him a bit to pay back all the things he had done during the evening. Majima whimpered, first from pleasure and then let out and disgruntled moan as Kiryu moved on almost immediately. Kiryu slid his hands down on Majima’s outer things, while giving kisses on inner parts of his toned legs. First Majima giggled a bit, but as Kiryu’s kisses continued, they turned into sighs of pleasure. As Kiryu’s hands got closer on the edges of those thigh high fishnets, unusually sharp edge caught Kiryu’s attention. It was a condom wrapper, he realized as he turned his head. He pulled it off from the elastic band of the sock and tore the wrapper open.

“You’re good”, Majima said, still with bit shaky voice, throwing the lubricant tube at Kiryu, who was now sliding the condom on his dick.

“Are you ready?” Kiryu asked, catching the just thrown tube. Majima nodded. Kiryu poured generous amount of lube on his index finger, placing his finger on Majima’s asshole, lubing it around with circular motion. Gradually Kiryu started to thrust his finger in, causing Majima to make moans first barely audible, but getting louder as Kiryu picked up the pace. As he was sliding in another finger, Majima had had enough.

“Fuck me, Kiryu-chan. Fuck me up already with that big cock of yours”, he begged, looking at Kiryu with primitive thirst in his eyes. Kiryu pulled his hand back and applied lubricant on his cock, using his other hand to get a better grab of Majima’s hips. Gently, very gently, Kiryu entered Majima, inch by inch. After he had gotten bit over halfway in, he started thrusting back and forth, always just a bit deeper after every thrust, still very carefully. Majima grasped the sheets, as he made a small moan. Kiryu silenced Majima’s moans, leaning over him and kissing his lips. Majima ran his pink fake nails on Kiryu’s back, making the top shiver.

“You feel amazing, Goromi”, Kiryu whispered. It was now Majima’s turn to get the shivers, he loved how Kiryu’s deep, sultry voice, filled with passion, sounded as he was rolling the r’s on that sentence. Majima dug his nails deeper into Kiryu’s tattooed back and raised his legs to wrap around Kiryu’s waist, allowing even deeper penetration. They both gasped from pleasure, as Kiryu thrust in all the way.

“Am I hurting you?” Kiryu asked, stopping with the thrusts for a moment. He wasn’t sure about Majima’s level of experience or pain tolerance, at least outside of battlefield. It was his first time having sex with Majima, so he really couldn’t tell, what different noises meant. He did sound pleased just now, but better safe than sorry, Kiryu thought to himself.

“Oh, no, in fact, ya feel pretty fuckin’ good”, Majima answered, burying his face against Kiryu’s neck, making sure he’d feel all the panting he caused on the bottom man. He slid his other hand on Kiryu’s thigh to guide him on finding just the right tempo. Kiryu leaned on his elbows for support, laying his head next to Majima’s to make sure to explore all those small moans and sighs he made. Soft mattress of the bed underneath them bounced in the rhythm of their increasingly heated pounding.

“Goromi… Oh fuck…”, Kiryu mumbled in between all the panting both pleasure and exhaust caused. Majima was demanding when it came to speed, Kiryu had not expected this, but now that he thought back about all the things Majima had told earlier this evening, he was looking for someone with stamina and strength. Just how long had he had these thoughts about Kiryu?

“Give it to me, Kiryu-chan, I’m so close”, Majima sighed against Kiryu’s neck, sounding at least half as exhausted as the other man.

Kiryu readjusted his positioning, raising Majima’s ankles on his own shoulders and wrapped his hands behind Majima’s neck. Majima sighed, both from surprise and pleasure as Kiryu leaned in to give him a sloppy kiss.

“You’re so pretty tonight”, Kiryu whispered to Majima, before starting with the pounding again. He wasn’t trying to be too delicate at this point, after noticing how hungry Majima was for getting dicked down for real. Majima grabbed his own cock and began to stroke it rather frantically, eye rolling back as he came closer and closer to his climax.

“Kiryu… Oh Kiryu-chan you’re so fuckin’ amazin’… I’m gonna… Kiryu… Ya gonna make me…”, he kept moaning, eyes now half-closed, eyebrows furrowed as he shot his load on his stomach and chest. As his body and muscles we’re spasming on the edge of the orgasm, Kiryu also reached his peak. He wasn’t as loud as Majima, only letting out few deep grunts. He stayed in until he had had his last spasm, then slowly pulled out.

Majima was still laying on the bed, grinning tiredly. Kiryu got up and headed to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. He was covered in pink, smeared lipstick marks from lips to hips. As hot as it had seemed at the heat of the moment, now it just felt such a hassle to wash it all off.

“What’s the rush, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, as Kiryu returned from the shower. He laid in bed looking like a mess. Rather happy mess. His make up was smeared, wig was half falling off, dress dirty from cum.

“Huh?” Kiryu said picking up his jacket for after-sex smokes. He sat on the bed, next to Majima, offering him one as well.

“Don’t ya know, if ya wanna make a girl real happy in bed, ya don’t just rush to shower after the deed’s done? No, ya gotta hold her close and tell how good she felt”, Majima explained, as he lit his cigarette. At first Kiryu thought Majima was joking, but then he thought of all the crazy stuff they had been through that evening, cuddling together would be quite normal compared to that.

“Guess you’re right”, he said as he laid next to Majima, who then put his head against Kiryu’s chest. He ran his fingers along the collarbone, marked with bruises. “I had a great time today. Certainly one-of-a-kind experience.” Kiryu continued, using his thumb to stroke Majima’s cheek.

“Who said we can’t do this again?” Majima asked. He grinned at Kiryu.

“I know next time will be different, you wouldn’t use the same trick twice”, Kiryu replied. Majima chuckled. Kiryu was right, he thought, starting to plan what to do next time, and when would that next time be. Would next week be too soon, or would Kiryu want to meet up even earlier? After pulling multiple strings to be able to act as a hostess for one night, hiring a tailor and a make up artist, would he really come up with something even more surprising? Well, of course he would, he was The Mad Dog after all, he thought to himself, as he slowly fell asleep on Kiryu’s chest, listening to his heartbeat.

- - -

Kiryu woke up to the bright morning. Those white curtains in front of the window really didn’t block out much of the light of a sunny morning. It took him a while to remember where he was, as it was obvious it was not his apartment. Memories came back to him, scenes from hostess club, Majima in a pink dress, making out in a taxi in spite of driver’s reaction, Majima’s eyes rolling back as he pounded Majima hard…

Where was Majima, anyway? Kiryu thought to himself, as he noticed he was the only one on the bed. Majima’s pillow was stained with make up and blanket had fallen to the floor. Kiryu sat up on the edge of the bed, taking his phone from the nightstand to look at the time. There was a piece of paper next to his phone.

Majima had left a note. It read:


Thanks for the great date last night. However, you violated me in my sleep, so I filed charges against ya. Can’t have someone as strong and charmin’ as ya going around, wooin’ girls and doin’ terrible things to them when they can’t resist. Sorry about it, trust me, it’s for your own good. See ya soon,


Majima <3″

“Oh boy, here we go…” Kiryu sighed.


Chapter Text

Kiryu was sitting at the Public Park 3, hiding from the heat of the sun. Tall buildings around the park made it a nice, shadowy place to have a little break at. Temperatures had risen dramatically from last week, making something as trivial as a trip to convenience store a very energy consuming task. Kiryu had made trip to Don Quijote to buy some new battery for his Pocket Circuit racer, as well as some coffee to wake him up properly. Last night had dragged on for early morning hours, as he had to help out Kazuki and Yuya over at Stardust, building and installing some new sofa sets. Sometimes, like this morning, Kiryu sort of regretted his role as Kamurocho’s jack-of-all-trades. He would’ve appreciated good night’s sleep, but his apartment was too warm to sleep comfortably anymore anyways. He might’ve taken a nap at the park, but it was too noisy, as there were few kids by the swings laughing, and birds doing their mating rituals by the tree. Those two birds made him think of Majima, for some odd reason. It had been now almost a week since their first night together. Kiryu still didn’t know what to think, what he should’ve been thinking. He had admitted to himself that he had had a great time, but it might’ve just been because he was drunk and lonely.

“S-S-Sorry mister, could you help us?” little girl asked out of nowhere, awaking Kiryu from his thoughts of Majima. Girl had a scraped knee. She seemed to be about Haruka’s age, ten or so. She had a boy standing few steps behind him, about the same age as the girl. Boy looked away as his eyes met with Kiryu’s

“What’s the matter?” Kiryu replied, still a bit confused by the situation. He hadn’t paid much attention on his surroundings as he let his thoughts roam wild, so this had all caught him by surprise.

“See that vending machine over there? I bought Lucky Soda but it got stuck and didn’t move even though we kicked the machine few times”, she said, which now explained the damage on the knee. The boy behind him nodded his head. Kiryu got up from bench, heading towards the yellow vending machine. There was indeed a soda can leaning towards the glass window, in such an angle it couldn’t fall down to the slot you were supposed to get it from.

“Hmm…” Kiryu mumbled, rubbing his bearded chin. He didn’t really have any ideas, other than mimic what the children had already done. Of course, being adult and all, he had more force, so it was worth the try. He gave the machine a slight push, but nothing happened. He tried again, with bit more force, still not good enough, as the can stayed stuck against the glass. Kiryu walked to the side of machine, giving it a kick from there, then another one.

“Vandalizin’ public property, ya know I might just have to arrest ya, Kiryu-chan”, said familiar voice behind Kiryu’s back. Kiryu turned around hastily, getting startled as he saw who it was. He recognized the voice as Majima’s, but he didn’t have his usual snakeskin jacket, bare chest and leather pants. No, instead he had a proper dark blue police uniform, with hat and badges to match.

“I’m sorry… officer?” Kiryu replied with rather questioning tone. The kids, who of course had probably never met Majima before, didn’t see anything odd in that situation.

“Mister police man, the soda can is stuck in the machine and he was just trying to help us. Please don’t hurt him”, little girl begged, looking worried. Of course she did, she didn’t know the relationship between the two men, thinking Majima was real police. Majima smiled at her, before walking to the machine and ordering another Lucky Soda, which, luckily enough, made the stuck one drop to the slot. He gave the two cans to the children, who now ran back to the swings to spy on the situation from further.

“Violence is not always the answer, y’know, sometimes you gotta use your brain”, Majima said with arrogant smile. Kiryu couldn’t help but to laugh, hearing those words from Majima was quite the stretch.

“Are ya resisting the arrest? Ya know I might have to punish ya hard for that” Majima continued, now standing only foot away from Kiryu.

“I’m in trouble again, aren’t I?” Kiryu said half-sarcastically, as Majima walked behind him. There was a sound of metal clinking and then something soft, almost like cat’s fur, touched Kiryu’s wrist. As he peeked behind his back, he saw Majima putting on handcuffs on him. They were otherwise normal handcuffs, but the parts that wrap around your wrists were covered in pink fur.

“I have a warrant for one Kiryu-chan. You’re under arrest and ya have the right to remain silent… But I bet I’ll make ya scream my name, once I get ya to the cell”, Majima said, as he began walking out of the park. Kiryu followed him, after recovering from his heart missing a few beats thanks to Majima’s boldness. Besides, it would’ve been hard to run away with your hands behind your back, and he didn’t have a key to break free. Cuffs seemed to be solid enough not to be broken down by just pulling them apart.

Now that Kiryu gave it another thought, he realized he kind of new what to think about his relationship with Majima. He didn’t really mind it. Sure, it was weird, but considering his life, he had been through so much, that having sex with your so-called stalker was pretty tame. Or at least as an idea. Majima sure did his best not to make it boring, Kiryu assumed, based on last week’s event and what seemed to be today’s setup.

“So, where’s this cell you mentioned?” Kiryu asked as they had walked for a minute or so. They had turned right.

“It’s just around the corner. Are ya that excited to get punished?” Majima answered, eyeing at Kiryu from behind his back. Majima had just headed towards the Nakamichi Alley.

“I don’t know if you didn’t notice, or you just don’t mind, but people have been looking at us suspiciously”, Kiryu replied, turning to the same street Majima did just few words ago. As he turned his back on previous street, older woman, maybe in her fifties or so, gave Kiryu a funny look. Not every day you see a man getting escorted by a police officer while wearing pink fluffy handcuffs.

“Should’ve thought about that before startin’ the ruckus”, Majima said, suddenly stopping in front of what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. “Here we are. Get in so I don’t have to get rough with ya just yet”, he said as he cranked the door open. He pushed Kiryu and followed.

The warehouse was dark, only light sources being single narrow window at the top of the wall, and small adjustable desk lamp at the table. Besides that, there weren’t much else in the terms of furniture, only two chairs around the table, multiple dust-covered crates at the corner of the room, lockers on another corner and some pipes going along the walls. The room wasn’t that big, around 200 square feet, so about a size of a bedroom.

Kiryu didn’t have much time to look around, as Majima pushed him to sit in one of the chairs next to the table. Majima sat on chair another side, placing his elbow on table and leaning his chin on his hand.

“So, ya know what your charges are, right?” he asked, pointing the table lamp at Kiryu’s face, just like they always do in an interrogation scenes in crime movies. Majima seemed to be really into this, following the cliches and trying to talk as professionally as he could.

“Kicking the vending machine and resisting the arrest, wasn’t it?” Kiryu replied, squinting his eyes as the light was so bright. Of course first tried to block the light with his hand, but they were behind his back so it was no use.

“You’re forgetting something, aren’t ya?” Majima said, lighting a cigarette. Now that Kiryu smelled it, he really wanted to smoke. Too bad his hands were tied, quite literally. Smoke made tempting twirls in front of the light.

“Few days ago I got this report from a charmin’ girl called Goromi, who told me ya had harassed her while she was sleepin’. Or are you sayin’ you’re denyin’ it?” Majima continued, blowing smoke on Kiryu’s face. It was different brand than he himself smoked, he could tell it from the smell.

“I honestly don’t remember that”, Kiryu said in his defense. He wondered, had he really done something inappropriate in his sleep, or was this just another one of Majima’s tricks. When Majima wanted, he could really keep a straight face.

“Are ya sayin’ you’ve forgotten about me, Kiryu-chan?!” Majima gasped, looking furious. Kiryu thought he saw just a hint of smile from his face, as he continued. “You need a reminder?”

“But the lady insisted she was Goromi and definitely not anyone called Majima”, Kiryu said before thinking it through. Only one he finished the sentence he realized what he had done. Oh shit, Kiryu thought to himself, as he saw Majima’s furiousness.

“You cocky bastard”, Majima hissed, slamming his fist on the table with such force, that the ashtray at the edge of table fell down on the floor, making a loud clank. He muttered a couple of swear words under his breath. Kiryu did his best to keep a straight face, although he was rather proud of his witty comeback.

“Ahem, let’s continue”, Majima said as he stood up to pick up the fallen ashtray. It was made of metal so other than few cigarette butts smearing the floor, there was no harm done. He had now calmed down quite a bit, seems the f-bombs were his way of quick anger management.

“Ya know, with ya already havin’ one murder charge under your name, even small crimes like this can get ya locked up for a good few years”, he said as he dumped his cigarette. He stood up and slowly walked towards Kiryu. “We wouldn’t want that to happen, right?” he whispered on Kiryu’s ear, softly stroking his chest as he walked on by.

“Yeah, you’re right. Ten years was enough for this lifetime”, Kiryu answered. He was pretty sure Majima would miss him more than he’d miss Majima. Or so Kiryu insisted to himself.

“Good that we’re agreein’ on that. Y’know, I could let this slip… There’s somethin’ I need done and I think ya might be the man for the job”, Majima muttered with low voice, this time on Kiryu’s other ear, then proceeding to give his neck a few kisses. He now stood behind Kiryu.

“And what might that be, I wonder?” Kiryu asked, having a faint idea of the nature of Majima’s request. He had expected it to turn out like this.

“Y’know, my baton could use a little polishin’”, Majima answered. He leaned closer on Kiryu, making his own erection softly touch Kiryu’s back to really get the message through.

“You’re gonna let me go for that? Sounds like an awfully good deal, I’d be a fool not to accept it”, Kiryu said. After hearing those words, Majima grabbed Kiryu by the collar of his red shirt, forcing him to get up from the chair. He pushed the other man few feet back, against a wall. Kiryu hit his back on something hard.

“On your knees, criminal scum”, Majima said in commanding tone, letting go of Kiryu’s collar. Kiryu obeyed, getting on his knees on the cold concrete floor. Majima crouched down and reached behind Kiryu’s back. He opened the handcuffs just to lock them again, this time so that Kiryu was attached in the air conditioning pipe behind him, to which he had just bumped on.

“Good boy, for not resistin’ this time”, Majima said, as he gave Kiryu’s forehead a quick kiss before backing off. He reached for his belt and opened it, throwing it to the floor. Then he opened the button of his dark blue pants, dropped them around his knees, followed by black boxer briefs. His hard cock was just few inches from Kiryu’s face.

“Well, it ain’t gonna lick itself”, Majima said, looking at Kiryu, who opened his mouth and leaned forward, allowing the tip of other man’s cock inside his mouth. He rolled his tongue slowly around it, first in clockwise direction few rounds, and then counter-clockwise another few times. Majima placed his hand on Kiryu’s hair, stroking it softly. Something so gentle during something so violent really warmed Kiryu’s heart.

Kiryu allowed Majima deeper into his mouth, making him realize that using one’s tongue is a lot harder when you’ve got something about a size of sausage in your mouth. He had to do his best, as the mouth was the only asset in his use at the moment. A bit of drool was sliding down from the corner of his mouth.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna make a mess of that handsome face of yours”, Majima muttered, as he tightened his hold of Kiryu’s hair. Majima grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand, pulling it out from Kiryu’s mouth. He smeared the drool around the other man’s mouth, cheeks and jaw, looking down on Kiryu, with slightly degrading smile on his face. Kiryu looked up, as there was not much else he could do besides kneeling there and getting facially abused. Maybe it was the fond memories of last time, or the tease Majima was so good at, that made Kiryu think the current situation wasn’t too bad. In fact, he found himself to be quite aroused for some very odd reason.

“You’re actually liking this, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, as he noticed Kiryu’s bulge. His smile, that had just moments ago been so disgraceful, now turned into something a lot more smug. Kiryu felt ashamed, if only just a little bit. He wasn’t sure if he wanted Majima to notice his enjoyment, in a situation like this.

“Ya mind havin’ a sore throat tomorrow?” Majima asked from Kiryu, who’s face was, besides red from embarrassment, also all wet and messy from drool and pre-cum.

“No, I suppose”, Kiryu replied, as Majima reached for the breast pocket of his uniform jacket. He had pulled out a few lubricant packets of different colors.

“Which one ya want? I’ve got watermelon, pina colada and passion fruit. Didn’t know whatcha like so I bought a few”, he said. Kiryu noticed Majima was very charitable, considering the situation they were in. Then again, he knew by now Majima was always full of surprises.

“The first one”, Kiryu replied, staring greedily at the throbbing dick in front of his eyes, even more so after Majima had applied sweet smelling lube on it. He must have noticed the thirst in Kiryu’s eyes, as Majima shoved his cock back in the mouth. After a few calm thrusts, Majima gently kept thrusting deeper into Kiryu’s mouth. Kiryu gagged a bit as the cock hit his uvula, but the generous amount of tasty lubricant helped to endure it. Kiryu felt few tears emerging from his eyes as the cock pushed through the pharynx. Not that it was all that painful, uncomfortable at worst, for him at least, that’s just how human body worked during a gag reflex. For Majima it all seemed to be extremely pleasant, as he let out a deep sigh and few mumbled swear words and pulled Kiryu’s hair to help to force the cock all the way in.

“Your throat’s fuckin’ amazin’…” Majima exhaled, as he wiped tears from Kiryu’s cheekbones with his free hand. Kiryu appreciated this, wanting to reward the other man the only way he could think of; slowly starting to rock his head back and forth. This made Majima moan louder and his body was twitching slightly. If he hadn’t been so aroused, Kiryu’s scalp would’ve probably felt like it was on fire, as Majima pulled his hair so hard as he kept fucking Kiryu’s throat. Majima had to use his other hand to get a hold of the air conditioning pipe that Kiryu was tied to, to keep him standing up, as his twitches became more violent.

Majima mumbled some utter nonsense as he came, being too ecstatic to form any meaningful words. His cock was throbbing, spewing out cum which mixed in with the watermelon lubricant. Kiryu swallowed it greedily, like he had never tastes anything that tasty in his whole life. He made sure to suck of every last drop even when Majima was already pulling off.

“Sheesh, Kiryu-chan. Gimme a second and I’ll release ya”, Majima muttered in his post orgasmic state, taking a few deep breaths, still leaning against the pipe in front of him. Kiryu couldn’t help but to feel a little bit proud of himself. Considering it was his first proper blowjob, it had been a success.

“That’d be nice. My knees are killing me, the floor isn’t as comfortable as one might think”, he replied. Not only was the concrete floor hard, as one might expect, it was pretty cold, as there was no use keeping air conditioning on in an abandoned building.

Majima finally recovered from his cloud nine and was now putting his pants on. He searched through the pockets to find the key. After finding it, he leaned over Kiryu, giving him another quick kiss on the forehead before reaching behind his back to open the handcuffs.

“You did a damn fine job, guess I won’t be arrestin’ ya after all. Kinda shame, wouldn’t’ve minded keepin’ ya with me a while longer”, he said as he hanged the handcuffs on the belt loop of his pants. They made his otherwise proper uniform look silly, but then again, it wouldn’t have been Majima if he wouldn’t have looked at least a little bit odd. Kiryu wondered, if Majima had walked around the city like that before finding his target.

Kiryu got up from the floor. The knees of his pants were dusty, his face was a mess and hair had a few odd spikes pointing around. Majima offered him a pack of pocket tissues, before sitting down at one of the chairs. He lighted a cigarette, taking a deep inhale. He offered one for Kiryu as well, for job well done, Kiryu assumed.

“Can I ask you one thing?” Kiryu asked, wiping his face with just acquired tissue. Majima looked at him.

“Ya just did. Hehe. Yeah sure”, he replied, smiling at the joke he just did. Kiryu wanted to facepalm, it was that awful.

“Did I really do something bad that night, or are you just saying I did to make this thing today happen? If I did, sorry about that. I must’ve been asleep. Didn’t mean to hurt you”, Kiryu said, regret in his voice, now sitting on the other chair around the table. He fidgeted with his lighter, clicking it on and off.

“Nah, it’s fine. I guess I kinda exaggerated things. I tend to do that”, Majima answered. Kiryu didn’t really feel convinced, but Majima seemed uncomfortable, avoiding Kiryu’s eyes and breathing hastily, so Kiryu decided to drop the subject, for now at least, even though he really wanted to know. Had it really been that bad, whatever it is that he had done? No, it couldn’t have been, otherwise Majima wouldn’t even done all this they just did. Have to ask again about that with a better timing, he thought. Maybe he’d open up about it once they get to know each other’s better, unless he had already forgotten about the incident at that time…


“Ya sure this was your first time suckin’ a dick? You were terrific”, Majima asked all of a sudden, stirring Kiryu’s train of thought. He had no idea how long he had been thinking, maybe few minutes at least, as he had smoked his cigarette, dumped it and it had exhausted completely.

“Unless you wanna count that last time about a week ago, yeah. Honestly I don’t think I did that much, just imitated what you did and kept my mouth open. Not much else I could’ve done really without my hands”, Kiryu replied, feeling blush appearing on his face.

“Ya always this modest?” Majima said, almost sounding disappointed.

“Am I? I hardly think it’s rocket science. Just think with your own cock and think what would feel good”, Kiryu explained, as Majima got up from his chair and walked behind Kiryu.

“Yeah, I noticed ya doin’ a lot of thinkin’ with this concealed weapon of yours…”, Majima muttered, as he leaned over Kiryu’s shoulder and softly touched the front of his pants. Kiryu had hoped earlier that Majima were to notice his state of arousal, but now that it had happened, he was also somewhat annoyed, mostly by the way Majima brought the subject up for conversation.

“I don’t know if I should be saying this, at the time like this to say the least, but your innuendos are awful”, Kiryu sighed, turning his head away as he was so embarrassed, yet somehow amused at the same time. He didn’t want to admit it, otherwise Majima would probably crack even more of those bad jokes.

“And ya could do some awful damage to one’s insides with a weapon like this”, Majima continued, just as Kiryu had hoped he wouldn’t. If only the blowjob hadn’t left Kiryu so horny, he would’ve probably punched Majima right then and there in the face. However, right now, he was too weak to resist the temptation, as Majima sat on his lap, beginning to open Kiryu’s shirt and giving him a sloppy, wet kiss. Kiryu didn’t waste any time, reaching for Majima’s tie and loosening it, followed by opening of the few topmost buttons of his white shirt.

“Ya gettin’ rowdy with the officer?” Majima asked, grinning widely in the middle of the kiss.

“Fuck the police”, Kiryu murmured, trying to come up with something to match Majima’s terrible innuendos. It was weak, but good enough for the situation for now. Not even bothering with rest of the clothes, Kiryu went straight for Majima’s belt. It must’ve been a world record for the fastest opening of a belt, happening in a matter of seconds. It only took him another few seconds to be done with the button and zipper of the pants. Majima stood up for a moment to take off his pants, Kiryu following the other man’s example. Just like last time, Majima had everything they needed, he dug condom and bottle of lubricant from the breast pocket of his jacket and handed them for Kiryu. He then proceeded to sit at the edge of the table, as Kiryu lubed up two of his fingers and spread the excess around Majima’s hole. He inserted one finger, followed up by another soon enough as Majima relaxed a bit, judging by the moans he made. As Kiryu used his hands to prepare Majima for the penetration about to happen, Majima helped by slipping the condom on Kiryu’s erection.

As Majima felt he was ready, he pushed Kiryu back in sitting position on the chair. Majima slowly lowered himself to sit on other man’s lap. Kiryu was still astonished by Majima’s tightness, as he felt his dick slip inside of Majima’s hole. Them sitting face to face and so close to each others, made it easy to really look at the expression the other made.

“It should be illegal for someone to feel this good”, Majima muttered, looking as blissful as ever, as he sat down lower, making sure to enjoy every inch Kiryu had to offer. Kiryu felt bad for ruining that precious expression, the desire for Majima’s sweet lips, half open from moans of pleasure, was just too much to resist. He pulled Majima closer from his tie and kissed him hungrily. Majima had wrapped his arms behind Kiryu’s neck, as his strong shoulders gave Majima a good support to lean on, as he used his thigh muscles to ride on Kiryu’s deliciously thick dick.

“You gonna arrest me for that? Again? Not that I’d mind really”, Kiryu said half joking, burying his head against Majima’s neck to avoid saying anything more. He already somewhat regretted his words, being so open to Majima about his feelings, no matter how indirectly he had done it. He didn’t want to seem too desperate, it could ruin everything nice they had, if Kiryu seemed too clingy…

Talking about clinging, Majima was holding Kiryu tightly, as he had gradually sped up his bouncing. Chair underneath the two men creaked a little as Majima’s passion grew. He had began to pant a bit, both from exhaust and arousal, as his dick was tightly pressed between the two men, rubbing against Kiryu’s abs, leaking pre-cum on his half open shirt. Noticing how hard Majima was working for their both pleasure, Kiryu felt kind of bad for dozing off to his thoughts once again.

“Just like that, Majima-san…” Kiryu whispered on Majima’s ear, after remembering how much it had seemed to have turn him on the last time. It did work indeed, Kiryu felt Majima getting shivers and his heart skipping a beat. Kiryu had heard it million times, and million times again, that he had a pleasant voice, but somehow he never came to think Majima would be into something so normal and innocent.

The passion Kiryu had half forgotten moments ago, when he went too deep on analyzing their relationship, had now returned, as Majima was riding him harder and harder, moaning swear words and Kiryu’s name. Kiryu placed his hands on Majima’s buttocks to aid him on keeping a consistent but steadily increasing rhythm. Majima leaned back a bit and grabbed his own cock and began to stroke it. Kiryu noticed this position wasn’t that easy on Majima anymore, so he wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist and laid him on his back on the table without bothering to be too gentle at this point. He grasped Majima’s ankles and with swift motion threw them on his own shoulders. Majima sighed from pleasure as Kiryu pushed his throbbing cock all the way in for the first time, then proceeding to do it again and again with increasing tempo.

“Fuck me, Kiryu-chan… Fuck the police, this is an order”, Majima moaned with demanding tone. He didn’t have to tell that twice to Kiryu, who had furrowed his brows and was biting his lip as he tried to postpone his point of no return. Majima was so needy when it came to being fucked and Kiryu had been on the edge for quite some time, thanks to accumulated pressure from the blowjob he had given.

As he felt Majima’s inner muscles twitching from nearing orgasm, he couldn’t stop himself from reaching his own climax. He leaned against the table as he was too shaky to stand up, now hovering above Majima, who’s eye had rolled back. Kiryu kept bounding, and it only took him a few more thrusts to get Majima to peak as well.

“Hngh… Kiryu… chan!” he cried out, as he shot the load in his own chest. Lucky for him, that Kiryu had opened Majima’s shirt enough to avoid staining the fabric.

“Sheesh, you’re one hell of a man to fuck”, Kiryu sighed as he pulled out, still panting from exhaust caused by the rough intercourse. Majima looked at him, grinning. Yeah, he better be satisfied, Kiryu thought to himself.

“Need a lil’ pick me up? Got some protein shakes right here”, Majima said, still laying there on the table, catching his breath after the intense orgasm. To his Majima’s surprise, Kiryu actually leaned over Majima’s chiseled stomach, giving a quick lick from navel all the way to the base of his neck. It wasn’t as tasty as it were earlier as it lacked the watermelon aroma, but it was still easy to get down. Only now Kiryu noticed that it had slight aftertaste of cigarette. Guess it was obvious, as Majima smoked quite a lot.

“Ya know, I was just jokin’… Thanks anyway”, Majima replied, now getting to a sitting position at the edge of the table.

“I… I totally knew that! I just didn’t want to look for the pocket tissues you gave me earlier. That stuff might’ve dried and it had been a hassle to clean it up then. Yeah”, Kiryu said flustered, as he began putting his pants on. He found the tissue pack that was never lost to begin with, as he tucked in the pockets.

“Just admit ya liked it, nothing wrong with that”, Majima said with hint of smugness in his voice, as he began to dress up as well. Kiryu couldn’t come up with anything clever to say back, so they finished their tidy ups in silence. Kiryu couldn’t help it but to feel awkward.

Majima must’ve noticed Kiryu’s inner struggle, as he sneaked up on him as they were leaving.

“You’re legally obliged to give me a goodbye kiss before we leave”, he said with friendly, if not a bit devious smile. Kiryu was stirred by this sudden demand for affection. Was Majima doing this on purpose just to mess up Kiryu’s thoughts?

“Are you joking again?” Kiryu asked, as it was only thing in his mind, to make sure what Majima’s intentions were. Not likely he’d admit them anyway, but worth the shot, Kiryu thought.

“Nah. Maybe? Ya think after all this I’ve pulled of for ya, that I’d be jokin’?”, Majima replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“I just can’t figure you out”, Kiryu sighed, placing his hand on the doorknob, wondering whether he had fucked up the situation and if he should just leave before doing any further damage. Majima didn’t seem too happy seeing the other leaving so soon.

