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Author's notes: I do not in any way own Labyrinth nor its chatacters. I do not profit from this in any way. I only own my OC's and the story line.

As I sat on the hill overlooking the valley, I felt a single tear escape from my eye. No more were to follow it. I shall never cry again. I will be strong and I will be brave.

I stood from my seat atop the hill and turned to face my new life. A new life for a new me.


*~* Lilith's POV *~*

"Lilith, what are you doing?" My mother questioned.

"I don't know..." I replied.

"Sure you don't..."

I giggled and turned back to the stove. My mother and I own a little bakery in the town circle. We bake pretty much anything so we've got quite the reputation here in our little town and beyond. Often when tourists are passing through, they make a point to stop here and try one of our famous pastries. Namely, our cupcakes.

The oven beeped and I took out the tray of muffins that rested inside. I placed the tray on a counter to let them cool a bit and decided to check out to see if there was anything I needed to straighten up in the front of the shop. The happy looking yellow walls enclosed the small dining area for the customers who'd prefer to eat here rather than take it out. None of the white tables had anyone around then and all seemed orderly. But that didn't stop the creeps I got from the sight. Empty dining rooms have always creeped me out...

I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed the muffin tray off the counter and started placing the lemon muffins in their appropriate spots in the display case under the counter. I heard the tinkling of the bell above the shop door and glanced up to see a handsome man with short, wispy blonde hair and dazzling blue mismatched eyes.

I smiled at the man and straightened up. "Can I help you?"

He smiled back, his blue eyes making brief contact with mine before they began flitting over the goods in the display case. "Well, they all look so good.I'm not quite sure what to choose..." He said.

British? Interesting...

I let out a small chuckle and offered him a warm smile. "It's alright, we often get that here. People often come here for the cupcakes, but I think that our brownies are much better than them."

The man smirked and his sharp, mismatched eyes locked with mine for yet another brief moment. "Well, I guess I'll take your word for it..."

"Lilith," I said taking the hint.

"Lilith... such an interesting name."

Hearing him say my name with his accent made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Something about this man just wasn't right... He had a very strange presence about him. Like he commanded all the attention in a room without uttering a single word.

"Yeah... I kinda get that a lot..."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a rather strange name as well."

"Oh really?" I asked, fascinated. Honestly, I didn't think any name could be stranger than Lilith. It's the bloody name of the vampire queen!

"Yes, it's Jareth."

"Still not as bad as being named after the mother of all vampires," I said with a small smirk.


"So, how many brownies?" I asked, returning to the original topic. "Two would be nice."

I bent down and grabbed two of our brownies with a small square of parchment paper and placed them in a bag for him. I gave him the price and he handed over his due amount.

"Well, I hope we meet again, Lilith," Jareth said with a smirk gracing his lips once more. Does this man ever stop grinning?

"Well, I'll usually be here." I said as I gestured to the shop.

"Well, I'll be sure to come back then. Oh, and here." He handed me one of his brownies.

"Oh, there's no need to give me this. You did buy it after all." I began getting all flustered. Why would he give me this? We've barely known each other for five minutes and I'm not even pretty!

"It's a present," he said, insisting.

I hesitantly took the brownie from his hand, not really sure what to do. I mean, I still have only known this guy for five minutes.

"Well, thank you I guess."

He smirked. Jeez... this guy really never stops smirking...

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around then." And with that, he left the shop. What a strange man...

I shrugged and turned back to the kitchen. I cast a glance around and saw my mom by the electric mixer. She was watching whatever batter that was in there spin around and around. She appeared to be mesmerized by it. This often happens to my mom. She gets distracted by everything, just like me.

"Mom? I think it's mixed."

She jumped and whipped her head around. "What/ Oh! Yeah, I think you're right," she said vaguely.

I chuckled lightly to myself and leaned on a counter.

"So, who were you talking to out there?" She asked with a sly grin.

"Just a customer."

"Really? And what was this customer's name?" She asked, her grin growing wider.

"His name was Jareth I believe." She froze as soon as I said his name.

"Mom? You okay?"

She straightened herself out and gave me a small smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just knew someone with that name. We haven't seen each other in a long time..."

"Oh... Well, he didn't really look old enough to be a friend of yours..."

