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Between The Smoke and Ash

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When your Quirk manifested, you were happy to learn that you were given the gift of healing to a certain degree. When you presented as an omega, joining a rare minority of the population, you were showered with praise and love from your family. An omega with a healing Quirk, a combo that hadn’t been seen often. You had potential to be someone great, someone who could help heroes and civilians alike.

Everything was looking bright.

Being recruited by U.A., you had been placed in the Support Class with special allowances during your third year, such as joining classes 1-A and 1-B on their trip to strengthen their Quirks over the summer. You had asked if you would be training your Quirk as well, and the teachers had told you that you would if anyone got hurt. Finally, a chance to prove your skills and strengthen yourself!

Never had you been so excited to get on a crowded bus. And to say it was a long bus ride would be an understatement, what with so many young alphas packed together in such a small area. Thankfully, Uraraka was a fellow omega and more than happy to share a seat with you.

Time spent with the strongest hero courses never failed to lift your spirit and set your heart on fire. They had so much knowledge to share, so many skills to demonstrate. You yearned to become a hero worthy of being on a team, where you could save and comfort people who needed it most.

Ironically, it was you who needed saving in the end.

It transpired so fast, your head was spinning trying to comprehend what had happened. One minute you were being saved by Todoroki, and then a strange man in a mask was appearing before you. His white gloved hands reached out to you, and panic settled in the pit of your stomach. You couldn’t fight as well as the others, an omega’s body is frail in comparison.

When his gloved finger touched you, you felt weightless yet as if you were made of lead. You couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. The only thing you could hear were muffled voices for a short time.

Until you were suddenly thrown onto a worn, cold hardwood floor. The room was dark, the lighting dim at best. Scrambling to your feet, you whirled around and saw several people watching you. Heart racing, you almost missed a familiar sight. Doing a double take, you recognized Bakugou strapped down to a chair in front of you, unconscious with his mouth covered and hands bound.

Qualms ate at your insides as you turned back to the group of people, breathing erratic as you tried to focus. When you recognized the man with the mask, your stomach felt cold. And when you saw the lanky man with baby blue hair, your heart sank into those cold depths of your stomach.


Your body felt cold, yet you could feel sweat building in your palms and on your hairline. You had been warned about this man and the organization he was involved in.

You and Bakugou had been kidnapped.

“Don’t worry, no one here will hurt you,” his grainy voice spoke in a way that made your body shiver. It was almost like a growl, yet you didn’t feel threatened. You couldn’t see his face, as it was covered by an odd detached white hand. Swallowing thickly, you clenched your shaking fists.

“W-Who are you and why am I here?” you croaked, voice cracking with fear. You could feel every pair of eyes on you, like they were all waiting for you to move. One pair of eyes caught your attention: bright teal and drooping lazily. His skin was purple and marred under his eyes and the lower half of his face. It looked...stapled? Despite the disfigurement, you could easily see the smirk on his lips.

The hair on the back of your neck stood at end.

“League of Villains,” the baby bluenette started, inspecting what looked to be photos in his hands. You turned your attention to him, trying to listen over the sound of your heartbeat in your ears. He set one aside to inspect the next image.

“You’re here because we have a proposition for you,” he finished, setting the images down to turn his body to face you. He remained seated on the stool, leaning lazily on the countertop with his cheek resting on his fist. You could barely see one of his eyes, but the intense stare unnerved you.

“My answer is no,” you squeaked, your hands clenching painfully tight as you bit the inside of your cheek. You were trying so hard to seem confident, but the grin on the bluenette’s chapped lips shattered any hope you had of being defiant.

“You haven’t even heard my offer, princess. Take a seat and relax. Your anxiety smells horrible,” he spoke blatantly. Blood rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment; your nervous scent must have been more powerful than you anticipated. Looking around, you saw nowhere to sit besides the stools at the bar. Swallowing audibly again, you shook your head. The pale man sighed.

“Fine. But I’m serious about the smell. Relax,” he rumbled from deep within his chest. The noise tickled your ears and a pleased shiver shot through you to your toes. Instantly, your fists unclenched and you let out a shaky breath in attempt to steady your breathing.

He was an alpha, and you couldn’t disobey the command in that voice.

“Good girl,” he rumbled again. “Now, about the deal. It’s come to my attention that you may have a healing Quirk. Am I wrong?” he asked, eye still watching you intently. You paused, debating on lying; however, the tingling in the back of your mind warned that lying may not be in your best interest now.

“I do. What about it?” Shigaraki hummed, his grin growing.

“You don’t get to use it much, do you? Do you know your limits? What you can and can’t heal?” he asked you, his free index finger tapping on his thigh.

“I,” you started, but paused in thought, “was supposed to learn my limit this summer,” you finished, looking back at Bakugou briefly. You were to be training alongside them, learning and stretching your limits.

“As a third year?” Shigaraki huffed a laugh. “Shouldn’t you have learned your limit by now? Leveled up to make it stronger? Discovered what you’re truly capable of?” His questions were persistent, and each one made you feel like you were shrinking a little more at a time. Opening your mouth to respond, he cut you off again.

“Have you tried healing bone? Stop a fatal wound? Regrow any limbs? Try bringing someone back to life?” His questions were persistent, making you feel so inferior. With each word, his volume grew while you shrank back in defeat. At some point you wrapped your arms around your middle, trying to keep from curling in on yourself.

“I think she gets the point,” the ebony haired man spoke, his bright teal eyes never leaving you. Shigaraki scoffed as if in disgust.

“No one asked you,” he spat to the marred man. The air grew thick with a slight tension between the two: two alphas. Turning his head back to you, Shigaraki’s bright red orbs stared into your eyes.

“You could be our healer, our own little nurse. We’d let you heal whenever you wanted, let you try to heal everything that comes through here.”

A pregnant pause consumed the time as your mind worked against you. It all sounded too good to be true. To be given free reign of testing your quirk was not something that seemed possible to you. Besides, why would they trust you, a hero in training, so suddenly? You could refuse to help them and pray one of them bleeds out.

“If I say no?” Your voice was barely a whisper, but the eerily silent room made your words loud and clear. Hell, they could probably hear your heart racing and the blood flowing through your veins. Another pause filled the room as Shigaraki began to very slowly scratch at his neck, your eyes following the languid strokes. He hummed in a way that made your throat itch with a need for water.

“I suppose you’d feel hesitant to help us. Dabi did kidnap you after all,” he started, the pace of his scratching gradually picking up as he sent a pointed glare to the alpha with bright blue eyes. The sight causes an urge to itch your own neck as well, but you refrained. The neck was such a sensitive area, especially for an omega; bond glands and pressure points seemed to only exist for submission and vulnerability.

“Besides, what kind of hero would I be if I helped the enemy?” you added to his statement. His scratching ceased immediately.

“Enemy is such a harsh word, (Name),” You shivered at the way he spoke your name. “We want to help you grow your Quirk, make you strong. Heroes have only ever held you back from any true potential.” You opened your mouth to speak but he continued.

“They want fighters, offensive capability. Why else would they place you in Support instead of the Hero course?”

There he goes again, making you question everything. Why did UA hold you back so much? The freshman class was already years ahead of you in skill, let alone the strength of your Quirk. As a third year, you should be their senior, their mentor; they should have to look up to you instead of looking down, as if you were a hindrance. Like a student held back because she couldn’t keep up with the rest...

A smug chuckle caused the hair on the back of your neck to stand at attention, the noise coming from the blue eyed alpha leaning against the wall.

“We wouldn’t hold you back. Even if you can’t do much now, we’ll make you stronger,” the marred man grinned to you. His words seemed gentle and borderline emotionless, but his eyes were ablaze. They were almost glowing a beautiful blue hue in the dark room.

Biting your lip, your arms tightened around your middle as you suddenly felt sick to your stomach. Your palms were sticky with sweat, qualms turning your inside cold. Why were they being so nice? Why even seek help from you?

You couldn’t deny that it was flattering that they had gone to such lengths to bring you here. Bakugou and yourself were the only ones they wanted here, so were just as valuable as the ace of Class 1-A?

“What do you say, omega?” Dabi spoke, his voice rumbling as he spoke. The way he called you omega made your body shiver against its will, undeniably affected by the husky, gravely tone.

All eyes were on you, staring in anticipation for your answer.

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Before you had a chance to respond, the bluenette seated at the bar counter made a show of pinching his nostrils closed as he turned around his stool so that his hunched-over back faced you. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from how broad his shoulders were.

“Tch, there’s that smell again,” he growled, clearly upset by the scent of your anxiety. You couldn’t help yourself; you were clearly very distressed and your biology wanted everyone in the room to know it.

“W-Well you shouldn’t have kidnapped me in the first place!” you tried to be brave again, body growing damp with perspiration. Anxious wasn’t a word that could even scratch the surface of what you were feeling. And now your body was making things far more complicated for you. Face burning with utter embarrassment, you moved your hands to cover your neck as best you could, your blush reaching all the way to the tops of your ears.