“Listen, about that. Yeah, good luck with that. I’ll do my best to be a step or two ahead of ya. Don’t ask why, I dunno, well, for fun, maybe, I s’ppose. You’re fun to mess with. And mess around with”, Majima said, leaving Kiryu with more questions than he had before the other man had opened his mouth. Why was Majima suddenly speaking so erratically?

“Any change you’ll give me more time to get to know you then?” Kiryu asked, still laying his hand on doorknob, still not opening it. Maybe there was just a slight change he could still recover from this.

“Ever been into this whole idol scene thing? There’s someone I wanna introduce”, Majima said, now in much calmer state.

“Not really. I know of few but I was never a fan of anyone if that’s what you mean”, Kiryu told. He had hard time imagining Majima fanboying over girls half of his age, singing songs about love and friends. Kiryu couldn’t help but to think, what was gonna be the trick this time around.

“Ah, that’s a shame. Well, I’m sure I’ll find ya when I start feelin’ lonely again. Now, c’mon, let me pull of one last joke with this outfit before I go returnin’ this”, Majima said, looking at Kiryu. It took him a while to remember Majima’s request about the kiss, which now, even if he had just called it a joke, didn’t suddenly seem like one anymore. Kiryu stepped towards Majima, who laid his hands on Kiryu’s chest.

“Y’know, I don’t think this whole cop thing really suits me. I’m way too easy to bribe. Thanks for helpin’ me with my career choices, Kiryu-chan”, Majima said. Kiryu didn’t have time to think of an answer, as Majima pulled his chin to go for a kiss. It was unlike any of their earlier kisses, sweet and almost tender. It was over in a flash, and before Kiryu had realized, Majima had escorted him outside.

“Now, get going. I gotta clean this shit up. I’ll be seein’ ya!”

- - -

Kiryu was sitting his home, watching some old action movie from 80s with over the top fighting scenes and badly greenscreened car chases. After the day’s earlier incident, he really just wanted to chill at home for the evening. Shinji had asked Kiryu out for a beer or two, but he had turned it down. Kiryu just wanted to try to make sense of it all. B-class movies gave your brain just enough stimuli to keep active, but not enough to distract your subconscious. There was one guy, who had a baseball bat and it made Kiryu think of Majima. He still kinda wanted to punch that one-eyed menace, for making him so restless and confused.

“Welcome to Akaushimaru! All beef bowls for 100 yen cheaper, just this week! Come for a bite and bring your friends!”, television suddenly announced. These loud ads felt like jump scares. Well, at least he had a good reason to go outside for a while for bit of fresh air. His apartment was small and hot, even with air conditioning on. He opened balcony’s door and closed it behind him after getting out. He reached for his chest pocket for pack of cigarettes and lighter, as he took them out, he noticed a paper falling out. He crouched down and picked it up, noticing it was a business card of some sort. He recognized Debolah’s logo right away, as he had walked so many times past the club, but the face on the card was unfamiliar. Or was it? It was a man with black hair, orange hairband with a pair of feathers, shiny silver suit with pink lapels and… an eye patch.

“Everyone’s Idol Goro makes a surprise comeback at Debolah 24th of July. STEP & GO!”

“Guess it’s time to get on my dancing shoes”, Kiryu muttered as he returned inside after hearing the movie was back on.

* * *

Chapter Text

Kiryu groaned, as he had woken up way earlier than he had wished for. He was feeling hot, even though his blanket, already thin enough, was thrown at the floor and air condition had kept humming all night long. It wasn’t only the July’s weather that made him so sweaty. As he gained consciousness from his state of deep slumber, he began to remember bits and pieces of the dream he had had just moments ago. It angered him, that the situation had gotten out of hand, not only Majima stalked him on the streets, he now apparently had found a way to invade Kiryu’s last safe haven, his dreams. The dream Kiryu had seen… Well, it was the type of dream that could’ve left a stain on one’s sheets if not careful. Suddenly Kiryu didn’t feel like waking up early wasn’t such a bad thing after all. He reached for his phone at the night stand next to his bed, to look at the time.

“7:25am, 24th of July”, phone’s lock screen announced. Kiryu placed the phone back on table as he took a sitting position, leaning on his knees, thinking out about today’s plan. He was supposed to go to Debolah, the night club, that evening, to meet the idol Majima was so excited about. Of course Majima was excited, judging from the picture of the business card, the idol was Majima himself, he was pulling this all off just to mess with Kiryu once again. Why, just why, Kiryu kept wondering. If nothing else, he had to admit Majima had some brilliant yet unexpected ideas and persistence unlike anyone else.

Kiryu got up from the bed. Not like he could’ve slept more anyway, in fear of his dreams getting even more lewd than they already had been. Besides, not like half past seven was that early, at least he now had time to do something before the evening. Shower ought to calm him down, he thought as he felt a wave of stress nearing. He headed for the bathroom, spending there longer than usual, standing under the hot water pouring over his body, thinking about tonight’s date. Was date a correct word for this? Meet-and-greet seemed a bit too formal considering they already knew each others. Kiryu scrubbed through his body with much more effort than normally, though he didn’t really notice it himself at the time. He even corked a brand new shower gel and trimmed his sideburns and beard while he was at it. Denial was strong within in him, as he insisted this wasn’t just for Majima.

- - -

Twelve hours had passed since Kiryu had woken up. What had he accomplished in one clock’s rotation? Not much, really. He had done a bit of cleaning, mostly meaning taking out the trash, doing the dishes and washed some laundry, all while listening to radio and doing a couple of dance moves every now and then just to get his groove on for the evening. It was now time to put them to good use, as he was about to head out to meet Majima at Debolah. He gave one last look at the mirror before putting on shoes and leaving the apartment for the evening.


Theater Square was crowded, as usual. Kids hanging out in front of the Club Sega arcade, plenty of young, lovey-dovey couples getting out of the movie theater, some street performer gathering a small audience with his guitar and cliché songs about the state of today’s world. There wasn’t a long line to Debolah, in fact, no queue at all, just few people standing outside, having smokes. Kiryu headed inside.

Judging from what he had seen from the outside, he couldn’t have told it’d be that crowded inside. Lots of people, smell of sweat and spilled drink mixed together and muffled, upbeat dance music blasting from the main lobby, it was just like Kiryu had remembered Debolah. He somewhat stood out from the crowd, as most people were at least ten years younger than him, and dressed way trendier than him, who was wearing his signature light gray pants and blood red, button down shirt with few upmost buttons open. Due to the heat, he had left his jacket at home.

It didn’t take long for Kiryu’s eyes to adjust to interiors, as it was almost the same as outside. Dimly lit, most of the light coming from neon signs around the walls. The entrance room was rather basic, main attraction there being the bar counter with lit up cabinet behind it, carrying selection of various drinks. Few stools in front of it, and around ten tables spread around the rest of the room to accommodate even a bigger number of customers. Against the wall was a staircase, leading to upper level, that was more like a balcony than another room. On the same wall, there was also a door, that Kiryu just stepped through, that led to the main room, the dance hall.

In the middle of the room was a dance floor, covered with white tiles. In the right side wall, next to it, was a DJ booth and a hip looking but older man, boosting the crowd to go wild. There was a group of people at the corner, forming a some sort of half circle against the wall. Wonder what that’s all about, Kiryu thought as he stepped on the dance floor. Not that he had intended to enjoy the music, he was just curious about the occurrence.

“I’m totally fangirling right now!” yelled one girl, who seemed to be bit over her twenties, wearing short skirt and black sequin shirt. She wasn’t the only one being in state of hysteria.

“What’s going on?” Kiryu asked as he pushed through the crowd, but before anyone could answer, he noticed the reason for himself. There he was, Majima, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, with the outfit he had wore in the business card. Jacket was made from shiny leather, silver sleeves and icy blue torso, with pink, star decorated lapels. Pants were from same blue leather, waistband being pink, and he had white combat boots on his feet. On his head he wore an orange headband with few feathers.

“Majima-san? Your outfits keep getting weirder and weirder every time we meet”, Kiryu said, eyeing Majima from head to toe. The feeling Kiryu had earlier about looking so different from everyone else had suddenly faded.

“Weird? Bitch please, I’m stylish as fuck. Or I was, two decades ago anyways… I know I stand out like a sore thumb”, he replied, as he finished his little dance show with an epic pose on his knees, pointing towards the roof.

“Show’s over, now scram”, he said as he shooed people around him to go away. A few of them shrugged, mumbling in disappointment, others in amazement, as they backed off.

Majima grabbed Kiryu by the hand before the other man had even realized, escorting them both from the dance floor, through the crowd, to the entrance room and in front of the bar counter.

“Whiskey on the rocks”, Majima ordered. The bartender took a look at Kiryu, awaiting for his order.

“I’ll take the same”, he said without putting too much thought into it. It was a classic drink, never could go wrong with that.

Majima headed for the stairs, Kiryu following right behind him. They took the furthermost booth of the upstairs balcony level and sat down with their drinks. They could see the main lobby from there, and hear the DJ’s cheers

“If you wanted to share a few drinks, why not just invite me to a bar? Don’t tell me you just needed an excuse for that loony outfit of yours”, Kiryu said, after taking his first sip. It was cold and refreshing, the strong alcohol tingled on his tongue.

“Think that’s all I wanted from ya, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, also having a taste of his drink.

“I doubt nightclub is any better place for that…”, Kiryu said, feeling blush appearing on his cheeks as he thought about Majima’s assumed intentions. Majima burst out laughing, leaning against Kiryu, giving quick rub on his head.

“I’m not sayin’ that isn’t one of the objectives for tonight, but ya skipped quite a few steps there”, he answered, still wheezing a bit after the laughter. Kiryu felt like a moron, for letting his cock do the thinking and not his brains.

“Don’t blame me for assuming things like that! Last two times we’ve met have both ended up with you seducing me and then we have sex”, Kiryu said, getting lot more heated than would’ve been necessary, or how he would’ve intended. He emptied his glass, hoping cold drink would make him chill a bit more. Heh, that was a good one, he thought to himself. Damn it, Majima’s terrible jokes had finally gotten into him. Sheesh.

“Y’know… You’re right. I admit bein’ guilty of that. But hey, ya need a good foreplay for the big climax, right?” Majima said after a while of thinking. Kiryu was left speechless from this figure of speech.

“Anyway, that wasn’t the point. I wanna dance with ya, Kiryu-chan. You’ve been around almost as long as me, bet ya remember when there was a disco club around every corner. Thought ya might wanna refresh some of those memories, wallow in nostalgia for a while”, he continued, sighing deeply as he got more emotionally attached to his memories. Of course Kiryu remembered it, dancing was a much bigger deal back then. Hell, he even had to dance battle one guy for the sake of getting hold of most Kamurocho’s business buildings back when he was still in real estate business. Now that he thought at those times, Majima’s outfit suddenly didn’t seem that odd. Considering the fashion back then, that would’ve been eccentric at best, when now it was just plain freaky.

“That sounds like fun. Just let me get another drink or two first, I’m a bit rusty, so I’ll at least I’ll have an excuse if I end up embarrassing us both”, Kiryu replied, as he got up from the bench, heading downstairs. Majima stopped him after few steps though.

“Get me a drink too while you’re at it!” he said.


It didn’t take long for Kiryu to return. After all, most of the people ordered from the other bar counter that was in the main hall, as most people really only came there to dance, not to chill.

“Hope you don’t mind beer”, he said as he sat down next to Majima, laying the two pints from his hands to the table.

“Guess we’re just a bunch of borin’ old men with borin’ tastes after all”, Majima said laughing, downing his earlier drink.

“Hey, I’m not even 40 yet, I’m not that old”, Kiryu insisted. If he remembered right, Majima was few years older than him. He he hoped Majima wasn’t too insecure about his age, otherwise the comment might’ve been a bit harsh.

“Well I’m not that boring!” Majima responded in a blink of an eye, seemingly relaxed.

“Are you sure?” Kiryu teased, smiling slightly.

“You’ve behaved abnormally normal for today, Majima-san”, he continued, as he notices the other man wanting to protest.

“Thought you’d think it’d be weird if I’d behave for once. Besides, maybe I’m wanna see ya gettin’ wild for once”, Majima said after gathering his thoughts. Kiryu didn’t know how to reply to that, other than follow his instincts. Instincts, that told him to go for a kiss. Why? He didn’t understand it the slightest. Maybe the messy head pat Majima had given him earlier had moved the center of command from head to lower sectors? No way he’d be that easy…

But it was too late, Kiryu had already placed his hand on other man’s thigh and leaned forward. He didn’t hesitate, as he gave Majima a kiss. They were the only people at the balcony at the moment, and the booth was barely lit, not like anyone could see them anyway. Besides, what’s wrong with just a little kiss…? If only he could’ve resisted the urges to keep it at that. The kiss that had started innocently enough had turned into a more heated act of intimacy. Kiryu remembered the dream he had seen. Dirty dance floors and dreams of naughtiness, not really a combination that he would’ve assimilated with Majima just few weeks ago. Things were a lot different now.

“H-H-Hey, easy there ya stud”, Majima sighed, smiling pleasantly surprised. His words told no but face told to keep going, what a contradiction. Kiryu realized he might’ve gone a bit too far a bit too early. He felt ashamed of his sudden burst of passion.

“Sorry. I thought that’s what you wanted…”, he said apologetically, backing off slowly, sliding even further in the bench than he had sat before the incident.

“No, not that I’d particularly mind, ya just caught me by surprise. Ya oughta calm down a bit though, hard to dance if ya keep getting your third leg gettin’ in the way, if ya know what I mean”, Majima said. At first he sounded almost shy, but gradually gained back his usual cockiness, on a level he made Kiryu feel even more ashamed, for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that Majima didn’t even try to hide his enjoyment? Unable to come up with anything witty enough to say, he took a sip from his beer.

“You wanna go dance after we finish these?” he finally asked, to break the awkward silence between them. They had about half of their pints left.

“Absolutely, that’s what I’m here for, after all”, Majima replied. He hurriedly poured down his drink in one go, smirking at Kiryu. Almost as if he were to challenge the other man to follow in his example. Fuck it all, Kiryu thought as he did just as Majima had tempted him to, downing his drink, followed by a loud burp.

“Okay, guess it’s show time”, Kiryu said as he got up, taking the lead as they headed to the dance floor.

“Gimme sec”, Majima said at the edge of dance floor. He made his way to the DJ booth, changing few words with the man, who gave Majima a thumbs up accompanied by a smile.

“This next song’s for you”, Majima said as he returned to Kiryu, who now got curious. DJ faded out the previous song that was only halfway finished, as he tucked a couple of bills with Mt. Fuji on the back onto his pocket.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, a song from an era half of you weren’t even born. Let’s party like it’s 1988 again!” he announced, putting on a new song. Kiryu recognized the song right away, the unusual two-beat tempo and the unique synths.

“Queen of Passion, wasn’t it? This brings me memories”, Kiryu told, as he followed Majima to the dance floor. Kiryu started with the good old two step routine to get accustomed to rhythm first, while Majima made a fancy twirl to make his way right in the center. Trail of light was focused on him, and he made the come here motion with his hand, inviting Kiryu share the spotlight with him. Kiryu felt a bit anxious, but no way he was gonna back down, now that he had already come this far. He did get his share of praises back in the eighties, time to refresh the memories, he thought as he two stepped his way in front of Majima, facing him.

“I’m gonna steal your heart baby / I’m gonna steal your part of life / I’m sexy, no doubt I know it”, Majima lipsynced along the song, not breaking his eye contact with Kiryu even for a second, who had a hard time keeping his focus on both rhythm of the song and his heart at the same time. To hide his sudden awkwardness, he approached Majima, and when standing about foot away, turned his back on him, rocking his hips to the beat, pointing his index finger to the crowd and slowly sliding it from one side to another.

As Majima tried to get back on the spotlight from behind Kiryu, the latter swiftly grabbed Majima’s hand and rolled him a few times under the arched arm, before going in for a dramatic dip.

“I gonna show you my power / I gonna show you my fire / I’m sexy, of course I know it”, Kiryu lipsynced, copying idea from Majima, who grinned in amazement, before Kiryu lifted him up and let go of his hand. Kiryu strutted further from Majima, smiling proudly, snapping along the music. For a second or two, Majima almost seemed like he had frozen up, but just then he did this insane air kick with a twist, pulling out two pink fans from somewhere inside his jacket. As he waved them in the air, Kiryu rolled his arms in front of his chest, strutting around Majima.

Other people had noticed the dance floor was barely big enough for the two of them, so they stood back and formed a circle around the two men, instead of getting in the way. There was no way anyone there would be able to match their skill in disco dancing.

“You ready for the big finisher?” Kiryu asked, as he had stopped behind Majima’s back. Majima nodded, showing the fans back inside of his jacket.

Kiryu placed his hands around Majima’s waist, making sure to keep his other hand attached with Majima’s. Then he gave Majima a light push, making him spin away as long as their attached hands allowed him to. Kiryu pulled his hand, inviting Majima right back into his arms. They didn’t have time for embrace just yet, as Kiryu dipped Majima again, this time just few inches off from ground, just as the song ended.

The crowd was wild. As the DJ had said, most of them were too young to remember ever seeing anything like this. After a few drinks, all this had came naturally for the two men, who both had had their share of that era’s night life. They waved and bowed, Majima even blowing out a few kisses to make the most out of his idol image, before they retreated towards the bar counter.

“I’m so freakin’ hot”, Majima sighed as he leaned against the counter, waiting for service.

“Indeed”, Kiryu said. Majima grinned.

“I meant my body temperature, you moron”, he replied, making Kiryu feel like a moron once again. He didn’t have too much time for feelings of self-doubt, as bartender arrived to service them.

“Two Cinderella specials”, Majima requested. The bartender seemed baffled at first, but then he noticed something, maybe a cheat sheet or something, and started doing the drinks. He took two hurricane glasses, turned them upside down and dipped the rims, first in plate of lemonade and then in pink sprinkles. Then he turned them upside again, first pouring in red syrup, followed by cherry liquor, vodka and lastly lemonade. To top it all off, he added those little cocktail umbrellas to glasses, before handing them to his customers. Majima paid and they headed back to their booth.

“I feel like just looking at this drink will give me a sugar rush”, Kiryu said laughing, taking a sip. It was incredibly sweet, just as he had predicted, but the sourness of bitter lemonade balanced it out.

“Hey, don’t judge. I came up with this cocktail, y’know”, Majima replied, smiling proudly, taking a sip as well.

“You never cease to amaze me, Majima-san. Didn’t know you were into bartendering”, Kiryu said, fanning his shirt as he had broke quite the sweat on the dance floor.

“It’s more of a hobby really. Only done a few odd gigs every now and then”, Majima explained, as he leaned back on the couch and lit a cigarette.

“Can you spare one? I forgot mine in the pocket of my jacket” Kiryu asked. Majima sighed, shaking his head as a sign of no.

“Sorry, it’s my last one. We gotta share. Hope ya don’t mind cooties”, he said, taking a few more lungfuls before passing it to Kiryu.

More and more people had arrived at the club, as the clock neared midnight. Some drunk couple was arguing few tables from theirs. Music was so loud one could see drink’s surface rippling from the power of the bass speakers.

They finished their drinks, discussing about the state of today’s music. Like old men they were, they agreed that everything was way better back in their days, when music was still played with real instruments and songs had more meaning than just about partying and getting wasted on trendy drugs with foreign names. Besides, all the songs nowdays sounded the same, as people were too afraid to break the unwritten rules about writing a hit song, everyone resorting to same sample banks and drum loops.

“I wouldn’t mind givin’ ya more cooties, if you’re still in the mood”, Majima flirted, as he couldn’t come up with any more words to mock today’s copy and paste songs. Kiryu nodded, giving Majima a grin.

Majima climbed on Kiryu’s lap, then stroked his cheek a few times before sliding his thumb on Kiryu’s bearded chin, keeping his head still as Majima leaned in for a kiss. It tasted like cigarette and cherry flavored alcohol and felt hot and intimate. They were so close, only a thin layer of clothes separating them.

Kiryu ran his hands on Majima’s back, feeling the jacket’s material. Majima backed off, holding his hands on the sides of Kiryu’s face.

“Before we let this escalate, did ya wanna dance a bit more?” he asked from Kiryu, who nodded his head.


“This song’s shit”, Kiryu said as they had arrived at the edge of the dance floor. It had played for a few minutes now, so it was probably due to end soon enough.

“Couldn’t agree more. That synth sample is awful”, Majima said back.

They stood there in the shadows, quietly judging the modern dancing scene. It had become boring, there was no more that flashiness which one of the best features of the 80s disco era.

“You think we can pull of that modern dancing stuff?” Kiryu asked, turning his head towards Majima, who grinned confidently.

“Don’t know till we try”, he replied, as DJ faded out the current song and crew calmed themselves.

“Let’s chill down for a bit here, Monday’s just few minutes away. Grab your sweetheart by the hand and make the start of the next week a little more bearable”, DJ announced, as the crowd began to disperse, everyone either looking for their lovers or taking a break for more drinks and tobacco. As DJ was about to put on a new song, he suddenly noticed Kiryu and Majima and changed the record he was already about to put on play. He gave Majima a thumbs up sign again.

“What did you do this time?” Kiryu asked. Majima shrugged.

“Nothin’, I swear. I must’ve tipped him too much”, he said, sounding just as confused as Kiryu.

The song started. Both men recognized it from the intro alone to be the hit song from the 80s, Plastic Love. It had been slowed down just enough to be a ballad instead of cheery city pop tune.

“Y’know, I wasn’t expectin’ this kinda song… Ya wanna chicken out now, Kiryu-chan, or we gonna do this like men?” Majima challenged as he extended his hand out for Kiryu, probably counting on his attitude of never backing off once agreed on something. Kiryu was pretty sure there was no way to slow dance with your enemy to friend to lover like men, but he sure didn’t want to give Majima the satisfaction of seeing Kiryu “chicken out”, as he had said.

Kiryu reached out for Majima’s hand, who smirked.

“Atta boy!” he said, leading them to dance floor, and to spotlight, of course.

There were already a couple of other couples dancing, so in the shadows they wouldn’t even have stood out that much. Kiryu was feeling little nervous, it was his hometown after all. What if someone saw him, dancing with another man like this? They probably wouldn’t be able to recognize Majima, thanks to his bizarre outfit, but maybe Majima would’ve been easier to explain than some random guy he could’ve just picked up…

As Majima placed his hands on Kiryu’s lower back, Kiryu lost his train of thought. Quickly following up on the situation, he put his hands behind Majima’s neck. They started slowly rotating in a rhythm of music.

“No funny business, people are looking at us…” Kiryu whispered. Those words were a mistake, Majima was the kind of person who insisted on doing exactly what he was told not to do. He lowered his hands on Kiryu’s buttocks. Kiryu gasped, trying to have a peek around him, whether people were watching them weirdly or was he just feeling paranoid.

“Sweetie, you’re worryin’ too much. Just try to relax for once”, Majima sighed, leaning his head on Kiryu’s shoulder. Kiryu’s heart was racing, and the fact that Majima would probably feel it, made him even more self-aware about his anxiety.

“Easy for you to say. I live in this city. What do you think people are gonna think of me, dancing with a ridiculous looking man?” Kiryu tried to explain himself, but it was probably useless in Majima’s case. He really seemed to be a man not capable of feeling shame nor guilt.

“I for one say I’d be sad that a good-lookin’ hunk like ya is already taken!” Majima answered, softly murmuring on Kiryu’s ear. After those words, he gave his neck a few nips with his lips.

“Taken? Are we dating?!” Kiryu blurted out, messing up his steps in a shock. Majima stepped on his toes by accident. He murmured an apology and kissed his earlobe. He left Kiryu wanting multiple things, the topmost of them being answers.

“I didn’t know you feel like that…” Kiryu mumbled, stroking Majima’s hair. It was so soft and silky. The buzz cut on his neck felt funny. Majima’s words had left him feeling odd. Kiryu wasn’t sure what to think. Almost as if he had felt just a little bit of happiness, as he was thinking about Majima calling what they had, as dating. But wait, isn’t there supposed to be some sort of mutual agreement on that? Was Majima gonna ask Kiryu to be his boyfriend tonight? What would he say?

“Watashi no koto o keshite honki de aisanai de / Koi nante tadano gēmu / Tanoshimeba sorede iino”, Majima sang along the song, quietly enough even Kiryu could barely hear it through the music.

(((Never take loving someone like me serious / Love is just a game / I just want to have fun)))

Kiryu felt a burn in his chest, and almost as if the floor would’ve shattered beneath him. Wait, why was that, he wondered. He didn’t mean to be this invested in this whole ordeal. It was all supposed to be just harmless fun between two guys, nothing wrong with that, right? If so, why was he feeling like this? No way he was actually taking liking to Majima-san… No use in denying it, he realized.

Kiryu couldn’t help but to wrap his arms tighter around Majima’s body, letting out a sigh of sorrow. He kept thinking how to continue with this, what Majima had just called as a game. Should he keep on playing, even if all the signs already hinted he’d be the one losing in the end? Or should he just reveal his hand he was playing with, without knowing really what his partner was hiding? Or should he try to change the rules halfway through? Flipping the table and leaving with a bang was also an idea, although the most unpleasant of them all. He decided to keep playing by the rules, for now at least, as Majima grasped his ass harder.

“Ya still there, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, flashing a grin. Kiryu nodded, smiling back awkwardly, before going in for a kiss. As his hand was still behind Majima’s neck, it was easy to pull his face closer. Kiryu was already too intoxicated both from Majima’s presence and the damned drinks, to give a damn if someone saw them anymore. As their tongues massaged against each others, he had basically forgotten everything else but his dance partner. His heart was beating faster than any of the songs played that evening, and he felt his blood rushing from one command center to another.

“I don’t think we should be here”, Kiryu murmured in the middle of the kiss against Majima’s lips.

“Where then?” Majima asked, seemingly excited. He must’ve felt Kiryu’s bulge, as their hips were pressed against each other.

“I’m not sure if I can make it any further than the toilets”, Kiryu whispered, softly biting Majima’s earlobe after speaking the magic words to get him in the mood almost instant. Not the words themselves, but the way Kiryu presented them. Kiryu was now sure Majima had sensitive ears, making whispers and any touch work wonders on him.

“I’m just playing games / I know that’s plastic love / Dance to the plastic beat / Another morning comes”, words echoed in the air, as the two men decided it was time to get physical on a level not appropriate for anyone else to witness.

For the very first time, Kiryu was happy about the fact that Majima was a man, as no one gave them odd looks as they entered the men’s bathroom together. However, getting to the toilet stall was a whole another story. Kiryu went first in through the furthermost stall’s door, as Majima stood in front of the sinks, making it look like he was adjusting his hair. After the route was clear, he followed Kiryu.

Kiryu didn’t want to waste any more time, so he grasped Majima by his shoulders and pinned him against the stall’s wall. Majima whimpered from the force of the impact, but Kiryu swiftly silenced him with a kiss, sucking his lower lip before gently biting it. Majima was feeling Kiryu’s erection through his pants, making him moan involuntarily into other man’s mouth in a middle of the kiss.

“Shh. Do ya want everyone to know what were doin’ here?” Majima hissed, placing his other hand in front of Kiryu’s mouth, as he opened Kiryu’s belt and button of the pants and slid hand to massage Kiryu’s cock without the unnecessary fabric in between. Majima licked his lips in awe, looking at Kiryu’s dick. He tried to fight it, but couldn’t resist. Majima kneel down in front of Kiryu, to indulge himself with some deliciously thick dick. Kiryu had to bite his lower lip to keep himself from making any sound, as his manhood entered Majima’s eager mouth. Majima was clearly enjoying the sight of Kiryu’s struggles to keep quiet, and to push the other man to the limit of his self-control, Majima gently stroked the balls, while struggling to remove his pants with his other hand, managing eventually. He got up and threw them over the toilet’s closed lid.

He left his jacket open after going through his pockets for lubricant and protection.

“Ya can’t even imagine how hot this jacket is”, he muttered as he began to ready himself for Kiryu, lubing his hole from around and inside.

“How you wanna do this? We’re bit limited on space”, Kiryu asked, as he slipped on the condom and began to lube himself.

Majima looked around a bit, first hesitant, but then his face light up.

“Remember when we were at the hotel? When we made out against that door?” he suggested. Of course Kiryu remembered it, how he could’ve forgotten their first kiss, it was really one of a kind first date. Kiryu really didn’t wanna boast it, but he was a proud man when it came to his body, and he was always happy to be able to put it to good use.

“Yes, I do. Good times, thanks for the wonderful date. Are you ready?” he confirmed. Majima nodded, lifting his other leg for Kiryu to hold, as he gently inserted the tip of his penis, followed by the shaft. Kiryu kept thrusting back and forth, going just a bit deeper every time. So far, Majima was able to stay quiet, although there were obvious signs of pleasure on his face.

When Kiryu was all the way in, he grabbed firmly of Majima’s tattooed buttocks, raising him against the wall. Majima was straddling his legs behind Kiryu’s thighs, and had wrapped his arms behind Kiryu’s neck.

“You’re so strong”, Majima sighed in awe, as Kiryu seemed to have no trouble holding him still. Kiryu chuckled, leaning closer on Majima and giving him trail of kisses and occasional sucks from the collarbone to the earlobe. Majima let out a quiet squeal, but managed to stop it halfway through as he noticed Kiryu’s judgmental look from under his brows.

“Listen, as much as I enjoy your voice, I really do, this isn’t the time and place for it”, Kiryu murmured. He was really self-conscious when it came to this kind pf things, too many times he had witnessed something like this happening when really he was just supposed to take a leak.

“Live up a little! People do this kinda stuff all the time”, Majima replied, panting a little as Kiryu had began to raise the tempo of the pounding.

“People are already hearin’ the wall bangin’”, Majima continued, leaning his head against Kiryu’s shoulder, letting him feel just how hot and heavy Kiryu and his hips got him breathing.

“Don’t tell me it turns you on, when people know exactly what’s happening here?!” Kiryu grunted, not sounding too surprised. Kiryu grasped harder of Majima’s ass, firmly enough to sure leave bruises, only to be hidden by the tattoo. Majima had placed his hands on Kiryu’s back, digging his nails into the skin and the dragon tattoo.

“Hey, ya said it, not me”, Majima purred. Kiryu didn’t see his face, as it was still buried against his shoulder, but he was sure Majima was grinning after his witty comeback, that’s how he always did. That cocky fucker. Better give him that cock so hard he’ll have hard time walking out of the club after they’ve been kicked out for causing a fuss.

Okay, fuck the others. Fuck Majima, literally. Time to go into full heat mode. Those were Kiryu’s thoughts, before he must’ve at least doubled his speed, leaving Majima moaning in both amazement and pleasure. The stall’s wall was not only banging from the impact, it was also shaking.

“Is this how you want it, Goro fucking Majima?” Kiryu grunted, not trying to tone down his voice, totally letting go of all his limits for just this once. Judging from Majima’s expression, it was all worth it. Of course Kiryu still couldn’t see his face, but Majima was drooling on Kiryu’s shirt, his body was spasming, and the moans echoed from tiled walls and floors from the bathroom. Kiryu was also dissolving into pleasure, his rhythm became irrational but even faster still. His eyesight went from clear to slightly static, as he climaxed, grunting Majima’s name.

