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Place called home

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It was cold. Moisture from his lungs turning visible with every outtake of breath. He have forgotten already how the outside looks. No, no outside. He gets out pretty often, visiting nearby towns. This time his journey takes him further north. To home. Home… can he even call it that? He barely remembers the place, escaping when he was barely five. He didn’t understand back then. Now though it is different matter. He will be there only for a little while. Then be back. To his real home. Wishing it was a good decision, he won’t even regret. Even if they don’t see each other ever again.

He’s standing in front of small orphanage, clad in enormous amount of animal furs and leather. Knocking to the door. Once. Twice. The door opens before he can disturb the peace f ones living inside for the third time.

“How can I help you?” Says vary woman just slightly opening the door, strong metal chains preventing from further intrusion. Right. The war just ended. It was victorious, but people still don’t trust strangers, especially the ones showing way past the darkening hours.

“Can I ask you to take care of him?” He answers, showing covered till now baby. He too, is clad with furs, barely visible from material folds, sleeping quietly on man’s shoulder. “I won’t be able to give him upbringing and happiness he deserves. He won’t be able to be free, and I want what’s best for him. Even if it means parting our ways, probably for the rest of our lives.”

“I cannot. The war didn’t take huge tool this time, but still, we are full. We have no more place for new kids.” Says woman, sadly looking at small boy.

“That’s not a problem. We didn’t live in luxuries till now. All he needs is a place on the floor. I have blankets and furs. You won’t have to provide for him in that matter. I also have money. It should be enough to cover his expenses for at least a couple of years.” Says man, quickly showing not that small pouch, heavy with gold. It was more than the woman probably have ever seen in her life. The amount would suffice for 15 years of boys expenses and more. She shouldn’t, she didn’t even know who the stranger is, and how did he manage to get a hold of such large amount of money.

“What is his name?” She asked.


“And, what is yours?” Woman added after a while, not understanding the lack of surname.

“Taehyung. Kim Taehyung.” Her eyes widened at the answer. Kim. Surname people from north took, when they wanted to fled. Leve their past behind and move on with their lives. He was probably from the nobility. Some fallen family that lost its political power during recent war. It would make sense. Refugee life wasn’t easy. Small boy, roughly two years old may have hard time surviving the trip. Especially if the winter would still attack with its low temperatures.

“And how about you?” She asked, tears forming in her eyes. She was emotional woman after all, and now she could smell sadness in the scent of the other. Omega. The man was omega. Parting with probably his son for what could be the rest of their lifetimes. There were no other scents on the man. He was probably traveling alone, vulnerable, defenseless. Without an alpha to provide support.

“ Don’t worry about me. I will manage.” The man said with a a smile. He could tell by the womans scent, that she pitied him. Probably making false assumptions about his state, but he wasn’t the one to correct her. All he wanted is a safe, warm place for his son to live his life happily, not burdened by his omega father choices. “So… Will you take him…?”

“Wan. My name is Wan. Hea Wan. And yes, I will.” Said a woman, opening doors for the man to come inside. She showed him a corner in the room, spacious and secluded, giving a small room for privacy. He thanked her and started unbuckling the pelts he was clad in, leaving only one the thickest and the warmest on. He started to make quick, makeshift nest from comforters and furs he put on the ground. It was warm and cozy, all the boy would needed. He took the boy from his arms, kissed him one last time and placed between the pelts. Boys face scrunched adorable at the miss of his father direct smell, but quickly came back to normal sleepy peacefulness once covered entirely in materials warmth. Small plushy bunny placed right next to the boy.

Man looked at his son with fondness, sad smile placed on his lips. He took off the wooden amulet he was wearing on his neck and put it onto the boy, adjusting its length. Then, he petted boys hair one last time and stood with pained expression.

Wan was looking at the scene with tears in her eyes. She could see the love omega had for his son and his devotion. She could see man’s heart being torn between wanting to stay by his pup side and wanting his future be bright. She didn’t even register pouch full of gold being placed at the table, as the man approached the exit.

“Once again, thank you. Please, take good care of my Jungkook” Taehyung said, and not waiting for a reply exited the orphanage and ascended into the darkness of the night, vanishing from the sight of the ones inside as the beginning of the snowstorm blurred the vision…

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“Kim Jungkook! Behave!” Shouted young woman without any malice behind her words. She was a new orphanage employee, set to help her aunt to take care of the children, as one of the older omegas working there was no longer able to cope with kids livelily.

No one know boys origins. Yes. The story of his coming to the building was well known in the whole city, boy quickly stealing hearts of almost all omegas the moment hey laid their eyes on him. The older he got the more harm he acquired, his bunny smile well known all around, always helpful and mindful to others, never causing problems (or at least not the ones that mattered). But still, no one knew who he were or where did he came from. Young male omega traveling alone with his pup should be known by many. Especially with the looks and smell he possessed. There should be at least a dozen alphas noticing the traveling pair. But no one did. No one knew where they came from nor where the omega went after. It looked like they appeared through thin air and disappeared the same way. Although surprisingly not a single person minded. Jungkook being the golden boy he was got accepted into society really fast with anything but warmth. Maybe it had something to do with boys cheerfulness, especially after hard time of war, where all you could hear from children were their weeping for their parents, while the boy was giving only smiles left and right.

With the boys kindness and his personality radiating warmth everyone thought, he would turn omega. What a surprise it was, when ten years after his arrival, during yearly spring second gender test for every twelve old child he turned to be an alpha. At first all he got was laughs and snickering. Young, soon to be alphas, had trained daily to show off their strength and manliness at the first days of official second gender training. Jungkook, whom everyone assumed to be an omega never underdone such preparations before. He learnt how to cook, sew, his ways with ill or around the house. Everyone saw him on the last place at the end of first week list of achievements. But the boy surprised everyone. Be it strength, speed, endurance or flexibility. He placed first in every sport related aspect of the training. Now, half a year later he was outgrowing other soon to be alphas in them, quickly picking up other abilities. Hand to hand combat was easier than breathing to him, nor he ever got lost in the forest. His senses sharp from the beginning, now even more sharpened thanks to the training. The only thing he wasn’t so well with was combat with swords and other weapons and horse riding. But he made up to it by the amount of time and devotion he put into practice in what was he lacking, always pushing his body to its limits. He was admired by his teachers and non-alpha colleagues and loathed by his classmates, especially after they moved him up classes after half a year evaluation. From a week now he was training with fifteen years old boys and not showing any weak spots, while maintaining his omega classes. Why? Because he liked them, and by participating he could help others, so why should he resign? Right now he was playing with younger boys, ten and eleven, helping them prepare for theirs alpha exams when they turn twelve. Tackling them on the ground and giving them tips how to pry him off. It was such a delightful sight.

“Jungkook! What was I saying! It’s good that you want to help them, but you can tone it down. Some not soon to be alpha pups want to get some reading done, and it is pretty hard with your loud squealing!” The girl, Aerie said, smile never leaving her face, watching as betas in training ignored their books to watch s.t.b. alphas trashing on the ground behind the orphanage.

“We’re sorry!!!” Answered the chorus of boys, soon followed by giggles as Jungkook tackled another eleven year old on the ground and started tickling him. Really. They were all thankful to him. Majority of staff at the orphanage were omegas, with some beta additions. Thanks to that they could give a head start to the ones expecting to turn into betas and omegas, but not alphas. Normally in families it was parents job to teach kids the basics so they wouldn’t go to trainings unprepared. But what can kids with no parents or known relatives expect? Jungkook is really a golden child. Aerie just wished that hard alpha training won’t change their sweet boy too much witch its brutality. Especially now, when he skipped grades and soon will go to his first hunting in the wild without any previous preparations. All she could do was pray…

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He came home way past his curfew . Clothes dishelved, hair still dripping water, expression dead in his eyes. He knocked quietly once, being immediately showed inside warm embrace of the woman he knew the longest. Wan kept him in tight hug expecting some reaction. She got none. It was the day s.t.b alphas went for their first kill. Other boys came back shortly after noon, still covered in blood, shaking, shredding tears, emotionally unprepared for what they encountered. It was always like that. No-one here could prepare them for this day. All they could do was to envelope them in calming omega scents, fed them and lul them to sleep whispering sweet nothings and false promises of it being better after waking up. What Wan wasn’t prepared for was a boy, clean, completely calm, with no emotions in neither face nor scent. Jungkook just ate his portion of food, brushed teeth, and bowed his head in a goodnight gesture. Without uttering a single word. He curled in his corner, his nest, smell of his omega father long gone, and hugging his worn plush bunny drifted to sleep. It really wasn’t a sign anyone was expecting to see. So no one knew how to react.

S.t.b. alphas weren’t given a break. Next day was another training, god knows what were they doing that day. When the boys came back there were still fear of taking their first life, smiles were small and laughter forced. Most of the boys went to the common room, asking what to do. No one wanted to be left alone thinking about the recent past. The only different one was Jungkook. His eyes were still a little dull, but he went around his day as nothing happened. He also seemed the most natural of them all.

“Kookie! Come here for a second!” Wan raised her voice, worried for the young pup. “Jungkookie, boy, you seem kind of not here. Please, tell me what happened?” She asked, voice soft and calming. Boy stood before here, thinking. He looked, like he wanted to say something, but did otherwise.

“Everything is ok. Just this little something on my mind. No need to trouble you over it.” Said nearly thirteen old boy. The employees were always kind and open towards him, but weird sense of uneasiness always resided in his heart, making him unable to trust them fully.

The woman just sighed and shook her hand dismissively. She couldn’t force boy to say a thing, if he didn’t want to. She watches sadly as the pup left to help young s.t.b. omega sew leather jacket. She really wished the kid, after all those years opened up to them a little. He really rarely was talking about himself, letting it all build inside. She just wished pup would let someone lift some of those weight from his little shoulders.


He rested in his nest. Right. Most of the kids slept in beds, some older omegas in their makeshift nests, made from any piece of cloth they could find, always fighting for any spare there was. The nests weren’t big, nor extra comfy. Unlike his nest. Made from warm animals furs and heavy blankets that didn’t lost their plushness with time. He’s taking good care of them. The same couldn’t be said about the smell. By the time he was seven his father’s smell was present only if he buried his nose deep into the fabrics and inhaled deeply. Although he remembers it. Rich smell of the grass after the storm always calming his senses. He could smell a little bit of earthiness, some wetness of water, the grass itself with faint daisies and forest fragrance. He knew it was smell of one person. Smell that screamed safety and home. Now lost forever.

It was already late, darkness swallowing the city for over three hours. He should be asleep, but couldn’t find it in himself. His mind keeping him awake. He remembers hunting lessons. Making traps, some animal anatomy. He remembers everything. It was so simple during theory. Even if they practiced chasing after the prey in simulations, where one was being chased and the others chasing it still was easy. But then came real practice. They took their tool, made by themselves knives. It was the task. Not to kill from far away with bow and arrow. Not to find already dead one in previous set trap. The task was to come to the animal and kill it with their own hands, seeing as life slowly leaves their target body.

He could do it. He knew he could. Others may say differently, but he isn’t naïve. He loves meat, and in order to eat one it has to be killed first. Furs and leather also doesn’t appear out of thin air. Previously they were natural clothing of other living being. That’s why he knew he could do it. Because it was natural. They were alphas. In their blood run pieces of wolves. Or so it was said. They were hunters, on the top of food chain. The only thing to remember was to give respect to the prey. Kill fast and effectively, so it wouldn’t suffer to long. Use as much of its body, so there wouldn’t be any waste.

So that was what he did.

They told them to kill some small prey. So he set for a bunny. Little guy spotted him last minute, sprinting trying to get away from its doom. Jungkook did not allow it to get too far. He managed to corner animal, jumped and forgetting about a knife he carried with him twisted animals neck with one swift motion. Supervisor tailing behind him did not utter even single word, shocked by boy’s calmness and lack of negativity most of the students had. Heck. He did it better than most freshly presented alphas.

Jungkook took his prey and returned to starting point. There he started his preparations. With movements like they were embodied into him from the birth he started preparing bunny for skinning. By the time rest of the students came back blood was already drained from small creature and he started separate fur from the flesh. He sorted its insides into one pile, meat into the other and bones and teeth onto the last one.

Other s.t.b. alphas were pale, covered in blood, faint smell of vomit clinging to them, unable to carry their preys. The animals were in itself in various state. From the wounds one could say some had problem taking their lives in the first blow. Poor little ones.

Alphas present during the hunt were looking at him with weird eyes. Yes, there were times where betas or omegas were taking care of the prey, but usually it was alphas taking animal apart and skinning it. This class never had any demonstration, only some theory of how to do it. The boy had no chance to see how it was done, as he had no family and the orphanage had already prepared meat delivered from the village authorities. Yet he did it with precision, like it wasn’t his first time. How could he acquire it?

Pups were resting on the side, Jungkook being the only one taking care of his prey. It were supervising alphas that skinned the prey this time. They weren’t even allowed to take the fur from the prey home, after it was prepared. The outcome of the kill will be taken to the royal palace towering over the village, as a part of their contribution from the village. Some sort of tax. It was like this. None of the kill from the ones in training were for them. It all went for the authorities.

That evening Jungkook visited the nearby river to clean himself and his tools. That was then it hit him. Memories. Could they even be called that? He saw a man, golden, dishelved locks, his face unrecognizable. But the smell. The smell he could never forget. He went for the pedant, one of the things his father left for him and held it tight to his heart. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the image. Words were unrecognizable, but before him laid some big animal. What it was? Looked like small bear, but it was to blurry to be sure. The man, his omega father? Slowly skinning different animal, like, showing how it is done. Maybe. Maybe he seen it in the past. Maybe this was one of the abilities his father taught him. But why? Why showing something like that to two years old, maybe less. Why does he even remembers that, and why now? He tried to picture even a little detail of his parent in the past, but couldn’t. What other things was he shown? Will any other memories come back to him?

He started to cry. For the first time he remembers he started to cry. At the blurry image of his dad skinning the animal. First time he wanted so strongly know why? Why did he leave him? Where did he go? Why couldn’t they be together? Till now he somehow accepted his abandonment. Couldn’t understand but accepted. Right now he wanted answers. Answers he probably will never acquire.

Laying in his nest, keeping a tight hold on the pedant and worn out toy he drifted to sleep, haunted by the questions of the previous day…

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“What did you say!!!” Shouted Wan, looking at alpha standing before her. He was tall, well build, emitting authority. His uniform screamed high placed royal guard. Man looked at her with displeasure in his eyes. Not only was he send to this hellhole (not very far away from the castle, as it could still be seen over the horizon, but not that close either), but also this woman, this omega from some low social standing had the audacity to raise her voice at him.

“I said,” Alpha answered with visible strain in his voice, scent of burnt wood showing annoyance “That one of your proteges, Kim Jungkook, was chosen, thanks to his outstanding performance during alpha classes, to be one of the trainees for the royal guards. Normally, we don’t accept people with unknown past and background, or from lower classes of the society, but his teachers recommendations made us reconsider and give him a chance.”

“But he is only fifteen, he haven’t even present yet!” She said quickly, way quieter than last time, seeing man’s displeasure with her behavior, shuddering at the mere thought of opposing alpha.

“That’s not important right now. He may still not presented, but his height and build are of well-developed young alpha. Not to mention him participating in classes for seventeen year old, presented alphas and still being on the top of the group with results adult alphas should be proud of. I will be taking him tomorrow morning, leaving him today for the goodbyes.” Alpha said, not sparing omega even a glance and set his walking towards the exit.

“Does he have any say in it?” Asked resigned omega.

“No, he doesn’t.” The man said, and left leaving distressed Wan crying tears she know the boy wouldn’t shed. If the training for soon to be alphas was difficult and cruel, she had no words to describe training for the royal guards.


Jungkook came prepared for the awaiting information. His instructors were already aware of boy’s transfer and provided him with useful information. He knew of the hard time awaiting him, still not presented alpha. But he put worries away. No point dwelling over something he has no way of altering, right? So he spend his last evening at the orphanage smiling with employees and other proteges and saying his goodbyes, giving some last tips to the ones that asked of them. The hardest thing were to part with his nest. He couldn’t take it all with himself. He choosed the thickest blanket and the warmest animal pelts and packs them. He puts some of his clothes too, but not too much. He won’t be wearing them much anyway. He tucks in his homemade knife, that were with him from the time of the first hunt and set of needles and threads for sewing. Additionally, he packs one more pair of the shoes, just to be sure. Lis gaze lingers on the toy. Worn out plush bunny. After a while he tucks him in. No way he can leave behind something so important.

He sleeps in what was left of his nest, one of the worst nights in his life, haunted by nightmares of shapes of people he probably have never seen in his life, but still threatening.

He’s awake way before the raise of the sun. He spots Aerie in the kitchen. One of the brightest people he has ever meet. She smiles softly at him, giving a bowl of hot steaming stew with big chops of meat. He wants to protest, but before he can utter a word omega speaks. “Eat, you earned it. Besides, who knows what would they be feeding you there. Better to have one last solid meal.”

“Thank you.” Is all the pup can say, smelling the sadness in girls citrus smell, usually sweet and calming, now begging for embrace.

“The nest, or what is left of it.” He speaks after a while, being half done with his meal, omega never leaving the room he is. “Sorry for leaving them the way they are. I’m sure you would have some uses for blankets and furs. Please, distribute them to the ones in most need.” Jungkook said with the sheepish smile, making omega water her eyes slightly.

“Of course.”