The sound of floorboards creaking drew your eyes to Dabi instantly, the ebony haired man languidly pushing off the wall he was leaning on. He swayed nonchalantly towards you, his head tilted ever so slightly to the side. He was casual in the way he walked towards you, hands in his pockets and his posture so relaxed. His face was emotionless once again, but his eyes spoke another tale entirely.

He was growing impatient it seemed.

“You never answered the question, princess. Are you joining us or not?” Dabi growled lowly from the back of his throat; it was so deep that you could feel the vibration in your chest. Your body shook, and you suddenly felt an urgency to answer the question. Just as your lips parted, another growl shook you to the core.

“What do you think you’re doing, Dabi?” Shigaraki warned the ebony haired male, ruby red eye narrowed dangerously from behind the detached hand. His stare was murderous, and an intense air stifled the room. The few others that had been in the room, who had been watching silently, shifted their bodies in response to the unspoken challenge present between the two.

It was the same aura you’d get when Bakugou challenged Todoroki: an alpha challenging another alpha.

Dabi’s two-toned lips curled into a grin, his pearly white teeth gleaming against the marred purple of his lower jaw. His bright blue eyes simply remained on you, or rather, on your hands that covered your neck.

“I’m tired of waiting for an answer,” he simply spoke as he took another slow step towards you. At that, you took a step back. The smell of char filled your olfactory cavity as he closed in; it overpowered any other scent on him.

“She doesn’t need help deciding,” Shigaraki warned the other alpha, clearly displeased with his actions.

Dabi stopped his advance, sending the baby bluenette a sideways glance.

“And if she rejects us?” he questioned his leader. Shigaraki waved his hand languidly as he spoke, waving a picture around that was clenched between four fingers.

“We have another guest with us.”

At that, you suddenly became aware of Bakugou behind you once again. Quickly turning your head, you realized he was only a few feet away from you at this point. Still very much unconscious, you could see the shallow rise and fall of his shoulders. Relief washed over your body instantly when you realized the boy was unharmed. Not even a scratch on his pale skin.

Suddenly, your wrists were snatched tightly by a rough pair of hands. Whipping your head back, you gasped as they were suddenly ripped away from your neck, the grip hard enough to cause pain to erupt down your arms. All you could see were half-lidded, brilliant blue eyes glowing behind black tuffs of messy hair. The smell of something burnt was powerful and putrid, enough so that you nearly gagged at how prominent it was.

But you had more pressing matters at hand, like the fact that Dabi’s face was inches from your throat and his eyes were locked onto the junction of your neck and shoulder. Right on your scent glands.

Your undignified squeak made him chuckle, and the way you struggled to pull your hands free made him grin.

“So you can smell good, omega,” he cooed.

Something was happening to him, something you weren’t prepared for.

But apparently, neither was he.


Just as you were about to struggle against Dabi, a black portal opened up behind the alpha at Shigaraki’s command, snapping him from his thoughts. He looked behind him to see a pair of black hands grab onto his jacket and roughly pull him back; in a daze, his fingers slipped from your wrists with ease.

But just as you were about to take a breath of air, you were pushed by the same pair of hands. The world turned black for an instant, the temperature dropping significantly. Within the blink of an eye, you were suddenly looking around a dark room as you fell to the floor. There was a single bed in the room, but that was all you could see so far in the darkness as your eyes adjusted to the lack of light.

You were alone here, in this tiny, dark room. Standing up, you turned to look around in panic. Very faintly, you could see something protruding from the wall: a door handle!

Crossing the space in a few quick steps, you quickly tried to twist the handle. It merely slipped around your fingers, unwilling to budge from its locked position. Dread and defeat filled your heart, your stomach growing cold as the situation seemed to settle in your mind.

You were locked in a room that could be anywhere in the world, kidnapped by villains, and now they’re offering you a position alongside them.

You felt sick to your stomach, head growing dizzy as you stood. Lowering yourself to the floor, you sat with your back pressed against the metal door in hopes of warding off the lightheadedness. Fingers scratched your scalp in a soothing manner, wrists throbbing, trying to keep the inevitable headache at bay for just a little longer.

Would you join the villains? It goes against every morale code UA has taught you; however, it would be an opportunity to learn and strengthen your quirk. They might be villains, but they’re human too...for the most part at least. Surely they wouldn’t throw you under the bus if they needed you, right?

But...there were so many drawbacks. Would you be able to see your family? What would everyone think of you? Would you ever be able to become a licensed hero, or would this ruin your reputation and future?

Closing your eyes with a heavy sigh, you let your buzzing mind run through every scenario. In the darkness of the room, you were able to think a little more clearly. It also helped that you didn’t have two alphas glaring at you impatiently anymore.

There was a lot of thinking to do.


Dabi looked down at his hands, turning them over to gaze at the palms. They tingled and buzzed with the sensation of blood flowing back to them; he had gripped your wrists harder than he expected.


Dabi’s sea blue eyes glared back at Shigaraki with murderous intent. The girl had been taken away from him when he was about to get an answer out of her. How rude.

“Are you really that pathetic?” Shigaraki scoffed to Dabi. Dabi continued to glare silently. “One cute omega and you’re thrown into a rut like some gross pervert?” Dabi’s eyebrows rose slightly in surprise; he hadn’t even realized the changes in his body, yet somehow Shigaraki picked them up.

“Being cooped up with you creeps is such a turn-off that I couldn’t rut,” Dabi fired back an insult, but the damage was already done. He had nearly lost himself without realizing it, not being able to fight the urge to mark you. It was true that being around the other villains was a serious buzzkill for him, but this was something much different. He had been around omegas before, but none that elicited such a reaction out of him. Did you have the same effect on Shigaraki?

Or maybe he was pent up and needed somewhere to direct his excess energy.

“We don’t want to piss off the healer, so we’ll bring her back soon,” Shigaraki started. “Until then, we have other business to attend to.” All eyes moved over to the blonde boy in the chair as he began to stir awake.

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It all happened so fast.

One second you were debating the offer in the dark room, and the next you were being dragged back through the portal to a razed building. Debris was all around you as you stood amongst concrete rubble, rebar sticking out every which way. Mind reeling to process what was happening, you were surprised to see the villains from earlier all around you. Your eyes caught navy blue to your left: Dabi was unconscious next to Kurogiri. And to your right were several others from before.

But...who was the suited man walking towards Shigaraki?

“Try as many times as you like,” he spoke through his mask. “It’s all for you,” he finished, holding a hand out to the baby blue haired man. It was then that you noticed Bakugou was there as well, looking angry but awake.

You were relieved, and the small breath barely made it through your lips.

At that, the masked man turned his head ever so slightly in your direction, looking right over Shigaraki’s hair. You could feel his cold, dominating stare even through the black mask, freezing you in place. Every hair on your body stood at attention, a shiver rattling down your spine as it felt like a cold wave washed over you. Your instincts were screaming at you to pay attention to him because he was dangerous and powerful.

He didn’t even need to speak to make you submit to his authority.

But then, he turned to the side.

“You’re here, after all, aren’t you?”

Following his gaze, you were shocked to see All Might diving in at an incredible speed towards the man. Eyes wide, you barely had time to register their impact before the gust of wind released from it sent everyone flying back. Weightless, you tried to keep your feet under you as panic set in your gut.

This was a bad place to be.

Landing harder than you’d hoped, you skidded to a halt by Dabi’s body. Still unconscious, your eyes scanned his body for any kind of injury; it was a habit you didn’t want to outgrow. When you determined he was uninjured, your eyes moved back to Shigaraki further ahead of you.

With the residual wind from the impact, you could smell him in the breeze that threaded through your hair. The young leader was worried, scared and upset. The omega instincts were screaming at you to comfort him, to pat his shoulder and tell him that everything would be alright.

Without realizing, you had softly spoken his name. He couldn’t hear you, or chose to ignore it, and continued to watch the masked man who had just stopped All Might with his bare hands.

Bakugou screamed for the number one hero, but you were still watching Shigaraki. Well, until black and red tendrils shot from the man’s fingertips and into Kurogiri’s chest. It was unsettling to watch, and made your stomach turn cold.

One of the villains was complaining about being the misty man being defeated and unconscious, but you felt that gaze on you once more.

“Don’t fret over his health. After all, you have a healer now.

A warp gate suddenly ripped open near you. A gasp left your throat at the sight. This was it, their chance to escape.

Now, you had to make your choice.

Stay with the heroes, or abandon everything and flee with the villains?

The last thing you remembered was looking back to Shigaraki, the disposition of his body screaming concern. He didn’t want to leave All For One behind, he was scared. Something about his worry struck a chord in your heart: he didn’t want to lose his master. He was afraid of losing his master, and he knew this would be All For One’s last stand.

