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All Formulas

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            Izuku Midoriya is just an average looking kid; however his Quirk is anything but average especially since it is considered one of the most powerful Quirks of all time. Izuku sits at his desk in his junior high, in Izuku’s honest opinion he finds school to be rather boring considering that he’s at the top of the class. The only reason he pays attention at all is so that the staff doesn’t have anything to complain or write him up about after all he wants to be a hero more than anything. Unfortunately for Izuku he has to deal with the annoyances of his class which consists of the other students being as generic as possible even with their Quirks. Izuku doesn’t believe that anyone’s Quirk is inherently useless, but rather he believes that a Quirk can only be useful if applied with the right knowledge.

            As his teacher had stated just a moment ago everyone in his class wants to get into the hero course, but none of them want to put in the effort it takes to get there. Izuku has analyzed all of his classmates Quirks and has found many different ways their Quirks could be used, but nobody wants to talk to him because he’s a “villain”. The teacher says nonchalantly “Oh yeah, Midoriya you want to get into Yuuei too.” Izuku looks up at his classmates who are all looking back at him with a bored expression as they all laugh at him.

            “What kind of school would want to take in a villain?” “They wouldn’t even let you near their campus!” Bakugou stomps over and slams his palm on his desk causing an explosion, but Izuku doesn’t move since he knew Bakugou’s Quirk wouldn’t hurt him from that range. “Deku you bastard, you really think Yuuei would take a villain like you when they could have someone like me?! You’re just a worthless villain who wouldn’t even be considered for Yuuei’s general course!”

            Izuku sighs as he thinks “Yep, same shit as always.” Izuku asks with a deadpan expression “Bakugou, if I cared what you or anyone else thought I wouldn’t even be here right now. However, since I don’t care I’m going to the Yuuei hero course whether if you like it or not, also” Izuku looks over the class as blue pentagrams appear in his eyes “is it really such a good idea to make someone you consider a villain angry?” Izuku’s classmates look away in slight fear before Izuku turns his attention back to Bakugou “Besides, if I’m really as much of a villain as you say I am then you have nothing to worry about. After all, why would Yuuei allow a future villain to attend their school, right?”

            Bakugou yells as he lets off a few more explosions in his palm “You trying to pick a fight with me!?” Izuku answers “No, I’m just saying that if you really believe in your ‘logic’ then there would be no reason as to why you should be angry with me since by your reasoning I wouldn’t even have a chance to attend Yuuei.” Bakugou stands at Izuku’s desk fuming from Izuku’s argument “Bakugou please take your seat, we still have class to attend to.” Bakugou huffs before he stomps off back to his desk as the rest of the school day continues.

            Izuku doesn’t hate Bakugou necessarily, that require him to still hold an emotional attachment to Bakugou, but Izuku isn’t that naïve. Before their Quirks came in they used to be really good friends, but afterwards Bakugou became volatile and abrasive. When Izuku’s Quirk came in everyone turned on him which was a shock at first, but his father had told him that people often fear those more powerful than themselves. Izuku isn’t emotionless; he only allows those he cares about to see his emotions which are mostly just his mom, dad, and sensei. Everyone else doesn’t really matter to him, they’ve already written him off as a villain so he has nothing to prove to them since they will only believe what they want to believe.

            After school Izuku packs up his things as he hears Bakugou stomping up to his desk with his lackeys behind him “What do you want Bakugou?” Bakugou answers “We’re not done here yet Deku.” Izuku sighs before he stands up and looks at Bakugou with a deadpan expression, they stare at each other for a moment before Izuku comments “Well…I’m waiting.” Bakugou reaches out to grab Izuku’s shoulder, but Izuku steps back to avoid his touch much to Bakugou’s annoyance. Bakugou says “Don’t even think of applying to Yuuei Deku, or else.”

            Izuku asks as he Quirks an eyebrow “Or else what?” Bakugou answers baring his teeth “Or else I’ll beat the shit out of you.” Izuku quips “You haven’t beaten me since we were five, I don’t imagine anything could’ve changed so recently.” Bakugou throws his hand at Izuku with an explosion, but Izuku dodges to the side completely avoiding the explosion. Bakugou yells “Don’t you fucking run away from me you damn nerd!”

            Izuku replies “I’m not running from you, I just don’t feel like taking an explosion to the face.” Bakugou lunges at Izuku, but he jumps back avoiding the explosion again “In any case I’m heading home now.” Izuku walks out of the class as Bakugou yells “Get back here Deku!” Izuku sighs as he hears Bakugou storming after him, so Izuku decides now would be a good time to run. Fortunately, unlike Bakugou, Izuku actually does train and is actually quite fast and agile so outrunning Bakugou isn’t very difficult.

            Once Izuku is off school grounds he’s safe since people aren’t allowed to use their Quirks in public and of course Bakugou wouldn’t want to tarnish his “perfect” record. Izuku heaves a sigh as he walks off school campus heading home, he doesn’t understand why Bakugou hates him so much. After all they used to get along fine, perhaps it could be attributed to his Quirk or perhaps it’s because of how everyone has always told him he was great and never told him otherwise. Or maybe he truly believes that he’s better than everyone else, if that’s the case then he’ll end up more like Endeavor than All Might.

            Once Izuku’s mind begins to quiet down he can’t hold back the lonesome feeling in his chest any longer. He doesn’t understand why everyone thinks that he’s a villain despite the fact that he hasn’t even done anything relatively evil. Izuku understands what his father meant about people fearing his power, but Izuku has been nothing but respectful. It’s all confusing the him as to why people would just assume he’s a villain simply because of his Quirk, but he’s not going to look gift horse in the mouth. After all; there are plenty of people out there who have it worse than him, people starving, people who’re homeless, and people who are just doing what they can to scrape by and survive.

            However, that despite knowing that other people have it worse off than him it doesn’t stop the crushing feeling of loneliness that he experiences almost every day. Sure he has his mom, dad, and sensei who have always been there for him, but his mom practically worries herself to death, dad hasn’t been home in years, and he graduated from sensei’s class a couple of years ago. He just wishes that he could make some friends, people who appreciate him for who he is rather than judge him based off his Quirk. Izuku sighs before he comments while walking underneath a bridge “Great, now I’m depressed.” Suddenly he hears a metallic clang behind him which causes him to turn on his heel to see a giant green sludge-like mass with two yellow eyes.

            The sludge man says “Ah, a medium size suit, you’ll do just fine.” Izuku activates his Quirk showing blue pentagrams in his eyes which he uses to predict the sludge villains movements. The sludge villain lunges at him, but Izuku side rolls out of the way of the villain’s attack then jumps away from the villain to both gain some distance as well as bring the fight out in the open. The sludge villain yells out “Get back here you brat!” Izuku replies with a hardened glare “Sorry, but I don’t feel like becoming somebody’s skin suit today thank you very much.”

            The villains growls before lunging at Izuku again who backflips away “Stop moving around!” Izuku quips “Right, because I’m definitely going to listen to what a villain tells me to do.” Suddenly the manhole the sludge villain came out of bursts off with an all too familiar laugh “Never fear, because I am here!” Both the villain’s and Izuku’s eyes widen before All Might himself turns to the villain and throws a punch which Izuku dashes to the side to avoid “Texas Smash!” The villain becomes a green splattered mess on the pavement rendering him completely immobile, Izuku looks at All Might in complete awe as he stops using his Quirk.

            All Might laughs triumphantly “Sorry for getting you caught up in my heroing, the layout of the sewer system is pretty complicated.” Izuku begins fanboying “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s actually All Might! He’s actually here standing in front of me! He actually really saved me! Oh my god!”

            All Might asks as he approaches Izuku “Are you alright young man?” Izuku answers “Yes sir, I’m completely fine thanks to you sir!” All Might laughs as he says “At ease young man, there’s no need to be so formal with me.” Izuku replies “Yes si-” Izuku cuts himself off before he calms down “yes All Might.” All Might then pulls out two empty soda bottles seemingly out of nowhere as he unscrews one and begins scraping the villain into the bottle.

            Izuku offers “Here, let me help you, it’ll be much faster if I just use my Quirk.” All Might looks over at Izuku as pentagrams appear in his eyes with his hands raised and begins making pulling motions causing the sludge to be pulled towards him which he then dumps into the bottle. Once both bottles are filled All Might comments “That’s quite the useful Quirk you have there.” Izuku blushes as he replies “T-thank you All Might, b-but actually that was my mom’s Quirk.” All Might hums in confusion as he tilts his head before Izuku explains “M-my Quirk allows me to analyze and copy anything I see, it really helps with homework as well as training in martial arts and it also allows me to copy other people’s Quirks.”

            All Might asks in a serious tone “Quirks?” Izuku answers “Yeah, I’ve already copied a bunch of other Quirks, but due to the laws I’m not allowed to use them in public. I actually want to become a hero and go to Yuuei, but…” Izuku looks down as he says “people keep on telling me that they won’t accept me. They think that I have a villain’s Quirk and that Yuuei wouldn’t accept someone like me.” All Might replies after a moment of silence “Young man, there is no such thing a villain’s or hero’s Quirk, it is what you do with your power that determines who you are.”

            Izuku begins tearing up as he looks up at All Might with a bright smile “Thank you All Might, I-I really needed that.” All Might then walks away as he says “Well, I must get this villain to the police station, thank you for your support young man.” All Might bounds off as Izuku waves “See ya All Might!” After All Might is gone from sight Izuku begins walking back home feeling lighter on his feet until he realizes “Crap! I forgot to get his autograph!”

            Meanwhile All Might lands on a nearby building as he disappears into steam “Damn it, my time almost ran out talking to that kid.” Toshinori waves the steam away “I wonder if it was such a good idea to tell that kid what I said. He looks almost like…” Toshinori shakes his head “no, it can’t be, it must be a coincidence.” Toshinori then says as he heads for the door “Now then let’s get you down to the station.” Toshinori pats at his pocket, but feels nothing he looks down to see that both bottles are missing from his pockets. Toshinori then hears an explosion off in the distance and sees smoke coming from an alleyway “Damn it, I was careless.”

            As Izuku is on his way home he hears an explosion in the distance behind him “Another hero fight? Might as well go check it out.” Izuku runs off as he texts his mom that he’ll be getting home little later than usual. Once he arrives at the scene he sees that the alleyway is covered in flames, the heroes at the scene are Death Arms, Backdraft, Kamui Woods, Mount Lady, and another hero that Izuku doesn’t recognize. Izuku pushes his way through the crowd to get a better view of the villain fight, but once he does he realizes that it’s the same sludge villain that attacked him before. Izuku thinks to himself wide eyed “W-what happened? All Might had him, did something happen to him?!”

            One of the people in the crowd comments how the villain has a hostage at which point Izuku uses his Quirk, but when he does he notices that the hostage is Bakugou. Izuku analyzes the situation for a moment before he calls out in a commanding tone “Backdraft; use your Quirk on the sludge villain to dilute his body so that he can’t hold his form! Kamui; keep getting civilians out of danger, Death Arms and everyone else try to put out the fires!” The heroes look back at Izuku in the crowd before he yells out “Hurry up or he’ll die!” The heroes then do as Izuku suggested, Backdraft begins using his Quirk on the villain which begins to dilute his body allowing Bakugou to catch a breath while Death Arms uses his strength to send out enough wind pressure to blow out the flames along with Mount Lady who stamps out the flames with one foot.

            Once the villain’s body is diluted enough to no longer hold its form Kamui Woods grabs Bakugou from the villain’s grasp and pulls him to safety. Once it is all taken care of the police gather up the villain and take him away while the heroes compliment Izuku “Thanks for the help kid.” “You certainly gave us the guidance necessary to take down that villain.” “With your eye for detail you’ll make a great hero.”

            Izuku blushes as he scratches the back of his head with a smile “I-I didn’t really do much, I just told you all what to do, which was pretty rude in hindsight.” Death Arms chuckles as he ruffles Izuku’s hair “It’s alright kid, thanks to you we managed to save that kid.” Mount Lady grabs one of Izuku’s hands with a flirty look “Make sure that when your internships come in you intern with me.” Izuku blushes madly making him look like a strawberry as Kamui reprimands “That is no way a hero should act.” Mount Lady replies as she turns to Kamui “Aw come on, I’m just having some fun.”

            Izuku says with a heartfelt smile “Thank you all…for believing in me.” The heroes all look at Izuku surprised before Backdraft replies “Your welcome young man, but you should probably head on home I’m sure your parents are getting worried about you.” Izuku snaps to attention “Oh right, thank you all, I’ll see you later!” Izuku runs off as the heroes wave him goodbye while Bakugou glares at him as the paramedics check him over.

            Izuku texts his mom that he’s on his way home as he hears Bakugou call out “Deku!” Izuku sighs before he looks at Bakugou running towards him thinking “What does he want now?” Bakugou pants before he yells “I didn’t need your help! I was doing just fine on my own!” Izuku quirks an eyebrow as Bakugou glares at him “You didn’t do anything, you did nothing.”

            Bakugou turns on his heel as he yells “I don’t owe you anything!” As Bakugou walks off Izuku asks himself “Was he expecting me to hold that over his head or something?” Izuku shakes his head “I don’t think I’ll ever understand him.” Izuku then looks at the setting sun as he says aloud “But now I have more people who believe in me, so I won’t stop until I become a hero who saves everyone with a smile on his face.” Izuku continues walking home with his head held high and proud that pro heroes acknowledged him as having the potential of becoming a hero.

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            As Izuku walks in the door he calls out “Mom, I’m home.” Inko replies from the kitchen “Welcome home sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Izuku kicks off his shoes as he walks in the living room as Inko asks “Did you have a good day?” Izuku answers as he sits his backpack down on the couch “Yeah, I got to meet All Might, Death Arms, Kamui Woods, Backdraft, and the new hero who just debuted this morning; Mount Lady.” Inko replies “Is that the woman who can make herself grow that I saw on the news this morning?” Izuku answers “Yeah, that’s her.”

            Izuku then says as he walks into the kitchen “They also told me that I could be a hero.” Inko looks at Izuku with a concerned look on her face “Izuku, you know your father and I have told you that you can be anything you want to be.” Izuku replies as he begins setting the table “Yeah, I know, but I mean no one else except sensei has ever told me I could be a hero.” Inko asks “Are the kids at school still calling you a villain?” Izuku sighs as he answers “Yeah, but I mean it’s not like they know who I am so their opinions don’t matter to me.”

            Inko giggles “I guess you get that from your father.” Izuku replies with a smile “Yeah.” Inko then brings the food to the table as she says with a smile “I hope you’re hungry.” Izuku comments as he rubs his hands together “Starving.”

            After dinner Izuku heads to his room where he makes a call “Hey dad.” Hisashi replies “Hey son how was school today?” Izuku answers “Same crap as usual.” Hisashi chuckles before he comments “Sounds about right, did anything interesting happen today?”

            Izuku answers with enthusiasm “Oh yeah, this morning I got to see this new hero named Mount Lady’s debut, I mean the way she did it was a bit distasteful but her Quirk was amazing. She can make herself grow to the size of buildings, although I’m not sure if that’s her max height or if that is just the only height she can go to. I mean is it possible to make her seven feet tall or does she have to automatically become thirty or forty feet tall. I’m also curious as to how that affects her bone structure as well as balance; I mean she’d have to work very hard to master that kind of Quirk.” Izuku continues talking about her Quirk as well as theorizing its limitation and its uses while Hisashi listens contently.

            Though Izuku doesn’t get to see his dad anymore since he moved overseas for his job he still enjoys talking to him about Quirks. His father despite how distant he is has always been supportive of Izuku’s dream of becoming a hero even if he himself didn’t agree with it. However, Izuku knew how Hisashi felt about heroes so their common ground was Quirks which was something they both enjoyed discussing and theorizing. Even though Hisashi is far away Inko has continued to remain faithful despite it all and Izuku has always cared for his father even if he doesn’t get to see him anymore.

