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The dazed off boy finally looks up at the taller alpha, the girl on his lap giggling loudly at something Mark was saying. “Sorry, what?” It was 1:03 am, and the music was still blasting through the room.


“Seriously Jung,” he took a long drag from the blunt he was holding. “I said you wanna get out of here? I mean, Jisung’s passed out, God knows where Donghyuck is, and Jungwoo...” his eyes stray to his ex boyfriend, he was grinding against some guy from the basketball team, but that's none of his business. He lets out a cloud of smoke, and pretends he isn’t affected by the scene going on in the living room. “well who gives a fuck? Are you ready to bounce or not?” This is exactly why you shouldn’t date friends, Jeno wasn’t sure how many times he told him. The strong scent of horny teenagers makes Jeno scrunch his nose in discontent, why was he here again?


“Ask YangYang I’m a little busy.” He said dismissively, looking down the pretty girl’s shirt not giving Lucas any of his attention. He was bored, everyone was doing their own thing, and the sweet beta girl on him sure knew how to be a distraction. The girl bites her lip and smiles suggestively, and oops now he’s busy. To be fair though, the boy was drunk? High? Drigh? Whatever the hell it was, so he obviously shouldn’t be trusted with any decision making at the moment, especially not when there’s a cute girl on his lap practically purring at him. It wasn’t HIS turn to stay sober tonight.


“Are you for real right now?!” Lucas groans loudly as he stands up, pulling Jeno up by the ear (making sure not to hurt the girl sitting on Jeno’s lap, she’s not the one being a dumbass). Jeno whines a bit before pouting up at Lucas, Mark laughs and stands up as well. The girl huffs at Lucas, flipping him off, clinging onto a tall girl on the other side of the room. Well, there goes his distraction.


“So what, we’re leaving then?” Mark says too cheerfully for someone who just lost a beer pong game a couple minutes prior. He’s got a little bounce to his step, and a million dollar smile plastered on his face.


“Why the fuck are you so happy?”


“What are you talking about, I can’t smile now? Jesus fuck, get off my back!” He said defensively his arms cross over his chest, but that fake frown isn’t fooling anyone. It takes about three seconds before that same smile returns to his face.


“Jisoo gave him a blowjob in the bathroom.”






Mark and Lucas said simultaneously, he swears, they were like siamese twins. Jeno ignores the detailed description Mark is giving Lucas, cause ‘Mark you have to tell me, we’re best friends’ . He saw the two heading towards the bathroom earlier, after Mark declared himself the beer pong king (which he was not, that title will always and forever belong to Jaemin). The two were in such a hurry to the bathroom, that they failed to notice the heartbroken Donghyuck they accidentally bumped into.


He looks around the crowded room, taking in the atmosphere. Drunk as fuck teenagers grinding- sorry he means dancing all across the room. It was one of Felix’s annual parties, it was a big fucking deal. Anyone who was anyone would tell you just how legendary his parties were. He sees a girl throwing up behind the couch he was just sitting on, yup, this is what he found legendary.


This ‘legendary’ party was the reason they all dragged their sorry asses down to his house, he could see some of  his friends from where he was standing, he could recognize those ugly rats anywhere . They all came together, walking cause there was no way anyone was going to stay sober tonight (even though someone was supposed to, cough, cough, Jisung). He hopes their parents were still out on their dates. They all grew up together, their parents are what you’d call, besties.


“Okay you done now?” He cuts off the excited boy. Mark’s animated expression falls, he shrugs nonchalantly. “Yeah, it wasn’t a big deal anyways.” Jeno rolls his eyes at the dumbass’s response. It never seemed to be a ‘big deal’ to Mark anyways.


“Whatever, so how we gonna do this, who’s got who?”


“I don’t want Renjun or Chenle-“


“He just doesn’t want to see his baby brothers in action-“


“My baby brothers are innocent Seo!”


“Then why don’t you wanna go find them huh?”


“F-for reason, I-br-Ugh, you know what MORK, I don’t need to explain myself to you!”