After finishing meal he put his not that small package onto his back and set for the village entrance, from where he will be taken toward his new life in capital as a royal guard trainee. And yet again leaving something he may never come back to…

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It was hard at first. New place, schedule, people. Nothing familiar, even etiquette. He was given a bed in a room of ten alphas with a shelf with utensils he would need for training and some personal space. Nests in the alphas rooms were not allowed, so, even after putting his blanket and furs on the bed he had problems with sleeping. Well, he got used to it rather quick, but his dreams weren’t so sweet as before and he wasn’t as rested as well. But he managed. He had to.

Hiding his bunny wasn’t that hard either, as he put him between brought clothes he won’t use, as the trainees got new sets of clothes for training, daily life and official appearances.

Everyone looked down on him. Well, he was well build, but still not presented, so his smell was one of a pup. Not only that. He had no idea how to act surrounded by people with higher social standing. But that soon stopped. During training there were none with privileges, apart from their mentors everyone was equal. Not to mention he soon closed the gap of abilities between him and first year trainees. It was a lot of hard work with no rest, but after a month he could say he did not lack in physical aspect of training. The other weren’t that well, but he will get there, if he doesn’t want to be sent home. He will manage…

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He will not manage.

It hit him hard. During one of the combat practices, alpha dominant pheromones thick in the air, trying to force onto another and surrender in obedience. He had lost count which alpha he defeated right now. There were theoretically no discrimination, but instructors loved to pair other alphas with him with the words “How can you call yourself an alpha if you aren’t even able to defeat an unpresented pup!”. It was hell. After fifth alpha he lost count, and it was around two hours ago, maybe more. He could barely see, exhaustion taking its tool on him and sweat flooding his eyes. He could see in the rear of his vision alphas resting after their fights or getting basic medical help. But not him, he wasn’t given the privilege, as instructors wanted to test his endurance. How long will he manage. Another alpha whining under his feet, blood seeping through cut lip, purple forming around eye and probably some ribs fractured if not broken. His own fists were a mess, bloody knuckles puffy of the abuse of hitting his opponents.

His vision blurred even more, lungs taking in breaths in erratic way. His legs gave away, as a wave of pain arose to his body. Hi didn’t even knew if it was unbelievable hotness or freezing coldness that went through his body accompanying the pain. He collapsed onto the dirt of the training place with scream so primal other alphas froze in fear. He lost consciousness before his head hit the ground and scream died on his lips.

For a longer while no one moved, everybody still, limbs denying movement. But then it was over, as a rich smell of pine trees after the storm filled nostrils of people presented, screaming alpha so strongly some of the trainees hit the ground with their knees, unable to withstand the dominant presence.

Then there was scream, instructors taking away other trainees and non-alpha witnesses of boys fall. Instructions were shouted left and right, as two alphas carried limp body to the hospital wing, Jungkook skin burning with fever. They hoped they will reach qualified personnel on time to lower boys temperature and hydrate him, or he may not be able to survive it.

Forced presentation is a bitch…

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He woke up covered in darkness. Unable to move or utter a single word, his body in pain, various smells attacking his system. He tried so hard, and all he could do was stir a little. But it was enough, as he could hear shuffle of a person from the other side of the room. Soon, he felt a hand pressed to his pulse point, and his breath hitched a little.

“You’re awake.” Person, beta, whispered, but the voice loud and clear for him. “My name is Kate, I’m gonna be taking care of you. You shouldn’t move. You went through a forced presentation, your body still not ready. It will hurt and fell foreign for a couple next days, senses heightened. You were out cold for a week and a half, we need to get you back to previous shape before you leave.” She said, while checking his vitals. He couldn’t do anything, his muscles not answering the command to move. He tried to say something, but all that left his body was a strained whimper. He felt a glass being placed next to his lips, and started gulping greedily as water went down his throat. After it was gone, all he could do was hum in a form of thank you and drift to sleep.



It was a week till he woke up in the hospital wing for the first time. Right now his body temperature has normalized, outside word no longer assaulted his senses with their intensity and his smell calmed down enough that betas entering the secluded room without protection masks did not had to be immediately taken outside. They said it still was there, power and dominance in his forestry, fresh smell, but it was an undertone. Like being present in the back saying “I won’t affect you, but remember, I’m still here.” He also regained ability to move his limbs around, soreness not leaving them fully, but not making him scream with every movement. Now it felt more like the pain after a good workout, maybe a little overdone. He was still not allowed to leave the room, but he could do some small exercises and was provided books to read, so his recovery time not filled with sleeping wasn’t a complete waste of time.

He missed the comfiness of his bed. Well, the hospital one wasn’t half bad, but it wasn’t the same without his blanket and furs. He wished just that no one touched them, as most of the alphas envied them. Apparently the pelts were very high quality, and made of bear fur, hard to get not only for middle class but also some higher class citizens. That kinda raised questions if one of his parents weren’t a royal or other high class person, considering the amount of them and he didn’t even take everything from the orphanage. Unfortunately no one was able to confirm or deny them. His background was still one big unknown.

Right now all he waited for was clearance from head doctor and getting back to classes. He already lost more than two weeks of the training, thinking about all the things he would have to get back to terrifying. Well, he will take care of it when the problem arises. Right now, he will focus on getting back to shape.

He was in the middle of his squads and pushups daily routine when the doctor came…

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A month. It was a time Jungkoon spend in the hospital wing. He felt rather ok week ago, only slightly in pain, but the doctors did not even want to hear him. So he waited till the pain was no more. And a couple more days, just to be sure.

His place was as he left it. Untouched. Small smile crept onto his lips. He quickly washed and changed into his training uniform. He was informed of some bigger field training today, and he already was a little late. Just this once he wanted instructors to go easy on him. After all he barely left hospital, right? They will be nicer, right?

No. Not right. Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

He did not partake in the exercise. Instead he was thrown into one big ability test, instructors as his opponents. They said something about ability measurements after presentation. They were lasting a whole week. There wasn’t even one thing he learned that wasn’t put into a test, and a couple he had no idea about. Great. He probably made clown out of himself. He wasn’t even allowed a proper workout in the hospital, and now they are throwing him into deep water, with additional weight so it wouldn’t be boring. At the end of the week he was a physical wreck, not remembering last time he was this exhausted. Not to mention the internal fear when one of the instructors came and ordered him to pack all of his belongings, training equipment and clothes forgotten.

They can’t. They can’t throw him out right now. Well yes. He was under strong surveillance, as a person from the outside. Yes, he was there now for a little less than half a year, so his abilities weren’t much, but can they really throw him out because his presentation was forced, couple month early than it should and making his body a mess. Because of all that he did not met their expectations during the tests. He wanted to cry. But he couldn’t, he will be strong. Being thrown out of here is one of the highest disgraces, he would probably have to leave the country. Well, not that there was something keeping him here. He was also sure he had abilities to survive on his own, but still the thought was saddening.

He was brought to a different room. Similar size to his previous one, although there were only five beds in there. They were also better quality. The shelves were bigger, more spacious, there were also nightstands, desks, table and chairs provided. He understood nothing, waited, with his big eyes focused on the instructor. He looked so delicate, cute and vulnerable – no wonder they thought he would be an omega. But his build and dangerous undertone in his smell screamed alpha.

“You will be staying here from this day onward. You are being moved up with classes. There will be still some things you will have to cover, but it will be individual schooling with you and instructors. The rest of your abilities excels way above what group full of eighteen years old alphas should possess. If I did not withstood your presentation first hand no one would be able to convince me you became alpha week ago and are not even sixteen. This is a group of the age of twenty, try not to mix them with dirt too much.” Instructor explained, small smile present in the corner of his lips with the last sentence. He showed Jungkook to empty bed, and let him to unpacking of his belongings and change into new training clothes. Someone will come get him within an hour, but now, he had time to think. What had became of his life?

Loud knocking from the door took him away from inside of his head. He arose immediately from the bed he was lying on and straightened his posture.

“Kim Jungkook? Follow me.” Said the alpha standing in the door, quickly assessing young alphas appearance, and with approving nod left the room. Jungkook exhaled the breath he did not know he was keeping and followed the man to learn his new daily routine. It can’t be that bad, can it?..

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At first it was hectic, but he found his place quite easily. His presentation boosted his growth, so he gained both height and muscle mass quite easily. It took him half a year to be at the same level as others. Well, it wasn’t particulary fast, but taking into account he made two years in six months and came at the top of his group, physical abilities still way above other trainees, he was rather proud. It were more social or more high class abilities he had problems with. For example horses weren’t his thing. He was managing, but if he could he preferred walking or running. Any survival abilities were like breathing to him, instinctual. He never struggled during hunting or setting camps, finding right road or making tools. Tactics or map making were a little harder, trickier, he had to put effort and thinking for it to work. Of course they were trained to be guards – royal guards to be exact, but in a case of war they were threatened as elite military force, so all those abilities had to be embodied into him. The most struggle were languages. Some he got easily, other not entering his brain at all. During classes like history, politics or race studies he fought his body not to fall asleep. He had to pass them, so he learned, but there were in the list of least favorite.

It was after transferring a year, they would be assigned as a help to already working guards. Their scores in training would determine where would they go. Everyone put their most into training, to come on the top during spring evaluation. Jungkook to, put his all into it. Unfortunately he was still lacking in a couple of tests. Of course he passed, but he were nowhere near the top. Higher than middle of course, but not the best. He wondered what posts would be available for him.

The results came the next day. Every alpha wanted to be assigned as a guard for the King or the Queen. Royal pair had also three sons, two alphas and an omega. It was always an honor to serve the members of the family. Of course there were others, like Queens brother, royal guests to serve as a guard. If you did not manage to place as helper to personal guard there were also room security functions or patrols of the castle and its surroundings, but they were lesser, not as prestigious positions.

He wondered where he will have chance to learn. He excelled in physical ones, but the rest weren’t as high as he would wish. Additionally, even if your scores qualified you, the person you assisted could decline or pick someone with scores not as high. Connections were also important, and he had none. He had no false hopes to be placed as a guard of the royals, but he wished he could get practice with guests. On the other hand patrolling outside wasn’t that bad of idea. He did not need prestige connected with position, and with spending most of his time outside he was closer to what he loved (freedom, forest, wildlife) and further to what he despised (politics, etiquette). Yes, that would be position for him.

Before he made it to the results board he heard his name being shouted.

“Kim Jungkook! Head instructor office, now!”

He did not know what was going on, but he went there asap. He knocked, and, after hearing permission to enter pressed the handle, opened the door and took several steps in.

“Kim Jungkook reporting for a call”

“Have you seen results board?”

“No sir.”

“Well then, listen. Your results placed you quite high on the list, although thanks to young age, lack of experience and surname Kim you were declined a couple of them. There is only one high placed position that is open for giving you practical experience, and that is being royal guard of the omega prince.” Head instructor said, and after sensing little uneasiness, he allowed young alpha to speak.

“Thank you sir! I understand why my presence may be unwanted and was not expecting any high proposition. I am extremely happy for the one given to me. Although I can sense a but in this offer.”

“Well, you are not wrong. At first most were opposed to this offer too, but prince is young, only two years older than you. He grow up mostly with guards and servants way older than him, barely meeting other children around his age. Your duty, as a trainee, still would be to serve as a help to royal guards on post of protecting the prince, but additionally you would be there for the prince itself. As a friend, playmate and other things the prince would need. Do you accept?”

He can’t say no. You just simply don’t say no to personal offer like that.

“Of course I accept, sir! It would be my pleasure to serve young prince.”

“Great! The meeting of the ones goig for this position will be held within two hours in tactic room. Be there on time. You are dismissed!”

“Sir yes sir!” He said and marched out of the room. And here goes his thought about patrolling position. He sighted. Well, he should already learn that nothing goes the way he is expecting them. No more long term plans. They won’t be made into life anyway.

He did not have anything useful to do so he went immediately for the tactic room. No point aimlessly wandering the corridors, right?


There were seven alphas in the room, all trainees. A moment later a guard marched in, and clapped his hands.

“Ok, seven. We’re not letting any more in, even if they come. Listen, rules are simple. You do what you were taught during training and listen to our orders, clear? Ok, let’s pic your new uniforms, you need to look presentable, pups.”

He could see alphas irritation as they followed the guard. They were already presented alphas, no longer pups. He still was, term pup used till person turns eighteen. But why should the guard care? For him the bunch of them were still a group of brats, not fully trained. He could use any term he wanted.


After picking up the uniform and changing into it there were led towards prince rooms. Yes room. He had more than one under his disposition. They were passing doors, each guarded by at least one alpha, and at least one alpha in each room. Some of them were guards, but there were also some older trainees. Some rooms were also full of omegas and betas, supposedly keeping young prince company and teaching him various things.

They were led towards bedroom, big king sized bed in the middle, servants beside the furniture, no prince in sight.

“My prince, royal guard trainees has arrived.” Said one of the omegas in the room. At the voice the comforter stirred and a person, a boy arose. He was tiny, delicate, his skin flawless, pink hair fluffy and disheveled, smile radiating warmness, eyes turned into little crescents.

“Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m glad we will be working together! My name is Jimin!” Said the boy, the prince. At that moment Jungkook knew, if the angels were real, one of them would be right in front of him…

Chapter Text

It was quite easy, talking with young prince. He seemed so innocent and delicate, but when you talked with him more his intelligence and sense of humor shone. As a guard he also witnessed many of prince’s practices, such as dance and vocal lessons. Apparently in addition to angelic looks he also had angelic voice, and his moves during dance make him seem floating in air. Everyone wondered what was the smell of the omega, completely unrecognizable thanks to the scent blockers, although there were some claiming weak flowery scent present around the omega.

The apprentices accompanied Jimin during his daily routine, watched over him during lessons and walks, guarded room during his sleep and a couple of other boring ones. But there was one particular activity Jungkook despised. Official dinners, expecially the ones where suitor approached.

There were a lot of changes in dynamics over the year. Yes, alphas were still on the top, but other secondary genders were no longer discriminated. Well, with some little exceptions. There were after all hybrids of other races. There is a story that once there were humans with only one gender, but somehow they mixed with magical world and that is chow their race, with some traces of the wolves genes were born. There was some story of wars, where some people seeked the protection from magical creatures, wolves one of the strongest, and at the end they were the only ones standing on the battlefield.

Magical creatures still exist, powerful as always, but not bothering, mostly, into human affairs. As long as they reside in their homes within forests, mountains, deepness of the waters or buried under the ground and human don’t bother them they don’t bother humans. But there are instances of mingling between the words. Humans seeking the protection, again, during wars or natural disasters, never coming back. Armies tailing escapees vanishing into thin air.

There are said to be even some villages under the protection of those creatures, paying them in various methods, often than not with human sacrifices.

But are they really true, or are they just some tales mothers used to scare kids with, no one knows.

But they exist, and sometimes a child is born between their race and one of those ancient ones. And a kid like that is feared like a plague. No one knows if kid will inherit magical abilities, and even if what they would be. More often than not such kid had no control over the powers, causing great harm. So there were feared, and fear leads to hatred.

Hybrids are never left alone. Even if they do not inherit any powers humans make everything not to let those develop. They are usually marked or scarred in a particular way, so others would know at first glance about its blood. Half fairies have their wings torn away, Half sirens are taken away from the sea and have their legs and sometimes even throats damaged, earthy and night creatures put into a sun until their skin burns, and other, many other horrible things done to different half races. Discrimination was awful, even if it wasn’t as common in this kingdom, mainly thanks to the lack of half breeds.

Either way, it wasn’t as bad to lower genders nowadays, social standing having more importance. But there were still some places, where omegas were treated in an old ways. And such case was present in the royal family and many families of higher status, where omegas were gem to be shown not touched. Pretty to look at but not allowed to talk without allowance. A tool to please and entertain the alphas, a political force with no will to be handed as a trophy during a treaty between kingdoms.

Such was a fate of prince Jimin, cheerful and talkative inside his chamber, solid as rock, with blank expression during official meetings.

The worst were the ones suitors came to evaluate Jimin, boosting their alpha pheromones into the air trying to make any movement of the boy. He was nineteen, officially mature, but such was a custom in higher classes that omegas should not be married or mated before their twenty first birthday. Presenting at sixteen, maturing at eighteen and keeping their purity (sexual urges) at bay till reaching that particular age. Those omegas were the most valued. The worst thing being the fact, that there were specifics subduing the heat that took place every three months, at the beginning of each season, the spring one the most intense (thus being called spring mating season), such omegas, were not allowed to take ones. As they would not be training their strong will that way. Bullshit, just a way to control those omegas more and tying them to the first alpha to knot them after three years of terrible pains and mental and physical dissatisfaction.

It was something he learned not that long time ago. It was normal that omegas needed closeness of other people, especially in heat, especially in not subdued one. So it was natural that if omega did not want to spend the heat in a sexual way, someone, usually other omega or beta spend their heat with them, just to cuddle. Such omegas were denied even that. Yes, there were other people present in the room with the omega, but their scents were completely blocked for the duration of the heat, they had only two purposes. First one to hydrate the omega, and second to make sure omega would not break from their restrains. Because omegas were restrained so they could not help themselves even with the least satisfying way of self-pleasure, nor there were allowed any scents to calm their minds, although that wasn’t entirely true. If the suitor were chosen, omega were given his or hers piece of cloth for their cycle. Why? To addict one, take control of the omega in their most vulnerable time.

