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In a world of Quirks, Why Me

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The sound of fire suddenly woke Midoriya up from his nightmare, causing him to fall out of bed hitting the carpeted floor of his apartment. Hustle and bustle could be heard like the cars outside making their way through the city like every morning. “Ow not again” Midoriya sat up and looked around his room with his altar, his shelf with different potions and spells on it, then he looked to his several different pendulums. He walked over to it and picked up his wand and looked at the potion he made last night. He had the cinnamon, cocoa powder, and All Might themed box of Allspice After the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, all he had was All Might and the money that was left to him. “Well, just another day of school” After the house burned down he had to get a different house with a different school. Midoriya changed into school clothes and grabbed his onyx pendulum and his sachet that had his small bottle of salt in it for protection. Then he went into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart, and his heavy All Might themed backpack. He began his long walk to the school eating his pop tart “Just another day.”

Midoriya walked into school and went to his locker seeing stuff like “freak” and “hag”. He sighed and wiped the writings off and opening the locker letting the pendulum do its job, grabbing his books and heading to class. He opens the door to the classroom scanning around the room and seeing a simple monkshood flower on his desk. Midoriya walks over taking the flower and puts it in his sachet. “Might use this later,” he said taking out his notebook and opened it light shining through the window lighting the book as Midoriya starts to take notes. The students started filling the room and taking their seats until Tomiko Kuma walked into the classroom and over to his seat in front of Midoriya. “Didja see our message on your locker Deku” Tomiko taunted him with a sharp tone. Midoriya didn't reply because he has learned to not reply if he did his punishment from his tormentors later would be worse. The day passes slowly and the only good thing is Midoriya gets his crystal gets charged. He goes to head home for today but ends up getting beat up in the street by Tomiko and his band of delinquents, Midoriya had just laid there for around half an hour before getting home and making a bowl of ramen seeing as that's the cheapest and easiest possible meal he could get. He sat down on the couch looking through his disorderly notebook before realizing “Oh shoot I forgot the milk” as Midoriya jumped up “The convenience store is probably closed.” Midoriya gets up and winces in pain from the beatdown.

He slowly limped over to the shower turning it on and started to painfully peel his clothes off showing all his burn scars from when his house went up in flames. It looks like the shape of fire was etched onto his shin and reaching up to cover most of his back and some of it down the front on his left side. The scar reaches down to the back. There was also lightening scar from severe magical backlash a few months prior. Midoriya looks at himself in the mirror and sighs before hopping in the scalding hot shower. He stayed in that shower until the hot water was all gone, stepping out and drying himself off and walking to his room and putting on his All Might pajamas before laying down and putting in earbuds and listening to the quiet sounds of the night.