Lucas points a menacing finger in Mark’s direction, and honestly Jeno could care less over which of the Nakamoto's was innocent or not. The loud music was giving him a headache, and he’s pretty sure he had at least three missed calls from his parents. He didn’t want to die today, he can just grab Xiaojun and leave right now, he’d be saving them from their parents’ longass lecture. He looks around the room trying to find his brother- oh gross, never mind. Seeing your brother’s face getting sucked off isn’t something anyone should experience. Okay, so leaving with Xiaojun is officially out of the picture. Disgusting.


“For fuck sakes, I’ll look for Renjun and Chenle, but one of you has to get Xiaojun and Hendery.”


“Sure I’ll do it-“ the sentence dies off when he sees his brother’s, Hendery, tongue down Xiaojun’s throat. “Nope. Never mind you do it Lucas.” Mark shudders.


Lucas sighs, but then follows his line of vision, he watches the two omegas pressed against the wall, watching Hendery’s hands lower down Xiaojun’s delicate back- and oh, that was hot. “I’ll do it!”


“Thanks Lucas, I really appreciate-“


“Besides, I don’t mind some omega on omega action.”


Jeno and Mark share a look as they watch Lucas watch their older brothers, with a borderline creepy smile. “Nope, take it back I’ll do it.”




“Okay, okay, but in all seriousness, who’s got Donghyuck?”


Lucas ended up getting Donghyuck, but Jeno knows for a fact that he’s the one that’s going to end up looking for him. He watches as Lucas lifts up an unconscious Jisung over his shoulder, and makes his way over to where Jungwoo is. And if his livid expression is anything to go by, Lucas will definitely not have time to look for the omega. Mark only got Xiaojun and Hendery  because ‘Watching my brother get some, is traumatic enough.’ Leaving Jeno with satan’s spawns themselves, Chenle, YangYang, Jaemin, and Renjun. Yeah, he was in for a long night.


He shoves  through the wall of people dancing, pretty sure he accidentally pushed Jungwoo along the way. You learn pretty early on at parties, that the only way to get through was being an asshole, luckily for him, he was a pro at that.


He thinks about giving up after a couple minutes of searching, because seriously will their parents actually care if a few of them are missing, and then, he hears it, the most beautiful sound he’s heard all night. “Hahaha..” Never in his life has Jeno been more happy to hear that horrible- he means godsend high pitched dolphin laugh. Got you now you dumb fuck .


He makes his way into the crowd surrounding the kitchen, where he heard the noise originate from. People are chanting something, but he isn’t going to stand there long enough to figure it out, he was a man on a mission. He finally manages to get to the center of the kitchen, but what he saw made him wish he could turn back. The loud noises can’t hide what’s laying on the kitchen counter- more like who’s laying on the kitchen counter.


The omega has a lime in his mouth, his nipples dusted with salt, and his shirt is being held by who Jeno thinks is his cousin. Above the happy omega is YangYang. The alpha is straddling him, the boy’s legs caging Chenle’s hips, holding a shot glass high above his head. The liquid threatening to fall on Chenle’s flat stomach.


“Not on my watch satan!” Jeno screeches as he takes the drink out of YangYang’s hands. The crowd boos and begins to disperse, as soon as Jeno smacks Yang Yang up against the head, and gives Chenle a wet willie. “Alright guys, show’s over!” He yells loud enough to be heard over the music, people grumble, but still make their way out of the kitchen. He quickly snatches Chenle’s shirt, out of Dahyun’s hands before she could leave, the girl just rolls her eyes and walks away mumbling some colorful words at Jeno.


“What the hell Jeno?” YangYang asks sourly as he makes his way off the omega. Chenle sighs, reluctantly sitting up. Jeno looks at their glassy eyes, damn he’s fucked, he brings YangYang closer, inspecting the alpha’s dazed face. Yup there’s no way he can hide that from their parents, he just hopes everyone else is in a better state.


“What the hell? More like what the fuck were you guys doing?”