It took him a good moment to gather himself from the orgasmic euphoria. He hadn’t came this hard in quite some time. He looked over at Majima, who seemed to be out of this world. His chin was drooly and expression was blissful. Not only he looked like a mess, he sure had made a mess. Kiryu’s shirt was wet from shoulder to abs. At first he thought Majima had just drooled a lot, but on a further investigation, it turned out to be semen.

“I didn’t know you could come from that alone”, Kiryu said, sounding truly amazed. He lowered Majima down onto his feet, who had to take support from the wall.

“Yeah, me neither”, he replied, smiling euphorically.

Loud knock on the door interrupted their exchange of words.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave”, a woman’s voice said. They could hear distant mumbling to the stall. What a scene they had ended up causing, Kiryu thought, almost feeling proud somehow.

“Yeah, give us a minute to get pants on, will ya?” Majima sneered before Kiryu had time to say anything. The woman stayed quiet. The men assumed that meant yes, she’ll give them a bit of time before busting in.

Kiryu pulled off the condom, throwing it to the trash can. He passed the shiny pants from top of the toilet to Majima, who was slowly returning to this orbit. Kiryu had never even taken off his pants, just dropped them to his ankles, so his dress up process was easy enough. Majima needed some support from Kiryu, as he was still a little light-headed.

As Kiryu opened the stall door, there was indeed a lot of people cramped around the entrance of the men’s bathroom. Some of them looked amazed and inspired, others just disgusted and shameful. The two men didn’t mind. They had had a great night out and that’s all that mattered. Walking out, someone cheered behind them.

“So, what are you gonna do now?” Kiryu asked, once they had stepped outside of the front door.

“I’ll go buy some more cigs. What about you?”, Majima replied, as he instinctively rummaged through his pockets for a pack.

“I think I’ll head home. Might take taxi, I’m so exhausted. Fucking you is a real pain in the ass sometimes”, Kiryu said, taking phone from his pocket, already dialing in a number.

“Nah, it’s not that painful”, Majima said back, grinning once again. Kiryu wondered, how he could keep changing his opinion on Majima so often. One moment he wanted to kiss him, the next moment punching seemed like a lot better option.

“By the way, if ya ever need a cab, I know a good company”, Majima said, handing out a business card, as Kiryu had started his phone call.

* * *

Chapter Text

Kiryu was at the Vincent, the night club, at the Park Alley near the West Park’s entrance. He was at there with his sworn brother, Nishikiyama, or how Kiryu called him, simply Nishiki. It had been some time since they last had met, as Nishiki was busy with the business with his own family, and Kiryu had to be wary leaving his apartment, as Majima could be anywhere, coming to ambush him at the worst possible times. Not that he would’ve minded that much, in fact, he was yearning for it. Mostly he just didn’t want Majima to surprise him when he already had some other plans, things could’ve turned really awkward, considering the way they had met the last few times.

So far Kiryu had been safe from The Mad Dog’s hunt, their last meeting taking place at Debolah now almost two weeks ago. Kiryu was almost starting to worry, why Majima had let him be alone for so long now. Was there a hint that he had somehow missed?

“Nice shot”, Nishiki cheered, as Kiryu managed to pocket the brown ball with number seven on the side. Kiryu hadn’t performed that well for tonight, as the alcohol had hit him stronger than he expected, and his thoughts were only half-focused on the game at hand. He kept expecting for Majima to step inside from that door, challenging him for a game, loser probably getting pounded against the pool table…

“Get yourself together”, he mumbled to himself, ashamed of getting so distracted. He noticed Nishiki looking at him, yawning, awaiting for Kiryu to begin his turn.

“Thinking about my next move”, Kiryu replied. He was a bad liar, Nishiki knew him too well to see right through his words. To escape from doing any further explaining, Kiryu readied the next shot, now aiming at the orange five ball just few inches from the hole. The shot seemed easy enough, no other balls on the way, but the angle was bit steep. He inhaled, leaning even more against the table, closing his other eye and prepared for the shot.

“Shit!” he groaned, as the orange ball hit the pocket facings, instead of falling into the socket.

“Have you always been this bad, or am I just getting better?” Nishiki asked, giving a confident, almost cocky smile for Kiryu. The grin only widened, as Nishiki pocketed yet another ball, with a fancy kiss shot this time. Kiryu hadn’t properly calmed down, no matter how he had tried, still thinking how it’d be like, playing pool with Majima. Could a kiss shot like that entitle him for a kiss from those sweet lips…?

No, this wasn’t right. This was bad. Kiryu was doing bad at this game. Nishiki… Nishiki’s shot was bad. He had accidentally pocketed the orange five Kiryu had tried to go for earlier.

“Talk about being bad, that was my ball. Thanks for your help”, Kiryu pointed out, causing Nishiki to blush a little, turning his head away.

“I didn’t see the color properly, I got hair in front of my eyes…” he tried to defend himself. Kiryu laughed it off.

“Haven’t really been able to go out that much lately”, he explained, taking his turn just to miss easy shot miserably once more. As Nishiki was chalking up his cue stick, Kiryu went to order another drink, glass of water disguised as a vodka shot. Better slow it down, he thought to himself.

“People still after you, after you saved my ass?” Nishiki asked, sighing deeply after he missed his following shot, sounding disappointed both from the failure and by Kiryu’s situation.

“I don’t think it’s because of that, but there’s this one odd guy who’s been after me for a while now”, Kiryu said, placing his half-finished fake drink aside, preparing for the next shot. He didn’t feel like his latest statement was a lie, more of just leaving out couple of important details.

Kiryu still had three single-colored ones to pocket before the black eight ball, Nishiki only having one striped ball left. Every shot was supposed to be a lot easier as the game continued, as there were less and less balls on the way. Sound of deep inhale, followed by sharp exhale, and the sound of cue ball hitting the violet number four, which fell into the pocket, followed by relieved snivel, echoed between them, as they both thought about what to say next.

“Do you need help with him?” Nishiki offered, being the first to open his mouth. He must’ve felt like owning more than one or two simple services to pay back for the ten year sentence Kiryu had gone through for him.

“Don’t worry about, I’ve got it under my control”, Kiryu lied, once again. He most certainly didn’t have Majima under his control, as was painstakingly obvious. He hoped for Nishiki to swallow the lie. He also hoped for more control over Majima, ‘causing him to appear…

No, this is really getting out of hand, Kiryu realized.

“If you say so. Listen, if you change your mind, just ask me and I’ll help. I owe you one, Kiryu”, Nishiki said, leaving Kiryu wondering whether he had bought those shallow words or not. He didn’t have much time for thinking, as he had to continue his turn after the successful hit. His luck must’ve turned, as he pocketed yet another ball. And another. Nishiki clapped in awe.

“Loser pays for the taxi, you in?” he suggested, looking at Kiryu carefully aiming at the cue ball. Eight ball was against the edge, stuck between the corner and the middle holes. Only way it could go in, would be by a sharp rail shot, which weren’t Kiryu’s strongest suit. He tried, holding his breath, as he saw the ball heading towards the pocket, but stopping just inch away from it.

“Prepare your wallet, I feel like doing a bit of sightseeing, Kamurocho’s such a pretty city at night”, Nishiki said, preparing his shot. Considering he had had more time to practice than Kiryu, and was left with such an easy shot, and Kiryu kept getting distracted by his own thoughts, it didn’t surprise neither of them that Nishiki pocketed the eight ball with ease.

“You got lucky this time…” Kiryu muttered, putting their cue sticks back to the rack at the wall.


Nishiki bummed cigarette from Kiryu as they headed outside, considering that to be one of the rewards for his sweet victory. Kiryu put the cigarette pack back into the pocket of his jacket, reaching for the opposite one in search of his phone, to call a taxi, as there wasn’t one immediately nearby. Business card fell down as he took the phone.

“What this?” he mumbled, reaching to pick it up. It was dark gray, with white print, only containing a phone number and the words…

“Ride of your life?” Kiryu read aloud, causing Nishiki to eye him suspiciously.

“What?” he asked, blowing out smoke along his words.

“I found this business card”, Kiryu replied, handing it to Nishiki.

“That sounds fancy. Well, you’re paying, just remember that”, he said, smiling, as Kiryu began dialing the number, his phone beeping after each button press. He still hadn’t found out how to turn the feature off, making him seem like an old man, lost under the developing technologies.

“Hey, name’s Kiryu, I need a ride from Vincent”, Kiryu stated over the phone after listening few seconds of the dial tone.

“Boss! You’re not gonna believe me, but it’s Kiryu!” said muffled man’s voice on the phone, he must’ve been talking to someone else nearby. The fact that Kiryu’s name had ‘caused such a reaction got Kiryu worrying.

“Vincent at the Park Alley?” the voice asked soon after. There was a sudden burst of loud noises, crashing of some big furniture and muffled swear words, somehow angry and excited at the same time.

“Where the fuck are my pants?” loud yell could be heard from the phone, as the other man wasn’t able to muffle the phone fast enough.

“Y-Yeah”, Kiryu replied, shocked from the sounds over at phone. Was this really a taxi company he should rely on, it started seeming more and more suspicious by the minute. What was all that ruckus about? What any of this had to do with lost pants? It seemed a bit too late to back off now, though.

“There’s two of us by the way”, he told, trying to intimidate the guy over the phone. No way the driver would try fighting off two well-built guys on his own. He knew both him and Nishiki had that scary yakuza aura around them, swaying off weak people and attracting the dangerous types.

“Two? Boss, Kiryu said he’s got company!” the man shouted, muffling the phone again.

“What?! Fuckin’ shit! That sonovabitch! We gotta hurry!” another man screeched, his voice being so loud even Nishiki could hear it. Kiryu couldn’t help but to think, that the voice seemed familiar. Could it be…?

“We… We’ll send someone over right away, sir”, the calmer man said, interrupting Kiryu’s thoughts, before ending the call. Kiryu was left distraught, listening to phones beeps once more.

“Umm, is everything okay?” Nishiki asked, seemingly worried after the yell he had heard through.

“I’m not sure. Just be cautious, the taxi, or whatever it’ll be, will be here soon”, Kiryu answered, putting his phone aside. If all would fail, they could always just take another taxi, not like they wouldn’t be able to get one in a city like Kamurocho.

They had time to finish their smokes and exchange few more words, before orange-colored sedan parked in front of them. So far, nothing out of ordinary, it looked just like your regular taxi. The driver got up and walked to the passenger’s door, opening it and bowing. He wore peacock blue jacket with white shirt and gray, striped tie and black pants. On his head, the driver had peaked cap, colors matching to rest of his clothes. Kiryu recognized the driver right away, so far his outfits hadn’t been strong enough to fool Kiryu. The eye patch and strong Kansai dialect always gave Majima away.

“Good evenin’, Kiryu-chan”, he said, trying to sound cheerful but Kiryu saw him looking almost… hurt? He eyed Nishiki very subtly, not opening door for him, rather returning back to behind the wheel. Nishiki helped himself inside the car, sitting behind Kiryu, looking at back at Majima with squinted eyes, like he was trying to remember something.

“I should’ve expected something like this”, Kiryu said, mostly directing his words towards Majima. Kiryu found himself feeling something similar to, well, not maybe happiness, but relief at least. His heart felt a lot lighter all of a sudden, even though underneath the ease, he also felt guilty, for wasting his thoughts on a hopeless dreams. Majima had made it clear last time, that all he wanted from Kiryu was just some fun.

“Do I know him?”, Nishiki whispered to Kiryu in front of him. Majima had already turned started the car, going through a bag full of CD’s rather frantically, mumbling to himself.

“What do you mean?” Kiryu asked in a hushed voice, though Majima seemed to be so distracted by the process of picking music, that he wouldn't’ve probably heard them anyway.

“I’m sure I’ve seen him before”, Nishiki said, still staring at Majima, who put on music, turning the volume just a little bit too high for others.

“So, where to?” he asked, yelling over the blasting trash metal. Guitar started off with catchy, steady riff, drums joining in after a while with heavy hits on tom-toms and crash cymbals. It sounded raw and angry, somehow very fitting for Majima, although lately he hadn’t shown much of that side of his to Kiryu.

“I dunno. I feel like doing a bit of sightseeing”, Nishiki shouted from the backseat, before Kiryu any say in this. Majima nodded, turning on the first gear. Before returning his hand from gear shift to the wheel, he quickly ran his hand against Kiryu’s outer thigh. Kiryu gasped at this bold move. His body said yes, but mind was hesitant, he hoped Nishiki didn’t notice the sexual tension of between the two men in front of him.

“Yeah, just drive us around a bit if you don’t mind, before dropping us to Serena”, Kiryu asked, having more things on his mind to direct at Nishiki, but he had lost his train of thought, as Majima switched from first to second gear, repeating his previous trick once more, more boldly than earlier, running his hand slower and giving him a flirty side-eyed look.

Kiryu almost shrieked, as he felt another hand reaching for him, this time around his shoulder. The touch wasn’t as delicate and flirty.

“You got some dirt on your shoulder”, Nishiki said, patting Kiryu’s shoulder few times. Kiryu sighed, as he got worked up for nothing.

“Serena, huh? Both of you? I’m sorry but I can’t do that”, Majima asked, side-eyeing Kiryu, who was still flustered by Majima’s touch. The boldness of his actions was scary, but somehow really arousing at the same time. Like he didn’t even bother to think, what other would think about his actions.

“What do you mean? We’re paying you, so you better take us wherever we feel like going, unless you feel like getting beaten up by us”, Nishiki said harshly, cracking his fists so that Majima would see it from the rear mirror.

“Aren’t ya a fiery one? I’ll drop ya to Serena, don’t worry about it, but I’m gonna have to borrow Kiryu-chan for a while longer”, Majima replied, now going for the third gear and driving just a little too fast for such a crowded street. He laid his hand even more boldly on Kiryu’s thigh, leaving it there for a couple of seconds, then running it towards the crotch and giving a slight squeeze. Majima give Kiryu a rather scary looking grin, angry and horny at the same time.

“Kiryu, is everything okay? I’m starting to get second thoughts about this driver… He seems lunatic”, Nishiki whispered in a hushed tone, but apparently not quiet enough, as Majima suddenly got worked up.

“Ya wanna walk from here?” he asked, turning his from road to Nishiki. He hadn’t easen up on the gas pedal, in fact, only pressing it down harder.

“Majima-san, please, calm down”, Kiryu begged, hanging from the handle above the window, squeezing it with white knuckles.

“Sheesh, aren’t ya two a borin’ bunch”, Majima hissed, looking back at the road just in time, as he was about to hit couple of young businessmen crossing the street. He hit the brakes immediately, stopping just two feet away from those men. One of them raised his hand and yelling something, only to get blocked by the loud music. Majima screeched back at him, something about looking around before crossing the road. Like he would’ve been the one to take any advice from, really.

“Majima? Why does the name sound so familiar?” Nishiki mumbled, just loudly enough for Kiryu to hear. Majima was already back on track, eye on road and singing along his music.

“I feel my world shake like an earthquake / Hard to see clear, is it me, is it fear? / I’m madly in anger with you / I’m madly in anger with you / I’m madly in anger with you / I’m madly in anger with you” he sang, only getting louder and angrier towards the end.


The first song was barely finished, when they arrived at the front of Serena. Nishiki open his door, but turned towards Kiryu once more before leaving.

“Hey, be careful. You mean a lot to me”, Nishiki said, before slamming the door shut behind him. His face had somewhat worried expression, Kiryu could tell. He felt bad for making his sworn brother worry so much, but he’d rather not explain his situation with Majima to Nishiki, as he was barely aware himself exactly what was going on.

“Get a room, ya two”, Majima sighed, as soon as the door was shut.

“What do you mean? You’ve been acting really weird today, even for yourself. Why are you so angry today?” Kiryu said back. Majima had began driving again, still as carelessly as before.

“Me? Weird? Angry? Why the fuck haven’t ya told ya have a fuckin’ boyfriend?! Not so long ago I got all dolled up for ya and ya still tried resistin’ me despite the effort to make it as easy on ya as possible and now all of a sudden ya have another man by your side?” Majima yelled at Kiryu over the loud music. Kiryu felt like his head would explode. Majima’s taste in music was bad, Kiryu thought.

“Boyfriend? Majima-san, I’m not following you”, Kiryu replied, trying to turn the music just a little bit lower. Majima slapped his hand.

“Don’t play innocent! That guy we just dropped off! I saw ya two whisperin’ around like lovers and he got his hands on ya!” Majima roared, speeding way over the limit. They had kept going South from Serena, now steering along the Showa Street. As it was highway rather than a city-center street, there were no people to worry about at least.

“You’re imagining things. Nishiki is my sworn brother, we grew up together, and that’s that”, Kiryu explained. He would’ve laughed at Majima’s suspicions under any other circumstances, but right now, seeing how furious he was, Kiryu was just left bemused.

“You’re serious, aren’t ya? Then why the fuck didn’t ya say anythin’? Ya got me all worked up for nothin’!” Majima asked after few moments, first sentence being a lot calmer than anything he had said earlier that evening, but getting that anger back in the following question.

“You never asked. What does it matter anyway? We were just fooling around, right?”, Kiryu said, trying to get some form of confirmation off from Majima, of what he thought of them.

“Don’t ya get smug on me. I just don’t wanna go around ‘causin’ drama on other people’s romances, that’s all. Now shut up and let me focus on drivin’”, Majima answered. Kiryu had a feeling this hadn’t been the whole truth, but didn’t want to push Majima over the edge, considering how hastily he had driven earlier. Kiryu tried once more to turn the music down. He was allowed this time, as Majima wasn’t as frustrated anymore, needing the loud metal to numb, or maybe enhance the feelings he had.

They continued the ride in somewhat awkward silence, only noises being the music, sounds made by the car and traffic passing by. Majima drove slightly more careful, though he still seemed a bit angry, probably more to himself than towards Kiryu. Kiryu didn’t quite understand Majima’s emotions, as he didn’t even bother explaining himself fully. Only thing Kiryu could think of, was Majima getting jealous, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Why would he be getting jealous, when all he wanted was someone to have fun with?


They had been driving straight for 15 minutes or so, when Majima suddenly stopped the car at an unknown backstreet parking ground, turning off the engine.

“Why are we stopping here?” Kiryu asked, looking around and trying to figure out where they were. He didn’t recognize the place. It was dark, and there we no signboards or buildings that would’ve stood out enough to point out their location.

“I want my payment”, Majima said, leaning towards Kiryu and flashing a naughty smile, rubbing his thigh once again.

“Now? I didn’t ask you to drive me here. I don’t even know where we are”, Kiryu wondered, getting slightly distracted from Majima’s adventuring hand. He had expected this to happen, considering how Majima had kept teasing him during the driving, before he had his so called fit.

“Don’t worry, I have no idea either” Majima replied, looking at the taximeter in top of the now silenced radio, running some calculations on it.

“Do ya know how much I charge for a 45 minute drive?” he asked after a while. Kiryu tried to peek for the sum from the meter, but the screen was empty.

“No way you’ve driven me around for that long”, Kiryu answered, being clueless as ever.

“Not yet. But I did promise ya the ride of your life, that takes some time. Thought this’d be as good place as any, I don’t think anyone’s gonna bother us here”, Majima murmured, now running his hand up the thigh, towards the crotch. Kiryu didn’t have to guess twice about the means of payment Majima probably had in his mind. Finally, Kiryu thought. Just thinking about what would happen in a few minutes, got his blood rushing.

“You still wanna do it? I thought you were angry with me”, Kiryu replied, running his fingers on Majima’s gloved hand, as an encouragement to keep on going.

“I’m just angry with myself right now. My imagination got the best of me… Hope I didn’t leave too bad first impression for your brother”, Majima sighed, almost sounding like he was sorry for his outburst of emotions.

“Actually, he was sure he had met you somewhere before”, Kiryu told, trying to think back on what exactly Nishiki had said, but Majima’s wild hand made thinking, among other things, quite hard.

“He did seem familiar, now that you mentioned it. What was his name again?” Majima asked, pulling his hand back all of a sudden, getting more distracted by trying to remember, than the man on the passenger seat.

“Nishikiyama”, Kiryu answered. Majima was quiet, thinking, staring out of the window. Kiryu felt frustrated, as he was left hanging after the tease that had started out so promising, but at the same time, he wanted Majima to be able to clear his head, after all, it was better to get interrupted by thoughts now, rather than later when things got more heated.

“Actually, I think it was at Serena. Somethin’ like fifteen years ago or so. I was searchin’ for him, to help findin’ ya, what a coincidence, so ya could help findin’ Mako... shit shit shit shit!” he spoke after thinking for a minute or so, starting out calmly enough, but losing his cool suddenly. He hit his forehead against the steering wheel, repeatedly.

“Majima-san? Are you okay?” Kiryu asked, cupping Majima’s cheeks to stop him from hurting himself more. Kiryu had no clue what had gotten Majima so shocked so suddenly, but it must’ve been a painful memory, judging from the reaction.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t wanna think about it!” he shouted, avoiding on meeting Kiryu’s eyes.

“Anything I can do to help you?” Kiryu insisted, more out off an instinct than anything. He didn’t believe for a moment Majima would actually rely on him for help.

“Being with you makes the pain go away…” Majima mumbled, so quietly Kiryu missed half of the words. He still kept his head turned away. Kiryu felt Majima’s cheeks warming up under his hands.

“What did you say?” Kiryu asked. He did like the sound of Majima’s words, but he wasn’t sure if he had heard them right.

“Nothing. Forget it. Really. Shut up. Take of your pants and gimme somethin’ else to worry about”, Majima demanded, attacking the front of Kiryu’s pants all of a sudden, oddly energetic for the situation, and went straight for his belt. Kiryu wasn’t sure whether it was smart to allow this, Majima clearly had some skeletons in his closet, just waiting the door to get opened and then they’d fall and make bigger mess than neither of them was ready to handle. Was is smart to allow him to keep running from his troubles? It was hard trying to listen to the voice of moral, as Majima’s hungry hands unbuttoned the pants, that were only growing tighter.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Majima sighed with a hint of newly found joy in his voice, as he pulled Kiryu’s pants just low enough to see the erection. Kiryu was quickly losing his last urges for stopping Majima, as Majima placed his lips gently around the tip of the cock.

“Majima-san, are you sure this is good i-” Kiryu began his last attempt of persuasion, but Majima pressed his hand in front of Kiryu’s mouth.

“I’ll leave ya walkin’ home if ya try to change my mind”, he hissed, before returning on adoring Kiryu’s cock. The flickering tongue and the wet lips both felt heavenly, Kiryu didn’t feel like resisting, even though the voice inside his head kept telling him, that this would cause some bigger issues later. These thoughts quickly disappeared, as tip of the tongue rolled around the glans, making him moan against Majima’s hand.

Kiryu ran his hand on back of Majima’s head, feeling the short hair on the edge of the neck, guiding Majima’s mvoements. He wasn’t the only one getting impatient. Majima withdrew his hand that was covering Kiryu’s mouth, and began opening his own pants.

“At least I’m not the only one gettin’ hot in here”, Majima sighed, ending the blowjob, leaving Kiryu’s dick all wet and hard, yearning for more action. Majima threw his pants aside, somewhere over the backseat.

“Can ya pull that seat a bit backwards?” he asked, reaching for the glove compartment. Kiryu searched for the handle, soon finding it underneath the seat, pressing it down and kicking his seat backwards as far as it went, then turning the scroll wheel to adjust the angle of the backrest.

“I have to say, the places you pick for sex aren’t the most practical”, Kiryu said, measuring the available space with his eyes. Majima was slim and an agile man, he may just be able to pull this off. It would’ve been a lot easier on the backseat, but it seemed Majima had already made his choice.

“Never done it in a car before, thought I wanna try it with ya, Kiryu-chan. Ya gotta admit, my plan’s as brilliant as ever. Betcha didn’t expect to be fuckin’ me at the end of the day”, Majima replied, as he had begun lubing himself. Kiryu took the condom wrapper from Majima’s hands and ripped it open, sliding it onto his stiff cock.

“You’re right, I didn’t expect this. But why not get a bigger car, if you’re already going this far? Imagine how cool a limousine would’ve been”, Kiryu suggested, making Majima roll his eye.

“Now you’re just bein’ ungrateful, ya know how much effort it took me to organize all of this shit? Ya should’ve told me ya want a sugar daddy and that good ol’ Majima ain’t enough for ya”, Majima answered, sounding slightly hurt, the glint in the corner of his eye cleared out all the hints of real anger.

“Sorry, I was just kidding with you. I appreciate everything you’ve gone through. You are the unforecasted storm, really. I never know what you’re up to next. Lucky for you, I prefer rain and hurricanes over sunshine”, Kiryu said, meaning every word. Now he hoped he hadn’t been too straightforward. The words just spoken left Majima flustered, turning his head away once again.

“Less talkin’ and more fuckin’, alright?” he demanded, climbing over Kiryu’s hips. Majima’s movements were as precise as always, he didn’t struggle finding a comfortable position to be in. His right leg was against the passenger’s side door, and the left one on the edge of the seat, just next to Kiryu’s thigh. He slowly lowered himself on Kiryu’s cock, letting out a deep sigh as it slipped inside his asshole. Kiryu couldn’t keep quiet either, as he felt Majima’s inner muscles squeezing around his manhood.

“I’ll never grow tired of the way your cock feels inside me, Kiryu-chan”, Majima purred, pressing his forehead against Kiryu’s, or at least as close as he could, as the cap’s visor quickly came in the way. Now that Kiryu gave it a bit of thought, he realized he had never seen Majima completely naked, as he usually insisted on keeping on the outfit, for one reason or another.

“What’s with all the outfits by the way? How long are you gonna keep up with this?” Kiryu couldn’t help himself from asking. Instead of getting direct answer, Majima cupped Kiryu’s cheeks between his hands, silencing him with a kiss, leaving Kiryu yet once again without a clear answer. The kiss was sloppy and wet, just deeming enough to grasp attention from everything else but the pleasure they felt at the moment. Kiryu found himself pulling Majima’s face closer from his gray tie. Kiryu couldn’t help himself from thinking, that this seemed so much like the time he had been “arrested” by Majima. Position was almost the same and Kiryu used the tie to pull the other man closer, just like now.

“What do ya have against my ties, ya always go messin’ them up?” Majima scoffed in the middle of the kiss, against Kiryu’s lips. Both the words and the sensation of hot breath against the lips made Kiryu chuckle. Majima’s lips were so sweet Kiryu felt he was becoming addicted on them, each kiss becoming more and more fatal for his feelings. How long would he be able to keep this up?

Majima took support from seat’s headrest, as he picked up the speed. Windows of the cramped car had began forming steam, as the two men grew sweatier and breath became heavier, only making their session even more intimate than it already was. Skin against skin and faces only inches apart, you couldn’t really get much closer even if you really tried to. If there was anyone prying from outside, he was sure to know what was going on, as the suspension of the vehicle followed Majima’s movements ever so slightly, but to Kiryu and Majima, at that moment, there was no one else but each others.

“D’ya mind giving my stick shift a turn, would ya? My engine’s about to overheat”, Majima moaned against Kiryu’s neck, as he kept bouncing on Kiryu’s lap, back arched and ecstatic grin on his face. Kiryu grasped Majima’s cock, rubbing thumb over the tip, moistened by pre-cum.

“My brake fluids are about to leak, too”, Kiryu murmured back at Majima, being proud as ever of himself for being able to come up with such a brilliant joke in a moment like this. These thoughts soon faded, as he realized just how close Majima’s frantic riding had gotten him. Kiryu felt his body tensing up, his hand, stroking Majima’s cock, felt just a bit trembling.

“Aww fuck”, Majima cried out, throwing his head back, as he reached his overdrive state. He kept on riding through his orgasm, despite his body getting shaky, as Kiryu’s cock kept hitting the hidden spots of pleasure inside his twitching hole. Feeling this, and seeing the pure bliss on Majima’s face, feeling the shallow panting against his neck, made Kiryu dissolve into pleasure as well. For the brief moment, all he felt was euphoria, and Majima on his lap, spasming in post-orgasmic state, making his own climax feel even better, knowing the one who had helped him to achieve it, was right there with him.

- - -

“Thanks for the ride, Majima-san. It was really something”, Kiryu said, as he was getting ready to part ways with Majima for tonight. Only now Kiryu had realized, how tired he was. It was no wonder, car’s clock showed it was already half past two in the late night.

“Pleasure’s all mine. Felt good to blow out some steam and get to know your dipstick better”, Majima replied, tipping his peaked cap at Kiryu.

“Not that your anger was totally unexcpected, I mean, it’s part of who you seem to be. Unexpect the unexcepted, you know. Talking about that, are you gonna give me a hint about the next time?” Kiryu acknowledged, before throwing out the eager question he just couldn’t left unspoken. Majima grinned at him.

“There’s still pent up anger in me. Ya know what I wanna do about that? How about we fight each others, just for old times sake? Ya know the place called Coliseum, at the West Park? Meet me there in a few days”, Majima suggested, being surprisingly open about his plans this time. He was right though, they hadn’t fought in a long time, not since their first date at Shine.

“Why are you telling me all of this? You sure there’s no catch in this?” Kiryu insisted, as he was still left confused by Majima’s sudden honesty.

“Nah, I don’t roll like that. Or do I? That’s for you to decide. No, really, that’d be a real dick move from my part. Now, go, I got places to be and I gotta clean up this car before returning this”, Majima answered.

Kiryu left the car, swearing that the first thing he’d do next morning, would be to re-new his gym membership to be on his peak for his upcoming match up with Majima.

* * *

Chapter Text

Hot water ran over Kiryu’s body. His muscles ached a bit, as he had worked out so hard that day. The warm shower helped to ease the pain, caused by too much lifting. He had hit the gym like this for four days now, knowing he still wasn’t in peak condition, (something like that wouldn’t be possible in a few day's time no matter how hard you tried) but it would’ve been rude to leave Majima waiting any longer. Not only that, but he himself was getting more and more excited seeing Majima after each time they had met so far. He was almost like a drug, after getting the first taste, you were only left longing for one more dose. Doubt there were any rehab clinics for that, and not that Kiryu necessarily wanted to recover, not just yet.

This time though, there was more behind all of this. As it had started out as friendly sparring between two men with rather tough guy reputations, Kiryu still wanted to prove his worth to Majima, in more ways than one might first assume. First Majima had just wanted to beat him up, then all of a sudden he wanted to beat Kiryu’s meat too. It didn’t make sense back then, and really, it didn’t make sense even now, but Kiryu wasn’t complaining.

Unlike the man outside.

“Hey, quit hogging the shower!”, someone yelled at Kiryu from behind the shower curtain, making him realize, that once again, the hot water had got his thoughts running. He quickly rinsed the shower gel off from his body, grabbed his towel and headed to the dressing room.

The usual red shirt he wore today would’ve been ideal for tonight, as the bloodstains wouldn’t have stood out that much. However, as usual, these serious fights between two hotshots were carried out without shirts, to show off those tattoos, who after all defined who you were. Kiryu couldn’t remember Majima’s motif. Now that he came to think of it, he had only seen it partially, as the top part was somewhat visible under the pink snakeskin dress. Kiryu thought it might have had something with horns, maybe? It was only fitting for him after all, considering what a horny man he seemed to be. Kiryu fought against the smile ‘caused by his own joke, getting a few odd looks from other men in the dressing room. He must’ve seemed like a true oddball, snickering to himself in a room full of half-naked men. Maybe it was Majima’s doing, that he had let himself loosen up like this, even if it was just a little.


