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Something doesn’t fit in.

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The goddess Hera was quite content with her life.


She was the queen of the Olympus and she was ruling over the mortals with her husband Hades and with smartness, kindness and justice, she had a great family around her, brothers, sisters, and children too.


She couldn't have been happier than she was right now, having a loving and caring husband on her side, the Greece was in peace, she had to worry about nothing, since she was a goddess and since the Titans were all locked up in their jails.


If someone had asked her what she wanted to change about her life, she would have answered that there was nothing to change.


Everything was just perfect, and how it should have always been.


And yet…


Yet, it wasn’t.


Something was wrong, felt wrong, but Queen Hera couldn't succeed to tell the reason why.


Sometimes, her world didn’t seem to be the right one, it seemed like everything was just upside down, and she couldn't figure out the reason why, and when she thought about it (which didn’t happen quite often, fortunately) it always made her feel strange and unhappy.


At some moments, she remembered a man looking like Zeus, except that he had Hades’ hairs, and she had difficulties to acknowledge what it could mean, and by the way, the man’s face was so blurred in her mind that she was sure that it was just a product of her imagination.


It couldn’t be something more, right ?


But, at some other moments, for a reason she couldn't understand, she wanted to look at Hades with anger and hatred, and ask him : what did you do to my son ?


Except that it was just non-sense, since she had no son. Well, the one she had didn’t look like the young man she sometimes saw in her dreams, with red hair and blue eyes, and every time she saw him, a part of her wanted to cry for a reason she couldn't understand as well.


She wanted to take care of him, to love him, to protect him, to save him, except that he didn’t exist at all, or so she was telling herself, believing in this half-truth even more as she kept saying it to herself.


Well, it was nothing but lies, no ?


Because, if this man was (or had been) real, then, it meant that her dear husband, the man she loved the most in the world, was just a monster who was manipulating her.


No, he wasn’t, she knew him, she trusted him, more than anyone else.


He would never hurt her, would never betray her, this young man named Hercules didn’t exist at all, except in her mind, and as soon as she would have forgotten him, he would have disappeared completely, to her own satisfaction and relief.


It was just silly nightmares.


The goddess shook her head, almost laughing of herself and her attitude which happened just because of the absurdity of her own mind.


Everything is fine.


She had never been so wrong.

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He has definitely won.


He used the Tapestry, changed the world and reality itself so it would correspond to his own desires, he turned his brother’s life into something truly miserable, he became the true king of the Olympus, and he erased Hercules’ existence for good.


And yet, it’s still not enough.


He just succeeded to get what he wants, some hours ago, and for all the other gods, it’s just like nothing changed at all, since none of them remembered that everything had changed.


As he saw his new wife just in front of him, he smiled and shivered.


Oh, Hera…


Poor little thing, she had absolutely no idea of what was happening to her.


He smirked.


This was a happy ending, for sure, just not for everyone, but it didn’t matter at all for him, since she didn’t know it.


She was going to be happy, even though it was just a fucking dirty lie.


He loved her and she loved him.


That’s the only thing that mattered.


But for now, it’s not over, it’s not enough, no, no, he changed the Tapestry, but he had not won completely.


He had to make sure she was totally his.


For forever.


There is a little voice in his mind claiming none of this is real, that he is playing a game he can’t win, that this is just this : a game, something which will disappear as soon as someone else plays with the Tapestry again and changes it a new time.


Strangely, what scared him the most in what the voice told him, was not the fact that he turned into a complete unredeemed monster, but the idea that someone could use the Tapestry again, against him this time and that he would surely not even notice it himself if it happened.


He simply ignores it.


Who could do that ?


Hercules is dead now, and he was the only person who could have stopped him (and by the way, he himself is now the only one who knows what is the Tapestry and where it is now).


Except Hades, no one remembers he ever existed, no even his own mother.


Not even the man who used to be his father.


Not that he cares a lot about his dead nephew, he never did, after all.


All he cares about now is his former sister-in-law, his beautiful wife, Queen Hera.


He wants her, he needs her, and so does she, now that he rewrote completely her personality as well as her memories.


(Yes, he was a monster, and a part of him knew it.


But again, he just didn’t care.)