            Izuku then says “In any case I think I’ve found a place that I can train at.” Hisashi replies “Oh yeah, where at?” Izuku asks “You know Dagobah Municipal Beach?” Hisashi answers “Yeah, your mom and I used to go there for our dates before you were born.” Izuku explains uncomfortably “Well in recent years it’s been used for illegal dumping, so I was thinking that I could use it as a place for weight training you know.”

            Hisashi hums before he replies “That would be good for training; it’s just disappointing that anyone would let a beautiful beach like that to go to waste.” Izuku comments “I know right.” Hisashi then says “On the bright side you’d be making it beautiful again so there’s that and you get training out of it.” Izuku chuckles before he replies “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.”

            Hisashi then comments “By the way, you began training at the dojo when you were eight and have managed to keep up your training since you graduated. Don’t you think you’re strong enough?” Izuku answers “Dad, if I’m going to be the kind of hero to save everyone with a smile I need to be as strong as I can possibly be.” Hisashi replies with a sigh “I understand, but try to be careful okay, I’ll see about coming up with a schedule for you since I know you’re the type to not stop working until you’re done.” Izuku quips with a smug grin “I wonder who I get that from.” Hisashi chuckles before he says “Well son, unfortunately I’ve got to go now.”

            Izuku asks with a whine “Already?” Hisashi answers “Yeah, I’m sorry, but we can talk more over the weekend.” Izuku replies “Alright.” Hisashi says “I love you Izuku.” Izuku replies “I love you too dad.”

            They both hang up as Izuku falls across his bed and stares at the ceiling “It seems like dad has been getting more and more busy lately…I shouldn’t complain, I mean he’s the reason mom is able to stay at home and take care of the house while he’s away and I’m at school.” Izuku looks over at one of his All Might posters as he says to himself “I just wish he was here.”

            The following day while he’s at school Bakugou doesn’t even try to mess with him, likely because deep down he knows that if it weren’t for Izuku he wouldn’t be here right now. During school Hisashi sends him a text with a file attachment with his training schedule as he thinks with a smile “I bet he didn’t even bother sleeping to get this done.” After school he heads to Dagobah beach and starts cleaning the beach while using his Quirk to make sure he doesn’t get cut on anything to avoid having to get a tetanus shot and so something doesn’t fall on him. Since Izuku already has muscle from years of training most of the work is relatively easy for him except when it gets to the bigger objects which he uses his Quirk to find the best grip.

            After about a month of training Izuku notices a blonde skeletal man watching him, so Izuku stops what he’s doing as he stares at the man. Apparently this prompts the man to ask loudly “What’re you doing here young man?” Izuku answers loud enough for him to hear “Training.” The emaciated man makes his way down to the beach and walks up to Izuku, despite the man’s appearance Izuku keeps his guard up. After all appearances can be deceiving, the man asks “You’re cleaning the beach as training?”

            Izuku answers “Yeah, I mean it’s not like anyone else is going to do it, so why not me? Besides the government isn’t going to pay to have someone come down here and get rid of all this trash.” The man looks slightly taken aback from Izuku’s cynical perspective, the man comments “I’m sure other people would help clean this beach.” Izuku replies “Probably people who aren’t even around here or only see this place from pictures.” Izuku knows he’s being harsh, but he doesn’t know this man and thus doesn’t trust him.

            The man asks “What’re you training for?” Izuku answers “I’m training to get into the hero course of Yuuei.” The man nods with a hum before he says “You do know that if you’re going to be a hero that you’re going to have to deal with the public, right?” Izuku quips “Most underground heroes don’t deal with the public.” The man thinks for a moment before he nods “That’s fair.”

            Izuku then says “Besides, do you honestly expect me to automatically trust you after just a few minutes of meeting you? I don’t even know your name.” The man laughs before he replies “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” The man extends his hand “Toshinori Yagi, just call me Toshinori.” Izuku shakes his hand firmly as he replies “Izuku Midoriya.”

            Toshinori comments “So you’re thinking of becoming an underground hero?” Izuku answers “Not really, but it is an option for me if I decide to go that route, I just said that because what you said was a technically false statement. I mean you don’t see Eraserhead in interviews or anything.” Toshinori chuckles as he replies “Yeah, I guess you’re right. So what kind of hero do you want to be?” Izuku looks at Toshinori deciding on whether if he should just tell this man he just met his hopes and dreams.

            Izuku answers “I want to become the kind of hero that saves people with a smile on my face, someone who can make people feel safe and inspire people to do good.” Toshinori comments impressed “That’s quite the goal you’ve got there.” Izuku replies “Yeah, it’s just…I know it sounds childish or naïve, but I believe that if everyone tried to be at the very least decent with others that maybe we wouldn’t have as much crime as we do.”

            Toshinori asks curiously “What do you mean?” Izuku answers “Well think about it, villains don’t just appear, people don’t just decide to become villains. I mean from what I understand people only become villains because they feel as though they have been wronged so they go out and seek their own justice. Every villain starts out as a victim of some sort, poverty, homelessness, abandonment, just about any form of suffering. However, that doesn’t mean that every victim will become a villain or that a victim can’t become a hero, it’s just that…I think there’s just too much suffering in the world, you know.”

            Toshinori pauses to digest Izuku’s answer before he says “Young Midoriya you are far too young to be thinking about stuff like that.” Izuku looks at Toshinori slightly offended “Toshinori, I don’t think most adults think about this stuff. Do you honestly think Endeavor cares about villains or victims or even civilians? No he’s just ‘get out of my way or I’ll set you on fire’, he acts more like a villain than some villains I’ve seen. I mean last month I saw this guy get called a villain for snatching a purse, yet he didn’t even hurt anyone other than cause some property damage. Meanwhile Endeavor can set a whole building on fire simply because a villain has a hostage and he thinks the ends justify the means.” Izuku huffs a sigh from his frustration before he says with disappointment “Unfortunately it seems the world wishes to remains blind to that fact.”

            Toshinori looks at Izuku completely taken by surprise “You really care about others don’t you.” Izuku answers with a mirthless laugh “Yeah, it’s just…it’s so frustrating that people don’t try to understand others’ feelings or perspectives. If I’m being honest,” Izuku looks Toshinori directly in the eye “I think villains are the ones who need to be saved the most.” Toshinori stares at Izuku completely dumbfounded before Izuku says looking at the sunset “I know that it’s just my opinion and I can’t force people to understand or accept it, but maybe if I were to become the kind of hero I want to be I can bring awareness to people.” Toshinori stands there for a moment before he laughs causing Izuku to look at him oddly, Toshinori comments “You’re probably the oldest young person I’ve ever met.”

            Izuku looks at Toshinori before he begins laughing with him “Yeah, I guess that is pretty funny.” Once they stop laughing Toshinori says “Young Midoriya,” Izuku looks at Toshinori who smiles at him “never lose that heart of yours.” Izuku smiles at him as he replies “I’ll try Toshinori.” Toshinori then says “Well, I should get going, I’ll see you later young Midoriya.” Izuku replies as he waves “See ya later Toshinori.”

            After a total of seven months of cleaning the beach Izuku finally has it completely cleaned, he sits at the beach staring at the ocean with the sun setting and a content smile “Dad was right…this place is beautiful.” Izuku hears Toshinori call out “Young Midoriya!” Izuku looks over his shoulder to see Toshinori approaching with a cooler “Hey Toshinori, what you got there?” Toshinori sits beside Izuku as he answers “I brought some bottles of water and a couple of sandwiches.” Izuku replies “Thanks man.”

            Toshinori quips “I don’t remember saying they were for you.” Izuku halfheartedly punches Toshinori in the shoulder causing them both to laugh, Toshinori pulls out a sandwich and a bottle of water for Izuku. As they eat watching the sun set Toshinori comments “You’ve done a good job young Midoriya.” Izuku replies “Thanks Toshinori.”

            Toshinori says “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever asked, but what is your Quirk.” Izuku looks at Toshinori as he answers “It’s called All Formulas; it allows me to analyze anything I see and copy it such as fighting styles or Quirks. Of course with fighting styles I need to be physically fit, but if I’ve seen it once then I can basically do it myself. Fortunately I’ve never had to actually fight anybody before, I more or less just dodge until they get tired or until I get an opening to get away.”

            Toshinori comments jokingly “That doesn’t sound very heroic.” Izuku replies with a laugh “It’s called living to fight another day.” Toshinori exhales as he says “Yeah, but it’s easier to say in hindsight rather than in the heat of battle.” Izuku stares at Toshinori for a moment “I assume you’re speaking from experience?” Toshinori answers with a nod “Yeah.”

            Izuku looks back out to the sea “I guess it is harder to think logically when lives are on the line, I mean I’ve never been in that kind of situation so I can’t possibly know…Still though, if people were to keep on sacrificing themselves then all they’d do is just leave their loved ones behind, you know. I mean I get that it’s for the greater good and all, but…I don’t think that makes it any less painful.” Toshinori ruffles Izuku’s hair as he comments “Then I guess you’ll just have to make sure to teach your fellow heroes that lesson.” Izuku chuckles as he replies “Yeah, thanks Toshinori.” Toshinori pulls out a couple of popsicles from his cooler as he says “No problem young Midoriya.”

            In that moment Toshinori thinks to himself “Should I ask him? He’s a great candidate for One for All, but would he even accept it to him if I offered?” Toshinori glances over at Izuku who is simply staring at the view, Toshinori answers to himself “No, he’s already got enough on his plate already. It’s best if I just let him have this peace.”

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            In the following three months the Dagobah Municipal Beach has regained its former glory which means people start going to the beach now. Of course that means more trash for Izuku to clean up, not that he minds after all not many people stay long enough to see the sunset and those that do often end up helping Izuku clean. Izuku could’ve just left it after he was finished, but after hearing his dad talk about it so fondly he couldn’t possibly allow it to go back to being a dump field. So every week Izuku comes by the beach to clean up whatever trash he finds.

            Finally it’s the day of the entrance exam for Yuuei, Izuku stands at the gate as he stares up at the huge building “This is it, my first step to becoming a hero.” Izuku takes a step and trips immediately as he thinks “Apparently it’s my last too.” However he doesn’t hit the ground, instead he’s just floating in midair completely confused only to hear a cheery voice beside him say “Sorry about using my Quirk on you, but it’d be pretty bad luck if you were to fall on such a big day.” Izuku looks to his side to see a brown bob-haired girl with a beaming smile as she straightens Izuku into a standing position before she says “Release.” Gravity returns to Izuku which makes him stare at the girl in awe “Is your Quirk anti-gravity?”

            The girl looks at Izuku surprised before she answers “Something like that, I just call it Zero Gravity, it sounds cooler that way.” Izuku nods “Yeah it does,” they begin walking side by side “so does it only cancel the gravity of certain things or can it work on anything? How many things can you use it on? What happens if you use it on yourself?” The girl replies “Easy, I haven’t even introduced myself and you’re already asking all these questions.”

            Izuku blushes as he says “Oh, r-right, sorry.” The girl laughs lightly as she replies “It’s alright, my name’s Ochako Uraraka.” Izuku introduces himself “Izuku Midoriya, it’s nice to meet you.” Uraraka says “It’s nice to meet you too Midoriya. Anyways to answer your questions.”

            Izuku says as he waves his hands “Oh no, you don’t have to do that I just kind of got a bit excited, I just like learning about new Quirks.” Uraraka replies “It’s fine, but to answer your questions I can use my Quirk on basically anything as long as I touch it with all five fingers on either of my hands. I can use it on many different objects, but after a certain weight point I begin to feel nauseous, and if I use it on myself then I can float for a while, but will eventually begin to feel nauseous.” Izuku comments with his hand on his chin “I see.” Uraraka then says “Well, I’ll see you later Midoriya, good luck on the test.” Izuku waves as Uraraka leaves “You too.”

            The written test was a breeze since Izuku just used his Quirk to analyze each question in its most basic form. After the written test all the examinees sit in an auditorium where Present Mic explains how the practical portion of the exam is going to go. Present Mic explains that there are three robots with points ranked from one to three with increased difficulty with each rank. However he is interrupted by a blue-haired boy in glasses who says something about an error which Izuku isn’t particularly interested in since it was likely Present Mic was going to get to the fourth robot before the kid interrupted. Izuku tries to calm his frustrations with a sigh as he thinks “How hard is it for people to just be patient?”

            The examinees are then sent to different areas where they will be put into a mock city and fight the robots that were displayed on the screen in the auditorium. Izuku begins doing his stretches to prepare for the fight, but notices Uraraka ahead of the group looking pretty nervous. Izuku goes to make his way to her, but a firm hand clamps down on his shoulder “It looks as though she’s trying to concentrate.” Izuku looks over his shoulder to see the same boy who interrupted Present Mic “Are you here to distract us?” Izuku’s eye twitches before he inhales through his nose and exhales through his mouth before he answers “No, no I am not, I was just going to go over to her to see if I could help calm her down since it seems as though she’s getting stressed out.”

            The boy then says slightly taken aback “Oh, my apologies, I didn’t know.” Izuku hums in acknowledgement, before Present Mic calls out “Go!” Izuku rushes off using a speed based Quirk as he hear Present Mic say behind him “Come on, there are no countdowns in real life, let’s get a move on!” Izuku sees a group of robots ahead of him, he uses All Formulas to calculate their numbers before he stops in place and uses Kamui Woods’ Arbor. Izuku turns his right arm into wood which he then sends forth piercing through the robots’ armor then slings them side to side completely decimating all the robots in front of him before he pulls his arm back and continues forward.

            He also uses some strength enhancement Quirks, fire based Quirks, even Bakugou’s Explosion Quirk. Meanwhile in the observation room Nedzu notices Izuku and his use of multiple Quirks, he looks over at Toshinori who doesn’t seem surprised. Nedzu asks “So All Might, what do you think about that one with the green hair and freckles?” Toshinori answers nonchalantly “He seems to be using his Quirk very well.” Nedzu realizes that Toshinori already knows about the boy if he hasn’t outright met him “You don’t think that he’s related to him, do you?”

            Toshinori sighs before he answers “I know what you’re thinking and I thought the same thing for a while, but young Midoriya isn’t anything like him. He’s kind, caring, and understanding, I’m not going to say that it’s impossible, but at the very least I know that he isn’t anything like him.” Nedzu nods before he comments “I’ll be keeping my eye on him once he gets in.” Toshinori chuckles as he says “I thought you’d say as much, but I’m sure you’ll like him.” Nedzu replies “We’ll see.”

            Izuku takes a breath as he comments “I think that’s enough, I’ll go see how everyone else is doing.” Izuku rushes over to where his fellow examinees are still fighting robots and takes that time to analyze all of their Quirks. Izuku comments “Not bad, but they could use some work.” Suddenly the ground begins to rumble and a giant robot; the zero pointer appears in the distance. Izuku comments completely taken by surprise “That seems a bit much don’t you think!”

            All of the examinees begin running away in a panic, but Izuku stays “If that thing continues it’s just going to wreak all kinds of destruction.” However, Izuku is snapped out of his stupor when he hears a familiar voice call out “Help!” Izuku snaps his attention to the source of the sound as he activates All Formulas to see Uraraka underneath some rubble with her hand outstretched. Izuku doesn’t hesitate for a moment as he uses a speed Quirk to rush to her side, he then uses Uraraka’s Zero Gravity to lift the rubble off of her then picks her up bridal style and runs towards the exit. It all happens so fast the Uraraka doesn’t even realize she’s being carried until Izuku is putting her down against a wall near the other examinees “Wait here.”

