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Strong eyes

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“Isn't there something you want to say to me?”

“Thank you for inviting me to your tent…”

Jimin's voice was low and unsure. He didn't know, how to act around his leader. Lee Jungnam was a stubborn man, his pride and ego preventing him from being a good leader. His father had been a great man, the fairest of them all, bringing joy and respect from the packs living around them in the northern mountain territory. But after a sudden hunting accident that led to him dying, his son had been more than eager to follow his fathers footsteps.

Only for the Lee pack to learn that Jungnam wasn't quite like his father. Ignoring his fellow pack members needs and risking unnecessary fight between their neighbouring packs. In fact, he was ignoring everything his father had taught him, disregarding the rules and changing them however he needed them to be for the moment.

At least, this was what Park Jimin thought of his leader. He had watched Jungnam punish his friends for petty things like looking at an Omega that Jungnam himself was interested in. He even banished a couple of their best warriors and hunters, because they would try to help him by making suggestions on how to secure their little village. Some begged to stay, some tried to argue and some didn't even protest. And it wasn't like anybody was going to do anything about it. The remaining pack members had been loyal to their leader, because of the respect they still had for his dead father.

Jimin didn't even want to think about what his cruel leader wanted from him. He wasn't special in any way. Jimin wouldn't be able to conceive any pups or even help his Alpha through his heat, his body not producing enough slick to keep up with an Alpha during rut. But Jimin was sure, that that was exactly what his leader wanted from him. Why else would he ask him to his private tent on top of the hill his village was built around.

He nervously look around the impressive tent. The room was large, a small fireplace at the center of the room. There were a lot of rare furs decorating the walls and floor. Jimin was sure that those animals were killed by Jungnams father, who had been known for his extraordinary hunting skills, while Jungnam had never brought back anything special from his hunts. And of course there was that giant bed right in front of Jimin, with his leader sitting on top of the soft furs and pillows, legs spread invitingly. Jimin swallowed nervously and shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

“Is there… Is there anything you need?”, Jimin asked cautiously.

“In fact there is…” Jungnam look at him intensely, making Jimin shift his weight once again. His Omega shuddered, but Jimin was able to not let it show to his leader.

“I believe it is quite obvious what I want you to do. What you have to do.”, his leader said while looking the Omega up and down and licking his bottom lip. The Alpha was undeniably handsome, but his poor personality made him unattractive in the smaller mans eyes.

While Jimin didn't support his leader the way he should have, he knew his family was loyal to the leading Alpha. He knew they would punish him for disobeying the leader, before bringing him back to Jungnam themselves. They'd be furious with him. There was no way out of this situation.

“Y-yes Alpha…”, Jimin lowered his head in submission and fear. How could he do that to Jimin? It was known that an Omega who didn't present yet would be unable to satisfy or help an Alpha during a rut. Who would know if he would even survive his leaders rut. There were lots of stories about Alphas hurting Omegas during their ruts, demanding too much from them at once, sometimes even killing them. What if Jimin was going to become one of those gruesome tales…

“Aren't you thankful? I could have chosen anyone… I thought a lot about it, you know? Considering your… condition. But your family has alway been loyal to me… and maybe it will trigger your heat and I'll be able to claim you…”
Somehow that didn't calm Jimin down the least.

“Yes Alpha, you are truly generous for thinking of my family. And I feel… feel honoured to be the one you choose to spent your rut with … Thank you so much lead Alpha…”

Jimin could smell the Alphas pheromones, they were becoming stronger and started to affect him. He could feel how a high and pitiful whine was building up in the back of his throat. Slick was starting to leak from his hole and he couldn't take it any longer and lowered himself on his knees in front of the Alpha.

“That's it, little one…”, Jungnam moaned, even though they hadn't even done anything yet. But Jimin was sure that this was going to change soon.

That was, when he smelled it. The scent that was slowly becoming stronger. It smelled like a rainy day and like freshly cut grass, but very spicy. The scent of an angry Alpha coming closer. Jungnam was too distracted by his rut to notice.