Mom laughed and shook her head. "I'm sure it's not the same person. Here, come help me with this cake."

And so we finished our day without any incidents. I closed up shop and headed up stairs to the flat mom and I live in. I ran a hand through my light brown hair. Something was off about today. Something's coming. I'm not sure what, but I can feel it. There's something coming, and I'm not sure if it's gonna be pretty.

I shook those thoughts from my head and entered the flat. I'm sure it's nothing. If it is something, I'll just have to wait and see. Weather it's good or not... Well, I better cross my fingers and hope for the former.

I entered my room and flopped down on my bed. I stared up at my ceiling and began tracing shapes into it with my eyes. Mostly non-objective shapes, but I could make out a few faces in the bubbly ceiling. Tracing shapes with my eyes could only keep me preoccupied for so long. My mind soon drifted off into fantasy worlds with dragons and castles, rolling hills and jagged mountains. My mind often made up fantasies such as this one. I guess it was to compensate for the fact that my life is quite a lonely one, even with my friends and family always so close to me.

And then my mind wandered to a fantasy tale mom had told me as a child. She said it had actually happened, but I no longer believe in the fantastic tale she told me. It was a tale of a young girl, my mother, who wished away her brother to a Goblin King in a fit of rage. He took him to his Labyrinth, and in order to rescue him before the Goblin King turned him into a goblin, she had to solve the labyrinth in thirteen hours. As she traversed the dangerous Labyrinth, she made a few friends such as Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus. With the help of these three friends, she solved the Labyrinth and made it to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that he had stolen. Once she reached him, she declared that he had no power over her and everything was restored. Her baby brother was returned home and mom never saw the Goblin King ever again.

She said she could still talk to her friends from the Labyrinth through her mirror, but she never showed me. As if she was afraid of what might happen if she did so.

I shook the childhood story out of my head and headed out to the kitchen. When I entered, I saw mom putting out dishes and placing a big bowl of spaghetti in the middle of the table.

"I guess I was right on time then," I said as I took my place at the table.

"I guess so."

Something's bothering her... She's normally more witty and always has a comeback. Hmm...

We ate our dinner in a shared silence until we were finished. I went back up into my room and plopped down once more onto my bed; continuing my staring contest with my ceiling.

After what felt like ages, I began to feel sleepy. I shut my eyes and I soon began to dream.

I was in a magnificent castle made entirely out of stone, and before me was a throne. But the throne was not empty. There sat a familiar figure, but with long blonde hair and outlandish clothes to match the hairstyle he wore. He glanced up at me and gave me a smirk. This man and his smirks!

"Jareth? What's going on? I'm confused. What is this place? What are you doing here? What is up with those clothes, I mean my god! They're ridiculous!" I prattled on.

"Enough, Lilith!" He snapped. I shut my mouth. He's scary... "All of your questions will be answered in due time, but for now, why don't I show you around my castle?" He offered, suddenly kind again.

Should I really? I mean, he has been pretty nice to me so far. This is just a dream after all, right? What's the harm in having a little fun?

I took the arm he had offered me and we began our tour of the magnificent castle. First he showed me the library, a magnificent room two stories high with books lining the walls all the way up. There were comfy looking sofas surrounding fire pits and all sorts of different places to lounge dotted all across the room. I can definitely see myself spending my free time in here! But alas, this is only a dream. I shall never have a chance to visit all of these books.

The next stop was the dining hall. A magnificent room that stretched far and wide, with a long oak table in the center. It looked as if it could seat as many as twenty if one really desired! The walls stretched high into the sky and met to form a spectacular ceiling that depicted some sort of war. Quite a strange thing to have above your head as you ate.

"You will be joining me here later tonight, so I expect you to remember the way here," Jareth said curtly.

"Really? Well... Okay I guess..."

"Would you like to go see the ballroom?" Jareth asked with asmall smile. Almost like he's remembering an inside joke.

"Yes! I've always wanted to see an actual ballroom!" It's true. It's been a dream of mine to see a ballroom. Well, I guess I can check that off my bucket list now..

We traversed the many twists and turns of the castle. Honestly, this castle is huge! I mean, it's almost like it's bigger on the inside! Wait, is Jareth a Time Lord? I scrutinized the maybe-Time Lord's back as I thought. It wouldn't really surprise me. He does dress like a Time Lord... Hmm...