It was dark outside, but the bright neon lights were there to guide his way towards the West Park, where the entrance at Coliseum located. The place was familiar to Kiryu, he had first visited there a few months back, and continuing to drop by every now and then when he felt like earning a bit of pocket money or blowing off some steam. It was also a great way to catch up on fighting, as he didn’t get much practice inside the rock. It hadn’t taken too long for other inmates to start respecting Kiryu, instead of bullying him, seeing he was a decent man after all.

West Park had become worse and worse over the years. In the late eighties, it had already a steady population of homeless people, and now that they had settled down there, the city kind of gave up with the park altogether, leaving it on its own. They had even shut down the main entrance, if you wanted to get in, one had to know how to. Kiryu knew.

He walked towards the run-down toilet block, the furthermost door had a sign telling that stall was out of use. It was kind of true, as there was no working toilet, hadn’t been for quite some time, but an entrance to the park. As soon as Kiryu had entered the park, he heard a raspy voice.

“Hey, can you spare me some change for a drink?” the unknown man, in worn down clothes and overgrown hair asked. Kiryu sighed, giving him a 500 yen coin, just enough for two beers from the nearby convenience store, as it was faster and easier than dealing with the man if he’d start a ruckus. Usually, they were polite enough, but every now and then there was an occasional troublemaker. Most of the time, they didn’t last very long there at the park.

“Thank you, mister. Thank you so much!” the man shouted after Kiryu, as he kept walking.

For some reason Kiryu couldn’t explain, he felt somewhat uneasy, like someone was following him. He tried to pass the thought, reasoning it was just another drunk guy after his money.

Kiryu tried to look behind his back sneakily but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, which was odd, because he was absolutely certain he had heard footsteps behind his back just now.

“Huh, I must be more tired than I thought or something”, he mumbled to himself, turning his head back forward. After 100 feet or so, he heard those footsteps again, making him determined this had to be more than just his imagination running wild.

“Hello?” he asked with doubt in his voice, looking back once more. He still didn’t see his suspected predator and heard no word from them either. Kiryu felt spooked. He usually wasn’t easily frightened, but this time his imagination, or whatever this was, was getting the better of him. The questionable location, the darkness of the night, the gut feeling he had that there was someone, they all made Kiryu feel so uncomfortable.

He almost shrieked, as he turned his head back forward, and saw a dark figure suddenly in front of him. It seemed almost as if it had appeared out of thin air. It was a man in a black tuxedo, but it wasn’t the suit that caught the attention, but the face, or more of, the fact that it wasn’t visible. Scary looking mask of the Japanese demon from the old legends, Hannya, covered the man’s face, aside from bottom lip and jaw. The jaw and the goatee seemed similar…

“Majima-san?” Kiryu asked. The man, who just got assumed as Majima, didn’t say a word, just stood there and looked at Kiryu. The resemblance only became more obvious, as Kiryu noticed the mask had eye patch over the left eye, just like Majima had.

“Hey, I know it’s you”, Kiryu assured, only to still not getting any explanation out from the mystery man. This was rather odd. He was as tall as Majima, he even wore the same kind of steel-tipped leather shoes, and had the exact same posture. Why didn’t he just open his damn mouth then, if he had already been recognized, Kiryu kept thinking.

Something about the man’s presence must’ve been very convincing, if not threatening, as he got Kiryu following his lead with just a little motion of his finger. Hannya man turned his back and started walking forward, Kiryu right behind him, feeling both curious and aghast. The masked man escorted them through the park, lurking in the shadows to avoid unwanted attention, to a quiet corner at the back of the park. There were a couple of temporary construction walls made of metal and plastic, giving them, even more privacy, than the darkness of the park and their isolated location already offered.

The man approached Kiryu, who was back against the concrete wall that was secluding the park from the city’s noises and pollution. He laid his hand on Kiryu’s face, stroking his cheek.

“Majima-san, you’re creeping me out”, Kiryu stuttered, trying to take a step back but he hit against the wall. The texture of the concrete was rough and cool from the night’s breeze.

The man walked closer, placing both of his hands on the sides of Kiryu’s head, leaving him no means of escaping. Not that he necessarily wanted to get away from the situation, he was just freaked out and didn’t know what to do. What bothered him the most, was the question of why the man assumed as Majima still hadn’t said anything.

The masked man smiled, licking his lower lip as he pinned Kiryu’s wrists against the wall, above his head. The way he breathed deeply just next to Kiryu’s ear, hot air tickling the on the sensitive skin, made Kiryu shiver from the anticipation of what was to come. He felt his blood pumping, as the masked man was rubbing his thigh gently against Kiryu’s crotch, leaving the pinned man thirsting for more. The contrast between the roughness of the restriction against the hard wall and the delicate touches was something Kiryu hadn’t experienced before. He was at the mercy of the Hannya man, who now almost sounded as if he chuckled ever so slightly under his breath.

The wet, precise tongue of the masked man traced along the ridges of Kiryu’s ear’s shell. A quiet gasp escaped from Kiryu’s lips when the tongue slid down on the earlobe, and lick turned into a gentle bite and pull. The evening was so quiet they could hear each other raised heartbeats, although Kiryu’s was much faster than the mystery man’s.

As the man repeated his action on Kiryu’s other ear as well, he ran his free hand slowly towards the buckle of Kiryu’s belt. Instead of opening it at the exact moment he reached it, he traced the lines of it, making Kiryu more impatient every second. Hannya man’s thigh kept rubbing against Kiryu’s erection, visibly bulging through his pants.

“Please…” Kiryu sighed out of despair. The masked man withdrew his hand on the instant as he heard Kiryu’s words.

“Shh…” he hissed, or more like mouthed it, as the sound of his hiss was almost inaudible. He was motioning Kiryu to keep quiet by raising his hand in front of Kiryu’s face, raising the index finger and pressing against Kiryu’s lips. He proceeded to trace the outlines of Kiryu’s lips with the finger, smelling like tobacco. Kiryu’s brains and heart told to follow the orders, cock protested, but it was two against one so Kiryu kept quiet, for now, as the Hannya man returned his hand to the previous position. This time, he ran his hand down much slower, making occasional twirls around the chest and abs.

The sound of belt buckle clinking as it was being opened was razor-sharp in the otherwise quiet night. The hands opening it didn’t seem shaky at all, and Kiryu adored the aura of coolness emitting of Hannya man. That was very unlike to Majima, who was usually eager with this sort of things, or at least had been the last few times they had done it. Although Kiryu was getting impatient, he couldn’t say he wouldn’t have enjoyed the tease and the suspense.

The button of the pants opened with ease under the steady hands of the Hannya man. Kiryu felt so naked and vulnerable, all though all he had lost was his pants, and even they were still at his ankles.

Hannya man ran his hand up from the underside of the cock to towards the tip. He wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head gently with his thumb, keeping steady eye contact with his victim, or so Kiryu felt under this merciless, yet pleasurable attack. Hannya man seemed to be smiling, as he watched Kiryu’s emotions balancing between fear and lust, the latter getting tighter and tighter hold as the masked man firmed his grasp of the glans, cupping it with his hand.

A quiet moan escaped from Kiryu’s mouth, as he noticed the masked man getting on his knees in front of Kiryu. He stuck out his tongue, looking up to face the blowjob receiver, Hannya man rolled his tongue around the tip, holding from the base of the cock with his other hand. Kiryu felt intimidated. Although his hands were now freed, he didn’t have any urges to escape anymore. His back arched, as he yearned for more than just teasing licks. Lower lip tasted like blood, as he had been biting it just a little too hard to keep himself quiet, as Hannya man had wished. Kiryu was too deep in his pleasure to mind the hint of a metallic taste in his mouth.

“I wanna eat ya up”, Hannya man murmured, before taking the dick into his mouth. As the licks turned into a gentle suck, Kiryu couldn’t help but to lean back and enjoy the sensations. This mystery man was really good, although the tricks he did with his mouth seemed very similar to something he had once experienced before…

Suddenly Kiryu realized, that the hand that had previously caressed his thighs, then balls and lastly perineum, had somehow been lubed and now finger was massaging the entrance to his asshole. All this has passed by without Kiryu noticing, as he was enjoying himself too much.

“H-Hey! Wait just a moment”, Kiryu resisted, although with only half effort. Not that he totally opposed the idea, he just felt hesitant. Although nothing more had happened just yet, Kiryu knew exactly where this train was heading. The finger teasing his entrance did feel good, Hannya man had been very gentle and the foreplay had gotten Kiryu relaxed, oddly enough, making him feel he was ready for whatever was about to come, or so he thought.

“Shh…”, the masked man shushed once more in the midst of the blowjob. He kept massaging and lubing the asshole, slowly making his way in. Kiryu mewled quietly, more from a shock than discomfort. In fact, it didn’t feel bad, just very, very different than anything he had felt before. As he had told Majima earlier, Kiryu hadn’t been with a man before their first date. Kiryu still hadn’t completely come to terms with this new side of his sexuality, but there was no use denying it now, as he got fingered by another man.

Another finger slid in, making Kiryu moan once more. He might’ve protested, but the masked man’s mouth made everything feel incredibly good. Now that they had already gone this far, might as well go all the way. Kiryu was turned on enough to be willing to try almost anything his partner was up to.

The fingers inside him felt good. They were gentle yet precise, and it didn’t take him too long to get used to the feeling of having them inside his yet unexplored asshole.

Hannya man got up after seeing Kiryu had relaxed enough for what was about to happen next. He quickly opened his pants and let them drop down. Kiryu saw his cock, hard and pointing forward with just a slight curve upwards. Kiryu felt both excited and anxious. The latter quickly faded, as the masked man gave Kiryu’s cock a few last strokes, before he gently, but very decisively, grasped Kiryu by the waist, turning him 180 degrees so he now faced the concrete wall. Somehow, not seeing the other man’s face with the creepy mask made it spookier for Kiryu.

Kiryu gasped, as he felt the masked man pressing his own erection against Kiryu’s bare ass, rubbing between the cheeks.

“Ya look so good like this… Ya can’t imagine how long I’ve been waitin’ for this…” he murmured against Kiryu’s neck, dripping a few drops of sweat from anxiety. Kiryu put his hands against the wall, leaning forward. The urge to pleasure himself, as the Hannya man’s touches were more of a tease than pleasure, grew stronger by the moment, but so far he managed to resist, mostly due to fear what would happen if he’d allow himself to indulge for a bit.

“Please, be gentle”, Kiryu asked, as he heard the man behind him putting on the condom and pouring lube over it. The masked man gave Kiryu’s neck a quick kiss, before placing the tip of his cock against Kiryu’s entrance. He rolled it around to spread the lube a bit, before very gently thrusting in. Kiryu groaned as quietly as he could. He still wasn’t too keen on the idea of having sex in a public place, especially when it was sort of loss of virginity, still feeling somewhat ashamed about the events at the Debolah. It’d take a long time before he’d be able to show his face there again.

The tip was in, and it wasn’t as bad as Kiryu had feared. He wasn’t accustomed enough to call it pleasurable just yet, but the hand of Hannya man, stroking his cock sluggishly, made it a lot more tolerable. The man behind Kiryu didn’t hurry, but kept slowly going back and forth, going just a bit deeper with each thrust. Kiryu found himself mumbling swear words, as Hannya man buried his cock deeper within him.

“F-Fuck…”, Kiryu sighed, feeling already so full of the mystery man’s cock. Kiryu had no idea, how much of it was inside him already, as all he saw was his own feet, the ground, and the wall in front of him.

“You’re so big”, he continued, holding back his mixed emotions. He loved the feeling of this fullness, but at the same time, it worried him, for how much he’d be able to endure. He felt Hannya man hitting that sweet spot inside his asshole he had only heard about before. He let out a deep sigh, as the cock hit it from just the right angle.

Hannya man placed his hand over at Kiryu’s mouth, probably getting frustrated with how Kiryu couldn’t keep his mouth shut. It was a good call though, getting unwanted attention at the time like this would’ve been awkward.

Kiryu let out muffled mumbles against the hand that was silencing him. Not that he’d had anything important to say, just affirmative words to boost Majima’s, if the man even was him, which although had only become more obvious as he had opened his mouth, as his Kansai accent had once again revealed his identity. Unless, of course, this mysterious man had come all the way from the South just to hunt down poor Kiryu…

It was truly remarkable, how Kiryu had, once again, let his thought escape, and managing to allow it in a time like this. He found himself thinking of Majima, yet again. Instead of getting railed by a very Majima-like man and enjoy every moment of it, he instead wanted to think about things? It didn’t make any sense.

“Fuck. Snap out of it”, he mumbled, still getting out only muffled sounds, thanks to the hand still over his mouth. It was all wet now, thanks to Kiryu’s attempts at speaking and the way he had begun panting as he grew more and more accustomed to Hannya man’s dick inside him.

“Guess I gotta change my means of silencin’ ya, this clearly ain’t workin’”, the masked man muttered, lowering his hand on Kiryu’s neck and grasping it, just gently enough to ‘cause a slight light-headiness at worst, and even that only after a while. The other hand was still stroking Kiryu’s cock, mostly with up and down strokes, but spicing it up with occasional twists.

Kiryu’s knees felt weak, both from the nearing orgasm and the lessened blood flow to his brain. Hannya man seemed to be holding back, he was panting, but the way he every now and then did few thrusts just a bit faster, told Kiryu he was just trying not to hurt him. Kiryu was so close he didn’t really mind the roughness at this point.

“H-Harder”, he groaned with a raspy voice from the choking.

“Huh, you’re likin’ it, when I fuck ya and choke ya?” Hannya man asked, his words sounding somewhat odd, he was breaking out of character he had been acting like the whole time. Somehow this change of character, if one could call this as that, made Kiryu feel more relaxed, knowing he was in at least somewhat safe hands.

“Yes. Please… Fuck me harder”, he replied, trying to keep his shaky voice down. He was seeing static at the edges of his vision, feeling he was about to either come like he had never come before, or faint, from lack of oxygen. His body tingled, almost as if the struggles with breathing made his other senses more sensitive. Voices the man behind him made, the little pants and moans, sounded sharper, the faint taste of blood still in his mouth tasted just a bit crispier, and the masked man’s hot breath against Kiryu’s neck, not to mention the strokes on his painfully erect cock, about to burst, felt so incredible he just couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Fuuuck….!” he sighed deeply, as the big waves of orgasm hit him like a tsunami. He really had to press his hands hard against the wall as to not to fall down, as he felt so weak, fighting against the spasms caused by intense pleasure the man behind him had caused. He felt like saying thank you, but the words just didn’t come out, only unintelligible moans.

Hannya man hadn’t reached his climax just yet, although judging by the heavy, sharp breaths, he was nearing it. The hand that had just finished Kiryu off, now laid on Kiryu’s chest, keeping him in steady as the masked man gave out the final thrusts with such force, Kiryu was pretty sure he’d have to call a taxi, as he couldn’t walk home after that. It felt heavenly, stimulating his already overwhelmed body like that.

Hannya man buried his head against Kiryu’s shoulder, panting against the neck, as he neared his climax, his entire body shivering.

Kiryu felt the cock throbbing inside him, becoming happy as the masked man held so tightly from Kiryu’s chest, loosening the grasp around the throat, allowing Kiryu to take a few deep breaths. The oxygen and the blood rushing to his brain gave him quite the rush, making his dizziness even worse than it already was. The anxiety he had felt earlier now faded with such pace he struggled to keep up.

“Your ass feels fuckin’ amazin’. Worth the wait”, Hannya man sighed after his climax, still leaning against Kiryu, but not holding as tightly anymore, as he was before.

“Finally got you talking, by the way. I know it’s you, Majima-san, I know your voice too well by now”, Kiryu pointed out, making Majima turn his head away. He must’ve been embarrassed for his plan failing, now finally having to revealed his identity.

“Well, I got ya fooled long enough anyways”, Majima sighed, pulling himself back, letting out a small, pleased after-sex grunt, as Kiryu’s outer muscles squeezed his cock so nicely.

“That you sure did. Can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this afraid”, Kiryu replied, still leaning against the wall as he felt rather light-headed after his intense orgasm. He couldn’t remember if he had ever came with such a force. Majima had been surprisingly gentle with him at the beginning, but the ending was a whole different story.

“Ya sure know how to flatter me. That was the plan”, Majima said back, running his arm on Kiryu’s back and proceeding to give him a quick kiss on the neck, although the mask made kissing pretty much pointless, as his lips were barely able to touch the skin, sweaty from the heat of the action.

“I don’t think there’s need to hide anymore, I saw through your disguise the moment I saw you”, Kiryu disclosed, turning his face to look at Majima.

“I don’t think ya understand how hard this is for me. I’d much rather keep on the balaclava, so to speak”, he answered, sounding secretive as ever. Kiryu couldn’t help but to think that this was very unlikely to Majima, who usually said whatever he damn well felt like.

“What do you mean? You’re being as cryptic as ever, Majima-san”, Kiryu tried to implore. As usual, the more you tried to hide something, the more people were willing to find out the truth. Majima must’ve acknowledged this too, as he spent quite a while thinking of his next words.

“Ya really thinkin’ I’m like this? A mad man, whatever ya wanna call it. We all got our demons hauntin’ us. I just don’t get fucked by them, like ya just did”, he finally said, ending with a joke to distract the attention away from this seemingly unwanted topic. He was pulling up his pants, Kiryu heard the buckling sound of metal clanking.

“Aren’t you being clever again. Can’t say I really understand what you’re running away from, and you’re not obliged to tell me if you don’t want to, but sometimes it just helps, you know, to get these things off from your chest”, Kiryu tried to console Majima, despite knowing his words wouldn’t probably change the way he acted. Majima was too stubborn for his own good.

“If only I could be as naive as you, Kiryu-chan”, he sighed, starting to take his leave. He had opened a new pack of cigarettes, the light from the lighter was unnaturally bright in the dark of the night. Kiryu was quite saddened, as Majima was taking his leave so soon. Not that he’d have any reason to make him stay any longer, as he was quite tired himself as well.

“You’re not gonna leave me any hint this time about the next time?” Kiryu asked, yearning in his voice. Shit, he was in deep waters, he thought, as he realized he was starting to miss the other as soon as they had turned back on him.

“There ya go, amazin’ me once again. I gotta do so much just to get ya spooked, and ya manage to do it with just bein’ yourself. Your eagerness, and the fact you’re not even trying to hide it, is worryin’ me. I was obsessed with ya and now that you’ve gone and done it, I’m gettin’ cold feet. Ugh. I’m talkin’ too much. Demons are on my back again, gotta run”, Majima rambled. Even though his words were still rather cryptic, Kiryu felt as if he’d somehow understood him, even if it was just a little bit. He understood the words, but not the true meaning behind them. Kiryu was afraid it was his emotions he had shown, were the reason, as if Majima had some sort of commitment issues. But if so, why would he still go after him like a proper stalker? That was the part Kiryu just couldn’t wrap his mind around.

“Keep your eyes open, I’ll be back on your back soon enough!” Majima announced as he walked away. Kiryu stood there, eyeing at the Majima’s figure and the bright tip of his lit cigarette, slowly fading into the distance.

Kiryu felt exhausted, both from the emotions he had to hide once more, and the action itself, of course. He felt even surer now, that he’d need a taxi for getting home. No more suspicious companies whose business cards you accidentally stumble across when searching for cigarettes, though, Kiryu reminded himself, as he exited the park.

* * *

Chapter Text

Majima’s leg was wrapped around Kiryu’s hip. Kiryu felt hot and sweaty, but he just couldn’t bring himself on pulling away from Majima’s embrace, now that he was there next to him. They had ended up meeting at the nearby beef restaurant, and after a set or two of drinks Majima didn’t feel like going home so soon, so he had kind of invited himself over at Kiryu’s place, to have somewhere to crash to. Of course, he had only used it as an excuse to spend time with his stalkee between the sheets, but not that had Kiryu minded it. The night had indeed been hot and steamy, and not just because of August’s heatwaves.

Kiryu felt relieved, that this time Majima hadn’t left by the morning, but was still there, next to Kiryu, breathing against his skin, snoring quietly. Kiryu stroke his hair, it felt so soft, wiping it from his face to adore the handsome features. Now that he had time to look at Majima’s face, he truly realized how good he looked. He had a calm, if little bit happy expression on his face. Kiryu realized his feelings were deeper than he had let himself think, as the trail of saliva from the corner of Majima’s mouth seemed more adorable than gross. Now that he was already lost his heart to this man, he thought he might as well go all the way in.

“Good morning, handsome”, he cooed, giving Majima’s forehead a light kiss. The snoring stopped, and the man who just had slept so peacefully, had woken up.

“Ugh, five more minutes…” he groaned, turning his back on Kiryu, who refused to let Majima sleep anymore. Kiryu wrapped his hand around Majima’s chest, spooning him, kissing his neck.

“I’m so happy, being able to wake up next to you like this”, he murmured, gently stroking Majima’s chest, tracing along his collarbones. Kiryu felt his heart was about to burst out of his rib cage, he just couldn’t believe the situation he was in, holding the one he nowadays cared the most about, in his arms, being able to whisper sweet nothing into his ears and no one would be able to come between them.

“Yeah, I guess you’re alright…” Majima mumbled sleepily. It might’ve not sounded that affectionate, but the fact that it was Majima who said it, not one of his alter-egos, made those words which barely could be taken as a compliment, so meaningful.

“Oh, Majima-san!” Kiryu chirped, squeezing his spooning buddy just a bit too hard.

Expect, it wasn’t too hard. Majima was surprisingly… soft?


Kiryu realized it wasn’t Majima, but a blanket he was holding. He felt so embarrassed at that moment. Besides the shame, he also felt like he’d just have to call Majima. He had to come clean about his feelings. The dream, it had felt so vivid, so perfect. If there was even a slight chance it may come to true, he had to go for it. He had known it deep inside him for some time now, that occasional fucking every now and then just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. He needed more. Much, much more.


Kiryu sat in his kitchen. The smell of green tea and freshly baked bacon and eggs filled the room. He was reading the morning’s newspaper, listening to the radio’s morning broadcast. The host and some quest Kiryu hadn’t paid attention who she was, were talking about the whaling industry. Kiryu didn’t pay too much attention to it, as the news about local happenings seemed more interesting.

There was an advertisement about the birthday event of the Sega arcade, rare prices from UFO catcher and tournaments both in Virtua Fighter 4, which seemed to be your typical fighting game, and MesuKing, which Kiryu couldn’t tell much about, other than the ad was filled with half-naked girls in rather weird costumes. He thought the event might be worth checking out, as he had nothing else planned for the day. It had been a decade since he had last visited an arcade.

He finished his breakfast, folded the newspaper away and turned off the radio, as the host and the quest were now arguing whether the expiration of JARPA III (which was told to be acronym for Japanese Research Programme in the Arctic) would doom the rest of the minke whale population, as it was twice as more as the previous agreement had allowed for. Not only he didn’t care about the subject, such heavy topics almost as soon as one had opened eyes were a bit too much to handle.

He got dressed, quickly combed his hair and brushed teeth before putting shoes on. August had begun earlier that week, the temperature was nearing thirty degrees Celsius, so he had once again left his jacket at home. At the door, he did the four taps to check, whether he had the keys, the wallet, the phone, and the cigarettes. After checking, he left.


There were many people at the arcade, though not as many as he had expected. It must’ve been the hot weather, that made people want to hit the beaches or stay home under the air-conditioners on full blast, eating shaved ice and wearing nothing but underwear. Now that Kiryu thought about it, that seemed like a good plan for the rest of his week, while waiting for Majima to contact him. It was hard to admit, that his life revolved so much on waiting for certain someone to make the call to meet up once more. Even now, he was fighting against the urge to invite Majima with him, to play some games. Maybe he could even invite him over after that, to chill a bit, loosening some clothes…

Kiryu had to bite his tongue to remind himself that he was in the public, not in his home, where he was free to daydream all he wanted, to the point he’d have to take good fifteen minutes or so to work out his right arm muscles. Of course, he still struggled against his newly developed fantasies, even more so, as he had gotten to the point nothing else was barely able to fuel his pocket rocket. Well, one more reason to come clean about his feelings. The temptation to send a text message at the exact moment, to ask Majima to join in, was hard to fight against. However, Kiryu knew they’d need a place more secluded if he was gonna drop the bomb today. And he was. He swore to himself that he’d call once he was back at the privacy of his own apartment.

Apparently, the first tournament of the day had started, as plenty of people, mostly young men in their teens and early twenties, were gathered around the cabinets, both yelling and cheering at each others. The game they were playing must’ve been the Virtua Fighter 4, as the screen showed to people, an old man in traditional clothing and blonde girl in a skintight catsuit, beating the crap out of each others.

“That was a really nasty combo from Sarah, can Shun still recover from that?” the announcer of the tournament exclaimed for the crowd who was going wild after seeing about half of the health bar drop in a matter of seconds. Kiryu wasn’t as excited as the rest of the match followers, as he had barely any idea about the fighting game scene. He had, of course, tried them a couple of times, but he preferred his fights physical rather than on screen. He backed off to give more room for actually interested people and took a look around to see, how the times had changed.

The first thing that caught his attention, was how much the graphics of the arcade games had improved in the last ten years. Characters had become a lot less blocky, and their movements much smoother. Give it another ten years, wonder how come they’ll have advanced by then, he thought.

Crane machine was a new model too, though surprisingly enough, it still had a couple of Bun-chans, that had already been a thing in the late 80s. He was tempted to give it a go, getting one just for fun, and he had few spare 100 yen coins at his pocket. He inserted three of them into the UFO catcher’s coin slot and grabbed the handle. It seemed a lot stiffer than he had expected, the push forward was left too short, and he ended up failing miserably on his first try. On his second try, he managed to knock down the white one at the back of the cabinet. That wasn’t good either, but at least he managed to hit something this time. As he was about to try for the third time, after all, third time’s the charm, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Ya gotta knock ‘em by the tails”, a familiar voice instructed. Kiryu turned his head and saw the very last person he had expected to see, the person he most wanted to see: Majima. Kiryu was surprised, as Majima was just himself this time, and not in some wacky costume once again. Well, his usual outfit was rather interesting as well, and no one else but Majima would’ve been able to pull off that. The snakeskin leather jacket, the leather pants, and gloves, one usually saw that much leather only in a certain kind of nightclubs Kiryu knew he didn’t know even existed.

If only Kiryu wouldn’t have been so occupied with the crane game, he probably would’ve hugged Majima right then and there, even though he knew that would’ve been awkward, for him at least. Almost as if his thoughts had been read, though Kiryu knew it was impossible. Majima must’ve either stalked him and followed to there, or he had read the morning’s newspaper as well and got interested, or bored.

“What?” Kiryu asked, half because he was so surprised from the sudden meeting his brain didn’t process most of the words he had just heard, as he was too distracted by his thoughts.

“The ones in the front row. Move the claw under the tail and flip ‘em over straight into the hole”, Majima repeated himself. This time Kiryu actually listened and even understood the words. He carefully pushed the joystick forward, just enough to hit the ones in the front row with the claw. He would’ve preferred the white ones at the back row, but better try getting the pink one, as Majima had instructed so confidently. Leaving empty-handed now would’ve been disappointing, he thought, as he hit the button to lower the claw. The big, round bird plush shook a bit from the touch of the claw, as it pressed its fingers together.

The bird rose up. No. It only moved a little. It tipped forward and fell. Would it be near enough the hole to fall right into it? Kiryu and Majima both held their breaths.

“Congratulations!” announced the machine, as it played a cheery tune, as the plum bird plush fell into the hole. Kiryu turned towards Majima and high-fived him, resisting the urges to hug him. He’d leave that at later. Talking about later, Kiryu just remembered what he had promised to himself earlier today…

“It’s easy once ya know how it’s done. Had this girl a long time ago I had to get an entire collection of these UFO catcher toys”, Majima said, flashing a proud grin at Kiryu.

“I guess I owe you this. I couldn’t have won without you. Thanks”, Kiryu replied, blushing because he suddenly felt somewhat awkward around Majima, now that he had finally admitted himself just how deep his feelings really were.

“Nah, ya keep it. There’s something else I wanna try with ya though”, Majima answered, pointing at the weird-looking booth at the back corner of the arcade hall. There were a couple of teenage girls in front of it, and it hadn’t been there earlier, so Kiryu had no idea what it was that Majima desired.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Photobooth. Don’t tell me I have to explain to ya what photo is?” Majima joked, already walking towards the booth. Kiryu followed him, although somewhat hesitantly.

“What are you getting at this time?” he inquired, as he, once again, grew to vary of Majima’s true intentions. Not that there would be anything that odd this time, after all, they were in a crowded place. Worst Majima would do would be to fuck up the photo. Right? No way he would have guts to fuck Kiryu in a place like this. Right?

“I’m worried I’ll forget your face. You’re so good-lookin’, it’d be a real shame. Not as sexy as me, of course, but close enough”, Majima said, lowering his voice for the latter sentence. Kiryu was relieved Majima was acting so appropriately in a public place, making Kiryu feel even surer that absolutely nothing out of ordinary would happen.

“You too…” Kiryu mumbled back, blushing a little. It felt good in his heart, hearing Majima telling compliments for him. Of course, Kiryu had heard it multiple times, from multiple people, that he looked good, but this time hearing those words felt different. If he remembered correctly, Majima had said those words to him earlier, but it was back when he was flirting as Goromi. Now that he was just himself, it felt more honest, like he meant it just a little bit more. That, or Kiryu was just feeling way too optimistic.

Majima inserted few coins into the coin slot on the front wall of the booth, then grasped Kiryu’s hand and dragged him inside.

The booth was pretty plain from the inside. Three white walls, little control panel and the camera on one wall, and on the opposite side there was a built-in bench from white plastic. On the wall between them, there was a sheet of instructions, which Kiryu read through before proceeding. This was his first time doing anything like this, and he felt awkward as ever. He hoped that Majima was more experienced with this kind of thing.

As Kiryu read the instructions, trying to make sense of them, Majima went through the different filters, trying to pick the least disturbing one. They were mostly aimed at teenage girls, making cheeks red, eyes big and skin unnaturally smooth. There was one filter, that mostly just messed with the contrast, making colors like white, black and red more extreme. It was the best one out of them, so he went with that. Then he had to pick a background. There was a cinematic shot of city lights at night, he went with that, it looked pretty cool. After picking the background, all was ready for the photoshoot. He started the camera, which gave a timer of ten seconds, and flashed a few poses for ideas. Again, they were mainly aimed at something a teenage girl would want to follow, so Kiryu just crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the camera with his usual, dead-serious face. Five, four, three, two, one and a flash of the camera. The screen showed a preview of the image that had just been captured.

“What the…?” Kiryu mumbled to himself, looking at the preview image. It looked good, alright, but just as he had suspected, Majima had ruined it by making bunny ears with his fingers behind Kiryu’s head.