This dear Hera…


With her pink skin, her shining blond hair and her blue eyes, she was truly magnificent, Hades would not deny it.


And she was a part of the reason why he wanted to conquer the Olympus since so many time.


This, and his brother’s attitude toward him as well, of course.


He wanted to make him pay, and he had done it victoriously.


For sure, he was going to savor his victory properly.


The first night after his victory, he fucks her into complete oblivion, trying to forget the little voice in his head telling him that she is his brother’s wife.


He doesn’t care anymore.


He took Zeus’ place now, didn’t he ?


It’s his role to pleasure his rightful wife now that she is totally his.


It feels good, really, to do this, to fuck her, to give her pleasure, to hear her moan with delight and pleasure as hiscock moves in her, in and out, in and out, again and again, faster and faster, while he is caressing her soft body, and hell, it feels so good.


It feels soright to be here with her, in her, with her lying on their bed, under him, waiting for him to fuck her as if it’s the only thing she ever really wanted.


It is just what he himself always wanted.


She is not complaining, not at all, and a twisted part of Hades’ mind told him that it meant that she wanted it, right ?


Since she loved what he was doing to her.


The voice continued screaming that it was false, it was bad, it was wrong, it was monstrous, and this voice which looked like Zeus’ voice was completely right about it, but Hades just didn’t give a fuck.


He was a villain, right ?


He did what he wanted to do.


Even if it meant other people would suffer.


(Monster, monster, monster.


This is how she would have called him, had she been entirely conscious of the fake dimension of the reality he had created by himself, had she been able to destroy the veil in front of her eyes, stopping her from seeing the truth.)


He had ripped out her dress in half the first night he fucked her truly, and during this night, he possessed her, both her spirit and her body, with a passion and a desire that Hera hadn’t seen coming from him since centuries, at least, and it had pleased her a lot.


Hell, she loved him so much…


Or so she thought, and firmly believed.


She wanted to spend the eternity with him, and he knew it.


When she had felt his hands on her breasts, as he touched her slightly, still doing nothing, just teasing her, she had moaned loudly without being able to stop herself.


So loudly that all the gods on Mount Olympus must have heard her, and she was partly turned on by this simple idea.


Every time Hades touched her body, she felt like she was on fire, and it was a feeling she was addicted to.


He made her feel so good, and with him, she felt like she was at her right place, doing what she had always been supposed to do.


She loved this sensation, so much, not realizing it was in fact the first time it was happening, for her, as well as for Hades.


It was their first time together, but for her, poor little queen, it had already happened thousands and thousands of times, and she never grew tired of this feeling, to feel him against her, hard and horny for her, and it made her herself completely mad with lust.


She couldn’t think anymore during these moments, and she hadn’t understood that it was far from being a good thing for her.


Because, in these moments, it was easy, so easy for Hades to manipulate her.


To make her fall deep down into pleasure, until she didn’t want at all to escape from his grip, not anymore, not while it was so good to feel this way, with him.


To make her believe this life was their life, the real one, and she couldn’t succeed to resist to him, for the only reason that she didn’t want to.


He controlled her, completely.


And he loved it, he adored being in control, this simple idea itself aroused him as much as did Hera’s body when it was pressed against him.


He pressed his face against her breasts, took one of them into his hand, and pinched her nipple roughly and she melted at his touch.


Her legs were shaking, and Hades found that almost admirable to be able to make her feel this way even without fucking her really.


He grinned with pride, forgetting that it was just a reaction caused by magic, by lies and tricks.


When she looked at him, with such love and adoration in her eyes, he almost forgot that it was not true.


To forget that completely, he kissed her again.


As if making her feel pleasure would make disappear the fact that he was nothing but a bastard.


But, despite what he seemed to believe, it didn’t work at all.


As she pressed her body against his, wanting more contact, as if it was something completely natural, he smirked, realizing that he had definitely won.


She was his, indeed, fully and completely.


“Tell-me, Hera ? He asked her. My sweet Hera… Are you happy with me ?


She nodded her head and purred, before completely falling on their bed, inviting him to join her.


- Yes, my lord, she whispered, one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple almost with ferocity, a dopey grin on her face. I am happy.”