“Body shots!” Chenle answers cheekily, leaning back in the counter, further exposing his torso. He throws the lime across the room. Jeno hisses and throws the shirt at his face. “Quick put it on!”


“What, no way! I still got salt on my nips!”


“Well, CHENLE, if you want to keep your salty nips, I suggest you put on a shirt before Lucas finds you.” The omega quickly puts on his shirt at the sound of his of his eldest brother’s name, ain’t no way he dying today!


“And you-“ Jeno says turning around to face YangYang. Said alpha raises his hands in defense, but by the stench of his breath, Jeno can tell he’s more hammered than he originally thought, fuck .”What I did?”


“Don’t take body shots off people’s little brother, and I thought you liked Renjun?”


“So I should do body shots off Renjun instead, okay got it!”


“What no that's not-“


“You’re confusing Jenny.” YangYang throws an arm around Jeno, leaning over to whisper in his ear. “Besides I don’t only like Renjun, I like all the Nakamoto siblings.” Jeno scoffs and shoves his arm off his shoulder. “Oh really?”


“Mhm, I’d let Lucas bend me over any day, if he wasn’t so hung up on Jungwoo~” he mumbles cheekily. Jeno sighs and pats his shoulder. “You my friend are a sick, sick, man.” He doesn’t know what’s worse, the fact that he wants to fool around with a group of brothers, or the fact that he wants his older brother’s ex boyfriend to fuck him. He really shouldn’t be surprised though, YangYang goes through boys faster than Jisung goes through memes.


“Okay bitches I’m clothed!” Chenle screams, hopping off the now dirtied table counter with a small jump. Jeno wasn’t even sure if his tiny crop top could even be counted as clothes, but he’s seen his brother wear less, so he’ll let it pass. “Hey that’s my top you slut!” YangYang blurted, the alpha began to pull on the lace shirt.


“No I took it from Donghyuck!”


“Yea, who took it from me!”


Ugh, he hated his life. The two drunk teens continued to play tug of war with the crop top for a few more minutes, before Jeno stepped in. “Okay uglies, where are the rest of you junkies?” the two stopped for a second, shrugged, and then continued to fight. Jeno takes a deep breath before joining said tug of war in order to get their attention, not going to lie, it wasn’t his proudest moment.


“I don’t know we all separated as soon as we got here, Jisung was supposed to stay sober tonight!” YangYang huffed after finally letting go of Chenle’s shirt. Chenle lets out a victory screech, then sticks his tongue out at the alpha, causing a menacing growl to leave YangYang’s throat.


“Yeah, well Jisung’s passed out, so someone tell me where those demons are!” Chenle and YangYang look down at their shoes, both of their eyes reflecting different emotions. Chenle was rubbing his arms pitifully, while YangYang clenched his fists. “Donghyuck ran upstairs after he saw Mark go into the bathroom with Jisoo.” YangYang spit out through his gritted teeth. See this is why you shouldn’t date friends, well Mark and Haechan aren’t even dating, but Jeno wasn’t going to bring it up to the alpha across from him. As a brother of an omega, he knows just how touchy YangYang can be about his brothers’ relationships.


“Look how ‘bout this, you go get Donghyuck, and Chenle go wait outside with Jisung for the rest of us okay.” Jeno pats the two teens on the back before pushing them towards the crowd. They can fend on their own for a while. Now came the part he was dreading, finding Renjun and Jaemin.


After Jeno make sures Chenle’s out the door, he starts making his way toward the backyard. He passes by the kitchen, almost stepping on the cups littering the kitchen floor. He stops at the sliding glass doors, facing the small hidden hallway. YangYang was hugging Donghyuck tightly, patting his back, the comforting words falling from his mouth seemed to do nothing to the distressed omega. Donghyuck just held onto his brother, completely engulfing himself in the familiar scent, letting tiny sobs leave his mouth pitifully. YangYang wipes his tears softy, giving his slightly older brother a gentle smile.