“Ya looked too serious”, Majima sighed, wrapping his arms around Kiryu’s chest. The camera flashed for a second time, capturing both Majima’s proud, almost obsessed grin, and Kiryu’s surprised expression, mouth open and eyes wide.

“Are you sure no one sees us?” Kiryu asked, still being a little nervous about their surroundings.

“Absolutely positive. Look, walls and curtain around us”, Majima replied, giving Kiryu’s cheek a quick kiss, which ended up on the third photo. Kiryu was still confused, but also blushing, as the sign of affection had come so suddenly.

“Sorry, I’m thinking too much” Kiryu muttered, trying not to show his overwhelming joy after meeting up with Majima once again. He had waited for this to happen, sooner or later. It had been only a few days, but each of them felt just a little longer than the last. These feelings only had grown more and more intense, he knew he couldn’t keep them concealed forever. Soon, no, today, he’d had to tell Majima about them, even at the cost it’d ruin everything they had going on. It would’ve been rude, from both of them, to keep going without knowing true motives behind the other’s motives. Now! Now’s the time. Kiryu was about to open his mouth, as Majima interrupted him.

“Ya want a demonstration on just how much privacy we got here?” Majima asked, but pushed Kiryu down on the bench. Majima then kneeled in front of Kiryu. Luckily the curtain of the booth was just long enough to hide Majima’s legs, otherwise, there would’ve been some awkward explaining to do. Kiryu could only think of three things which would make a man kneeled down at a moment like this, and two of them didn’t seem that likely. Majima seemed to have some sort of commitment issues, so a proposal was out of the question. Neither of them had shoes with laces on them, so tying them down wasn’t it either. It left them with only one option…

“Don’t tell me you’re gonna suck it in here?” Kiryu asked, sounding terrified with just a hint of excitement. He hadn’t expected this. Of course, he loved the way Majima always got him cumming quite like nothing else, but this wasn’t the time nor the place for it. All they had for the cover was a curtain and plastic walls of the photo booth, and people were walking only a foot off from them. Kiryu was pretty sure people were already hearing his nervous heartbeat, as it felt so intense inside his rib cage. As the suspense of getting caught was mostly making him nervous, it only seemed to excite Majima.

“I hadn’t planned to, for real, but now that we’re here, I just can’t seem to resist a taste of ya, Kiryu-chan”, he murmured, reaching for the belt. He was already so used to opening it, he could’ve probably done it in his sleep. Majima seemed to be conscious enough about their surroundings, trying to avoid any unnecessary noises and opening it as quietly as possible. It was a rush hour, so there were plenty of people at the arcade, and radio was blasting the top 40 list, so maybe most of the sounds would just kind of melt into the common ambiance.

“If I’m gonna get kicked out of here because of you, you’re gonna regret it”, Kiryu muttered, mostly to intimidate, rather than actually minding it. There was another Sega arcade just close enough, and not that he was really that much into games anyway. Majima grinned at Kiryu’s somewhat empty threat, as he opened the pants and pulled them on Kiryu’s knees. He was already tenting under his boxers, the sight only widened Majima’s grin.

“Ya been waitin’ me, huh?” Majima sighed, pulling down Kiryu’s underwear and revealing the half-erect cock. Kiryu tried to stay as calm as he could, as Majima landed a few gentle kisses on inner thighs. He almost felt ashamed on getting turned on so easily, but then again, he had already known Majima’s intentions as soon as he had gotten down, and just knowing how good it would all feel in a minute or so, was enough to get the blood flowing.

“Just be quick, okay, I really don’t want to cause any trouble”, Kiryu begged, making Majima shake his head in disbelief.

“Ya know how I get annoyed when I get pushed around like this? Ya should know me better by now”, he groaned, looking at Kiryu like he would’ve said something incredibly rude. Kiryu realized he had made a mistake, as he saw Majima’s disappointed expression. Kiryu realized he had fucked up on a major scale, as he saw Majima’s saddened expression turning into an almost sadistic grin.

“Oh no…”, Kiryu sighed, looking at Majima’s face.

“Oh yes”, he whispered the answer, letting the hot air from his speech tickle Kiryu’s cock. Kiryu trembled slightly as he got shivers from Majima’s teasing.

“I’m gonna make sure ya regret orderin’ me around like that”, he said, gently biting Kiryu’s inner thing, causing him to let out a small grunt, which he quickly muffled by biting his lip. He knew Majima was doing this on purpose, trying to get all kinds of embarrassing sounds out from him. Majima must’ve known just how much more flustered Kiryu got thanks to the location they had picked, it was funny to witness him trying to keep his cool. Kiryu didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, trying his best to keep his voice down.

“Oh, ya wanna do it like this, huh? Fine by me. I won’t even touch that lovely cock of yours until you’re practically beggin’ me to”, Majima sighed, sounding both disappointed, yet amused at the same time, if such combination was even possible. Kiryu regretted his earlier attempts of resisting even more now, as he had already gotten a taste of just how patient Majima was when it came to making others feel impatient. He was truly a master of the art of teasing, Kiryu admitted before Majima’s lips, now on the balls, giving a trail of light kisses, disrupted his train of thought.

“Please…” Kiryu muttered bitterly, feeling blush appearing on his cheeks. He didn’t like the idea, having to resort to begging at a time like this. However, desperate times called for desperate measures. The sooner it’d be over the better, no matter how much he enjoyed Majima’s company.

“That was weak as fuck. Put your heart into it just a lil’ bit more”, Majima demanded, his lips hovering just inch above the tip of Kiryu’s cock. Once more, the words tickled on the sensitive skin, making Kiryu’s attempts on resisting feel futile. He knew just how badly he desired those lips over his most sensitive parts.

“Majima, come on, I need you to… to… to suck it…”, he sighed, feeling shameful for having to steep into Majima’s will once more. But what he could’ve done`? He was desperate.

The shame, however, quickly turned into a more pleasant feeling, as Majima stuck out his tongue, lapping it slowly around the tip. Noticing how much Kiryu was enjoying this, Majima grinned proudly. His eye met with Kiryu’s, giving an intense, deeming look.

Kiryu couldn’t help but to adore the sight in front of his eyes. Majima, kneeling in front of him, seemingly having the time of his life, worshiping Kiryu’s erection with adoring gaze and tender kisses. He was smiling as he dragged the tip of his tongue upwards, along the thick vein at the underside of the cock.

“Well, are ya likin’ this?” he asked, slowly stroking the shaft, adoring the length and girth with a lustful look in his eye.

“I think you’re liking this even more than me. Never seen you smile so wide before”, Kiryu replied, his voice a bit shaky as he was both feeling good, and trying to keep his words as quiet as possible.

“Haw? If ya don’t like this, I can quit y’know…” Majima said, trying to sound offended, throwing his head back.

“No!” Kiryu insisted, with a voice just a bit louder than he would’ve liked. He quickly grasping Majima’s wrist so that he wasn’t able to withdraw his hand, which so nicely, although with such a slow speed it almost felt like torture rather than giving pleasure, had massaged the cock.

“What do you mean with that ‘no’?” Majima asked, grinning devilishly. He had gotten Kiryu back against the wall, both figuratively and quite literally. What an absolute tease he was.

“Please don’t stop…” Kiryu pleaded, letting go of Majima’s hand hesitantly, to allow him to continue if he was still willing, after all, Kiryu had somewhat bossed him around. Majima did, however, keep his hand around the shaft, going back to stroking it, right after giving Kiryu a one last self-satisfied eyebrow raise. He must’ve felt so satisfied, getting Kiryu melting into his will like ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

“Not that I would’ve wanted to”, he replied, reaching for the pocket of his jacket. He took out something small and silvery, about the size of a lip balm. It had a button on the other end, and Majima pressed it. The apparatus began buzzing quietly. It didn’t take Kiryu too long to realize, that it was a vibrator Majima had just pulled from his pocket. He had heard of those, although he never had tried one. Majima pressed it gently against the frenulum. Kiryu gasped, not only from the unfamiliar sensation but also from the amazement, as something so small could pack so much power.

“Don’t ya get too excited just yet, it’s only on the lowest settin’”, Majima pointed out, looking at Kiryu’s face, adoring the expressions he made. Kiryu wanted to moan, he really did, the vibrations felt incredible, but he had to bite his lower lip to keep quiet. He had resorted to this trick one too many times, as he found the skin of the lip peeling off slightly. And judging by everything, Majima’s words, actions and expression, they had barely begun their session.

These new sensations on Kiryu’s dick, they felt good. Maybe not on their own, but combined with the way Majima jerked the shaft and gave occasional licks to both glans and balls, made it hard to endure.

“Slow down, or I’m gonna…” Kiryu moaned quietly, feeling his orgasm nearing from not so distant. It might’ve been a matter of seconds if Majima would just keep doing his thing. Sadly, he stopped right after hearing Kiryu’s pleased, deep sigh.

“You’re not gonna do anythin’ until I give ya permission, ya got that?”, Majima asked, grinning widely as he tightened the grasp of the cock, but slowing down the tempo he was stroking it with. Hell, he was barely moving his hand and turning off the vibrator. A groan escaped from Kiryu’s lips, he had been so close, but Majima had denied him the pleasure. Kiryu was annoyed, swearing he’d strangle Majima, and not in an erotic way, if he’d pull a stunt like that one more time.

Kiryu didn’t answer to Majima’s inquiry, he was too pissed off to be able to reply with even a simple phrase like “yes”, not to mention if he’d had to add honorary suffixes like “sir”.

“Ya got that?” Majima asked yet again, now in a harsher tone. Kiryu felt a sharp pain in his scalp, as Majima had grasped his hair, pulling his head upwards. Majima’s stare was so intense Kiryu felt like it went right through him and every thought he had ever thought of.

“Yeah… sir”, Kiryu sighed unwillingly, trying his best to hide the deep frustration and passive-aggressive attitude within him. It seemed to have worked, as Majima seemed more honored than hurt.

“That’s what I thought, too”, he said, letting go from the hair. Apparently, he wanted to reward Kiryu for good behavior, he probably hadn’t expected to be called “sir”, or something like that, as he gave a soft stroke on the cheek, followed by a sharp, yet affectionate pinch. The hand, still covered by the black leather glove, slowly made it’s way back down, where it had been earlier. The buzz of the vibrator began once more, this time Majima ran the small silvery bullet on the balls in a shape of a number eight. It felt good, though not as good as on the cock. Then again, it was probably for the better, Kiryu wasn’t sure how soon he’d near the big O again, as he had barely had time to recover from the last time.

Majima’s tongue was hungrily lapping around the tip, smearing saliva, making it slide down along the shaft. Kiryu laid his head on top of Majima’s head, just to stroke his hair as it looked so smooth and silky, making it hard to resist not touching it. He fought against the urge to push the head down and shove his painfully erect cock into Majima’s eager mouth.

“Keep your hands to yourself”, Majima ordered, looking at Kiryu from under his brows. Kiryu pulled his hands back quickly, not knowing what to do with them. He decided to leave them resting on his sides, as there wasn’t much else to be done with them.

“Sorry”, he muttered under his breath. Majima seemed to have accepted the apology for now, as he didn’t stop what he was doing. Kiryu felt lucky, for now, but reminded himself to keep his hands off from Majima, as he might not be as merciful next time. Well, he wasn’t merciful at all at the moment, but at least he wasn’t being incredibly harsh.

Kiryu felt his body tensing up again, lips wording “fuck” over and over again, goosebumps on his back, as the orgasm was nearing once more. He tried his best not to reveal this to Majima, but he was better at reading Kiryu’s reactions than he would’ve liked to.

“Again? Aren’t ya on the edge today?” he asked, looking at the cock, throbbing under his tight grasp. Once more he had stopped his hand, leaving a raging fire of lust burning inside Kiryu’s abdomen. Once more he had been denied, and if only Kiryu hadn’t been in such a tough spot, he would’ve beaten the crap out of Majima, who was smiling smugly, running the vibrator over the overstimulated glans.

“Oh, shut up. I know you’re edging me on purpose”, Kiryu grunted, feeling the frustration within him only growing, as the denied orgasms were beginning to make his balls ache.

“Huh? What was that? Ya oughta treat someone with your dick in their hand with a little bit more respect”, Majima sighed, stroking his head. He grasped the cock just a bit too tight at the last sentence, making Kiryu wince quietly. He threw his head back, accidentally hitting it against the wall of the booth. One more time he worded those four letters of the f-bomb. Not that it would’ve hurt that much, after all, he had endured much worse injuries, it was more about the bad timing. The adrenaline from the nearing high, combined with testosterone, were starting to turn him into a wild beast with only basic animal instincts left.

“Majima, please…I don’t know how much more I can take this”, Kiryu begged in a hoarse voice. Majima seemed to have turned a deaf ear onto Kiryu, paying no mind on his pleads.

“Well, we’ll see about that”, he answered. That didn’t sound too promising, Kiryu thought, as Majima loosened his tight grip just a bit. It was still firm enough to restrict the blood flow to the tip, making it so much more sensitive to touch. It only took light touches to get Kiryu shivering involuntarily. Majima seemed to know exactly, what he was doing, the delicate touches felt good, but not strong enough to make Kiryu come. This feeling was driving him insane.

Kiryu found his hips bucking on their own, as Majima gently sucked the head of the cock, lapping the tongue around it. The small bullet vibrator was pressed against the shaft, now rumbling with an irregular pattern of shorter and longer buzzes.

“Ya know, it’s pretty hard to suck it if ya keep shakin’ like an aspen tree”, Majima pointed out, as the cock had slipped off from his mouth. Kiryu was very conscious about his involuntary movements, and now that Majima had sort of made fun of them, he felt even more ashamed.

“You feel too fucking good”, Kiryu exhaled in his defense, as Majima allowed the cock deeper into his mouth, giving up with the tease. Kiryu sure hadn’t ever stuck his cock into a vacuum cleaner, why would anyone do something like that anyway, but he was pretty sure it’d feel like being under Majima’s handling, as he was sucking it with such passion.

“Please…” Kiryu groaned, feeling he couldn’t hold back much longer. Each time he was nearing his orgasm, the built-up from all the previous times he was denied on doing so, only seemed to have accumulated. He had been teased to the point where even a couple of fast strokes in a row with just a hint of warmth and wetness of a mouth was enough to get his load coming out.

“I guess I’ve teased ya long enough. But I wanna hear ya moanin’ my name as ya cum”, Majima demanded, not stopping entirely, only slowing his speed enough to stop Kiryu from climaxing just yet. He must’ve wanted to hear a sign from Kiryu, something to imply he had understood the demands.

“Really? Thank you so much, Majima!” Kiryu said, sounding happy as a child on a Christmas morning. Majima swiftly picked up the pace to where he was before. It didn’t take long for Kiryu to began panting out Majima’s name.

“That’s right, cum for me”, Majima demanded, almost a manic look on his face.

Kiryu was so deep into the sea of pleasure, he had totally forgotten their location. Everything at that moment that mattered, was Majima, and the way he handled the cock, aching to burst any second now.

“C’mon Kiryu-chan, give it to me”, Majima insisted, stroking the cock furiously with both of his hands. Kiryu leaned back and closed his eyes, to fully focus on the pleasure he was finally allowed to delve into.

“Majima, I…” Kiryu moaned, feeling the world around him disappearing, getting replaced by a set of flashy fireworks, as the orgasm unlike any before, was within his reach…

“Nah, too late”, Majima said suddenly. He withdrew his hands and stood up. It took Kiryu a good few seconds to realize how the tables had turned.

“What the fuck?!” Kiryu roared, looking at Majima, who’s lips were slightly red and swollen from the blowjob earlier. Somehow he still managed to look handsome like that. However, right then and there, Kiryu just wanted to smash that handsome face, this had gotten too far.

“I gave ya a change and ya blew it away”, he replied, eyeing Kiryu casually, though a hint of amusement was persistent in the corner of his right eye. Kiryu wasn’t left with too much time to analyze the expression much further, as Majima walked past the curtain. Kiryu pulled his pants up, quickly thinking about dirty dishes and income tax return forms to calm himself down enough to be presentable among the other people.

“Majima, you’re really… umm… idiot”, Kiryu muttered, as he exited the booth. He couldn’t come up with any better word for the time being. Of course, he had a lot to dish out on Majima, but he didn’t want to start a scene in a public place. He’d just have to swallow his pride for now and return to the subject at a later time.

Majima was a brick wall, ignoring Kiryu’s words. He had taken the photos from the booth’s front wall’s printer, looking at the pictures on his hands and having a giggle at them.


“I wanna keep this one. The shocked expression really reminds me of all the silly shit I’ve done just to mess with ya”, Majima said, pocketing the picture where he kissed Kiryu on the cheek. Kiryu was about to take the rest of the photos, but Majima quickly snatched them back and began writing something on the back on one of them.

Kiryu tried to peek from behind Majima’s shoulder, but he was quickly denied, as Majima leaned in closer to hide the photos. Kiryu sighed.

“Okay, there ya go. I gotta run, got some shit I need to work on. I’ll meet ya sooner than you’d expect!” he announced, giving the photos for Kiryu and giving him a brief kiss on the cheekbone as he walked by. Kiryu was left addled by Majima’s words. What did he mean by meeting so soon again? He hadn’t left any other clue, so Kiryu had no idea, what to expect, other than to expect everything, as always in Majima’s case.

Kiryu only remembered the photographs in his hand when Majima had already left. He turned one of them around and saw the message Majima had left him. His handwriting was rather rushed and messy, but Kiryu was able to decipher the short message:

“Meet me at Bantam in a few hours”

Kiryu didn’t know what to think. It seemed as if Majima was getting more and more impatient, as the distance between their meeting had shortened almost exponentially. First, it was just a few days, and now they were talking about just hours to the next time they’d see. That was a good thing, of course. Not to mention the unsolved sexual tension. Of course, the bar was no better place for solving it, but, then again, knowing Majima, they might just as well end up finishing what they had started in a cramped toilet booth, like once earlier.

Kiryu remembered the dream. He realized he few more hours to stress about how to tell about his feelings towards Majima. Kiryu hadn’t managed to tell him just now, as Majima had kept him busy, once again.

Almost as if Majima was doing it on purpose? No, Kiryu was just letting his thoughts get the best of him. They’d probably had plenty of time at the bar. Not that the crowded arcade would’ve been a good place for love confession anyway.

Wait, love confession? Wasn’t that word just a bit too… Kiryu wasn’t sure, maybe just a bit too intense. Or was it? Majima had indeed occupied Kiryu’s thoughts for the last few days, heck, the last few weeks. Maybe it wasn’t that exaggerated after all…

That’s it, Kiryu thought to himself. Today he was gonna tell Majima how much he loved him.

But first, he needed a shower and some me-time.


Chapter Text

There was a building in the East Millenium Street, made from red bricks. It was an Irish style pub, sign above the door revealing the name of the establishment, Bantam. Windows, made from frosted glass, as well as the door, were decorated with fancy wrought iron ornaments. The doormat welcomed the visitor, Kiryu, before he had even stepped in.

He stood at the front door, giving it one last attempt to gather his thoughts. He looked at the beer advertisement next to the door, swallowing hesitantly, just to realize his mouth was as dry as a desert. It’d take more than just a drink to get the feeling to fade. He was nervous, more than ever before, as he was about to meet with Majima. Tonight was gonna be the night of the big reveal, and he had thought it over and over, how to tell about his feelings. He had had a practice chat in front of the bathroom mirror, but it had only left him feeling awkward. The best course of action seemed to be just to drop the hint as soon as he got the change, hoping Majima would catch on.

Kiryu reached for the metal door handle, turning it to open the door. He stepped inside. The quiet lounge music and the faint smell of ingrained whiskey and cigarettes made him feel just a bit more at ease.

“Welcome, Kiryu-chan!” Majima welcomed from the back of the room. He was standing behind a bar counter, which was wide enough to fill almost half of the otherwise cramped space. As usual, there was a line of chairs aligned with the counter, and a couple of tables along the wall with the frosted windows.

“Hello”, Kiryu replied. Before he had a chance to take a seat, Majima briefly stopped him.

“Mind flippin’ the sign for me?” he requested. It took Kiryu a while to realize what Majima had meant, but then he remembered the sign at the door, announcing that the establishment was open for business. Kiryu followed Majima’s orders, before sitting at the counter, right in front of the bartender, who looked exceptionally good that evening. The tuxedo really made him look like an elegant man if only Kiryu wouldn’t have known him better. No, behind all the disguises, he was just an obsessed bastard, but it was alright now, as Kiryu had become something like that himself, too.

“Thanks. The first one’s on me, as a token of appreciation for your patronage. What ya want?”, Majima asked, running his finger along the shelves, filled with bottles of various shapes and sizes.

“Bourbon it is”, Kiryu replied on an instinct. He wanted to get rid of his nervousness, so maybe a strong drink, to begin with, would be the smartest way to start the evening with. Majima grabbed a brown bottle with a black label, as well as two short glasses with wide bottom and narrower rim. He poured shots on them, handing one to Kiryu and keeping the other one to himself.

“Didn’t know barkeepers tend to drink with their customers”, Kiryu chuckled, swirling the golden brown drink in the glass. The drink had a strong smell of alcohol, with a hint of smokiness to it.

“Hey, it’s not like I work here or anythin’. It’s all just a show to make this less awkward”, Majima explained, leaning against the counter on his elbows. He had a deeming expression on his face, as he looked at Kiryu.

“Awkward? What do you mean by that?” Kiryu queried, as he had a hard time accepting that Majima might’ve felt just as uneasy as he himself. If that really was the case, Majima was really good at masking one’s emotions…

Wait a minute. Kiryu might’ve just figured it out. The encounter with the Hannya man, it was a drop-dead clue to this. It all made sense now, except, of course, the reason behind all of this, hiding one’s face time after time. Kiryu felt like a fool, realizing it all just now.

Kiryu still had no idea, what it was, that Majima kept hidden, but at least it all made just a bit more sense.

“Forget it. Or ask again after a few drinks. I dunno”, he stuttered, taking a sip from his glass. It felt comforting to Kiryu, to know that Majima was struggling with his feelings too, though maybe, big maybe, not in the same way. Feelings. Kiryu knew he was supposed to say the words, but he just didn’t know how to express himself. Besides, now was bad timing. It was too soon.

Later, he swore to himself, once more for today.

“Did ya know, that the purpose of the snifter glass is both to allow the aroma to trap on top of the glass, to really pop out, and it’s also just the perfect shape to allow your hand to warm the drink”, Majima lectured, clearly trying to change the subject. His words sounded convincing, although a bit memorized. However, it still managed to impress Kiryu.

“I had no idea”, he said, taking a sip as well. The bittersweet taste of the bourbon tingled on his tongue, burning slightly as it slid down his throat. Majima had been right though, the taste was immense, although a pleasant experience.

If Majima had hoped for more conversation to follow from this fact he had just shared, he was wrong. Kiryu had nothing more to say, and now he just felt uneasy, not knowing what to say next. He felt both impatient, yet unsure and hesitant at the same time. The words of confession kept burning up in his chest, not faintly like a candle, but with a force of a proper bonfire.

Kiryu tried to flush out the fire with the drink, only leaving the hint of smoke only onto his taste buds. Even if it was just one drink, Kiryu found himself staring at Majima. His features, the narrow face, high cheekbones, crooked nose, lips that were mostly frowned, but with an almost permanent grin as he was spending time Kiryu, they all seemed so captivating. Love came in a bottle with a twist-off cap, no way he had looked that good when Kiryu had just walked in. No, it must’ve been the bourbon doing its tricks.

“I dunno if ya realized, but I see ya starin’ at me”, Majima pointed out, awaking Kiryu from his thoughts. Kiryu turned his head away, feeling blush forming on his cheeks. He was fidgeting around with the button of his jacket’s sleeve to calm himself down.

“I was already gonna tell ya to take a photo, it’ll last longer, but then I remembered that ya have a few. I hope you’re not too angry about earlier. I just love fuckin’ with ya. I wanna see ya takin’ me real hungrily, with all the passion built up, bein’ released on me. Be the dragon of my dreams, Kiryu-chan”, Majima continued, as Kiryu couldn’t come up with any snarky comeback. He felt his ears getting hot, as Majima had been surprisingly bold about his wishes.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I had to finish myself off straight off when I got home”, Kiryu told, no idea why he felt like it was something he should even be telling in the first place. It must’ve been because Majima had been so straight-forward. Besides, this one could have the potential for the start of the confession.

“Aww, what a shame. Did ya at least think about me?” Majima questioned, probably meaning it as a joke, considering his overly flirty smile accompanied by an eyebrow raise, no way he’d be doing that if he was asking it for real. Or would he? It was left to be seen, as Kiryu decided to drop just a little bit of a hint, hoping for Majima to swallow the bait.

“Yeah”, Kiryu replied, keeping his answer short and honest. Majima’s expression changed in a blink of an eye. The hint of seducing was gone and had been replaced by something very uncharacteristic on Majima, awkwardness.

“Really? I guess I should be flattered”, he mumbled after thinking for a quick few seconds, which each felt little longer than the earlier for Kiryu, as he wasn’t sure whether he had gone too far, or had performed just the right amount of tease to match Majima’s desires.

Majima had turned his back on Kiryu, looking at the shelf, filled with drinks. He must’ve had something to hide away from, once again. Whether it was a grin or grief, that Kiryu couldn’t tell.

He was glad, that he had only told half of the trust. No way he was gonna straight off tell Majima, that he had performed the good old five-finger shuffle more than once while thinking about the things they had done and could do together. Kiryu sort of felt like apologizing, but then again, why would he? If he was gonna confess tonight, he shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that he was thinking about his love interest when feeling lonely at the late hours when the night was beginning to turn into a morning, and he just couldn’t sleep as the bed felt too empty for himself.

He emptied his glass, placing it back on the table with a voice loud enough to grasp Majima’s attention. He turned back towards Kiryu. His face now had a blank, maybe a bit surprised expression.

“Majima, I want you…” Kiryu said, forming an eye contact. His heart beat so fast.

He felt nervous. Butterflies were flying on his stomach. No, not butterflies. Bats, maybe. No, not even that. Something bigger, more dangerous. Helicopters, buzzing around in circles, crashing together.

“… to pour me another drink”, he continued, as he didn’t feel satisfied with this confession. No, it was still too soon, he still wasn’t sure what Majima was thinking. Would he ever really know? Probably not...

Kiryu had to be more subtle about this. Deep down he knew, that the more he tried to dodge it, the harder it’d be once there was no way to avoid the truth anymore. But that was something to worry about later. Kiryu had already made his choice for this conversation.

“Ya scared me for a second there. You really takin’ ideas from me on how to tease?” Majima laughed. His laughter seemed only half honest, the other half being somewhat forced. However, Kiryu was relieved to get at least some sort of reaction out from him, although the denial hurt like hell. It was mostly Kiryu’s fault. He had to be more serious about it.

“So, what it’ll be?” Majima continued. Kiryu had no idea. The only thing he thirsted for, was a kiss. No way he could ask for one in a situation like that. Or could he? No. Not yet. Drink or two more and if it would backfire, he’d just blame it on the booze.

“Strong stuff, with random trivia on the side”, Kiryu replied. He wanted to get the courage, knowing damn well that the kind he’d get from drink wasn’t the ideal way to go, but the best he could come up for the time being. The trivia part was just something to make Majima forget about the earlier incident, to give them both something else to think about.

“What an interestin’ request. Let me see…” he said, looking through the shelves, scouring for inspiration. An imaginary light bulb must’ve lightened up above his head, as he suddenly grabbed multiple items. A can, and two bottles, one black and one clear.

“They call this as the Irish Car Bomb. It’s a reference on terrorist attacks that took place, can’t remember the years, but sometime when we were still too young to drink this kinda stuff. People don’t like the name anymore, so it’s now called Irish Slammer, or somethin’ like that anyways” he explained, sounding more convincing this time.

As Majima spoke, he poured the beer, black, with a layer of foam on top of it, into two pint glasses. There were two shot glasses next to them, to which Majima poured both whiskey and cream liqueur. Beer made a little splosh sound, as Majima dropped the shot glasses into the pint glasses. He shoved one of them to Kiryu, who not only was impressed by Majima’s extensive knowledge about the drinks, but also the taste. The sharpness of the whiskey and sweetness of the creamy liqueur really balanced each other out, and the beer blended them together smoothly.

”You sure know your way around the drinks, don’t you?” Kiryu asked.

”If ya really wanna get bombed, drink it in one go. The cream will curdle if ya take it too slow with this one”, Majima instructed, doing exactly as he had suggested.

”What the hell does it mean ’to curdle’”? Kiryu laughed, before following Majima’s example.

”Goin’ into gross lumps”, Majima explained, as Kiryu had finished his drink, slamming the empty glass at the counter.

Kiryu couldn’t help but to smile. Majima looked so adorable (how could someone so scary-looking, in their 40s, look adorable anyway?) as the foam of the porter beer had stuck on his mustache. Kiryu was too giddied up to stop himself from leaning in closer to the man just the opposite side of the counter, kissing the white foam off of his facial hair. Majima didn’t back off, though he stiffened up and didn’t respond to the kiss, as it had came so suddenly. The drink tasted so much better from his lips, intoxicating him in a totally different way, something not even the strongest of alcohol could do.

“Ya know, I could’ve wiped it off myself”, Majima sighed, trying to keep a straight face, but Kiryu was sure he saw just a hint of a smile hidden beneath.

“I must be getting tipsy. I just couldn’t resist”, Kiryu replied, feeling just a bit more hopeful about the evening, as Majima still hadn’t completely blocked his romantic gestures.

“Already? The evening’s still young, y’know. If you’re like this after only a few drinks, who knows what you’ll be like after a few more”, Majima pointed out, pushing the empty glasses aside.

“I know you’re curious to find it out”, Kiryu said, his boldness not only surprising himself but Majima as well.

“Maybe I do.”


Time had passed. Just how much, neither of them had paid attention. Might’ve been an hour, might’ve been three. Empty glasses of different shapes were beginning to line up at the end of the counter. Kiryu was starting to feel just a bit too drunk to properly count them, but not that the knowledge of the exact number was gonna make any difference.

He had had a great time, talking a bit about this and that with Majima, trying to drop occasional hints, but either Majima had just missed them or ignored them on purpose. The increasing level of alcohol in the blood circulatory system had helped Kiryu to become more straight-forward, he had even managed to get a few more kisses.

“You’re makin’ quite a tab for tonight”, Majima notified, as he looked at the glasses.

“Half of them are yours, you know”, Kiryu replied. His vision was starting to get just a bit blurry, but not enough to hide the fact that Majima was still as good-looking as ever. Kiryu had tried to tell it to Majima, who had just laughed it off, as he must’ve been thinking Kiryu was just messing with him. It was only logical, as Kiryu still remembered how he had doubted pretty much every nice word Majima had said to him back when they started sleeping together. Now Kiryu waited for them earnestly, yearning for any form of validation from Majima’s behalf.

“I’ve got my half covered. Ya just worry about your own ass”, Majima told. He was leaning against the counter, just in front of Kiryu. He must’ve had trouble standing still, as Kiryu noticed Majima swaying when he didn’t take support from anything. They both had had maybe just a little bit too much to drink, it might’ve not seemed like that at the moment, but it’d be more obvious the morning after.

