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Clues In Death

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Dean snarled as he slammed the door closed on the black and white that dropped him off at his door. He was a “fucking Homicide Lieutenant for Christ sakes!” and he deserved a better car, one that wouldn’t drop a transmission every time he tried to use the air-born feature. It pissed him off when his car didn’t perform, especially since the " powers that be " clearly stated that he was not allowed to work on his own car. Fuckers.

Opening the door, muttering to himself that he wouldn’t have these issues if he were allowed to use Baby for work, but no, stupid powers that be. Immediately when he came through the door two things happened, one good and one horrible. The good thing was Rufus, who came to wind his fat body between Dean’s ankles looking for an ear rub. 

“You really are getting fat there, Rufus. I think Cas needs to buy you a treadmill.” He laughed to himself as he squatted down to give the ear scratches that the orange bully was demanding. “Where’s Cas, furball?”

“He’s in the master bedroom and you’re late!” Crowley snarked from behind him. Yeah, there was the horrible thing that was waiting for him when he came home.

“I’m not that late, Crowley," he growled to the older, alpha house-manager who was more of a guardian (or in Russian, it sounded like op-e-cone). Dean was trying so damn hard to learn his alpha's native tongue and while Cas spoke English perfectly, Dean was not having as much luck with his Russian. He refused to look at his watch to see exactly how late he was, because  no way was he giving his nemesis the satisfaction.

Before he could get into a pissing contest with the bane of his home, he draped his jacket over the bannister (knowing that it drove Crowley up the wall, which was why he did it) and jogged up the stairs with his fat cat following him, hoping for a treat from the AutoChef in the bedroom. Dean stopped just outside the doorway when he heard Cas talking on the phone. He wasn't necessarily eavesdropping,  but he didn't want to interrupt and if he were to hear anything about their upcoming vacation (Cas knew he hated surprises but insisted!) then all the better.

"No, no worries. I will get him on the shuttle, it just takes a bit of work. A soother along with a few orgasms will help him enjoy the flight, besides, we'll only be in the air for about 6 hours." While the words coming out of his alpha's mouth were pissing him the fuck off, the cadence of the words were causing a more triggering response in his cock.

Deciding on going with the pissed off emotions (he'd rock Cas' world later) Dean stomped into the bedroom only to be met with a smirking Cas, who was not on the phone but setting a trap for a nosey Dean. Son of a bitch.

"Hello, Darling Dean. How was your day?" So yeah, his mate was the epitome of every omega's fantasy of an alpha's alpha, but Dean was going to control himself, damn it.

"I need you to build me a bomb," he snarked as he walked to the closet, shedding his clothes on his way.

"Excuse me?" He could hear Cas getting closer and just knew he was picking up after him on his way.

Peeking out of the closet, Dean raised one eyebrow along with one side of his mouth to look his mate up and down before responding. "I know you know how to do it, Alpha." He knew that he was stroking his mate's ego, but that was all he had time to stroke at the moment. Damn it, he had really run behind but he'd chop of his right foot before admitting it.

"I refuse to answer that without my lawyer present, but let's say hypothetically, if I were to build you a bomb, what are we going to make 'go boom?'" Dean snorted at the sarcasm that was dripping from Cas' mouth.

"The assholes down at Vehicle Maintenance. My car actually said 'no' when I went to switch to air-born so I could try and catch up with Bobby. I was going to help him gather some evidence on his cyber-stalking case and because of my car shitting on me again he ended up being at the vic's apartment alone when the perp showed up. That ass got enough of a drop of Bobby that he was able to get one shot off, hitting Bobby in the leg." He wasn't even trying to keep the anger and worry from his scent, so he wasn't surprised to feel Cas wrap his arms around his waist.

"Bobby is fine. I just left him at home with Karen fussing over him. It was a scratch. Hell, he only needed twelve stitches,  but ya' know..." he trailed off after turning so he could bury his face in Cas' neck. He had held up through the rush to the hospital after getting the call once he was in a black and white on his way to the vic's apartment, but now that he was home (his safe place with Cas) he would allow himself a moment to gather strength from his mate.

"I know, Darling. Bobby is, well, Bobby.  He's your father figure, and he stands for all the things we both wish we had had from our own." Dean could only hiccup his agreement, knowing that if he actually tried to say words they'd just come out as sobs. So he allowed himself a moment, then he stepped back and shook it off. Literally.