            Izuku rushes towards the zero pointer compounding several strength and speed Quirks which he uses to launch himself into the air and punches the zero pointer in the face sending it tumbling backwards as explosions go off inside of it. Izuku then uses Zero Gravity on himself to negate his descent then uses Arbor on a nearby light pole to pull himself down. Once he reaches ground level he places his hands together “Release.”  Izuku’s gravity returns, but unfortunately due to the use of the Quirk he throws up, Izuku comments as he wipes his mouth “I’m going to need to train myself for that Quirk.” Izuku heaves out a sigh of exhaustion as he begins walking towards the exit where his fellow examinees stare in awe.

            Izuku ignores the stares and heads over to Uraraka who is simply staring at him dumbfounded “Are you alright?” Uraraka stares for a moment longer before she shakes her head with a blush and answers “Y-yeah, I-I’m just” Uraraka takes a breath “I think I just have a sprained ankle.” At this point they hear an elderly voice say “Alright, alright, coming through, coming through.” Recovery Girl comes out of the crowd of examinees as she sees Uraraka leaning against the wall and Izuku with stars in his eyes “Are you two alright?” Uraraka answers with a sheepish smile “Yeah, but I think I may have sprained my ankle.”

            Recovery Girl makes her way to Uraraka’s side as she checks her ankle before kissing it and handing her some gummies “Here, make sure to eat these. They’ll help you regain some of your stamina, what about you sonny? Are you hurt anywhere?” Izuku answers as he shakes his head “Oh, no ma’am I’m fine, didn’t even get a scratch.” Recovery Girl then says “Well, I’m going to check over you anyways since you seem to be rather reckless.” Izuku replies “S-sorry.”

            As Recovery Girl is checking Izuku over Uraraka asks “How did you do that?” Izuku looks at her with a confused look “I mean I saw you use a speed Quirk in the beginning, then a wood Quirk, then a strength Quirk, and even my Quirk.” Izuku chuckles as Recovery Girl eyes him suspiciously “My Quirk allows me to copy other people’s Quirks with just a look, but I can even copy what I see too, like martial arts and stuff like that. I call it All Formulas.” Uraraka comments “That’s so cool! You can literally do anything!”

            Izuku chuckles “Y-yeah, I guess I can, but I still get the backlashes of the Quirks I use which is why I train my body to withstand every new Quirk I find. I’m going to need some time before I can get full control over your Quirk.” Recovery Girl comments as she finishes checking him over “Well, it looks like you aren’t hurt anywhere, but don’t let this go to your head, you got lucky this time.” Izuku nods in understanding “Yes, ma’am, thank you.” Recovery Girl hands Izuku some gummies despite still being suspicious of him “Is anyone else here injured?”

            Izuku and Uraraka stand up together; Uraraka asks “So, how do you think you did?” Izuku answers “I got about one hundred two points.” Uraraka giggles “That’s an odd number.” Izuku quips “It’s actually quite even.” Uraraka laughs at Izuku’s joke, Izuku then says “In all honesty, I just wanted to get a hundred points, but the only nearby robot at the moment was a three pointer so I just took it down before I went to see how everyone else was doing.” Uraraka comments “I think I got about forty-two points,” she then says nervously “I hope it was enough to get in.”

            Izuku replies “There’s no point in worrying about it, you did the best that you could do. All you can do is wait for the results; if you ever feel nervous or anxious just start doing some exercises, like push-ups or sit-ups. It’ll help take your mind off of it.” Uraraka then asks “But what if I don’t get in?” Izuku answers “Then you’ll just have to win in the sports festival.”

            Uraraka looks at Izuku shocked before he says with a smile “If you want I could help with your training, I think I’d be an alright trainer.” Uraraka smiles as she replies “Thanks Midoriya.” Afterwards the two of them exchange numbers with each other, on his way home Izuku stops in sudden realization “I made a friend!”

Chapter Text

            Once Izuku gets home he calls out “Mom, I’m home.” Inko asks as she goes to meet him “How was the exam sweetie?” Izuku answers “It went well, the written test was easy and I got a hundred two points in the practical portion.” Inko smiles proudly as she hugs Izuku “Oh sweetie, I’m so proud of you!” Izuku hugs back as he chuckles “Thanks mom.”

            Izuku pulls back as he says “Oh by the way, I actually made a friend.” Inko replies curiously “Oh?” Izuku answers with a nod “Yeah, her name’s Ochako Uraraka.” Inko then says with a teasing smile “Oh, your friend is a ‘her’, huh?” Izuku groans “It’s not like that mom, we just met.”

            Inko replies “Of course it starts like that, do you think your father and I just fell in love at first sight?” Izuku groans out again “Mom!” Inko giggles as she says patting Izuku on the shoulder “I’m just teasing Izuku; just make sure you use protection.” Izuku yells out thoroughly embarrassed “Mom!” Inko just laughs as she makes her way to the kitchen “Dinner is almost ready.”

            Izuku makes his way to the bathroom where he turns on the sink and splashes water on his face “God that was embarrassing.” Izuku then says after a thought passes his mind “Maybe I shouldn’t tell dad about Uraraka.”

            After dinner he goes to his room where he calls Hisashi “Hey dad.” Hisashi replies “Hello son, how were the exams?” Izuku answers “They went well.” Hisashi comments with a smirk in his voice “I heard you managed to find yourself a girlfriend.” Izuku groans out “Father why have you forsaken me?”

            Hisashi cackles on the other line “Sorry Izuku, but I had to do it. In any case I’m proud of you, even if this wasn’t the kind of thing I wanted for you. I’m glad you’re following your dreams and hope you’ll be able to achieve them.” Izuku smiles as he replies “Thanks dad, so how is work going?” Hisashi sighs “It’s going; honestly I sometimes wonder how I can deal with such troublesome people.” Izuku chuckles “Well at least you make a lot of money.”

            Hisashi replies “This is true.” After a moment of silence Izuku says “Hey dad?” Hisashi hums back “Do…when do you think I’ll see you again?” Hisashi sighs as he answers “I’m not sure Izuku; I know I haven’t been the most ‘present’ father and I’m sorry that I haven’t always been there for you. I just…I just want you and your mother to have an easier life than I had.”

            Izuku replies “I know dad, I just…I just miss you.” Hisashi says with a choked up voice “I miss you too son, I truly wish I could be there for you and your mother.” Tears prick at Izuku’s eyes “I-I know dad.” Hisashi says “I love you Izuku.” Izuku replies “I love you too dad.”

            They both hang up before Izuku falls across his bed where he gazes up at his ceiling, Izuku wipes the tears from his eyes before he says “I’m on my way to becoming a hero.” Izuku looks to his side where his All Might poster is hanging with a beaming smile “I hope I can become a hero just like you All Might.” A week later Izuku receives a letter from Yuuei where he is given the results of his test as well as his school badge in order to get into Yuuei.

            April first arrives sooner than expected for Izuku, but he isn’t any less excited that he’s finally attending the school of his dreams. Izuku walks through the halls looking around “1-A, 1-A, ah here it is.” Izuku takes a deep breath before he opens the door to see Bakugou and the blue haired boy from the entrance exam arguing. Izuku sighs as he massages his forehead “Again with this.” Suddenly he hears a familiar voice call out “Midoriya!”

            Izuku looks behind him to see Uraraka before he smiles brightly “Hey Uraraka.” Uraraka replies with her own smile “Looks like we’re in the same class, huh?” Izuku comments “Yeah, I guess so.” Izuku and Uraraka make their way into the class room, Uraraka comments “I almost didn’t pass and that was beyond stressful.” Izuku replies “But you did pass, so there’s nothing to worry about. Besides I did promise to help train you in case if you didn’t pass.”

            Uraraka then says after thinking for a moment “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Suddenly the blue haired boy appears before them “Excuse me!” Izuku and Uraraka jump at the sudden interruption “My name is Tenya Iida and I wish to apologize for underestimating you during the practical portion of the entrance exam. It seems you saw through the hidden point system that they had in place!” Izuku feels a hint of frustration, but hides it perfectly “I didn’t know or figure out there was another point system, I saved Uraraka because she’s my friend and needed my help.”

            Uraraka blushes slightly as Iida stares at Izuku shocked before they hear a tired voice “If you’re here to make friends then you can go ahead and leave.” Everyone turns to the door to see a man in a yellow sleeping bag on the floor, as the man gets out of his sleeping bag everyone goes to their seats. The black haired scruffy looking man comments as he makes his way to the front of the class “It took you all eight seconds to get to your seats. That won’t do, time is precious so I expect everyone to work hard on reducing that time.” The man introduces himself as he pulls out a cardboard box “My name is Shota Aizawa and I’m going to be your homeroom teacher from now on. Put these on and meet me outside.”

            As Aizawa leaves the students get up and pick out their gym uniforms before they head to the changing rooms. Once they’re all outside Aizawa says “Today we’ll be doing a Quirk assessment test to see where everyone stands.” Uraraka asks “But what about the entrance ceremony?” Aizawa answers “Yuuei prides itself on allowing its teachers the freedom to do whatever they want. Heroes often don’t have time for trivial nonsense such as ceremonies which is why we’re out here instead of in there.”

            Aizawa calls out as he tosses a soft ball “Midoriya.” Izuku catches the ball as Aizawa asks “What was your distance throw in junior high?” Izuku answers “I think it was about seventy meters or so.” Aizawa points to a circle behind him “I want you to toss that ball as far as you can using your Quirk.” Izuku makes his way to the circle before he uses Zero Gravity and a composition of multiple strength enhancement Quirks throwing the ball out of the atmosphere.

            Aizawa holds up his phone which monitors the distance of the ball which shows infinity to the entire class who stare in awe. Aizawa comments “This is the kind of expectations Yuuei has for you.” Students then begin commenting on how excited they are and how fun the assessment seems which apparently was the wrong thing to say. Aizawa asks “Sounds like fun, huh?” Aizawa states to the entire class “Fine then, new rule; whoever comes in last place will be expelled.”

            The class cries out in confusion “Huh?!” Uraraka comments “You can’t do that, we just got here!” A pink haired girl with pink skin adds “Yeah, that’s not fair!” Aizawa replies “Not fair? You think that floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are fair?”

            Aizawa continues “There are plenty of things in this world that aren’t fair, that’s why it’s a heroes’ job to combat against that unfairness. If you all want to stay here then you’re going to have to give it your all, plus ultra-style.” Some of the students gulp from being intimidated while others grin at the challenge and a few who don’t seem interested.

            Izuku places first in every test presented to him by using multiple Quirks which other students seem to catch onto rather quickly. However, one person catches Izuku’s attention after the third test, Izuku asks a purple haired student who has bags under his eyes that could rival Aizawa’s “Hey, how come you haven’t used your Quirk yet?” The boy answers with a glare “Because it’s not flashy like yours.” Izuku can feel the animosity, but knows that it isn’t specifically directed towards him “Okay then, what is it?” The boy quirks an eyebrow seemingly confused “It’s Brainwashing, if someone responds to me then I can essentially control their mind.”

            Izuku asks somewhat confused “Okay, so why haven’t you used it yet?” The boy replies “And what, just out myself as a villain for everyone to make fun of?” Izuku says repeating his father’s words “If they’re going to make fun of you for your Quirk then their opinions shouldn’t matter to you.” The boy blinks at Izuku taken completely by surprise before Izuku offers with a smile “In any case, you can ask me to take your place in the assessment if you want. I don’t mind.”

            The boy asks suspiciously “Why should I trust you?” Izuku answers solemnly “Because I know how it feels to face against the entire world all on your own.” The boy looks at Izuku in shock as he continues “I know how it feels to be in that cold, dark, and lonesome place.” Izuku smiles brightly at the boy in front of him “That’s why I don’t want you to continue suffering there.” The boy looks at Izuku with a bewildered look; clearly he wasn’t expecting Izuku to understand where he was coming from.

            The boy regains his composure before he introduces himself “Hitoshi Shinsou.” Izuku replies “Izuku Midoriya, it’s nice to meet you.” Hitoshi smiles “Same here.” For the rest of the tests Izuku does not only his tests, but also Shinsou’s from his brainwashing. Throughout the assessment Izuku uses All Formulas to analyze his classmates Quirks in order to build up his arsenal.

            By the end of the assessment the one to come in last place is Hagakure who falls to her knees and tries to hold back her sobs. Izuku immediately makes his way to her to try and comfort her along with Uraraka before Aizawa comments “By the way I lied about the expulsion.” Majority of the students look at Aizawa before he breaks out into a creepy grin “It was just a logical ruse to get you all to do your best.” Aizawa then says as he leaves “Your syllabi will be waiting on my desk, make sure to pick one up before you all leave.” Hagakure begins crying in relief as Izuku and Uraraka comfort her “Hey, it’s alright, you’re going to be okay.”

            Yaoyorozu walks over as she produces a handkerchief “I’m sorry, I should’ve said something earlier. I figured he wouldn’t expel us on our first day, but I had no idea that so many would take it seriously.” Izuku thinks to himself “He wasn’t lying when he threatened to expel us, but he also wasn’t lying when he said none of us were going to be expelled. Which means that he saw enough potential in all of us not to expel any of us.” Izuku rubs soothing circles on Hagakure’s back as she wipes the tears from her face with the handkerchief with a smile Izuku says “It’s okay Hagakure, you’re not going anywhere. You’re going to be a hero.”

            Hagakure seemingly turns to look up at Izuku to see his smile before she says with a sniffle “Thanks.” Izuku replies “You’re welcome.” Izuku helps Hagakure up before they all head inside to grab their syllabi, as they walk back to their homeroom Yaoyorozu asks curiously “By the way, how were you able to use so many powers?” Izuku answers with Uraraka on his right and Shinsou on his left “My Quirk; All Formulas allows me to analyze everything I see and copy it. This can be anything like the structural make-up of an object which is helpful for your Quirk, as well as school work, martial arts, and copying other people’s Quirks.”

            Iida asks incredulously “You mean the reason you were able to use so many powers is because you’ve copied other people’s Quirks?” Izuku answers as a pit grows in his stomach waiting to be rejected which Shinsou picks up on immediately “Yeah, that about sums it up.” Everyone remains silent for a moment before Hagakure asks “Does that mean you can copy my Quirk?” Izuku opens his mouth to answer, but immediately closes it realizing he doesn’t know the answer to that “I don’t know.”

            Izuku explains “I can only copy what I can see, but since you’re invisible I can’t see you. However since it’s part of your Quirk one would assume that my Quirk should be able to copy it, but for some reason I couldn’t. Unless I require another Quirk in order to see you like a heat vision Quirk or something like that.” Izuku continues to mumble up a storm as he begins theorizing before Shinsou says “Midoriya.” Izuku snaps out of his trance to see everyone still staring at him before he bashfully asks “I was mumbling, wasn’t I?”

            Hagakure answers “Yeah, but don’t worry it was kind of cute.” Izuku blushes before he asks “S-so you don’t think I’m a villain?” Yaoyorozu answers “You’re Quirk is amazing and is quite versatile, but I don’t see why you would think we would assume you were a villain.” Iida adds with chopping motions “Agreed, from what I have seen you have done nothing warranting to be called a villain!” Uraraka nods emphatically “Yeah, I mean you saved my life!” Hagakure waves her arms around “Plus you’re too cute to be a villain.”

            Shinsou comments nonchalantly “You already know my answer.” Izuku begins to tear up as he replies with a heartfelt smile “Thanks guys, t-that means a lot.” They all smile at Izuku as they reply “You’re welcome Midoriya.” Yaoyorozu produces another handkerchief for Izuku which he takes gratefully.

Chapter Text

            The following day proceeds like a relatively normal school day with a few hero based classes instead of other normal school classes. Finally the last class of the day; Foundational Heroics, the students of 1-A wait anxiously for their teacher to arrive. Suddenly they all hear a booming voice from the hall “I…AM…HERE!” All Might appears at the door with his cape billowing behind him “Coming through the door like a normal person!” The class bursts with excitement at the thought of being taught by the number one hero; All Might.