Kiryu just had the brightest idea. This was it. This was the ultimate comeback, the bait to get Majima hooked. Kiryu had craved for more intimacy between them, and this was the perfect opportunity. The quick release at the shower had only been a snack to postpone the hunger, and now was time for a proper meal.

“I might just have to. It seems I’ve forgotten my wallet”, he said, feeling the wallet bulging in the pocket of his pants, hoping Majima wouldn’t notice it. Who knows what might’ve happened if he would get caught from a lie...

Kiryu realized it was almost as if their roles had been swapped, as he was the one coming up with awful ploys just to get some action going on between them.

“Y’know, that’s a really bad way to run business, acceptin’ offers like that. I’d go bankrupt in no time”, Majima sighed, although he sounded humored rather than annoyed or something along the lines of negative feelings.

“So that’s a no then?” Kiryu asked, allowing his disappointment to be seen. He didn’t care. He had given it is all, if that wasn’t gonna do it, nothing would’ve. Besides, Majima seemed the type who would appreciate stupid attempts like that, after all, he had that one time arrested Kiryu for kicking the vending machine a few times.

“I never said that. All I’m sayin’ is that you’re the only customer I’ll allow to do this”, Majima specified, leaning closer. Kiryu couldn’t take his eyes off the face in front of him, and it seemed Majima didn’t mind the staring Kiryu had been doing the entire evening.

Alcohol was one hell of a love potion, as it had removed the restraints between the two men, bringing their lips together in a hungry, lustful kiss. Tongues massaging each other’s, teeth colliding, saliva with the taste of all the alcohol they had drunk that night, the kiss was raw and rough, just like the two men sharing it.

“I’ve been wanting this for so long. You look so good in that tux”, Kiryu sighed, as Majima pulled back to catch his breath. Majima seemed flattered, and he swiftly climber over the counter to get closer to his special client.

“Nah, it’d look much better on the floor”, he replied, loosening the bow tie that was already a bit uneven anyway, as Kiryu had pulled Majima closer from the collar during the kiss. Kiryu didn’t hesitate as he began opening the buttons of the white shirt, Majima threw his jacket to one of the empty bar stools.

“Okay, I might’ve lied, not that I’d really want to get this messy. They charge ridiculous amounts for cleanin’ suits these days”, he laughed, as Kiryu had opened the last button and was pulling the shirt off and carefully laying it at the top of the same stool the jacket laid. He stopped, his eyes tracing the tattoo. The snake over the left side of the chest looked vicious, as the cherry blossoms fell around it.

”You really like snakes, huh?” Kiryu asked, before pressing his lips on the tattooed skin. Majima sighed, as Kiryu kissed along the snake’s spine, going from chest to shoulder. The skin was warm. Kiryu wanted to savor the taste of it, but Majima seemed to be in sort of a hurry.

”At least this one”, he murmured, laying his hand on top of Kiryu’s pants. Kiryu was too intoxicated, both from love and the drinks, that he didn’t mind the horrible innuendos Majima seemed to be so keen on using. The movements of his hands felt clumsier than usual, not hesitating one bit as he massaged the bulge under the pants.

As much as Kiryu wanted to take it slow just this once, Majima made it hard, as he was filled with the drunken passion towards his favorite client.

Kiryu opened his own shirt, struggling with the buttons. Frustrated, he ripped it open, flying the few bottommost buttons to the floor. They made a small, clattering sound, as they hit the hard parquet floor.

”Now that’s the Dragon of Dojima I’ve been waitin’ for! All it took was a few good fucks and enough drink to make your head ache tomorrow mornin’”, Majima blurted out, laughing against Kiryu’s neck. His breath was hot, Kiryu almost felt his skin just might catch on fire. It felt good to hear Majima wanted him just as much as Kiryu wanted Majima, although he couldn’t be sure whether the passion was the same sort.

Kiryu placed his hands under Majima’s buttcheeks and lifted him on top the counter. Although the two men were about the same size, only an inch difference in their heights and probably only ten pounds in weight, Kiryu could handle Majima easily enough when they weren’t fighting.

Majima, who had noticed how careless Kiryu had been with his own clothes, wanted to play it safe and opened his own belt. It was hard, as Kiryu had trouble keeping his hands off of Majima. Hands running on the back and kisses along the neck and jawline made not only reaching the buckle more difficult but the whole process of focusing as well.

Kiryu pulled the black pants off and threw them on top of the clothes pile at the stool. He had thrown his own shirt on the floor, as it was already trashed. He already felt like a fool for it, as he knew he’d now have to walk back home with his chest bare.

Majima’s words interrupted his thoughts, beginning to sail on the seas of unrelated topics.

”I’m surprised ya actually wanted to do this, y’know. I wasn’t sure whether ya swing my way at all”, Majima said, returning Kiryu to the current moment instead of the future’s worries.

Kiryu lowered himself in front of Majima, pulling off the underwear. Kiryu didn’t respond. He tried to think back, the events at Shine, what was it, that made him join Majima’s company at the love hotel when he could’ve just turned his back at the man in drag, leaving him there. He was glad he hadn’t left him hanging though. Or was he? The confession he had managed to forget for the longest time for this evening, had returned to his mind all of a sudden.

”I want you...” Kiryu told. He had wanted to finish the sentence with something along the lines ”to be my boyfriend”, but had cowarded out at the last moment, yet again. Luckily there was a distraction to keep himself from pitying over it too much.

His eyes rested on Majima’s now naked body.

That man was as pretty as a sculpture, to the point Kiryu thought he sure could work on that for a night after another, making sure not to left a single spot unnoticed.

If only he wasn’t so drunk, he would’ve probably been ashamed of his thoughts, those stupid references his brain kept making. This was all Majima’s fault.

That man was a piece of art, Kiryu wouldn’t mind nailing him against the wall.

Oh boy, he sure was thirsting tonight like never before.

Kiryu realized just how much he had become like Majima. Or maybe it was the booze, that allowed himself to properly indulge in those lewd thoughts, with a twist of romance. His best call now would be to make this the best time yet, as he was gonna tell Majima after the climaxes. He had to. He had wasted so much time already. With right words and a bit of luck, he might even get invited to spend the night, to suffer the hangover together...

”Well go ahead and take me, that’s what we’re here for, right?” Majima taunted, but in good spirits nonetheless, as if he was challenging Kiryu.

”With pleasure”, he replied, placing his hands on Majima’s thighs and kissing his lips. They had become the second nicotine to Kiryu, he found himself just waiting for the next opportunity to get a taste of them. Now that he had been given one, he felt the serotonin and dopamine rushing to his brain, giving him a high strong enough to fly him up to cloud nine.

Majima was a good kisser, always so passionate, he wasn’t afraid to use his whole mouth, the tongue, the lips, even the teeth. Especially when he had had a few drinks, his kisses become sloppy, which Kiryu didn’t mind at all. If anything, the passion gave him a boost in confidence, turning him on, to know he was wanted by the man he himself wanted the most.

”Gimme a sec”, Majima said after withdrawing from the kiss. It had ended so suddenly. He reached behind his back, twisting his torso as he picked up something from underneath the counter. Kiryu’s eyes were still fixated on Majima. He caught a glimpse of the tattoo on the back and remembered about Majima’s secretive attitude earlier. He didn’t remember, what it had been about, only that it had something to do with one masking themselves, as Majima had Hannya mask on his back. Come on, think about it, Kiryu thought to himself, trying to think back on their earlier conversations.

”Hannya mask, huh?” Kiryu asked as if it’d help him to remember. It was unlikely that Majima would just like that reveal, whatever it was that Kiryu was meant to bring up, but it was worth the shot. He might say something that would remind Kiryu about the earlier discussion. If only he hadn’t been so horny and drunk, he would’ve remembered it. Probably.

”I thought ya had realized it earlier. You’re dumber than you look”, Majima answered, turning back at Kiryu. He had grabbed a bottle of lubricant, it was the same one he had carried with him the last few times. It took a few shakes to get anything out from it, as they had been fucking around so much. Not enough for Kiryu’s tastes, however.

”Seems we’re outta condoms, by the way. Unless you brought some. But I’m drunk and clean if ya wanna have a go, I ain’t gonna stop ya”, he continued, still shaking the lubricant tube. It really must’ve been either almost empty or just really sticky. Probably bit of both.

Not only they were both buck naked, but there was not gonna be the thin sheet of rubber between them? Kiryu’s soul sang hallelujah, though he tried to keep his calmness.

”Yeah, me too. I guess it’s too late to back off now”, he said, looking down and seeing his cock hard as a rock. He was trying to keep his eagerness at bay. Not only he got to be as close to Majima as possible, but this was also his first time without a condom. He had heard it felt good, so now he was also becoming nervous if he’d shoot his load too fast. He’d just have to take it slow. Besides, alcohol had that sort of numbing effect, that he had witnessed multiple times.

”Gotta remember to buy more for the next time”, Majima muttered, as he finally managed to squeeze out the remaining drops of the clear, sticky goo, onto Kiryu’s hands, which he had stuck out. The right hand reached towards Majima, who sighed as the finger slid inside him. Kiryu used his other hand to stroke and lubricate himself.

”Next time? How long are we gonna keep doing this?” Kiryu asked, sliding in another finger causing another sigh to escape from between Majima’s lips.

Of course, Kiryu hoped Majima’s answer to be something along the lines of ”indefinitely”, but the fact that there was gonna be at least once more, was already a good start.

”It’d spoil the surprise if I’d let ya know, wouldn’t it?” Majima answered cryptically. At the same time, Kiryu had, and yet had not, expected the answer being something like this.

”Now I wonder why I even asked, as I half expected you to say something like that”, Kiryu sighed, moving his fingers inside Majima, enjoying the little sounds he made, as Kiryu massaged the prostate.

”Don’t expect me to not give ya expectations!” Majima insisted, smiling as he said the words. It was obvious at this point, that he just enjoyed the fact he got Kiryu kept on his toes time after time. He must’ve been worrying, just how long he would be able to come up with new ideas.

”Your words make no sense”, Kiryu notified, giving Majima a brief kiss on the tip of his nose. He was so sweet when he tried so hard to stay on top of Kiryu, even if it was mostly at the mental level, as soon as they had removed the unnecessary clothes between them.

”Then fuck me to keep me from spoutin’ ’stuff that makes no sense’!” Majima challenged, biting his lip in a tempting manner. How could a man with only one eye, give such a demanding look, that was something Kiryu just couldn’t figure out. However, it wasn’t necessary. He had more important things to do. Fingers withdrew, and they got replaced by cock.

It felt mind-blowing. Absolutely amazing. Skin against skin, all the way. There was no way to get any closer than this. It was incredibly sexy, yet romantic, at the same time.

”This isn’t gonna change a thing. You say some of the weirdest things when we make love”, Kiryu said after the initial shock from pleasure. He had hesitated with the term he had just picked but somehow the term ”fucking” seemed too crude for the moment, as he was gently pushing his cock inside, watching Majima’s expression, going from pleased to more pleased. It seemed he was slightly shaken up by the term Kiryu had used for the intercourse, however.

Makin’ love? You can use the word ’fuck’, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard ya usin’ it before”, he sneered with a humorous tone at Kiryu, who blushed as he got called out. He would’ve opened his mouth, but arguing about the proper term for sex taking place at the moment would’ve been a real mood killer. He decided to let it slip for now.

For Kiryu, it felt more special than ever before, partly because of everything that was going on his head. It had taken him a lot of courage to even admit the state of things to himself, and a lot more, as he was about to share the feelings soon enough. If things were to go south, at least he’d have the one last time to keep as a memory, so better make it a good one. Failure, however, didn’t seem very likely.

For now, though, all he wanted was to enjoy the moment. He buried his head against Majima’s shoulder, breathing in his scent, the mix of cologne, alcohol, and tobacco, listening to the sighs and gasps he made, as Kiryu kept thrusting in. It all felt so good, so right. Almost as if their bodies were once carved from the same piece of wood, so well they fit together.

Majima’s body was hot, both in temperature and aesthetically. The chest expanded and contracted as he breathed. Kiryu felt it all, as he had such a tight hold of Majima.

”I’ll never get tired of how good you feel”, Kiryu murmured, as he kissed the base of Majima’s neck, tasting the sweat on his skin.

”Yeah, you’re pretty damn good too”, Majima sighed into Kiryu’s ear, as he hit the sweet spot. Majima threw his head back as he arched his back, allowing Kiryu to adore the expression from the enjoyment he himself had caused.

Kiryu lifted Majima’s leg from under the knee, to allow for deeper penetration, as Majima’s pleasure was such a wonderful sight to witness, to feel him dragging his nails on the back and feel the hot, panted breath against the chest. Majima’s lips kept repeating Kiryu’s name, as he kept thrusting all the way in. Kiryu knew it was just a silly dream, but he hoped one day Majima would call him Kazuma and not with the usual nickname Kiryu-chan.

He stroke Majima’s cheek, running his thumb from the cheekbone to the bottom of the chin, feeling the stubble of beard, pulling the face closer for a kiss. Majima didn’t hesitate but responded to the kiss. Hungrily, he bit Kiryu’s lower lip, when he felt like he needed a moment to catch his breath. Years of smoking had done their damage, but life was too short to say no to every little pleasure.

”Why are ya bein’ so... I dunno, gentle today?” Majima asked as Kiryu’s hand kept lowering through the neck, the arm and ending up on Majima’s lower back. Kiryu pulled Majima closer, kissing him once more, silencing him, to avoid answering. Right now he just wanted to focus on Majima, both enjoying from the way he felt, and trying his best go get Majima to enjoy himself as well. Kiryu knew the few tricks which Majima enjoyed, and wasn’t afraid to use the full arsenal to make the night one of a kind.

As Majima arched his back under Kiryu’s deep thrusts, Kiryu leaned closer and kissed his neck, making a trail towards the ear. He gently bit the earlobe, lips covering the teeth as not to hurt too much, even when he knew Majima wouldn’t mind the slight pain. After the pull, he stuck out his tongue and licked along the helix, not holding back his labored breath. He felt Majima’s skin forming goosebumps.

”Do you like it?” Kiryu whispered with a gravelly voice. He was pretty sure he already knew the answer, as Majima trembled slightly. A faint giggle escaped from Majima’s mouth, but he quickly hid the smile by biting his lower lip. Kiryu wondered, whether it was something he had learned from Kiryu, just like Kiryu had adapted the more straight-forward attitude towards sex.

”Ya bet. Never shut up”, Majima murmured, leaning closer to Kiryu, wrapping his arms behind the neck.

”Show me that beautiful smile. Don’t hide it. I want you to feel good”, Kiryu kept cooing, going just a bit too sweet, but it was the only thing that had came to his mind. It was true, every word. Why wouldn’t he want the one he so adored to feel good? Majima’s smile, although it usually was either sarcastic or just outright smug, when he smiled earnestly, oh boy, Kiryu felt his heart melting each time he witnessed it.

Majima laughed at Kiryu’s corny line. It wasn’t the pure smile Kiryu had hoped for, but the one with a hint of tease in it.

Kiryu hadn’t too much time to look at the grin, as Majima buried his face against Kiryu’s chest, kissing the pecs and licking the nipples. Kiryu shuddered at first, as he wasn’t used to such thing, but performed by Majima, it felt good. He was gentle enough, even though his heart must’ve been racing already, as he had begun bucking his hips against Kiryu’s.

”Ya feel good as ever, but please stop teasin’ me like this. Fuck me like ya used to do”, he moaned, running his hands on Kiryu’s back, digging the tips of his fingers deeper into the flesh. He had his legs wrapped behind Kiryu’s hips, and now he was aiding Kiryu to raise his tempo with them.

It was hard to resist, as Majima’s voice had such a deep lust in it. Kiryu had realized that he wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway, as Majima’s inner muscles squeezed so pleasantly.

”Like this?” Kiryu asked, raising the speed and tightening his grasp of Majima, who nodded, accompanied by a pleased moan of affirmation.

”Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about”, he cheered, as he reached for his own cock, slippery with pre-cum. His eye rolled back as he stroke it.

It was hard to balance between the fast fucking and romantic gestures, as Kiryu needed both of his hands just to hold the other man still. All he could do was to mumble sweet nothings to Majima’s ear and look his face, the half-open mouth wording ”Kiryu-chan” over and over again.

As Majima’s inner muscles began contracting, Kiryu quickly found himself at the edge of the orgasm. He felt a bit dizzy, as the breathes he took were short and shallow. Almost as if everything else around him began disappearing, expect for Majima. The scent of his sweat danced around Kiryu’s nostrils, the loose strands of the curtained hair tickled against Kiryu’s temples. Majima’s hair product, shampoo, conditioner, whatever it was he used, smelled good, manly, yet sophisticated. Majima kept throwing his head back to get the hair off from his face, but it was meaningless, as they got messed up again after only a few intense thrusts.

”I... Majima, I...” Kiryu moaned, as his cock throbbed, shooting the load filled with love, inside Majima.

”Fuck yeah, Kiryu-chan. It feels so good when ya moan my name like that when ya cum”, Majima gushed. His voice was shaky and shallow, as he must’ve been close too. Although Kiryu felt like the pleasure was overwhelming, he made sure to give Majima what he so wanted, a proper fuck.

He placed his hands on Majima’s hips and kept fucking him like there was no tomorrow. The ”Kiryu-chan” Majima had kept moaning louder and louder, had turned into an unintelligible series of sounds, varying from sighs to cries.

Kiryu felt Majima’s nails digging into the flesh on his back, as Majima grunted, slightly spasming against Kiryu’s chest, the firm pecs, and the sweaty skin. The struggle withing Kiryu was a tough one, whether to let go as they were both so hot and sticky it was uncomfortable, or to stay still for as long as possible, trying to ignore the slight uncomfort and focus on the good part, the blissful state of post-orgasm and the cocktail of serotonin and oxytocin.

The latter won.


Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place and have a drink or two / And then I go and spoil it all by saying somethin' stupid like, "I love you" / I can see it in your eyes, that you despise the same old lies you heard the night before / And though it's just a line to you, for me it's true, and never seemed so right before” a duet in the radio sang. It had been on an entire night, but only a few quiet moments the two men had between them, Kiryu had paid any attention to the music. Although he wasn’t that well informed about Western music, he recognized the male singer’s voice, smooth as velvet, as Frank Sinatra. The way he and his partner delivered the words made Kiryu feel the despair of the love that might be a hopeless cause. However, Kiryu knew, that if he wouldn’t deliver those three words to Majima now, he would never again have the guts for it. This night had been a success. They had had a great time and even better sex. Surely after-orgasm giddiness was the best time to share the delicate feelings that had been a ticking time bomb for quite some time now.

Now or never, Kiryu thought, before opening his mouth.

”Where are you gonna stay for the night?” Kiryu asked, dumping his after-sex cigarette in the fancy ashtray at the counter they had just minutes ago made love.

”What do ya mean?” Majima answered the question with another question. He was collecting the glasses from the other side of the counter, carrying them to the sink under the lengthy shelf, filled with bottles of booze of various kinds. Kiryu saw Majima’s reflection from the shelf’s mirror. He had an indifferent look on his face, nothing to hint what was going through his head at the moment. His hair was messed up and his face almost seemed to be glowing from the earlier euphoria.

”I thought hangover might be more tolerable if you were there with me”, Kiryu explained, getting up and helping Majima with the glasses, as there were so many of them Kiryu couldn’t help but feel just a hint of regret already. Tomorrow was gonna be bad. Just how bad, it all depended on the next few sentences they were about to exchange.

”Ya mean like the five F’s to cure, huh?” Majima suggested, although Kiryu ha no idea, what those words meant.

”The what?” he wondered. Majima smiled at Kiryu.

Fatty fast food and few rounds of fuckin’”, Majima explained, widening the grin on his face. He looked almost devilish. Devilishly handsome, that was. Once more, Kiryu got the sign that this was love, as he still found his partner good-looking after the climax and in a state of decreasing drunkenness.

”Never heard that one before, but sounds like worth trying out, if you’re up for it”, he said, although he already had assumed Majima’s happy face as an agreement.

”Well I mean, yeah. Why not? I mean, I love the idea of ya dickin’ me down with a mornin’ wood after a cocktail of painkillers”, he replied, beginning to wash the first of the multiple glasses by the sink.


Kiryu’s brain only half registered the words Majima had said, as the word ”love” had been introduced to the conversation. It had been the exact thing Kiryu had waited for, like a fish looking for bait, like a heat-stroke man after an oasis. Sure, it might’ve not been a straight-up confession, but enough to give Kiryu a reason to come clean, finally.

”Love to? Majima, now that you’ve said it, I can’t hold back any longer. I’m starting to fall in love with you”, he said, each word flowing out from his mouth just a little easier than the earlier. He felt like a fucking winner, although he hadn’t even heard Majima’s response yet. Just getting it out from his chest was already half a victory.

”What?” Majima asked. He had stopped with everything he was doing. There was a loud sound of glass shattering, as the wine glass in his hands had dropped on the floor.

”I think I... umm... I know I love you”, Kiryu repeated himself. His heart beat so fast it hurt.

He had done it. The three words. They were out. OUT.

As the adrenaline rushed in, the seconds Kiryu had to wait for Majima’s answer felt like minutes.

”Y’know, I kinda knew it’d come to this, sooner or later. I’m a fool, and you’re so goddamn pure and innocent”, Majima sighed, picking up the broom and dustpan next to the sink, avoiding on meeting Kiryu’s eyes.

”Huh?” Kiryu wondered. All of a sudden, he was hit with a realization, that hit him like a wet rag in the face. If Majima had felt as strongly as Kiryu, they would’ve been hugging and kissing by now.

This is fine.

He’s just surprised, that’s all, Kiryu kept convincing himself.

”Ya don’t seem to get it, do ya? All I wanted was some fun and now ya have to go, ruinin’ it with feelings and shit”, Majima explained, looking down as he swept off the shattered glass. Kiryu still couldn’t see his face, but he didn’t need to anymore. He could tell it from the voice, that Majima wasn’t too happy about the confession.

Kiryu knew damn well now, that this hadn’t gone as he had hoped for. The sound only he could hear, the heart shattering inside his chest, was deafening. He had to sit down, as it suddenly felt like his knees would give up on him any moment now. All the strength he had, had been suddenly flown out from the gaping hole in his chest.

”I can’t help it! You’re just so-” Kiryu was about to tell Majima about all the things that made him so special to Kiryu, but he got interrupted.

”No, I’m not what ya think. I’m a jerk, don’t ya get it? You’re too fuckin’ virtuous! Just ’cause we’ve been fuckin’ around a few times doesn’t mean we’re supposed to grow old together and whatnot. Sex does not equal love. But of course, ya didn’t know that”, Majima kept blabbering about. The more he talked, the more Kiryu felt the entire Earth crumbling down around him. Kiryu just wanted Majima to shut up.

Kiryu could’ve handled something like ”this is so sudden, give me time to think” kind of thing, but now that he downright got called a fool who didn’t understand anything, he, besides sadness, felt also anger. Alright, Majima may have been a jerk, but there was so much more to him than that. If only Kiryu knew to words to convey it.

”You got anything more to say?” Kiryu asked in a broken voice, not trying to hide it. He was basically begging Majima to salt his wounds, to make the goodbyes easier. There was no way they’d need the lubes and condoms after this fight. This was the end.

”I don’t mean to hurt you. For reals. I mean it, you’re a good man, for someone else”, Majima told, in a lot calmer tone than the few earlier statements he had given. This was not the kind of salt he wanted. None of that smooth grain stuff, he wanted that big, chunky stuff with hard edges and proper burn.

”I don’t want anyone else but you”, he insisted boldly. It was all he could say. Any words of convincing would’ve been a waste of breath, as Majima had been such a stubborn man as long as Kiryu had known him.

Kiryu stood up, as he knew the evening was over. Everything was over for him. Well, not really, life went on, but the next few days, hell, maybe even weeks, would probably be filled with nothing but black mist, with snakes of paradise tempting him to self-harming practices to numb the pain, and daggers to stab him over and over again. No no no no no. NO.

Kiryu wasn’t allowed to think of anything related to Majima, no snakes or daggers.

Majima was quiet. Everything was quiet, even the radio. The lack of any sounds or words, was more painful to ears, than if a tank would’ve been fired in that room, right next to them. It was awkward and Kiryu thought so hard about something to say. Anything.

”Majima-san...” he finally sighed. He had no idea, how to continue. He didn’t have to.

”I think ya should leave”, Majima notified, still not looking at Kiryu. The reflection in the mirror was the image, that was worth at least a thousand words. At first glance, he seemed just blissfully ignorant, good old resting bitch face, but behind it, Kiryu thought he saw just a glimpse of pain. This was not the way he wanted to remember Majima by, so he quickly turned away, and left the bar.


The hangover from alcohol, Kiryu suffered for a day. Fast food, re-runs of old shows from TV, kept him occupied enough not to think about it too much. He suffered another day, but it was getting better. On the third day, there were no signs of it anymore.

The one he got from love, however, left him feeling numb for days. Ten-year-old comedy shows and an unhealthy diet weren’t gonna cure this one.

Weeks passed in a sort of blurry mess, when nothing felt like anything, expect for the constant, lingering pain in the background until he got accustomed to it. At least the pain reminded him about the fact he was still alive, although he felt more like an undead, a zombie, than a living creature with a heartbeat. Why would something so badly broken beat anymore?

His heart was a rumba shaker, as the beats threw around the pieces of his broken heart. Too bad there was no reason to dance anymore, no one to dance with. The one he had wanted to be his partner, had thrown away his shoes, leaving Kiryu alone in the dance floor, standing out like a sore thumb. He was never gonna dance again.


Chapter Text

The pain was the only reminder of the fact you were still alive, no matter if you liked it or not.

Kiryu had been like this for two weeks, mostly sitting at home, living on nothing but instant ramen, cigarettes, and beer. He was barely able to recognize his own reflection in the mirror. Cheeks were sunk, eyes dark with visible bags underneath them, hair messy and beard overgrown. He usually was the type of man who took care of his looks, but now it was struggle enough to put on sweatpants to hit the nearest convenience store. Clerks might’ve given funny looks, but it didn’t matter. Nothing did.

Kitchen cabinet was empty, once more. Kiryu groaned. He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he last left the apartment. Might’ve been a few days or a week. Days and nights had melt into one seamless, dim mess. Blinders shut and TV on at all hours, both to hide the reality and shove it into his face. People on the commercials, they mocked Kiryu’s sad existence, forcing their cheaply made, gimmicky aids, workout machines, diet supplements, flimsy kitchen utensils to make cooking half a minute shorter chore. They were all happy, making money on other people’s misery and laziness.

Misery loves company. One bad day after another, you just kept rolling downhill until you didn’t even bother looking up, knowing it’d be too steep to climb back up.

Those four walls surrounding him were not only his jail but with habits like this, they were gonna end up being his grave as well. Not only the pain in his heart, but he was also feeling physically bad. He needed some fresh air, something to occupy his thoughts, something else to consume than fast carbohydrates.

The newspaper didn’t inspire him. There were lots and lots of activities in the busy city of Kamurocho, but none of them felt right. He didn’t want to surround himself with people in something like a concert or sports event. An intimate conversation with pretty girls at cabaret clubs, that was something Kiryu desired even less. He didn’t want to meet anyone new. Someone old might’ve just done the trick, he had tried calling Nishiki, but he had been busy, as usual, with Tojo business, so Kiryu had left his sworn brother alone. Kiryu might’ve gone to Serena for a round or two, but he had had his share of alcohol for now. At first, it had numbed the pain, but it had returned soon enough, it not making it worse. Once you’re already hit the rock bottom, after a few cans of cheap beer, self-doubt is there to stay. There seemed to be no way to run away from the worries indefinitely, especially when the diet he was in was getting onto his stamina.

Today was gonna be the day he was gonna leave the apartment, however. He felt like shit, but knew deep inside, that he had to do it. Nothing good was gonna come out of his habits that had costed him two weeks he’d never get back. Regret was not gonna do him any good, so he quickly abandoned the those thoughts. Of course he would’ve done something, if he could’ve. Depression was a bitch, but today Kiryu was gonna smack that bitch up.

Smacking gave him an idea.

Maybe instead of wallowing in self-pity, he just needed a way to vent out his anger. He was angry at Majima, abandoning him like that, with no reason whatsoever. Being a bastard who ”just wanted to have fun”, according to his own words, wasn’t a reason solid enough to convince Kiryu. Funny, how after a stream of bad days, the anger directed at someone else, had turned into a self-hatred, finding the faults within yourself rather than the one who had caused you to feel like this in the first place.

Batting cages. Beating something up, even if it was just small, white balls with red stitching, was a good way to vent the feelings. No way Kiryu, in his current condition, should’ve even thought about Coliseum battles. No, practicing baseball swings seemed like a safe way to break the vicious cycle of depression and ignoring all but your most basic needs.

Kiryu got up from the safety and comfort of his futon. He showered and did his best to look like a presentable human being. Quick shower and shave did wonders, but the longer he stared at the mirror, the more he realized he still looked like shit. The eye bags, the pale skin, he looked sick.

The light gray suit had been abandoned in the backrest of the kitchen chair for who knows how long, but today was time for it to see the light of the day, once more. It was slightly wrinkled, but otherwise still good enough to wear.

The fact he was about to go out made him already feel just a little bit better. He was moving on.

The way the autumn’s wind breezed on his face, throwing his hair around, felt refreshing. The worst heatwaves had passed for the next three hundred days or so, which truly felt like a blessing. As Kiryu continued along the street, he stopped by a vending machine and grabbed a can of cold coffee to properly wake him up from his coma-like state. The taste, no matter how plain, embraced the taste buds. Maybe after the workout, he’d go for a nice steak, now that he had already stepped outside. Kanrai, the fancy restaurant, was relatively close to the batting establishment after all.

It didn’t take too many minutes before Kiryu had arrived at the Yoshida Batting Center. As he had visited there many times before, the clerk immediately recognized Kiryu.

”I’m really sorry, sir, but we’re closed for today”, she said, bowing down apologetically.

”What? Why’s the door open then, and no sign or anything?” Kiryu asked. Usually, he would’ve been more polite, but right now he just felt pissed off. After all this, showering, getting dressed and leaving his place, his efforts had been for nothing.

”Ah, I must’ve forgotten”, the clerk answered, raising her head. She wiped her long bangs to the side, as they had dropped over her eyes as she had bowed.

”I want to play. I need to play”, Kiryu insisted. He had raised his voice just a bit but didn’t want to seem too threatening, as the clerk was a young, rather petite girl, not much older than mid-twenties.

”I’m really not supposed to...” she tried to convince Kiryu, who was being even more stubborn than usual. There was no way he was gonna walk back now. He reached for his wallet.

”I’ll pay double. Triple. Please”, he said, almost begged, as he pulled a thousand yen bill from his wallet. Hideyo Noguchi’s smile at the banknote mocked Kiryu. Was he really gonna take shit from a printed face of a guy, who spent great deal of his life investigating syphilis, and later failing to tell difference between leptospirosis and yellow fever?

It was either the money, or the menacing aura emitting from Kiryu, which made the assistant bend into Kiryu’s will.

”Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. He might get angry with you, as he strictly told no visitors...” she said, handing a metal bat to Kiryu. The words raised his suspicions. Who was he? Must’ve been another nouveau riche douchebag, thinking he owned the world and could do exactly what he wanted just by waving around a stack of bills...