He was partially happy that they were already said to have a break for the princes heat and would not be present for the ordeal. Only mated (not even married) alphas were allowed near prince during his cycle. Just to be extra sure nothing would happen, even if all the militaries were taught how not to give to their instinctual urges (and the training was brutal, he did not even wanted to remember the beating they got, tied and completely powerless as they were exposed to strong hormones and simply tortured if they reacted to them).

He really hated authorities. Really.


It was only a month and a half when he started his training at the post, he thought he was on rather good terms with the prince, their friendship, if you could call it that, strengthen, and his internal duty to protect the boy stronger with every talk. It did not matter that he was younger than the prince, but boys whole demeanor screamed at the alpha “Deal with caution! Fragile!”.

His wrist tightened and jaw clenched during another meeting where alpha, not even young one boosted his wealth, authority and connections in other kingdoms at the same time eyeing the omega letting his hormones roam freely. There were times where he probably was a great, big and strong alpha, but now with age and additional couple (or even couple more) pounds additional to his weight he was plainly unattractive, his scent of peppermint turning dull, but still hiding dominance and power of long passed days. There were even a moment when alpha sure of his status started getting handy with the omega, touching him, some of the places not exactly appropriate for publicity even for married couples. And Jimin could do nothing beside sitting like lifeless doll, cause that was his role as an omega son of the King.

Jungkook felt a hand on his shoulder and meet reprimanding look from the guard. “Do nothing, it is not your place to interfere!” his eyes were shouting. So he stood there watching his friend being molested before his eyes. Fortunately it was stopped by the King itself, as he ended the meeting promising reply closer to his son mating maturity.

The group escorted prince through corridors towards his room. The boy’s steps became slower, his breath faster than normally. He opened his mouth as he halted his movements “I…”.

“Young prince, what is this behavior. You are yet to enter your chamber where you are master of your body. We taught you better than disobeying and speaking with no permission.” One of prince’s beta mentors started scolding. But something was wrong, prince behaved weirdly. He lost his balance and got caught by one of the training guards. Then loud growl vibrated through the corridor as the alphas eyes glowed red. Then it hit them. Rich spell of jasmine and magnolia, too strong to be blocked any more. Jimin, not used to strong alpha scents (as the guards had to keep them at bay
– another training he wished to forget), not only spend lately a lot of time in meetings with possible suitors smelling so strongly alpha that some alphas and betas wanted to puke after a while, his last meeting he spent in total obedience with unwanted physical contact with the alpha. Alpha that came with a thought to breed the omega in the future, his arousal slightly recognizable in dominant tones.

The prince was in heat. Forced heat – a little over a month early. Nowhere near safety of his rooms, surrounded by others, unmated alphas included, held strongly by one of them, young trainee instincts slowly taking the best of him as growling became louder, more demanding followed with the shift in scent. He was in rut. And others being quickly affected by it too, himself included.

Well, they were screwed...

Chapter Text

He did not understand his biology. It was natural for omega’s heat influence alphas with the thought to breed fertile one before them. The stronger the smell the stronger the urges, and Jimin’s scent was one of the strongest he ever faced. Even comparing to alphas scent during rut, the intensity of pheromones were overwhelming, fogging minds and blurring eyesight. The fact that there were not familiar with the scent not helping. But at that moment, as everybody froze with the alpha in rut pouring out dominance pheromones and snarling, all he could see was his friend, scared, trying to shield from the alpha. At that moment every single thought turned into one – protect. So he did just that.

His scent did not spike as he got to alpha in a quick motion, his fingers squeezed painfully alpha’s arm, making him loose around prince, while his right fist connected with alpha’s jaw. Sobbing omega fell powerlessly onto the floor, trying to cover himself best he could, small round ball, scared and helpless.

That’s when the stillness of the rest broke. Unmated guards quickly evacuating from the site, knowing they would not be able to withstand in omega’s presence. Unfortunately the ones in training did not have it in them, as their eyes flashed red as they launched themselves at Jungkook in order to fight for the right to breed.

In the last moment Jungkook looked at his instructor, one of the few mated alphas present at the time. “Take the prince away!” He managed to shout before his body collided with the one of the first alpha. Normally he would get a reprimand for ordering someone higher in rank, but this time it was not important. Orders were shouted as two guards scooped omega up from the ground and run towards prince chambers together with the rest of his attendants, one other alpha staying behind with Jungkook trying to defend against the horde of horny trainees.

Fists were exchanged as alphas fought, rut giving them strength, stamina and persistence. But two of them, still in the realm of sanity, although barely stood their ground, breathing deeply as the last of the trainees dropped unconscious. They both had bloody knuckles and their bodies sustained some damage going against seven alphas. They heard shouts as guards approached, probably called by the ones that evacuated at the beginning of the scene.

The instructor proudly patted Jungkooks arm, as others immobilized fallen trainees. That’s when a scream could be heard. Loud and thrilling. Jimin’s scream. “Jungkook! Wait!” screamed the guard, but it was too late, as young alpha run to his friend’s aid, as his instincts screamed protect, nullifying the pain and exhaustion of recent struggle.

He was nearly by the prince rooms as he saw the scene. If they hurried, then maybe guards would get prince to safety. They missed the rooms by maybe 200 meters, as the alpha from before, the one that had come with intention of marrying the young prince (because lets be frank, there would be no courting involved, every gift would go to the royal pair to get to theirs favourism, omega unimportant in this equation) held his friend, sadistic smile on lips, eyes red, slowly ripping of his clothes, as the omega beneath tried to fight back and unable to. The guards were lying either unconscious or seriously wounded. Not only the ones that came with the prince but the ones guarding the rooms too. There were even some betas, probably trying to take prince to safety, sprawled on the floor whining in pain. There were no guards employed to take care of the guest present, although there were some of alpha’s personal guards, the ones he came with from his country, now standing between him and the scene displaying in front of his eyes. They won’t allow him to interfere. Not without a fight.

At that moment Jimin’s eyes found his. Young alpha almost felt every single emotion that were like a raging tornado in omega’s eyes. “Jungkookie, help.” That was it, not even a whisper, Jimin’s mouth forming words. That was all for his instincts to kick movements onto his body.

Personal escort was a blur. He did not register as his knee connected with the head of first alpha. The rest was the same. He was already running towards his fiend, as other alphas laid unconscious on the ground, broken limbs placed in weird angles as they fell. With loud growl he tackled the alpha with all his body. Alpha that tore away his Jiminie clothes. Alpha whose smell was filled with arousal. Alpha who tried to force himself on omega.

“You have no right to take my omega away from me!”

“Young prince is not your omega!”

All prince could do was to try covering himself with what was left of his clothes, legs too weak to walk, shivering from heat and alpha’s pheromones, embarrassed from the amount of slick glistering on his legs. He did not want the alpha. The only emotion he could feel was disgust. And yet his body reacted for the display of power and dominance. After all he was taught submission all his life, never encountering strong alpha pheromones. He could not develop even slightest immunity against them, even if alphas smell made his stomach turn upside down, and strong urge to vomit emerged.

He could just sit there and see the fight between his friend and other alpha. Because they were friends, right? At least that was what Jimin wanted to believe. He knew that the boy originally should not be a part of the guards, thanks to unknown background. He should not be one of alphas learning the ropes as his personal guard. The only reason was to have someone similar his age to talk to. He wanted a friend, so he believed that it was not only the duty for the young alpha, that he liked him back too, treated as a real friend.

He was frightened. After all Jungkook was how old? Seventeen? Maybe presented but sill a pup. And he was facing a grown alpha. Once a warrior, still possessing a lot of strength and abilities from the times of his peak. After all his guards and attendants were not nearlu slaughtered by alphas personal escort. They were brought down by this alpha, the rest just dealing with the ones already on the ground, making sure they would not get up. And now his Jungkookie too. He too will met his demise from alpha’s hands. There is no way he has any chances of winning. And Jimin will be left at the Alpha’s mercy. He started to cry. For the ones already fallen, for his friend and for himself. Just crying.

Jungkook could feel distress pouring out of the omega. He fought even more fierce, nor even feeling a fist connecting with his eyebrow as his knee found his way towards alpha’s stomach. He was given handicap, and had full intention of using it. After all he wasn’t the one with lessened mobility, as he was not the one to have his trousers half way down, painfully erect cock, knot already forming on full display. It was not a clean move, but he already managed to kick his opponent’s groin a couple of times, managing to connect a couple of blows afterwards. But alpha was more sturdy than the thought, what could be seen by his own appearance, clothes torn, covered in blood from various wounds around his body, vision blurred from various fluids leaving his body and many hits he taken.

He did not know for how long the exchange was going on, when he heard voices in the distance. Although he wasn’t the only one. The alpha also heard them, and turned, just a little t growl at newcomers, his voice travelling empty corridors. It was that exact moment of inattentiveness that allowed young alpha to land a clean, strong upper blow to alpha’s jaw, successfully knocking him down, this time for good.

“Jimin, are you all right?” He asks, lips barely moving not to feel pain.

“ yes.”

At the words young alpha smiles, and as recognizing the first person as not a treat, he collapses.


He wakes up some time later. It is cold, he has no idea where he is. The smell is stale, not much fresh air gets to the room if any. He tries to open his eyes, futile attempt. His left eye is so swollen he is pretty sure he could not be able to see if the darkness did not envelope whole place. The only thing he knows is that he is kneeling. He tries to move. That’s only then he can feel shackles. Heavy chains holding his hands upwards, the only reason he is not collapsed on the ground, other one connected to metal collar resting heavily around his throat.

He is in prison.

Well. Shit…

Chapter Text

He knew what he did wrong. Well, it wasn’t entirely wrong, but yet it was. He had no right to attack important guest of royal family. And yet he had. To protect Jimin, his little sweet Jiminie, his only friend inside castle’s walls. If he had been an official royal guard, he would have right to do so in order to protect the one under his surveillance. But he is not. Nor was he given the order.

He could face various severe punishments, starting from tortures, through expulsion from guards or even from the country, on death penalty ending.

He does not regret. Even if it came to the worst.

After realizing those thoughts were true, small smile appears on his chapped lips.

He can’t really see, but from the smell and feel of it alone he thinks his wounds were left unattended. He can taste sweat and blood on his lips, although there is no longer any warmth fluids on his body. That can mean only one thing. At least the bleeding stopped.

He cannot say how long he was there. He was drifting between reality, unconsciousness and sleep with no way of knowing. It could have been mere hours, or a couple of days. Not enough to die thanks to dehydration, that’s sure. Or maybe not? Maybe he can’t see because he is in the afterlife, and not because there is literally no source of the light, even the smallest.

The only sound is the water drops hitting the bottom from time to time. He is numb to the point of no longer feeling cold. Or maybe it is another trait of being dead? Not feeling temperature.

But the nearly silence is being broken by the sound of steps, and then door opening. Someone is holding the oil lamp, but in the pith darkness it is blinding. But the smell. He could recognize it anywhere. The King came to visit him.

He tries to bow as much as he is able in his current position.

“They did a number on you, did they not pup? Or maybe should I say it other way. You did number on them, and survived. I must say, I’m impressed. Was pretty sure will find you dead by now.” Said the King. Jungkook only managed to swallow, not daring to say a word or raise his head. He was not given the permission. So he waited.

“Should have you executed, for harming my guest. Powerful guest not to mention. Although you were not the only at fault. Other responsible facing way less several punishment than the one ready for you.”

“After all, you saved grace, purity and value of my son. So I will give you a chance. Make your decision. You have three options. First one – death. I will make sure execution will be not painful, even if the one you defeated wants differently. The second – I will allow you to commit suicide. Method up to your choose. And finally, the last, third one. Swearing your life to my son, being his guard and to his disposition until you day, your life in his hands. Speak.”

It was that. Death, death or life bound to young prince. There was no choice. The lack of freedom paining, but allowing him to spend the rest of his life with his friend.

“Your Majesty, I will serve your son, young prince Jimin till my last breath.”

He said, barely a whisper, sound strained not wanting to leave dry throat.

He could hear King smiling and walking out of the cell, followed by sound of lowered chains.

His worn-out self had no strength to maintain upwards position, as the shackles keeping him in kneeling positon got lessened.

He lost conscious again, as his body hit the ground with loud thud…

Chapter Text

It has been a little more than a year. Now, December 30th, his birthday. Today he is officially turning eighteen. Well, maybe he was already of that age, but who really knows? His age being assumed in orphanage, date of birthday unknown. Maybe he should say fifteen years since his father left him in the orphanage. Yes, that would be more accurate.

After he witnessed Jimins heat first time, he swore his loyalty to the young prince. He no longer was royal guard, although he still was learning from them. Now, as private guard he answers only to Jimin, but because of his status as an omega prince, also to his father.

His rank is now rather high, way above his instructors, what can be sometimes hilarious during practices. But what rank? He basically is a slave, his life in the hands of Jimin. Only he can break the pact. If it is broken by the young alpha it would end with his death. Thankfully Jimin is very kind, never using the power he has over him.

It was Jimin’s idea, he learned. They waited for prince’s heat to end to learn his side. Surprisingly, they allowed him to have a say in that matter. Apparently this was the only way to let young alpha live rather comfortable life, without any kind of stigma.

He never learned what happened to the alpha guest beside the fact that he wanted Jungkook die in agony. That was all. The ones protecting Jimin and sustaining damage were given respect and different jobs. Ones they could do in their condition. Alphas in training that went feral… well, they were back in training for a couple of years more before they would be given a hance to attend internship again. They said it was to teach them how to better tame their instincts. Jungkook could imagine tortures they were subdued to. Similar situation would not happened, they would be to scared for a possible outcome to let their instinct take over too much.

Right now, while not in training he spent all his time near Jimin. He even had a separate bed in one of prince’s rooms. He was present every time boy left his rooms, witnessing many unpleasant moments with his family, other higher officials, aristocrats or suitors. For over a year.

After he collapsed in the prison he was taken to the infirmary, where his wound were pathed up. It took only two days to swear loyalty pact, and only day after that he began his duties, his wounds healing faster than anticipated. Probably another presentation advantage – quicker healing. But, wasn’t it a little bit too quick?

Back to present, he was holding a small box in his hands. Somehow Jimin learned about date of his ‘birthday’, and presented him with a small surprise before going to bed. Now, standing on the balcony of prince’s room and watching young boy’s chest going up and down in his sleep he contemplated opening the box.

It have taken him several minutes to do it. His heart clenched when he saw the gift. In the box laid handmade bracelet, similar to the one he got from his father. He remembers showing his most precious belonging to Jimin one day. It seems he remembered how it looked, and created a copy. Not ideal, but still. He takes object to his hands, inspecting. The original had an inscription on the back, unreadable. He wants to know what his friend put there.
He felt his eyes water, as he put bracelet around his wrist. Warmth flooded his heart as he looked at the prince. He entered the room closing the doors behind him, and went to his own space for the night. He felt asleep clutching gifts of two closest people to him tight to his chest.

“Thank you for always being there for me. Yours. P. J. M.” stated the inscription…

Chapter Text

It was the beginning of March, when bad news reached their ears.

They have heard about some movement since October previous year. But nothing big really happened. Some riots here and there, robbers attacking lonely travelers or smaller groups. Nothing near the capital, everything near the borders. Some cases more severe than others, various forces being moved or shuffled for the aid of citizens. Some regions unbothered.

Maybe it was what they were waiting for. Or maybe it was their plan from the beginning, taking into consideration ideal timing. They had to have some people inside the castle.

It was an army. Another war. Nearly sixteen years of peace being broken in a matter of seconds. Their western border being attacked.

Enemies knew where to attack from. When most of the military was spread around after winter, having less training in the harsh northern weather. They were shielded by steep mountains from the north, leaving south defenseless, as only in few villages were small military posts getting quickly overtaken.

Spies warnings came too late, probably hindered by enemies too. Enemies who knew them to well, as an identity of attacker became known. It was king’s younger brother, the one that took part in a previous war, but managed to flee the country and face punishment. Now he was who? One of the main strategists for an enemy, knowing most of the insides of the country.

Right now King was putting his army into mobility, finding some way to defeat them. But wouldn’t that be too easy. Aren’t they toying with them again? Why giving such important information as the identity of people in charge? To make them scared? Jungkook was never good with politics and strategies, but something smelled fishy.

But it was not his problems, as he had only one purpose – to keep his prince out of harm’s way. They were currently in the capital and in the castle – the most guarded place in whole kingdom. They were safe from any possible war higher ups decided to fight.

At least he wished so.

But wishing as usually was not enough, as it was only a mere week later that small army launched their attack at the place Jimin called home…

Chapter Text

They were inside of the palace, everywhere, killing anyone nearby. Sparing no one.

Merchants. Around this time of the year groups of various merchants come to the capital. This time they came a little bit earlier, saying the snow melted and tracks were available. With more soldiers accompanying them because of the rumors of the robbers. But merchants were they not. But soldiers and assassins in disguise.

He had already taken down five, Jimin in his quarters quickly packing the most important belongings, readying himself for the escape.

“Jungkook!” Shouted someone from the right. It was George, one of the head guards of royal family. “Stables, take Jimin to stables, get him away from here, until it calms down.”

So that’s what he did, clad only in simple uniform, no armory – as he liked it. They were in a hurry, he had no time to soothe the omega crying as he spotted one of his maids, lying in a puddle of blood and shit, her stomach ripped open with one swift motion. And there were more. Dead or agonizing, some beyond recognition, some with fear or awe on their faces, eyes no longer seeing light.

Somehow they managed to reach the stables, using darkness as their cover. And with a help of a couple of hidden passages, still safe.