            All Might states as he makes his way to the front of the class “Today we’ll be doing,” All Might shows a giant flash card as he calls out “Battle Trials!” All Might then says as the students get even more excited “However, before we start you’re going to need your hero suits!” All Might pulls out a remote which he clicks a button causing suitcases to appear from the nearby wall with the students’ seat numbers on the front of them. All Might then says “Change it to these then meet me at training grounds Beta!” All Might rushes out of the class room as the students grab their suitcases; Uraraka comments “I’m so excited to try out my costume.” Izuku replies with a smile “Same here.”

            The class goes to their designated changing rooms where they get into their hero costumes, Izuku’s costume looks like a mage knight’s armor. It has single chest plate attached to leather allowing for easy maneuverability while the rest of his costume is made of cloth that is green with teal accents. He’s also wearing leather boots which give him traction regardless of terrain and a white cape that hangs from his shoulders with a single steel shoulder plate on his left shoulder. As Izuku walks out onto the training grounds Uraraka waves at him “Hey Midoriya!” Izuku walks over to her as she comments “Wow, you look amazing!”

            Izuku replies with a blush “T-thanks Uraraka, y-you look good too.” Uraraka comments dismissively “Yeah, I just wish it wasn’t so tight, you know.” After noticing what Uraraka meant Izuku blushes even deeper, Shinsou asks as he walks up behind Izuku “See something you like?” Izuku blushes even deeper before he turns to Shinsou with a mildly angry expression “It’s not funny Shinsou!” Shinsou who is in a similar outfit as Aizawa chuckles much to Uraraka’s confusion.

            All Might comments with a thumbs up “They say the clothes make the pros and you young men and women definitely look like hero material!” All Might then explains “Today you’re all going to be paired up into teams of two then you’re going to be drawn as either hero or villain. The heroes’ job is to either capture the villains or get the bomb before the time runs out, meanwhile the villains’ job will be protecting the bomb until time runs out or capture the heroes. You’ll all be teamed up randomly” before All Might can continue Iida asks as he raises his hand “Excuse me sir, but wouldn’t it be more efficient if we were teamed up with people who complement our abilities?” Izuku answers somewhat frustrated at Iida’s impatience “In the real world you won’t always be teamed up with people you inherently get along with, this kind of thing is to get us familiar with that kind of experience.”

            Iida nods in understanding “I see.” All Might then says “Very well then, let’s get this started!” Izuku gets teamed up with Uraraka who bounces beside him “Wow, I can’t believe we’re on the same team! It’s almost like destiny or something!” Izuku recalls his mom and dad teasing him which causes him to blush and look away “Y-yeah, I g-guess so.” Uraraka tilts her head in confusion but doesn’t say anything.

            All Might reaches into two boxes, one says hero and the other says villain “The first ones up are” All Might pulls out a white ball that says ‘A’ and a black ball that says ‘D’ “these guys!” Izuku looks to his left where he sees Bakugou’s glare, at first it catches him off guard since he wasn’t expecting Bakugou to already be glaring at him, but eventually hardens a glare of his own. All Might then leads the two teams away while handing them a map of the building, All Might says “You’ll be given a few minutes to prepare before the assignment begins, so I suggest you four start making a plan.”

            Izuku and Uraraka wait outside while Bakugou and Iida head inside; Uraraka asks “So what’s going on between you and Bakugou?” Izuku looks at Uraraka as she comments “I mean, he doesn’t seem to like you very much since was glaring at you all day yesterday and all day today too.” Izuku sighs before he answers “Bakugou and I have known each other ever since we were born; we used to be friends before his Quirk came in. After that he got more aggressive and started talking about how he was better than me since I was a late bloomer, he and other kids would call me Quirkless, useless, worthless, they even came up with a nickname too…Deku.”

            Izuku explains “After my Quirk came in everyone started calling me a villain since I could copy and use the Quirks of everyone around me. My dad told me that people fear those who are stronger than them which is why almost everyone saw me as a villain and everyone who didn’t eventually agreed with them for fear of getting bullied themselves.” Izuku sighs as he looks down “All I could do was pretend like what they said didn’t hurt, put on a strong brave face despite it all.” Uraraka looks at Izuku sadly, before she says with an encouraging smile “Well you know what, I like Deku. It’d make for a great hero name, like a ‘you can do it’ vibe!”

            Izuku looks at Uraraka with a surprised look before he smiles as he replies “Thanks Uraraka.” Uraraka beams “You’re welcome Midoriya.” Izuku says as he blushes slightly and averts his eyes “You know, you can call me Deku if you want.” Uraraka asks “Are you sure?” Izuku nods “Yeah, i-it’s fine.”

            Uraraka smiles before she asks “So, what’s the plan?” Izuku answers as he regains his composure “Well, considering what I know of Bakugou, it’s likely he’ll think we’ll go in through the top since your Quirk is Zero Gravity and I can copy your Quirk. So instead of going from the top I’ll use Jiro’s Quirk; Earphone Jack in order to locate the bomb. After that we’ll go to that floor’s window and go in through there.”

            Uraraka nods before she asks “Okay, but how are we going to get in?” Izuku answers as he raises his right hand turning it into wood “I met Kamui Woods about a year ago and managed to copy his Quirk. So I’ll use that in order to open the window for us to get into the building, Iida will likely be guarding the bomb so we’ll need to distract him.” Uraraka replies with a smile “Got it.”

            Once the match begins Izuku does just as he planned to do, he sticks an Earphone Jack into a nearby wall to pick up the vibrations. Bakugou is waiting on the roof just as Izuku predicted while Iida is in a room with the bomb on the opposite end of the building on the fourth floor. Izuku takes out the Earphone Jack as he says to Uraraka “Okay, we’re going to go into the third floor window, the bomb is on the fourth. Since Bakugou is on the roof he’ll likely hear us if we try to get in through the fourth floor window.” Uraraka nods in understanding “Alright, got it.”

            Izuku and Uraraka both use Zero Gravity, Uraraka holds onto Izuku as he uses Abor in order to catch onto the third floor window. Izuku opens the window as gently and as quietly as possible allowing both him and Uraraka to sneak in without being heard. Afterwards they sneak their way to the fourth floor and to the door of the room where Iida is guarding the bomb. Izuku motions with his hands to Uraraka on the other wall to float herself to the ceiling which she nods to before doing as he suggested. Izuku makes his way in the room providing a distraction as Uraraka makes her way along the ceiling “Hey there Iida.”

            Iida looks at Izuku as he says in a mock villain voice “Ah, so you have finally arrived hero! Did you leave your partner behind to get beaten by Bakugou?!” Izuku answers as Uraraka quietly makes her way along the ceiling “No, she’s just hanging out.” Iida replies “So you sent her after Bakugou instead of doing so yourself! Do you honestly think you can get the bomb from me?!”

            Izuku answers with a grin “I won’t have to since we already have the bomb.” Iida asks with a questioning tone “We?” Uraraka drops from the ceiling as she grabs the bomb “I got it!” All Might calls out “The hero team wins!” Iida yells out as he looks at the bomb “No, the weapon!”

            Uraraka giggles as she bounces over to Izuku with a high five “We did it Deku! That was so easy!” Izuku chuckles as he replies “Yeah, I guess it was.” Iida adds speaking normally “You two do make a good team.” Uraraka replies with a smile “Thanks Iida.”

            Suddenly they hear Bakugou and his explosions down the hall “Deku you bastard!” Izuku turns to see Bakugou rushing towards him; Bakugou goes to attack, but Izuku leaps backwards to avoid his attack. All Might says over the intercom “Young Bakugou, the match is over, stop immediately!” Bakugou yells ignoring All Might “You think you can just look down on me you damn nerd!” Izuku yells “What the hell are you talking about!?”

            Iida calls out “Bakugou stop this at once!” Bakugou yells “Shut up four-eyes!” Bakugou turns his attention back to Izuku “You’ve been looking down on me for years thinking you were better than me, but you’re not! You’re just a stupid, useless, worthless villain!” Bakugou charges at Izuku again, but Izuku uses Todoroki’s ice to freeze him in place and prevent him from sweating.

            Bakugou struggles to get free as Izuku approaches with an expressionless face “At no point in my life have I ever looked down on you Bakugou.” Izuku walks passed Bakugou as he says “You just couldn’t accept me as your equal.” Bakugou’s eyes go wide as Izuku walks passed Uraraka and Iida who both look at him worried, as Izuku walks into the observation room All Might asks “Young Midoriya, are you alright?” Izuku answers with an obviously forced smile “Yeah, I’m fine. Bakugou just gets on my nerves; it’s not something I’m not used to.”

            Izuku’s response raises a few eyebrows before Kirishima asks “Shouldn’t someone free Bakugou or something.” Uraraka replies “No, I think the baby needs to cool off.” Jirou sputters as she and a few others begin laughing as Iida reprimands with chopping motions “Uraraka, you shouldn’t say such things about your classmate even if he was acting childish!” Since the attention is no longer focused on Izuku he makes his way to the back of the class where he leans against the wall.

            All Might asks “Young Kirishima, could you go free young Bakugou before he gets hypothermia or frostbite?” Kirishima nods “Yes sir!” Shinsou asks as he stands beside Izuku “Are you sure you’re alright?” Izuku answers feeling drained “Yeah, I just…I don’t understand Bakugou. He’s just so annoying and I don’t know why he thinks I’m looking down on him. Where does that even come from?”

            Shinsou shrugs before he answers “Maybe he’s got a superiority complex.” Izuku looks at Shinsou as he explains “I mean considering how he acts it isn’t too hard to believe that no one has ever told him he was less than perfect his whole life. So seeing you being able to surpass him probably makes him think that you’re challenging his position as ‘the best’. I’ve only known him for a day and a half and I can already tell that he acts more like Endeavor than All Might.” Izuku chuckles as he replies “Glad I’m not the only one who sees it.”

            Their conversation catches Todoroki’s attention as he thinks to himself “So they see my father for who he really is.” The rest of the class proceeds as normal; Izuku doesn’t use All Formulas since everyone is on a TV screen which he can’t analyze. If Izuku uses All Formulas on the TV he would just be able to see the molecular structure of the TV rather than what’s happening on the TV. That has always been something that confused Izuku, until he learned Yaoyorozu’s Quirk he hasn’t needed to know the molecular structure of anything. Perhaps he can learn more about his Quirk while he’s here at Yuuei.

Chapter Text

            As Izuku makes his way to Yuuei on the third day of school he notices the press standing outside the school barrier interviewing each student as they pass. Izuku sighs in annoyance “Can these vultures ever just leave well enough alone?” As Izuku approaches one of the reporters stick the microphones in his face “What is it like learning from All-” however before they can finish their question Izuku answers without missing a beat “Gen ed.” Apparently that’s all it took to get the press to leave him alone to make his way into school. The press was the one thing Izuku wasn’t looking forward to when it comes to being a hero, he didn’t want to be interviewed or have to do talk shows, however it’s likely he’ll have to deal with those at some point in his future.

            Once homeroom starts Aizawa walks in looking a bit more agitated than usual “I looked over your results from yesterday’s exercise,” Aizawa glares over at Bakugou “Bakugou, you’re not in kindergarten anymore so either grow up or get out.” Bakugou looks down at his desk angrily; Aizawa then says as he looks over the class “Today you’ll all be doing something that will decide your future school career.” The class waits in anticipation before he finishes “You’ll be deciding your class representatives.” The class immediately bursts with people calling out that they want to be the representative; Izuku understands why they would want the position since it would give them leadership experience. However Izuku isn’t the leader type, he’s more of a kind of person to get the job done as quickly as possible as efficient as possible. He would much rather worry about his own work than the work of everyone else.

            Iida says aloud as he stands up “Enough, clearly the most efficient way to decide who must be class representatives would be through democratic votes!” Tsuyu comments “But we barely know each other, how are we going to know who to pick if we don’t know who we can trust?” Iida answers in chopping motions “Simple, majority of the class will vote for themselves which means whoever earns more than one vote are the most trustworthy.” Izuku raises his hand before he says “I wish to withdraw from the running.” Shinsou who is behind him raises his hand as he says “Same here.”

            Yaoyorozu asks “Are you sure you two want to do this? You’ll be missing a big opportunity.” Izuku answers as he looks at the entire class “I’m not the leader type, I more of a groundwork kind of guy.” Shinsou adds “I’m just too lazy to be a leader.” Izuku snorts as he covers his mouth before Iida says aloud “Very well then, Midoriya and Shinsou will not be participating in the running which will make choosing a representative much easier!”

            By the end of it all Yaoyorozu ends up as class representative with Iida as vice representative, after the decision has been made they carry on with their normal school schedule. Once lunch time rolls around Uraraka comments “You know, I think you would’ve made for a great representative Deku.” Iida adds “I agree, I still don’t fully understand why you would pass up on such an opportunity, but it isn’t my place to question you about it.” Izuku replies with a shrug “I just don’t want all that responsibility you know, it’d be too stressful for me.” Hagakure asks “Are you not good in stressful situations or something?”

            Izuku answers “I wouldn’t say that necessarily, but I mean throughout most of my school life I’ve never really had friends before and since this’ll be my last school I want to live it up while I can you know.” Everyone except Shinsou looks at Izuku surprised, Yaoyorozu asks “Was it really that bad for you?” Izuku sighs as they all find a table to sit at “Unfortunately yes, I used to keep a notebook around to write down my notes on Quirks and heroes, but people would keep on stealing them, burning them, or throwing them away. Basically destroying all my work, so eventually I just decided to remember everything I saw which as far as Quirks go wasn’t too difficult. Fighting styles on the other hand was a bit more challenging since I had to actually workout to copy.”

            Uraraka bumps Izuku’s shoulder with an encouraging smile “Well you’ve got friends now and we’ll always be here for you, right?” Everyone nods in agreement; Iida adds “If you ever need anyone to talk to I’ll be here to listen.” Everyone else replies “Same here.” Izuku smiles as he says “Thanks guys.”

            After that they fall into comfortable conversation about heroes and schoolwork as they eat their lunch, but that peacefulness comes to an abrupt end when an alarm goes off. Iida asks as they all look around wondering what the alarm meant “What’s going on?” A third year answers with a panicked expression “That’s a security level three breach, this has never happened before!” Before they could ask anymore questions the student runs off, as they exit the lunch room they see students trampling over each other to get out. Yaoyorozu comments “We need to calm everyone down!”

            Iida comments as he looks out the window “It looks as though the press are the ones who broke in.” Once Izuku hears Iida he uses Present Mic’s Quirk; Voice “Stop!” The loud yell was enough to get everyone to stop as they turn to see where it came from; Izuku looks at Yaoyorozu with a nod who says in a commanding tone loud enough for everyone to hear “It’s just the press we are in no danger. Everyone please make your way to the exit in a calm and orderly fashion; please assist those who are injured.” The students follow Yaoyorozu’s order as she turns to look at Izuku with a light smile “Thank you for your assistance Midoriya.” Izuku replies with an appreciative smile “You’re welcome.”

            However, little did they know that a very dangerous person managed to make their way onto the property. After the evacuation and the press were escorted off the premises the students are sent back inside to finish their meals before class. While the students walk back into the school Nedzu, Aizawa, and a few other staff members examine the damage to the front gate.

            The following day in Foundational Heroics Aizawa stands at the front of the class “Today we’ll be going to an offsite facility to help train you all in rescue operations. The class will be led by All Might, myself, and another staff member,” Aizawa clicks a button revealing their suitcases “you can either wear your hero costume or your gym uniform whichever you prefer.” Aizawa then says as he leaves the classroom “Meet me outside in front of the bus when you’re done.”