"OK, so, Crowley has already crawled up my ass since I was late. I need to give Rufus a damn treat before he trips us both." He glared down at the orange tub-o-lard who was head-butting them both in the ankles. "Then I need to get in the shower. I'm assuming you've already picked out my outfit for the dinner?" Dean dropped his black, lace boy-shorts on the closet floor (totally slicking a bit at the growl Cas let out) before strutting towards the bathroom, only barely remembering to stop at the AutoChef to program some salmon flavored, fish shaped, nasty-af smelly treats for Rufus. Say what he would about Crowley (and he would !), the man kept the AutoChef filled with yummy food for all of them.

"Of course I have. If I didn't, you'd show up to our party in jeans and flannel." He strutted a bit more hearing how deep Cas' voice got when he was turned on.

Turning, Dean poked his mate in the chest. "There's nothing wrong with jeans and flannel!" Then he leaned in to nip at the bottom lip that drove him to distraction.

"Agreed, but there's a time and a place. For instance, work: work is a time and place for jeans and flannel. An anniversary party with one hundred of our nearest and dearest is not." Dean stopped dead in his tracks before slowly facing Cas, who was conveniently not looking at Dean,  but at Rufus.

" One hundred ?" He knew his voice went about three octaves higher than normal. "We don't ....I don't know that many people!"

"Yes, Dean. We do. Now, do you want a soother after your shower?" He could feel his head nodding yes before Cas even stopped talking.

Dean generally hated taking soothers but he could acknowledge there were certain times they came in handy. When he had to face a hundred people for dinner (seriously it was all Cas' fault that Dean had let so many people in!) or when he had to fly he needed them. He understood they were safe, medically approved, and everyone took them occasionally, blah blah blah blah blah. He still thought it made him look weak but right now, he didn't give a flying fuck, and he was taking it.



He stepped into the shower, dunking his head under one of the four, rain-shower heads to drown out the panicked voice in his head that was screaming about having to socialize with so many damn people. He snickered upon hearing his alpha speaking Russian to their cat, no doubt telling him he was going to put him on a diet, all the while feeding him snacks.

It still amazed Dean that Cas had fallen for him, Truemates or not. The alpha was beautiful with dark messy hair (looked like he just had his face fucked for hours) and ice blue eyes that were their warmest when they looked at Dean. Cas also had the fullest, pouty lips that constantly tempted him and a jaw that Dean could never stop nibbling on. It was sharp enough to draw blood.

Dean could feel his cock plumping as he continued to think about his alpha, especially since his thoughts were now on his body, and damn was it a good body! He had shoulders that Dean knew held the responsibility of employing thousands but were a soft place where he could lay his head when he was tired and arms that were strong enough to hold him against the wall as they fucked like bunnies, or soft enough to rock him to sleep when he was overwhelmed. Which, in his line of work was fairly often, but he kept his melt downs for home. At work he was in charge; the one on whom the others leaned.

Grabbing for the shampoo, the one Cas had made for them which was a combination of their scents (apples and honey for Dean with whiskey and thunder for Cas) named Apple Storms, he continued his imagery of his alpha's body.

Cas' chest was something that belonged on those omega, romance, trash novels he used to read before bed (don't judge, he had been alone for years before meeting Cas) that they sold in line at the grocery store. Muscles that were defined but not obnoxiously so. Peach colored, sensitive nipples that were oh, so biteable and just below were the abs of someone who took care of themselves to stay strong, but not to show off.

One of Dean's favorite things about his alpha's body (hehehe, yeah one of many) were Cas' hip bones. They stood out so sharply and he loved marking them with his mouth and teeth. Poor guy usually looked like he lost a round with a vampire, but Dean was careful to only mark him where his fancy suits would cover, unless they were on vacation, then all skin was fair play. Cas gave as good as he got, though, and Dean loved it.

Telling his cock to knock it off and that there wasn't time to play, he hurried through the rest of his shower knowing he had already wasted time that he couldn't spare already. He told it (yes he talked to his cock) that he would continue his exploration of Cas' body in reality after the party.

After drying off and getting his hair to spike up just the way he liked, he took the soother shot that Cas had left on the bathroom counter. It was chocolate flavored ( yummy ) because his alpha knew how to make everything easier for him down to the flavor he could swallow the easiest.  Dean walked back into the bedroom to see what Cas had laid out for him to wear. At least the party seemed to be a bit more casual than he had thought it was going to be, considering Cas had laid out his black skinny jeans (his alpha really liked his ass in these) along with a deep red, button-up shirt. The one that matched Cas' waistcoat. The man did have good taste in clothing. Hell, in most things Cas made the right decisions. Sometimes Dean even believed that he was one of them, just depended on the day, but regardless the handsome, loving alpha was his for life.

