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a thousand words

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Iwaizumi would never admit that Oikawa was his best friend, even despite how long they had known each other. He would say that Oikawa was a pain in his side and the only time that felt any different was on the volleyball court; being lost in the game meant that Oikawa didn't have girls flocking around him and he wasn't giving out fake smiles that made Iwaizumi grit his teeth.

But volleyball was gone now, Karasuno had beaten them. As third years, it meant that they had to focus on their exams and think of university; Iwaizumi had already got his confirmed. As per usual, Oikawa seemed to be slacking when it came to university; Oikawa seemed happy still helping around the volleyball club. So was Iwaizumi, he missed playing and in their moment of defeat against Karasuno, Oikawa was the one who kept him levelled.

Iwaizumi was just enjoying his lunch when he heard Oikawa's voice, "Iwa-chan!" He barely even flinched, he was used to this by now and even as Oikawa sat in the chair across from him, he didn't move, "I got accepted!" He handed over a piece of paper; Iwaizumi rose a brow but took it and read what it had said. Once the words: Ohu University, processed in his head, his heart sunk into his stomach.

"I guess even you can manage to get into university," He handed the letter back, not even certain of how those words had left his mouth, "You still need to pass exams, make sure you're studying enough."

Oikawa took the letter back with a smile, "Of course I am! Don't you have faith in me, Iwa-chan?"

"If you say so," Iwaizumi closed his bento box, his appetite gone now; this would be the first time that Oikawa wasn't by his side, "I'm going to the library. Have something to eat, I'll see you later."

"Walk home with me, Iwa-chan!" Iwaizumi waved a hand in response then disappeared from the cafeteria; Oikawa felt confused, even when Iwaizumi was blunt with him before, he'd never just walked away like that before. Maybe he was just stressed by exams.

Iwaizumi didn't head straight to the library, he went into the bathroom to splash some water on his face; he felt like an idiot. Of course Oikawa wasn't going to be beside him forever; he he felt like he should be grateful for it. It would mean Oikawa wouldn't always be chirping down his ear.

Anyway, their universities weren't exactly across the country, so Oikawa would probably visit all the time. Nothing would change that much, he just wouldn't see Oikawa in the halls, or for lunch. Iwaizumi's stomach lurched, he couldn't understand why this was bothering him so much; of course Oikawa is his best-friend, even if he wouldn't admit it out loud...But this feeling was deeper, something else entirely.

Iwaizumi shook his head, resolved a little more, he dried his face and headed to the library. He still had time to study before class began, maybe at least get started and he could finish tonight when he got home.

After what felt like an eternity of being at school, Oikawa waited patiently outside the school gate at the end of the day, he hadn't seen Iwaizumi yet and he doubted he had slipped past. When he saw Iwaizumi, a smile spread across his face, "Over here, Iwa-chan!" Iwaizumi rolled his eyes but headed over to Oikawa, he'd been hoping that Oikawa had forgotten about walking home together, "Can you help me study?"

"I guess, come on," Iwaizumi began walking, knowing that Oikawa would be trailing behind him; they reached Iwaizumi's house and he let them in, his parents were still at work. He walked into the kitchen, still aware of Oikawa following him; he made them both a drink and handed one to Oikawa, "What are you struggling with?"

Iwaizumi led them back into the lounge and they sat together on the sofa; Oikawa smiled, having a sip of his drink before speaking, "Thanks for this," He pulled out his English books, "I can't get a hang on this part," He flipped through his book, finding the spot he needed and pointing it out to Iwaizumi, "These words are confusing me."

"Okay," Iwaizumi looked at the main ones which Oikawa had highlighted, what they had told would most likely appear on the test, "Diligent", he read the word slowly for Oikawa, "Do you know what it means?"

Oikawa nodded, "To show care. It's the spelling I'm struggling with and some of my pronunciation is off."

"We can go through them, one by one. And, it might help to write the word out how it's pronounced to practice," Iwaizumi wrote, dil-li-gent under the word, and showed it to Oikawa, "Like this. It might help with spelling too."

Oikawa understood now, Iwaizumi made it look easy; they went through the words that were likely to appear on the test one-by-one. After a couple of hours, Oikawa's stomach rumbled, "Oh! I should go home," He looked at his watch, "It's getting late. Shouldn't your parents be home soon too?"