“I think you are wearing too many layers of clothing, little one.”


Before Jimin was able to say anything, a big, dark wolf crashed through the entrance of the tent, ripping the curtain of and making Jimin shriek in fear and crawl to the nearest wall. Jungnam quickly rose to his feet and looked annoyed at the intruder.

“What in the gods name do you think you are doing?!”, he yelled angrily.

The stranger only bared his fangs and growled at the other Alpha, challenging him.

“You are going to regret this!”, Jungnam yelled before he started to change into his wolf form.

Jimin realized that he needed to get out of here as soon as possible. Things would very get ugly very fast. Luckily the strange Alpha wasn't focused on him, rather his leader who was almost completely transformed by now. To the strangers credit, he was giving Jungnam a fair chance at winning the fight that was inevitable about to start. Before either of the Alphas could do anything Jimin quickly hurried out of the big tent.

He ran down the path to the center of his small village.


Upon hearing his mother calling him Jimin immediately spotted her standing in the shadow of one of the small huts that were built around the hill.

“Mother… What… What is going on… Th-there was a wolf and… and…”, he stammered breathless.

“Sush Jimin! Be quiet… another pack came to attack us!”

While talking she look at the trees that were surrounding their village.

“Wait… What did you say about a wolf?”, she suddenly asked.

“A strange wolf came into Jungnam-nims tent. He-”

“And you LEFT him? Your leader?”, his mother interrupted him.

“I-I wouldn't have been any help, I can barely turn as it is-”

“How could you! This is treason!”, she was practically screaming at this point.

“If I am a traiter, why don't you go and help him! Besides, I don't see anyone else trying to figure out what is going on or helping him!”, he barked back at his mother.
“Jimin! Don't you dare yell at your mother! Even in a crisis, show her some respect!”, his father chimed in.

“Oh honey… Jimin said that there is a strange wolf in our leaders tent and he left him alone with him!”, his mother cried out.

“I knew it… there are strange scents all over our territory… And there are wolves all around our village.”, his father murmured.

“We are going to have a serious discussion when all of this is over, young man!”, his mother kept ranting.

Before Jimin could muster up a reply he saw movement at the border of their village, all around them stood big, strong looking wolves.

“Oh god… did they bring their whole pack?! There are so many of them I…”

Not wanting the intruders to feel threatened by them Jimin urged his parent to kneel with him.

“What in the gods names do you think you are you doing? Get up!”

“Maybe you don't have a problem with dying, but I on the other hand, would prefer it to live a while longer!”, he said to his father.

“If you don't get up ri-”

Before his father could finish his threat there was a loud ripping noise coming from the top of the hill, followed by a growl and a howl.

Jimin snapped his head in the direction of the noise and saw two wolves tumbling down the hill. One big, black wolf and a light brown one. He immediately recognised his leader, but he didn't look too good.

Even while the two wolves were still rolling down he could see the red spots all over the light brown fur. There was a particularly bright red spot near his stomach area.

The wolves came to a halt near the center square of their village. The rest of Jimin's pack had gathered around the area as well.

The dark wolf got back on his feet right away, but Jungnam was having difficulties getting up, standing on shaking legs.

The stranger let out a powerful growl, making Jimin's Omega want to submit immediately.
He was still giving Jungnam a chance to surrender. God, how he wanted him to surrender.

Instead his leader let out a growl himself, but it sounded rather pathetic after the previous one.

His leader charged at the stranger, but he quickly dodged him and pounced at him from his side. His leader fell to the ground with a pathetic yowl.

Before anyone could intervene the attacker bit into the leaders neck and turned his head until there was a nasty cracking sound. Their leader stayed motionless on the ground, lifeless with an expression of fear in his eyes.

Everybody was shocked by what they had just witnessed. There wasn't even a comment from his parents. The pack tried to wrap their heads around the fact that they had just lost their leader. Just like that. A simple snap and the wolf was gone.

Jimin didn't even notice how one of the wolf that were still surrounding them had turned into his human form and was now slowly walking up next to the powerful wolf. The winner was calmly sitting next to his leaders dead body.