And once again, a white gloved hand was appearing before you, and everything turned black.


It felt like it had been an hour since you had been brought out of the magic marble, and everyone had yet to say a word. It was dark, cramped room full of monitors that you had all been stuffed into, barely the size of a bedroom. You currently stood at the front of the pack, watching Shigaraki with concerned eyes. The others behind you were worried for the most part, but none of them wanted to say anything to the distressed alpha.

Hell, you didn’t either. He was raging inside, shaking with the frustration and anguish he was bottling up. It hurt your heart to see him in so much pain, even if he was a villain. And his scent was powerful enough to nearly knock the air from your lungs; his anxiety filled the cramped like a heavy fog. It almost sent you into hyperdrive.

He had just lost someone very dear to him, that much you could make out. Their propinquity was unknown to you, but All For One had seemed to be very nearly a father figure to the bluenette. That sort of connection was never truly severed by anyone, and every time one tried to reach out for comfort they would only be met with the sting of loss.

As an omega, your soul yearned to comfort the alpha when no one else would. You weren’t experienced with it but an omega was said to have the ability to lull an alpha to sleep, even calm a raging Apex, with their scent alone. It was worth trying at the very least.

Concentrating on calming thoughts and the feeling of wanting to help Shigaraki, you could feel your own body relax as your breathing slowed. Calm, deep breaths filled the room as your neck tingled ever so slightly, as if a butterfly was landing across the sensitive skin.

Finally, you saw Shigaraki’s trembling cease. It wasn’t strong like the stories you’d heard, but it helped. Donning a gentle smile, your eyes met wide crimson orbs. Those eyes were still wild with unbridled rage, but his body had finally relaxed. The veins down his neck seemed to sink beneath the pale skin, his scent lessening in intensity.

It was working, and he was grateful. So were the others, you noticed. A few sighs of relief made you turn to look at them.

“Thank you, you little bitch,” the man in the black bodysuit had spoken, his tone changing between sentences. The blonde girl next to him suddenly looked very sleepy, a pleased smile on her lips.

“Mm, is it time for a nap yet?” she grinned in an almost creepy manner. She was so small, you hadn’t noticed her before due to the excitement. What was such a young girl doing with these villains?

“Not yet, Toga. We can’t stay here. We need to find somewhere else to go,” the magic man had told the girl before looking back to Shigaraki. You did the same, watching as he clenched his severed hands tightly to his body, afraid to let them go.

“Any ideas, Shigaraki?” the masked man asked the bluenette. All eyes moved to him, waiting for an answer from their leader. Breathing deeply, he simply stared down at one of the hands in his palm.

“A warehouse…” he mumbled, refusing to look up at the group. “That’s where we’ll go until things down, and then everyone goes home. But first,” he started, his gaze darting back to your eyes. He looked pleading, desperate, but upset. Confusion wiped your brain of thought. Why was he looking at you?

Then his wild eyes moved, and you followed his gaze to your side. Looking down, you quickly realized an unconscious, bleeding Kurogiri was still on the floor beside you.



Instantly, you dropped to your knees beside the body, landing a little roughly. However, you were so worried at the sight of blood that you didn’t even feel it.

He was bleeding worse than you thought, and now was your chance to use your Quirk for the first time in weeks. You instantly grew nervous, almost...embarrassed. No one had ever relied on you to heal, and to you it was nerve-wracking. Injured students always went to Recovery Girl, never you. And you were given the minimal tasks, the ones that could be solved with neosporin, a band-aid, and a day of rest. Paper cuts, bruises, bloody noses...that was all you were ever given reign of healing.

You’d never tried anything this big, spread out over so many points on his torso. Was Kurogiri even human, with human skin? He bled, but did that mean you could still heal him? Qualms sank deep into your stomach, making you feel hollow as your heart pounded against your ribcage.

Could you even heal him?

“Don’t think, princess. Just do,” Dabi’s voice cut through the silence, his tone concise and impatient. Looking up, you saw that all eyes were on you, but Dabi had moved to the front of the group so that he was standing closest to you. His bright blue orbs were locked onto you, intense despite his half-lidded gaze.

“B-But what if I can’t actually heal him? I-I’ve never tried something this big,” you admitted sheepishly. Blood rushed to your cheeks, making your face burn to the point your ears felt like they would singe off completely. The man in the black suit strode over to you, giving you a soft pat on your back.

“You won’t know until you try! Might as well just give up now..”

Was that supposed to make you feel better? Because it didn’t.

You could hear movement towards you, and turned to watch Dabi approach you next. Stomach doing flips, your heart thumped powerfully in anticipation. He was hard to read with his nearly emotionless eyes, and that made him terrifying.

When he was next to you, one of his hands reached out towards your head. Muscles tightening in reaction, you seized up and braced yourself. For what? You weren’t sure. When his hand landed on your crown, his fingers dug into your scalp roughly. It wasn’t painful, the way he forced your head back to look upward at him. Eyes traveling up his loose white shirt, you finally made eye contact with him. His eyes were faintly glowing in that stomach-quivering aquamarine hue.

His alpha instincts were taking over again.

”Try.” he growled lowly, the word rumbling from deep within his chest.

Who were you to deny a command given like that? You were an omega, one without a means of denying a demand when spoken in such a way. The manner in which he handled you felt rough, but the odd, warm sensation in your lower gut blossomed an entirely new breed of fear within you.

But first and foremost, you needed to appease the alpha.

He released your head and you immediately looked down to the bleeding body before you. Kurogiri was still very much alive, and would live through his wounds with ease. In all honesty, it was the perfect time to practice: he was unconscious so he wouldn’t feel any pain, the wounds were larger than anything you’d healed thus far, and they were far from life-threatening.

Trembling, you lifted your hands and gently placed them on the misty man’s chest in the epicenter of his wounds. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath in and out in a feeble attempt to steady yourself. A wave of warmth passed through your entire body, channeling itself to your hands. It was an odd sensation, like a wave of fur condensing into your fingertips. Opening your eyes, you could see a faint glow surrounding your fingertips and illuminating your palm; the color of the glow was the same hue as your eyes.

When the fuzzy feelings ended, the glow diminished into nonexistence.

Now, to see if you actually healed anything.

Your head turned excitedly to Shigaraki before you could stop the knee-jerk reaction. When you realized what you had done, blood rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment. Turning back to Kurogiri, you swallowed audibly in anticipation.

You could feel Dabi’s hypnotic eyes boring into your skull, but you refused to look at the man.

“I-I’m going to open his vest. To see if it worked,” you stated to no one in particular. It was strange being in the villains’ spotlight. They were all watching you, and you felt an odd urge to explain yourself.

But you couldn’t blame them. After everything that had just happened several minutes ago, they would all rather learn more about your Quirk than think about their current situation.

Carefully unbuttoning the vest, your blush had spread down into your neck as everyone watched you. As much as you tried to tell yourself this was for medical reasons, it felt risque to be undressing someone with so many prying eyes. When the last button was undone, you moved the fabric aside to inspect the damage with bated breath.

But what you saw perplexed you. Out of the four wounds, two of them were completely closed up on the metal and one was partially closed, like the healing had only worked on half of the wound.

“It...kinda worked?” you mumbled in confusion, rubbing the pads of your fingers across the sealed metal. With everyone’s piqued interests, you rose to your feet and backed away from the body as the others moved close to inspect the changes. Kurogiri began to stir awake as they grew close, and a sudden weight lifted from your chest.

He was waking up! Your healing had worked well enough to bring him back from unconsciousness, and that made you relieved. Letting out a heavy breath, you smiled softly.

In your happy daze, you missed the pointed, predatory look from glowing aquamarine eyes.

As the phantom-esque man sat up shakily, he winced and grabbed for his abdomen. You noticed his misty hand had grabbed for the area where the one wound did not seal. Looking down, he inspected the damage before looking around at his comrades for answers.

“We’ll explain everything later when we get to the warehouse,” Mr. Compress calmly told Kurogiri. The misty man turned until he saw Shigaraki, and seemed to have a silent conversation with the man. With a nod, the warping man lumbered to his feet, buttoning his vest.

“We should send a group to make sure no one else has found it,” Kurogiri mentioned. A few others nodded, stepping forward to volunteer.

“Compress, Toga, Spinner, and Dabi-” Kurogiri began before he was interrupted by the last name he mentioned.

“I’m staying with the omega,” he stated in a low voice. The sudden declaration made everyone look at him, including you. That was a mistake. His eyes had been prying you to look at him since you healed Kurogiri, and now you knew why.

His gaze was utterly predatory, like a stalking hunter waiting for its prey to react, to bolt and begin the chase. You couldn’t tear away from his electrifying gaze, completely frozen by his leer.

You could hear mumbled words being spoken and see blurs of people moving in your peripheral; however, all you could see was Dabi. Kurogiri had opened a portal at some point, and when it closed, Dabi made his move.