“Jimin.” Same a quiet whisper. Both of them turned immediately to its source.

“Mother” “Queen” Came in unison, as they recognized her. “Wha…” Jimin did not manage to end his sentence.

“You need to get out of here, go straight south. Your brothers already escaped, different ways. I’ve readied you horses with a couple of supplies. Leave, now.”

“What about you?”

“I will stay here, try to buy some time.”

“Bbb But you will…”

“Not important, focus on yourself. This time focus on yourself.”

“Mother, I love you.”

“I do too. But now go, don’t waste any more time, gates are left unguarded, don’t now for how long.”

Jungkook was silently watching the exchange, with sadness in the eyes. Queen will not survive this, the question being how will she die. But if they not hurry they may be next. But this was last time Jimin saw his omega parent. So he gave them time and brought horses toward, adding their small baggage to the ones already placed on the horses. The last hug between a mother and her child came to an end and he was helping prince get onto the horse.

Last lingering gaze and they were galloping towards the exit.


They were escaping for barely more than a day, but he knew something was wrong. Stupid him for rushing and not checking everything in the stables. The Queen gave them wrong horses. The ones they had were not used to long and tiring journeys. They were parade horses. And their baggage was too big, many unnecessary things in.

Fortunately they found a stable nearby, where they exchanged horses and repacked. Expensive robes and unnecessary furs were left behind, well hidden in the stable. It will take some time before the owner finds them if at all. They also left behind most of the money, taking only valuables with them, as they could be used as a currency if they cross the border. They also changed course – if someone overheard them they would be easier to track if they stayed on the one they had till now. They were going for the border, but not the closest one – obvious course. A little further south.

There were no new pursuers after three hours into escape, where the last clash had taken place. How happy he was he paid more attention to horse fighting. He could not smell anyone tailing them, but strong scent blockers were possible to obtain. Fortunately wind was in their favor, not blowing into the direction of the capital.

If Lady Luck were on their side this time they would reach their destination before week pases.


They crossed the border, but still were not safe. Still back in kingdom they clashed with some pursuit parties and seen even more. Fortunately no major injuries were sustained. Thanks to that they had to change their course a couple of times. He thought they would be safe outside the country, but here too he could see people looking for them.

They bought a couple of supplies, turning Jimins pink hair and his brown into black ones. They exchanged their wardrobe too.

The lie was simple. Young aristocrat beta (thanks to scent blockers and artificial scents) was traveling to meet his friend from the other part of the country, being accompanied by one of his guards, just in case. Simple and easy to believe. Right?

Somehow they manage. Right now there is some quite distance to the border, but it seems info travels as fast if not faster. That night, as they sleep in small inn at the outskirts of the town Jimin is quietly weeping onto Jungkook’s arm mourning deaths of his father and oldest brother. Prays for quick death for his mother as the news of her capture came also. And hopes his younger brother will survive. Young alpha can’t do more than quietly caress boys hair.

There is but one little thing that Jungkook has somehow forgotten. Little tiny bity thing, nothing out of the ordinary, but changing so much.

“Jungkook, I have only one week left.” Says Jimin the next morning after hearing the news.

“One week left for what?”

“Around one week till my heat hits.”

Well. Shit…

Chapter Text

They were already two towns further, the problem still not resolved. What to do with Jimin’s heat. He can’t just walk into pharmacy asking for suppressants without visit at the doctor. And for safety reasons his prince is currently a beta. They can’t blow their cover for it.

Neither can they allow for his heat in the inn. The scent too strong to go unnoticed. Same goes to the forest. They would be an easy target.

They have around four more days, but neither of them having any idea.

“Stupid bitch, can’t even take alphas cock like you are supposed to do?!?!”

Loud shout made both of them startled. Who? What? Where? Why? Why would anybody shout out something like that in the middle of the day? And with such language? The followed the commotion. What they saw was beyond them.

A young man, light brown hair, skin pale, being spread open in the middle of the small square. His clothes discarded long time ago, shivering with cold, being taken by two alphas at a time. Looking from the state he was in, they were not his first one too. Barely holding on his knees, belly distorted, bloated with cum escaping him as one man fucks into him. The other one deep throating him and choking, having strong hold onto his hair. Cum covering his face and whole body, drying slowly in his hair. Gaze unfocussed.

The worst was seeing others. Other alphas cheering, shouting to fuck into him faster, rougher. Some betas or children laughing openly, omegas not reacting at all or sparing a disguised glance or two. No one cares for the poor omega in the middle of it all.

“Www What is going on?”

“You’re not from here?” Answered older lady with kind expression.

“No, we are not. Can you tell us what is happening?” Asked Jimin, voice void of any emotions.

“Hybrid. A fucking disgusting hybrid. He should not walk among us, normal people. He knows his place. But things like this happen, just as a reminder. You two should too get a go. It’s not a betrayal of loved ones if it is a hybrid.” Says the granny, disgust visible, then resumes her walk wherever she was going.

Hybrid. Right. It makes sense. Hybrids have no rights in most of northern countries, often branded and mistreated. And the brands are visible now. Scars on the back, probably wings ripped off. No left hand, like in a case of thieves. He is inevitable a male omega, but lacking male genitals, castrated. Probably in more in one way.

Cruel. This is just simply cruel. The branding. The violence. Lack of basic human feelings towards one. And mistreatments. Shouting, beating and rape being what they commonly experience. Just cruel.

“Jungkook” barely a whisper, after alphas fulfilled their needs ant small gathering dispersed. They came forward, to the boy on the verge of the unconsciousness. Lying naked on the dirt, shivering from the cold.

“I don’t have whole day. Let’s get over it and walk away.” Comes words from the hybrid, full bot of resignation and poison.

“Where do you live?” Asks Jimin quietly, afraid to touch one before him.

“You are not fuckin me in my house. Just leave that place, it’s the only thing I will ever ask for.”

“We don’t want to rape you. Come on, you need someone to take care of you.” Says Jungkook quietly, soothing pheromones hanging in the air.

Hybrid locks his unfocused gaze into him, staring long, finally revealing placement of his house at the outskirts of the town.

As Jimin begins to collect discarded clothes, Jungkook wraps omega in his fur and scoops him up. The hybrid started crying half way onto his house, falling asleep by the end of the journey.

It is easy to pinpoint the house. Townspeople made sure of it.

They enter it with no problem, laying omega on the floor for now. Inside small but cozy, nothing too valuable inside. Small kitchen, small bathroom and big nest - worn down, are basically only things present. They collect water from nearby river and heat it. Then first slowly wipe cum and other body fluids from hybrid’s body using wet towels and getting rid of bump in his belly. Good thing they found the bucket, it would be not easy to clean it all from the floor. Then they lower still shivering omega into the bath. Hybrids eyes shoot open, smell of the panic filling the air.

“Shh shh, it’s just us, nothing to worry little one.” Jungkook’s words having an effect together with rubbing hybrids neck and knee, as omega relaxes a little. So they begin cleaning. Or more like Jungkook trying to wash the omega, get rid of the cum in his locks, while Jimin holds onto hybrids hand drawing small circles with his thumb – calming activity.

They take him out just before the water runs cold and place him in his nest. They will stay until he wakes up, as hybrid had fallen into dreams land the moment his head touched pillow…

Chapter Text

“Why did you stay?” Quiet voice startled both travelers. It was around an hour since hybrid felt asleep. Now he laid, unmoving, curled up as if in fear.

“We could not leave you like that, how could we.” It was after all natural. Yes, omega was a hybrid, mistreated left and right, but he was raised better. Maybe because he never met any other half blood, but still.

“I don’t need your pity.”

“I do not pity you.” It was Jimin answering this time. “Nothing like that ever happened to me, but still, I could see myself in you. For so long I have been alone, losing hope for help. Now I’m not, and even if still my destiny is not in my hands I have the courage to face it.”

“Maybe it is selfish, but I wanted to be saved, to no longer be alone. And there were you, different but similar at the same time. I had to help you…. I had to help myself.” The last sentence, barely a whisper leaving young prince’s lips. His whole life he was in prison, even his own rooms, where he had more power were holding him back.

It became evident during their trip. At first Jungkook have thought he would have to help his friend in almost everything. And yet the omega was more stubborn and independent. He always asked for tasks to do, not allowing Alpha to do all the work. Even if he could not do something at the beginning, he was a rather quick learner, not escaping hardships.

He was so much more than the fragile boy, literal angel he thought him to be at their first meeting. He was not fragile at all.

“I guess you can stay” was hybrid’s last words before he felt asleep again.


“You are not from here, who are you?” The question arose during supper that hybrid made. It wasn’t much, just some rice with the vegetables, but it was surprisingly tasty.

“We are travelers, we want to see some word, travelling east and south.” The words were a lie, but they said them so many times they came naturally now.

“Bullshit. Say the truth or get out.” The utensils clattered as hybrid hit the table with his hand, his gaze on young alpha. Still unfocused. They had thought that it was due to the state omega was in when they had found him, but now they could say it was not it. He was blind. Probably not fully, but still. They only wondered if this was natural, or also inflicted for being different.

“We’re escapees. Someone murdered my father and brother, captured my mother and now is hunting both me and my younger brother. Jungkook, by friend got me out of there and is trying to keep me safe. We’re trying to get away as far as we can, and then maybe find some place to stop running.” The answer was quiet. What Jungkook can say? He and Jimin decided to keep it a secret. It, after all endangered young prince. But if he wanted to share it with hybrid, who he was to oppose. Somehow Jimin trusted the boy. So he too. He too will trust.

“Friend? Is he really your friend and not a bodyguard hired by your parents?” The answer came out skeptical.

“Yes, friend. He, too, is my guard but most importantly he is my friend. The rest doesn’t matter.” The answer came back strong. Jungkook felt shiver travelling down his spine as he saw the look in Jimin’s eyes, focused on the hybrid. Strong, full of confidence. He have never seen such a look on his face. The respect he felt for the omega grew even bigger.


“What?” Said both in unison.

“Yoongi, my name is Yoongi.”

“Well then, nice to meet you Yoongi, let’s be friends.” Jimin’s cheerful tone brightened the atmosphere in the room.


“Yoongi, say. Can we ask you for a little favor? “ Said Jungkook next morning. They have spent the night at hybrid’s house, not wanting to get back to inn way past midnight.

Hybrid stilled at the words. Ye just met the two, but started liking them. They were first after his mother to show him kindness. He was a little sad that they soon will depart, leaving him here, alone – again. But now they are asking him for a favor. He does not have good memories with them. The usually end with someone being hurt. And by someone he means himself.

“What would you want?” He answered hesitantly.

“We don’t have much time so I will be quick. Me and Jimin need a place to stay, incognito, for a couple of days. Inns or somewhere in the city is a no. Deep in the forest is a no too. You are living quite away from the city and not many people come nearby. Would it be possible to stay here?”

“Why?” He understood nothing. And can’t agree to something he has no idea about.

“The heat. His heat would hit soon. It is a matter of days, and we can’t be in travel when it starts. Also, if he gets it in the open someone may recognize him, and we do still have people tailing our back. We can’t risk it. And going to doctor for suppressants is also dangerous. Please, help us.” Ugh… His pleading puppy eyes. Yoongi could not see very clearly, but he managed to get the full features into his mind by tracing them earlier with his fingers. He learned how they looked by touch, engraved it onto his memory. So it wasn’t hard to imagine the full picture, not only the blurry one that was available to him.

The eyes were captivating - big puppy eyes of barely an alpha. And the smell, somehow reminding of home. Boy’s presence was calming for the hybrid. Like nothing bad could happen to him while alpha was around. Why? He hated alphas, all memories with them were painful, even the ones with his own father. Especially those.

And yet, to this boy before him. He could not say no. The other boy too. He started liking him too, his presence calming, but in another way. He felt more like his mother had felt, if he remembers correctly.



The other boy – Jimin. He was a beta.

What heat?

“I understand, but what heat? Betas do not have heats.” He was puzzled to say at least.

“Well, umm, you see. Jiminie is an omega.” The awkward laugh that followed the statement made hybrid still in place. Omega. Jimin is an omega. Well that explains a lot.

“Are you gonna ..” He did not manage to end the sentence, before pale and shuttering alpha stopped him.

“NO! I mean no. No, I’m not gonna… I. We are just friends!” It was funny how a mention of sex, a heat sex made this much mess of till now composed alpha. He was still a kid. And it had shown right now. The hybrid chuckled.

“Ok, Jimin can stay for his heat. But what about you. Where will you go?”

“What do you mean? I will stay by his side. Had to take care of him and protect him, if the need arose.” The wonder was visible on the young alpha face. After all, where else could he be?

“Let me make some things clear. You are young unmated alpha, right?” He got a nod in confirmation. “And Jimin is a young unmated omega with no heat suppressants ever taken?” Another nod. “Then how in the word do you want to stay by his side and not have sex with him?” The question was obvious.

“What do you mean?”

“Your instincts will drive you crazy and you will attack him, even if you would not like to! No one ever taught you that?” Was the alpha this dumb? Everyone knew about this.

“Well, I was trained not to let my instincts take a better of me, that’s first, and second Jiminie is my friend. It would not be my first time guarding him during his heat, it is ok.” His smile, showing his bigger front teeth was so innocent and harming. There were nothing to worry about, alpha said so. Wait what? He was never this affected, what is happening to him?

He have heard of the trainings. Well everyone got them in some way, that’s why they were no longer running prisoners to their nature, have more control. But unmated omega in his or her most fertile years should make even trained alphas a little bit of crazy. Although… he have heard of it. Alpha can transform its instincts to breed into the ones to protect. It was usually common for alpha fathers or brothers protecting their closest. He have also heard that long time ago, when there still were packs and pack bonds the head alpha and some other high ranked ones, for example second in command or protector could overcome the urge to breed and fight to protect their omegas. But it was long time ago, and probably a legend. But who knows?

“Ok, but if something goes wrong, it’s not my fault.” The genuine smile on alpha’s face made his heart melt.


To sum it up, nothing happened. Jungkook brought their belongings later the same day, leaving the horses near the house but covered from unwanted eyes by nature with enough water and fresh grass to be enough for a couple of days. He also brought a lot of ingredients for preparing better quality food.

The heat hit next day, and lasted for full four days, leaving young prince drained to the bone, but safe. Yoongi still could not believe his own eyes. Alpha was more alert, even in sleep reacting to even tiniest sound, nearly never leaving Jimin’s side, providing him with water, small amounts of food and cleaning and cooling down his body from time to time with fresh washcloth. Not even once trying to touch him in a sexual way. Neither did Jimin ask for it, nor please himself. Both of their wills were stronger than iron. All he could feel was awe and respect towards the two. It was a pity they will be leaving after omega rests.

It really was…

Chapter Text

“Come with us.” Said Jimin following morning.

“What?” He could not believe what was he hearing. Him? Come? Where? How?

“I know that if you stay here you will still be mistreated. If you go with us we can think of some position for you, for example my servant, or, sorry to say it - someone to please the two of us. And then you will more or less be left alone. Come on, I can’t stand the thought that we will leave you here. I know it will be dangerous with us, but still. I just can’t. Jungkookie will protect us, right Kookie?” The bright smile was captivating. For both hybrid and alpha.

“Of course I will! What do you take me for?”

“So? Will you come?” The plea was visible in omega’s voice.

“I don’t have a horse, I will slow you down.” Excuses. He wanted to come so bad, but he did not want to drag them down. He was weak, fragile, did not have a hand and his eyesight was damaged. He was just a burden.

“It’s ok. I prefer walking on foot. You can take my horse.”

“But…” He still was hesitant. The only thing keeping him here were faint memories of his mother and the place she left him before passing away. And her grave, made with his own hands.

“Ok, just let me pack.” He no longer was looking at his new friends, so he missed the happiness on their faces.

They departed an hour later.


At first it was weird traveling together. He found his place, helping Jimin with his tasks. He never rode a horse, but thanks to both of his companions help he somehow managed, but not of a great speed. He was angry, because he slowed them down, but each time he was reassured not to worry. The lie somehow got accepted and no one was too mean for him, always treating like some low servant. The weirdest thing was sleeping with them. It was Jungkook who was building the nest for the night, he wanted to help, but Jimin held him while silently mouthing to leave it to the alpha. It was a very good nest, one of the most comfort he ever slept in. If not the most. Made from one of the best furs he ever have seen. They must have costed a fortune. Who the hell was Jimin to own such furs.

But one of the most confusing was sleeping itself. There was only one nest. And not the big one. Jungkook somehow managed to put both omegas inside and drape himself around them in a protecting manner. He could feel the heat radiating from both males, being surrounded with alpha’s calming pheromones drifting immediately into sleep.

But still there were too slow. And maybe a little bit careless, enveloped in a false sense of security. The time they spent in Yoongi’s village slowed them drastically. Then additional baggage in for of hybrid itself. Whoever was tailing them managed to track them down, call for reinforcements and attack them right before they were ready to sleep. They knew the routine Jungkook took as a safety measurements, so they were probably watching them for some time already.

It happened a week and half after the departure. There were far away from villages, deep in the forest on rarely used track. The ambush was well planned, no room for error.

He have fought well, but it was not enough. One against twenty. At once.

Yoongi trying to cover Jimin with his body failing miserably as anoter five men separated them, Jimin kicking and biting what he could, being silenced by a knob to his mouth.

“Well well well. Should we play with them a little before getting back?”

