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The Flamingo Bonds of Genius

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“What. What. WHAT?” questioned the Tenth Doctor, stumbling out of his TARDIS with Rose in tow. “It’s like a big outer-space… pajama party!” she exploded, looking up at him open-mouthed, quizzically. “Doctor, we were supposed to go see the planet Midnight. Is this Midnight? Coz this doesn’t look like Midnight to me. Where are the resorts, the cliffs of sapphire, the crystal falls?” Rose continued to gape and squint at her surroundings. “All I see is darkness and a bunch of scruffy-looking men in pajamas! Hey, *we're* in pajamas! What are we doing in pajamas?”
“Hey! Who’s scruffy-looking?” yelled Han Solo from a short distance away. Rose’s big brown eyes were as wide as jeep headlights.
“Was that… ?” she questioned. “Doctor, was that who I think… ?”
“OH OF COURSE!” shouted Ten, grinning wildly as he waved his sonic screwdriver at everything in the surrounding area. “The TARDIS transdimentional shift must’ve picked up extra energy from a telepathic dream field we passed somehow. Oh, this is brilliant this is! A proper adventure; this has never happened to me before!” His enthusiasm cooled and he furrowed his brow. “This has never happened to me before. I dunno what’s going to happen next!”
“Doctor, what are you on about? Where are we? What’s going on?” Rose was starting to grow impatient with his incoherent rambling.
“Rose, it’s going to be okay. Don’t be afraid.” He bent at the waist to look her in the face and put his hands reassuringly on her shoulders. “We’re inside someone’s dream. We’re fictional here. And… well, we just broke the fourth wall, but that’s a little beside the point.”
“Inside a dream?! Oi, that’s bloody brilliant!” Rose’s huge grin reassured him of her continued companionship and he straightened back up with a grin of his own. “Right? Right?!” he smiled at her.
“Hello, there!” Rose waved in a vaguely upward direction like a child talking to God. “Have us some interesting dreams, then!”
“Let’s meet the locals, shall we?” The Doctor offered her his arm and they strolled toward the large, moving mass of organic life forms a short distance away.