            They all get up and grab their suitcases before they go to get changed. Once everyone is outside Iida tries to order the students into two filed lines in order to organize their seating. However, Iida’s attempt at organizing the students turns out to be fruitless due to free seating much to his disappointment. Eventually they fall into comfortable conversation; Izuku is shaken out of his stupor when Tsuyu asks “By the way Midoriya.” Izuku replies as he looks at Tsuyu “Y-yes Asui.” Tsuyu says “Call me Tsuyu.”

            Izuku nods somewhat confused “O-okay.” Tsuyu comments “Your Quirk is pretty amazing; from what I can tell you can copy just about any Quirk, right?” Izuku nods “Essentially.” Tsuyu asks curiously “So does that mean you can copy All Might’s Quirk?” Izuku answers “I can, but I can only copy a Quirk if I’ve seen it being used, I also can’t copy a Quirk if I can’t actively see it like Hagakure’s.”

            Tsuyu nods “I see, so as long as All Might doesn’t use his Quirk in front of you then you can’t copy it.” Izuku nods as he replies “Right.” Ashido asks “What about my Quirk, can you copy it?” Izuku answers “Since your Quirk is mutant based it’s pretty much always active which means I can copy it. Transformation and Emitter type Quirks are the only ones I would have to wait in order to copy since they’re not constantly being used.”

            Ashido then says confused “But I’m not even using my Quirk right now.” Izuku replies “Yes, but on the molecular level your body is constantly at the ready to produce acid whenever you may need it. Emitter and Transformation types only react on command which is why I can’t copy a Quirk without seeing it in action.” Tsuyu comments “Aside from you the most powerful students in class would be Todoroki and Bakugou.” Kaminari adds “Yeah, but Bakugou won’t be popular because of his crappy attitude.”

            Bakugou yells “What did you say Sparky!?” Kaminari replies “Come on dude, we haven’t even known each other for a full week and we already know what you’re like.” Bakugou yells “Why don’t you come over here and say that!” Izuku sighs as he thinks to himself “It’s going to be one of those days isn’t it.”

            Aizawa leads the class off the bus and into the giant dome building where they see multiple other facilities inside that seem to represent different environments. As they’re looking around the Space Hero; Thirteen walks up to them “Hello students, my name is Thirteen and this here is my facility, the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short!” Uraraka begins fangirling over meeting her favorite hero as Thirteen explains “I had this facility built to help prepare you all for any and all dangerous situations that would require rescue. However, I’m also here to explain to you all that your Quirks can be just as deadly as they are helpful.” Thirteen’s last statement manages to stop the class in their place as they explain “My Quirk is called Black Hole, it helps in clearing debris and other obstructions, but it can also be used to kill.”

            Thirteen then says “This is something that every hero must be aware of when they enter the field of heroics, because if they aren’t then they could very well do more harm than good. That is why you’re all here, to learn how to use your Quirks to help others in a safe and orderly manner.” The class applaud Thirteen’s speech as Aizawa walks over to Thirteen and whisper something to them, whatever the question was Thirteen answers by holding up three fingers. Izuku thinks to himself “Where’s All Might?” Aizawa answers as he turns to the rest of the class “Unfortunately; or fortunately depending on your personal opinions, All Might is unable to attend today. So it’ll just be myself and Thirteen who will be supervising your exercises.”

            As soon as Aizawa finishes his sentence a black and purple mass appears in the center of the USJ, Kirishima asks as he takes a step forward “What’s going on down there?” Aizawa stops him by raising his hand as people begin pouring out of the black purple mass “Stay back…those are villains.” Izuku uses All Formulas as he analyzes the situation “It looks as though there’s roughly forty villains down there, seventeen of them are mutation types, and the rest are unknown. The one in the black and purple mist seems to have a warp Quirk which explains how he was able to get in here, but it seems as though he would’ve had to have known the exact coordinates in order to use his Quirk.” Aizawa comments as he looks over his shoulder at Izuku “Thanks Midoriya.”

            Aizawa pulls up his yellow goggles which Izuku recognizes immediately “Aizawa, you can’t go down and face them on your own! You specialize in surprise attacks, not a full on battle!” Aizawa replies as he looks back at Izuku “You’ll never get far if you’re just a one trick pony.” Aizawa leaps down the steps as Izuku thinks worriedly “Please be safe Aizawa.” Thirteen then says as they try to lead the students out “Come on, you need to evacuate now!”

            The students head for the door, but are stopped by the purple mist villain who stands before them “We apologize for intruding on this haven of heroes. However, we have come here with a specific goal in mind.” The mist villain looks around as he comments “I see that All Might isn’t with you.” Thirteen says as they get between the villain and the students as they pop open a cap from their index finger “Stand back everyone; I’ll take care of this.” However, before Thirteen could use their Quirk both Bakugou and Kirishima jump in to attack the villain. The attack had no effect on the villain which gives him an opening to swallow up the students “Now then, be gone!”

Chapter Text

            The next thing Izuku knows he’s falling head first into a giant pool of water, as Izuku sinks into the water he opens his eyes as he uses All Formulas to see if there are any nearby villains. Unfortunately, it seems as though his intuition was right since he sees a shark mutant Quirk user quickly approaching him “No hard feelings kid!” Izuku copies his Quirk as he narrowly dodges the villain’s attack before Tsuyu swoops in and kicks the villain “Midoriya.” Tsuyu wraps her tongue around Izuku’s stomach as she pulls him and Shinsou to a nearby ship for safety.

            Izuku comments as Tsuyu lifts him and Shinsou up to the boat “Thanks for the save As-Tsuyu.” Tsuyu croaks as she replies “You’re welcome Midoriya.” Shinsou asks as he stands up “How did the villains get in here?” Izuku answers “They only needed one villain to get in, the warp villain. They probably used yesterday’s break in as a distraction, if they were expecting All Might to be here then they might have his schedule which would explain why they’re here.”

            Tsuyu comments “That makes sense, but why would they purposely seek out All Might?” Shinsou replies “They probably see All Might as a challenge, the higher you stand the harder you fall.” Izuku says thoughtfully “That does seem like something villains would think, plus I don’t think they would try to pick a fight with All Might unless they had a fighting chance.” Tsuyu asks “So you think they have someone who can beat All Might.” Izuku answers “It’s possible; in any case, we need to find a way back to safety away from these villains.”

            Shinsou asks “Could you use the warp villain’s Quirk?” Izuku answers as he shakes his head “Unfortunately no, I’m not familiar with warp or teleportation Quirks since this is the first one I’ve ever copied. If I were to try to use it without any prior training then I could end up getting us killed.” Suddenly a mass of water-like claw cuts through the boat causing it to start sinking; Tsuyu comments “We should probably come up with a plan quick.” Izuku looks over the edge of the boat to see several villains and begins copying every Quirk he sees; fortunately he is able to copy the Quirk that had just attacked the boat.

            Izuku replies as he looks back at Tsuyu and Shinsou “I’ve got an idea, but I’m going to have to get in the water.” Shinsou asks incredulously “Are you crazy?!” Izuku answers “Yes.” Izuku jumps into villain infested waters “Looks like someone has a death wish!” The villains all start swimming towards Izuku, but Izuku summons a giant water claw as he grabs all the villains rushing towards him.

            Izuku raises the claw up in the air before he uses Todoroki’s ice to freeze the water claw before letting it go causing it to sink, but fortunately it is large enough to give the villains air to breath. Izuku calls out to the boat “Alright guys, let’s get out of here! Tsuyu, grab ahold of Shinsou so that we can get out of here quickly!” Tsuyu replies “Got it, ribbit!” Tsuyu wraps her tongue around Shinsou’s midsection as she jumps off the boat as Izuku uses a swimming Quirk to swim away.

            Once they arrive at the edge of the water they see Aizawa taking down multiple villains as he takes them all on. Izuku says quietly “Alright, let’s see if we can lessen Aizawa’s burdens.” Shinsou replies “You can’t honestly think that’s a good idea.” Tsuyu adds “The best thing to do is to get to safety; we aren’t trained to fight villains.” Izuku replies as he looks at them “I know, but if they have someone who can beat All Might then Aizawa won’t stand a chance.”

            Neither Tsuyu or Shinsou could argue with Izuku’s logic, but Tsuyu simply suggests “How about you use your Quirk on the villains to see if they actually do have someone who can beat All Might.” Izuku looks at Tsuyu somewhat surprised that he didn’t think of that before he says “Alright.” Izuku uses All Formulas as he looks over every villain he can see, it seems as though most of the villains who are currently fighting have pretty amazing Quirks, but they lack any experience in fighting. Izuku guesses that most of the villains in the area are just random street thugs and not real villains, but Izuku stops when he sees a bird beaked villain in the back. Izuku says quietly with wide eyes “What the fuck?!”

            Tsuyu asks slightly worried “What is it? What do you see?” Izuku answers as he keeps looking at the bird beaked villain “That-that thing has four Quirks.” Shinsou asks wide-eyed in shock “Four Quirks!? How is that possible!?”

            Izuku answers “It shouldn’t be possible, no one should have more than one Quirk.” Izuku explains as he looks at his comrades “Todoroki’s Quirk isn’t two Quirks, it’s two abilities in one Quirk. My Quirk operates similarly, it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to hold more than one Quirk unless” Tsuyu asks “Unless what?” Izuku answers with fear and disgust in his voice “Unless that thing was genetically altered.” The implication to Izuku’s answer stuns Tsuyu and Shinsou for a moment before Shinsou asks hesitantly “What Quirks does he have?”

            Izuku gulps before he answers “Super speed, super strength, regeneration, and…shock absorption.” Tsuyu and Shinsou both stare wide-eyed at Izuku before he says looking at them “You two need to get to safety now!” Tsuyu asks “What about you?” Izuku answers as he looks back at the battle “I’ll do what I can to help Aizawa.” Shinsou argues “If you do that then they’ll send that thing to kill you!” Izuku replies with determination “If I don’t go then they’ll kill Aizawa.”

            When Izuku gets out of the water to rush he in he sees the leader with the hand on his face disintegrating Aizawa’s arm. Izuku yells out in desperation as he sees the beaked villain behind him “Aizawa get away now!” Aizawa looks over his shoulder to see the beaked villain bringing down its fist sending Aizawa sprawling to the ground. Izuku stares in horror along with Tsuyu and Shinsou as the villain lifts Aizawa’s head before smashing it into the concrete repeatedly.

            Suddenly Izuku hears his voice in his head in a dark tone “Death is all around you, but it doesn’t matter, does it?” Izuku grabs his head with both of his hands as he looks down with shooting pain going through his head “No.” The voice continues “The world is yours to take; all you have to do is open up. Release it…and kill.” Izuku shakes his head drawing the leader and his classmates’ attention “No!” The voice finishes “‘Til everything disappears before your eyes.”

            Izuku lets out a bloodcurdling scream as he looks to the sky with All Formulas activating with a red hue added to his eyes as his scream turns into maniacal laughter. The leader asks to himself “What’s wrong with this brat?” Izuku or whatever is possessing Izuku looks forward at the villains before him “Weakling, your molecules will scatter like sand.” A red beam shoots out of Izuku’s eyes which the leader jumps down to avoid the attack, but the ground behind him explodes from the impact creating a huge trench. Izuku’s voice sounds darker as it reverberates throughout the entire facility “Monster, Devil, God, Hero, call me what you will! You’ll cease to exist soon enough.”

            The leader yells out in desperation at the beaked villain “Noumu, kill this brat!” The beaked villain; Noumu rushes Izuku as his friends yell “Izuku get out of there!” The Noumu punches Izuku, but Izuku absorbs the shock of the attack without flinching as he says raising his hand to the Noumu’s face “Analyze existence and release.” Izuku blows up the Noumu’s upper half as it begins to disintegrate “First comes destruction, I create nothing, forgive nothing, save nothing…I just erase…completely.”

            The mist villain reappears just in time to see the Noumu finish disintegrate into nothing “What’s going on here Shigaraki?!” The leader replies in pure fear “Kurogiri, we need to leave now!” Izuku raises his hand with a blue pentagram on his palm to attack just as Kurogiri swallows Shigaraki and disappear; Izuku shoots a red beam from his hand that further destroys his surroundings. Afterwards Izuku begins laughing maniacally as he looks back to the sky as Tsuyu and Shinsou stare on in overwhelming fear from Izuku’s destruction, but Izuku’s laugh is cut short as he doubles over breathing heavily with wide eyes.

            All Formulas is no longer in Izuku’s eyes as he desperately breathes before looking to his right to see Aizawa’s only visible red glowing eye. Izuku begins to tear up as he begins trembling looking back at the ground where his hands are placed “I-I j-just killed s-someone.” Shinsou gets out of the water as he cautiously makes his way to Izuku “Midoriya?” Izuku looks at his hands as they tremble crying “I-I’m…I’m a monster.” Izuku rests his forehead on the concrete floor as he whispers between sobs “T-they w-were wrong.”

            Izuku heaves out as Shinsou approaches “I-I’m n-not a v-villain…I-I’m w-worse.” Shinsou places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as he says sympathetically “Izuku” but before Shinsou can say anything the door at the top of the steps bursts open as they hear a familiar “Never fear, because I am here!” Izuku recalls all the times that that voice and those words would fill him with hope, but now all he can feel is despair and pain as he cries out.

            All Might lands at the center of the plaza where Shinsou is trying to comfort Izuku “What happened here young Shinsou?” Shinsou looks at Izuku as he curls in on himself as if in fear of being attacked “I…I can’t say.” All Might asks as he looks around at the villains who are all unconscious “What happened to all the villains?” Tsuyu answers as she gets out of the water and slowly approaches “A-Aizawa took most o-of them down, but t-two of them managed to e-escape.” All Might nods in understanding before he asks looking at Izuku “What happened to young Midoriya?”

            Shinsou looks at Tsuyu with a mix of emotions, hope, despair, anxiousness, fear, practically begging with his eyes for the right answer. Tsuyu answers hesitantly “I-I don’t know s-sir.” All Might replies “I see, I want you two to carry young Midoriya to the entrance while I take Aizawa.” Shinsou nods as he says “Yes sir.” Shinsou helps Izuku to his feet while Tsuyu hesitates to go near him, but complies anyway from All Might’s order.

            Once they reach to the top of the stairs Uraraka rushes over to them worried “Oh my god Deku, what happened?” Uraraka reaches out to touch Izuku but he backs away to avoid her touch while looking down still crying. Shinsou answers with a pained expression “I don’t think we should talk about it just yet.” All Might says as Shinsou leads Izuku off to the side “I’ll head to other areas of the facility to take down the remaining villains. I want everyone here to help Thirteen and Aizawa while I’m gone understand?”

            The students excluding Izuku, Shinsou, and Tsuyu answer “Yes sir.” Izuku sits against the wall with his head buried in his knees as he cries with Shinsou beside him who looks at him genuinely worried. Uraraka walks over to them with her hand raised wanting to help, but not knowing how to only for Shinsou to reply by shaking his head. Uraraka stops as she lowers her hand with tears pricking at her eyes in frustration since she doesn’t know how to help her friend when he needs it most.

            Meanwhile Izuku stews in his memories of when his Quirk first came in when he was called a villain and a freak. How people were scared of him and how they would avoid him at all cost looking at him with fear and hatred. Izuku thinks to himself “You can’t be a hero. How could you ever hope to be one when you just killed someone in cold blood? You don’t deserve to be a hero; you don’t even deserve to live after what you’ve done.”

            Izuku begins crying harder from how much he hates himself and realizing that he’s a monster while Shinsou tries to soothe him by rubbing circles on his back. Shinsou wants to tell him that it’ll be okay, that Izuku will be okay, but would he even listen? Would he even believe him? How can Shinsou possibly understand what Izuku is going through if he himself has never killed someone before? All Shinsou knows is that Izuku is drowning in his own self-hatred and there’s nothing he can do to help him.