“Gave us enough trouble, changing routes and masking. He was trained well, they managed to escape quite far.”

“Changing horses, appearance, gender and number of people, leaving unimportant luggage behind – smart moves”

They started tearing down their clothes, piece by piece, unbothered by the struggle. And Jungkook was there, just there, a couple meters away unable to help as remaining fifteen alphas were circling him, fighting with complete unison. Blood from the wounds sinking deep into the fabric as another one attacked from the back followed by another two. He was at a disadvantage. A huge one.

He fell. He have taken seven with him and wounded heavily another seven, but here he was, pinned to the ground by three alphas, sharp blade on his throat.

“Let him watch. It would be fun, him seeing helplessly as his little prince gets raped.”

“I wonder if he ever did it himself. Of course he did, who in their right mind would say no to such body.”

“I’m sure they spend the heat together. Maybe our little angel here is already knocked up.”

He failed. He failed them both. Jimin and Yoongi. He promised to keep them safe. And here he is. But he can’t, he just can’t. It won’t end here. He will die, but he will take as many of them with him as he can.

So he struggles. It is at that moment when the soldiers positions Jimin for the rape, forcefully spreading his legs, muffled cry for help from scared boy as the blade by his throat cuts the leather strap that was keeping the pedant around his neck, small object hitting the ground as single thought soars through his mind. Protect. And then he sees red.


The roar was tremendous. The one closest, the one holding a blade screaming in pain as his arm was ripped apart his body. Sharp fangs tearing apart thigh of another one blocking the way.

Big chocolate brown wolf, barely in two jumps sinking his teeth into the throat of the alpha ready to penetrate young prince that very moment.

There are screams, but he does not register. Two scents. Only two, Jimin’s jasmine and magnolia and Yoongi’s fruity and fresh, peach and mint scent. The rest – enemies. Protect omegas, kill the rest, even if he dies.


In the middle of the clearing there lies a boy. Barely an alpha. Naked, covered in wounds and blood. He is pale, breath shallow and unsteady, erratic even, coughing more blood from time to time. His body spasming in irregular amounts of time, eyes unfocused.

He lies there in a pool of blood, guts and body parts. It smelled like death.

Over him a small boy, omega, crying on his chest, also naked, trying to stop blood flow from one bigger wound with some teared material. The wound severe, near the throat, sipping even more blood to already huge mixture of it on the ground.

A simple rain would not be able to erase the memory of the fight from the clearing.

Little further, other boy, omega hybrid, also naked, holding cut-off pendant in his hand, caressing inscription with his thumb.

“So that’s why you felt familiar, like home. You are a hybrid too…”

Chapter Text

The smell was still evident, but they were not lying in the pool of blood anymore. They managed to move Jungkook a little when the wounds closed a little bit. Right now, he is lying in a makeshift nest made of furs they managed to save, still pale, unconscious, barely breathing. The sun slowly started its way up the sky, so at least five hours passed.

Both omegas managed to clean the wounds with fresh water and bandage them, both knowing the basics of first aid. Jimin, because he was taught. Yoongi, because he was forced to – if he got hurt no one would help him.

The pedant lying on his chest secured around the neck.

Beside him two omegas, covered with furs, same as him, but still not dressed, pressing as close to him as they could trying to share some body heat with his cold one.

He kept the promise, he kept them safe. But both omegas cared so much more about their safety. For a little different reasons but very similar. They were safe. But they did not want it without him in the picture. They created some kind of small pack, like in the old days. He was their leader, they were dependent on him.

Well, they were pretty capable of taking care for themselves at this point, but they wanted to take care of him and him taking care of them. They just prayed that what they are doing at the time will be enough and Jungkook would open his eyes soon.


It was a week. A very long week, when alpha was lying there unconscious, eider freezing cold or breaking with sweat, mumbling unrecognizable things under his nose. Sometimes he opened his eyes, gaze unfocused with fever, not recognizing anything just to get back to his slumber.

They tried to feed him with the soup and rice, but it wasn’t very effective.

At first they were afraid of wild animals coming to the smell of blood, but it seemed strong alpha scent were keeping them at bay. But it was similar to them. Young boy had no control over his pheromones, one moment releasing nearly nothing, other smelling so strongly of dominance both omegas were nearly lying on the ground unable to move. There were even times where his scent spiked the way other were covered in slick, slightly ashamed of theirs body reaction.

They were taking turns watching him, begging to get better and wake up, redoing his bandages, hydrating him and washing body out of sweat.

It was a week when his scent calmed to the point of being barely recognizable and breathing became even unfortunately still on the shallow side.

It took another five long days for alpha to finally open his eyes.

“Jimin.” His voice was weak, strained and barely recognizable. But it was enough for omega, sprinting to him with watter.

“Drink.” He said, helping alpha arise a little for a better water flow.

“Thank God, you are safe. Where is Yoongi. What happened.”

“Easy easy there.” Was Jimin’s answer as alpha tried to get up, but got showed down the nest in an instant.

“You are weak, bedridden for almost two weeks, barely eating. Take it easy and don’t try to move. I’ll bring something to eat.”

He had brought him a bowl of soup, full of meat and fat. Yoongi had only one hand and had no idea about actual hunting, but years of living alone and mistreatment were enough to force him to learn. He was rather skilled with preparing simple traps made out of cords not getting seen by someone who could be nearby, so both omegas had a fresh supply of meat. Usually some wild bird or rabbit. Although thanks to the prominent smell they had to set the traps quite far away.

Jimin fed the alpha, too weak to hold the spoon by himself.

“We are both safe, me and Yoongi. You saved us. I don’t know how. One minute I was to get raped, the other big brown wolf was tearing the soldier to bits. If I did not see you change back I would not believe.”

“What? Me? Wolf? But how?”

“Yoongi said something. About you being a hybrid. A wolf hybrid.”

“But that’s…” Impossible? No, it is not. He knows nearly nothing about his parents. Maybe his omega father gave him away because he knew he would be a hybrid, one that could use his powers, or magic or how anybody would call it. Maybe he too was a hybrid and did not want his son suffer the same fate. Or maybe it was from his alpha sire side. Maybe he even was a wolf… That would explain the furs. Hybrid or real wolf would have no problems acquiring such furs.

At that moment he remembered the memories he had after his first hunt. His father. And some black animal beside him. At that time he thought it was a smaller bear. But it could be a wolf. A huge alpha wolf. His alpha father…


He held the answer for so many years not knowing about it. It was all before him, but he was blind.

“Jimin, I..” He hesitated. Does it change anything? He is still the same Jungkook he was. But now he is also a hybrid. What would Jimin say. Would he hate him now?

“It’s ok Jungkookie. It’s ok. I’m just glad you are safe. That my friend is safe.” The last sentence being barely a whisper, tears in his eyes.

They both started crying from relief. Jungkook, because he got accepted, Jimin, because of happiness. Hugging each other like their lives depended on it. And that is how Yoongi found them, being back from a tour around the traps, a rabbit and two squirrels in hand.

His preys abandoned where he stood, as the final – third person joins the nest for cuddles and scenting, tears leaving the eyes.

They both missed him greatly.


It was hard, but they had to move. Thankfully their enemies did not get rid of their horses.

Omegas made makeshift movable bed and attached it to both horses. Jimin was first, Yoongi last, Jungkook lying between them. They tried to move forward, different direction than till now. During his slumber omegas have found a small cave. It would be a little cramped, but the three of them would fit. They had to take shelter after all. Their pursuers probably were not alone, soon there will be more after them. It was a miracle they have not been found yet.

Jungkook still weak, although able to sit in the covers by himself now, recovering slowly. Only good thing that him being a hybrid fastened his wounds healing rate. It also explained the past, his strong scent, very dominant, greater stamina and strength, quicker healing, never being ill.

They are laying low, trying to manage, no longer hunting and being really cautious with fire, as they spotted soldiers in the forest a couple days back.

“Where to go now? They did not found us, but there are probably soldiers in nearby cities waiting. They must know Jungkook is wounded. We are easy target.” Jimin was panicking a little. They reached so far. He have thought everything will be fine. But now, they are so close to failing.

Jungkook deep in his thoughts, trying to find the answers coming with none. Frustrated.

“Why not to follow your heart?” Yoongi’s voice is quiet but strong. They face him, not understanding a thing.

“A heart?” “What do you mean?” They answer in unison, troubled expression.

“The pendant. It’s not normal. And the inscriptions, protection charms, helping to keep the wolf at bay.” They look at him, trying to process the information.

“It is probably made from a tree from a forest protected by magical creatures. And such things always call to each other. If you focus you should be able to feel the pull. Or at least I heard so.”

It was a weak plan, but a plan nothingness. The only one they had right now. So they have decided to give it a try.


A week. Another week of the delay, but Jungkook managed to get some of his strength back. He tried to focus on the pendant. On his omega father. To grasp the connection, but it was slipping from his reach. It took him a week to be able to feel the pull. A weak one, but it was there. They packed and begun their journey before the sunrise.

They did not know how long they will travel or what will they face during the journey, but now they had hope in their hearts.

And maybe, just maybe something Jungkook never thought to be possible would happen.

Maybe, just maybe he would be able to meet his father…

Chapter Text

When they set for the journey it was March. Now it was October.

Their party is now three people. Young prince Jimin, an omega, struggling during the journey with his heats and information from his country. Young alpha Jungkook, who discovered being a wolf hybrid during an ambush. A fairy hybrid Yoongi, omega, mistreated for all his life, who finally found people accepting him.

They were travelling still, never settling in one place for too long because of persistent soldiers wanting to catch them. They were in constant move, often changing the directions, using hard routes and avoiding bigger cities, as wanted posters of Jimin and Jungkook started to appearing around. They had to sell the horses as they were not fit for their cureent escapades. They were tired, hungry, with hope of finding the forest smaller with every passing day.

But they were together. They had each other. Their small little family. It felt like home, being together.

It was the middle of October when they found a forest.

The vibe was different. Like being constantly watched. They did not liked it at all.

The presence they felt on their back not nice at all.

The group escaped narrow path they were travelling, went into the forest for a short break, covered in sweat, with rumbling stomachs, passing water to each other.

He did not knew why, but the moment he sat on the grass and rested his back on the tree he felt tears in his eyes. He touched the tree, and holding the pendant with left hand he started crying.

“We are here. This is the forest.” Yoongi’s words echoed in the space they occupied. Both of them surrounded Jungkook with their frames and cried with him. They reached their destination. Now they were just praying that they could safely settle in here and have a little bit of peace and safety.


They followed the path between the trees, not knowing exactly where to go. After another three or four hour walk they managed to trace a faint smell of smoke in the air, hesitantly going towards the source, wishing not to encounter any soldiers after their heads.

They reached a village maybe an hour before sunset.

Villagers vary of them, seeing the poor state of the travelers but also their weapons. They heard whispers, but were not able to tell exactly what was said.

That was when a man, looking around sixty, hesitantly approached them.

“Hello, my name is Kim Chen, I’m the head of the village. Who are you travelers and what are you looking for in our small village, if I may ask?” His tone was vary, eyeing suspiciously the three of them, at the same time sending pleading looks towards the forest.

“We are war refugees, we are looking for a safe place to stop running away, rest.” Said Jungkook, wondering about the men’s surname. Kim. He too was probably running away from somewhere.

“You can spend here the night. We will give you the accommodation. But you would have to leave in the morning.”

“What do you mean, is it because…” Jimin tried to end the sentence, but the head answered before.

“In this forest magical beings live. It belongs to them. We are but mere humans, runaways like you, seeking their protection. But there is a price for it. You are young, you can find other methods. Here stay only those with no other options left. So leave, it would be for the best.”

“I have left, or at least I think so. And here I am back, seeking the forest protection. We are young. Yes. But we are desperate, with no place to go. Tired of running. What is the price. Let us decide ourselves, if we can pay it.” Jungkook’s words created quite a commotion. He was from here? They do not remember him. But maybe there are other villages in the forest, they don’t know.

They were given a house. It wasn’t big but it was enough for the three of them. Apparently someone will come later to them, with food and the village rules and answers, what the price for staying is. Now they was given time to unpack, wash themselves and wear some clean clothes, provided by the village. It was an hour later when someone knocked to the doors. It was a very beautiful man, an omega. Wearing only light clothes, unbothered by autumn cold. Large bump in stomach evident. Was he pregnant? There was something in the smell, but it was not the smell of a pregnant omega.

“Hi, my name is Seokjin, but everybody calls me Jin. Heard you wand some answers. Ask away. But first, please dig in” His cheerful tone was so fitting him, as he put a vase of hot soup on the table.

The soup was delicious, rich with vegetables and meat, getting rid of the coldness from their bones.

“What are the laws of the village?” Was the first question, quietly asked by Yoongi. He was the most scared one, after all he was a hybrid, and it was quite visible by looking at the branding on his body.

“They are quite simple. No violence. Everything is everyones, beside some personal belongings. For example the house belongs to the village, it was just borrowed to you. But it does not mean I can just walk in, I have to knock and ask. So remember to ask for things. Some can be taken without asking but you will learn that with time. Oh, and we have no currency. There is no need for it. Although we have some outside one for trade purposes.”

“The forest is providing us with most things, so no lone hunting with no supervision, no harming the forest either. Quite easy, right? Oh and you have to contribute somehow to the village. It can be anything, you have to ask what is needed. Maybe help with taking care of the kids or pregnant, maybe cooking duties or taking care of the food, skinning animals. And many more. There is always something to do.” Well, easy to understand. They can manage.

“And the payment?” This time it was Jimin who asked.

The other omega darkened a little, struggled, not exactly knowing how to put answer into words.

“The forest helps you, so you help the forest. And the only thing we can offer are our bodies.” The answer was rather quiet.

“Sorry, come again? I don’t understand.” Jungkook innocent look, not understanding. How their bodies can help the forest, what did he mean?

“You feel the pull of the forest, and you go. It is a haze, A little blurr. You know what is happening to you, but have no control. And the forest takes from you what it needs at the moment. Sometimes it are plants, pumping their seed into your body, so you could spread it around the forest, sometimes it is some animal either looking for a sexual relief or a warm hole he could breed. It depends. You have time till morning. Stay or leave. It’s your choice.” Jin started to leave, but got stopped before leaving the room.

“Wait! I’ve always thought human cannot be impregnated by magical being without a content. Do we have to give it?” Jimin voice panicked at the thought.

“No. No one expects that of you. But forest does not need your content for you to carry around eggs of the wildlife till they are ready to hatch. “

“Does that mean…” Jungkook said, slowly processing new information, eyeing omega’s stomach.

“Yes. Currently I’m carrying around more than a dozen alligator eggs, providing them in warmth till they would be ready to come out during spring.”

The silence that fell after those words was deafening, only disturbed by door closing after Jin left.

So that was the price…

Chapter Text

They had a choice, but in reality they did not have.

“Jimin, are you sure?” Worried look on alpha’s face betrayed his thoughts. Thye thought that finding forest would be the end of their problems. But it is not. And they don’t really have anywhere else to go.

“Yes. I will manage. Both of us will. Because this time it is our decision. Beside it we are free, that’s the only thing forest wants from us. For protection, for life. It is a lot. But we will manage, right Yoongi?” The other omega was pale, remembering times before his two friends appeared. It won’t be the same. He is choosing it. It won’t be weekly mistreatment, the village will accept him, not treating him any differently.

“Yes. We will manage.” He was still scared, but determination on his face spoked for him.

“Ok then, we are staying. But if it gets too much tell me, we will leave.” After all Jungkook’s duty was to protect them, nothing changed.

“We will”

And so, the decision was made.


It was a week since they started their live in the village. They more or less found their places, Jungkook helping with hunts, Jimin taking care of young pups and educating future omegas and betas, Yoongi helping in the kitchens. They were happy.

That’s when he felt the pull. Yoongi slowly left vegetables on the table, looking intensively behind the window, into the forest. He felt a hand on his arm, and soft “Go” whispered by Jin, and there he was gone. Slowly approaching the forest.

He did not know where was ge going, the forest opening path for him and him only. Was it an hour or a three, he did not know. The only thing that mattered was the forest call. “Come to me. I’m waiting.”

He have found a clearing. A clearing full of wolves.


He did not remembered how he ended on all fours, naked, presenting his entrance to the wolf. To the alpha, the biggest one. He could feel slick dripping down his thighs, ashamed of his body reaction. But he came here for the forest call, so it was probably the reason. The wolf’s erect cock was big, knot already forming at the base, bigger than anything he have ever taken before. At least he thought so, image too blurry to say for sure. But he was not scared. Somehow he knew no real harm would be inflicted towards him.

He could see wolf approaching, so he averted his eyes, breath quickening. He could feel animal’s snot sniffing his entrance, wet tongue lapping a couple times tasting slick and earning long moan from omega. He felt as the beast mounted him, heavy weight resting on his back. A couple of shallow thrusts and the cock catches his entrance, wolf bottoming with one swift motion. His eyes open up wide, no voice escaping his lips. It should have hurt. He may be an omega, one for who sex is not something foreign, but still, it should have hurt. But here he is, his entrance opening up for beast cock, slicking the way, stretch providing pleasurable burn.

And then the wolf starts. He pounds into the omega like there is no tomorrow, drawing moans out of him with every thrust. Yoongi’s hand gives up, him resting on his elbows now, different angle causing even more pleasure. He can feel wolf’s tongue on his scent glands, scenting him intimately causing even more ecstasy. Slowly he can feel knot catching onto his rim, bigger and bigger with every thrust, till it finally locks, stretching him beyond possible. Dry orgasm rolling in waves through his body as warm liquid slowly finds its home in his womb.

