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You are the unforecasted storm

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It was a rather chill summer’s night. It had rained earlier that evening, the roads were still wet, reflecting the neon lights of nearby buildings. A man in a light gray suit was walking in the streets of Kamurocho, as his phone suddenly beeped. A text message.

“Oi, Kiryu-chan! Wanna meet up at Shine?”

It was Majima. Kiryu wondered, how did Majima end up getting his number, as he was pretty sure he had never given it to his friend, or enemy, not sure which one Majima was to Kiryu. Maybe bit of both? Kiryu knew Majima meant well by beating him up time after time, but there were times it felt more annoying than rewarding.

Perhaps it was the sheer curiosity or just the boredom, that made Kiryu head for the hostess club he was just asked to visit. He had just been out for some midnight snack over at Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street, which wasn’t, luckily, too far from the Shine at Pink Street, only two blocks away. His luck quickly turned though after the first block, as some drunken delinquents tried to put up a fight at the corner of Poppo Store after being told to leave after a failed attempt at grab ‘n’ go beers.

“Mister, could you help us a bit?” hollered young cashier guy, clearly waving his hand at Kiryu’s direction. He looked like your typical just-graduated teenage boy, barely any muscle to his arms and posture like a wet noodle. Ex yakuza felt like it was his duty to help cashier out, as there was really no one else nearby.

“Yeah, let me help out to take this trash outside” he said, giving a mocking look at the three hooligans at the word “thrash”. They all had a strong smell of whiskey emitting from them, telling Kiryu this would probably be over in a blink of an eye. He grabbed two of the nearest guys heads from the back and smashed their foreheads together with attack strong enough to leave a nasty bruises and make tomorrow’s hangover even worse. The last man, who had a few six packs of beer with him went down with a sharp kick on the shin. Cashier quickly caught the falling beers before they hit the asphalt.

“Nice catch”, Kiryu commented kind of surprised on those quick reflexes.

“Nice moves mister! Thanks a ton! Heh, what I lack in power, I replace with quick reactions. And my parents said arcade games are a waste of time…” young man said, mumbling the last sentence to himself. Kiryu was astonished how easily it all went. He was still rusty after those ten years in jail, but maybe the few sparring sessions with Majima had already started to wake the fiery dragon trapped inside him. Which reminded him about the meeting that was supposed to take place.

Kiryu wished good night’s to the cashier and continued his walk to Shine, hoping for no more interruptions. He was curious what Majima was up to. Usually he just sort of appeared out of nowhere with twisted smile, knife in his hand and full of fighting spirits. Was hostess club really an ideal spot for a fight? No way Majima would be that mad, even though it was obvious he had more than a few screws loose in his head.

There was a few people in front of Shine, arguing with the bouncer, who had a look on his face that indicated he’s clearly not getting paid enough for this. As he was looking away, trying to hide his frustration, he noticed Kiryu.

“Ah, you must be Kiryu-san, we’ve been expecting you, go right in”, bouncer said, pointing Kiryu to the door. He seemed relieved to have gotten a break out of that argument earlier.

It was dimly lit, stylish black and red interiors. Most of the tables seemed full, after all it was one of the most popular clubs of the Kamurocho. Upbeat lounge music was loud enough to be heard but not too distracting to keep you from hearing what your hostess had to say. Talking about the girls, they were pretty and talented, or that’s what Kiryu had heard anyway. He hadn’t really visited clubs like this before, so it was an experience on it’s own, no matter what Majima had planned for them. Wonder if he had requested girls for them, and if so, what kind of girls they would be?

“Welcome to Shine. Let me guide you to your table, Kiryu-san. Don’t worry about the bill, it’s already taken care of”, steward said with wide customer service smile on his face. He escorted Kiryu through the lobby. All the tables were taken, expect for the one in the very back of the room. It was in the shadows of the corner where light could barely reach. Table was equipped with the usual; champagne bucket filled with ice, set of two glasses, ashtray and a towel. Corner couch was made from bright red leather, matching the interiors. On the couch there sat a hostess, which after a second look really wasn’t the prettiest girl in the club. In fact, it was not a girl at all, but Majima in a drag.

“W-W-What?” Kiryu asked in disbelief, facepalming due to the sudden shock. If he would’ve looked at Majima, he would’ve seen his so-called date was a little bit hurt by this. However, Majima quickly gathered himself and did his signature twisted smile.

