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I like this better than my dreams.

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        "Jotaro!"  The shouting comming from the young girls threw off both Jotaro and his mother as they ran to him, big smiles on their faces when they finally reached him. 

        "My friends and I were wondering if you believed that a person is bound with another... like a soul mate!" 

    It was common knowledge that everyone in the world had a soul mate, but it was very rare to find one. It was for that reason that people would often grow sceptical of the concept as a whole. 

        "Oh yeah! I do! Everyone must have someone special I think." 

    "If you think that, then what do you think that person would be doing right now?"

    "I don't know, but I bet it's something really cool and amazing. I feel it!" 

   From her spot on a near by bench, Holly giggled. She felt pride and joy at the thought that her little Jotaro was going to make his soul mate happy. 

-------------------------- Else where---------------------------

    Polnareff's mother laughed while watching her son attempt to be a gentleman and hold the door open for her and his sister. Unfortunately for him, the door wouldn't open no matter how hard he pulled. Unaware of the push sign just barely out of eye sight. 

    "Why doesn't this stupid thing open?" 



    The shift in his mindset didn't happen overnight. It simply wasn't that one day Jotaro had fallen asleep and woke up with his wonder no longer there. It was a series of events that led to his pessimistic mindset. The main deal breaker was his lack of interest in people. He simply didn't like them, so how could he have someone waiting for him. His nature was also a strong indicator that he wasn't meant for a soul mate. In Jotaro's own mind he believed that he would scare away any potential candidates. 

      Polnareff's views on his soul mate couldn't have been more different. He would often find himself dreaming of his soul mate. Imaging how she'd look like and how happy they would be. In his mind they would get married the very same day they met and together they'd start a large family. He found comfort in this idea. Thinking about it every time some brought up the topic. This made his plethora of ex's feel worth it in his eyes. He couldn't help but wait for the day that a pretty girl would catch his eyes and they'd sit down and talk. Suddenly they would feel the tug of the red string of faith, and he'd ask her to spend the rest of their lives together.  He would wait forever to meet her. 


          Forever came to him at age 22. It wasn't in his mind to meet the love of his life while mind controlled. Especially when he put it off for years. It was after his sister had been attacked that he no longer thought of himself. He left France and Cherry, as but never stopped til he believed he'd make her proud.
          Jotaro stopped caring, hope for a soul mate gone with age. His only hope now was for his mothers recovery. If it meant traveling the world to save her with his annoying grandfather and less annoying fortune teller, he'd go. It was when he met Noriaki that he felt some glimmer of hope for a soul mate. It was rare to find someone he liked enough to be around for more than 5 minutes, even rarer to find someone he'd save after almost crushing with a building and bringing him home to be nursed to health. But Kakyoin wasn't the one.

         That didn't stop him from thinking to himself about soul mates a little more now. Maybe he didn't find his soul mate in the school girls chasing after him because his soul mate wasn't a school girl? Would he still be willing to care for a soul mate now? Had he already scared the poor guy off? He was already silently terrified for his mothers sake and now he started thinking about who he'd spend the rest of his life with. It was a horrible time to be 17.

         It seemed to get worse when he traveled to Hong Kong on his bizarre journey. It started with a restaurant, filled with food he didn't know about in a language he couldn't speak. Leaving it up to his grandpa was their only chance at eating. After he got a cultural lesson from Kakyoin he was taken aback when a voice called out to them.

       "Excuse me, do you have a moment? I'm a tourist from France, and I'm having a hard time with the kanji on this menu. Would you please help me out?"

      Perhaps it was the foreign accent that gave him a feeling of interest. He'd never been out of Japan and it was rare to see a tourist where he lived. Even rarer to see such a large and shiny man. A man who gave him such a funny feeling inside. It was comforting. Almost too comforting.

    " You're annoying. Go away."

         Even if he was meant to kill this kid he couldn't help but be taken aback at how rude he was. Such disrespect wasn't needed. Especially when he could kick his ass right now. Such a rude kid. Kid...... suck a really large kid. So tall and built. If he wasn't the pinnacle of man Polnareff would have been jealous. But he had a job to do. And putting this kid in his place would have to wait.