He can feel his stomach expanding as he moans at the feeling. He doesn’t know how much time passes when the knot goes down, wolf freeing him of his weight, as next one mounts him and starts from the beginning.

He feels bliss, orgasms he thought not possible for him rolling through his body. Beasts cocks with knots rearranging his insides, fucking him so well, filling his womb with even more cum, his belly expanding as a result. Mixture of cum and slick covering his legs, wolves salvia on his neck and back, tangled in his hair.

He stopped counting after the fifth wolf, pleasure blurring his senses, taking away the pain of raw knees and elbows and belly expanding beyond what it should.

He is there, on a verge of consciousness and land of pleasure when he feels hands on his face, delicately caressing him.

“Poor little thing, what have they done to you.” The deep voice was quiet, but ringing in his head. He tried to focus his gaze at a man, probably a man before him when he felt another knot stretching him open, more of the wolf’s load entering his body as a wave of pleasure rocked his body drawing another orgasm out of him.

He could not take any more, as he unconsciously fell onto arms of person before him, hot liquid still entering his body distorting his belly even more.


Everything was a blur, him unable to see anything. He could feel his belly weighting him down, inflated beyond possible with wolves’ seed, channel leading to womb now mostly closed with the lack of alpha pheromones, cum slowly leaving his body painting legs white. He felt weird, dizzy, but something was different beside his stomach, but he did not knew what it was. He could feel slight discomfort in his chest, so he arose his hand, feeling underneath his nipples, puffy and erect, painfully throbbing. What happened to him after he lost consciousness? Was the man only his imagination, or really was someone there?

He could see nothing, forest leading him back onto the village.

It was bright, probably the middle of the day as he emerged from the forest, familiar smell of alpha hitting his nostrils.

“Yoongi!” He could feel alpha’s worried scent envelope him together with strong arms. He laid his head on the broad chest of other male, his looking nine-months-pregnant-with-at-least-triplets belly getting a little in the way, not caring about anything else.

He was dirty, covered in cum, slick, salvia, sweat and forest dirt. He was naked, everyone coul see his scars and branding. But he could not care less. In the embrace of an alpha he felt home. He was home.

“Jungkook.” Was all he could muster, throat dry, as his body rebelled against him, losing all will to move, collapsing against male's strong body, his mind drifting away surrounded by his favorite smell screaming safety.


He woke up in his nest additional sheets put under him not to stain furs with cum. Cleaned from outside, but enormous belly still present. It was still too bright for him, so he raises his left hand to cover his eyes. His fingers brushing slightly his hair.



His fingers??

His eyes shoots open, sun attacking him even more, as he tries to rise, just to fall weighted down by his belly. He does not know what is going on, distressed smell filling the air as whimpers leave his mouth. He can hear hurried steps, and calming alpha pheromones make their way to his nostrils. He can feel Jungkook touching him, turning him towards and enveloping in tight embrance.

“Shh, shh, it’s ok. Calm down. I am here, you are safe, everything is ok.” He is trembling, not understanding a thing, but alpha’s presence calming him a little as his body casts a shadow over his eyes. He opens them slowly and looks up. He can clearly see the concern on alpha’s face.




His breath quickens as even less understanding enters his mind. He can feel alpha rocking him slightly, trying to calm down, his hand caressing his locks.

Slowly, he arose his right hand, and took it to his eyes. He could see. He touched his left hand. He had left hand. He moved lower, touching his still puffy nipples, still sensitive. He went lower, resting it on his belly. He could trace stretch marks on his skin. He reached towards his entrance, puffy and abused, sensitive, small amounts of wolves’ cum slowly leaving him. Worriedly he reached his front. Touched the cock. Hesitantly moved further, to the place his balls should be. He could fell them under his fingers. They were there.

Tears started to fall down his cheeks, as he buried his face in alpha’s embrace.

He did not know what happened, but he got some parts of his body back.

He fell asleep, crying, beside Jungkook being there for him, calming with presence.


Next time he woke up it was a middle of the night. Jungkook was not around, but he could feel warmth hugging him from the back. Jimin. He tried not to wake omega up, tried to stand up. He had to go to the toilet, his expanded womb not leaving a lot of place for the bladder. And yet, he woke him up. Jimin sleepily opened his eyes, not understanding why he woke up. He could see Yoongi, on his elbows, trying to get up, belly throwing him off balance and weighting him down.

“Jungkook!” It did not take much time for alpha to reach his omegas. He helped Yoongi up, supported his weight as hybrid was slowly going towards bathroom, red on the face as more cum went down his legs.

The belly was inconvenient, but a mere thought of getting rid of wolves’ seed created a little panic in his head. Probably another forest thing. So he will wait until it goes down naturally. His legs weak, his hole still hurting. But somehow he is not regretting.

They were wolves but it was the first time in his life he enjoyed sex. He did not know how to feel with it.

Later that night the three of them laid in Yoongi’s nest, surrounding him from both sides, as three of them fell asleep.

He have never felt like this in his life.


And loved…

Chapter Text

He was slightly afraid. He knew that here was healer in the village, and everybody knew he was an omega but he was afraid of his heat, being surrounded by so many alphas on the other hand something not allowing him to ask for suppressants. His father may be dead but his teachings, his and other teachers still rang in his head. He wanted to show his strength, strength of his will to survive through the heat with no alpha and no suppressants.

He knew Jungkook would protect him, but one of the rules stated no violence. He was afraid of being kicked out.

He visited an alpha, young healer trainee, just a couple years older than him. Kim Namjoon. Deeply in love with Seokjin, but too scared to confess. It was cute. The best thing being the fact Jin knew about it, well everyone knew. His behavior around the omega was obvious, shuttering and blushing, bigger than usually clumsiness. But omega did nothing, waiting for confession, ready to accept the courting.

He managed to get some descanters that should prevent smell escaping his room, but would it be enough?

What was he not expecting was a call from the forest. He felt the pull as fear arose. He wanted to spend his heat without alpha, and now he was being called to the forest, as the symptoms of his heat slowly became visible. He remembered the state Yoongi’s belly was, and he was not ready. But it was his decision to stay.

So he set journey towards the forest to spend there his first heat after coming of mating age. It was the end of December.


He did not remembered the way through the forest at all. Now he was standing before some kind of hut, his heat in full force, him panting, legs barely keeping him upright, slick wetting his pants, darker color spreading steadily over the wool.

He knocks twice to the door. He did not knew why did he do that, but he knew he should. When the doors opens he is being hit with a warmth in two forms. Of the feeling itself and in the form of the smell of the man before him. Smell of the forest grass after the storm. With a undertone of the earth, wetness of water, with some faint daises fragrance.

The person dragged him inside, slowly getting rid of his clothes. So it was how he was going to lose his virginity. By some unknown alpha in the middle of the forest.

But it was not a smell of an alpha. He arose his head to a warm smile of a man as his instincts to be bred spiked even more in heat.

He was laid in a nest. Big, warm and comfy, trying to fight his urges.

The man undressed and joined him in the nest. Jimin did not understood, what was omega trying to do? But he had no time to think, as enormous wave of want and pain surged through his body. He needed every single cell in his body to oppose the feeling, his will being tested not to start moan and beg for an alpha to ease the feelings.

That was when he felt man shifting his weight, now hovering over him, mouth near his ear, deep voice whispering to him.

“Shh shh little one. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.” All Jimin could do in response was releasing a pathetic whine, not able to form words, as man’s hand started petting his hair.

That’s when he felt omega deeply inhaling his scent and, after a while, licking at his scent gland. His eyes shoot open as the feeling washed through him.

He always though licking glands was an erotic act, but it was not a sexual ecstasy surging through his body at the moment. It was warmth. He was in a man’s embrace, cared for, protected.

His hormones started to ease itself as other omega licked him, small shivers rocking his body. He did not know the feeling, but he knew he loved it. He did not feel like this even in the embrace of his own parents.

And that was how he spend his first heat after turning 21, being cared by unknown omega, without pain, washed, fed and hydrated, man’s closeness keeping his hormones at bay, licked from time to time, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, feeling warmth so deep as in his heart.


He was getting back to the village, clean clothes, not knowing that with every step he was losing the man from his memories.

Upon arriving he could felt enormous happiness and warmth way stronger than cold weather, but with a thought he have forgotten about something.

Something very important…

Chapter Text

Snow was covering everything, but it was easy to spot grass now, as it melted. The spring slowly approached, the beginning of March greeting the village with the warmness. It was almost a year since they left their home wanting to stay alive.

Now they were far away, much more south, warmer climate. His kingdom probably still covered in white. But is it still his? He did not have much information from outside.

Back then, when they were escaping they tried not to get into spotlight, not getting much information. Now here, nearly half year in the village, only the ones that were involved with trade had some contact with outside. But outside was outside, no one was really interested, that was no longer their word. So traders did not brought any information back.

During those five months Jungkook did not get a call from the forest even once. Somehow that made him sad. To add the sadness he had thought he would be able to get some information about his father, but no one knew anything. No one even heard of him.

Jimin was taken in only once, during his heat.

But it was different for Yoongi, who got a call three times. The second one was very much similar to the first, him being back after a couple of days, belly inflated with cum to enormous size, barely standing, but with some parts of his body healed.

The third one was a surprise, for everyone, because it was similar to the one Jimin got.

Yoongi was in heat. The first one in his life. Panicked, not knowing what to do. Coming back after five days, not remembering much but happy and being taken care of.

They managed to find their place in the village, even befriending Namjoon and Jin, which belly still carried around alligator eggs.

He wasn’t he only one, omegas getting way more calls from the forests, hiding in their bodies eggs of various species, providing them with heat until they are ready. It became a normal sight.

But what was not a normal sight was a bunch of soldiers, marching into village, screaming and demanding, angry cold and hungry.

“Who is the village chief! We demand his presence!” Soldiers screaming left and right, scaring everyone in sight, vary alphas standing by the side, eyeing intruders.

Beautiful day turning dark, as forest was unpleased with intruders.

“I am the village head. Who are you and what are you looking here?” When he greeted them his tone was nice, now only coldness visible.

“Are you blind? We are soldiers of the kingdom you are citizen of!”

“We are not citizens of any kingdom as this forest being our home does belongs to no human king.”

“Idiot. King Charles decided tis no man’s land will be a part of his territory so it will be. You have no say in the matter. And now, answer my questions. Nearly a year ago young omega prince from north Jimin escaped his kingdom together with some alpha guard. We have some speculations of him hiding in this area. Do you know him?” At alphas words both Jungkook’s and Jimin’s blood run out cold. They have found them. Well at least Yoongi is safe. Head should give the guards information, especially after seeing the poster of Jimin the guard is holding. It would be the wisest move.

“I have no information of any prince hiding here, we leave our pasts behind as we enter the forest. Besides I am old. Do you expect me to remember every single villager, especially as they come and goes.” He was laughing in soldiers face. They could see as the alpha was turning red.

“You insolent peasant! You are talking to a higher in command! His brother is looking for the brat, do you not understand!?” He was barely holding the anger.

“Well, if he is maybe he should come here himself to find him and ask if he is up for going back?”

The higher in command as he called himself had enough.

“Search the village. Kill anyone resisting. And the old man… make him suffer.”

The haos that unfolded was hell. But not for the village. Not because the soldiers. They did not manage to hurt anyone before horses in panic threw them out of them and escaped. Disoriented soldiers did not know what was happening when wolves came from forest. Not even a single villager was harmed by animals tearing down soldiers, ripping them apart. Limb after limb. The picture befor them was of agony.

But that was when one of the soldiers spotted Jimin. He looked differently now, hair still dark, more muscles thanks to the travels and workout. But he recognized him. And gave out an order to kill.

Omega did not have time to react five arrows cutting air towards him. The wolves too were a little too late, attacking the ones with bows seconds after they sent them flying.

He had no time, so he did only one thing he could think of what was jumping in front of his friend, covering his small frame with his larger body.


The damage was severe, alpha falling unconscious right after checking on Jimin. Arrows made in a special way, as taking them out would cause more damage.

One of the arrows danderously near heart, one more damaging alphas lungs. Two entering his stomach from behind damaging internal organs, his liver taking the biggest blow. The last one deeply in his tight, damaging veins, blood flow unstoppable, even as both healer, Namjoon and Jimin tried. Coughing even more blood with every passing second.

Soldiers dead around them, just a bloody pieces of them left as some wolves decided to devour some parts.

They were losing him. Young alpha dying right before them, where the biggest wolf approaches. He did not partake in the fight, he just observed. And now he is trying to lift Jungkook nearly lifeless body. They don’t know what they are doing, forest is telling them. So they put him on top of the wolf, fur black and gray and watch as they vanish in the forest followed by other wolves. Both Jimin and Yoongi sitting in a pool of their alpha’s blood, hugging each other having hope that he yet again will manage and escape death.

It’s his fault. Jungkook got hurt because of him, Jimin.

He sets his resolution as he stands up and enters the forest as other scream behind him.

He will make an offer to the forest God.

His life for Jungkook’s…

Chapter Text

He woke up to a body pressed to his, warmth spreading in his body, wet. He did not understand. He had no strength to raise his arm to get away some kind of cloth covering his eyes. It took him a while but then it hit him. The smell surrounding him. Smell that lingered in his furs, smell that was lingered around Jimin and Yoongi when they came back from the forest claiming they don’t remember meeting any human there. Smell of his father.

He could feel the person pressed around him shiver.

They were in water. Some kind of hot spring guessing by the water temperature. He could feel fingers tracing k=his back caressing the wounded places, whispering something under his breath.

He did not feel pain, just warmth. And with the warmth he drifted back to unconsciousness.

He woke up again, this time to a feeling of being groomed. He could feel the tongue traveling his body the same way he knows omegas do with their small pups. Tis heart squeezed. His father was grooming him. He wanted to cry, and the muffled whimper escaped his lips.

“You are awake.”

“Father. “

“You remember…”

“Why, why did you left me.”

“To give you a choice.” He simply stated and began grooming him again, young alpha crying now full force, the cry lulling him back to sleep.

“He could hear talking, but neither he could hear the words nor could he move. But he recognized the smell. Jimin. Jimin is here. With his father.


He did not know how he found small hut. He had a feeling he was there before, but he could not remember when or why. But he found it, and within it weak smell of his friend. He started banging onto the door.

The door were opened by man. Young gorgeous man with so familiar scent yet he could not say where he smelled it before. The man looked around his age, dark blond hair disheveled and fluffy.

“I’ve came to make an offer. My life for his.” The determination in Jimin’s eyes was admirable.

“I don’t want your life.”

“Please, I beg you! He got hurt because he was protecting me. Those arrows were not for him. It should be me dying, not him.” Young omega started crying while collapsing onto his knees.

Taehyung just shook his head and scooped the boy up, closing the door behind them.

Jimins eyes widened at the sight before him. Jungkook, all bandaged lied in huge nest surrounded by wolves’ pups. He could see one female wolf resting beside him, sharing body heat, as six pups were being fed out of wolf’s breasts.

“You want to help?” The question was asked with playful tone, as the man sat Jimin at one of the stools.

“Um, yes..” His voice was weak, hi did not know what he was agreeing on, but if he could spend some time with Jungkook, apparently breathing even if a little pale he would agree to anything.

“Don’t worry, he is stronger than you give him credits for. He would be fine even without my help, even if it took some time. The magic in his veins runs strong.” He said calmly big square grin present on his face, as he started undressing omega.

Jimin did not understand, but allowed other omega to manhandle him. What was he not expecting was being given chest massage.

His eyes widened and small moan escaped his lips as other worked around his nipples, rubbed them, pinched and twisted. The weird feeling washed through his body, unknown before as he felt something happening to his abused nipples. Then he felt wetness and screamed as man sucked his left nipple, scream quickly turning onto moaning. The similar treatment was given to the other one. By the time man stepped back to look at result of his doings Jimin turned into shivering mess, not understanding feelings that washed through his chest. His nipples now red from abuse, puffy and erect. He could feel something seeping out of them. He looked down too see what happened and squeezed one of them. He moaned in pleasure as more liquid escaped his breast.

He was lactating, he did not understand. The man before him, now smirking made his nipples produce milk. He looked vary at the nest, full of pups. And he understood. Red from embarrassment he walked towards the nest and lied beside his friend. He took two of the pups lying around and guided them to his nipples. He could feel pups sucking and licking at his sensitive buds making waves of pleasure roll through his body. He felt man entering the nest beside him, fully naked as he too took two pups to feed from his breasts.

And there were lying there beside each other, giving content noises as new and new pups used their milk to satisfy their hunger, Jungkook lying beside them surrounded with warmth.


They have spent two more days in the hut, Jungkook healing fast.

By the end of the stay Jimins nipples were extremely puffy and red, buds still standing, visible through material of his tunic hour after his last feed. But satisfied and content. He did not even knew that something so simple as breastfeeding con be so rewarding.

But now he watched his friend parting ways with the omega. He still could not understand. Taehyung did not look any older than he was, but apparently he was Jungkook’s omega father.

The two of them scenting each other for a goodbye, omega grooming him lest time, rubbing his scent onto his glands with his tongue.

He did not understood the reason, but Taehyung behaved the way no longer seen in cities. He was much more primal, acting more like a wolf than a human. Maybe his closeness with the wolves was the reason. Of what he could see Taehyung was treated with respect by other wolves, no matter the rank. If he would refer to the old ways of living in packs, Jungkook’s father could be compared to head omega of the pack. Jimin wondered how he ended in this position and why. Why he left his son in the orphanage. And why does he look this young.