“Kiryu-chan! I almost thought you’d left me hangin’ here” he said, making a somewhat exaggerated pout, crossing his arms over his chest.

“S-Sorry about that, I got caught up in a fight”, Kiryu replied. He realized he might have been a bit harsh on Majima, so he decided to do his best to not to be a jerk, and sat down on the couch. He gave another look at Majima, even though it felt weird. He had put his hair, which was probably a wig, up in a sort of messy bun, keeping it together with a pink bow. His lips were pink and the one visible eye lined with kohl pen and framed with mascara. That could’ve fooled someone drunk enough, but the fact that he hadn’t shaved his beard, made it obvious he was a man named. To top it all of, he had a pink bodycon dress with zipper in the middle and belt on the waist, made from pink snakeskin leather of course, that revealed his tattooed chest, shoulders and somewhat muscular arms.

“Ya like my dress, Kiryu-chan? I had it made just fer ya”, Majima said with flirty tone. Kiryu was astonished by this effort, and turned his head down to look at his own shoes. Or he would have, but Majima’s legs distracted him. First of all, no matter how feminine he tried to look, he still sat like a man. Secondly, he had fishnets stockings on, which looked, nicely put, odd on legs as toned as his. Not in a bad way necessarily, just something you don’t see every day.

“Ahem, my eyes are up here”, Majima joked. Kiryu blushed and immediately raised his head and looked at Majima’s face. He couldn’t come up with a clever comeback, so he motioned his hand at the steward. Drink or two would really calm him down, he thought. Steward came right away, handing them a menu.

“We’ll take the rosé champagne”, Majima ordered without bothering to take a look at the menu and returning it to the steward, who then left, heading to the kitchen. There was an awkward silence between the two men now that they were waiting for their drink.

“So, Majima-san, what did you have in mind, asking me to meet you here?” Kiryu wondered aloud, half to himself, to lighten the mood a little. Majima leaned closer to Kiryu. Uncomfortably close.

“Shh, it’s Goromi for tonight”, he whispered. His breath had a scent of whiskey, and his neck smelled like fancy perfume with just a hint of vanilla.

Majima quickly pulled himself back, as he heard approaching footsteps. It was the steward, carrying a pink champagne bottle.

“Here you go, have a pleasant evening and call the staff if you need something”, he said while placing the bottle on the cooler bucket. Before he had time to turn his back, Majima already reached for the bottle, opening it like a professional. What made it even more amazing, was that he was able to pull the cork off so smoothly with those long fake nails he had on his fingers. He filled the two glasses on the table, offering other to Kiryu.

“Guess this isn’t your first time uncorking champagne?” Kiryu asked, taking his first sip. The taste was crisp and sweet, very bubbly, with hint of raspberry.

“Ya ain’t gonna believe it, but I used to run a cabaret almost two decades ago” Majima replied, flashing almost a smug smile. “But I’ve never tried bein’ a hostess before”, he added.

“Wouldn’t okama bar suit those needs better than your regular cabaret club?” Kiryu asked, half joking. There was no way Majima could’ve thought he’d actually fool anyone, right?

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, you’re bein’ awfully rude tonight. I hoped to party with ya, but seems I might have to drag ya to the back alley to beat some manners into that thick skull of yours”, Majima sighed, taking a big sip from his drink.

“Sorry Maji… I mean Goromi”, Kiryu apologized. He felt ashamed and rubbed behind of his neck, looking down. “I appreciate the effort. I’m just really surprised, that’s all.”

“Ya better behave, ya naughty boy!” Majima taunted, raising his voice few notes higher than usual to sound more feminine. Kiryu was happy he was forgiven yet again, swearing to himself he’d do his best to stay nice. Majima had gone through a lot for this, probably, so better try to play along for now at least. Also, it would’ve been awkward for the rest of the clients. If all else were to fail, at least they could still solve this by beating each others up in the end, like every other time before.

“Well, at least ya got my name right this time”, Majima cheered, clapping his hands a few times. “So, let’s get this hostess thing back on. How you’ve been, big boy?” he asked, leaning closer to Kiryu, not as close as earlier though. Kiryu chuckled a bit for Majima’s eagerness.

“I went out for a karaoke with my brother earlier today, I got a new record on my favorite song”, he answered, without coming up with a better story to tell. Majima nodded his head.