It’s odd, the two brothers always seemed to be fighting, so seeing them hug, and comfort each other without a single cuss word made him feel uneasy. Jeno doesn’t know how YangYang does it, god knows that if Hendery every made Xiaojun cry like that, he wouldn’t live to see tomorrow. The fact that Mark hasn’t been socked in the face by YangYang or Jungwoo at all tonight, is a miracle within itself.


He looks away from the scene, it was far too intimate for prying eyes. He slides the glass door open, and steps on to the  clean cut grass. He passes by multiple couples, trying to ignore the pda, and continues to walk further into the huge backyard.


He had to admit, without the couples dry humping around the area, this is pretty nice. The stars shone brightly against the dark sky, who’d know how beautiful the moon was at one in the morning. From here, the loud music and laughter wasn’t overbearing, the glass doors drowned out the sound, giving it a calming presence. He continues to walk until he reaches the destination he knows by heart, the swing set. It was placed beneath a big willow tree, the swing itself was wood it had a cushiony bottom though, it was big enough for two people, three if you were willing to be a little tight.


They never failed to come here whenever there was a party, Renjun and Jaemin would always sneak out. Move away from the crowd and go into a more secluded area, just the two of them. They’d enjoy the party for a while, long enough for Jaemin to beat everyone’s ass at beer pong, then they’d leave to the backyard, or in this case the swing set, and talk for hours.


Jeno stops at a small distance from them.They sit close together, talking softly. He’s pretty sure he sees Jaemin playing with Renjun small fingers as the omega gazes quietly at the alpha. Renjun’s body completely turned to face him, his arm resting on the edge of the seat, giving Jaemin his full attention. His pink lips turn upward at something Jaemin said, a pretty pink flush gracing his pale complexion. His eyelashes flutter when a cool wind blows through the air, the omega pulls the oversized jacket tighter around him. Jeno rolls his eyes when he sees Jaemin’s jersey number written across the sleeve. Typical .


He steps a bit closer, in hopes of getting their attention, but it’s no use, their too lost in each other to pay attention to their surroundings. A cold thought passes through as he cruelly decides to just watch how things play out. Jaemin’s back is to Jeno, he can’t see much of the alpha, but looking at Renjun has always been enough for him, not that he likes looking at Renjun or anything.


Jaemin sits up slowly, so as not to startle the pretty boy in front of him (insert another eye roll), he can’t hear what he’s saying, but Renjun’s confused reaction lets Jeno know he’s not the only one lost here. Renjun shudders slightly, that’s when Jeno finally notices the large hand placed on Renjun’s thigh. His tiny shorts allowed the alpha’s hand to feel the smooth skin of his inner thigh. Jeno focuses on the hand, he hears Renjun’s  stuttering breath, as his fingers move further up his thigh, slow stroking the skin in a back and forth motion. Jeno clenches his jaw tightly as he watches him stop at the hem of his shorts. He caresses the skin one more time before squeezing his thigh firmly. He’s not sure why his eyes don’t stray from the hand, but it’s not something he wants to know the answer to. Renjun lets out a loud gasp, his thighs closing around the hand, stopping it, but not moving it away.


He’s flushed, his eyes are closed, he’s teeth gnawing his lips painfully, while his tiny fist bunch up his sweater paws firmly. Jeno’s first instinct is to fight, he swears if Jaemin’s hurting him in any way-


“A-ah Minnie~”


He stops immediately at the small moan the omega lets out. He says something else in a hushed tone, it makes Jaemin laugh. Jeno freezes, his scowl becomes more profound when he hears Renjun’s breathless laugh join him, he’s obviously had too much to drink. Renjun open his eyes, he looks a little out of it. He’s high, the red tint that following his eyes give it away. That doesn’t stop Jaemin from cupping his face with his free hand. Jeno watches riggedly, as Jaemin tenderly runs a teasing thumb along Renjun’s bottom lip, pulling the omega closer. Nope, not gonna happen.