Before stepping in through the door, he needed to grab a soda. The coffee had left him thirsty, after all, the caffeine in coffee was a diuretic substance. Kiryu opted for a can of cola. The vending machine was beaten down, and as Kiryu had purchased his drink, it fell out from the slot with such force it fell to the floor and rolled right under a nearby bench.

As Kiryu crouched down to reach it, he saw similar shoes. Black leather and steel tips.

Kiryu looked up.

A quick flash of snakeskin.

It was all he could handle before he had to turn his head away. It was too late to back off, however.

”If ya gonna get on your knees to beg me to love ya, that ain’t gonna happen, y’know”, the man on the bench said half-sarcastically, but with an unusually cold tone.

Although the bat was lying next to Kiryu, he felt like someone would’ve just hit him in the guts with it. He felt nauseous.

”Majima-san? No... I just... My soda...” Kiryu stuttered, trying to keep his calm and to ignore the pain within him.

Suddenly, baseball didn’t seem such a good idea. Was there any way to step back now? Did he really even want to leave? Or did he want to sort things out with Majima? Both seemed equally good, yet bad, options, at the same time. Maybe the sorry state Kiryu was in, could’ve awakened some sort of pity within Majima. Although he had been rude the last time they had met, he still had a heart, after all. Or did he?

”Ah, alright. Here, lemme help ya”, Majima replied, reaching for the red can under the bench with his foot, kicking it gently towards Kiryu. It rolled along the floor.

”Let me guess, you’re the guy who has this place locked down?” Kiryu asked as he saw no one else there, besides the two of them. Even the clerk lady had gone somewhere, probably to the backroom, or maybe for a quick break. Not that it would matter.

”That’s me. Did your sorry state get the girl takin’ pity on ya, ’cause you’re still here?” Majima questioned. He seemed pissed, eyeing around to spot the girl. Kiryu felt happy for her for not being there at the moment, as Majima might’ve spouted a couple of well placed rude words for her.

”Does it matter?” Kiryu muttered. He was still crouched in front of Majima, as the conversation got all his attention. He had to think through every word he said. He had to think through everything he wanted to say, and avoid anything that could lead to the situation getting even worse.

Things were awkward between them. Kiryu had a hard time looking at Majima, and when their eyes did meet, Majima, in turn, looked away.

What would Kiryu say, that he hadn’t already said at the Bantam? Was there anything left to talk about? No matter how much Kiryu had thought about it, he hadn’t come up with anything to change Majima’s mind. He was so close to just getting on his knees, there and now, begging Majima for mercy, for validation. Hell, he’d even be ready to kiss the steeled tips of his shoes and do almost anything to get any sort of clarification for the situation between them.

”You look like shit”, Majima pointed out. Kiryu raised his head. Majima looked as usual, maybe just a bit more tired and pissed off as usual.

”I’ve been busy with... things”, Kiryu said quickly, hoping Majima would just let this pass and wouldn’t implore for more details.

Majima had a quick wit, and he could see right through Kiryu’s lies.

”No, you haven’t. I haven’t seen ya anywhere. I bet ya been holed up in your place the whole time, ’cause you’re pale as if you’ve seen a ghost”, he said, looking down on Kiryu with a judging look. Kiryu swallowed, feeling guilty both from lying and the pathetic measures his depressive phase had caused him to live on.

”You’ve been looking for me?” he asked, feeling just a bit of hope lighting up within him. The return of the romantic feelings was too much for Kiryu to even ask for, but an apology would’ve been a great start.

”No”, Majima answered, looking at the tips of his shoes, rather than Kiryu.

”I’ve been around and I haven’t seen ya. If ya try to avoid me, it ain’t gonna work. Kamurocho ain’t that big, we were bound to crash sooner or later”, he continued, lighting a cigarette. Kiryu was pretty sure smoking inside the batting center wasn’t allowed, but he didn’t try to stop Majima. The clerk was still absent.

Majima’s words were true. There was no way they could both live in Kamurocho without coming across each other eventually. The only thing they could do about it would be to settle things now, to make the future encounters less awkward unless one of them wanted to re-locate.

Like the can almost exploded after the shake, Kiryu couldn’t keep quiet, but had to open his mouth and let out the pressure built up within him the last two weeks.

”You’re the one avoiding. Maybe not physically, but emotionally. You gave me no explanation to why you’re suddenly giving me a cold shoulder. Do you have any idea how bad it feels, when I told you my truest feelings and you just told me to leave? If you knew this would happen, why did you lead me on for so long then?” Kiryu yapped about like a pot of porridge, flowing over the edges, leaving a burned stains on the stove, as his words left hurt expression on Majima’s face.

”Like I said, I did it for fun. Things escalated, got outta hand. Sorry about that, I guess?” Majima answered, looking clueless as ever. He was way too calm for Kiryu’s tastes, as he himself was at the edge of a breakdown. Majima’s careless attitude pissed Kiryu off, only making the process of letting go easier.

”You don’t seem sorry to me”, Kiryu muttered, looking at Majima, who leaned back lazily at the plastic bench, sucking in the last smokes of his cigarette.

”Ya want me to get on my knees and beg for forgiveness? Nah. Ya should get up, too. Ya look pathetic”, he said, getting up from the bench. He reached for Kiryu’s hand to help him up from the floor, as he walked towards the trashcan in the corner. Kiryu refused Majima’s help and stood up on his own. That cocky attitude of Majima, man, Kiryu found himself clenching his fists.

”You are pathetic!” he shouted after Majima. Kiryu had tried to stop himself from being rude, but Majima had taken it too far. The way he had brushed off Kiryu’s words like they were just crumbles of bread, was intolerable.

”Excuse me?” Majima asked, turning his head towards Kiryu. He looked shocked, yet curious at the same time. Almost as if he had enjoyed Kiryu’s fury. What an oddball of a man.

”And... And... You know what, you look like a goblin!” Kiryu continued. He had no brakes on the rage train. The pent up anger, there was no stopping him now.

”That’s it!” Majima roared. He kicked down the trash can next to him.

”You’re pathetic for escaping all of this! You just run away from your problems, whatever they are. I just wanna settle things, but you keep avoiding me, even now!” Kiryu yelled. He crushed the now empty soda can in his hand, letting out both satisfying sensation and crunching sound. His hand got wet from the last few drops of the drink, but in his rage, he didn’t mind his hand getting tacky from the sugar.

”Ya wanna settle this, huh? Let’s take this to the arena”, Majima challenged, kicking the door to the batting area open with an unnecessary amount of force. Kiryu had never wanted to fight Majima as hard as he did just now. He wanted to punch every last bit of smugness right off from his stupid goblin face.

Kiryu followed to the room with green nets on the walls, covering the metallic structures acting as walls. The floor was also green with a hint of teal, to match the nets. At the furthermost wall, there were automated pitchers and a big board where you were supposed to hit your balls.

Both men had brought baseball bats with them, and it was pretty obvious judging from the context, that they wouldn’t be hitting baseballs, but each others.

”You’re gonna look like shit, too, after I’m done with you”, Kiryu threatened, as he took few steps towards Majima, who had his baseball bat readied next to his head.

Kiryu threw his jacket and shirt to the floor, as the true yakuza way for any fight was going shirtless.

”I’m not gonna hold back”, Majima responded, steadying his stance after throwing his own leather jacket to the floor.

Kiryu ran straight forward, pulling his right hand backwards to get power for his right hook. Majima hadn’t been expecting Kiryu to start attacking him so suddenly. The earlier fights they had had, Kiryu was more calculating, but now he was just filled with fury. The love he had once felt, had turned into despair and eventually into a rage. They all were strong emotions, surprisingly close to each other, almost melting into one big cluster of emotions. Kiryu still found Majima handsome, and if only he had been a tad calmer, he would’ve felt sorry for ruining his face with a strong punch.

Majima fell. He would’ve ended up on his back, but with swift reflexes, he managed to put his hands as support to land on his ass instead. He looked at Kiryu, impressed expression on his face. The attack hadn’t done any real damage, but it would leave a nasty bruise for the following days to come.

”Oh my, you’re on fire today, Kiryu-chan”, Majima said as he got up.

The easiness Majima had still called Kiryu as ”Kiryu-chan” was confusing. Majima didn’t seem angry at all. He almost seemed humored?

”Are you messing with me?” Kiryu asked, rubbing his knuckles as he had managed to hit straight into Majima’s cheekbone. Those damned cheekbones, just many kisses Kiryu had given to them...

Just how many more did he want to give? Anger was just a coping mechanism to hide the love. If you can’t have something you want, it’s easier to turn into a bitter, old man, than to learn to cope. Although Kiryu was wise beyond the years, he wasn’t too experienced with love, even less so with getting rejected.

”Who knows. I sure don’t. Ya know I lov- I enjoy fuckin’ with ya. And fuckin’ around. But no, ya and your emotional bullshit”, Majima said, as he picked his fallen baseball bat from the ground, spinning it around in the air a few times before returning to his earlier stance. Kiryu was already charging towards Majima once more. This time, a quick sidestep saved his face.

”See, you’re dodging the problem again?” Kiryu pointed out. The way Majima had avoided the attack, it was the exact same thing he did when it came to Kiryu’s feelings. He didn’t even try to block, just straight up took a step to further back to avoid the trouble.

”What? Ya think I’d be a moron to just stand there and take the punch?” Majima roared, acting as if he was holding back laughter, wiping away emotional tears from laughing too much. He hadn’t been this theatrical before. Was it his way of coping, or maybe hiding his true emotions?

”Why do you want to fight if you’re not ready to take any damage?” Kiryu asked, readying for the next attack.

Majima was faster, as the side of the bat hit the back of Kiryu’s head.

”’Cause shit like this happens. How does it feel, your body achin’ ’cause ya didn’t stay on your toes, awaitin’ for the attack?” Majima taunted, stroking Kiryu’s cheek with the end of the bat. Kiryu looked at him under the thick eyebrows.

”It hurts... But at least I know I tried” he replied, smiling.

He had noticed the way their conversation had turned. They both acted as if they were talking about the physical acts when in reality, they talked about their emotions in a way that was natural for both of them. Neither could imagine themselves sitting down and having a deep conversation about their feelings.

Kiryu’s thoughts got interrupted, as the gentle strokes of the bat got replaced by yet another strike.

”Ya still think that way? I had ya fooled with the comfort, false safety. Just when ya think the storm’s calmed down, it’s gonna strike back twice as hard”, Majima asked, rolling his shoulder as he had hit Kiryu with such force.

”Yeah. You are the unforecasted storm, it’s not like you’d ever fully calm down”, Kiryu replied, rubbing his jawline, where Majima had hit him. It hurt, of course, but the way they got the conversation now rolling, made it worth enduring. Maybe, just maybe, he’d get the reasoning behind all of this out from Majima, before they were both beaten each other to the pulp.

”You’re one persistent motherfucker, I’ll give ya that”, Majima said in an astonished voice.

”You should try that too”, Kiryu suggested. Majima didn’t take the hint kindly, as the metal bat met with Kiryu’s face once more. The strike was stronger than the two earlier ones, knocking Kiryu to the ground, on his back. The floor was cold and hard.

”I’ve been there once. Never again”, Majima replied, throwing his bat to the ground and began walking a small circle around the room. The sound of the metal bat falling to the ground echoed in the room.

”Once? I’m pretty sure you didn’t stop fighting after you got beaten down the first time”, Kiryu pointed out, as he got into a sitting position on the floor. He needed a moment before getting up. Majima’s blow had packed quite the punch, as to be expected.

”It’s different!” Majima insisted. He seemed rather uneasy all of a sudden. Kiryu had taken Majima for a type who didn’t want to admit their defeat, this must’ve been the cause for Majima’s sudden lack of words.

”No, it’s really not”, Kiryu said back, as he stood up slowly. The earth was spinning, if only a little. He took a few steps back to take additional support from the green net on the walls.

”I don’t wanna talk about it. Not like you’d understand anyway”, Majima sighed, turning his head away once more. He looked more vulnerable than ever before, as he had let his outer walls of safety crumble in front of Kiryu’s eyes.

”Of course I don’t understand ’cause you never talk! I wanna get this mess settled. Now”, Kiryu demanded. Majima was just passing him by. Kiryu grasped him from the forearm. Majima’s skin was warm. Kiryu shuddered, as he felt Majima’s bare skin under his hand. He turned around to face Kiryu, approaching the other man until the tips of their shoes touched.

”Then let’s settle this like men”, Majima said with a sudden burst of confidence. Before Kiryu had time to figure out what the ”like men” part meant, he felt Majima’s lips on his own.

The kiss was desperate, longing. Majima cupped Kiryu’s cheeks. Kiryu didn’t understand what was happening, but he didn’t mind the details. Kissing Majima felt so right. The way their lips brushed and bruised together was natural, like the flow of a water or a breeze of a wind. Kiryu had never been so sure about anything in his life, than he was now.

He couldn’t give up on Majima.

Majima pulled back from the kiss, seemingly reluctant, almost as if he had to force himself to do it.

”Do me a favor and break my nose”, he sighed, his face still only a few inches from Kiryu’s.

”What?” Kiryu asked. He wasn’t sure if he had heard right. Probably he had, it’s just that Majima’s words, based on the context, didn’t make much sense. Then again, they often didn’t.

”Ya heard me! Do me a favor and tell me to go away” Majima roared, slapping Kiryu on the cheek with open palm. Kiryu barely had time to recover from it, as he got slapped once more, this time on the other cheek and with much more force. Kiryu rubbed his cheek. Just what the fuck was Majima’s deal here? Just as they had gotten the conversation going, he had become difficult once more, maybe even more than before. He had already asked Kiryu to beat the crap out of him, Kiryu didn’t want to, at first, because it seemed totally uncalled for, but the way Majima acted, Kiryu found it increasingly tempting idea. However, he had already lost a great deal of his stamina, as he had put so much effort on his first few punches. Besides, he was still dumbfounded about the kiss. The taste of Majima still lingered on his lips.

Before Kiryu was able to react, Majima had tackled him into the floor, and sat on top of Kiryu’s hips. As Kiryu tried to break himself free, Majima pinned Kiryu’s hands above his head and gave him another kiss, hungrier and more demanding than the one they had shared earlier.

If his plan was to anger Kiryu, he needed more than a small slap to get him furious again. His feelings were a mess, as at first, he had been desperate, then angry, and now he was almost aroused, as he had remembered just how good kisser Majima was.

”What? No? Majima-san, you’re not making any sense. What are you getting at?” Kiryu asked as he managed to get a chance to speak in the midst of the kiss.

”Do me a favor and stop askin’ questions!” Majima demanded. He looked scary when he was both raging and turned on at the same time. Kiryu didn’t know what to do. Of course, he felt like asking more questions. As he tried to open his mouth, Majima had to let go of Kiryu’s hands to muffle his mouth.

”I can’t quit ya, Kiryu-chan. I just can’t”, Majima sighed, as he began to undo his belt with his free hand.

Kiryu knew he shouldn’t have, but before he could stop himself, his hands were already aiding Majima with his leather pants and the process of getting them off to the floor as soon as possible. Kiryu knew this was only gonna make matters worse for the future, but as it now stood, they probably weren’t gonna have a future together anyway. Might as well enjoy the one last time. Not that it’d make letting go any easier, but Kiryu just tried to forget about that for now.

”You don’t have to”, Kiryu confirmed, as Majima had begun opening Kiryu’s pants.

The words had, not unexpected, but unwanted results. Majima became furious. He threw Kiryu’s pants on the floor, pulling them off with such force the fabric ripped just a bit.

”Yes I do. Shut up about it, or I’ll bash your teeth in. Stop actin’ like ya know any better”, he roared, returning for his pants to search for his wallet for a condom. He threw a stack of cards and handful of pennies on the floor on the process but eventually found one. He slipped it on over his cock, already raging hard.

”What are you gonna do?” Kiryu asked, although he damn well knew what was going to happen. He also knew just how badly he had wanted it, no matter how much he had tried to deny these thoughts from himself for the last few weeks. He saw Majima approaching him, with a lusted, menacing look on his face. He crouched in front of Kiryu, spreading his legs apart. A faint, twisted grin, appeared on Majima’s face, as he spat on his fingers, before shoving one inside half unsuspecting Kiryu.

”Don’t play dumb with me, Kiryu-chan”, Majima grunted, as Kiryu whimpered. He wasn’t fully prepared, and Majima wasn’t as gentle as he had been the last time. Not that Kiryu would’ve minded it, as he was just as desperate as Majima, if not even more.

”You’re gonna fuck me, aren’t you?” Kiryu checked, his voice raising briefly as Majima inserted another finger, slowly thrusting them back and forth.

”Well, this sure ain’t a fuckin’ three-course dinner and a movie night, or whatever romantic kinda shit ya keep yappin’ about. If ya don’t wanna do this, ya better stop me right now, ’cause once I’m in there’s no stoppin’ me”, he replied, starting out sarcastically and ending in a more threatening tone. Although Majima had taken control of things a couple of times earlier, this time felt different. The other times, he had done it with a twinkle in his eye, this time he was just dead serious, wanting Kiryu to submit to his will.

The most shocking part of this was the fact that Kiryu found that turning him on just a bit. There was something incredibly sexy about Majima, when he had that look on his face, that he was about to get what he wanted or die trying.

Kiryu didn’t say anything to Majima’s demands. He had no idea what to say. Every part of him, the heart, the body, the lower sections of his body, all but the brain, told him to allow Majima to continue with his lust-driven attack.

”Don’t think this means anythin’ more than fulfillin’ my desires like one eats to banish the hunger”, he muttered, pulling back his fingers and pushing the tip of his cock, covered with a lubricated condom, against the entrance of Kiryu’s hole. Worse than the pain of penetration, which was on tolerable level, was the hurt caused by the words. Kiryu was too desperate for Majima’s touch however, to deny what was about to happen. He wanted it so much, just not this way.

As Majima had brought up the subject of hunger, Kiryu couldn’t help but to kind of feel like a piece of meat to Majima. Then again, was it that much different from before? At first he had been a punching bag, then a fuck buddy. If there was ever anything more, it had only been in Kiryu’s head. He remembered what he had thought during their first date:

At first all he wanted to do was to beat me, now he wants to beat my meat too?

A piece of meat was a truly fitting description, after all.

Kiryu was on his back on the floor, only his jacket under his head as a make-shift pillow. Between his thighs, there was Majima, on his knees, pushing his cock deeper in.

”Majima-san, you-”, Kiryu moaned, partly from the pleasure, partly from the pain.

”Unless ya gonna keep moanin’ my name or tell me how good I feel, I don’t wanna hear ya sayin’ anything else”, he answered by whispering into Kiryu’s ear, pulling from his hair. It stung, like the thorns of the rose vine, like the words of honesty from the lips of someone you once loved. The pain reminded, that every moment of this dream to come through, no matter the twists, was true. It was enough to go on for Kiryu to endure this.

Majima’s hands were on Kiryu’s thighs, grasping to keep him steady, pressing hard enough to leave nasty bruises as memories for the next few days. Those would be the only physical memory, aside from the photographs from the Sega Arcade. Kiryu had had to hide them, as he felt grief forming inside him when he saw Majima’s smile and his own shocked but happy expression.

Expression. Majima seemed to be enjoying himself, smashing his hips against Kiryu’s like there was no tomorrow, but deep down, behind the shut eye and furrowed brows, he looked like there was something bothering him.

”This feels so wrong but ya feel so right. I dunno what to do with ya”, he sighed. He had slowed his frantic speed of pounding, as he had gotten more in lost into his thoughts. Kiryu didn’t say anything, as he was afraid he’d manage to disappoint Majima once more with his desires. Kiryu felt just like Majima had it worded. Wrong, because this wasn’t the way he wanted things to go, but right, as it was with the right man.

Or was it? How could he be the right one, if he didn’t even want to be that himself? Maybe Majima had been right, maybe Kiryu was just a fool who’d fall for anyone who was persistent enough to stick around long enough. The thought wasn’t comforting, but it was all Kiryu had to go on with, as this was as good as it’d get with settling the score with Majima, probably.

”Harder”, Kiryu grunted, as he needed a more intense mix of pain and pleasure to erase his stupid, irrelevant thoughts, as they distracted him from enjoying the moment. At first, Majima said nothing, but Kiryu saw from his face, that he was proud, as he got Kiryu begging for more. Soon enough, he opened his mouth, however.

”With pleasure. I love your asshole”, he muttered, as he kept thrusting in as deep as he could, causing Kiryu to let out deep, guttural growls of pleasure.

Kiryu couldn’t take his eyes off from Majima’s face. The self-satisfied smile, the glistening droplets of sweat sliding down from his temples as he tried to match his speed with Kiryu’s desires, the way the strands of hair kept falling on his face... Kiryu wasn’t sure if he could spend his life without seeing this sight ever again.

”I love you, asshole”, Kiryu sighed, smiling stupidly, as Majima’s possessive grin turned into a grunt of displeasure. He laid his hands on Kiryu’s throat, choking him.

”I told ya to shut the fuck up!” Majima shouted. He raised his other hand and was about to hit Kiryu, but stopped just inch from the face.

Somehow, Kiryu didn’t regret his words, even when he was at the loss of breath. He wanted to make sure Majima wouldn’t escape from the truth.

”I dunno if I wanna beat ya or your meat. If I wanna kiss ya or kill ya. Let’s just get this over with so we can move on with our lives”, he mumbled, pulling himself back and letting his other hand off from Kiryu’s neck as well. Kiryu’s face had already taken a slight purplish tint, as Majima hadn’t been merciful with his means of muffling. Majima laid his hands on Kiryu’s hips, forcing him to roll over from his back to on all fours. Kiryu, exhausted both from emotional distress, and the earlier fight, had no stamina nor interest to fight against Majima. He just followed as ordered, getting down on the floor, resting his upper body on his elbows and raising his ass up in the air, waiting for Majima to continue. Kiryu didn’t have to wait long, before he felt Majima shoving his cock back in.

Kiryu’s body rocked back and forth, as Majima kept fucking him like there was no tomorrow. It was true, there wasn’t, at least for the two of them.

As Majima’s breathing became more labored, Kiryu reached for his own cock, knowing it’d be over soon. He hadn’t dared to do so earlier, as he was sure he’d come under no time, as for the last few weeks he had been so low in his rock bottom he hadn’t even had the energy for masturbation. It was slick with pre-cum, and Kiryu had shivers when he touched it, as he had forgotten just how good it felt, wondering why he hadn’t done it more often, to give him a spark of light in his darkness so dim.

”Now if ya can just keep yourself from sayin’ stupid shit for few more moments”, Majima demanded, pulling Kiryu’s head back from his hair. He didn’t have to ask twice, as Kiryu was enjoying himself too much to focus on any other words but moaning out Majima’s name. Majima, on the other hand, didn’t say anything, which was odd, as he was usually got rather loud as he was nearing his climax. This time, all he let out was deep grunts and sighs.

Kiryu finished onto his own hand, spilling it to the floor, as Majima kept poking the prostate, pulling Kiryu’s hair and only getting rougher and faster with each thrust. After the orgasm, Kiryu felt like he was at his limit, as Majima just kept going. The last few bucks of Majima’s hips, before he came accompanied by a long, desperate sigh, were almost strong enough to push Kiryu off from his balance.

Majima leaned over Kiryu’s back and gave his neck a quick kiss.

”It’s a shame to let a catch like ya go”, he whispered after the kiss, waiting for a few seconds before pulling himself off from Kiryu, who was left there on the floor on his own mess. The euphoria from earlier had faded. Now he just felt used and cheap, regretting, why he had let Majima treat him like that. It must’ve been some sort of self-deception, to think the moment of passion would bring them closer. Well, it had, for a while, but now they were as distant as ever.

”Can’t you see how much I love you?” Kiryu asked, trying to get his eyes to meet with Majima’s.

Majima, who had gotten up and was cleaning himself off with a wet wipe, turned around to look at Kiryu but avoiding direct eye contact.

”And can’t ya see how much I don’t wanna love ya?” he responded, sounding cold as a winter’s breeze.

Although Majima didn’t provide Kiryu with love, he was kind enough to spare him a wet wipe and a cigarette, as he threw the half-empty pack at Kiryu’s feet. Majima’s words had gotten Kiryu thinking. What did Majima mean, when he had said he didn’t want to love Kiryu? He did love, but didn’t want to go through that feeling? After all the hardships of that day, Kiryu didn’t wanna get his hopes up.

”You don’t want to love me? Does that mean you sill do?” Kiryu could help himself from asking. The way Majima had responded was rather interesting. Kiryu was desperate to know, just how Majima felt about him.

”You’re keepin’ me as a mental hostage with that confession of yours”, he sighed, pulling up his pants. A lit cigarette was hanging from the corner of his mouth.

”I just thought I sh-” Kiryu began explaining himself, but got briefly interrupted by Majima.

”Shut up. Ya wanted me to speak all this time, so don’t interrupt me now, alright? Now that I can think clearly, lemme explain a thing or two”, he began by something almost as a shout, as Kiryu must’ve interrupted his train of thought. Soon Majima lowered his voice though. Kiryu nodded and kept his mouth shut, as he was more than curious to finally hear Majima opening up. As he cleaned himself up, Majima continued.

”So yeah, I’m the hostage in this situation and whatnot. After ya gave me way too much time to think about things, I’m startin’ to think I might be developin’ the... what’s it called, Stockholm Syndrome?” he said. Kiryu was hardly believing the words he heard. Not only Majima was actually speaking about how he felt, but he had also compared it to the act of falling in love with your kidnapper. Not the image Kiryu was hoping to cause on him, but if there was a change Majima had taken a liking to him...

No, don’t get your hopes up, Kiryu had to remind himself once more.

”I wanted to play with fire and of course I got burned, you’re the fuckin’ Dragon after all”, he kept talking, funnily enough, lighting Kiryu’s cigarette as he talked about getting burned. Kiryu gave him a quick nod as a sign of thanks, allowing Majima to continue.

”And the masochist in me wanted to feel the warmth again”, Majima told, turning his back on Kiryu, as he walked to get his jacket.

”I don’t wanna burn you”, Kiryu mumbled, getting dressed as well. He knew, that the sooner they’d have their clothes on, the sooner they’d have to say their goodbyes. As slowly as Kiryu had tried to get dressed, he already had his pants and the red shirt halfway buttoned. They didn’t have much more time.

”I know that. That’s why we gotta go on our separate ways. I wanna enjoy the warmth but I end up gettin’ burned ’cause of your love”, Majima explained. He was fully dressed, and as he uttered the words, he didn’t dare to look Kiryu anymore.

”And let me guess, there’s no way to convince you to think otherwise?” Kiryu asked, already knowing the answer. Majima knew Kiryu knew, as he didn’t bother answering. He walked away without even saying goodbye.

Kiryu gave a weak wave at Majima’s figure, disappearing from the batting cage. The taste of Majima’s cigarette filled Kiryu’s mouth, reminding him of some sort of unofficial last kiss they’d share for this lifetime.

Kiryu had to take the opposite turn of the crossroad, as Majima had, and the road had never felt so uninviting, so long and dark, ever before.


Chapter Text

”In the end, it doesn’t take a miracle for someone like me to end up working with archaeology in Italy. Don’t they say, that all the roads lead to Rome, eventually?” said a young man’s voice over at the television, laughing a bit on his own corny line.

It was a late night, nothing unusual about it. It rained cats and dogs, as the second Sunday of September had just reached it’s last hour, as they announced it over at the television, talking to itself over at the living room. Kiryu, in the kitchen himself, turned on his electric kettle, scavenging through the fridge for something to eat for a late-night snack. Noticing he was out of leftovers from his evening meal, he opted out for a quick sandwich.

After Kiryu had taken his turn at the crossroad of their relationship with Majima, he felt a lot better, at least compared to how he had been at the beginning of the August. The thought of never spending time with him again, hurt Kiryu, of course, but now that they had talked things through, tied up the loose ends, Kiryu felt more at ease. He wasn’t sad or angry, nothing like that. Melancholic at worst, a bit wistful and bored.

However, life kept going on. For Kiryu, at least, you couldn’t say the same about the cow, whose slice of the side ended up on top of Kiryu’s bread, between the slice of cheese and a leaf of salad.

Kiryu walked to the living room, which was also his bedroom. He sat in the armchair in front of the TV, kicking his legs up in the coffee table. The late-night talk show had a guest, maybe ten years younger than Kiryu himself, who was working as an archaeologist over at Italy. He talked about his experiences and latest discoveries, as he had found some pieces of ancient pottery over at the eternal city of Rome. Kiryu had a faint idea where Italy was, somewhere in Southern Europe, he knew many of his yakuza companions had their suits imported from there, but couldn’t have pinpointed Rome on the map.

Especially odd, considering that the city of Rome, just so happened to be the very apartment he was sitting on at the exact moment.

The doorbell rang. It was Sunday, so Kiryu was more surprised than usual to get a visitor. Who could it be, at such late hours, during the weekend? He was somewhat annoyed, as he had just gotten a comfortable position in his leathery chair, and his sandwich only half-eaten. Continuing with his late-night snack, he walked up to the door, peeking through the peephole of his front door. Before Kiryu’s eyes could adjust to the rather extreme fish-eye perspective the tiny hole offered, a series of kicks hit the door.

”I know you’re in there, I heard your footsteps. Lemme in, I’m soaked!” yelled the voice behind the door. Kiryu couldn’t believe it, his eyes nor his ears, as they tried their best to tell him, that the visitor was no one else, but Majima. Goro fucking Majima.

The two different paths of the crossroad, where they had separated, both eventually led to the same place. To Rome.

Kiryu opened the door. He still found it hard to believe he had been right. Indeed, Majima stood there, looking absolutely miserable. His black hair was glued to his face from the pouring rain outside. His chest glistened from the drops of rainwater, as he still was too stubborn to close his jacket, knowing all too well he’d catch cold dressing like that during the autumn’s rains. As Kiryu’s eye sank lower, he noticed a huge bouquet of flowers in Majima’s hands.

”Please just lemme in for a sec, I paid a hefty sum for these and I’m freezin’”, he begged. Kiryu stepped aside from the door, holding it open to allow Majima to enter the apartment. Why Kiryu wasn’t hesitating one bit, he wasn’t sure. Maybe he just felt empathetic for the wet man. Kiryu hadn’t cleaned, as he hadn’t expected visitors, but as his style of decoration was rather minimalist, there was not much mess around anyway. A couple of old newspapers and advertisement leaflets, used plates and worn shirts lying around at worst.

”What are you doing here?” Kiryu asked closing the door, as both of them were inside the entrance room, taking off their shoes. Majima hanged his wet jacket at the coat rack. As Kiryu saw it dripping the rainwater on the wooden floor, he quickly grabbed two towels from the toilet, one to throw underneath the rack and the other to hand out for Majima.

”The white tulips are s’pposed to represent one bein’ sorry... The red roses are there just ’cause I thought it looked a bit bland, and now it kinda matches the color of your usual outfit, thought you’d like it”, Majima responded, shoving the bouquet to Kiryu’s hands. Although Majima hadn’t directly said the words, Kiryu felt his heart melt just a bit, as he heard Majima’s apology. He wasn’t sure, where Majima could get fancy flowers like that at the late hours of the weekend, but he was sure local convenience stores didn’t carry such items.