“I didn’t know ya sing karaoke. You’ve got a nice, deep voice, it’d be a shame if ya didn’t. Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll come with ya some day”, he replied, looking visibly interested. Karaoke with Majima, that’d be a real sight to see, Kiryu thought. Majima served them another round of drinks. Music covered the sound of champagne glugging as it was poured.

“I’ll make sure to invite you then. When are you free?”, Kiryu answered, smiling slightly.

“Ara ara, aren’t ya eager, Kiryu-chan? Let’s finish this date before thinkin’ about the next one”, Majima responded, trying to pull of a girly giggle. Kiryu chuckled at Majima’s overly feminine act.

“You’re right, I’m getting ahead of things. Maybe it’s the drinks that got me like this, or that I’m still trying to figure you out, what’s your motivation behind all this”, Kiryu said after thinking a while.

“Wanted to find out if you’re the man I’ve been lookin’ for. I need someone strong, with stamina to keep me satisfied”, Majima answered, giving Kiryu a meaningful look. Kiryu almost choked on his champagne.

“What’s with the innuendos?” he asked after a few coughs. “You’re getting really into your role, aren’t you, Majima-san?”

Majima stood up. As long as he already was, the high heels he wore added few more inches to his height. He leaned forward, and gave Kiryu a light slap on the cheek. It wasn’t that painful, but stung a little anyway. “It’s Goromi, baka”, he insisted.

“Y’know, I didn’t wanna start a fight here with ya tonight Kiryu-chan, but your skull’s thicker than I thought”, he continued as he sat back down. Kiryu rubbed his cheek, looking down to the tip of his shoes. He seemed so pitiful it made Majima think of a beaten down puppy.

“Listen, I’m really sorry… Goromi”, Kiryu sighed apologetically, giving Majima an eye contact with a slight smile when saying his name. Majima felt a strange wave of feels inside him as he saw Kiryu’s puppy eyes and remorse. He grabbed man’s hand and moved it away, kissing his cheek softly.

“Hope I didn’t hurt ya too much, unless you’re into that of course. That’d sure explain a thing or two, like why ya always allow me to beat ya up”, Majima said with a cocky smile on his face. He had gotten some kind of twisted satisfaction, seeing Kiryu get so flustered. It took a good five seconds or so for the man in gray suit to gather himself to come up with an answer.

“I’ve been gone for ten years, what did you expect? Isn’t that why you always seek me out, to help me rise to your level and above, eventually?” Kiryu replied, emptying his glass, deciding to let Majima’s yet another innuendo to pass this time. Majima poured them yet another rounds, emptying the pink bottle. He then waved his hand to get the steward’s attention.

“I got the pink one to match my dress, let’s go for white champagne this time to match that suit of yours, Kiryu-chan”, he said to the steward, who then left.

“I’ve missed ya, Kiryu-chan. Things have been borin’ without ya here. Can’t wait to see ya top me one day”, Majima continued. He leaned closer to Kiryu, and put his hand on man’s chest. He made few circles with his index finger around his collar bone.

“Didn’t take you for a lightweight drinker. Are you sure you haven’t drank enough already?” Kiryu asked, brows furrowed in judgmental look, though he didn’t really try to stop Majima’s hand. It’s not that it had bothered him that much, it was just very, very odd.

“Ya gonna assume I’m drunk just ‘cause I can appreciate a good-lookin’ guy when I see one?” Majima asked, making his overly feminine voice again. He acted out as to stretch his other hand, and then proceeded to slip it around Kiryu’s shoulder.

“I’m gonna be bold here now. Are you hitting on me?” Kiryu wondered. Majima leaned on even closer, moving up his hand to softly stroke Kiryu’s beard.

“Ya think I’d give a shit about ya if we can’t throw a few good punches every now and then?” he replied, giving a flirty smile.

“That’s not what I meant…” Kiryu sighed. He knew damn well Majima was doing this on purpose. Why, Kiryu kept thinking.

“What did ya mean then? Don’t keep me in suspense, you tease”, Majima demanded. He had moved upwards from Kiryu’s beard and was now stroking his lower lip. Majima’s fingers smelled like cigarette. His face was so close now, only few inches between the tips of their noses. Why was Kiryu being the one who got called as a tease?