But it was not the answers he could get right now.


“Do you have any fucking idea how worried I was. First Jungkook takes arrows for you and nearly bleeds out on the spot and then you running off to the forest. What the hell were you thinking, leaving me here alone! Idiot!” Yoongi greeted them both, thoughtfully scenting them while crying. He was pale, dark circles under his eyes.

They were back.

They were ok.

And now everything should be ok…

Chapter Text

He realized his feelings when he saw alpha falling, his blood painting he ground red. Then the alpha was gone, and so gone was Jimin. He thought he lost them forever.

And the forever made him realize he can’t live without them. They became part of his life.

Jungkook, the young alpha looking sometimes like a lost pup. Strong and protective over omegas under his care.

He developed feelings for him. Deep feelings. At first he thought it was only affection and gratitude. The feeling of being protected. Then he got attached, thinking of an alpha as of a friend. But now, with him gone he could feel his heart shattering to little pieces, without Jimin to soothe him. Only other person he reacted for.

He fell in love with the alpha. And Jimin was like an younger brother for him. He wanted to be both protected by them and to save them from harms way.

They made a connection, some kind of bond forming between them.


He could not sleep, his smell turning sour and distressed, tainting air. Villagers tried to help him.

Jin and Namjoon, two close friends he managed to acquire in the village, closest after his little pack, if he can call it that. They spend their time with him, tried to calm him down, soothe him. But to no vail. He was still restless, calming pheromones and sweet words having no effect on him. He needed his little family. There was no other way.

He was in the center of attention, but he could see connection forming between the two that were caring for him. He knew about their mutual feelings. Wanted to give them some time, as they became a little bit closer. So he faked.

They still could smell his distress, but they left him at the words “I’m ok. You can go, really.”

He wanted to be alone, as he collected clothes smelling like Jimin and Jungkook, adding them to his nest and crying himself to sleep full of nightmares.


He did not knew why, but he felt the urge to come outside. Till now he was closed inside the house, barely sleeping, not eating and praying for safety of his friends. But now he wanted to go out. He did not know why. It was just tis strong urge. So he went.

He wandered aimlessly around the village, tired, eyeing forest praying for his friends to emerge from there.

And that was what happened a couple of moments later, as faint smell of his beloved reached his nostrils and the two emerged from between the trees.

He started running, not believing what he sees. He jumped them and hugged closely, not allowing for them to detach from him.

“Do you have any fucking idea how worried I was. First Jungkook takes arrows for you and nearly bleeds out on the spot and then you running off to the forest. What the hell were you thinking, leaving me here alone! Idiot!” Yoongi greeted them both, thoughtfully scenting them while crying. He was pale, dark circles under his eyes.

They scented him back, laughing through their tears. They were back. They were together. They were happy.


Yoongi was gathering his courage, afraid of rejection. It was a week after that he confronted alpha, Jimin running some errands in the village.

“Jungkook. Sleep with me.” His words were quiet, but loud enough for alpha to hear.

“You mean right now? Are you tired? Need me to lul you to sleep? Oh, that’s cute.” Innocent. That was who Jungkook was.

“No Jungkook. Bed me. Have sex with me.” He was looking straight onto Jungkook’s eyes, watching them widen with realization, alpha’s mouth falling open and cheeks reddening.

“Why?” The answer was quiet, insecure.

“Because I have feelings for you, Jungkook. I’m in love.” His tone was confident. He knew what he wanted.

“Me… I… No. I mean yes. But no.” He began to ramble, flustered, unable to find right words.

“Let me do it correctly. Min Yoongi. Would you let me court you?” He managed to compose himself while looking straight into other male’s eyes.

Warm smile spread on the omega’s face. This alfa was so sweet and innocent, taking care of him and his needs.

“I accept your courting.” The answer was simple, but it made alpha panic. He liked the omega for some time already, his beauty captivating him from the first time he saw him. But knowing his past and what they have to endure to stay in the village he did not thought that any romantical relation can be created between them. He had no courting gift.

“I… wait a second please.” Red on the face he made his way towards his nest, looking for something.

He came back a couple moments later, handing his treasure to the omega. Old, worn out plush bunny that was with him from the beginning. He did not have heart to part with him earlier. But now knowing he would be under the care of the omega he could. His omega. Small smile appeared on his lips on the thought.

“Sorry for not having a gift prepared for you. But please accept this. He is my treasure, very close to my heart.”

Yoongi held the toy in his hands, taking in the state it was in. Understanding the care pun onto maintaining good condition of the bunny. And seeing the worn out state probably from hugging it tight. He breathed in, taking the smell of the alpha. His alpha. He could not stop the small smile that appeared.

“Of course I accept. I will take good care of it.” The pink colored both of their cheeks, the pair looking deeply in each other eyes.

And that’s how Jimin found the pair, cooing at the sight, happy that they have found each other…

Chapter Text

Jin heard the call, felt the pull of the forest. So to the forest he went. But he was not the only one. The omegas carrying eggs in their wombs, prominent stomachs visible together with the outline of the eggs, they all went for the forest call. It was a time to give back the forest what belonged to it.

He could tell arms wrapping around him, soft kiss left at his shoulder as he began discarding his clothes.

“Please, take care.” Namjoon’s words were barely above a whisper, his hug showing more emotions than anything. The worry, the care. The love and devotion.

“Forest won’t harm me.” Came an answer, the urge to go to the forest subduing a little.

“I know. They won’t ever hurt you.”

They… Jin had no time dwelling over unusual response, as villagers often called forest it, sometimes he. But never have he heard of them. His mind was yet again flooded with the urge to go to forest, as Namjoon’s arms left his body, shortly followed by the rest of the clothes discarded by the omega.

He went to the forest, to give birth to little ones he was carrying under his heart for the past six months. They were ready. And so was him.

He did not know how did he found his way around the lake, not being the only one in the area.

Five omegas on all fours waiting for theirs bodies response to the eggs hatching beginning.

He could feel slick pooling down his things before the first egg broke. He could feel the liquid from the broken shell unload into his womb as small creature began its way down through his tunnel.

He could feel every step the animal took into him, spreading him from inside, putting small claws into his flesh to crawl onto surface.

His legs shaking, body shivering with pain and pleasure as first alligator found its way out. Shortly followed by another. And another. Then, two eggs cracking at the same time, animals fighting inside of him of who should go first, leaving Jin sobbing and moaning mess, as he lied on the forest floor, no longer able to support his weight.

Total of sixteen animals crawling their way out, spreading him, abusing his hole in a way he have never felt before, only heart as it was his first time carrying the eggs. Barely holding on his knees, legs spread wide to ease some of the pain, he waited for his body rejecting broken shells.

He distantly heard the alligator emerging from the water to collect his children, as his body began spasming, throwing out what he no longer needed.

After the process was done all the omegas could feel morning sun slowly appearing above the horizon, as their tired, horny, abused an unsatisfied selves felt another pull, and slowly went towards the next destination forest had for them in mind. Some were nearly crawling, other deciding to progress still on all fours, just some risking standing, moving forward on wobbly legs, supporting their weight on helpful trees.


As the beginning of April approached so did Jimin’s heat. He could feel the symptoms slowly creep up under his skin. It will probably hit him in the evening, maybe at night. He was wondering, will he get the call again? Or maybe this time it would be time alone, like in the past. Somehow he wanted to go back. He did not really remembered what happened last time, but the feeling of content he had afterwards was one of the best things he ever experienced. So he stared longingly at forest, wanting to be called.

And the call he did. But he wasn’t the only one. Nearly every omega at the time went for the forest. The mating season started. And the wolves too had their urges.

The group of omegas went together. And together did they reach the clearing, clothes forgotten during the walk, meeting the ones that went previous night awaiting for breeding. So they too went on all fours, knowing what would happen. They needed only one omega in heat. Triggering only one alpha’ rut. And the breeding would start.

The wolves were already there, waiting for them. Humans eyes hazy, unfocused. Most of them will remember only blurs.

But then one alpha arise. The biggest one of them, black with a pecks of silver in his fur. Their leader. Pack alpha. He slowly approaches omegas, slowly sniffing each of them, scent marking them as their own. Licking at the glands making them whimper and shiver. And then he nudges some of them. To follow him.

A total of ten omegas were chosen, Jimin, Yoongi and Jin being among the group. And they follow the alpha, not knowing the purpose, too much in a call headspace to care, first moans of the pleasure echoing behind them as cycle of heats and ruts start, alphas fucking into the omegas senseless, with only one urge in mind. To breed, lock their knots in tight heat of omegas’ entrances and fill up their wombs to the brim.

The ten omegas arrive onto other clearing also full of wolves. But the scenery is different.

There are female wolves present. Omegas. And pups. A lot of pups.

The naked man walks between them, guiding lost pups to wolves for the feed.

Alphas already started, fucking their mates, but in not as much rush as in the previous clearing.

Everything is slower, calmer. In peace.

The man approaches the newcomers, lowers himself to be scented by the alpha wolf, and scent him back, small giggle leaving his lips as the wolf licks his face in friendly way.

He watches the omegas, his scent visible when he comes closer. Fresh grass after the storm. Taehyung – supplies Jimin’s mind, realization crashing peace over his body.

The man, omega, Taehyung slowly approaches the omegas, take in their scents. He caress their stomachs, murmuring sweet nothings, soothing the omegas. Making them calm.

They relax in his embrances, quiet moans of pleasure leaving their mouths as he begins working on their nipples, twisting buds in his fingers, massaging around them, feeling them up, sucking into his mouth.

They are pliant in his arms, allowing every move, knowing that no harm will be placed upon them.

They allow him putting them down, for pack’s alpha rough tongue further stimulate their sensitives.

They are lactating. All ten of them.

Taehyung guides some of them, Jin included, onto the gathering as omegas heat slowly takes over their bodies. They are laid differently, on the side, as alphas slowly approaches them and began easing themselves in their heat. With no rush, as pups are placed near them, little ones, some barely out of their mothers wombs connects to their nipples and began sucking, creating pleasure highlighted by alphas ministrations.

This is not about breeding. This is about taking care of each other.

Jimin and Yoongi are taken to the side.

Young prince is being laid beside pregnant wolves, pups immediately latching themselves to his standing nipples, drinking nutritious milk making omega moan softly at the feeling.

Not far away from them Yoongi ends up on all fours, side by side with Taehyung as both their chests are lowered for the pups, small huffs leaving them as the young ones latched to them and began sucking and licking sensitive buds.

There are alphas guarding the wolves, probably their mates. Affected by mating season but unable to get a release, as their mates lie pregnant, soon to conceive, not wanting to endanger unborn pups.

The first one eases into Yoongi’s tight heat as head alpha mounts Taehyung. And they are fucked, side by side, soft moans spilling out of their mouths as alphas cocks spread them open.

In and out. Out and in. In rhythm, with no hurry, alphas delivering pleasure to omegas below.

It takes longer than with usual tempo for knots to inflate, but it draws out even more pleasure, as sensitivity spiked, stimulation and hormones doing their work.

As the alphas locks warm sperm enters their bodies, filling them as the nearly liquid finds its home in their wombs. And fill them in, their bellies inflating, wombs stretching as they moan softly as they ride their separate orgasms. Beside each other. Together.

The alpha above Yoongi switch its place with another one, but the one above Taehyung stays the same. And they are fucked, again and again, their entrances swallowing eagerly alpha’s cocks and squeeze around their knots drawing out more liquid.

They get a break after some rounds, alphas lapping their tongues near their entrances, cleaning them a little from escaping fluids.

Yoongi lies there, catching a breath, his triggered heat subdued for now as cold liquid is placed near his lips.

It is Taehyung providing him with water. And he does just that to every omega present in the forest. Checks on wolves, shuffle pups so every single one gets feed.

He lies with Jimin, his stomach inflated, bumping other omega delirious in heat but not in pain. He licks his face reminding him of his presence nearby. Then he takes care of his glands, swollen and thick with sticky coating of pheromones. He licks them too, making younger hitch his breath, as warmth fills his body. He is here, cared for and protected. He does not have to worry.

Soon Taehyung cames back to Yoongi’s side they both take their positions again, pups below them as alphas mount them again. They take it slow. After all they have whole mating season to fill the omegas with their seed till they are bursting with it.


He woke up in his nest, content, his nipples a little sore, red and puffy. But he was happy.

Beside him slept Yoongi, stomach a little inflated, but not like last time.

He did not know how did he managed to get back, beside pleasure his memories distorted. But he remembers the smell. Taehyung was there.

Who exactly was the omega. Jungkook says he is his father, but then how does he look so young. Why is he living alone in the forest instead of the village. Why does he behave way more… what word to use. Primal? Instinctual?

And what is his connection to the wolves?


Since mating season month passed.

Life in the village wasn’t ideal, but they liked it there. They could have get used to it. Forget about their pasts and live in the present. But life had other plans for them.

Soldiers came into the village. Horses big and dangerous, beautiful armors shining in spring sun. The man clad in cardinal red, two golden lions on his chest sits proudly in the middle, surrounded by his guards. Royal guards. Of the kingdom Jimin escaped. And in the middle. His little brother.

And Jimin acts before he thinks.

“Brother! What are you doing here?!” He is in shook. Deeply. He thought he will never ever meet members of his family again. And here he is.

“Jimin! Thank God. So the rumors were true. You are alive!” Alpha is pleased. He have found what was he looking for.

“Brother, the war ended. We managed to win with the help of our allies, old and new alike. Come home with me. There is no time to waste.”

Jungkook saw the exchange. And had very bad feelings. Truth be told, he did not like the whole ordeal from the very beginning. Something smelled fishy. And so does it now. So he slowly started approaching his friend.

“No time to waste? Why in such a hurry? I need some time. To tell my companions, pack our belongings and say my farewells.” He did not understand. What was going on.

“Jimin. I knew you were an omega, but I’ve thought you to be smarter. If an alpha gives a command, you simply comply, no questions asked.”

He did not like it at all. What was his brother saying again?

“I do not answer to you.”

“Yes, you do. As I am your brother and King and you are under my care.”

“You are mistaken. I am under the care of Jungkook and from the moment my father passed away only him.”

“Jimin, how stupid can you get. I am a KING now, and you are just some useless omega. You have no rights over yourself as a member of the royals. And your little friend should not even be near you considering his status as an orphan from unknown family.”

“Come, fill your duty as an omega of the royal family. You are already of mating age. It was already bad we couldn’t get you for mating season, but your suitor awaits your next heat to mate you. We have to hurry. He won’t wait forever.”

Jimin was speechless. He knew his position from the beginning. But his father always reassured him he would have a choice. If he likes the alpha and his smell. That he would have at least two to choose from. But not like this. Never.

“In this forest I am not a prince. I am a refugee, like most people here. I am no longer Park Jimin. I am Kim Jimin. Someone running away from the past, leaving it outside this forest. Here you have no rights over me.”

“Insolent brat! Who do you think you are talking to. You will bend to my will whether you like it or not. Jungkook! As your King I give you an order. Take Jimin with you and let’s go!” The anger in his voice was evident.

“I do not answer to you. I am bound to protect Jimin with my life and I am answering to him and him only. The pact we made did not include you taking over in case King dies. So if Jimin does not want to leave, we will not. You won’t make us.” His tone was strong and composed, dominance in it. He was the same age as newly appointed King, but he was much stronger than him. If they fought, he would be able to easily overpower him.

“It is your duty Jimin! To…” He did not end his sentence, interrupted.

“Do you think I’m stupid. And deaf. Do you think I cannot think and connect dots? The first war was because someone wanted to dethrone King. And they succeed. My father, middle brother had taken his place. The wife of first kind marries him and become pregnant with his child. Soon after alpha boy is born the son of first King dies during playtime. Unfortunate accident. Mother is filled with sadness and rage and denies his alpha entrance to her body. So he rapes her and here I am born. And then you. How father thought you are his blood I don’t know. But most of servants knew you are not. Father unknown, creeping into Queens chambers when king was away. Her favorite child. Because not of the same father as the rest. And then? The escapee? Our older brother was set to fail, wasn’t he? I was the same. Too much luggage on the horses, horses not for escapee but for parades, unable to keep speed over long distances. Scented furs. I was just a decoy, so they would follow me not you, am I wrong? But hey, suddenly I survive and all you can do is use me even more?” The rage was evident. It was not all the truth, there was way more to it, but omega was correct. He was just a tool used in political war. Nothing more. But no more. He won’t put with it any more. Not when he finally started feeling happy. Happy and free, even if bound by the forest rules.

“You are just a tool. And as tool you will be used.” The tone was cold, soldiers ready to attack.

“I am my own person and as such I will be treated. I am staying here. Leave.” At the beginning he was weak, unused to alpha pheromones. But he have changed in the year. Now he can stand for himself. So he will.

“Capture him. Kill anyone who opposes.” The guards moved to comply.

One word. Just one word said by the omega.


And the growl erupted from alpha’s chest. Loud growl filled with force and pheromones, feral, making horses panic and alphas dropping onto their knees. Just the head guard. The same one that at that fateful day told them to go to the stables.

“You will die today, brat.” Alpha managed to take only two steps towards Jimin. Two steps before Jungkook jumped, clothes ripping on him.