His glowing teal eyes pinned you down like a nail, keeping you still as he approached slowly. Stomach growing queasy, you couldn’t force the shivers back as your skin became covered in goosebumps. It was a strange feeling, the feeling of wanting to run away yet not wanting to move in anticipation of what was to come.

You wanted to run, but you had nowhere to run.

When Dabi grew within arm’s reach, you could feel an invisible pressure against your front. He was now in your personal space, and you were nervous. He moved forward still, eyes locked with yours. With each step he took, you could hear the blood flowing louder in your ears as your heart pounded harder.

It wasn’t until he was close enough to brush his chest against yours that he stopped moving, looking down his nose at you like a king would look down at his peasants. His scent was powerful, the smell of char strongly mixed with a hint of musk. It was a scent that made your nose tingle at the strength, a scent you hadn’t quite smelled before.

Too afraid to speak, you simply continued to gaze at him. His eyes were much prettier up close, the blue hue reminding you briefly of saturated postcards of tropical beaches. They were gorgeous.

But the glow, and what it meant, frightened you.

Movement caught your eye, but by the time you saw it, it was too late. His right large hand reached up to your neck, fingers dancing softly across your skin. He wasn’t holding hard, but it was a warning.

Don’t move, or else.

His thumb caressed your skin as it moved upward to your jaw, pressing against your jawbone with steady pressure. Tilting your head slightly, the pressure increased. Wincing, you tilted your head further to the side until the pressure was gone.

The left side of your neck was completely exposed as you turned your head to the side. You were vulnerable to whatever he planned to do with you, and that more than terrified you.

He wouldn’t hurt you, right? Surely he could see that you weren’t a threat?

His silence was unnerving; you wished he would say something. Anything.

Seeing his mouth open, you realized you suddenly regretted that last wish. Stomach sinking into the depths of your gut, your panicked eyes locked onto his teeth as qualms made your skin turn cold.

His canines were beginning to elongate, growing longer and sharper.

Preparing to mark.

“D-Dabi! Don’t!” you cried, but it was too little too late. His face was rushing towards you as you suddenly tried to move away from him. His free arm shot out behind you, wrapping around your back and digging into your hip with a bruising grip. He pulled you flush against his lean, solid body as his mouth descended onto the soft spot near the junction of your neck and shoulder.

You grit your teeth harshly as an excruciating pain exploded down your neck, making you clench your eyes closed. The pain quickly spread down to your elbow and across the left side of your ribcage, like molten fire was filling your veins. No matter how much you pushed his face and struggled, it was futile. His body was stiff, muscles taut and unmoving now that he was latched onto you.

He wasn’t letting go until he was finished.

The pain made you squirm incessantly against him, embarrassed whimpers leaving your throat. The alpha purred in contentment at your noises, his tongue making an appearance on your throat. Between the sharp teeth sinking into your flesh, you could feel the wet muscle working away at the soft skin. Slow back and forth movements of his tongue caused shivers to cascade down your body like an icy waterfall.

After the surface was soothed, he began to suck greedily at the skin, pulling the glands closer to the surface for him to taint. The noises were so very clear in your left ear, the purring from deep within his chest making blood rush to your cheeks. With his chest against yours, those purrs were vibrating your heart into overdrive; it was pounding hard enough that he could probably feel it through your clothes.

A few rogue tears slipped from your eyes when you felt your body relax against your will. Your biology was reacting to his much more superior hormones, making you submit to him. It began to feel pleasurable despite the situation.

He was bonding you.

Chapter Text

It was embarrassing. Humiliating. Shameful.

And everyone was still staring at you two.

They had left to inspect the warehouse with Kurogiri but when they returned to collect the few who stayed wasn’t pretty. Shigaraki was silent but wild, standing protectively in front of the shaking omega on the floor. Holding onto your bleeding neck, your eyes wide and focused on Dabi as you tried to piece together what was happening. Said ebony haired man was, well, he was quite furious that another alpha was between him and his omega.

Yes, his.

He claimed you; marked your neck for the world to see. And your body knew it all too well. An uncontrollable buzzing made your whole being tingle and shiver, like it was trying to become acclimated to an entirely new body. You felt light, wide awake yet ready to come down from the new high. The adrenaline was also finally ebbing out of your system.

It was also likely due to the fact Dabi was leaning against you on one of the sofas, one marred arm casually draped across your shoulders. It was odd, being suddenly aware of his presence next to you: his smell of burnt material, how much larger he actually was, his relaxed muscles, and his body heat. He was so warm, warm enough that you wanted to curl into the side of his dark blue coat and simply bask in the radiating heat. It would be even more enjoyable in the winter.

If you two lasted that long.

Bonding wasn’t for life, it was actually relatively temporary. Not only that, but it could be challenged at any point by anyone. And in extreme cases for an omega, they could break the bond if they were put through enough stress.

And you had plenty of that right now.

Officially in too deep, there were no more calm, shallow waters. No, now it was only turbulent white-water rapids ahead.

Dabi could sense your stress, the same way you could sense his contentment. A bond opened a way for two souls to be connected so that one could feel a small magnitude of the other’s emotions. One could always sense how far away their mate was, could feel if they were happy or sad or lonely.

And right now, you were experiencing these new connections to your first mate. Dabi was smug, the faintest hint of a grin on his lips. A feeling deep inside you buzzed like a flashing neon sign: your alpha was pleased. His hand on your shoulder suddenly began to very gently rub the skin, attempting to soothe your nerves and relax your body. When that began to work, he started to very softly purr from deep within his chest, just loud enough for you to feel. You’d be lying if you said his content scent didn’t give you reassurance.

But there was still a lot of tension and resentment in the air, and your anxious scent was contributing.

”Dabi,” Shigaraki began in a growl through gritted teeth from across the warehouse. The ebony haired male gave the bluenette a sideways glare in acknowledgement.

“Care to elaborate on why you thought claiming (Name) was a good idea?”

Oh, Shigaraki was seething. The tone in his voice made you want to shrink back and disappear into the couch cushions. Dabi pulled you closer, his hand moving up to your head so that he could pull your face into his chest. You struggled at first, but he was much stronger than you, so you let him guide your cheek to the stretched collar of his baggy white shirt.

You could hear his steady heartbeat, much more calm than yours. That scent of burnt flesh was strong, but oddly wasn’t unpleasant.

“I didn’t do this on accident, boss. You put me in charge of recruitment, and now I’m taking full responsibility of her. Anywhere she goes, I’ll know. The second she tries to run away, I can put her in her place.” The way he purred out that last statement was a quiet threat, one you weren’t keen on experiencing. Attempting to move away from Dabi, you pushed against his chest until he let you sit up once more; however, his arm remained firmly around your shoulders.

Across the warehouse floor, Shigaraki simply scowled from his perch atop some wooden crates. No one stood within ten feet of him, his aggravated scent powerful and unpleasant. Even for you, tucked away and suffocating on Dabi’s smell, Shigaraki’s musk was making your nose curl.

“You’re making pathetic excuses,” the bluenette sneered as he scratched his neck languidly. “You couldn’t keep it in your pants, so you acted out like a teenager. She won’t help us if she’s scared,” he motioned one of his pale hands towards you, and everyone’s eyes seemed to zoom in on you for a moment. Like they expected you to stay anything, but what was there to say?

Of course you were terrified. Just two days ago, you were laughing in a cabin with the girls of U.A. as they gossiped about the boys in class. You had helped them cook their meals and cleanup afterwards, and sat around a campfire to listen as they discussed their quirk trainings. You would have loved a chance to join their training, but the teachers kept you back most of the time. The only reason you had been in the forest was because the girls threatened to riot, all of them.

Where would you be if you hadn’t been in that forest? If you hadn’t been separated from the group by that creature and straight into the hands of Mr. Compress? Would the villains have come for you anyway? They knew a lot about you, even about your quirk and how limited your practice was with it. Maybe you were a plan all alo-

A sudden flick to your forehead made you flinch, a grimace on your face.

“Ow! What was that for?” you hissed to Dabi, who chuckled as he lowered his hand back to his lap.

“You’re cute when you space out, princess,” he grinned. This close, you could see how the staples in his skin shifted to reveal his pearly white teeth. It was...odd, how the skin moved and crinkled like leather.

“You didn’t even notice,” he purred.

“...Notice what?” you asked, confused. Looking around the room, it seemed like nothing had changed. Everyone was still staring at you, though now they seemed a bit more relaxed. Curious, you looked to the pale man dressed in black across the way.

Shigaraki looked exhausted, ready to fall asleep on those wooden crates, his hand resting on his neck but no longer scratching. A feeling of guilt swept over you; the couch wasn’t very comfortable but at least it had padding. You wanted to offer for the bluenette to have your seat, to let the weary man finally rest.

Dabi’s nose brushed against your cheek, his forehead on your temple, as he breathed in heavily. The content waves he was radiating surprised you, his actions making you a little embarrassed of your scent.