“Everybody! May I have your attention for just a moment! Thank you!”, the stranger spoke with a small accent.

How could they be so calm? They just… killed somebody. Granted, not somebody great, but still!

“This”, he was pointing at the dark wolf while talking, “Is Jeon Jungkook. He is the leader of the Jeon pack near the Southern Sea Area! He-”

“Can't he speak for himself!”

Upon hearing his father's voice Jimin felt his cheeks heat up un lowered his head in shame. How could they interrupt them? What if they would feel offended and take it out on them?!

“Alpha Jeon is very capable of speaking for himself. But since we speak a very different tongue down there you would not be able to understand him.” The speaker looked challenging at his father.

“Now, please refrain from asking questions until I'm finished speaking. My name is Taehyung. And we came to end your leaders reign… which as you see we… well, we did.”,
Taehyung sounded almost bashful while looking at the dead body next to him.

“But we did not do this just because we can or want to. Because believe me, we didn't want this. But your leader has become more and more… let's say brazen. He ventured outside his territory, he hunted outside if his territory, he harassed other packs, especially Omegas. The packs living around you were become fed up with him. And if it wouldn't have been us, somebody else would have killed him. Probably would have harmed you people as well.”

“But you won't do that, right?”

Jimin felt the tips of his ears becoming hot, but Taehyung ignored his mothers sarcastic remark.

“The Jeon Pack isn't cruel. Our leader isn't cruel. In fact, our Alpha is willing to take home anyone who wants to come with us.”

Jimin perked his head back up at that. He took that opportunity to look at the strangers.

Taehyung was a handsome man, tall with broad shoulders and brown blondish hair. He seemed slightly nervous standing in front of all these people, continuing to rub and knead his hands.

The Alpha, jungkook, stayed in his wolf form. But judging by the looks of it he was probably very tall too, with dark hair and dark piercing eyes. Eyes that looked directly at him. Jimin's eyes widened before he quickly averted them. Instead he focused on Taehyung's face, even though he still felt that Alphas eyes on him.

“You heard me correctly, our leader is inviting anyone who wants to get away from here. We provide safety and food. And most importantly we don't treat other people like they're below us.”

Taehyung look around the faces of the surrounding crowd before declaring: “We will stay for two days. During that time you can make the choice to either join us, find another pack or do whatever it is that you desire. You don't have to join us but I personally would recommend it. Anyway, this is all I have to say. During the next days I am going to ask each and every single one of you, if you will join us.”

With that, the handsome Alpha ended his little speech and he left with his leader by his side.
Jimin followed the two of them with his eyes before they disappeared into the forest.

Jimin turned his head back to look at his now dead leader. Somehow it still felt like the Jeon Alpha's eyes were still on him.


“Those are lunatics!”, his mother declared, “They can't just come and go wherever they want and kill people and destroy packs!”

“To be fair, they had some valid reasons for coming here and killing Jungnam. I'm actually not that sad about it. He was a horrible leader anyways.”, one of his pack members chimed in.

“Think about it, if he wouldn't have banished all of our warriors he'd still be alive!”, somebody else said.

“So what, he didn't have any experience yet. He was still in the learning process!”

“Learning process my ass! He just wasn't meant to be a leader!”

“What are we going to do now?”

There was chaos all over the small center space of their village. As soon as the strangers had left hell had broken loose. The pack was deeply divided. Those who were still loyal to their former leader and those who saw the Jeon as some kind of heros.

Jimin felt torn. He knew his parents would never admit that their leader was the worst thing that happened to their pack, thus they would never join the Jeon pack. Somehow Jimin felt an incredible pull towards those people. The things that… Taehyung had talked about, that he had promised them if they came to join them… They almost sounded too good to be true.

“I don't think we will come to an decision as a pack…”, somebody yelled from the back.

“Yeah, we all feel different about Jungnam as a leader, it's probably better if we all make this decision individually... “

More voices got louder, supporting that suggestion.

“What?! You are just going to let them get away with it? Let that Alpha getaway with it?”, his mother shouted bewildered.