"Uh, yeah," Iwaizumi checked the clock, "Maybe about ten minutes, you could stay and have food here."

Oikawa shook his head, beginning to pack his things away, "My mom will start worrying about me. Maybe some other time?"

"Sure. See you tomorrow then." Oikawa nodded; Iwaizumi saw him out and once the door was closed, he pressed his head against the wood, taking a deep breath. He returned to his spot on the couch and put the t.v on, waiting patiently for his parents to return home.

Oikawa realised, as he and Iwaizumi studied together in the library, that Iwaizumi hadn't said which university he was going to; he yawned, resting back in his chair, "Iwa-chan!" He pouted, getting his friends attention, "You didn't show me your acceptance letter. You definitely got in."

"Yeah, it slipped my mind. I got into Tohoku."

Oikawa snapped back, he eyed up Iwaizumi who was still busy making notes; his heart sunk, there was quite a distance between their universities, of course they could travel and Oikawa had his mind set on getting a car, so he could always visit. It would still be strange, they'd always been together throughout school and now, he wouldn't have Iwaizumi to stick by him, "Congratulations Iwa-chan!"


"Iwa-chan, I'll be able to visit you."

"Shittykawa," Iwaizumi grumbled, glaring up at him, "You're supposed to be working, not slacking off."

Oikawa sighed, pouting at Iwaizumi, "I'm tired, I can work hard tomorrow and I can work hard at university."

"Good, if you get kicked out, I'll kill you," Regardless of what he thought, Iwaizumi began packing away; they'd had a study period at the end of the day so they'd already been sitting in the library for nearly two hours, "Come on," Oikawa happily grabbed his things, shoved them into his bag and they were soon leaving, "Have you been thinking about it much?"

"What?" Oikawa had been so lost in his thoughts that Iwaizumi's question had taken him off guard a little, "Oh. Well, I'm looking forward to learning more and moving out. How about you Iwa-chan? We're finally splitting up, you can get rid of me!"

Iwaizumi could hear the usual lightness in Oikawa's voice, but somehow, to Iwaizumi it sounded strained--hurt. It didn't sit well with Iwaizumi either, those words made him feel wrong, he'd never intended for Oikawa to think he wanted something like this...Not with how he felt, something which he'd always argued with himself over, the realisation of it, had really hit him when he'd found out they'd be separated, "Don't be stupid, Shittykawa. How am I ever going to find someone as relentlessly annoying as you?"

Oikawa grinned, even with Iwaizumi's choice of words, he knew they were soft and joking, as if Iwaizumi had said: I'll miss you. It made Oikawa fill with joy, his heart swelled in his chest and he couldn't have been happier knowing that Iwaizumi would truly miss him, "Well of course not! There's only one of me, Iwa-chan, I'm irreplaceable." Oikawa barely caught sight of the small smile on Iwaizumi's face but it made him feel invincible for a moment; they finished the walk home in silence but it didn't feel awkward in the least.

When they said their goodbyes for the night; Iwaizumi tried to keep his faith strong, he knew Oikawa well enough to be sure that Oikawa would make time for visits, but university was going to be different, more work to do and, Oikawa would make new friends. Iwaizumi had been so reliant on Oikawa, probably without Oikawa knowing; when they'd lost to Karasuno and Oikawa gave him the energy to avoid self-blame. After all, they were a team and it was something they had to face together.

Oikawa had always been the one to hold Iwaizumi together, even through his own tough times; when Oikawa's knee gave way, Iwaizumi had tried to keep Oikawa from falling apart but it was Oikawa who helped him, he watched the way he fought back in order to play volleyball. For a moment, Iwaizumi thought Oikawa would break, with the weight of keeping Iwaizumi afloat and volleyball practice; yet, Oikawa had survived and Iwaizumi realised his true strength, the ability to never give up.

So maybe, university would surprise Iwaizumi and Oikawa would keep that determination no matter what; Iwaizumi kept faith that nothing would ever deter Oikawa from something he believed in, and if he believed in keeping their friendship even while being apart, then he would truly make sure of that.