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Another Chance At Living

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~ A Killer’s Thoughts~


The streets were filled with darkness in the quiet night. The only source of light coming from the lamps and a few cars passing by. Jeffrey Woods laid there, hidden behind some bushes as he bled and waited for death. At 19 years old, Jeff The Killer will end his career. Mark this day, October 23rd, as the day a notorious killer died. Hurray.

Jeff felt cold and laughed bitterly as the only thing passing through his mind is how deeply he regrets killing his brother. Not his mother, nor his father. His little brother, Liu. Maybe, in another lifetime, he could live like a normal kid.

“Are you dead yet?” a deep husky voice called out to him. Jeff huffed as he stared at two empty eye sockets that belonged to a blue mask. The killer hadn’t noticed that another person was  crouching near him.

“What’s it to you if I’m dead or not?” Jeff panted, as it was getting harder to breathe. The masked man chuckled and put a gloved hand on Jeff’s pitch black hair.

“Is this how Jeff The Killer dies? I’m honored to be on first line then,” said the man. Jeff sighed tiredly, he didn’t have enough strength to fight back. He didn’t care anymore, but if he could have one less regret…

“I’m stupid”

The masked man hummed in amusement. “Why do you say that?”

“Because,” said Jeff, tears forming on his eyes and falling. Whether it was because his eyes were dry or he felt real sadness was unknown to him. “I want to live” he sobbed out. The blue masked man didn’t say anything and just stared down at the killer.

Jeff broke down, he didn’t want to die. Before, he was ready to accept his fate. But, he really… wanted to live. If only for one more day, but he doesn’t deserve it. “Everybody wants to live when death is in their face, Jeff”

Jeff smiled sadly. “I know, but I… I want another chance at living” after saying that, Jeff felt himself lose consciousness and his vision was flooded in darkness. In his dreams, he was back to being human. Back to being a normal kid and his family was waiting for him with arms wide open. Jeff smiled at them and ran up to them with tears on his eyes, but once he was back to conscious what greeted him was a white ceiling.

“Good, you’re awake,” an unfamiliar voice said. Jeff turned to his left side and saw a tall male with black hair and red eyes looking at him with a wide smile. His teeth were sharp and his eyes looked devoid of any sympathy. “It’s going to get hard getting used to them, but hey! You can blink now”


“I did surgery on you and gave you back some eyelids!” said the weird doctor. “And tended your wounds, you have a stitched cut so after it heals properly come back to remove the stitches. Though I decided against it, Jackie wanted me to stitch the wound you did to yourself as well”

Jeff stared puzzled at the man and lifted a hand to where his self inflicted wounds should be. There were stitches on them and instead of feeling angry, Jeff felt nothing. “Why am I alive?”

“Jackie brought you here,” said the doctor and chuckled as though he was remembering a joke. “He said ‘ Smiley, please save him ’ or something along those lines”


“He means me,” that deep husky voice jumped in. Jeff moved his head to his right and noticed another tall male. Dark brown hair, grey skin with empty eye sockets. He had his arms crossed as he leaned against the doorframe. “And my name is Jack, not Jackie”

“Technically, it’s Jackson”

If Jack had eyes, he would have rolled them. “Shut up, Smiley”

Jeff slowly sat up and felt a shot of pain run through his body. “Please lay down Jeff, you are not fully healed,” said Smiley. Jeff sighed as he laid back down and blinked.

“Why am I alive?”

“Didn’t you said you wanted to live?” Jack said as he walked up to where he was. Jeff glanced up at him and pouted. He did say that, but even Jeff knows that he doesn’t deserve such a thing.

“I mean… yes, but-”

“Then stop complaining, idiot,” Jack said with a snort and smirked down at Jeff. Jeff’s right eyebrow twitch, this guy was starting to get annoying to Jeff. Jeff didn’t say anything else but focused on the environment he was in. He was in a hospital bed, but there were no sheets. The room looked a bit worn down as if it hadn’t been used in years.

“Where am I?”

“A hospital, duh”

Jeff inhaled deeply. “I know that much, asshole”

“You’re in my hideout” Dr. Smiley said with an amused look on his face. “Which is an abandoned hospital” Jeff nodded and thanked Dr. Smiley for the information. During the following hours, Jeff had learned that Jack was the cannibal killer known in the underworld as Eyeless Jack. Dr. Smiley is not as well known as Jack but has been friends with him for a long time apparently.