            After a while Izuku stops crying, not because he’s feeling better but because he no longer has the energy to continue crying. So he simply continues staring down between his legs with a dead look in his eyes as the rest of the heroes and police show up along with Iida. The villains are taken away as the heroes check over each student. Present Mic asks as he walks over to Izuku and Shinsou with a worried expression since they’re sitting away from everyone else “Are you two alright?” Shinsou opens his mouth before he sighs and answers solemnly “No…I don’t think we are.”

            Present Mic knows what Shinsou means as he crouches down in front of them to get a better look at Izuku before he looks to Shinsou and asks “What happened?” Shinsou looks at Izuku who hasn’t even acknowledged Present Mic’s presence before he answers “We were sent to the shipwreck zone in the USJ. We were attacked by villains who had water based Quirks, but…Midoriya managed to save us.” Izuku shrinks when Shinsou mentions his name which didn’t go unnoticed as Shinsou explains “He copied one of the villains’ Quirks before freezing them together. After that we went towards the central plaza where Aizawa was fighting, Midoriya analyzed the villains’ Quirks.”

            Shinsou takes a breath before he continues “One of them had four Quirks.” This catches Present Mic by surprise “It had super speed, super strength, regeneration, and shock absorption. Apparently the villains were going to use it against All Might in their fight.” Present Mic comments “You keep calling the villain ‘it’, why do you say that?” Shinsou answers “The only thing that looked remotely human about it was that it had two arms and two legs, they called it ‘Noumu’.”

            Present Mic nods before he asks “What happened next?” Shinsou answers “The leader who I think was called ‘Shigaraki’ told the Noumu to attack Aizawa. After that…” Shinsou looks at Izuku as he buries his head deeper into his knees “I…I can’t say.” Present Mic looks at Izuku thinking that he was involved somehow before he replies “I see, are either of you hurt?” Shinsou shakes his head “No, I don’t think we are, but Izuku hasn’t spoken since not that I blame him.”

            Present Mic nods before he stands up and says “I’ll have Recovery Girl check you two over just in case, I’m sorry you two had to go through all that.” Shinsou hums with a nod as Present Mic walks away, meanwhile Uraraka and Iida stare at Izuku completely worried. Iida asks “What happened to him?” Uraraka answers “I don’t know, he hasn’t said anything ever since he came back. When I went to see if he was okay he…he moved away from me, like he was afraid I would hurt him.”

            Tsuyu looks on at Izuku and Shinsou; she still can’t stop the feeling of complete terror that took her over when Izuku…changed. Despite seeing Izuku breakdown in tears after it all she still can’t get rid of the fear that lingers in her. Izuku is her friend, but going anywhere near him is just too much for her. She knows she should try to help him, but she can’t bring herself to do so no matter how much she may want to. She knows that whatever happened it couldn’t have been Izuku’s fault, but she’s too afraid to go near him.

Chapter Text

            A black and purple portal opens in a dimly lit bar as Shigaraki tumbles out and backs away in fear as Kurogiri appears shortly after him. A voice from a TV screen says “So you have returned, but it seems that the Noumu isn’t with you. What happened?” Kurogiri answers “When we arrived at the USJ All Might wasn’t there. However we decided on sending the students to different areas throughout the facility to ensure they wouldn’t be problematic.”

            Shigaraki answers trembling “I sent the cannon fodder to attack Eraserhead, but they weren’t even able to put a scratch on him. I sent the Noumu to kill him, but when he attacked this green haired brat started freaking out.” The TV screen asks with barely hidden worry in his voice that only Kurogiri picks up on “What did this green haired child look like?” Shigaraki answers as he begins scratching at his neck “He had this stupid messy green curly hair and freckles. He took one of Noumu’s punches without even flinching then he killed him in one hit!”

            The voice replies with worry “I see, Kurogiri take care of Tomura. I have something I must take care of.” The screen turns off as Kurogiri looks at Shigaraki thinking “Who is that child to Sensei?”

            Meanwhile a detective is writing down all the information that he and the heroes managed to gather from the students. Suddenly Izuku stands up with Shinsou looking at him worriedly as he begins walking to the detective. Shinsou stands up and follows as he asks “Midoriya, where are you going?” Izuku walks over to the detective as the detective looks at him; Izuku holds out both of his wrists to the detective as he continues looking down “Take me away.” The detective looks at Izuku in surprise as he asks “What do you mean?”

            Shinsou stands behind Izuku as Izuku answers “I-I can’t stay here…I’m not…I don’t deserve to be here.” Shinsou says as he reaches out to Izuku “Midoriya.” Izuku says as he looks up at the detective with a pleading expression “I need to be put away, where I can’t hurt anyone ever again.” The detective looks around to notice everyone looking at them, so he puts his hand on Izuku’s back as he leads him away without Shinsou following.

            The detective requests a shock blanket from a nearby paramedic as he leads Izuku away; the detective wraps the blanket around Izuku’s shoulder as he crouches down at eye level with Izuku. The detective asks carefully “Can you tell me what happened?” Izuku answers as he looks downward “I’m a monster; I don’t deserve to be here.” The detective feels his heart ache, because Izuku honestly believes that he’s a monster “Why would you say that?” Izuku answers as he looks at the detective with a pained expression “Because I…I killed someone.”

            Izuku explains as he looks down recalling the events “I-I don’t know what happened. I tried to tell Aizawa to get away, b-but he wasn’t fast enough. I-If I’d been paying attention then I could’ve warned him sooner. I-If I’d reacted faster he wouldn’t have gotten hurt!” The detective says as he places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder trying to ground him “Kid, what happened to your teacher wasn’t your fault.”

            Izuku yells out in desperation as he looks at the detective “But it is! I-If I hadn’t been so useless Aizawa wouldn’t have gotten hurt and I wouldn’t have…” Izuku looks down as he quietly finishes “I wouldn’t have killed him.” The detective gently pushes Izuku to sit down as he crouches with him “Who did you kill?” Izuku answers without looking at the detective feeling overwhelming guilt “The Noumu.”

            The detective sighs before he comments “Kid, I don’t know why you would think that you’re a monster, but it sounds as though you wanted to protect your teacher. I was even told on two accounts that you managed to save your classmates from danger.” Izuku doesn’t look at the detective as he sighs “I know that it isn’t ideal to…to have blood on your hands at such an early age. However, you can’t blame yourself for what you couldn’t control.”

            Izuku replies as he looks back at the detective “But it’s MY Quirk, I should’ve had control over it, I shouldn’t have been able to lose control over it!” The detective raises a hand to motion for Izuku to calm down before he says “What’s your name?” Izuku answers quietly “M-Midoriya.” The detective replies “My name is Tsukauchi Naomasa. I’m not exactly an expert on Quirks or anything like that, but even I know that there are things about Quirks that even the most knowledgeable scientists don’t understand.”

            Tsukauchi continues “I’ve run into a few cases where a person lost control over their Quirk and managed to hurt somebody. Accidents happen, but you can’t hold yourself responsible for something you had no control over.” Izuku wants to argue, but knows Tsukauchi would disagree with him “Did you want the villains to attack?” Izuku answers “No.”

            Tsukauchi asks “Did you tell the villains where your class was going?” Izuku answers “No.” Tsukauchi then asks “Then how can you hold yourself responsible for something someone else did?” Tsukauchi explains “The villains knew the danger of challenging Yuuei, of challenging All Might but they did it anyway. You did what you could to protect your classmates and save your teacher.”

            Tsukauchi adds after a moment of silence “Thanks to you Eraserhead was able to get the help he so desperately needed. He’s heading to the hospital where the doctors are going to save him.” Izuku asks hesitantly “How do you know?” Tsukauchi smiles as he answers “I’ve known Eraserhead for a long time and if there’s one thing I know about him; he doesn’t give up easily.” Tsukauchi places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as Izuku looks him in the eye “Things may not have gone how you wanted, but you did save someone today and that means something.”

            If Izuku had the energy he would likely be bawling right now, so instead he hugs the detective that he just met. Tsukauchi is taken by surprise from the sudden contact, but doesn’t pull away and instead embraces the hug as he wraps his arms around Izuku. Sometimes the only thing a person can do for someone in their time of need is just be there for them and help them as best as you can.

            After a moment Izuku pulls away as he looks at Tsukauchi “Thank you detective.” Tsukauchi smiles as he replies “You’re welcome Midoriya.” Tsukauchi leads Izuku back to the rest of the class where his friends are waiting anxiously. Once they see Tsukauchi leading Izuku back to their group Uraraka asks “Is Deku going to be okay?” Tsukauchi answers “It’ll take some therapy sessions and a long time, but I think that after a while he’ll be just fine.”

            Tsukauchi’s answer seems to sate their anxiety before he says “By the way Midoriya.” Izuku looks over his shoulder at Tsukauchi as he smiles “I’m certain you’ll make a great hero someday.” Izuku replies with a small smile “Thank you detective.” Tsukauchi replies with a nod as he heads over to Nedzu and explain what had happened.

            That afternoon Inko rushes to the school to pick up Izuku “Izuku, are you okay?! You aren’t hurt, are you?!” Izuku shakes his head feeling exhausted “No mom, I’m…I’m fine.” Inko looks at Present Mic who says “The little listener is likely going to need a therapist after such a traumatic experience, but we think he’ll pull through. He’s a strong little guy, that much is certain.”

            Inko was furious when she heard what happened, but since she was given time on her way here and after Present Mic’s encouraging words she couldn’t hold onto her anger any longer. Inko nods as she replies “Thank you for helping my baby.” Present Mic waves a hand with a smile “It’s no problem miss, it’s what heroes are for.” Inko smiles gratefully at Present Mic as she leads Izuku back to the car.

            On the drive home Izuku lays his head against the window as Inko comments “I called your father and told him what happened before I came here. He was so worried about you when he found out, I’m sure he’ll want to talk to you when you’re feeling better.” Izuku hums still feeling exhausted from today’s events; Inko then says sympathetically “I’ll let him know that you’ll talk to him later when we get home. You just get some rest, okay.” Izuku hums again as he lightly nods against the window.

            Once Izuku gets home he immediately crashes on his bed and falls asleep instantly without even taking off his uniform. Inko decides to let him rest for the day so she only cooks enough for herself that night. She calls Hisashi “Inko, what happened?! Is Izuku alright?!” Inko answers “It’s alright Hisashi, Izuku’s okay. He’s just going to need some therapy, but other than that he’s fine.”

            Hisashi sighs in relief on the other line “Thank goodness he’s okay. Did the heroes tell you what had happened?” Hisashi spits out ‘heroes’, but Inko doesn’t hold anything against him for it “They told me that the villains were there to kill All Might. According to some of the villains that were arrested they had something called a Noumu that was apparently supposed to be strong enough to beat All Might.” Inko then lets out a sigh “Apparently the Noumu was defeated before it could harm anyone aside from one of the teachers.”

            Hisashi replies “I see, do they know who was responsible for the attack?” Inko answers “They call themselves the League of Villains, the police are working on locating where they are, but don’t have very many leads at the moment.” Hisashi sighs before he comments “I just hope that Izuku won’t have to go through something like that ever again.” Inko replies with a nod “I know.”

            That night Izuku dreams of the USJ, he dreams of Aizawa’s head getting smashed into the pavement by the Noumu. He dreams of losing control of not just his Quirk, but his whole body as if he was being possessed by something else. He destroys the Noumu, watching it break down on the molecular level turning into dust, but that’s not all. He sees his hands wrapped around Shinsou and Tsuyu’s throats as he lifts them in the air choking them before they burst into blood. After that he looks to see his classmates get hit by a red beam of light which cuts through all of them as they slowly disintegrate reaching out to Izuku with blood spreading everywhere.

            He then hears the disembodied voices of his classmates say “Monster.” “Freak.” “Villain.” “Abomination.” Izuku tries to cover his ears, but his classmates' words beat him relentlessly.

            Izuku yells out “Stop!” Izuku pushes himself up from his bed in a cold sweat in the middle of the night as he slowly realizes it was all a dream. Izuku sits at the edge of his bed with his palms resting on his face and his elbows on his knees as he heaves a sigh whether of relief or desperation that it was all just a dream he isn’t sure of. Izuku gets up and takes off his uniform in order to change into more comfortable clothes before he sits at his computer. Reading the news would likely make him feel worse, but isn’t that what he deserves?

            Izuku shakes his head as he tries to push away the thought and decides to look up YouTube videos on anything but the news or heroes. Right now he doesn’t want to think about anything related to yesterday’s incident so he just watches cute videos on puppies and kitties to get his mind off of things. Izuku still feels exhausted, but the fear of having another nightmare keeps him awake through the night.

            Once morning comes Izuku realizes that it’s Friday which means he’ll have to go to school. After coming to that realization he starts to panic, he’ll have to go back to where everything happened. People will be curious as to what happened and why he tried to go with the police. Once everyone finds out what he did and what he was, nobody will want to be around him anymore. Everybody will figure out that he truly is a villain, a freak…a monster.

            Izuku isn’t sure how long he stays lost in thought with his heart pounding in his chest until he is broken out of his trance as Inko knocks on the door “Izuku?” Izuku looks at the door as it slowly opens to reveal Inko’s worried expression “Are you alright?” Izuku swallows the lump in his throat before he answers hesitantly “I-I’m fine, I just…” Izuku sighs “I don’t want to go to school today.” Inko walks over to Izuku as she crouches in front of him and grabs his hands “It’s okay Izuku, I just got a call from the school and classes are cancelled for today. So you don’t have to worry about going back just yet.”

            Izuku sighs in relief since he isn’t sure if he’s emotionally or mentally ready to go back to school yet. Inko then asks as she rubs her thumbs across Izuku’s hand “Izuku, would you like to see a therapist?” Izuku looks at Inko as she explains “You don’t have to see one right now, but your teachers, Hisashi, and I think it’d be good for you since you went through such a painful experience.” Izuku nods in understanding before he asks “C-can I think about it?” Inko answers as she brings her hand to touch Izuku’s cheek with a gentle smile “Of course sweetie, you don’t have to answer just yet. Just let me know when you’re ready, okay?” Izuku nods “Okay.”

            Inko then asks as she stands up “Are you hungry, I’m working on breakfast right now. It’ll be done in a few minutes.” Izuku answers with a light smile “Yeah, I-I’d like that.” Inko smiles contentedly even though she’s still worried for how her son is feeling or what he’s thinking, but she’ll take having breakfast with Izuku as a win.

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            On Saturday Izuku goes out to Dagobah beach to do his weekly clean up, but he doesn’t do it because he feels like it, he does it out of obligation, out of habit. Honestly Izuku would much rather stay at home, sleep, and never wake up again, that’d be the best thing he could do for this world. Of course he knows his mom would be worried about him if he ever did try to sleep in and moping around would just make her worry even more. So right now, the best thing he can do is clean up the trash that people have left on the beach, it’s the only thing he’s good for after all. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice call out “Young Midoriya!”

            Izuku looks up to see Toshinori coming down the steps to him, Izuku plasters on a smile as he replies “Hey Toshinori!” Toshinori walks up to Izuku as he asks “What’re you doing?” Izuku answers as he looks down at the trash bag in his hand “Oh you know, cleaning up the beach.” Toshinori hums in response before he asks worriedly “How’re you doing?” Izuku looks up at Toshinori with a pained smile “I’m doing fine.”