You probably needed a shower.

“You smell so much better when you do that,” he purred from deep in his chest. The rumble shook your head in a pleasant vibration.

“Do what?” you squeaked out as he pressed his head a little further into you, his scent growing potent as he seemed to be pushing you towards his neck.

“That little thing you do to make everyone relax. It’s nice.”

Blood rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment. Had your body really been effusing those scents again without you noticing? When you tried to do it consciously, you felt your neck tingle and sweat. Perhaps it was due to the mark occupying your neck...and your psyche. Just thinking about the bond mark made you hyper-aware of the tingle it constantly emitted, like noticing your own heartbeat.

“Speaking of the omega,” Kurogiri’s deep voice cut through the quiet, beginning to speak. He was leaning against the crates near Tomura, his arms crossed.

“You healed me, but it seems there’s more to your Quirk that we need to assess. You completely healed two wounds, one was partially healed, and one wasn’t even affected.” The memories flooded back to you, pulling you from the daze you were in. It was odd, and you remember how confused you were.

“I’m not really sure what happened, in all honestly. I’ve never healed something that big...maybe my quirk really isn’t that strong?” you offered quietly; however, Kurogiri shook his head of mist.

“The two wounds that sealed over are entirely healed, as if they’re simply old scars. They don’t hurt or ache like the other ones, and a wound that deep would be sore for at least a week.”

Oh, that was interesting. Eyes lighting up with interest, you sat up away from Dabi. Said man grumbled a bit but didn’t complain, leaning back into the couch comfortably.

“But why one didn’t heal completely and one wasn’t even affected...that’s the real mystery,” Mr. Compress spoke through his mask.

“We can use Dabi as a test dummy,” Tomura offered in a bland tone, making the ebony haired alpha roll his cerulean eyes.

“As if, you creep. The only person I’d let touch me is my omega,” Dabi challenged, making Tomura bristle at his retort.

Like a child, he just had to keep rubbing it in Tomura’s face. You couldn’t deny that it was flattering to have two alphas bickering over you, but that was also a dangerous place to be for an omega. It reminded you of a movie you watched about an unloyal omega who was killed by her jealous alpha.

And here you were, the focal point between two men who were no strangers to murder.

“Actually, why don’t you try to heal him again?” Mr. Compress spoke, ever the voice of common sense. There was no harm in trying again, and the warehouse was safe for the time being. Excitement bubbled up inside of you at the suggestion, and Dabi rose an eyebrow at your sudden change in scent. It had gone from worried to excited almost instantly.

“Good idea,” Kurogiri agreed with the man, straightening himself and slowly walking over towards your seat on the couch. Moving to get up from the seat, Dabi’s arm around your shoulder kept you pinned against him. After a mild struggle on your part, grunting and pushing against his solid frame, Dabi grinned and released you.

He was reminding you of your difference in strength.

Standing up finally, you watched as Kurogiri unbuttoned the vest to reveal the shirt underneath stained with dried blood; the metal plating underneath was only exposed by the holes. Leaning closer, you could see the two that were closed and the two that remained opened.

The sound of movement made you look over as Tomura shambled towards you two. His red iris stood out against the shadows across his covered face.

“You use your hands to heal, right?” he asked on his way. You could almost see the wheels turning behind his eyes as he looked to be in thought.

“Yeah, this side of my hands glow when I use my Quirk,” you told him, showing him the palm side of your hand. He hummed in thought, stalking closer until he was standing next to you, making butterflies erupt in your stomach. His scent was much more pleasant when he wasn’t stressed; it was a mild musk, not overbearing for an alpha.

“Try healing the unfinished one, but only one hand,” he told you, pointing to the rightmost hole. Nodding, you bit your lip out of nervousness, looking back to Kurogiri so that you didn’t get caught up in staring at Tomura’s face. Placing a hand directly over the top of the wound, you took a deep breath and focused on your palm.

The telltale glowing that peaked out between your fingers and the white shirt made you relax as a small, hopeful smile bloomed on your lips. It felt much easier to engage your Quirk this time, like it didn’t require nearly as much focus as the last time.

“Look at her other hand,” came a voice from behind you, making you lose focus. The glowing diminished to a dilution of what it was as you lifted your free hand up to inspect it.

Your Quirk deactivated entirely when you did, and embarrassment took over as you stared at your normal palm. Your cheeks felt like they were about to spontaneously combust from all the heat radiating off of them. Stampering a quiet apology, you bit your lip again.

“Well, we know she has to concentrate,” Dabi commented boredly, watching with little interest from the couch. It almost looked like he was paying more attention to space between you and Tomura (or lack thereof).

“I-It was easier this time, if that means anything,” you replied. Tomura hummed in thought as Kurogiri moved the tear in the shirt around to inspect the wound. Turning your attention to his misty hands, a breath got hitched in your throat.


“D-does it hurt?” you asked, excitement growing. You hadn’t even held your hand on him for very long and it was healed already! Part of you wanted to attribute that to the fact you had partially healed it, but that was still quite impressive.

Kurogiri patted the area lightly before patting it harder.

“Interesting. It doesn’t hurt at all, but this one still aches,” he pointed to the one that hadn’t been healed towards his left side. Your hand hadn’t really been close to that wound.

Joy made your body buzz as your smile grew. In your excitement, you turned to Tomura with a hopeful look in your glimmering eyes. His ruby orb seemed to lock with yours, his other covered by the detached hand on his face. You couldn’t see his entire facade, but his eye seemed to look at you with interest.

“Let’s try something,” he spoke, to which you nodded eagerly. He looked back to the unsealed wound, the last one.

“Try using only a finger. I want to see what happens.”

Raising your left hand, you tugged your other fingers into your palm as you placed your index finger on the crusty wound. Kurogiri’s wince was barely noticeable; that one still hurt. Taking another deep breath, you found yourself gazing at the wound until your fingertip lit up, the color matching the color of your eyes.

As you could feel your palm warming, you could see the light escaping from the clenched part of your hand. You briefly wondered if you could ever isolate your Quirk to only certain parts of your hands.

After a few seconds, you pulled your shaking hand away as the glow died down. Kurogiri immediately reached for the wound, patting it again. This time, he hummed in appreciation.

“Incredible. I feels like it had never hurt at all,” he spoke in awe. “And to think the heroes were hindering this development.”

You were beaming with joy at his words, looking to Tomura for approval once again. Like a child presenting their handmade gift to a friend. You were so giddy that you were practically trembling with excitement, especially when you felt a tug of pride in your subconscious.

Your alpha was proud, even if he didn’t voice it.

But Tomura did, and the tone in his voice hinted to a grin on his lips.

“Looks like our healer just leveled up.”

Chapter Text

It felt like forever since the incident with All for One, since Tomura lost his leader and had to assume the role himself. You couldn’t help but admire how well he was handling the situation; he had lulled into a depressed slump for a few days, but that ended when a few others left to do their own activities. Tomura became much more mature, much more calculated. He didn’t jump into anything on a whim, no, he planned out every possible scenario. Especially when it came to letting the others venture out into the world infested with heroes and criminals alike.

But Tomura was handling it well, as a man who had been abandoned before.

You...well, you weren’t adjusting as efficiently.

Several times you had woken in the middle of the night to find your pillow drenched in tears, your body shaking as your heart felt hollow and frigid. Dabi had began sleeping next to you at night, wrapping himself around you despite your struggles for privacy. He would complain about your “crybaby emotions” waking him up at night, and attempt to comfort you. But his “comfort technique” involved suffocating you with his scent, purring into your ears, and chewing the bond bite on your neck. At this point it was simply a massive bruise on your lower neck, evidence of where he had spent hours with the flesh between his lips.

But you didn’t want your alpha smothering you in his possessive behaviors; you wanted to let your family know you were alive, for them not to worry. You wanted to see them and make sure they were safe. Even if they found out you were helping the villains and weren’t just a hostage, that didn’t change the fact that you wanted them to know you cared about them. From the core of your very soul, you missed them.

The only thing keeping you from clawing your way out of the warehouse when Dabi was out recruiting were the others; Twice and Mr. Compress, who insisted you call him Sako, tried to reassure you that you were indeed part of this dysfunctional family of misfits. More often than not, Twice would appear at the warehouse with a plastic bag full of snacks and water for you. Accepting it with a smile, you’d share with everyone who wanted some.

When Dabi was gone (which was unfortunately occuring more regularly), Tomura would take a seat next to you on the couch and steal from your food. It was odd being so close to him; all the fears you originally held for him had been bulldozed to the back of your mind somehow. A feeling of safety began blossoming when he was close, and you couldn’t explain why. He could easily kill you, but somehow you knew he’d never hurt you, never do anything to desecrate the trust you had in him.

