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A Roar of a Dragon and Bond of a Lions Pride

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“Erza, are you sure this is a good idea? What if everyone judges us?” Lucy clasped her hands together, eyes darting anywhere and everywhere.

“Lucy, this is Fairy Tail we’re talking about! After all the shit that happened with Laxus, and finding out Natsu’s identity and countless other things, they still accepted everyone. How is this any different?” Sliding a hand down her partners back, Erza’s words were convincing.

Sighing, Lucy slowly met the woman’s eyes. “Alright alright, I see your point.”

Smiling, Erza slowly and gently took the blonde’s hands into her own. Rubbing a thumb over the back of Lucy’s hand, Erza spoke. “I know it doesn’t take away the anxiety, but nothing happened. We are still the same people no matter what, and nothing has changed. Things are merely coming into light. After all, girls can like girls, just like boys do.”

Smiling with a new found confidence, Lucy led Erza by the hand to the guild hall. At the end of the day, it’s their lives to live.