“I….”Kiryu couldn’t find any words to say. His mouth was dry as a desert, even though he had been drinking for the last hour or so. He felt Majima’s breath on his face. There was barely an inch between their lips now.

All of a sudden, Majima pulled back, as he saw from the corner of his eye the steward approaching their table, metal bucket with white bottle in it. He refilled the ice and replaced the empty bottle with a new, full one.

“You need anything else? We’ll be closing in the kitchen in the next 15 minutes”, informed the steward. Majima probably answered something, but Kiryu didn’t pay attention at that moment. He was left so hot and bothered and most of all, thirsty, after what just happened. Why was he feeling like this? He quickly downed his glass Majima had just moments ago poured for him. The sip was bigger than he had estimated, and he spilled a few drops from the corner of his mouth.

As suddenly as Majima had backed off just a while ago from the sight of the steward, he was now there again, few inches away from his partner’s face. He had kept his hand behind Kiryu’s back all this time, and now Majima shoved his hand into Kiryu’s flowy hair, grabbing it gently but firmly to get a good hold of his head. He then leaned in close, closer than before, and licked the corner of Kiryu’s mouth teasingly slow. His tongue was warm and wet. Kiryu was confused.

“Don’t ya dare to spill it, I’m the one payin’ this after all”, Majima whispered after the latest tease. Instead of withdrawing, he rested his head against Kiryu’s chest, who knew he was doomed, his heart was beating so hard it was almost painful. “Is there a disco hidden under all those sexy muscles, Kiryu-chan? The beat’s insane.”

“You got me kinda restless, Goromi. Maybe we ought to head to somewhere else?”, Kiryu said hastily, not really knowing what he meant by that. Majima giggled as he stood up and turned his back on Kiryu.

“Nah, we ain’t in hurry yet. I can dance for ya if that’s what ya want”, he answered seductively. He slowly rocked his hips from side to side, slowly approaching Kiryu’s crotch. When he was about five inches away from the initial contact, he backed off a bit and sat on Kiryu’s left leg, giving it a few gentle grinds, turning his head and eyeing Kiryu and his confused reaction from the corner of his eye, clearly enjoying how he messed with Kiryu’s brain. He felt Kiryu getting shivers behind his back, giving him an extra confidence boost to come back to work on his crotch. At first he barely let his butt touch the pleats of other’s trousers, and even this got Kiryu breathing heavier than before. Majima still only gave a few gentle grinds on other’s lap, to keep the suspense going.

He now turned to face Kiryu, and slowly lowered himself to sit on his partner’s lap. Majima leaned closer, breathing heavily to smell Kiryu’s aroma. The man in red shirt gave out a deep sigh, as Majima’s lips made contact with the neck for the first time. Sighs only deepened, as kisses turned into gentle sucks and bites. Majima kept rocking his hips back and forth with gradually increasing tempo and pressure.

“I suspected you’d come fightin’ me armed”, Majima murmured as he noticed Kiryu’s bulge. He let out an awkward chuckle, while reaching his hands to grab Majima’s hips to guide them for even better experience.

“I see it’s your first time here, y’know ya ain’t allowed to touch the girls”, Majima sneered, slapping Kiryu lightly on the wrist.

“Hey, hold up, you’re the one who’s been groping me all night here!” Kiryu insisted. He only received a smug smile from Majima, who was now getting up.

“Ya wanna head out? I know a place nearby I bet you’d like”, he suggested, emptying his glass, leaving lipstick smears on the rim. Looking at the glass, Kiryu realized his neck would look like a mess, as Majima got quite passionate just few minutes ago.

“That depends. Are you still gonna beat me?” Kiryu asked, getting up from the red leather couch without waiting for an answer. Maybe all he really needed was a good smack in the head to clear his thoughts, which were now wandering on dangerous waters, although he didn’t want to admit it to himself just yet.

“Beat you? I guess I could, at least a part of ya…” Majima replied, eyeing Kiryu from head to toe, staying awfully long at around the lower mid section. Kiryu was pulling his shirt to get some cool air under it, because he was suddenly feeling uncomfortably hot. That was one of those things you can’t say tomorrow day, after you’ve sobered up and regained all of your social inhibitions. Or, maybe Majima could, but not anyone else.


They headed outside, where it was a lot cooler, looking for the nearest taxi to pick them up and to take them few streets away. Kiryu didn’t yet have any idea, what Majima had planned for them for the rest of the evening, but after the initial shock, all had turned up to be quite the experience, if nothing else.