And there in between stood big brown wolf, way bigger than average. Sharp claws and teeth bare, dangerous grow in his eyes. Two pieces of jewelry on him. On his neck pendant from his father. On his left front pawn bracelet from Jimin.

“Leave while you still can.” It was all Jimin said. And the soldiers were gone, abandoning their prince as most primal fear appeared in their veins. Hybrid. Magical. Strong. They do not stand a chance. Probably a small army would not be enough.

“This is not the end.” Those were last words of the once prince now King before he followed into his soldiers steps, fleeing the scene.

The whole scene was watched by villagers, now looking stunned at the wolf. They understood. He really was from here. But not from this village. Or from any other. He was from the forest, born and raised there. That’s why he never got called in. He was a part of it.

And it was a part of him…

Chapter Text

He wanted answers. He packed just a couple of things to small backpack and went to the forest. To find his father, taking both omegas with himself, for safety reasons. After all Jimin’s brother said, that it won’t be the end.

Forest itself was not helpful. But it also did not hinder his travel. He knew he was being watched. They all were. Constantly. As long as they were in the forest.

He remembered small hut where his father treated his wounds. But he could not remember his way there. He was always exceptionally good with finding his way in the forest, but now he had problems.

Jungkook did not know how long were they wandering, but the sun was high up the sky, so it was already a couple of hours.

Low rumble echoed through the forest as alpha wolf appeared behind them. They did not knew he was there.

The wolf came closer slowly, wary. They did not taken any weapons with them. They came in peace.

Animal approaches, sniffing the air tasting it. Whatever he found there must have pleased him, as he nudged Jungkook, as to say “Follow me.”

They are taken to the clearing, full of wolves looking at them with interest. There are caves there, with even more wolves. Den. They were taken to the pack’s den.

And before them stood the pack’s alpha.

The same wolf that had taken Jungkook to the forest that fateful day. They lover their heads in submission.

What does not Jungkook expect was to feel alpha’s wet tongue on his skin, licking him with care and scenting him. Uncertainly Jungkook returns the gesture, rubbing his scent onto the wolf, just to end on his back laughing as wolf happily licks his face tickling him.

Both omegas look at the exchange, not understanding.

After standing up, Jungkook hugs wolf closely, his long arms too short to fully tangle around alpha.

“Thank you for helping me back there, it is nice seeing you again.” And the wolf understands, waging his tail happily from side to side.

It is truly endearing sight, as big strong and scary pack alpha behaves as excited pup during his exchange with Jungkook, japing happily at his words like in an answer.

“I am looking for Taehyung, my father. Do you know where he is?”

The wolf looks at him, his gaze strong, like he wasn’t looking at Jungkook but into him. He arises and goes into the forest, waiting for a stunned party to follow. And so they go.

They follow the guidance of the wolf, the forest watching their every step as the hut appears before their eyes. But it is not the same hut. Not Taehyung’s one. But they can feel his scent linger in the air.

Before they turn to thank their guide the wolf is long gone.

They come near, knocking onto the door, but they are ajar, opening on itself. Inviting them. So in they come.

In the middle of the room, bare except enormous size nest sits a man. He was beautiful, clad only in some delicate see-through material, giving of a vibe of eternal. Older than them but still looking young like only a couple years were apart them. His red hair fluffy, eyes affectionate as he was looking at the man in his lap. And there lied Taehyung, similar clothes on, man’s hand caressing his soft locks, eyes unfocussed and blissful expression. Soft huffs and delicate moans escaping his lips. Wide collar showing small detail not seen before. Mating mark.

They could not pinpoint man’s smell. It felt like everything and nothing at all. But his demeanor screamed alpha.

The man lifted his gaze to focus on his guests, his face breathtaking.

“Welcome. My name is Hoseok. I was awaiting you…”

Chapter Text

“I want answers.” He did not knew who was the man. He could feel respect, and some weird pull towards him, but he was wary. What was his father doing in man’s lap. Why he looked blissful like that. What was done to him.

“To get answers you first have to ask the questions.” His tone was playful, but gaze intense.

“Who are you.”

“I am the forest. And the forest is me.”

“Are you the god of this forest? The deity taking care of it?”

“This answer is not correct. But it is not incorrect either. If it is easier to you, we can accept the statement.”

The playful tone annoyed young alpha a little, but what could he do, the same tone spreading warmth in his heart.

“Who am I.” The insecurity in alpha voice was evident. He was so close. But answers seemed not to be obtained easily.

“You are you. And that is all to it.” That was not the answer he expected. Frustration overtaking him as tears started to shine in his eyes. He felt two hands on his back, caressing him. Reassuring. Everything will be fine.

He heard quiet whine, Taehyung standing up, approaching him on wobbly legs, hugging him, scenting. His nose traveling up and down the curve of his throat, calming him. Content huff escaping his lips with the closeness of his father.

“You are the child of the forest.” The answer arose, Hoseok loosing playful tone.

“What does that mean?” He did not understand.

“That means you are not just a simple hybrid. You are more magical than human, being part of the forest and it being a part of you.” That answered nothing. Hoseok seemed to understand. But it was not him who answered the question.

“It was my choice, to abandon word of humans, seeking home and protection among the forest. Becoming one with it. I am no longer a human.” The answer became unfolding, sad smile present at Taehyung’s face.

“I have fallen in love with the forest. And with its inhabitants. When I’ve learned I have a choice, I made it. I wasn’t easy, breaking the connections. But here I am, taking care of the life in the forest together with other guardians as forest child. Another guardian and turned hybrid.”

“There were some steps I had to follow to became who I am right now. At that time I had no feelings towards Hoseokie here. But I was young and fascinated.”

“When pack alpha, one of the few wolves in the forest being magical began courting me, I’ve accepted. You are what came of that courtship. A child of someone who was during the transition of being one of the forest child and one of the forest guardians. Pregnancy supervised and blessed by forest itself.”

“We raised you both as a wolf pup and a forest child. But if you stayed here, your connection to the forest would grow, connecting you forever. That’s why I gave you away. Took you to the place I was born, far up north, away from this forest but still close to the nature. That way you would be able to have normal life, not burdened by my choices as wolf nature inside of you understood and did not hinder your daily life.” Jungkook waited for more, but all was heard was silence.

“Does that mean I will now became forest child like… you?” he did not knew if he wanted that. He did not even knew what that meant.

“If you stay in the village, no. You will feel stronger connection, but you won’t fully turn into one. But if you were to stay in the forest for longer periods of time…” Hoseok did not need to finish his sentence. Everybody understood.

Taehyung was now a forest child and probably a wolf hybrid. He choose the forest, probably no longer comfortable among the humans. Caring about the forest and its inhabitants.

And there was Jungkook, who could only maintain his persona as a human outside of the forest, village being his only ‘safe’ place. The more time he wanted to spend with his family, the lesser human he would became. Till there would be no turning back.

He have finally found his ‘home’. Found both his omega and alpha fathers. Something he have never thought possible. And here he is unable to be with them.

The two omegas beside him hat their own battles in their heads, concerned about their friend, but having internal struggle.

Yoongi remembers the man. He is the one he thought he saw during his first forest call.

He touches his left hand, tracing the place it was cut off all that times ago, now only faint scar visible.

“Thank you.” He says hesitantly, not knowing what he does thank for.

For acceptance? For care and protection? For somehow giving him what he was missing back? For letting him experience things he thought not possible for him? Maybe for them all. And probably more.

But they understood, if warm smiles were anything to go by. Taehyung embracing him in his arms, warmth spreading in his chest. He started crying – from gratitude. He felt like in the embrace of his long dead mother. Loved, cared for. Hand caressing his hair as older omega soothed him, calming pheromones in the air.

He felt so small at that moment, like everything was all right, nothing to worry.

And so he fell asleep from overflow of emotions.

Gently placed in the nest to rest.

Jungkook was watching the scene with fondness in his heart.

He did not remember much about his father. But the short amount of time he spend with him awakened deep love in him, grateful to have such a wonderful person in his life.

And the person he developed feelings for. There were not strong yet to call them love. But he was getting there, quiet admiration for the omega growing stronger day by day.

But from the happy thoughts he was taken by distressed smell of his other companion, his friend of who he cares deeply. He did not understood bad mood of the omega, but he immediately went to comfort his friend.

But him showing Jimin in affection did not help this time, making omega’s mood even worse.

“I.. Do you want me to leave?” Jimin’s weak voice breaks the silence. Everyone looked at him, Jungkook not understanding. Why would Jimin say something like that?

“I am useless, all I did was endanger everyone as there are people after my head. Thanks to me Jungkook got wounded not once but twice and bloodbath taken place in the village where violence is prohibited. It was all my fault.” Omega started crying, distressed smell even more evident.

That’s when he feels a wave of calmness surging through his body, as Hoseok comes closer and places his hand on the cheek of the younger, lifting his head so he could look onto his eyes.

“Answer me, do you want to leave?”

He is mesmerized by the Forest God eyes, unable to say anything different than truth.


“Then it is settled. Stay. We will protect you. All you have to do is ask.”

The warmth spreading after the words makes omega extremely happy, pink shade adoring his cheeks from the attention.


All he gets in return is a warm smile, and he manages to believe that everything would be fine.

They all end up in the nest, thoughtfully scented by Taehyung, enveloped in calming pheromones, their heads caressed by both forest guardians as peace envelopes them lulling tem to sleep.


They awoke in the village, in the house they are currently living in. Together in one nest, the biggest and the most comfortable one – Jungkook’s nest. With calmness in their hearts, believing the whole encounter was a dream as none of the villagers know nothing about them disappearing for one day.

But it could not be a dream as Taehyung’s scent lingers deeply in theirs clothes…

Chapter Text

Life was going its own way, time passing calmly. There were more soldiers for Jimin, but the village never heard of them again. Stories in nearby cities spreading as armed man entered forest to never came back. Sometimes pained screams echoing from the darkness. Jimin did not knew where did they disappear, but he supposed there were mostly dead. Wanting to harm the forest and the ones he protected - it fought back.

He did not want to come back. But he did not want innocent lives die because of him. They wanted to take him. But they were just following orders. He thought of the resolution. But he still was not sure.

Jungkook and Yoongi courting was going well, alpha creating various necklaces and bracelets for the omega, sometimes bringing furs. Showering older male in affection he was deprived from for many, many years.

Jungkook slowly maturing, embracing his needs for closeness, Yoongi learning that there is much more than physical aspects of alpha omega relationship. That he is more than a hole to fuck into.

But they are not the only ones whose relationship flourish, as Namjoon finally found the courage to propose courting to Seokjin. And Jin of course happily accepted, both of them nearly inseparable and sweet. Truly heartwarming sight.

Jimin really did not want to break this calmness. But he had an idea. But the idea would hurt someone. If not him than the ones around him. But still, he had to voice it.

“Jungkook. Yoongi. I think I will go for the forest.” It wasn’t easy. But that was the only thing to stop what was currently happening.

“What do you mean?” They did not understand.

“I am inconvenience. People are dying because of me. I cannot stand that. Even if I do not know them. Even if they want my harm. I just can’t. I will go to the forest. Break all ties with the human word. Disappear without a trace. It will end this madness.” He was sad. He did not want to leave his friends behind, but at least he would be able to watch them from the forest, knowing they are safe.

The understanding appeared on their faces. They knew of the struggle Jimin had, unable to help him, as words “It is not your fault” were useless.

He thought they would try to stop him. But the response he got was not what he anticipated.

“Give us some time to process it, ok.”


And the time is what he gives them.


It was a week since the topic was brought up again. It was Yoongi who began, catching younger in tight hug.

“Jimin, are you sure you don’t think of any other way.”

“Yes, I am sure.” He said, sadness in the voice, tears in the eyes. IT was the time for farewells.

“When do you want to leave?”

“As fast as I can. Maybe tomorrow. I just have to say my goodbyes.”

“Ok then. We will be ready to leave tomorrow.” Yoongi reassuring voice echoed in his ears.

“What do you mean?” Jimin did not understand. Were they going to walk him? To prolong inevitable?

“Silly one. Did you really thought we would let you go alone? We are coming with you. After all, we are family.” His voice was sincere and sure of said words.

Jimin wants to protest, but the warmth spreads in his chest and eyes water. Small sobs leave his mouth. He is grateful. They would not have to part their ways. He wants to say stay. He doesn’t want to drag them with him. But as he realized the pair must have talked it all out and all he feels is happiness.


They packed a couple of their belongings with them, leaving behind those that they would not need or the ones that are not theirs. They say their farewells the next morning, saying that they are setting their journey again. To protect the village form the attacks.

There are some people they would be missing. Some more than the others.

The moment the time came to say their goodbyes to their closest friends. The ones always by their side, helping them ease to the life in the village.

Both omegas cried when they bid their farewells to Jin. They just learned the news, he was expecting. He spent his last September heat with Namjoon and the proof of that was a life growing inside him, still too small to leave noticeable bump, but big enough to detect small shift in Jin’s scent. The apples with cinnamon became even sweeter than before.

“So, you are going for the forest.” The question was quiet, but Namjoon came close enough to Jungkook to reach alpha’s ears.

“How did you know?” They haven’t told anyone where they were going. They did not want to be judged.

“You have two hybrids in your party. Outside word is not welcome for them. Besides, this forest is a part of you, as well as you are a part of this forest, am I wrong? Where else you would go when you have ultimate protection under your nose.” He asked, smile on his face.

“Maybe you are right.”

“Don’t worry. They would take good care of you.” At the words Jungkook turned to face the alpha. They. Did he knew about Hoseok and Taehyung?

“Do you..”

“Well, then that means we will see each other around. Even if you are going to be the only ones aware of the fact.”

“Take care of yourself. And take good care of us.” At those words Namjoon turned and walked towards his omega, trying to soothe him. Not telling that in truth trio is not going very far away.


The forest knew where they wanted to get. So it opened its path for them.

They arrived at Hoseok’s hut before sunset.

“So, you have decided?” The Forest God asked while petting young wolf pup and playing with it in the long grass.

“Yes, we do.” They answered in unison, no regrets in their mind.

“Are you aware there is no turning back?” He finally arose his head, making eyesight with all three of them, seeing their determination, not just feeling of it.

“We are aware”

“Well then. Welcome to my forest.”


It was a slow process, but within a year they vanished from the word of humans. The memories first a blur dissolved to just a feeling that there was someone there. But who he was or how he looked like were the things that perished forever.

There was just one pair, the ones closest to them, that had a feeling of a friend being beside them, always watching and taking care of them. But who the friend was also dissolved in the memory…

Chapter Text

He stood at the end of the cliff breathing in fresh air. He was happy, he was free.

His hair danced with the wind, wide grin present on his face.

He turned into wolf again, running through trees, feeling forest under his pawns. It was talking to him. Telling him the state of the animals, people entering its grounds, what happened in the village. He knew that at the moment Jin was in early labor, delivering his third child to the world. He knows it will be strong alpha girl, healthy with bright future in front of her. Namjoon calm, knowing everything will be alright. Jin in pain and worried of his kid's health. Younger pups restless in the room beside feeling their father discomfort. It was six years. Six years since they decided to leave the village. They regretted nothing.

Finally he could understand the choices his own father made.

He came to the hut he build with his own hands for him and Yoongi. It was his final courting gift. And it was a year ago, the pair mated now.

He loves those runs through the forest, helping his alpha father with his duties as the head alpha and forest guardian. When it will be his time, he will dissolve, turn permanently into part of the forest, always by his side. But now he was teaching Jungkook how to take care of the pack. Pack that with time will be his.

He shifts back and opens the door.

He smiles at the sight, his eyes watering slightly.

Yoongi, his expecting omega, eight months pregnant with his pups, stomach heavy, being feed by Jimin, his best friend, the same time his father runs the bath to ease pains of pregnancy. Hoseok sitting in the corner, enjoying the view, smile on his lips.

Yes, Yoongi was pregnant. Jungkook could not stop being proud of himself. They did not have sex before. Their first time together was also Jungkook’s first time. They mated, words of love whispered between moans. It had taken in his first shoot. And now Yoongi is carrying his two pups. He can already feel connection to them. They still did not choose the names for the boys. One alpha and one omega. But they already love them more than anything in this world.

But there are other things worth celebrating. One of them are wings. Two years back Yoongi had terrible pains, the scars on his back throbbing nonstop. It was a hard time for them, Yoongi constantly under the care of one of them, closeness of other helping. And then one day they appeared, sprung out of his back. Small, fragile but beautiful. Fairy wings.

Right now they are still growing, not reaching full size yet but beautifully adoring Yoongi’s backs. One of the things he discovered? They were extremely sensitive, especially at the connection.

He loved the moans his omega made when he caressed them, licked the junction. This was one of his favorite places to stimulate his mate. Yoongi did not oppose. He too loved his wings.

Jimin being under the protection of the forest not needing the oath Jungkook made. But the oath was still present, as additional connection between them. Additionaly the former prince too found someone to love. Or maybe he should say someones, as he developed feelings for the Forest Got itself but still enjoying deeply Taehyung’s closeness.

It began slowly, as he was getting more and more affection, spending more time with them for the transition. Surrounded by warmth he was missing, it filling up his heart. With time it had turned into love. Strong, deep and full of affection. He started living with Hoseok, sharing his burden with him the way only Taehyung did this till now. They did not cement their connection, but they were planning.

And his father, living in his own hut, as he valued intimacy but also wanting to be close to the pack, having the strongest connection to them after his mate.

Happy to see his son living the life he wants, finding friends and mate. Happy.

They all did it.

They have found the place called home…