Maybe it was because he was alpha, or maybe it was because he seemed to understand you better than anyone else; he knew about your Quirk, cared about it, and wanted you to have a purpose. All the heroes ever did was push you aside and tell you “Not yet”. It was always “wait” with them, but Tomura wasn’t afraid. Already you had discovered things you didn’t even know you could do; you were able to understand so much more about your Quirk in a span of just two days than you’d ever imagined. And it was only going to get better. Tomura seemed willing to push your limits, to use you and let you help.

It might have all been in your head, but he seemed to care.

Just like now, he was sitting beside you on the couch as Sako was showing you a magic card trick for the tenth time (you just couldn’t understand how he got your card every time!). The bluenette was close, his shoulder brushing against yours every time you shifted. His scent had been more putrid on his way over, but now that he was here, it seemed to have diluted into a more calm scent. His own musk was so gentle compared to Dabi’s; it wasn’t overwhelming or caused your nose to curl.

It was a happy moment between you three, and you couldn’t stop the smile on your lips.

“You should do that more often, (Name),” Tomura commented quietly, his voice hoarse yet soft. The words brought warmth to your cheeks.

“You’re cute when you smile. And you haven’t been smiling much lately,” he added, giving you a sidelong glance. The detached white hand was placed in his sweatshirt pocket, tucked away from prying eyes. You could see his chafing skin around his eyes and lips, his crimson red eyes standing out brilliantly against his snow white skin. His soft peripheral gaze remained locked onto yours, searching.

When you realized you were staring, you also realized he was wanting answers.

Looking down at the cards in your hand, you tucked your bottom lip between your teeth. It was so easy to spill all your emotions and concerns to him; however, you didn’t want to seem like a burden to him. There was an itching feeling that he had enough drama to deal with at the moment, the last thing he needed was to hear an omega whine and cry about being missing her family.

But you did miss them...terribly.

The thought alone caused your nose to burn, your only warning before warm tears began leaking from your eyes against your will. Quickly wiping them away with your forearm, you had to breathe in quickly through your nose to keep the liquid from dripping down. No matter how hard you tried, it felt like a rope was being pulled taut in your throat and making your breath hitch. The tears just wouldn’t stop.

You were embarrassed, that much was obvious. Tomura’s alpha instincts were reacting strongly to your distress; he needed to comfort and protect you.

But something was stopping him, holding him back like a taut pair of massive logging chains. The quiet bluenette simply sat on the couch, his ruby gaze returning to his dry, pale hands. They clenched tightly as he stood abruptly from the deteriorating cushions, not even sending you a glance as he stuffed his hands in the pocket of his ebony sweatshirt and trudged away. He didn’t even look back as he walked all the way to the door and left the warehouse. Kurogiri, in poorly-hid confusion, quickly followed behind.

To say you felt crushed was a vast understatement. Guilt swallowed you into a dark abyss, your skin grew cold and clammy, and your stomach seemed to curl in on itself. Trying to disappear, and the idea didn’t sound like a bad one.

The tears flowed tenfold.

Sako was quick to move, filling his leader’s spot next to you on the rotten furniture. His arm wrapped around your far shoulder, pulling you towards him.

“This old man can’t stand to see a lady cry, but don’t take his actions too personal. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed with another alpha’s mate, my dear.” His words were soft spoken, his hand gently rubbing your upper arm in attempt to sooth your quiet sobbing. Like choking on air, you felt like you were gasping for every precious breath; your head was getting light and your body felt like it was made of lead.

The words successfully alleviated a portion of your distress, but the entire outpour of emotions had an entirely different epicenter.

“I-I want to know that my family’s alright,” you spoke between choked breaths, frantically wiping the tears with the inside of your shirt collar. It was drenched.

“I don’t even need to talk to them,” you continued, letting your heart speak for you, “I just want them to know I’m okay. They’re probably so worried.” The guilt was eating you alive, like a swarm of piranhas tearing apart your internal organs in a whirlwind frenzy. Were they crying the same way you were? Were they hugging each other and promising to find you?

Sako had quieted down, letting you express your depression and ramble about how much you longed to see your family. Thankful that you two were the only ones in the warehouse at the moment, you abused his generosity and held nothing back. You were heartsick, but everyone gets lonely once in a while. Even members of the League were subject to the yearning of a loving touch from time to time.

But they were their own family, their own support network. They depended on each other in a two-way street of familiarity. They called the same place home, and someday you would as well.

“Perhaps you could talk to Shigaraki about delivering a letter. It might have to be Kurogiri, but it’s a possibility,” Sako offered in a gentle voice, like a father talking to his teenage daughter after a break-up. It wasn’t a promise that things would magically return to the way they were, but it was an opportunity to begin a healing process. The thought pleased you, your lips curling into the softest of smiles. The dried salt from your tears made your skin crinkle when it moved.

A tugging feeling suddenly pulled at the back of your mind, like someone was knocking on the door to your brain. You wanted to ignore it, but it sent shivers down your spine. It an involuntary, but your body was reacting to the influx of emotions radiating from the base of your skull.

Confusion. Annoyance.


The metal door to the warehouse burst open with such a sudden force that you nearly leapt from your own skin. It had nearly been ripped off it’s hinged by the black combat boot crossing the threshold midair.

An outfit of black leather and an overstretched white t-shirt grew in your vision, and all at once the aromas hit you like a freight train. The most prominent was the putrid smell of what you could only assume was burnt flesh. It was powerful, carried heavily by the waves of aggravated testosterone through the warehouse.

Dabi was pissed, yet his eyes remained half-lidded and lax as he began meandering towards you. The mixed signals between his scent and his appearance raised red flags in your psyche. There was no rush in his steps, his hands relaxed at his sides as he tilted his chin up in pride. Like a proud peacock aggressively asserting itself.

Sako immediately left your side in favor of moving towards the makeshift seats on the opposite side of the warehouse: the crates Tomura had spent much time on. Dabi didn’t even seem to notice the masked magician, his bright cyan eyes focused solely on you. The way he was zeroed in on you made you fully aware of just how physically greater he was, especially when he arrived at the couch.

Without even a moment of hesitation, his left leg rose and violently sent the poor excuse of a coffee table onto its side, skittering away a few feet. It was loud, the noise echoed off the walls as the cheap table grinded against the concrete floor. Cards were strewn every way possible.

You didn’t even realize you had screamed in fear, the noise quickly dying on your lips as your alpha stood before you. That putrid smell of burnt flesh, leather, and anger invaded your nose to the point it burned. No matter how often he was around you, you’d never been able to get used to that stench.

He was tall, much taller than you or anyone you really knew. Aizawa was close, but Dabi still had him beat by at least a couple inches. A feeling of miniaturization washed over you like cold water; you felt tiny and vulnerable before the silent blaze in his eyes.

”Let’s talk, mate.”

Instantly, shivers racked your body as every hair stood at attention. He used his alpha voice, one you had only heard from him a couple times. Your eyes couldn’t leave his, and like some sort of animatronic, your body rose to its feet. Not wanting to seem insubordinate, you had to swallow down the fear that felt like a stone in your esophagus. It felt like you were sweating bullets, your palms pooling with perspiration as you held them close to your abdomen. The bonding mark -well, bruise- tingled as if someone was brushing fine haired brushes across it.

Petrified, you could barely open your jaw.

“About what?” you squeaked out, a million thoughts running through your mind. Had you done something wrong? Was he mad about Sako? Maybe he was tired of you being a crybaby?

Or worse: was that distinct alpha smell a warning of an approaching rut?

Against all odds, the threatening musk radiating off his body seemed to die down. It shifted quickly enough that it made you dizzy, morphing into one of amusement.


And sit you did. Without hesitation, your legs gave out and you plopped yourself onto the couch cushion hard enough to feel something broken inside collide with your tailbone. But you suppressed any outcry; you had more important things to worry about.

Dabi knelt down slowly, squatting down to his haunches as he spread his knees out to rest against the side of the furniture. His droopy eyes never left yours. When he was finally down to eye level with you, you swallowed audibly. What was he going to do? Whatever he decided, as long as he used his alpha voice, you had very little chance of being able to fight him. Hell, even if you did manage to fight him, there was no chance you’d actually emerge a victor.

A hand abruptly appeared on your right cheek, making you startle in surprise. His eyes finally, finally broke contact with yours to follow his boney thumb across the skin beneath your eye. He seemed to be wiping at the dried trails of tears across the skin, following the phantom path down your chin and neck.

As his gaze moved, you allowed yours to move as well. This close, you were able to clearly see the staples holding his pale skin to the marred purple; it stretched like something out of a horror movie, but seemed to fit him well. Another part of him you noticed was the set of three piercings on the side of his nose; they complimented the piercings on the shell of his ears.

Teal eyes stopped at the blotched bonding mark, clearly available for the world to see as your t-shirt did little to mask it. His free hand moved to the mark and pale fingertips gently traced over the obscured bite wounds; the large hickey across your neck left the puncture wounds barely visible as deep crimson holes against a more violet background. It was almost a work of art.