“Ya got any smokes? I couldn’t bring my own ‘cause this damn dress doesn’t have any pockets”, Majima asked, as they were standing at the taxi pole. Kiryu pulled a pack from his pocket and took two cigarettes out, lighting his own and then giving both the lighter and the other cigarette to his date.

“Aren’t you cold?” Kiryu asked, after looking at Majima, who only had his short, tight dress and fishnet stockings, who after a closer look seemed to be shivering a little.

“Ya could always warm me up”, he replied, leaning towards Kiryu, who then started to strip his jacket. Majima looked opposed. “Ya think I’d wear something so boring? I meant somethin’ a bit more physical…”

“Aren’t you a tsundere?” Kiryu joked. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of public displays of affection, especially with Majima. It’d just make things weird, not just for the two of them, but for everyone around. He didn’t have too much time to worry about that, as taxi stopped in front of them just when they had finished their cigarettes.

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked as soon as both of the men had sat down on the backseat.

“Hotel White, ya know where it is?” Majima requested. Driver nodded, put the first gear on and hit the gas. Driver hummed along the radio, which was playing some easy-listening pop music.

“Did you rent us a hotel room? What exactly are you planning, Goromi?” Kiryu asked, even though he at this point knew damn well what was about to happen. He should’ve been worried, probably, but the lap dance at the club made his blood drop from head to somewhere else, therefore the lack of clear thoughts. Even more so, when his date got all handsy again, kissing Kiryu’s neck and placing his hand on Kiryu’s thigh and gradually moving it upwards.

“I don’t mean to intervene, but you should drink less if you’re seriously considering on banging that. It’s obviously a man”, said the taxi driver. Majima, who sat behind him, kicked the seat, while still keeping rest of his focus on making Kiryu as uneasy as possible.

“You’re right, all we asked is that you drive us to that hotel”, Kiryu defended. H knew he had been rude earlier, and he didn’t really like mean people, so he guessed that was some sort of an apology. Majima was so honored by this act of bravery he moved his hand right up to Kiryu’s pleasure zone.

“I’ll treat ya so damn well once we get to the hotel”, he whispered into Kiryu’s ear. After that he proceeded to give his earlobe a few sucks and kisses.


Ride from Pink Street to Hotel District didn’t take too many minutes, and after the disciplinary actions performed by both men, the taxi driver kept quiet and even gave them a discount to make sure they wouldn’t start a boycott or hire some thugs after him or the company. Taxi dropped them in front of a big hotel, which was made of light gray painted rock and white bricks, hence the name “Hotel White”. It looked very basic, nothing too fancy. There was some shrubbery planted on planters build into the walls, and a modest sign revealing hotel’s name, prices and hours of operating.

“Welcome to Hotel White”, greeted the receptionist as the two men entered the lobby. It was rather spacious, plenty of white and light gray decorations, including sofas, rugs and curtains, as well as bar counter with few stools and a barkeeper behind. It stood between the two staircases leading to upstairs to suites.

“I made a reservation under the name Goromi”, Majima said to the receptionist, who looked awkwardly at the man. His lipstick had smeared quite a lot, and Kiryu behind him had a messy hair and neck marked by other man’s lipstick and love bites. Receptionist gave a slight, forced smile, as she wrote something on the computer behind the counter and after checking the reservation she handed a set of keys to Majima. “Your suite is in the third floor, go to the hallway on the right, it should be around the halfway. There’s a phone in your suite, feel free to call if you need something.”

Majima left the receptionist’s counter and looked around the lobby for a sign of elevator.

“There it is”, he said, pointing at a wall with metal doors that were framed by yucca brevifolias.

“My feet are killin’ me”, he muttered as he was heading towards the elevator, only to find out that it was closed due to maintenance. He let out a disappointed groan.

Kiryu, already been teased twice, was getting impatient. His heart was racing and thoughts kept circulating on acts that happens on bedroom, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Majima, placing one arm under his knees and other around his waist. Majima wrapped his arms around Kiryu’s shoulders.

“Oh, Kiryu-chan, you’re so strong… Can’t wait to see ya unleash all your power on me”, he murmured by Kiryu’s ear, breathing heavily. Kiryu got a boost of adrenaline and testosterone from this and rushed through the two sets of stairs, then turned right to the hallway as was instructed. Majima handed Kiryu the key, and he opened the door with a bit of struggle, as he still got his hands full. The door opened after few tries.