She had forgotten all her previous fears. She was happy, she was with her husband, and he was going to pleasure her well, like he always did.


Life couldn't have been more perfect for her.


The goddess was totally naked, and he fell on her, kissing her breasts gently, and her moans became louder and louder.


Oh, yes, she thought. That’s just what I wanted.


She was smiling in ecstasy, not wanting this to ever stop, and she spread her legs automatically, just wanting to feel him, in her, right now.


The goddess didn’t remember her past life, and a part of her didn’t want to remember that something was wrong, that things weren’t as they should have been.


She had already forgotten everything.


The red-headed man had now disappeared from her mind, for forever.


She should have cared, right ?


He had been her son after all.


She should have mourned him, mourned his death, his disappearance from existence.


But why would she care about someone who had never existed ?


The only thing which was in her mind now was just : Hades, Hades, Hades.


She cared about nothing but him.


The queen knew it, she couldn't have lived without him.


She was so dependent of him, it should have felt scarring in other circumstances, but for her, it was just a pleasant feeling.


Her husband, the man she loved more than her own life, more than her own freedom.


She belonged to him, completely, she knew it now, and her twisted mind was telling her that it was a good thing, and she firmly believed it, as she believed all the lies the Tapestry and Hades had forced her to think as being real.


She should have not.


But what could she do to fight the spell ?




As the other gods themselves.


They were completely powerless against Hades, his power and what he had done with the Tapestry.


They were truly lost now, weren’t they ?


Had Hera remembered the truth, she would have probably began to sob, or to cry, or to scream, or to ask him why.


Or maybe that she would have just laughed in a maniacal way, realizing how many things she had lost and never would have back again, like her son, her real husband, or her freedom and her free will.


Or maybe that it would have been the contrary, Hades thought, looking at his wife, as she moaning with pleasure as he began to caress her clit gently, before fingering it completely, still kissing, caressing and kissing her breasts.


Maybe that she would have loved it.


Maybe that her twisted mind would have been too much broken to be able to come back to its previous and normal state, maybe he had succeeded to destroy her completely, to change her in something she would have hated once, but that she now adored.


Maybe that she would have touched herself thinking about it, thinking about what Hades had done to her and to their family, thinking about the thing he had turned her into, thinking about how degraded she was now, because of him, and maybe that it would have made her feel pleasure.


Maybe that she would have came at the simple idea of not being herself anymore, that she would have an orgasm without having to touch herself and just by realizing the poor little thing she had become, like the other gods.


Yes, she could have liked it, it could have made her so wet, she could have been turned on by the knowledge that she was no queen anymore except in name, she was just his slave, a toy to play with, maybe the feeling that she was a slut now, his slut, would have filled her with ecstasy.


Maybe she would have tried to fuck him even more than before, that she would have begged for him, begged for his cock, begged to be fucked properly in order to finally forget everything and in the end just believe it was nothing but a fucking nightmare.


Or maybe that it would have just broken her even more than before.


He smirked, really tempted to do this, and he felt his cock become harder at this simple thought.


He contemplated his lady wife below him, almost absently, and he imagined what would happen if he told her the truth.


If he revealed her what he had done.


He probably would, one day, while he would be fucking her, just with the purpose to see her face twist with both horror, disgust, pleasure and horniness.


That would be a great day, for sure.


She continued moaning, not remarking that her husband was not really paying attention to her.


Her clit was aching, and when he had began to fuck truly, she had moaned even louder, he had began to move, faster and faster, and as he saw her face, content and peaceful, while her mind was only filled with ideas of sex, pleasure and happiness, he smiled even more.


She loved him.


He had trained her well enough to think it was true.


Maybe that if he repeated this sentence to himself every day, he would firmly believe it one day.


When she finally came, she screamed his name, and he came as well some seconds later, smirking like the devil he was.


Yes, one day he would make her see the truth about him, one day he would destroy her completely.


But not today.


Today, he would kiss her tenderly, and let her savor their happy life together and cuddle against him, happy, content and satisfy.


Today, he would let her believe that she really loved him.

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He had become quickly used to it, Hades figured out.


Being the king of the Olympus, having Hera as his wife.