Majima swiftly hid his blushed cheeks under the towel, acting as if he just wanted to wipe the rain off from his face. Kiryu wasn’t sure if he had ever seen Majima blushing before? It was an adorable sight nonetheless.

”They’re beautiful”, Kiryu sighed light-heartedly, making a quick trip to the kitchen to look for a vase for the flowers. As he was placing them into the clear glass vase, he noticed a small card attached to the stem of one of the roses.

”I’m sorry that I hurt ya. Really. Don’t make me say it out loud!!!” the card read. Majima had probably written it himself, considering the crooked, slanted letters, and the straight to the point approach. Kiryu couldn’t help but smile. That was so Majima-like.

As he returned from the kitchen, Majima had already entered the living room. He hadn’t dared to sit anywhere, as his leather pants were soaked. He looked around awkwardly, easing up a bit as he saw Kiryu coming back to keep him company.

”Listen... Considering the things we’ve done... Don’t take this the wrong way, but take off your pants if you want. I’ll lend you mine”, Kiryu said, grabbing a pair of dark gray college pants and an army green t-shirt from the drying rack at the corner of the room. Kiryu, out of politeness, looked away, as Majima undressed. Majima took the pants and pulled them on.

Kiryu felt weird, looking at Majima, who was dressed so casually. Although Kiryu had seen Majima in the weirdest outfits, this must’ve been the one that had shocked him the most. Kiryu could only hope he’d see Majima like this more often. Although the clothes didn’t fit him well, it was the thought that counted. It was Majima, the casual version of himself, not many people probably had gotten around to witness that. Kiryu felt like he was special to Majima.

”Thanks”, Majima replied. He sat at the edge of Kiryu’s bed once he had dressed. He gave it a few bounces just to check it out, seemingly pleased as the bed was more comfortable than he probably had expected, for one reason or another. Maybe he had taken Kiryu as some kind of ascetic, as he wasn’t as interested in all things as flashy and flamboyant as Majima?

”Do you want a cup of tea? I boiled the water just before you came”, Kiryu continued with his hospitality. Majima nodded.

Part of the reason, why Kiryu felt like jumping from place to place instead of just sitting down to have a chat, was that he didn’t know what to say. Although he appreciated the effort of Majima dropping by, with flowers and despite the bad weather, Kiryu wasn’t sure if he should just accept the apology without any hesitation. After all, he still didn’t know, why it was exactly, that Majima had acted the way he had, and what it was that he was after for now.

The best course of action would be to hear Majima out, after all, he must’ve had something to say to come for a visit in a day like this. That’s the way Kiryu decided to go with, as he walked back to the living room, with two cups of black tea in his hands. He laid them on the coffee table. Majima grabbed his own barely before the bottom of it had touched the surface of the wooden table.

”I added a bit of honey so you don’t get sick”, Kiryu notified, wondering whether he should sit back on the armchair, or next to Majima.

”How kind of ya. That’s really adorable by the way, the fatherly instinct ya got goin’ on”, Majima responded, giving Kiryu a genuine smile. The smile was the thing that made Kiryu decide to sit next to Majima. However, the fatherly instinct he had mentioned sounded odd. Kiryu, like a fatherly figure? He had a hard time imagining it, how on earth he’d be able to fit watching over kid, not mentioning if there was more than one, in his life which was already hectic enough as is?

”Talkin’ about gettin’ sick, ya look a lot better now”, Majima continued, as there had been an awkward silence between them for a full minute or so, as Kiryu kept pondering on Majima’s words.

Kiryu wished he would’ve had some nice and easy complement to throw back at Majima, but he didn’t. Majima did, in fact, look worse from the last time, although it was only because of Kiryu’s own clothes which were just a size too big to fit Majima, and the rain, that had left his hair wet and droopy. The only thing Kiryu could think of to say about Majima’s looks was more of an apology, but as he couldn’t think of anything better to say, he had to roll with the only thought he had as to keep breaking the ice between them.

Breaking the ice with someone you had once been so intimate with was a lot harder than one might assume at first, Kiryu had noticed.

”You don’t really look like a goblin. Sorry, I went too far with that”, Kiryu sighed, taking the first sip of his tea, ending up burning his tongue. Majima laughed.

”I would’ve already forgotten about it if ya hadn’t brought it up just now. Guess we’re even, I was bein’ unreasonable”, Majima said back, holding the cup between his hands for warmth, not tasting it yet, as Kiryu had just given him a display of warning that it was yet not at consumable temperature.

There was a silent moment between the two of them. The television Kiryu had forgotten to turn off, played a series of advertisements, and the rain drummed against the window. The drops raced down against the glass, reflecting the lights of many colors of the flashy neon signs of Kamurocho.

”Did you come here in order to be more reasonable, or am I just getting my hopes up for nothing once more?” Kiryu asked, regretting how demanding and guilt-tripping his words had ended up sounding. It wasn’t his intention. The speaking hurt, as he had just burned his tongue. It was nothing serious and would fade in a matter of minutes.

”What are ya hopin’ for then?” Majima asked, breathing in the scent of tea with bits of blackcurrant, and honey mixed in. The steam emitting from the hot drink covered up his faint smile. It wasn’t his usual, sadistic or smug smile, just curious. Kiryu failed to notice, how Majima dodged the duty of answering once again.

”I’m not really sure anymore”, Kiryu responded. Just as he had prepared to move on, Majima had appeared on his life one more time, just like had happened already once. Kiryu wasn’t sure just how long he’d be able to handle the emotional roller coaster like this, so he had done his best trying to numb his emotions towards Majima. It had been easier this time, but as he saw Majima smiling in front of him, all the buried feelings arose, like the flowers grew to bloom every spring, seeming more vibrant every year after the winter’s darkness and gloom.

”Well that’s a real kick in the dick”, Majima said back.

”What? What do you mean?” Kiryu asked as Majima’s answer had once more been rather interesting sort. The wording had amused Kiryu. Only Majima would say something so absurd.

”Ya were so damn sure about it earlier. It was almost inspirin’”, he confessed, tasting the tea Kiryu had to graciously offered. He let out a pleased sigh after the initial sip.

”I kinda forced myself to take distance, as you wished, remember? What are you desiring then? Did you happen to change your mind?” Kiryu told, deciding it was best to just be bold and honest. If Majima wanted answers, that’s what he was gonna get. However, Kiryu needed some too.

Although he had tried his hardest to forget about Majima, it hadn’t been that easy. He still came to Kiryu’s mind in the most unconventional times, like trying to pick up groceries when you suddenly saw something that reminded of Majima, maybe a pack of cigarettes of the brand he used to smoke, or walking by the movie theater and seeing ad for a pirate movie, the main character being an actor with an eye patch.

Yeah, it hadn’t been easy.

He hadn’t given too much thought on Majima’s motives, as he felt like last time had made things clear enough between them. Majima was just the kinda guy who didn’t want to commit, simple as that. However, now that Majima was at his apartment, apologized and all, Kiryu felt like there were still matters unsolved.

”Oh, yeah... I remember. Me? I just wanna stop shiverin’ for now”, Majima responded. Kiryu glanced over the man next to him. Majima’s arms were on goosebumps, and he was indeed shivering just a bit. His hands had a healthy red tone, as the teacup between them brought warmth upon them. His face, however, was unusually pale.

”I didn’t think you’d catch cold this fast”, Kiryu said, laughing a little. He did, however, feel sorry for Majima being in that condition. Then again, it was his own fault. Kiryu swore that man was a disaster. A stylish disaster, Majima would’ve insisted, if Kiryu would’ve said his thoughts out loud.

”I was soaked from head to toe, what did ya expect? Besides, do I really seem like a guy with a healthy diet, with vitamins and whatnot?” Majima muttered before chugging down his tea. He placed the empty cup back at the coffee table. As Kiryu got up to take the empty cups to the kitchen, Majima let out an excited squeal, for reason that wasn’t apparent for Kiryu, as he couldn’t see. He heard a sound of the bed creaking and fabric shuffling.

”Majima-san, what are you doing?” Kiryu asked, as he returned to the living room, looking at Majima, who had slid himself under the white sating covers.

”Gettin’ warm. What does it look like? A fuckin’ bed bug inspection?” he asked sarcastically. Kiryu had to admit, that the answer had been rather obvious.

”I could’ve given you a hoodie or something if you would’ve asked”, Kiryu replied.

”I thought it’s fine if I crash here. I mean, if ya would’ve been angry with me, ya wouldn’t’ve made me tea nor let me stay here for this long”, Majima said, only his head peeking from under the blanket. He rubbed his thighs together, making comfortable hums to himself. Somehow, Majima reminded Kiryu of a comfy little cricket. He laughed.

This was not the time for laughs! Kiryu had to stay bold, he couldn’t allow himself to take any more shit from Majima.

”Hey, it’s one thing to be nice and hospitable, but now you’re really pushing it”, Kiryu scolded, crossing his arms over at chest to seem more serious.

”Aww, c’mon, ya really gonna make me walk home? My clothes are wet, I’ll be sure to catch pneumonia!” Majima mumbled. A convincing point, Kiryu had to admit, but it was not like he was gonna run out of clothes if he’d give Majima a sweatshirt or something to keep him warm. It would even give Majima a good reason to come for another cup of tea, just some nicer day with better weather, hopefully.

”I said I’ll give you a hoodie if you need one”, he responded, causing Majima’s face to frown momentarily. However, after a while of thinking, he thought of a comeback.

”Some thug might think I’m ya and beat me up. I’m in no condition to fight like this... Ya wouldn’t let that happen to me, Kiryu-chan, would ya?” he hinted, even making little fake coughs as he did his best to milk sympathy from Kiryu with the newly caught cold. Kiryu shook his head in disbelief.

”No one’s gonna mistake you for me, I don’t go out dressed like that”, Kiryu responded with a monotone, stoic voice, to let Majima know Kiryu wasn’t gonna buy any of this tonight.

”And why’s that?” Majima asked. As Kiryu struggled to find an answer other than his own vanity, Majima flashed a smug smile.

”I... uhh... Okay, forget about that. No one’s gonna beat you up. I’ll lend you an umbrella, you won’t get wet and if someone comes to you and wants to fight you for being either me or yourself, (bet there are more people who want to beat you up than me anyway...) you can defend yourself with it”, Kiryu replied finally, muttering the indirect insult under his breath. Either Majima had decided to let it slip, or he really hadn’t heard it, as he seemed calm.

”But all the mucus in my head blocks the blood flow to my brain and I’m dizzy and what if I fall down and the umbrella pokes my other eye out too? Ya gonna have to become my guardian”, Majima suggested, spouting all of his nonsense with one single breath. Kiryu really had to fight against his urge to laugh. Majima sure had a wild imagination, as Kiryu had had the pleasure to witness time and time again.

”What about your taxi company?” Kiryu proposed. Majima’s exaggerated sickness had begun to fade, to be replaced with annoyance, as he had to come up with new ploys to fool Kiryu.

”Lightnin’ might strike the car”, Majima said finally, as the flash of thunder in the distance gave him an idea. Kiryu was already growing tired of this stupid game. He was tired and just wanted to sleep. There was no real harm in letting Majima stay for the night, but if he kept thinking he could do whatever he pleased, it might cause trouble for Kiryu in the future.

”I think the rubber of the tires makes the shock less deadly, or something like that. I read about that once”, Kiryu sighed, not hiding his yawn, but letting it show accompanied by a wide stretch.

”Well, it’s not like it’s safe for me to sleep home alone anyway. What if my nose gets blocked and I stop breathin’. Are ya ready to live with the guilt of killin’ me ’cause ya wanted this comfy bed all for yourself?” Majima guilt-tripped Kiryu like there was no tomorrow. He did indeed look very comfortable, snuggling under the blanket.

”Then you should go to the hospital if you think you’re really that sick. I’ll call you an ambulance”, Kiryu said, already reaching for his phone at the nightstand. He knew Majima was bluffing, but Kiryu was so done with him, that if it would take an ambulance to get him out, he would be willing to go through with it.

”No! Just... just lemme stay”, Majima mumbled, covering his mouth with the top seam of the blanket. Kiryu saw blush appearing on Majima’s face once more. A victorious, although tired grin appeared on Kiryu’s face.

”What did you say? I didn’t catch that, as you’re mumbling under the blanket”, he asked, trying to mimic Majima’s earlier smug smile, only to fail miserably. He wasn’t cut for this, all those almost comical expressions Majima was so good with.

”Ya heard me! Lemme sleep with ya for tonight”, Majima snapped. He sounded earnest.

Kiryu gave up for now, as he had already trouble keeping his eyes open. He threw his weekend clothes, black tank top, and red college shorts, over at the armchair. Majima also took of his, actually, Kiryu’s clothes, and threw them lazily at the floor. Unlike Kiryu, who had at least kept his underwear on, Majima was naked as the day he was born, blaming it on the rain as all of his clothes had got wet.

”Don’t try anything funny, I’m tired”, Kiryu muttered, side-eyeing naked Majima with judging look, as he got into the bed. Kiryu knew it was a doomed idea, neither of them could possibly get a good night’s sleep in a single bed. He couldn’t position himself on the bed without skin contact with Majima, who had taken a position way too wide for Kiryu to be comfortable. That ungrateful bastard, Kiryu thought. He felt the left side of his body making contact with the cold wall, as he was pushed to the edge of the bed.

To make matters even worse for Kiryu, to deny even the slightest bit of comfort, Majima had hogged most of the blanket. Of course, it made sense, after all, Majima had frozen himself quite badly.

Lucky for Kiryu that he was so tired as to not to mind too much about the minor inconveniences, the feeling of Majima’s naked skin against his own, the lack of space and the chill, none of them stopped him from slowly lulling into sleep. Just as he was getting the feeling of weightlessness, the relaxation, and calmness of falling asleep, he felt Majima’s arm wrapping around his own waist and breath tickling by the ear.

At first, Kiryu thought Majima was just the type of person who cuddles in their sleep, but then he spoke.

”I’m not tired”, he whispered.

”Well I am”, Kiryu grunted back at the man who had just woken him up.

”Aww, c’mon, don’t be”, Majima cooed, wrapping his arm tighter around Kiryu, running his long fingers on Kiryu’s chest. Kiryu hoped that if he’d just stay quiet and act as if he had fallen back asleep, Majima would eventually calm down.

It did work at first, Majima didn’t say anything, but let his fingers explore Kiryu’s almost naked body, causing him to shiver. Majima’s touch was delicate, as the traced along with the muscles of the arm and the pecs. Kiryu really wanted to sleep, but Majima was shooing away the Sandman.

”Please...” Kiryu sighed, as he realized Majima was only pushing himself more onto Kiryu, his hand shifting from chest to abs. Kiryu feared where it would head from there.

”Ya should’ve given me decaf tea”, Majima responded, pushing his hips against Kiryu’s buttocks. Kiryu wasn’t sure whether he should even try to act surprised about the fact that Majima had a boner.

”You mean to tell me you’re overly sensitive to caffeine? Oh great...” Kiryu mumbled, trying to distance himself from Majima. No, you can’t give in any more. You already gave him the pinky finger, now he’s gonna take the whole hand, Kiryu reasoned to himself. Letting Majima stay for the night was already stretch enough, to let him take full advantage of Kiryu’s hospitality was a whole another thing.

”Great indeed. I’m so fuckin’ awake I have no idea what to do!” Majima babbled on, still only forcing himself more on Kiryu.

”Do whatever you want, just be quiet, alright?” Kiryu grunted. He had no means of escaping Majima anymore, as he was already so close to the wall the tip of his nose touched the cold construct. Kiryu had meant something like watching television, even doing a quick jerk off in the bathroom, but it seemed Majima had different ideas.

”Can I do ya if I stay quiet?” Majima chirped. Kiryu had had enough. He turned around onto his other side, to face Majima, giving him a serious glance.

”I can’t allow that. Besides, you’re never quiet during sex”, Kiryu said in a cold tone. Majima smiled, almost if Kiryu’s denial was more of a challenge rather than a strict ”no”.

”C’mon, ya have plenty of time for sleepin’ once you’re six feet underground”, he responded, obviously missing Kiryu’s point, whether this was intentional or not, remained as a mystery.

Had Majima always been this thick-skulled, or was Kiryu just bad at being direct? He had to state the things how they were, right there and then.

”Listen... For real. I can’t keep up with this. If we keep doing this, I’m gonna keep seeing you as more than just a friend”, Kiryu explained. He felt this had been simple enough for even Majima to grasp. As Majima still kept his arm around Kiryu, the frustration only grew, until Majima finally opened his mouth, whispering with his smoothest, nicest voice, which Kiryu had not expected.

”I suppose we aren’t really friends anymore, then”

As the words left Majima’s lips, Kiryu’s heart skipped a beat, maybe two. Was this supposed to mean what he just thought it did?

”What?! Majima-san, do you mean-” Kiryu began, but Majima interrupted him.

”I’m not gonna be as corny as ya, no way. Don’t expect those three cheesy words any time soon. I guess I could say that you’re alright. Alrighter than anyone else”, he confessed. He seemed to struggle with the words, but Kiryu didn’t mind it one bit. He had heard the words he never had hoped to hear.

Well, not the exact words, but the same meaning anyway. Close enough.

It was almost as if a heavy boulder was rolled off from Kiryu’s chest, making him feel so light he’d fly through the ceiling. The man who made him feel that way, however, hold him tightly, to keep Kiryu from floating away.

”What’s with the sudden change in attitude?” Kiryu asked, trying to sound serious but couldn’t fight against the smile. He hadn’t smiled this widely in ages, he felt it all the way in his ears, knowing his cheeks would ache tomorrow. Rather that, than the aching heart he had lived for so long now. This was indeed a welcome change.

”Ugh, I hate to admit I was wrong... Came to my senses. Thought over your words. Faced my fears, and so on and so on. Alright? If I gotta choose between ya and my self-constructed bounds, which still end up hurtin’ me anyway, the choice is pretty easy to make”, Majima replied after giving it some thought. It was a surprisingly simple, yet clearing answer, considering the man who gave it.

Kiryu wanted to express his happiness, but as he found no words to fully describe it, he wrapped his arms around Majima and gave him a kiss on the lips.

He had forgotten just how good it felt to kiss him, to feel those lips against his own. Kiryu couldn’t help but get just the slightest bit excited, making it hard to withdraw from the brief moment of intimacy.

”Oh? I thought ya were tired”, Majima joked, giving Kiryu a devilish smirk.

”I am. I was, anyway”, Kiryu replied. He was feeling so full of joy it was hard to be exhausted anymore, as he just wanted to enjoy himself to the fullest. To breathe in Majima’s scent, adore his smile, hold him close, tell him all the things Kiryu had thought about but was feeling as if he’d have to hold back.

”Haw? Does this mean ya help me to get sleepy after all?” Majima murmured, raising his eyebrows a couple of times. Although he was goofing around, Kiryu did notice Majima feeling more relaxed than before. He breathed slowly, and despite the raging boner he had, the rest of him was very calm.

”I’d rather cuddle than have sex”, Kiryu said, as he was, despite his emotional excitement, feeling rather mellow after the confession he had only dreamed about. If Majima really felt something similar than Kiryu did, they’d have plenty of time in the morning, as there was no need to fear for the morning’s awkwardness, which made Majima leave the last time they had slept together. Then again, Kiryu had to admit the kiss had excited him just a bit...

”How about cuddle then have sex? Hell, I’ll even be ready for an extra set of cuddles after that” Majima kept insisting. He was persistent as usual and seeing how he really was full of energy, Kiryu knew it’d be faster to get him to calm down the way he wanted to, rather than trying to force him to go to sleep. Besides, all the cuddles seemed like a good deal. Kiryu knew he could’ve asked Majima to fulfill the most twisted fantasies if only asked, and if Kiryu only had some, but something that seemed to be off-limits was just some plain old lying close together and talking about mundane stuff while falling asleep in each other's arms.

”Fine, but you’ll be on top”, Kiryu finally gave in. Majima’s face lit up, as he snuck under the blanket, pulling of Kiryu’s boxers and throwing them to the floor. It didn’t take long for Kiryu to feel the very familiar pair of lips around his cock. He was grateful for Majima not hesitating, but getting straight to business.

One more time for that night, Kiryu got a reminder of just how much he had missed those lips, that tongue.

Kiryu laid his hand on top of the bump he assumed to be Majima’s head. Not that he wanted to push it or anything, but just to offer some kind of validation for Majima’s efforts, along the lines of ”you’re doing great”, which only got clearer as Kiryu let out soft moans of pleasure, as Majima’s tongue lapped around the shaft.

As the right hand stroked Kiryu’s cock, the left was feeling through every nook of his body, making sure to caress every muscle and tender spot. Kiryu was happy to just lean back and relax, enjoying the sensations over his body. Too bad it didn’t last for too long.

”Here we go, ya seem a lot more energetic already”, Majima mumbled, first under the blanket, but throwing it off of him as he rose up, still giving Kiryu’s cock a few strokes before he emerged from the bed.

”Be right back”, he said, heading towards the entrance room. Judging by the sounds, the squeaks the leather made, he was looking for something from his jacket. He mumbled a few swear words, as he didn’t immediately find what he was looking for.

”Don’t tell me you actually expected this to happen?” Kiryu sighed, as he saw Majima returning. Kiryu was ashamed to admit that he was impressed by Majima’s guts. No way Kiryu would’ve made his way to apologize to Majima, flowers on one hand and lube on the back pocket just in case.

”It would’ve been a pain in the ass if I wasn’t prepared for this, y’know”, Majima replied, as he squeezed the lube on Kiryu’s cock. Only now Kiryu realized just how much he had missed Majima’s terrible jokes. The last few times they had seen, had been way too serious. He missed the goofing around they used to do. For the first time, Kiryu allowed himself to laugh at Majima’s joke that was really so bad the fun police could’ve busted through the door any moment now, to make an arrest for both of them, Majima for the crime and Kiryu for encouraging such behavior.

”Oh come on, that was so obvious. I should’ve seen that one coming”, Kiryu said, as he felt Majima’s hand around his cock, jerking it lazily to spread the lubricant.

”That isn’t the only thing comin’ for tonight, just gimme a while”, Majima kept joking around, encouraged by Kiryu’s amusement. Majima climbed on top of Kiryu’s hips, massaging the slick tip around his entrance. Majima had a teasing, yet impatient smirk on his face.

”I never dared to dream we’d be doing this again”, Kiryu confessed, his words coming out as a sigh as Majima began lowering himself onto Kiryu’s cock. Majima’s face was blissful, he had trouble keeping on the grin he had just moments ago, as he felt Kiryu filling him up, inch by inch. He bit his lower lip, to keep his promise to Kiryu about staying quiet.

”See, the thing is that don’t let your dreams be dreams. Ya know how many days I sat home, alone, thinkin’ I should give ya a booty call just for fun?” Majima spoke. Kiryu had no idea.

Once again, Kiryu realized, just how little he really knew Majima. His impulsiveness was obvious at this point, but whether it was all just a facade he had put on, was left as a mystery for Kiryu. He didn’t really know if, behind the clown mask, there was a smart and serious man. It seemed likely, as people tended to be a lot more complex than you’d expect at first sight.

”Three?” Kiryu guessed. It was a good midway, as he thought it’d be something between a week to a few minutes.

”Half a day”, Majima revealed. It took him a while to continue with his answer, as he took his time getting used to the feeling of Kiryu’s girth.

It wasn’t only Majima, but also Kiryu, who had forgotten during their time of few weeks of separation, just how good the other felt. As Majima began slowly bouncing himself up on down on Kiryu’s dick, Kiryu couldn’t but to enjoy the ride, laying his hands on Majima’s thighs to offer him some sort of support on the soft bed.

”At first I thought I’d invite ya over, but then I should’ve cleaned my place and it’s just too much of a hassle. I thought it’d just be easier for both of us if I just drop by”, Majima continued with his story eventually. He put his hands on Kiryu’s chest. The hands were warm. Kiryu had missed how good they felt on him.

”Glad you came back”, he sighed happily.

Majima didn’t respond. There was no need for words, Kiryu knew, he felt, that Majima was happy that he had returned to Kiryu. It was visible on his face. He had never looked so happy before, as he was now, smiling both from the love they shared, as well as the enjoyment Kiryu’s erection inside him offered. He tried so hard to keep quiet, but couldn’t help himself making quiet moans every now and then. It was music to Kiryu’s ears, to hear Majima enjoying himself. Kiryu wanted to hear more, so he reached for Majima’s cock.

It was stiff, as to be expected. Kiryu felt the veins under his hand and the gentle grasp he had around the erection. It took Kiryu a while to be able to match the rhythm of his stroking with Majima’s rather lazy riding. It would’ve been even harder if he had been as frantic as he usually was. Guess the cold had it’s advantages, as the slower tempo also made it easier not to shoot the load too soon. Majima felt so good, almost too good, as he was bouncing on top of Kiryu, making various faces of pleasure, his restless hands taking support from Kiryu’s chest, almost worshiping the tight muscles.

”Y’know, I guess we gotta do this at my place next time. Your bed is pissin’ me off”, Majima sighed, as he failed to ignore the bed’s whines of exhaust.

The bed creaked underneath them, reminding Kiryu once more, that if they were gonna keep doing this in his place, he’d need a new one soon enough. The single bed wasn’t made for intense lovemaking between two grown men, not to mention trying to sleep in it. Although Majima might’ve been calm now, who knew what he would want in the morning, or next week when his sickness would’ve faded.

”Come on, you just declared it as the comfiest place on earth just minutes ago. Besides, any bed is a good bed when I’m sharing it with you”, Kiryu said, feeling freer than ever, as he didn’t have to keep getting ashamed over his cheesy one-liners of cliche, sweet nonsense. No matter how silly those words sounded, they were true in his heart. He wanted Majima to know that he was adored, wanted, loved.

Majima blushed, as the response had caught him by surprise. Although it was rare to see Majima going speechless, even just for a few seconds, it was somehow very adorable.

”It’s the trees that make the forest, like, umm... it’s you who made it this... comfortable...” Majima replied after a while. He struggled with the words, but Kiryu could sense Majima actually meaning what he said, no matter how awkward the speech was. Kiryu smiled.

To avoid from spouting any more stupid nonsense, Majima picked up the phase gradually. At this point, he was failing miserably at his promise of doing whatever he wanted, just doing it quietly, which he had made to Kiryu, who’s name he kept murmuring from between his half-closed lips. Kiryu now had to fight against his climax, as he felt it nearing under Majima’s passionate bouncing and grinding. Majima’s cock was twitching under Kiryu’s grasp, leaking pre-cum on Kiryu’s stomach, making a small puddle already, sliding from there into the bedsheets.

”Kiryu-chan, ya feel too fuckin’ good...”, Majima moaned, as he moved his hands from Kiryu’s chest to his thighs, leaning onto them, as the nearing orgasm made his back arch. His chest kept expanding and contracting as he was breathing with shallow inhales and exhales.

Kiryu was too mesmerized on the sight, the feeling, of Majima’s immense pleasure, that he failed to notice how his body had also tensed up and breaths shorter. He kept rolling the two syllables in his mouth, as they were screaming to be let out. Were they already close enough for this? Kiryu had no interest at the moment to think about what was correct and what wasn’t, all he wanted to do was to roll with the wind.

”Go... ro...”, he sighed deeply, before losing himself on intense feelings of orgasm just seconds away.

Although the weather had gotten better, Kiryu felt like it was the earthquake season at its peak, rumbling the apartment complex he was in, the thunderbolts lighting up the room and his body, as he felt every inch of his body tingling pleasantly, as he orgasmed. Judging from the sounds Majima made, he must’ve felt something very similar. Whether the one of a kind natural phenomenon taking place in their bedroom had awoken the neighbors, the loud roars and thuds of thunder, neither of the men were giving it no thought at the moment, as all that mattered to them was each other.

Majima leaned once more against Kiryu’s chest, letting his juices leak between them, breathing heavily, looking into Kiryu’s eyes with a shy spark in his lone eye.

”You’re incredible, too, Kaz... Kazuma...”, he cooed, staying there through his climax, before rolling next to Kiryu and lighting up a cigarette. He offered one to Kiryu too, who first thought to politely refuse, after all, smoking in bed and falling asleep was one of the most common ways for men in their age to die to, and Kiryu was way too happy to die now, he thought maybe he should ease up and indulge himself just this once.

The smoke trails of their cigarettes joined together, just like the bodies of the two men had just moments ago.


”So I now get the cuddling you promised?” Kiryu asked as Majima laid down on the bed again. His skin was still slightly moist from the shower, Kiryu felt it as he placed one of his hands behind Majima’s neck and the other around his waist.

”Guess it’s too late to say no at this point”, Majima replied, smiling shyly, maybe just a bit nervously, as Kiryu gave him a quick kiss on the shoulder.

”You shouldn’t make promises if you don’t feel like keeping them”, Kiryu said, though he thought the way Majima’s hesitation was more of a joke than nothing serious. It was almost adorable, how hard Majima tried to act tough. If he only would’ve known, that it was the unexpected gentleness and sweet smile that Kiryu liked the most.

”Y’know, this reminds me of our first date”, Majima told. As he laid on his back, he had this wistful look in his eye, as he stared into the ceiling.

”It was great. We probably wouldn’t even be here, if it wasn’t for all the planning you had done. I don’t remember if I ever said this, but you were really pretty that night. I’m sorry for doing something to upset you back then that made you leave”, Kiryu responded, digging up the skeletons which already had been buried, from the closet. Kiryu still didn’t know, what it had been, that made Majima leave in such a rush. Kiryu didn’t want to keep pressuring him to tell. Maybe it was one of the rather rude things he had said as he was so shocked.

”About that, yeah... Well, ya hold me like we’re doing now. I didn’t know what to think. I panicked. I tried to brush it off with ya just bein’ a cuddly sleeper, it worked for a while, but then I began seein’ more signs of ya fallin’ in love with me. It scared me. It still scares me. But like I said, I just can’t quit ya, so might as well try this datin’ or whatever ya wanna call this”, Majima began speaking, and finally, Kiryu began seeing the bigger picture. He was relieved, that he hadn’t really done anything wrong, it was just Majima’s mind that had caused the trouble. Of course, it wasn’t a good thing that Majima restricted himself so much, but he sure had his reasons, as he had mentioned earlier. Right now, Kiryu didn’t wanna pry into them, as they were both so happy and relaxed in their post-orgasmic state.

However, there was one word that stopped Kiryu from properly responding to Majima’s lengthy explanation for many things that had bothered Kiryu for so long.

”Dating?! Can I call you my boyfriend? Oh wow, this feels great”, he asked, not remembering when was the last time he had felt this excited. Imagine, Kiryu had a boyfriend, and it was none other than Majima. It was truly a dream come true.

”Wait, does that mean you don’t like cuddling?” Kiryu remembered soon after, trying to back off, although involuntarily. He wanted to hold Majima close, but if it made him that uncomfortable that he had to resort on leaving, there was no helping it.

Majima stopped Kiryu's hand that was pulling off.

”No, stay. They both feel odd, I gotta say. Not bad, just odd. I just gotta get used to it, I s’ppose”, he said, smiling gently at Kiryu. The smile was full of hope, full of affection. It was infectious, both the hope and the smile itself.

”Don’t worry, there’s no hurry. We’ll have plenty of time.”