Kiryu carried Majima inside, and slammed the door shut right behind them. He pinned Majima against the door and went straight in for a passionate kiss, tasting the cigarettes and alcohol they had consumed. He had place both of his hands on Majima’s butt, lifting him up against the door. Majima had wrapped his legs around Kiryu’s hips, and his hands were softly pulling Kiryu’s black hair. They were so hungry for each others, teeth collided as they kissed and hips bumped together. If someone would’ve told Kiryu that morning, that by the evening he’d me making out with Majima, he would’ve laughed, but right now it felt the most natural thing to do.

“Let me blow ya, Kiryu-chan”, Majima sighed in a middle of the kiss. Kiryu lowered Majima back on his feet and took a few steps back. Majima walked towards Kiryu and pushed him to sit on the edge of the king-sized bed. Majima then sat on his lap and started opening Kiryu’s red shirt, giving few kisses first on his chest and then on his abs as the buttons opened from top to bottom. As the last button was opened, Majima took off the shirt and threw it somewhere on the soft carpet floor.

“Please… I’ve waited this for so long” Kiryu said yearning, as Majima placed his hand on other man’s belt. He smiled gently and opened the belt, deciding he had done enough bullying for one day. He grabbed Kiryu’s trousers and boxers by the waistline and pulled them off, throwing them on the floor to accompany the red shirt. Kiryu was now naked, sitting the edge of the bed. Majima was checking him out, licking his lips with lustful look in his eye. He lowered himself and sat on the floor, between Kiryu’s thighs, reaching out his hand to grab the base of Kiryu’s dick. He gave it a few gentle licks. Kiryu looked down and saw Majima grinning and looking back at him. Majima seemed really to be enjoying himself. Then he proceeded to take the tip into his mouth, slowly rolling his tongue around Kiryu’s dick. Kiryu was panting, and placed his hand on Majima’s head, stroking his hair and softly pushing it. Majima allowed Kiryu deeper into his mouth, and started doing up and down strokes combined with slight twist with his hand. He used his left hand to softly caress Kiryu’s balls. Kiryu was trembling slightly, grasping sheets with his other hand.

“Hngh, Goromi… You feel so… so good. I… I’m gonna…” he panted. Majima withdrew his hands and gave Kiryu’s cock one last, very slow lick, from base to tip. After all the love Majima had given to Kiryu’s manhood, it was now all pink from his lipstick. He then got up from the floor and got on the bed, laying down on his back and making a sexy pose, complete with bedroom eyes and flirty smile.

“Kiryu-chan, I need you to fuck me up. I want to witness the Dragon of Dojima unleash his full powers on me”, he murmured seductively, making “come here” motion with his index finger. Kiryu climbed on top of Majima and bestrode on his lap, reaching to open the pink snakeskin dress.

“Ya have any idea how much I paid for this? I’m keeping this on for tonight”, Majima hissed. Kiryu withdrew his hands, focusing on Majima’s underwear then. At this point it didn’t even surprise him, to see Majima wearing black, laced thong. Kiryu pulled them off and dropped to the floor. He noticed Majima was hard.

“Oh wow”, Kiryu said quietly, mostly due to surprise. He hadn’t been with a man before, so this was all a bit weird for him, not in a bad way. In fact, it was exciting, right now he had trouble keeping his hands off from Majima, it’s just that he wasn’t sure what to do.

“What’s the matter?” Majima asked, after seeing Kiryu’s confused face. “Don’t tell me you’re virgin,” he teased, but swiftly got more serious as he saw Kiryu not laughing.

“Well, no… Kinda…” Kiryu muttered. Majima smiled, but it was genuine, not an evil smile.

“I’m already helpin’ ya to get your strength back, and now I also get to teach ya the art of pleasin’ a man? Oh boy, we’re gonna have a great time, Kiryu-chan!” he replied, still laying on his back and looking at Kiryu. He reached to get something from under the pillow. It was a small white tube.

“Here’s the lube. I got condom hidden somewhere on my body, have fun lookin’ for it. No hurry, I got this room booked till noon”, he continued, flashing a teasing smile. Kiryu leaned over Majima, giving him a kiss. As he slid his tongue in other’s mouth, he also ran his hair through Majima’s blonde wig to make sure he hadn’t hidden the said condom there. Kiryu felt Majima becoming restless under him, as his breathing got heavier and he rocked his hips. The condom wasn’t in the wig, so Kiryu backed off from the kiss.