Jeff sat up after resting for a bit and thanked Dr. Smiley for treating him. “I don’t know how I can repay you”

Dr. Smley smirked. “Don’t worry about it,” Jack said he was going out for food and left Jeff alone with the doctor. Though eventually, Dr. Smiley needed to head out too and so, Jeff was all alone. It was a little difficult, but Jeff was able to stand up and walk. He managed to get to the doorframe and leaned on it.

“I need to leave,” he murmured. It was rude, but Jeff felt weird staying where he was after being saved. It didn’t feel right to him, no matter how many times he thought about it. He looked to his right but saw a dead end and to his left, there was a hallway that seemed to lead somewhere. As he dragged himself there while leaning on the wall, he felt weaker.

“Where are you going?” Jack said as he walked up to the stairs, his blue mask on. Jeff, who was in the middle of getting downstairs, felt his body tensed up and his face warm. It was like he was a little kid again and his mom caught him sneaking out with a cookie in hand to his room at night.

Jeff wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. Jack sighed and put the bloodied bag down along with a McDonald’s one. He carefully grabbed Jeff by the waist and lifted him up with no problem. Jeff let out a startled noise and quickly hold onto Jack’s shoulder. “What the fuck, Jack!? Put me down!”

Jack smirked. “Iim glad that you’re getting better”

Jeff felt his face warmer and glanced away. “Why did you save me anyway!? You should have let me die!”

“You’re complaining again?  Why aren’t you happy to be alive? That’s what you wanted!”

“Because I don’t deserve to be alive!” Yelled Jeff as he closed his eyes. “I want to live, sure, but what’s the point if I’m stained with innocent blood? I killed my parents, I killed my brother and I even have killed others” Jeff opened his eyes, tears falling from his icy blue eyes and with a broken smile he asked: “Tell me, why do I deserve another chance?”

Jack stayed silent. Jeff couldn’t know what kind of expression he was doing, but it wasn’t necessary. It was probably one of pity and disgust and- “Because I want you to live” Jeff widened his eyes and hold tighter to Jack’s shoulders.

“That’s ridiculous”

Jack chuckled, but somehow, it sounded sad. “You don’t remember, do you?” Jeff blinked and looked back  at Jack confused. Remember what? ‘ What is he even talking about? ’ Jeff thought. Jack sighed and shook his head and pushed Jeff over his shoulders, carrying him like a sack with a dead body on it.

“Wha? Hey!”

“You’re an annoying human,” said Jack as he clicked his tongue. Jeff felt offended and hurt by his words and started to throw punches on Jack’s back.

“You’re such an asshole! I hope you die!” Shouted Jeff. Jack threw him “gently” on the hospital bed and pointed at him.

“If you are going to bitch and moan about not deserving to live, then remember this: you aren’t going to die unless I say you do”

“What? That doesn’t make any sen-”

And if you are planning on dying, then only I can kill you. So stop bitching and be grateful I saved you, you got that?”


You got that?

Jeff gulped at the threating tone in Jack’s voice. “Y-Yes…” Jack relaxed a bit after that and muttered a “good”. He went back for the food and brought it back to the room. He put the McDonald's bag next to the bed and pulled up a chair to sit next to Jeff. He opened the bloodied bag and Jeff almost puked at the contents inside.

“Get used to the smell, this is all I eat,” Jack said as he took off his mask and grabbed with his gloved hands one of the human organs he had on the bag. Jeff sighed and grabbed the bag of McDonald. He thanked Zalgo it was just a Big Mac and fries.

“Where’s the soda?”

“I didn’t have enough money for the whole meal, so I just bought you those two”

“I-I see…” Jeff said with a nervous smile. Nevertheless, Jeff ate the stuff without soda. It’s been so long since he even had a meal, so he was content with just this. Jeff couldn’t comprehend why Jack was so adamant on Jeff living, but perhaps… he could stick around a little longer to understand why. ‘ Somehow ’ thought Jeff as he smiled softly to himself. ‘ This doesn’t feel so bad ’. Jack noticed his smile and smiled too.

Just for a little longer… live for me a little longer, Jeff ’ Jack thought as he watched Jeff devour the hamburger like there was no tomorrow.