            Toshinori replies with a knowing expression “Come now Midoriya, I’ve heard what had happened at Yuuei.” Izuku looks at Toshinori in surprise before he looks away shamefully, Toshinori adds as he reaches out to Izuku “It’s okay young Midoriya.” Izuku moves away from Toshinori’s hand before he says with tears in his eyes “I-I don’t want to talk about it.” Toshinori lowers his arm as he says “I’m sorry Midoriya, that you had to go through something like that.” Izuku says quietly “I’m a monster.”

            Toshinori asks as he didn’t hear what Izuku said “I’m sorry?” Izuku repeats louder “I’m a monster.” Toshinori looks at Izuku in shock as Izuku explains tearfully “I-I killed someone, I killed someone and I wasn’t even punished for it! I took their life even though I had no right to do so!” Toshinori says quietly as he moves closer to Izuku “Young Midoriya.”

            Izuku yells as he begins curling in on himself “I couldn’t even save my teacher! All I could do was just stand there and let it happened even though I could’ve stopped it! I should’ve stopped it! It’s my fault that h-he’s in the hospital!” Izuku falls to his knees as he begins crying while repeating “It’s all my fault.”

            Toshinori kneels beside Izuku as he places his hand on his back “Young Midoriya, what happened wasn’t your fault. Those villains knew what they were getting themselves into when they attacked Yuuei; they knew that they might not have made it back when they attacked. You can’t blame yourself for someone else’s actions.” Izuku replies “But I killed someone!” After a moment of thought Toshinori asks carefully “Did you want to kill them?”

            Izuku sniffles before he answers quietly still looking down “No.” Toshinori asks “Did you want your teacher to get hurt?” Izuku answers again “No.” Toshinori asks “Did you want to protect your teacher and classmates?” Izuku takes a moment before he answers quietly “Yes.”

            Toshinori then says as he places his hand on Izuku’s back “Then it’s not your fault, you never wanted to hurt anyone, but you were thrown into a situation where you had no choice.” Izuku then says as he looks at Toshinori with tears still in his eyes “B-but-” Toshinori cuts him off “No buts. Young Midoriya, you are one of the strongest, smartest, and most kind person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You have been through a lot, more than what you deserve, but you can’t let this one incident bring you down especially since you had no control in the matter.” Izuku looks back down as he takes in Toshinori’s words “Young man, if you truly want to redeem yourself for what happened then you must become a hero, don’t let this stop you, let it push your forward.”

            Izuku looks back at Toshinori who smiles “Every hero has made mistakes and every hero has done something they didn’t want to in order to stop a villain. That’s why you must work harder to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.” Toshinori then says with pride “It may take a while, but I know you can do it young Midoriya, because you too can become a hero.” Izuku stares at Toshinori for a moment as tears form in his eyes before he hugs Toshinori as he starts crying again as Toshinori returns the hug and gently pat Izuku’s back “It’s okay young Midoriya, I am here.”

            The two of them stay like that for a moment before Izuku pulls away and wipes his tears “I-I’m s-sorry about that Toshinori.” Toshinori replies with a wave of his hand “It’s alright young Midoriya; sometimes you need a good cry every now and then.” Izuku smiles at Toshinori as he says “Thank you Toshinori, I…I really needed that.” Toshinori replies with a smile “You’re welcome young Midoriya.” Toshinori then says as he stands up and offers Izuku his hand “Now then, how about we finish cleaning up.”

            Izuku replies as he takes Toshinori’s hand “Y-you don’t have to do that.” Toshinori then says with a cheeky smile “You’re right, but I want to.” Izuku smiles before he says “Alright, if you say so.” The two of them begin cleaning the rest of the trash on the beach with Izuku feeling much lighter than he did before.

            Once they’re done and they’ve gone their separate ways Izuku calls his mom “Hey mom.” Inko replies “Hello sweetie.” Izuku says “I think I’d like to see a therapist.” Inko smiles on the other line as she says “Okay sweetie, I’ll make a call Monday and see about setting up an appointment.” Izuku replies with a smile “Thanks mom.”

            Inko replies “You’re welcome sweetie, how was your day at the beach?” Izuku answers “It was nice, I think it was just what I needed to clear my head.” Inko comments “That’s wonderful sweetie, I’m glad you’re feeling better.” They both fall into comfortable conversation as Izuku makes his way home, though he may not know what may happen he’ll try to face it with the best of his ability.

            On Monday during homeroom Izuku and the rest of his classmates sit waiting for their substitute teacher to show up, Izuku sits anxiously at his desk as he tries to prepare himself for an explanation. As they’re waiting Tsuyu walks over to Izuku’s desk “Midoriya.” Izuku looks up at Tsuyu who is shifting nervously “I…I wanted to apologize, for how I acted at the USJ.” Izuku blinks in surprise at Tsuyu as she explains “I was afraid of you, even though I knew that it wasn’t your fault.” Tsuyu then begins to tear up as she says “Y-you don’t have to forgive me, I don’t think I would if-” Izuku gently grabs her hand as he looks up at her sympathetically “It’s alright Tsuyu, you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

            Unbeknownst to them most of the class is watching as Izuku says looking away “I…I was scared too…I was scared that I might hurt someone else, that I might hurt you or Shinsou or Aizawa.” Izuku then says as he looks back at Tsuyu “But that’s why I’m going to do my best to get control over my Quirk so that something like that never happens again.” Tsuyu replies with a quivering smile “Thank you Midoriya.” Izuku replies with a light smile “You’re welcome Tsuyu.” Tsuyu leans down as she hugs Izuku to his surprise, but he returns the hug before she goes back to her seat with a smile on her face.

            Once Tsuyu is back in her seat Ashido asks with a mischievous grin “So what was that all about Tsuyu?” Tsuyu answers with a slight blush as she looks away “I did something hurtful back at the USJ.” Ashido replies “Okay, but why did you hug Midoriya, hmm?” Tsuyu’s blush deepens as she answers “I-I just felt like he needed a hug.” Ashido then asks as she whispers “Are you sure it isn’t because you wanted a hug?”

            Tsuyu hides her face ribbiting before Aizawa opens the door covered in bandages “Alright everyone settle down.” The class stares at Aizawa as he makes his way into the class, Iida asks “Mr. Aizawa, are you sure it is a good idea to work in your condition?!” Aizawa answers “Iida, while I appreciate your concern it isn’t necessary.” Aizawa then says as he looks over the class “Now then, today you should know that the fight isn’t over.” The class begins to panic as most of them think “Not more villains!”

            Aizawa explains as the tension builds in the class “The Sports Festival is coming up.” The class sighs in relief before Jirou asks curiously “Is it really such a good idea to have an event like this after what happened at the USJ?” Aizawa answers “Yuuei believes that it will boost the confidence in the public, essentially we’ll be showing that the USJ incident had no effect on us. Plus, we’ll be boosting our security this year to avoid any possible threats, so I suggest everyone here start taking training seriously from now on.”

            Once lunch starts class 1-A sees a bunch of students outside of their classroom, Kaminari asks “What’re these guys all doing here?” Kirishima adds “Yeah, what do you all want?” Bakugou answers “Isn’t it obvious, these extras have come to scope out the competition.” Kaminari comments “Come on man, you’re basically painting a huge target on our entire class!” Bakugou replies as he glares at Kaminari “As long as we beat them in the Sports Festival it doesn’t matter.”

            Bakugou walks off as Kirishima comments to himself “That’s so manly.” The students disperse as class 1-A goes to lunch, before Izuku exits the door Aizawa calls out “Midoriya.” Izuku looks over his shoulder at Aizawa who is sitting in his chair looking at him between his bandages “I need to speak with you.” Izuku looks down guiltily before he looks at his friends with a plastic smile “It’s alright guys; I’ll catch up with you later.” Izuku’s friends look at him worriedly before Uraraka says “Alright, we’ll save you a spot.”

            Izuku nods as they exit into the hallway, Izuku walks over to Aizawa’s desk looking at his feet. Aizawa says with Izuku standing in front of his desk “Midoriya, look at me.” Izuku pries himself to look Aizawa in the eyes with guilt building in his chest and tears beginning to fill his eyes, Aizawa says with finality “What happened wasn’t your fault.” Izuku blinks in surprise as a few tears escape as he asks in disbelief “What?” Aizawa repeats “I said ‘it wasn’t your fault’.”

            Aizawa explains “I should’ve stayed with Thirteen and gotten you all evacuated before taking on those villains, that was my mistake.” Izuku replies “No Aizawa, it’s not your fault, you did everything you could!” Aizawa retorts “If I did everything I could then neither you or the rest of your class would’ve gotten involved.” Izuku counters “T-then you would’ve gotten hurt even worse or even” Izuku looks down “killed.” Aizawa sighs before he says sympathetically “It’s not your job to worry or take care of me, it’s my job to make sure you and the rest of my students are safe.”

            Aizawa continues “I understand that you were angry and upset when that Noumu attacked me, I also understand why you lost control and I don’t hold any of that against you. However, you must understand that you shouldn’t blame yourself for that; you did what you could to make sure everyone was safe. Besides, even though I hate to admit it, I owe you my life” Izuku looks at Aizawa in surprise “which is why I’m going to do everything in my power to make you the best hero you can be, understand?” Izuku begins to cry before Aizawa says fondly as he stands up “Now get going problem child, your friends are waiting for you.” Izuku wipes away his tears as he says with a bright smile “Thank you Aizawa.” As Izuku runs off Aizawa can’t help, but smile thinking “You’re gonna go far kid.”

            Once Izuku gets his lunch and sits with his friends Shinsou asks curiously “So what did Aizawa want to talk to you about?” Izuku answers hesitantly “H-he wanted to talk to me about what happened at the USJ.” Uraraka asks as she places a hand on Izuku shoulder worriedly “Are you alright?” Izuku answers with a smile “Y-yeah, he just wanted to make sure that I was okay.” Iida says thoughtfully “I know that you were quite distressed after the whole incident, but I’m not quite sure why.”

            Shinsou answers before Izuku “The thing those villains brought to kill All Might tried to attack us and Izuku stopped it.” Iida comments with a hand on his chin as Izuku looks at Shinsou surprised “I see, that would explain what Tsuyu said during homeroom.” Though Iida accepted Shinsou’s answer Uraraka thought differently as she looks at Izuku still worried. During lunch Izuku gets a text from Inko saying that his appointment is after school and that she’ll come by to pick him up. Izuku says as he looks at his friends “Hey guys,” his friends look at him as he explains “my mom is going to be picking me up for my appointment.”

            Uraraka asks worriedly “Are you sick?!” Izuku waves his hands as he answers “No, no, I’m just…I’m going to see” Izuku says quietly “a therapist.” Uraraka sits back as she replies slightly embarrassed and sad “O-oh, okay.” Iida replies “It’s alright Midoriya, we understand and you must take care of yourself.” Shinsou adds “Yeah, we get it.” Izuku replies with a smile “Thanks guys.”

            That afternoon Inko takes Izuku to a nearby mental health care center, as they enter the woman at the front desk says “Ah you two must be the Midoriyas.” Inko nods as she replies “That’s right.” The woman says “I’ll let Dr. Kaito know that you’re here.” Inko nods as she leads Izuku to a seat beside her, Izuku looks around the mostly empty room with a table in the center with several magazines and a TV in the upper right corner of the room playing a cartoon. After a few moments the nearby door opens to reveal a man with long brown curly hair and amber eyes “Midoriya?”

            Izuku stands up as Inko holds onto his hand causing him to look back at her “It’s okay sweetie, you can tell him everything.” Izuku swallows with a nod before he goes with the doctor, as they walk to his room Kaito asks “So how’re you feeling today?” Izuku answers “Kind of nervous, I’ve never seen a therapist before.” Kaito chuckles as he comments “Yeah, not very many children do, no offense of course.” Izuku replies “None taken.”

            Once they reach his room Kaito opens the door for Izuku as he walks in behind him, as Kaito goes to sit at his desk “So Midoriya, we’ll start by trying to get to know each other a bit.” Kaito introduces himself “I’m Dr. Kaito and I’ll be your psychiatrist from now on.” Izuku asks confused “I thought you were a therapist?” Kaito replies with a wave of his hand “People often get the two confused, basically I’m here to make sure that you’re mentally healthy whereas a therapist helps you sort out your feelings and come to clearer decisions.” Izuku comments with a nod “I see.” Kaito then says as he leans back in his chair “Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself.”

            Izuku gulps as he says “Well, my name’s Izuku Midoriya, I’m fifteen years old, I’m currently in the hero course at Yuuei High, my Quirk is called All Formulas.” Kaito nods before he asks “Can you tell me what your Quirk does?” Izuku answers “My Quirk allows me to analyze basically everything and copy it so long as I have the physical ability to do so.” Kaito asks “What exactly can you do right now?” Izuku explains “Well, if I analyze a textbook I can recall whatever information I may need during a test or homework assignment.”

            Kaito snorts as he comments “That sounds useful.” Izuku smiles lightly as he continues “I’ve memorized a few fighting styles that I’ve physically seen and I’ve copied several Quirks.” Kaito’s eyes widen before he leans forward “You can copy Quirks?” Izuku shrinks in his seat as he replies quietly “Y-yes.” Kaito shouts with a grin “That’s so awesome!”

            Kaito asks “How many Quirks have you copied?” Izuku blinks in surprise before he answers “W-well I’ve copied around about eighty or so; that includes my classmates.” Kaito laughs as he sits back in his seat and comments “Man kid, you’re going to be an awesome hero once you graduate.” Izuku replies with smile “Thanks.”

            Kaito then says regaining his composure “Well as I already said; I’m Dr. Kaito, I work here, obviously,” Izuku snorts as Kaito continues “I’m forty-two years old, my Quirk is Empathy. Essentially I can pick up on people’s emotions, when I’m in public areas it can get a bit overwhelming, but I’ve managed pretty well so far. It also helps with the job, when I talk to my patients I can pick up on what they’re hiding and try to help as best as I can.” Izuku comments sympathetically “That must’ve been hard for you.” Kaito replies “It wasn’t easy, but I managed to pull through.”

            Izuku asks cautiously “S-so can you feel what I feel?” Kaito looks at Izuku before he sighs and answers “Yes, I can. I know that you’ve gone through something pretty heavy and that you’re having trouble accepting it and you’re feeling a little guilty, which isn’t a surprise, but that’s why you’re here.” Kaito looks Izuku in the eyes as he says “I can’t say I’ve been where you have, but I know how you’re feeling. I know that words of encouragement and simply saying ‘it wasn’t your fault’ will only work for so long. I can also tell that you have some apprehension with taking medication, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, okay?”

            Izuku replies with a nod “Okay.” Kaito opens a desk drawer and pulls out a deck of cards “How about we play a game?” Izuku looks at Kaito confused before he explains “Patients don’t usually tell me their feelings on the first meeting, it’s kind of like dating if you ask me.” Izuku chuckles as Kaito deals out the cards with a smile “I mean I don’t think I’d tell some random person I just met how I feel either. Which is why we first need to make a connection and the best way to do that is through games.”

            Kaito then says as he picks up his cards “Think of me as your soon-to-be friend-you-can-complain-to-whenever-we’re-here.” Izuku chuckles as he picks up his cards “Thanks Kaito.” Kaito replies with a nod “You’re welcome Midoriya.” The two of them play a relatively short game in comfortable silence before Kaito let’s Izuku go.

Chapter Text

            The following two weeks go with Izuku training on weekdays, clean the beach with Toshinori on Saturday, relax on Sunday, meet Kaito on Monday afternoons, and repeat. Izuku sits in the waiting room of class 1-A with Uraraka sitting on his left and Shinsou on his right with Izuku shaking his right leg nervously. Todoroki approaches Izuku “Midoriya.” Izuku’s eyes shoot up at Todoroki as he stops moving his leg; Todoroki says as he has the whole class’ attention “It’s obvious that you’re the strongest one in our entire class.” Izuku blinks in confusion at Todoroki before he states “However, don’t think that I won’t do everything in my power to beat you. If you really want to win then I suggest you fight with everything you’ve got, because if you don’t then I WILL beat you.”