Seeing his alpha walk towards him with a jewel box, Dean knew he was about to be draped in expensive, sparkly crap he's always afraid he'll lose. Cas told him it wouldn't be a tragedy if he did, so Dean wore it when his mate asked.

"So, how many sparkles are you going to put on me tonight?" he asked with a hand on his hip and a smirk on his mouth.

"Just a few bits and bobs," was the answer he got as Cas handed him a silver chain that had small diamonds woven into the complex design. Next was his fancy wrist communicator. It worked exactly like his everyday one, since he could do anything and everything on the small computer/phone units. This one was just covered in diamonds and emeralds.

When Cas began unwinding the last piece Dean threw his head back laughing. "Really, Alpha? Everyone at this party knows I'm yours." He stepped up to wrap his hands around the man's waist, kissing the mating bite he had left there almost five years ago. He could smell the embarrassment just under the pride coming from Cas' scent gland.

"I just think that it goes well with your outfit," was all he said as he began threading the longer, delicate, diamond chains through the belt loops on Dean's jeans. He would never say just how much he liked getting dolled up for his alpha (he knew his scent gave him away) and he never would.

"Hmmm....really? Well, I suppose that's true. Diamonds go with everything, but what about the 'Castiel' that's engraved on every inch of the chain?" He knew he was calling his alpha on his possessive behavior, but he didn't feel guilty at all since Cas called him out for his own.

"Alright, Alpha. Never mind. I'll wear the belt of stones if you wear yours that has my name all over you." Dean could instantly smell the dark tint to Cas' scent that told him he was just a minute or two from getting knotted over the bedroom couch.

"Omega...." Cas growled out.

"Yeah, I know, Cas. We gotta go, so let's leave this for later but I would like it if you wore your belt too. Please." he had taken a slow step back to let Cas clear his nose of their scents.

"Of course, Dean. Will you get my belt then meet me on the balcony? I need a moment." He watched the alpha walk out into the evening air admiring his ass the whole way out.


About an hour later found them walking into the private dining room of one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. They had their first date there six years ago, a week before they mated and a year before they were married. Dean remembered being so on edge during that date, not just because Cas was the sexiest mother fucker he had ever seen (let alone how sexy he smelled ) but there was the fact that the alpha had been a suspect in a murder investigation. Luckily he and his partner, Jo, had cleared Cas quickly, and he had ended up saving them both from the actual murderer

Dean came out of his memories when he felt Cas grasp his hand, stopping him from twisting his wedding band which was a nervous habit of his. Seeing the worry in his alpha's eyes he leaned in to kiss him on the tip of the nose. He had learned to live with the fact that his mate was not always on the same side of the law as Dean but he knew that Cas only used his gifts for good now.

The alpha no longer had to steal to live, because his business empire was worth billions, and while it took a long time for him to get comfortable with the way Cas spoiled him, Dean was now able to enjoy using their money to do romantic things for Cas. He would use the money he earned from the state of New York first, but he now had no issues with using his card to access their joint account.

Kissing his alpha again, this time on those plump, biteable lips, he pulled him towards the private dining room, knowing that their friends were waiting for them. Dean was still amazed that he knew that many people (let alone cared for them) but it was just another product of opening himself to love, even if he had days where he still felt unworthy of it.

Several hours later, along with several whiskeys (only after Cas assured him he was carrying some Sober Up since he was on call), Dean was enjoying himself. He had mingled by God, and now he was sitting at his table, letting others come to him. He was watching his mate dance with his office manager, Missouri. The woman had scared him to death before she had kidnapped him for a lunch date a few days after he and Cas had mated.

At the time he was petrified that people would think that he was only after Cas' money, but he had been pleasantly surprised that everyone accepted that they were Truemates. At lunch the first thing Missouri said to him was that he was the only one who thought he wasn't good enough for Castiel and he needed to get over it before she whupped him. She had been his mother figure ever since.

"Damn, I think I'm drunk." He turned to see his partner, Jo, plop down in the chair next to him looking a bit green around her face.

"You need some food. Here ya' lightweight." Dean pushed a plate of bruschetta towards her.

Watching her eat, he realized he was really feeling sentimental, either from all the love or the whiskey. Probably the drink, since the love and mushy stuff everyone kept saying to him over the course of the night just made him a bit uncomfortable. He had trouble doing more than hold Cas' hand in public and that was with his mate! Being hugged and told how perfect he and Cas were just made him feel uncomfortable. Especially since his co-workers and boss were here, too.