“I'm certainly not going to attack the Jeon pack! I still want to live, you know?”

“I've heard of the Jeon pack, it's the largest one I know of… I think I heard a rumor that they have over 2000 pack members!”

“Yeah, I don't really wanna challenge them either…”


"I can't believe that those are our pack members… Don't they want revenge for their leader like… at all? I am so disappointed in them!”

“Mother, can't you really not see that Jungnam wasn't exactly… well… the best leader? Or even a good person? Think about it, how he treated all the Omegas in the pack! How he treated me! What he would have done to me if that Alpha hadn't shown up?”

“Oh please, that was flirting! I know flirting when I see it!”

His mother kept ranting about their pack while Jimin just let out a heavy sigh. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to make his parents happy and stay with them, but he knew they'd seek revenge and would probably lead their pack the same way Jungnam did. He certainly did not want to be sold and mated to some Alpha his parents would benefit from. But he didn't know if he could join the Jeon pack. Even though they had offered it, what if they only wanted strong Alphas or Betas? Or if they didn't even mean it?

“I can't believe that you are defending them!”. His father's voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“I didn't like Jungnam as a leader…”, Jimin finally admits. Quietly, though.

“What? How can you say th-”

“I can say that, because he treated me and every other Omega like shit! Like he was something better and that we should feel honored that he even looked our way!”
Jimin's outburst changed his smell, making it smell bitter.

Now he smelled just like his parents, they were clogging up the air around him the whole day, stressing him immensely.

“So what are you gonna do? Leave with that murderer?”

“At least he does something for his pack! Jungnam only did what would benefit him!”

Jimin heard the slap before he felt it.

“I can't wait to get out of this house!”, he yelled while holding his warm cheek. When he left their little hutt and slammed the door behind him loudly.

Not knowing where to go Jimin decided to take a walk through the forest. Maybe that'll clear his head and calm his wolf.

While Jimin walked around the forest Jimin followed a small stream. He noticed how long the shadows of the bushes and trees were becoming. The sun was probably going to set soon. It had been a long day, considering everything that happened today... witnessing what had happened to Jungnam, the Jeon pack coming and going, the endless debates his parents and the other wolves had have… It wasn't really surprising that he felt so drained.

Still his parents wouldn't stay off his mind. He knew he had only two choices at this point. He could either go back to his parents, apologize and hope that they'll forgive him or he could join a new pack. But who would want him? Jimin didn't have anything to offer, he was just an Omega after all… his stupid cycle wasn't even regular yet…

Distressed Jimin sat down at the small stream he had walked along.

Because of his bad mood his smell had turned from bitter to sour… And attracting somebody's attention.

“Sorry, I don't mean to scare you, but are you alright?”, a familiar voice said.

Jimin snapped his head up toward the newcomer while scooted back a bit. He immediately recognised Taehyung.

“No-Yea- I mean- I'm fine…”, Jimin stammered.

“Are you sure? You smelled a little… distressed?”, Taehyung carefully asked.

“Yeah, just a long day… a lot of things happened...”, he said quietly. Somehow the presence of the strange Alpha was comforting… Even though he had supported his leader's decision to kill Jungnam he still seemed somewhat remorseful about everything that had happened.

“Are your people mad?”

“Well, yeah! At your leader, at Jungnam… at me…”, he only whispered the last part, but the Alpha still heard him.

“Why would they be mad at you? It's not like you told us to come and… you know, kill that guy.”, he sounded so casual while talking about killing people...

“Maybe not that… But I left him… with that wolf… your leader, you know?”

“Yeah, Jungkook. He didn't want to kill him… He would rather have looked for a peaceful solution, but your leader wasn't willing to compromise or work with us the slightest bit… plus the whole language barrier thing. That was why Jungkook insisted on going and fighting him alone.”

“Really? Jungnam never talked about any problems we might have had with other packs… He would rather talk about pretty Omegas and what he would… well, do with them. He wasn't a good leader.”, Jimin didn't know why he felt so comfortable admitting all of this to Taehyung.