“I’m gonna assume you didn’t put it under your wig? It’d be a shame to make a mess of your beautiful hairdo”, Kiryu asked, gently withdrawing his hand.

“Nah,” Majima replied, appreciated Kiryu’s considerateness, giving him a thumbs up to continue his search. Kiryu then placed his lips on Majima’s chest, kissing and occasionally giving a soft bite along the neckline of his dress. Majima seemed to like the bites, maybe that’s why he was so into doing it to Kiryu.

Now that they were in a more tranquil place, Kiryu noticed just how good the perfume Majima wore, smelled, even when it was mixed with cigarette smoke and sweat.

Despite Majima’s sighs and slightly tensed up body, Kiryu moved lower as he hadn’t yet found what he was looking for. He slid his fingers under the dress’s belt, still not finding the condom. Majima made a happy squeal, as Kiryu laid his hand on top of other man’s cock, massaging it through the dress’s fabric few times, before rising the hem to further continue his research. Of course Kiryu saw right away that the rubber wasn’t there, but it would’ve been just rude to stop there, and besides, he was feeling curious, so he leaned forward, hovering his face above Majima’s dick and placing his hands on other man’s hips. Here it goes, he thought to himself as he gave it few gentle licks along the shaft, just enough to tease him a bit to pay back all the things he had done during the evening. Majima whimpered, first from pleasure and then let out and disgruntled moan as Kiryu moved on almost immediately. Kiryu slid his hands down on Majima’s outer things, while giving kisses on inner parts of his toned legs. First Majima giggled a bit, but as Kiryu’s kisses continued, they turned into sighs of pleasure. As Kiryu’s hands got closer on the edges of those thigh high fishnets, unusually sharp edge caught Kiryu’s attention. It was a condom wrapper, he realized as he turned his head. He pulled it off from the elastic band of the sock and tore the wrapper open.

“You’re good”, Majima said, still with bit shaky voice, throwing the lubricant tube at Kiryu, who was now sliding the condom on his dick.

“Are you ready?” Kiryu asked, catching the just thrown tube. Majima nodded. Kiryu poured generous amount of lube on his index finger, placing his finger on Majima’s asshole, lubing it around with circular motion. Gradually Kiryu started to thrust his finger in, causing Majima to make moans first barely audible, but getting louder as Kiryu picked up the pace. As he was sliding in another finger, Majima had had enough.

“Fuck me, Kiryu-chan. Fuck me up already with that big cock of yours”, he begged, looking at Kiryu with primitive thirst in his eyes. Kiryu pulled his hand back and applied lubricant on his cock, using his other hand to get a better grab of Majima’s hips. Gently, very gently, Kiryu entered Majima, inch by inch. After he had gotten bit over halfway in, he started thrusting back and forth, always just a bit deeper after every thrust, still very carefully. Majima grasped the sheets, as he made a small moan. Kiryu silenced Majima’s moans, leaning over him and kissing his lips. Majima ran his pink fake nails on Kiryu’s back, making the top shiver.

“You feel amazing, Goromi”, Kiryu whispered. It was now Majima’s turn to get the shivers, he loved how Kiryu’s deep, sultry voice, filled with passion, sounded as he was rolling the r’s on that sentence. Majima dug his nails deeper into Kiryu’s tattooed back and raised his legs to wrap around Kiryu’s waist, allowing even deeper penetration. They both gasped from pleasure, as Kiryu thrust in all the way.

“Am I hurting you?” Kiryu asked, stopping with the thrusts for a moment. He wasn’t sure about Majima’s level of experience or pain tolerance, at least outside of battlefield. It was his first time having sex with Majima, so he really couldn’t tell, what different noises meant. He did sound pleased just now, but better safe than sorry, Kiryu thought to himself.

“Oh, no, in fact, ya feel pretty fuckin’ good”, Majima answered, burying his face against Kiryu’s neck, making sure he’d feel all the panting he caused on the bottom man. He slid his other hand on Kiryu’s thigh to guide him on finding just the right tempo. Kiryu leaned on his elbows for support, laying his head next to Majima’s to make sure to explore all those small moans and sighs he made. Soft mattress of the bed underneath them bounced in the rhythm of their increasingly heated pounding.