Talking about her…


He looked at his beautiful wife, already naked, as he himself was, and she seemed to be as aroused as he was too.


That was one of the things he preferred in his new life, he wouldn't deny it : Hera and him fucked almost all the time.


Except during the reunions with the other gods, of course, and at some other moments of the day, they were always horny.


As it was the case right now.


He could see it in Hera’s eyes, the way she looked at him, the fact that her nipples were already erect, the way she was rubbing her pussy with horniness to prepare herself, and that she had been the one to put him into bed, wanting to fuck him as fast as possible.


She was topping him this day, and he liked it a lot when it happened, since he knew it gave her a false feeling of power and control.


Every time she rides his cock, she feels like she is the one in control.


She has no idea he is the one controlling her.


As she sat down on his cock, she let a moan of arousal escape from her lips.


“Oh, Hades… darling… I have been waiting for this for hours.”


He smirked.


“I can see that, my love…


- Oh please, don’t mock me, she groaned. Really, Ares and Athena had been so annoying today, fighting each other for silly reasons, you have no idea of how much I would have wanted you to be here, it would have been terrible. At least, I would have had your moral support.


- All they need is just a good fuck together, Hades proposed. That would still make them scream, but for other reasons. For less disturbing reasons… I guess.”


The goddess impaled herself even more on his sex, and she bite her lips in order to repress another moan, as she thought about his proposition.


- Oh, yes, she approved, forgetting temporally that they were talking about their (supposed) children, I would like that. A lot. I’m so tired of their bickering and their quarrels, it happens all the time, and… oh, she moaned again, feeling his tongue on her left nipple, while he pinched the other.”


A euphoric smile appeared on the goddess’ face, while she continued fucking herself on him, moving faster and faster until she was almost over the edge.


“Imagine it… Hades whispered. Imagine them together, making love to the other, fucking each other, stopping to fight each other, except in bed, maybe. That would make their frustration disappear, and they would finally agree on something… And we would be much more peaceful, don’t you think, my love ?”


Hera was so mad with lust and desire that she had completely forgotten that they were talking about a brother and a sister.


In fact, maybe that it made her even more aroused to think about it.


“Tell me, my love, he told her. Do you really want it ?


- What do you mean ? She succeeded to answer, despite the fact that pleasure was now blurring everything for her.


- Do you want me to fuck you ? He teased her.”


She moaned shamelessly.


Yes, indeed, he realized definitely.


He was the one who controlled her.


“I… oh, yes, she moaned, a dumb smile on her face, wanting nothing but to get fucked, now, and completely, feeling so well, so complete, so content, so right, so full. Please, more, give me more… I… Hades, it’s feel so good, so well, so right… I just want it, I just… Please, fuck me, she begged, and when he continued moving, she screamed with ecstasy, and Hades hoped that Zeus could hear her from the Underworld. Make me come, my lord.


- Don’t worry, my lady wife, I will continue to fuck you… Without letting her react, he reversed their positions, taking her place, and she didn’t complain, just moaning even more, as he penetrated her further and further.”


She didn’t understand anymore what he was saying, he figured out, as he saw her eyes roll fully into their orbits because of the pleasure, and she was just begging for more.


Nothing else mattered for her, and it made him even more aroused.


“After all, he whispered in her ear, with a nasty voice, it’s what you’re made for, right ? You’re nothing Hera, but my queen and my slut. As I am your king and master, and your slut as well… That’s what we are both made for… All of us, the gods, we are just sluts and horny people, wanting to fuck and get fucked. It’s our purpose in life. I guess you’re just the queen of sluts, then...”


She nodded her head, almost not figuring out what he was saying, as she completely drowned into pleasure.


Was she really a slut ?


Did this word really mean that, and was Hades just being an insulting bastard ?


Well, if being a slut felt so good, then, she was one, and she rubbed her clit in ecstasy until they both came, with a satisfied smile on her lips.


“Yes, Hades… I am your slut… Oh, please, more !”


When she finally came, she let herself fall on the bed, followed some seconds later by her husband.


Smiling, she kissed him gently.


“Hades ?


- Yes Hera ?


- I love you.


- And I love you too.”


This time, he succeeded to believe that it was not a lie.