“You said… you said that you guys would take anyone with him to… to your home. Is that true?”

“Of course it's true! Otherwise i wouldn't have said it! Jungkook isn't a lair!”

Taehyung's outburst surprised him. He must think very highly of his leader.

“I apologize, I didn't mean to call him a liar… It's just very hard to believe…”, he said while averting his eyes from Taehyung to the ground.

“I don't know what kind of wolf your leader was, but I can assure you, Junkook is the best leader you will ever met. And he is happy to help anyone who lets him.”

“Do you- Do you think he would take me with you? Even though I am technically not a fully grown wolf and I my parents really supported Jungnam and hi-”

Taehyung interrupted him by putting a hand on his shoulder and saying: “I know for a fact, he would be more than happy to take you with us.”

“Thank you… my name is Park Jimin, by the way.”

“Welcome the the Jeon pack, Park Jimin.”


Telling his parents that he was going to leave them wasn't as bad as he had imagined it to be. In fact it seemed like his father was already expecting it.

“I'm not happy about it, but I'm not going to force you.”, was what he had told him while Jimin was packing everything he would need on his journey with the Jeon pack. His new pack. It was the nicest thing the Beta had ever told him. No matter how sad that might seem.

His mother hadn't been so supporting. Jimin had been expecting all the yelling and ranting that had followed his declaration.

“Don't expect things to go too easy! They speak a different language after all!”

“I'm capable of learning new things!”, he called over his shoulder, not bothering to interrupt his task. He needed to be done soon anyway. The pack was leaving soon after sunrise, after their breakfast. Jimin would meet with a couple of other Omegas, Alphas and Betas from his pack and waite with them near the stream where he and Taehyung had talked. There they would be picked up the the Jeon pack. How many clothes should he pack?

“Think about it! They live at a totally different area! Will you be able to adapt to their cuisine? Or to their climate!”

“I won't have any other choice.”, he calmly said.

“And all of the strange wolves! All those Alphas!”

“I'll be fine. They seem quite civilised! I bet they won't jump me.”


“It doesn't matter how many reason you'll list for me better not going. I am going anyway!”, he interrupted his mother. “It is my choice! Please accept that!”

He sounded way more desperate than he should, especially with that loud whining tone he had.

“I won't forgive you.”, she finally said after a long pause.

“I'm sorry you feel that way. I had hoped we could part ways on a better note…”


To say that Jimin was nervous to meet the leader of the Jeon pack was an understatement. He was terrified. No matter how much Taehyung talked about Jungkook being a kind and respectful leader neither he, nor his wolf, were able to calm down.

“Stop it. You smell.”, Taehyung said.

“Sorry, I can't help it.”

Taehyung had met them at the stream and was leading their small group to the Jeon packs camping site and ,ultimately, come and meet their new leader. So yeah, he was nervous. Correction, Jimin was terrified.

“What if we do something that offends him?”, Junha, another Omega leaving with them voiced her concerns.

“That would be a first. I have to say you would be the first wolf to ever offend Jungkook-nim. Besides, that's why I am there too! To prevent such a thing. A perfect translator!”

“How did you end up in the Jeon pack?”, Junyiun, a Beta asked curiously. “Or were you with them from the beginning?”

“No, Jungkook-shi found me when I was still a pup. I got seperated from my parents and my pack. But Jungkook found me on one of his hunting trips. He is… like a brother to me. He teached me everything I know. Also, if he was willing to let me into his pack, you guys have really nothing to worry about!”, he said happily.

That explained why he was so protective about Jungkook the other day at the stream.

“We'll arrive in a couple minutes!”, Taehyung said to their small group. “Our camp is behind that hill. Better prepare yourselves!”

Jimin took a couple of deep, calming breaths. He tried to make himself look presentable, making sure his hair and clothes looked alright. His scent even calmed down a bit.

He then followed his fellow companions over the hill and looked at the small camp the Jeon pack had built for their temporary stay at the Lee territorial. There were about thirty to thirty five small tents with an exception for one slightly bigger tent, presumably for their leader. There were mostly Alphas with a couple of Betas. Everybody was looking at them as their group came closer.