Dean could remember when he met Jo, over a dead body. She had still been in uniform then and he had given her a chance to prove herself and she went above and beyond. He took a chance once the case was over and pulled her in to be his assistant. Dean had never taken anyone under his wing before and it was one of the best decisions he ever made, professionally or personally. Not only had Jo become his partner after she had passed her Detective Testing, but she had become a good friend.

He had not expected for Jo to fall for a detective in the Cyber Unit, one of Bobby's boys (male or female they were Bobby's boys). Charlie was a flamboyant, free spirit, genius level detective that was the perfect alpha fit to Jo's stoic omega tendencies, although she could cut loose when she was just around friends. They were a lot alike, Jo and Dean.

Charlie was on the dance floor trying to get everyone to do the hustle, which was a sight to see. Cas was motioning for Dean to come join him, but hells-to-the-no on that. No way was he drunk enough to make a fool of himself in front of Commander Novak. Dean swiveled his head around (slowly since it was kinda spinning anyways) only to find his Commander on the dance floor dancing with his wife, Hannah. Man, that woman scared the crap outta him most days. Looking to the left of them he spotted someone who scared him even more, but only because everytime she had a drop or twelve she would wax poetic about his alpha and his brother. Eww. Commissioner Shurley's wife, Becky, was just plain odd.

Just as he thought of him, he spotted his brother, Sam, on the dance floor standing still and letting his omega (Dean's bestie), Gabriel, spin around him. Gabe was, of course, wearing one of Sam's designs (as was Dean) that barely covered his 'bits and bobs' as Cas would say. Dean was so proud of Gabriel. His newest album was being released next week (crap! that meant another party) and Dean had never seen him happier...well, except for at his wedding to the famous designer Sam Campbell. It was after the wedding that Dean and Sammy had discovered they were brothers, but now was not the time for going down that rabbit hole.

He had been so lost in memories he was surprised to find Cas standing next to him, handing him a bottle of water. He smiled up into those melt-inducing, blue eyes in thanks. As he cracked the bottle open, he snuggled into the arm his alpha had wrapped around his shoulders. Feeling Cas shake with laughter, he turned to watch Jo try and keep up with Charlie, who now had almost everyone on the dance floor trying to do the macarena. Didn't that freaky little alpha know that it was 2054? The song and the dance were older than dirt.

"Dean. I want one dance with you, my love." He shivered when Cas whispered in his ear and he was tipsy enough to think about it.

"Just one, Cas?" He batted his eyelashes at him, knowing that no one but his mate could see him.

"Yes, just one, slow dance at our anniversary party, please, Omega." Double damn, Cas wasn't playing fair as he flashed those red alpha eyes at him while saying please.

"Alright, just one. Later, I'll give you a dance you'll remember 'til we're dead and buried." Winking, he stood up and pulled Cas towards the dance floor since he seemed to be rendered motionless at Dean's words.

Cas stopped him in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by their friends when the loud music came to an abrupt stop, to be replaced by a piano and a familiar voice singing their wedding song. Damn Cas and Gabriel. He had to blink hard when Cas began singing softly with Gabriel.


What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Got my head spinning, no kidding

I can't pin you down


What's going on in that beautiful mind

I'm on your magical mystery ride

And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me,

But I'll be alright


My head's under water

But I'm breathing fine

You're crazy and I'm outta my mind


'Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections


Give your all to me

I'll give my all to you

You're my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I'm winning


'Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you


Dean forgot that there was anyone else in the room except his alpha, who was holding him as if he was the most precious thing in the world to him. Everyday Cas made him feel that way, and even when they were fighting he never made Dean doubt his love.

Just as he was about to really break his rules and kiss his alpha in public, he heard his and every other law enforcement's at the party communicators go off, calling them all to service.

Dean answered the call from Central as Cas was digging out Sober up for him (the waiters were passing it out to the others), to be told that there had been a homicide. There was always someone who thought they had the right to take someone's life, which is one of the reasons he was a cop. Just as he was finishing his water, Commissioner Shurley walked up to him and Cas.

"Lieutenant Winchester, it seems this has your name on it." Dean could see the puzzlement on the man's face, only to hear the same in his and Cas' voice as they both said "Sir?" at the same time.

"The victim has a note pinned on the body that literally has your name on it." Dean felt Cas' whole body go rigid.

"Son of a bitch."