            Shinsou says with a glare “Back off peppermint, Midoriya doesn’t need your shit right now.” Izuku says as he stands up “It’s alright Shinsou, he’s right.” Everyone looks at Izuku as he meets Todoroki’s gaze “However, if you truly mean what you say then I expect the same from you Todoroki. If you really want to win then you’re going to have to fight all of us tooth and nail, because not a single one of us will give you an edge. Got it?”

            They both stare each other down as Kirishima comments stepping forward “Easy guys, we’re all friends here alright.” Todoroki replies as he turns away “We’re not here to make friends.” Izuku sits down as he comments quietly “Some of us just want friends.” Uraraka and Shinsou move closer to Izuku as if to protect him before they’re all called out to the field by Present Mic.

            Midnight says once all the classes are out on the field “Alright and for our opening ceremony we have Izuku Midoriya!” Everyone looks at Izuku as he thinks to himself “Ah crap.” Izuku swallows thickly before he begins walking to the stage with shaky legs, once he’s onstage Midnight hands him the microphone “Hello everyone.” Izuku gets feedback as he pulls away from the microphone, Izuku tries again nervously “Hello everyone.” Izuku feels everyone’s gaze on him as he stands on the stage with his legs trembling; Izuku closes his eyes as he takes a breath and exhales.

            Izuku says as he looks forward to nowhere particularly “We’ve all gathered here today to compete in a festival that could very well decide our futures. The general education classes will gain the opportunity to rise to the rankings of heroes, business classes will gain experience of marketing those of us involved, the support classes will work in trying to gain favor of business companies to work for, and those of us in the hero course are going to do everything we can in order to be recognized for our prowess.” Izuku takes a shaky breath before he continues “All of us here are working and fighting to be recognized for our abilities, even though some of us may fall we will still gain experience in return. This is only the first sports festival of our year which will give everyone the knowledge and experience to succeed in the following years. We all fought to get into Yuuei and now it’s time for all of us to fight for our positions to follow our dreams and go beyond!” Izuku raises his fist as he yells out with his fellow students and the audience “Plus ultra!”

            Midnight takes the microphone from Izuku as she whispers “You did a good job kid.” Izuku nods before he makes his way offstage as some of his fellow students cheer, as he makes his way back to his group Shinsou comments with a smirk “So how’re you feeling?” Izuku answers with a shaky smile “Panic would be how I describe how I’m feeling.” Shinsou chuckles as Uraraka says with a determined smile “We’ve got this Deku.” Izuku nods as Midnight says “For our first round we have…” the screen behind Midnight reveals “the obstacle course!”

            Izuku hesitantly uses All Formulas once he gets into position in the back, as he does so he notices how all of the participants are getting close together and how narrow the exit is; meaning that with so many people going through it the tunnel will get congested. This means that more than anything he’ll have to go over all of the people in front of him; Izuku looks up at the ceiling of the tunnel before he smiles with an idea in mind. Present Mic calls out “Begin!” As all the students start pushing and shoving to get through Izuku extends a wooden hand that digs into the ceiling before swinging himself through the exit along with his fellow classmates. Once Izuku is on the other side he sees the ground before him frozen, so he uses Fire Breath to melt the ice as he lands and hits the ground running.

            As Izuku runs he sends out fire in front of him in order to get rid of the ice as he passes his classmates. Once the ice is clear he starts compounding a few of his speed enhancement Quirks to catch up to Todoroki who is currently in the lead. However, once he catches up with Todoroki he sees several giant zero pointers like from the entrance exam “Are you kidding me!?” Izuku doesn’t have time to react before Todoroki freezes the robots and runs between their legs, Izuku notices that the robot in front is currently off balance and that anyone beneath it will get crushed.

            As the robot falls Izuku compounds all of his strength Quirks into his right fist while using Shock Absorption and throws a punch at the robot sending out enough wind pressure to send it toppling backwards onto the other robots. Izuku’s right arm starts to feel sore, but he uses his Regeneration Quirk before using his speed enhancement Quirks and a jumping Quirk in order to catch back up with Todoroki again by jumping on the robots’ remains.

            The next obstacle looks to be platform-based with wires connected between each platform, Todoroki just runs across the wire as he freezes it with expertise. Izuku uses All Formulas along with his jumping Quirk in order to gauge how much force he needs to use as well as where he’s going to land. Izuku jumps from platform to platform with ease not stopping to rest or anything before he lands on the other side and uses his speed Quirks.

            Up ahead of him seems to be a landmine zone which Todoroki crosses by freezing the ground beneath him, but Izuku adds strength enhancement Quirks into his legs in order to make himself go faster. Izuku runs across the minefield with pink explosions going off behind him causing Todoroki to look back at him in surprise before Izuku finally passes him. Izuku’s legs start to ache from the use of so many Quirks, but continues to push forward regardless and crosses the finish line with dust following behind him. Izuku lets go of the Quirks in his legs as he begins panting on the field with the audience cheering for him and his victory in the first round.

            Although Izuku doesn’t know it, Toshinori sits up in the stands applauding his victory with a proud smile on his face “You’ve done well young Midoriya.” Meanwhile Inko is at home crying proudly with nearby tissues as she says “My baby boy!” In a dark room Shigaraki stares at the screen in front of him as he says “Sensei, why does this brat have different Quirks like you?” Kurogiri answers “Perhaps he has a copy Quirk.” Shigaraki begins scratching at his neck as Sensei silently thanks Kurogiri for his answer.

            Izuku looks up at the crowd with tears in his eyes as he thinks to himself “I did it, I won!” Izuku looks down at his right fist as he wonders sadly “But do I deserve it? Don’t other people deserve to win over me; monsters like me shouldn’t even be here.” Izuku hears a cheery voice call out from behind him “Deku!” Izuku snaps out of his thoughts as he looks behind him to see Uraraka running up to him with a smile on her face “Man, you were really awesome out there!”

            Izuku blushes as he replies scratching the back of his head “T-thanks Uraraka, sorry I kind of left you behind.” Uraraka comments with a wave of her hand “It’s alright, I mean it is a race after all, so no hard feelings.” Shinsou walks up behind her as he adds “Yeah man, besides you were too far ahead of us that we would never be able to catch up.” Izuku nods in agreement with a hum before Uraraka asks somewhat worried “Are you alright Deku?” Izuku looks at Uraraka before he smiles and answers “Yeah, I’m fine.”

            Uraraka asks skeptically “Are you sure?” Izuku answers “Yes, I’m sure.” Uraraka replies still feeling unsure “Alright, but if you ever need anything you know you can ask us, right?” Shinsou nods in agreement as Izuku looks between them before he smiles gratefully “Yeah, thanks guys.”

Chapter Text

            Midnight announces as everyone gathers around the stage “Alright for the second round of the sports festival we have…” the screen behind her reveals “the cavalry battle!” Midnight explains “During the cavalry battle you’ll get into teams of three to four with one person being held up by the rest of their teammates. However, each person will have an assigned number based on their placement in the previous round and so all the numbers will be added up for each team. So forty-second place will be five points, forty-first will be ten points, forty will be fifteen points and so on, but first place will be…” Midnight announces with a sadistic smile “one million points!” Everyone turns to look at Izuku with hungry gazes as he swallows thickly in trepidation at being a target for everyone else.

            Midnight says with a wink “You’ll all be allowed fifteen minutes to choose your teammates, make sure you choose wisely.” As Izuku looks around everyone more or less disperses around him, every time he makes eye contact with a classmate they just walk off. Izuku looks down as he thinks “Of course nobody would want to be on a team with me, it would be signing your own death sentence.” Izuku hears “Deku, are you alright?” Izuku turns around surprised to see Uraraka staring at him with a worried expression on her face “Y-yeah, I’m fine.” Uraraka comments “You said that before too.” Izuku replies with a nervous chuckle “Yeah, I was just…thinking.”

            Uraraka continues staring at Izuku before she concedes “Alright, well anyways I wanted to ask if you wanted be on the same team.” Izuku looks at her shocked “R-really? You want to be on a team with me?” Uraraka smiles comfortingly “Of course Deku, we’re a team remember, just like the Battle Trial.” Shinsou walks up beside her “Don’t forget about me, you and I are practically family after what happened at the USJ.”

            Izuku’s lips begin to quiver as he tries to hold back his tears, Uraraka glares at Shinsou “Why’d you go and say that?” Shinsou raises his hands defensively “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he’d react like that.” Izuku interrupts “It’s okay guys,” Uraraka and Shinsou looks at Izuku as he beams at them “I’m just…I’m so happy I have friends like you.” Uraraka and Shinsou both nod at Izuku as they say “We’re with you, no matter what.”

            Suddenly Izuku hears a feminine voice behind him say “You’re the one in first place, right?” Izuku looks behind him to see a girl with long pink hair and goggles as she quickly gets into his personal space “Let me be on your team Mr. First Place!” Izuku backs away both scared and confused “W-what?!” The girl introduces herself “My name’s Mei Hatsume, I’m with the support course and I’d like to use you in order to gain some attention from the businesses that are watching us! I want to get some good connections and in order to do that I need to get noticed which is what I’m going to use you for!”

            Izuku and his friends think to themselves as they sweat drop “At least she’s honest.” Izuku replies with a nod “Okay, but if you don’t mind could you show me your Quirk.” Hatsume replies as she raises her goggles off her eyes “Of course!” Izuku uses All Formulas to analyze Hatsume’s eyes “So you’ve got an eye-based Quirk like me, it seems as though it allows you to zoom in to see things at a distance or in your case help in precision for making equipment.” Hatsume replies “Well aren’t you a smart cookie, I assume your Quirk allows you to analyze and copy Quirks.”

            Izuku and his friends blink in surprise as Hatsume comments “I saw you using a bunch of different Quirks during the obstacle course. Which gave me a few ideas to work with for my babies!” Uraraka asks confused “Your what now?” Hatsume pulls out a box of gadgets as she repeats “My babies!” Shinsou comments as he begins looking through the gear “You’ve made a lot in just the short time school has been opened.”

            Hatsume puffs up her chest in pride as Izuku also looks through the gadgets while using his All Formulas to analyze each gadget. Izuku begins piecing together a plan before scanning the entire field for people with Mutant based Quirks or are showing off their Quirks. Izuku smiles before he comments “Alright, I think I’ve got a plan.” The three of them group around Izuku as Uraraka says excitedly “Let’s hear it Deku.”

            After the fifteen minutes are up Midnight says “Time’s up everybody get into positions for the second round to start.” Izuku sits atop of his team with Uraraka and Hatsume behind him with Shinsou acting as the horse of their team. Present Mic calls out once all the students are in position “Begin!”

            As soon as the round begins everyone rushes towards Izuku’s team, but he already has a plan; Izuku thrusts both of his hands forward sending out a web of branches before freezing them over creating a web-like ice barrier. Izuku says aloud “Boosters now!” Izuku activates his jetpack as Uraraka and Hatsume use their hover boots just as the ground beneath them softens from one of their opponents’ Quirks. Izuku holds his hands out to the sides as he sends out cement which begins covering the ground beneath them. Uraraka calls out as they slowly start to descend “We’re going to have to land soon!”

            Izuku calls out “Uraraka, use Zero Gravity on Hatsume and me!” Uraraka uses her Quirk on Izuku before she uses it on Hatsume while Izuku stops sending out cement and uses Zero Gravity on Uraraka and Shinsou allowing them to float for a little longer. Izuku then uses Hellfire on the still wet cement below them, once the cement is dry Izuku says “I’m going to release gravity now!” Once Izuku releases Zero Gravity his team lands on a solid cement platform allowing Uraraka to release her Quirk as well. However they all hear Bakugou yell out “Deku!”

            The barrier between them and the rest of their opponents begins to tremble from Bakugou’s explosions. Izuku commands “Everyone turn ninety degrees left!” His team does so as the barrier shatters revealing their opponents, but what they aren’t prepared for is Izuku to send forth a glacier to block the newly formed hole. Uraraka comments with amazement “Wow, that’s amazing Deku!” Shinsou adds “Gotta say I’m glad we’re on your side.”

            Izuku chuckles before he apologizes “Sorry we aren’t using your babies very much Hatsume.” Hatsume replies with a grin “It’s alright; as long as we win I’ll get to show my babies in the next round!” Izuku chuckles again before he uses All Formulas and Zoom to see passed the ice and at the other teams, Bakugou is of course infuriated at being blocked twice in a row. Todoroki stares at the glacier and what’s left of the barrier with clear frustration and every other team seems to have given up on going after Izuku’s team. Izuku comments “Looks like we’re in the clear for now.”

            Meanwhile Iida comments “Todoroki you need to use your fire in order to get passed this barrier.” Todoroki replies with frustration “I can’t.” Yaoyorozu adds “Todoroki, Midoriya used ice knowing full well that you won’t use your fire. If we want to get his headband then we’re going to need as much fire as we can get.” Kaminari comments “Yeah bro!”

            Todoroki glares at the ice in front of him before he says “Let’s just take down as many people as we can before the next round begins.” Iida replies reluctantly “Got it.” Yaoyorozu adds “Understood.” Kaminari says “Whatever you say man.”

            At the same time Bakugou yells “Deku you bastard, get your fucking ass out here so that way I can kick it into next week!” Kirishima comments “I don’t think Midoriya is going to come out just because you ask.” Bakugou retorts “Shut up shitty hair! I’m not going to let some shitty Deku beat me again!” Ashido quietly asks herself with a sigh “Why did I think teaming up with Bakugou was a good idea?” Sero replies “I’m right there with ya.”

            Suddenly Bakugou feels a tug on his head as his headband flies off, Bakugou turns around to see a blonde with his hair parted to the side and blue eyes with a smug smile “You really shouldn’t let your guard down. It seems pretty obvious that Midoriya is playing the long game just like 1-B, class 1-A losers like you aren’t going to get far in this competition.” Bakugou then says in tranquil fury “Kirishima, there’s a change of plans.” Kirishima looks up at Bakugou to see a fiery rage in his eyes “We’re going to kill every last one of these shit stains before we take out Deku!” Kirishima grins along with his fellow teammates “Whatever you say bro.”

            Present Mic comments in the announcer’s box “Amazing! Who could’ve known that Midoriya would’ve thrown up a barrier as soon as the battle started!? Of course being the biggest target on the field he would have to come up with a major defense, but who would’ve guessed this!?” Aizawa comments “Midoriya is one of the most observant students in his class, not sure if that’s because of his Quirk or if that’s just who he is. In any case, he took advantage of his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses; he was able to buy himself some time when using what I assume is Kamui Woods’ Quirk followed by Todoroki’s ice. After that he used the support equipment he gained from his teammate to take flight in order to enact the next part of his plan.”

            Aizawa continues “He then used Cementoss’ Quirk in order to create a platform for his team before using Endeavor’s Quirk in order to speed up the hardening process. Midoriya also had a plan in case someone broke through his barrier which was to summon a glacier to essentially plug the hole. It’s obvious that out of everyone here Midoriya is the one who plans ahead of everyone else.” Present Mic comments “And there you have it from our very own Eraserhead!” Aizawa replies “Could you not be so loud?”

            Outside of the stadium Mount Lady nudges as she stares up at the screen with a smile “Hey Kamui, that kid used your Quirk in the cavalry battle!” Kamui watches the screen in surprise as he comments “I had no idea that he had the ability to copy other people’s Quirks.” Death Arms adds “I’d hate to be the villain to fight against him once he goes pro.”

            In the stands Endeavor grits his teeth in seething rage as he thinks “That brat stole my Quirk and used it as a god damn heater! What a waste of power!” Endeavor continues to tremble in barely contained frustration.