“Does this mark not mean anything to you, princess?”

Those fingers creeped further back until his palm was pressing firmly against your esophagus, freezing you in place. Your blood ran cold when he squeezed ever so slightly.

“You’d rather let that creep hear you bawling instead of your own mate?”

The palm began to grow in warmth in a wordless threat.

The only time you’d seen Dabi use his Quirk was back at the summer training camp, when he set the forest ablaze without breaking a sweat, and even then you hadn’t seen him actually use it. Honestly, you didn’t want to find out just how powerful the Quirk was.

“I can feel you crying from three miles away,” he continued, his thumb on your cheek moving down to brush against your quivering lips. The way he gently caressed them caused blood to rush to your cheeks. It was a vast contrast to the hand gripping your throat.

“All you gotta do is want me and I’ll come running, baby. I’ll take all the pain away,” his voice dropped an octave, whispering out the last sentence as he leaned in closer to you, forcing eye contact once again as his nose was nearly touching yours.

Teal eyes were glowing ever so softly, the color jumping out brightly against his unkempt ebony bangs. Any words you were hoping to squeeze out had died on your tongue, entranced by the lumination. It was like a blue flame flickering in his eyes, glowing hot and proud.

”You just gotta let me in, princess. Say you need me.”

Lips parting to speak, all you could do was gape like a fish out of water. His words had sent warmth from his hands down the veins of your body, but you didn’t want to give in. Your priority wasn’t you, it was your family.

“Tch,” Dabi scoffed, his lips curling into a smirk as he presented his pearly white teeth. “We’re mates, princess. Whatever you need, tell me now.”

“M-my family,” you blurted out, making one of his brows lift in interest. Seeing as he wasn’t speaking, you continued.

“I want to write a letter to them.” Despite the confidence you felt in the words you spoke, you couldn’t shake the feeling that Dabi wanted to laugh at you, or scold you.

“A letter?”

“Please, I just need to tell them-”

“That you’re bonded to a villain? That you’re one of us now?” The way his cyan eyes narrowed made you deflate.

“Or maybe you want to run away? Want to let them know our location so they can rescue their princess from the bad guys?” His questions were persistent, accusing. Anger bubbled up inside of you; how could he assume something like that?

“No, nothing like that,” you started, a frown on your lips. “Even if I wanted to get away, you’d find me,” you pointed out, brows furrowing. Dabi’s smirk returned.

“Damn right I would. I’d drag you back kicking and screaming,” he grinned, his tongue peeking out from his mismatched lips to swipe over the corner of his upper lip hungrily. His eyes darted down to your lips for a brief moment before assuming their position on yours.

“I’ll let you write one, but I get to read and deliver it.”

Hope blossomed in your chest, increasing tenfold when his hand left your throat. Placing it by your hip, he used it for support as he leaned in further. His smirk relaxed, followed by his entire body. Even his scent calmed down, enjoying the one you were emitting. He may have been addicted to your pleased scent just a little.

“You will? You promise?” you asked excitedly, not even caring that he wanted to read it; it wasn’t like you’d have anything to hide from him.

He kept leaning in.

All emotions and thoughts seemed to freeze in time as he closed the gap between you. A gasp left your lips as his connected, barely tilting his head in an open kiss. They were warm, a sharp contrast to the cold metal staples pressing against your cheek. Closing your eyes, you could feel the unconventional texture difference; his upper lip was smooth, but his lower lip felt like it was carved from the leather jacket he wore. It felt chapped but not dry, not like Tomura’s dry and shriveled lips.

As he slowly pulled away, you unconsciously followed his lips until they finally broke apart. It was like pulling putty until it finally snapped in two. It was enough to put you in a daze, your body lighting up as your synapses returned to vigorous life as you replayed it in your head in an endless loop.

“I promise, pumpkin.”

Chapter Text

Finally. Finally, Tomura gave the green light to let you get a very-much-needed bathing session. You’d been asking him about it regularly, his grumbling denial not hindering your ambition a single ounce.

And now, you’d been granted salvation, but with regulations. It had to be early in the morning, right when everyone was locked inside buildings for work. And Toga had been placed in charge of you, designated to lead you to the showers she had been using. Although, when she told you about how she entered the abandoned, rundown remains of an old, condemned swim center...well, you got a little nervous.

“Couldn’t Kurogiri just warp us there?” you suggested to her, digging your heels into the concrete floor of the warehouse as she pulled on your arms. The blonde’s strength nearly blew your mind; she was much stronger than those scrawny arms appeared. But that most likely came from her being a beta, much to your surprise. When you first met her, her glazed eyes and flushed face led you to assume she was an omega like yourself; however, you were quickly proven wrong by her lack of scent. The only smell to follow her seemed to be the metallic aroma of blood. A double indicator, unfortunately, as omegas don’t bleed during menstruation like a female beta. However, being a beta only benefited her Quirk that much more.

“Noooo, it’s more fun to sneak in!” she grinned in protest, tugging on you harder. After being cooped up on the warehouse couch, you felt depleted of any strength to resist her. Groaning, you tried to pull back enough to let her know you wanted released.

A sudden buzzing in my mind let you know your alpha was behind you, like a radar inside your head. Confirming your thoughts, a long arm wrapped around your middle in such a casual manner that it almost felt comfortable.

“Let her go, you crazy bitch,” Dabi commanded her, no sneer or growl in his voice. He almost sounded exasperated, like this was a tiring routine occurrence. Toga hissed at him, pouting as she hesitantly released your arms. With a sigh of relief, you rubbed your sore elbows. Dabi could feel your appreciation, so he pulled you a little closer.

“You’re no fun, Dabi! I’m in charge of her!” the fiery blonde retalitated, her face becoming a terrifying glare as she grabbed one of the knives on her thigh. Nervous by the sudden blade in your face, you pressed your side to Dabi’s. He’d protect you, right?

Dabi leaned forward ever so slightly towards the blonde.

“Negative, shorty. I don’t want a psycho making sashimi out of my girl,” he defended, standing calm as she moved the blade close to his face. Her glare never wavered.

“I just want a little taste! I won’t take much!”

Your eyes nearly bulged out of their boney sockets, giving her an incredulous look of shock.

“Wait, WHA-”

“I’ll cremate you, you-”

Children, let’s not fight this early in the morning,” Sako groaned tiredly from his mattress across the warehouse. You could still feel the static of tension between them, but they had both relaxed a bit.

“I’m coming with you,” Dabi announced, pulling you alongside him towards the exit. As you looked back to make sure Toga wasn’t going to stab Dabi from behind, your eyes immediately locked onto someone entirely different.

Tomura was leaning forward, elbows on his knees, scowling something fierce. His pale nose was twitching in a silent snarl as he brushed ash away from his hand absentmindedly; he had just used his Quirk on the snack bar previously in his hands. He looked frustrated, disappointed, and overall upset.

But he never said a single word as the fire-user ushered you out of the dark building and into the bright, warm morning air. Never even took his crimson eyes off the ash in his hand.

The thought urked you as the three of you had begun walking down the empty streets, Toga skipping and humming excitedly a few yards ahead while Dabi strolled next to you. As soon as you were out of the building, he had released you and stuffed his stapled hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

Ever since you had told him about your desire to write a letter to your family, Dabi’s attitude and demeanor had shifted just enough for you to notice. At night when you were huddled up on the paultry mattress, Dabi no longer held you as close as he had done before; he also ceased his constant bombardment on your bond mark. Now, he only seemed to refresh the bond mark in the evenings. However, this could be due to the fact that you longer cried; you had something to look forward to and Dabi didn’t need to force his presence onto you.

It felt like he was trying to be a thoughtful alpha, but there was no resolution in his actions, no real determination. He was simply appeasing your omega senses, like giving a child candy in hopes that they quit whining.

Speaking of appeasing.

“Toga?” The blonde hummed in acknowledgement, “are there pens and paper at this pool by any chance?” you asked, hope clear in your voice. No matter how hard you wanted to seem indifferent, or at least in control of your emotions, you couldn’t help but get excited about the letter.

“Guess we’ll have to explore and find out~” she cooed happily ahead, to which you deflated slightly. It certainly wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, but you had faith that there would be at least something to write on.

The walk didn’t take nearly as long as you were expecting it to; the pool was apparently very close to the warehouse. Internally, you wanted to scold Tomura for not letting you leave when it was right down the street; however, you were happy to be here in the first place. Even if the signage was ruined or missing, you were excited. You’d never been in an abandoned building like this before, so it was a new experience for you.

Toga had found a hole in the wire fence for the three of you to use, Dabi opting to climb over the top. Not even taking the time to marvel at how he hurled himself over with a strength you hadn’t realized, you were following right beside Toga to the back exit. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins as you look in the sight of the broken glass door; it was so easy to simply walk into the dark, dilapidated building.