They were all looking curiously at the newcomers, Jimin felt his wolf getting nervous and tried to calm down when he noticed how the Alphas were greeting Taehyung cheerfully. He used to be an outsider too. He was going to be fine. At least his wolf calmed down a little.

Taehyung was talking to his fellow pack members but Jimin wasn't able to understand a word.

“They speak a different language!”

His mother's words echoed inside his head. Jimin shook his head. This was his first day, nobody would be expecting him to be able to talk in their language, right? He hadn't even had a chance to learn it yet! Oh god, what if they expect him to introduce himself?

His panic attack came to a sudden stop when the curtain to the leaders tent opened. One of the tallest man Jimin had ever seen stept out of it. The man was not only tall, but had big muscles as well and a defined stomach. He could tell hence he hadn't bothered to put on a shirt, even though it was still could with the morning dew still present and the sun barely rising above the horizon.

The man's hair was dark and slightly messy, as if had just gotten up. He looked good. His eyes were dark as well and piercing. That was when Jimin noticed that those dark eyes were fixed on him. he immediately recognised those eyes.

With a inaudible gasp he quickly averted his eyes and look intensly at the ground.

That was him, Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkooks steps were slow and heave as he walked to Taehyung to talk quietly with him.

“Okay, everybody, we're gonna do a brief introduction with names. Just stand next to each other and I'll introduce you to our leader!”

All the newcomers built a line at which the leader and his translator walked along as they only understood their names when Taehyung said them, squaring their shoulders to impress the man.

Jimin felt his heart rate pick up the nearer Taehyung and Jungkook came. He still kept his gaze fixed on the ground.

When he heart the two Alphas stopping in front of him he slowly lifted his head. He smelled rain and the smell of freshly cut grass. When he was looking straight ahead he was met with a firm, tanned chest, so he raised his head a little more. He was met with a pair of dark eyes.

Jimin swallowed nervously and he noticed how those dark eyes caught the movement and slipped a little further down his throat.

When Taehyung wanted to go to the next member Jungkook was still standing right in front of Jimin and didn't make a move to go on. Shyly Jimin lowered his head, but he found himself unable when two fingers pushed his head softly pack up. He met the dark pair of orbs again.

He noticed the movement from the man's lips but didn't understand.

“What did he say?”, Jimin asked breathless without breaking eye contact.

Taehyung quickly jumped in.

“Jungkook-shi said that you have strong eyes.”

“Strong eyes?”, he asked confused, still keeping his gaze fixed on the males eyes in front of him.

“It's a saying in our pack. It means something like… He can sense that you have a strong mind and personality. And of course that they are beautiful too! It's quite a big compliment…”, Taehyung tried to explain hastily.

Jimin felt how his cheeks started to heat up and quietly said: “Tell him I said thank you…”

Taehyung did as he was asked and Jungkook gave a short nod before he detached his fingers from Jimins chin. He followed Taehyungs introduction without any further interruptions.

Jimin still felt everybodys eyes on him and his blush stayed prominently on his cheeks.

When Taehyung was done, Jungkook gave a couple of orders and everybody started to gather their belonging.

“Jungkook just said that everybody should get ready to leave soon. Don't worry, you'll be picking the language up in no time! Back at home there are more people who speak your language and will be able to help you learn!”

No matter how hard he tried, Jimin just couldn't get Jungkooks words out of his head… Strong eyes… And he still felt a pair of eyes burning into him, even if he didn't have to look up to know.

When he did look up he noticed how even Taehyung was looking at him curiously.


As it turns out Jimin had another reason to be embarrassed that day. Since he wasn't a fully presented wolf he wasn't able to turn into his wolf form for traveling. For a moment he had feared that they would leave him. That was until Taehyung had offered to carry him on his back. Jungkook had given the two of them a long look before permitting them to do it.

And that was how he ended up sitting on the big wolfs back and trying to hold on to Taehyung without hurting him. Which resulted in Jimin slightly sliding around Taehyung's back.