        It was after his fight from Abdul and the rude Kid saving him, that he felt something diffrent. He felt something inside him change in such a comforting manner, it was scary. It was scary that he found joy in company that he really shouldn't. He really shouldn't risk his life for someone else's cause, but he really liked this guy. He was such an oddity. He looked so cold and heartless. Like he might kill you if you look at him funny. But he'd risk his life for his mom and a random kid they found in a boat. He was pretty nice.

          Jotaro felt funny again. It seemed everytime he so much as looked at the French man. He was so childish, so funny. Yet noble and determined. He saw in in his fight with Abdul and in his playful interactions. Maybe he really should've had more friends in Japan. If it made him feel like this, it's nice.
"You ever stop and think of your soul mate?"

"Not often, why?"

"I like thinking about her sometimes. It gets me really happy."

"How do you know its a woman?"

      If Polnareff was honest, he didn't. No one was ever really certain about who their soul mate would be.

      "Just a hunch.... I'm not sure what I'd do if it wasn't a girl. I don't think I'm gay"

    Jotaro hummed and drank the rest of the beer in his glass. Polnareff thought he'd caught on. Giving a small cough and sheepishly smiling at him.

    "I mean there's nothing really wrong with that Jotaro. If you find yourself loving men than go ahead and love as i wish. I didn't mean to insult you guys-"

      "Stop blabbering. You don't have to apologize for anything."

      But in his heart he felt he had to. He felt like it was the end of the world making Jotaro so sad. At least believing he had. He got up and made his way to Jotaro. He crouched down to his level on the bed and put his hand on Jotaro's shoulder.

       "Jotaro, I really am sorry if I-"

   "I told you already you didn't do anything."

" Than why won't you look at me?"

     "Because you're annoying the hell out of me. Fuck off!"

       Was he being to insensitive? He'd never know. It wasn't like it mattered either. He'd already come to terms with the fact that this imbecile was his. That he was meant for such an immature french guy and this guy didn't want him. There wasn't anything else to confirm. At this point regretted even giving into Polnareff's chat. It was one of those rare times he felt like an idiot. Sadly, the other man could tell.

      "Jojo..... who is your soul mate?"

      "Never met them."

        "Are you sure?"

        He was onto him. A strong part of him believed that maybe it had been Noriaki. They seemed close. But if that was the case, they would've acted diffrent. He couldn't remember much of his mother. But he remembered that when she was with her soul mate, his father, she never stopped smiling. Jojo never seemed to smile. It was scary. If it wasn't Kakyoin than he really didn't know who it was.

      "Positive. Let's drop this and go to bed."

     If he was defensive enough maybe the other would leave him alone. He didn't want to confess now. When it would be like guilt tripping the man to stay with him. He would feel pathetic. Clinging on to a partner only out of pity.

    "Is it Kakyoin? I always thought there might of been something going on, but i thought i was just an idiot. Is that why you think your partners a man? You'd look really cute together, you'd make such a threatening looking couple-"

      "For fucks sake Pierre, its you!"

      It really wasn't fair. It was suppose to be a dream come true. He was going to bring home a nice girl to his mother and they'd get married and Sherry would be so happy for him. But they were both gone. His soul mate wasn't a really hot chick. It was a hormonal teenager that he'd manage to piss off enough that he feared he'd loose him. He didn't want to loose his jojo. No matter how much he might hate him now, he'd get jojo to live out his new dream with him. A new dream where they could really be happy together.

      "I get it if you're in shock. But either say something or leave. I'm not in a mood to keep this shit up."

       Standing up he walked past Polnareff already thinking of trying to get the man drunk enough to forget this happened. To his suprise, the other didn't leave. He felt hands wrap around his middle as a face was buried into his neck.

       "Could you please let me stay here?," the voice was shaky. As if it was trying hard not to break, "Just for a little bit jojo. I don't want you to hate me when you wake up."

       "I don't hate you Polnareff." "So i can stay?" "Sure. We'll talk about this tommorow. I just want to get some rest." When he turned to his friend, the other was beaming. He looked so happy just to be holding him ot made him chuckle. He crawled into the bed, not bothering to say anything about the man clinging onto his back. Playing with his hair.

         "Jojo, can i tell you something?"


         "I like you better than any other woman I've been with."


"When you wake up do you want to get  married?"



        "Its 4 in the morning Pierre. Go to bed."