We reached these magnificent oak double doors that towered above us. They were carved with intricate designs that swirled and looped all around the huge doors. It was very fascinating. I could've sat there and traced the designs with my eyes, but Jareth pushed the grand doors open to reveal a grand ballroom. It was all white with pillars of the same color positioned at regular intervals. There were crystals everywhere! Everything seemed to sparkle!

Kinda like the man behind me... Hehehe...

Jareth waltzed into the ballroom with a regal-like grace. I followed behind him, feeling out of place in my worn out pyjamas and no makeup. I feel like I should be dressed in a poofy princess dress with my hair done up extravagantly and my "natural beauty" shining. Yeah right...

Jareth turned and held out his hand to me with a small smile gracing his lips. Sometimes, he really, truly looks handsome. This is one of those moments.

"May I have this dance?"

I blushed and brushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear. "I would, but there's no music."

As soon as those words left my mouth, Jareth winked and a slow waltz began to play. I blushed even more and slowly took his hand. He pulled me into him and placed his hand on the small of my back. I placed my hand on his shoulder. I kept my eyes downcast on his chest as we danced. His hand left mine and lifted my head up until his eyes met mine

"You know, it's rude not to look your partner in the eye while you're dancing."

I blushed and my head was downcast once again out of habit. He lifted my head again and quirked his eyebrow. "There's no need to be embarrassed, love. Just keep your eyes up, I promise I won't bite," he said with a wink.

I laughed and nodded my head. "Okay, I'll try my best."

We continued to dance for what felt like forever, but I didn't mind. It was fun, and Jareth was very kind to me. When I accidentally stepped on his foot, he did not wince or point it out. We just kept on dancing. But, like every song, it had to come to an end and so did our dance. The last note had played, but Jareth's hands lingered in mine and on my hip for a few moments longer. I didn't mind. I would've been happy to stay like this forever, but he pulled away.

"I'll be showing you to your chambers now."

He turned on his heel and began striding back towards the door. I followed behind him, trying not to fall too far behind him. We soon reached a pair of doors that looked fairly simple, but Jareth pulled them open to reveal an extravagant room. Its walls were a pale mossy green decorated with grey swirls. A large bed with a white, gauzy canopy lay pushed against the far wall with a quilt and comforter of the same shade as the walls. There was a vanity on the left side of the room covered in all kinds of makeup and such. And then beside the vanity was a door, and another one beside the bed. And then, on the right side of the room, I spotted a bay window with cushioning on the ledge and pillows resting on top of it.

I turned to Jareth and gave him a big smile. "This room is just... Wow... I... Thank you, but I don't quite understand why you're doing all of this for me."

Jareth smiled and caressed my cheek with his gloved knuckles. "Because one as beautiful and kind as yourself deserves only the best."

I laughed and shook my head. "Hon, I think you picked up the wrong girl because a) I'm rude b) I swear like a sailor in the right mood c) I am by no means beautiful and d) we barely know each other."

Jareth's eyes widened and he stood there astonished for a moment. Then his grin spread and he burst out laughing. I snickered a little to myself, not being able to stop myself. I laugh at other people laughing, there is no avoiding it.

Jareth finished laughing and gave me an amused look. "I knew it was too good to be true. You're a Williams, you're all stubborn and defiant. You never play quite by the rules. But Lilith, don't put yourself down. You are kind and you are beautiful, you just can't really see it yet."

This time it was my turn to laugh. "Believe all you want, pretty boy, but just know that flattery and gifts ain't the way to get to my heart. I'm not a hopeless romantic. Not anymore."

A pain shot through my heart as I remembered the past. No, Lilith. Now isn't the time to think about the past.

Jareth sighed and shook his bead. "I will have to make you see, but that will have to wait for another time."

"What's that suppo-" Jareth cut me off by forming a crystal on his fingertips and then throwing it on the ground, covering everything in glitter.

I shot up in bed, my eyes wide and my heart racing.

What? Oh... That dream must've been one hell of dream if it left me like this!

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Whatever. There's no point in trying to remember it. It's long gone into the recesses of my brain.

And with that, I slid out of bed began getting ready for work.