“Guys, there you are!” Jeno yells loudly, pretending he barely got there. Renjun jumps up, quickly pulling away from Jaemin. He sees Jaemin turn around, the younger alpha deflates as soon as he sees him, he huffs a bit, before throwing his head back. To most, it’d seem like he’s trying to clear his head, but Jeno knows it’s done in annoyance more than anything else. A sick sense of satisfaction fills his bones, he was just making sure his friend wasn’t being taken advantage of, Lucas would be proud if he saw how protective Jeno was being over his brother. Renjun looks up shyly, before realizing who interrupted them.


“Jeno!” He squeaks, his eyes light up significantly, his cherry pink face turns a tomato red when he sees the alpha. He quickly gets up, allowing the heavy jacket to fall off his small shoulders, revealing way too much skin in Jeno’s opinion. The sheer shirt he was wearing over the crop top, gave Jeno a view of his belly button piercing. He allowed himself to look for a quick second, admiring Renjun’s flat stomach, and the cute red ruby decorating it. Renjun notices his gaze and smiles to himself, he looks up at Jeno through his thick lashes afterwards. Jaemin clears his throat loudly, breaking off the staring contest.


“Right, we’re about to head out so let’s go.” Jaemin looks up at Renjun, but the omega’s too busy staring at Jeno, Jaemin huffs and stands up. He feels prideful, as his alpha showers in the attention the omega is giving him. Renjun reddens and awkwardly follows behind his friend, the tip of his ears are a bright shade of pink, filling Jeno with amusement. Cute .


He follows them out. He doesn’t know when it started, or how it happened, but it just did. It’s been a couple months now since Chenle accidentally let it spill that Renjun had a fat crush on him. “Oh yeah, by the way my brother’s in love with you!”  He dropped the bomb just like that, and the worst part was that everyone and their mom seemed to know.


At first he was flattered, Renjun was one of the prettiest boys he knew (he is the prettiest boy he knew), he was funny, sweet, caring, he was Renjun, the fact that he liked Jeno was surprising. After a while though, it got annoying, he didn’t mind the pretty boy’s attention, it was everyone else’s attention he minded. Sure it was nice to have someone doting on him, but then everyone else got involved, and he felt like he was suffocating. If he’d go out on dates, glare, checked someone out, glare, hooked up, glare, talked to breathing person, glare. IT WASN’T HIS FAULT RENJUN LIKED HIM!


That too was also a problem, Renjun liked him (or loved him according to Chenle, but he didn’t like to think about that). He wasn’t used to the subtle touches or the blushing cheeks, the Renjun he knew was loud, confident, and sassy. Yeah he’s still like that now, just like a washed out version of that. He was always very aware of his actions around Jeno, and that sucked, cause Jeno feels like he hasn’t talked to his Renjun in months.


He loves Renjun, just not in the same way Renjun loves him, but he can’t bring himself around to tell him that. He never wants to make Renjun cry as badly Mark made Donghyuck cried. He thinks it’s a pride thing too, he loves knowing that he can turn someone as beautiful as Renjun into a blushing mess. He loves the power he has over him, loves the eyes that follow him during soccer games, loves the way he clenches his thighs together tightly whenever he’s shirtless, loves the lip bites, loves the way he has the elder wrapped around his finger. He just loves knowing that someone as wanted as Renjun wants him, the thought makes him want to puff out his chest. He’s not willing to give that up yet. Besides, he didn’t want to date Renjun anyways, so what does he have to worry about?


“Finally!” Mark sighs out in relief when he sees the trio walking in their direction. Lucas wouldn’t let anybody leave until his precious baby brother, Renjun, was safely by his side.


“Sorry it took so long, it took a while to actually find them.” Jeno lies as easily as he speaks, he stands next to Renjun and throws a quick arm around him to prove his point. “Whatever, can we please just go?” Jungwoo says, he looks a little tired, his voice shakes a bit so he guess the conversation with Lucas wasn’t as civil as he hoped. “Yeah.” They all start making their way home, they lived around four blocks from here, their neighborhood wasn’t far.


