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so errrr i noticed this post about stuff that was added to the shichinintai arc in the anime and thought i’d add a couple of things since renkotsu and ginkotsu are pretty different in the anime and manga and i

let’s just leave that sentence there


Okay first off most of Ginkotsu’s personality…such as it is…is added in the anime, while in the manga he’s basically furniture after his body gets vaporized. The anime adds the scene where he looks at a butterfly and is offended when Bankotsu asks if he wants to eat it. His death scene is also expanded into going berserk and sacrificing himself to save Renkotsu instead of being killed almost immediately by Kouga.

There’s also that somewhat pointless scene where he destroys a bridge and then watches the monk and his disciple run away before just wandering off….okay.

The big thing with Renkotsu is that the anime adds a flashback of the Shichinintai before their death where he’s shown being very deferential to Bankotsu, which makes his character more of a formerly loyal follower who feels betrayed in his own right by Bankotsu’s willingness to let them all die again. When they meet up with Bankotsu for the first time, he volunteers that Mukotsu and Kyoukotsu have died, and is unsettled to learn that Bankotsu already knew and doesn’t show signs of being upset. Later he tries to question Bankotsu about Naraku and gets shut down, and again is visibly unhappy about it. In the manga it’s more like…he’s just a jerk.

He’s also much more friendly with Ginkotsu; in the manga he operates the cannons by himself, whereas in the anime he tells Ginkotsu when to fire (and then sometimes just goes ahead and does it himself because filler material is cruel and inconsistent). The scene where he speaks to Ginkotsu briefly in the forge is added, and when Ginkotsu dies he shows…well, a minor amount of concern. He’s later shown regretting that he didn’t add even more guns for Ginkotsu to miss with, and while he doesn’t say it outright he does express a kind of regret over his death. As opposed to the manga where he just snatches the jewel shard and books it to safety. 

In all honesty the changes make the anime a little inconsistent; Renkotsu doesn’t care in the slightest when Inuyasha vaporizes Ginkotsu’s body, and then when he dies for real he’s upset for a few minutes and then is never shown caring again. In the preview for episode 117 Kagome says that Renkotsu is looking for a “battle of revenge” (弔い合戦) for Ginkotsu, but, oops, they forgot to put anything in the actual episode indicating that! They also added a scene of Renkotsu luring Inuyasha away from the cave with the exact trick Ginkotsu used on him previously, for no apparent reason except to show that Inuyasha has no long-term memory.

Look…a wizard did it.