Before their departure Taehyung had mentioned that they were going to travel around two to four days. But the former Lee pack members had difficulties keeping up with the pace the Jeon had set. The other Alphas kept giving them concerned looks while trying to encourage them to keep running.

When one of the female Betas stumbled and fell down Jungkook finally seemed to notice the newcomers struggle, making the pack abruptly come to a stop.

When the Beta and Jungkook started to turn Taehyung moved his shoulders to get Jimin to slide down from his back. He quickly turned himself and came over to communicate between the two of them.

The Beta was clutching her foot and whining. Taehyung called their healer, Seokjin over.

However after examining the Betas foot he just shook his head. Jungkook said something which prompted Taehyung to blush and talk quite fast to their lead Alpha. Which seemed like an argument.

“We're gonna take a five minute break!”, Taehyung declared suddenly. As soon as the Lee pack members heard that they slumped down and tried to rest as much as possible.

The Jeon pack pack murmured lowly while looking at them with a mixture of concern and amusement.

“What's going on?”, Jimin asked while walking over to Taehyung.

“Your friend Hana fell and probably sprained her foot.”, Taehyung sounded exasperated.

“So why are you so angry?”, he asked cautiously.

“Because Jungkook knows that we want to get home as soon as possible. But the pace he had set was way to high for you guys! Now she is hurt and is no longer able to travel. So I suggested that one should carry her like I carry you, but none of our Alphas is willing to carry her and none of your people is able to carry her!”

Jimin instantly felt bad. Partly for Hana and partly for getting the luxury of being carried while the rest had to run themselves. He heard Taehyung huff and trying to figure something out while he himself looked at the sun.

The sun was still relatively low… they hadn't been traveling for too long…

“What if you carry her?”, he suggested carefully.

“As charming as that compliment is, I'm not able to carry two people…”, Taehyung said sounding exhausted.

“What if you only carry her?”

“Then how exactly would you travel? Running in your human form?”, he said annoyed while crossing his arms over his chest.

“No… I would… I would go back…”, he suggested.

“What?!”, Taehyung actually yelled. Which seemed to have caught their leaders attention.

“It's not too bad! We didn't even travel that far... I wouldn't have been a great addition to the pack and she at least would be able to help your people-”

“Our people, Jimin! We don't leave anybody behind!”

That was when he smelled rain and freshly cut grass again. He turned around and was met with the dark eyes of their lead Alpha.

Jimin heard the two of them talking but didn't understand a word. He noticed when Taehyung mentioned his name and presumably his plan to walk back, Jungkook dark eyes fixed on him. He swallowed nervously when the Alpha looked back at Taehyung und said something that seemed to baffle him.

“What? What is it, Taehyung?”

“I… Jungkook… He- He offered to carry you if I carry Hana…”, Taehyung sounded like he didn't understand what was going on.

“Are you sure? Maybe you misheard him?”, Jimin asked panicked. Sitting on Jungkooks back? On top of his leader?! He must have misheard him! What leader would offer to carry a stranger who just joined their pack? An Omega no less!

A good one, provided his wolf.

When Taehyung checked again he confirmed what he had heard the first time.

“If… if he is really sure and okay with that… I mean… only if he really wants to.”, Jimin said shyly while looking at the ground.

When Taehyung told Jungkook the Alpha just nodded and said something while looking at Jimin before turning around and talking to the pack.


“He just said that you should really hold on to his fur. Not as lightly as you did with me.”

Oh god… he noticed that?

“Wait, how do I know when I hurt him? You know, when I hold on too tightly?”, Jimin explained when Taehyung gave him a confused look.

“I am pretty sure his going to let you know… like bark at you or growl?”

“Right… That sounds… yeah…”, he awkwardly said while turning away from Taehyung.

As it turned out, getting Hana on Taehyungs back wasn't as hard as they had thought, but rather Jimin getting on Jungkooks back. That guy was already tall in his human form, so of course he was enormous in his wolf form. Jungkook actually had to lie down for Jimin to be able to climb on top of him. When Jimin finally sat somewhat safely on top of the Alpha he carefully gripped the fur at the back of his neck. Upon hearing the Alpha growl he quickly loosened his grip, only fur the growl to become even louder.

