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True Love

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Cullen stared.

It's not exactly what he'd been expecting when he decided to take his mabari for a walk. He was sure that they'd enjoy the sights, at any rate. It was Pride Fest, and his pup always did love to meet the new people who came to enjoy the yearly festivities. He was a lot more gregarious than Cullen at any rate. But Cullen did tend to pep up a bit, feeling a little less alone with all the flags flying around him. It was nice to know that others like him were having fun.

All in all, this year's parade wasn't bad. Cullen even dared to wear a Bi Knight shirt that Rosie sent to him. And his mabari had his own queer-colored collar on as well. Even better, this year the parade led to him meeting Dorian, who was all sorts of stunning.
Not that he was going to get the chance to ask Dorian if he had a significant other. His dog's antics was seeing to that.

"Well then," Dorian said after a moment of silence. "I suppose that's that. We can't separate them-"

"What do you mean we can't-" Cullen sputtered, but Dorian waved away his protests with a glitter covered hand.

"They're in love! Look at them! They're so happy."

"They are not in love. This is ridiculous." His mabari was definitely not in love.

"Yes, they are. I do despair at Julian's taste in men but I can't break his heart. If that is what he wants, then who am I to argue? Besides, as his father it's my duty to make sure that Julian will be happy. And he's clearly found happiness in your mangy mutt."

"My dog and your cat are not in love."

"Julian begs to differ."

"…So what do you suggest we do?"

"Well, we could host a wedding."

"A what?"

"A wedding! It'll be lovely. Just think of how happy they'll be."

"They can't marry!" Cullen protested, feeling a little silly but honestly. Who got married right after meeting someone? No one in his family, that was for certain. He watched his dog lick Dorian's sleek grey cat and nose under the cat's rainbow harness. "They should at least go on a date first."

What. The. Hell. Was. He. Saying. Now he was wrapped up in this madness! What was the world coming to?

Dorian gave Cullen a very feline-esque smile of his own before leaning into Cullen's personal space and trailing a finger along his arm. "Well, I suppose you have a point. Shall we pick you both up at 7 tonight?"


After all, Cullen couldn't just break up his dog's one true love, now could he?