Inside the building was mostly dark, though several windows let in natural light. The smell was musty and putrid, perhaps from the chlorine used in the water before it was shut down. Toga had led you passed the main pool areas, two large pools and one for children. The tiles were filthy and covered in a layer of dust, the water having been drained long ago.

Pulling you to the left with her, the blonde made a wide sweep of her arm to show you the locker room, a bright grin on her lips.

“Here we have the showers!” she exclaimed, pulling you with her into the darker room. There was much less light due to the lack of windows. Only a few near the ceiling allowed light to pass, but due to the morning sun and the locker rooms being on the opposite sight, the only source of illumination was indirect. You could see your hand in front of you, but you couldn’t see the dark bench you nearly tripped over.

A chuckle behind you was your only warning before a bright blue light flooded the room, making you turn around to see a grinning Dabi with a handful of fire.

“Need a light, princess?”

Hearing Toga gagging from somewhere in the room made you laugh, the atmosphere growing light and adventurous. As you and Dabi followed the rows of lockers, you finally found what you had been looking forward to all morning.

The showers. There were even leftover shampoo bottles scattered across the tile, and the thought made your heart swell. You’d finally get to clean up! Almost giddy, you quickly moved towards the first stall and stood to the side to test the knob. With a little more effort than you’d like to admit, the knob turned.

And water rained down from the showerhead like magic. A smile crossed your lips, choosing not to ponder why there was still running water in an abandoned building.

Shutting it off, you looked back towards the ebony haired alpha sending at the edge of the showerroom. He was giving you an expectant stare, to which you frowned. Waving your hands, you motioned to shoo him away.

“Can I have some privacy?” you asked, a little too impatient to finally get cleaned up. Dabi simply blinked his eyes, letting them return to their natural tired stare. Looking to his hand, he clenched his fist and extinguished the cyan flames. They died with a hiss, smoke rolling off his closed hand.

Sighing, you shook your head. The room may have been dark now, but you could still clearly see the tall man looking at you, half-expectant gaze returning.

“No! I meant can you go somewhere else?!”

“Why? Going to do naughty things in the shower?” he teased, his tone deepening just enough for your ears to pick it up. Blood rushed to your cheeks, heating up for your face all the way from your neck to your ears. How he could say that with the most minute of smirks was beyond you.

“There’s no way I’d do that with you and Toga here, wherever she is!” you protested quickly, grumbling when Dabi began walking towards you. Butterflies erupting in your stomach, you quickly began stepping backwards to his pace.

“So you would if you were alone?” he purred, clearly enjoying how flustered he was making you. Unfortunately for you, he was backing you straight into a corner further in the back of the dark room. You knew he was, but you were positive he would keep following you around the locker room anyways.

“It’s not a big deal seeing your mate naked,” he grinned. Just as you were about to refute, he interrupted you.

“Besides, I’m going to see every single inch of that pretty skin when your heat comes around soon.” Your back finally made contact with the wall, ceasing your retreat and enabling Dabi to cage you within his arms as his hands rested on the tile behind you. His half-lidded irises seemed to have an eternal glow to them, even in the dark room. They were so vibrant, so entertained.

“So, let’s get naughty.”

That was your only warning before the high-pitched squeal of a faucet next to you burst to life. The first thing you registered was icy cold water pouring down on you from above, the sudden temperature change on your head was a shock to your system. A gasp tore through your throat before you yelled Dabi’s name in anger, reaching out to slap him.

But he was now two arm lengths away, grinning like a joker as he watched you scramble away from the frigid torrent. The cold air made you want to curl in on yourself, but your mind seemed to be locked onto the marred purple skin of his arms and chest.

They were warm. He was always warm.

But as he approached you once again, you still wanted to run away from him and his not-so-innocent intentions.

“Let’s get you out of those wet clothes,” he grinned as he quickly reached for the hem of your shirt. Eyes widening in embarrassment, your cheeks flushed hot as he began tugging and pulling at your shirt. You grabbed onto his forearms, trying to push his hands down.

“I don’t need help! You’ll stretch it!” you cried, pushing against him as he paused his onslaught. He didn’t remove his hands, settling for holding his palms against the sides of your rib cage.

Somewhere in the back of your mind, a tingle of something pleasant rung down your spine as his thumbs caressed the skin, brushing against the fabric of your bra and pressing into the inferior swell of your breasts. Those bright cyan irises were gazing directly at your face, directly at your eyes. They were intense yet soft, a twinkle of playfulness barely shooting across like a falling star in the midnight sky.

Dabi wanted to see you, and the omega instincts hardwired into your biology were buzzing with pleasure. Your alpha wanted to be intimate with you.

“Why?” The words had slipped from your lips in a whisper. Dabi hummed in confusion, tilting his head slightly as one of his thin brows rose. Breaking eye contact, you focused on his chest in front of you. The stretched collar allowed you a view of the stapled flesh, marveling at how the twisted purple flesh wrapped around his neck and shoulders.

“Why do you care about me? About being close to me?” When you gazed back up, his eyes seemed to harden, losing that playful spark.

“Does it matter why?” Your facade must have answered his question, no words needed from you. “Maybe I just want to have something no one else can. Maybe I’m just being selfish,” he continued, moving close enough to press his chest to yours, one of his hands moving down to your hip. With a tug, he pulled your hips flush against his.

Warmth spread throughout your body, his body heat seeping into your cold, wet skin. The change in temperature caused goosebumps to raise across your skin instantly.

“Do you have a problem with that?” His eyes bore into yours, seeking a reaction from you.

...Did you?

Having a mate for the first time was new and confusing to you. All the attention he gave was something you had never experienced before, and all the ways your body reacted felt like it wasn’t you. Or at least, who you used to be.

But all these new things...weren’t unwelcome.

Just like now, the way Dabi dipped his head down and placed kisses on the side of your neck caused an eruption of butterflies in your stomach.

“I can be patient,” he spoke in a low, graveling voice, “but not for long.”

With that, he pulled away from you completely, leaving frigid cold air in the space he had just been occupying. You watched with fixated eyes as he completely left the shower room, never turning back to look at your or tell you anything more.

Had you done something wrong? Or was he respecting your wish for privacy?

Deciding not to ponder any longer, you gathered soaps from around the locker room and stripped of your partially wet clothes.

Your thoughts ran wild as you lathered yourself, ignoring the frigid temperature of the water. No power meant no hot water, but you were beginning to acclimate yourself.

Everything from the couple weeks seemed to reply in your head like a cinema, highlighting everything exciting that had happened. The smiling faces of Toga and Twice appeared multiple times, making your own lips curl into a grin. Then there was Shigaraki, and your smile faltered slightly.

The bluenette was slowly becoming confusing to you, wondering why he seemed to push you away at the drop of a hat lately. However, he still seemed to seek you out like he always did. When he was upset or bored, he always ended up next to you on the couch. Even if he didn’t vocalize his concerns, you could feel the shifts in his scent. When he was near you, his intriguing musk would always dissipate into a calm smell.

He wanted comfort, so why push himself away? Perhaps he was just using your omega scent to calm himself? Or maybe it has something to do with Dabi bonding you, like Sako had mentioned.

When he walked away from you, it had hurt far worse than you ever imagined; even now, the memory of him stomping out of the warehouse caused a sharp pain in your chest. Why did it hurt so bad? Why did it hurt worse than the first time Dabi left the warehouse, leaving you behind without warning?

When a mild throb bubbles up in your skull, you decided to stop the thoughts before they turned into a migraine. Instead, you focused on shutting the water off after you cleaned up, and instantly regretted not finding a towel beforehand. Gathering your clothes and moving towards the lockers, your eyes gleamed when you noticed a basket of towels by the entrance to the showers.

After drying and redressing, you rubbed your hair through the towel one last time as footsteps grew closer in the dark building. Casual, slow footsteps, their heel scraping against the ground lightly before landing with a heavy thud. You knew those footsteps.


And as he appeared in your vision, his cyan eyes scanning down and up your figure once. His familiar scent wafted through to your nose; his musk seemed to be getting stronger, and less rancid. No longer the nose-curling scent of burnt flesh, but now something more like the smell of smoke and leather. It smelled more appealing.

As that last thought crossed your mind, another shot to the surface. A thought you hadn’t even considered to be relevant information until that very moment. An inkling of suspicion threaded it’s icy fingers down the back of your neck, making the hair stand at attention.

“What did you mean by ‘when my heat comes around soon’?”

Dabi smirked, but said nothing as he spun on his heel and marched back towards the exit.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head over it, princess. We have other things to worry about. The creep wants us to head to the other warehouse,” he told you as you jogged to catch up to him. You were upset that he wasn’t answering your question...perhaps he would talk on the way back, or when you two were alone next.

“Other warehouse? What for?” you asked, noticing Toga skipping towards you in the dark. She was grinning in her usual manner, but now she had a gleam in her amber eyes.

“Twice found someone! So let’s go meet them~”