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  • I Take Pride in What I Am (ftlgbtales_pride2019_event) by mdelpin

    22 May 2019


    I Take A Pride In What I am is a month-long art/writing Pride event hosted by the Tumblr blog @ftlgbtales that will take place from June 1st-30th of 2019.

    The event will be run from our general event side blog @ft-wwtdp.

    All prompts are taken from lgbt songs. There will be two available prompts for each day and you’re also welcome to come up with your own (they don’t have to be lyrics). This event is all about what Pride means to you, so be creative and have fun!

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  • Summary

    This is a collection for new stories about the pairing of Mirajane and Erza. We think it's high time a wlw pairing made it into the Fairy Tail Top 10 Ships. Let's work together to make it happen!

    Our opening goal is 100 stories.

    There is an Erzajane Week this year! It will run from March 10th - 16th and the prompts are:
    1 day: Star-crossed
    2 day: Spellbound
    3 day: Realisation
    4 day: Sin
    5 day: Memories
    6 day: Savour
    7 day: Confession

    There is a separate collection available for them, but please feel free to post in both <3

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