“Goromi… Oh fuck…”, Kiryu mumbled in between all the panting both pleasure and exhaust caused. Majima was demanding when it came to speed, Kiryu had not expected this, but now that he thought back about all the things Majima had told earlier this evening, he was looking for someone with stamina and strength. Just how long had he had these thoughts about Kiryu?

“Give it to me, Kiryu-chan, I’m so close”, Majima sighed against Kiryu’s neck, sounding at least half as exhausted as the other man.

Kiryu readjusted his positioning, raising Majima’s ankles on his own shoulders and wrapped his hands behind Majima’s neck. Majima sighed, both from surprise and pleasure as Kiryu leaned in to give him a sloppy kiss.

“You’re so pretty tonight”, Kiryu whispered to Majima, before starting with the pounding again. He wasn’t trying to be too delicate at this point, after noticing how hungry Majima was for getting dicked down for real. Majima grabbed his own cock and began to stroke it rather frantically, eye rolling back as he came closer and closer to his climax.

“Kiryu… Oh Kiryu-chan you’re so fuckin’ amazin’… I’m gonna… Kiryu… Ya gonna make me…”, he kept moaning, eyes now half-closed, eyebrows furrowed as he shot his load on his stomach and chest. As his body and muscles we’re spasming on the edge of the orgasm, Kiryu also reached his peak. He wasn’t as loud as Majima, only letting out few deep grunts. He stayed in until he had had his last spasm, then slowly pulled out.

Majima was still laying on the bed, grinning tiredly. Kiryu got up and headed to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. He was covered in pink, smeared lipstick marks from lips to hips. As hot as it had seemed at the heat of the moment, now it just felt such a hassle to wash it all off.

“What’s the rush, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked, as Kiryu returned from the shower. He laid in bed looking like a mess. Rather happy mess. His make up was smeared, wig was half falling off, dress dirty from cum.

“Huh?” Kiryu said picking up his jacket for after-sex smokes. He sat on the bed, next to Majima, offering him one as well.

“Don’t ya know, if ya wanna make a girl real happy in bed, ya don’t just rush to shower after the deed’s done? No, ya gotta hold her close and tell how good she felt”, Majima explained, as he lit his cigarette. At first Kiryu thought Majima was joking, but then he thought of all the crazy stuff they had been through that evening, cuddling together would be quite normal compared to that.

“Guess you’re right”, he said as he laid next to Majima, who then put his head against Kiryu’s chest. He ran his fingers along the collarbone, marked with bruises. “I had a great time today. Certainly one-of-a-kind experience.” Kiryu continued, using his thumb to stroke Majima’s cheek.

“Who said we can’t do this again?” Majima asked. He grinned at Kiryu.

“I know next time will be different, you wouldn’t use the same trick twice”, Kiryu replied. Majima chuckled. Kiryu was right, he thought, starting to plan what to do next time, and when would that next time be. Would next week be too soon, or would Kiryu want to meet up even earlier? After pulling multiple strings to be able to act as a hostess for one night, hiring a tailor and a make up artist, would he really come up with something even more surprising? Well, of course he would, he was The Mad Dog after all, he thought to himself, as he slowly fell asleep on Kiryu’s chest, listening to his heartbeat.

- - -

Kiryu woke up to the bright morning. Those white curtains in front of the window really didn’t block out much of the light of a sunny morning. It took him a while to remember where he was, as it was obvious it was not his apartment. Memories came back to him, scenes from hostess club, Majima in a pink dress, making out in a taxi in spite of driver’s reaction, Majima’s eyes rolling back as he pounded Majima hard…

Where was Majima, anyway? Kiryu thought to himself, as he noticed he was the only one on the bed. Majima’s pillow was stained with make up and blanket had fallen to the floor. Kiryu sat up on the edge of the bed, taking his phone from the nightstand to look at the time. There was a piece of paper next to his phone.

Majima had left a note. It read:


Thanks for the great date last night. However, you violated me in my sleep, so I filed charges against ya. Can’t have someone as strong and charmin’ as ya going around, wooin’ girls and doin’ terrible things to them when they can’t resist. Sorry about it, trust me, it’s for your own good. See ya soon,


Majima <3″

“Oh boy, here we go…” Kiryu sighed.