He wanted him to grip his fur… harder?

Careful not to hurt the wolf he gripped his fur rather strongly. But the growl stopped and Jimin had do admit that he was sitting quite securely when the Alpha started to walk.

With a last look back at his pack and to Taehyung his leader checked that everyone was ready and set a quick pace, though not as fast as before and started to lead his group back towards their home.


They only stopped one more time that day for a lunch break. But even that had been kept short. The Alphas were all too eager to get back home, especially the mated ones.

Jimin soon learned that holding on to Jungkook was rather hard since his scent proved to be quit a distraction. But he somehow managed not to fall down that day. But when Jungkook finally approved of a small clearing as their camp for the night everybody was eager to get a proper rest.

As soon as the Alpha stopped and lied down Jimin slid down as quick as possible. When his feet hit the ground he almost fell over, not getting his feeling back in his feet yet.

When it seemed like he was about to fall over, he felt a gentle push against his back. After he found his footing he looked back to see the Alpha wolf stabilizing him trough gently supporting him with his head.

“Th-Thank you…”, he said while looking at the Alphas dark eyes. He wasn't sure if the Alpha understood him, but he gave a quick nod, before slowly stepping away. When he was sure that Jimin wasn't going to fall he quickly turned away and jumped over to a small group of Alphas and disappeared into the woods with them.


“How much longer are we going to travel?”

Taehyung didn't seem surprised to get asked that question on their third day the of journey.

“Maybe one and half days? Maybe two? It took us two and a half days to get to the mountain area. And that was before we had to carry two people and slow down because you guys aren't used to running at our speed.”

When his pack members were done questioning Taehyung about their journey Jimin quickly walked up to him.

“What is it like?”, Jimin asked in a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“What is what like?”

“Your home!”

“Oh! Well… we live near the ocean area, so we have a lot of beaches and cliffs… but our village is in the woods. And there are more people than at your old pack.”

“Will they be okay with us?”, he asked worried.

“Most of them will be. There are always gonna be people that you won't get along with…”

“You have anyone particular in mind?”

“No, but there were already people unhappy with Jungkook's decision to leave the pack for so long and possibly anger the mountain area packs…”

“Do you think it was the right decision?”

“When I think back to your pack and the condition you guys lived in… yeah, it was the right decision.”, he said after a moment of thinking.

“And… and Jungkook?”, he asked, while looking at the male that was sitting in the shadows of the trees and looking into the woods.

Taehyung seemed surprised for a second before he carefully said: “I don't know… We haven't got a chance to talk about it yet. I just know it wasn't an easy decision for him. I mean, who wants to travel through god knows how many packs territories and kill somebody's leader? He doesn't take pleasure in killing anyone…”

“He is just a little on the edge, you know. We've been gone longer than he expected.”, Taehyung said after following his gaze.

“I guess you're right.”


When the sun was almost completely settled on their fifth day of traveling the Alphas and Betas started to pick up the pace. When Jimin saw lights in the distance he realized that they had reached their destination. The Alphas let out loud howls and after a moment of silence there was an answer coming from the distance.

When they finally left the forest there was a large clearing. The Jeon pack lived in a quite big village, which was surrounded by a big wooden fence. There were people actually guarding their pack. It seemed like a natural thing to do, but Jimin couldn't remember the last time Jungnam had actually made an effort to guard their borders or protect their village.

The running group started to slow down and were practically pushing each other aside to get through the gate first. Jungkook stopped and waited for everyone to get in first, even though Jimin could tell he was eager to get inside as well. He was pacing back and forth and his right ear kept twitching.

For some reason Jimin wanted to calm the Alpha down… probably his Omega instincts. He softly scratched the Alpha behind his right ear. The Alpha came to a complete stop and after the first surprise ebbed away a low purring noise escaped him. It was almost too quiet for Jimin to catch.

By the time the Alpha had calmed down everybody was already inside and they were finally able to enter as well.