Xiaojun and Hendery are in the front holding hands, while Xiaojun rests his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. Then it’s Lucas and Chenle, Jisung is still passed out on Lucas’s shoulder, but Chenle now has an oversized hoodie covering him up. Then are all the Lee siblings, Haechan was asleep, but tear tracks were still visible under his eyes, his body laid on YangYang, who was comfortably giving his brother a piggyback ride. Jungwoo looked very distressed as he talked to YangYang, probably asking what had happened. Not matter how silly or goofy the omega is, Jungwoo has always been fiercely protective over his two little brothers, a thing he and his ex boyfriend shared in common. YangYang had a rare frown on his face, refusing to lookback for a reason Jeno cannot comprehend. A few steps behind them were Renjun and Jaemin, they were walking so close together they only had to whisper to have a conversation. Jeno’s surprised Lucas hasn’t thrown a fit over the lack of space between the two, maybe the conversation with Jungwoo wore him out. At one point Renjun shivers, and Jaemin takes off his jacket, wrapping it around his shoulders, he buckles it up, and then throws a protective arm around him. Jeno huffs, he expects Renjun’s firecracker personality to kick in, but the omega just leans into his touch.


“What’s all that about?” Mark asks from besides him, they’re straying the furthest from the group, he points at the two in front of them. “Just Jaemin being Jaemin I guess.” Jeno shrugs in response, he looks away when he sees the alpha place a soft kiss on the top of Rejun’s head. “I know that’s Jaemin being Jaemin, but Ren isn’t pushing him away anymore.” Jeno shrugs again, Renjun unlike him is strong. When Jaemin confessed to him two years ago, he straight up rejected, told him he only saw him as a friend. He looks up at the two again, only to find them cuddling closer together than before. He guesses a lot of things could change in two years.


“You think they’re fucking?” Jeno pauses, he didn’t think that much could change, he’s temper rises at the thought. “No.”


“You sure, cause I saw a hickey on Renj-“


“No, I don’t think he’s fucking him!” His defensive voice startles Mark, it startles everyone in front of them. They all turn to look at him, he gives them a fake chuckle, sends them a reassuring eye smile, and pretty soon everyone looks away. It couldn’t be Jaemin, it had to be-


“Well shit, sorry I just asked. Why is everyone fucking pissed at me?!”


He wants to apologize for snapping, but his alpha won’t let him. “He didn’t talk to you?”


“Not a single word, he didn’t even look at me. I don’t even know what I did.” Mark sags in defeat at the thought of Donghyuck’s cold demeanor earlier. “He’s in love with you, and you got a blowjob  in the bathroom from someone who wasn’t him.”


“Ugh, Renjun’s in love with you, and you hook up with people all the time.” Mark groans, he keeps looking at the back of the sleeping boy. “Renjun’s different, he doesn’t let anyone get to him. Donghyuck is more sensitive,...he really does love you, you know.” He fights the urge to say he doesn’t hook up all the time, cause he hasn’t, recently he’s been too tired to put up with all the effort that has to happen before the hook up. Can’t people just fuck then leave.


“That’s not my fault. I can’t just put my life on hold for him, when I already told him I’m not into him!”


“I know.”


“Then can everyone just stop treating me like the enemy.” He sighs, Jeno hates to be the bad guy but. “I mean you kind of lead him on, you know with all the flirting.” He says it quietly, hoping that his soft voice will stop Mark from being so aggressive. It was true though, Mark would flirt with him, be all touchy with Donghyuck, then have his tongue shoved down somebody else throat the next second.


“That’s just how he is, that’s just how we are, we’ve always talked like that, even before the whole confession thing! He’s one of my best friends too, I should be able to talk to him normally without having to worry if I’m hurting his feelings or not.”


“Yeah okay, that’s fair.”


“Thank you. Fuck, I need to get sleep .” Mark rubs his face in a tired manner. There bags under his eyes that weren’t there the week before.


“Maybe you just need to get laid.” Jeno jokes, his eyes trail back to the two in front of them, he can see Jaemin’s hand slowly bumping into Renjun’s. Were they really fucking?


“Hah, out of all of us Jung Jeno, you need to get laid the most.”