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Russian Roulette

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Steve shifted a bit on his feet. He had been standing on the corner for five hours now and was ready to go home. He was already an hour passed his time and he wasn’t even supposed to be out. Apparently, some other gangs had taken an interest in the Hydra omegas, so he was forced to be out every night now. He hated it.

Steve had been one of their “escorts” for nearly ten years now, since he was young. Male omegas were hard to come by and once Rumlow had found out Steve was desperate enough, he got him to join. He only slightly regretted it.

Hydra, themselves, were only just coming into their own, having started not even a year before Steve joined. Red Skull had been working with the Russians for a while, but slowly grew his own gang. It wasn’t terrible, but they sure didn’t get along with The Howling Commandos.

“Hey, honey. Got any time?” Steve looked up to see a middle-aged man in his car. It was decently nice, but probably not Steve level. He leaned on the window and smiled his gold lip ring flashing with the street light.

“I don’t know, whatcha looking for?” He recognized this man now. Alexander Pierce, some government official from what Steve remembered.

“I got two thousand dollars one me. How much that get me?” He leaned on the console and smiled.

“With me? An hour with room for tip. Any of the other girls, twice that.” He didn’t want Pierce honestly, he was always a bit forceful. Steve didn’t want that,but he honestly didn’t want that for the girls more. “I’ll do more though.”

“Any omega I want will do whatever I want and you know it.” He smiled as Steve swallowed and looked down. He knew damn well the omega wouldn’t have a choice when it came to what any of the buyers wanted.

“So, who’ll it be?” He arched his back a bit and bit his lip again back to his act. He motioned for Steve to get in and after giving the signal he hopped it. He leaned back and curled up a bit enjoying the warmth of the car.

He got to the usual motel down the street and walked into Pierce’s usual room. He wasn’t even in before being pulled against him. Pierce forced his face into Steve’s neck taking in his scent. Steve had stopped taking suppressants when he started this line of work. It made his scent for intoxicating to any alpha and he got him where he was now, the lead escort.

“So, what would you like me to do?” Steve looked back a bit and felt a hand graze just above his pants hem.

“Shut up.” Pierce’s alpha voice spread through the room and Steve found he couldn’t find his voice anymore. He hated it. “I don’t want you to do anything, you’re my little whore, got that?” Steve nodded and felt a hand grab him roughly and pull him to face him. “Did I say you could answer?” Steve did nothing. “That’s right, now strip and get on the bed.”

Steve did so quickly and sat on the bed near the pillows. He knew what was coming and watched as he got his usual bag out. He was into some weird shit, though Steve knew he wasn’t in any real danger. Last time Pierce had done a bit too much damage on his thigh and had gotten a lesson in damaging Hydra property.

“Come.” Steve crawled over and got on his knees. He felt something around his neck and found it a bit hard to breathe. He bit his lip and saw Pierce glare. “Don’t do anything.” Steve stopped and just watched him. He hated this. He hated this so much, but this was one of the best clients.

Pierce put a leash on the collar and pulled him down so Steve was scrambling off the bed to not hurt himself. He didn’t look up when he was there until Pierce jerked his head to collar rubbing against his gland causing him to whine a bit.

“Open your mouth.” Steve did just that and looked at him. He saw Pierce undress and nearly choked when he pushed into his mouth. He felt a tears form a bit and waited for a command. “Now, don’t move.” He felt him move now and closed his eyes as Pierce forced himself down his throat. It went on for what seemed like forever, but he finally pulled off.

“Good boy, my little whore.” He pet his hair and Steve wanted to lurch away. He hated his hair pet. “Get up.” He pulled the leash and he got up to choke a bit. Steve felt himself pushed down and Pierce leaned down on the edge of the bed. “I hate blue eyes.” Steve looked at him only to have something put on his eyes.

He was shivering and he knew that. Pierce was the worst. He felt him spread his legs and felt him not prep at all before slamming into him. Steve couldn’t help but arch a bit, but controlled himself to not move away. Maybe it was the command though? He didn’t know.

He heard him whispering little insults at him the whole time. Humiliation kink. That’s what Steve thought this was called. He hated it. He felt something scrape on his thighs. Sadism and knife play. He had always hated this. He still had scars from the first time he tried it.

He didn’t register the beeping of his alarm at first. Not until Pierce grumbled and pulled out throwing something at Steve. He couldn’t move. He wasn’t told to. He was trembling still having reached his limit from the stimulation only to be forced to continue. He hated Pierce.

“Get dressed, idiot.” He spoke from the other side of the room and Steve heard a door. “I’m leaving. You know the way back. Money’s on the table.” Steve didn’t open his eyes until he heard the door close and sure enough the money was spread out onto the table, like always.

He was sore and his throat hurt and he didn’t want to go back. He got dressed though and texted Rumlow.

Steve: Pierce came by. Done for the night. Pick up?

He sighed as he gathered the money and wiping away the tears he had shed during the encounter. He didn’t handle pain and he just wanted to go home.

Rumlow: It’s almost five. Night’s over anyways. Walk to the meet up.

Steve cursed under his breath. He didn’t want to walk, but he got out anyways. Five was clean up time at the motel. He walked on the side of the road and soon got to the other girls. Rumlow was there already and looked at him to see his thighs to frown a bit. He knew there was blood. Not enough to leave a mark for more than a day or two, but enough.

“You didn’t stop him?” He spoke up and Steve looked at him exhausted.

“How would I have done that?” He saw his expression change a bit. “Sir.” Rumlow wanted them to call him sir. He forgot that sometimes. He looked at the girls to see pity and bit the inside of his lip. “I’ll try harder next time.” He got into the car and felt someone sit practically against him.

“How you doing?” Peggy smiled at him and leaned against him a bit. He didn’t answer. “Got any weirdos?” No answer. She frowned a bit. “I made enough to pay our rent.” He looked at her and just nodded. “I’ll pay the landlord later today.” No answer.

They were the last to get home. Steve had to make sure the girls all got into the house safely and that meant they didn’t get home until nearly ten. He was beyond exhausted. He just wanted to go home and sleep until whenever they were woken up.

"I'll be here to pick you up at six." Rumlow spoke up and Steve felt his eyebrows raise. "You have a special night. There's a meeting and Boss wants you there. My dad doesn't pick hookers to attend often, so don't mess it up. Be pretty tonight." Steve groaned a bit as he winked and just went to his room. By that, of course, he meant the bed behind the blue curtain they had set up.

Getting an apartment meant they needed actual jobs. The gang didn’t help house anyone, so most of the girls were in hotels. Steve and Peggy decided to share, which gave them a bit more money for actual things they wanted. It wasn’t all bad, but Steve sometimes wished he had more privacy. Especially, when one of the girls found their way into his room anyways.

“Finally, I thought you weren’t coming home.” Angie smiled up at him and set her phone down. Dottie was sprawled out on his bed too and honestly, he didn’t want to deal with whatever they were doing.

He heard the door shut then and felt it as Peggy moved into the room. Why did he even bother setting up boundaries with these girls? She plopped down in between the two girls and they were now all smiling up at him.

“What?” He sat down beside the bed then and leaned on it his face pressed against the cheap sheets. He really should buy new ones, though Rumlow would just ruin them again. He sighed and looked at the girls.

"We got bored last night and came here. Me and Angie were off. But, now I hear you might need my beauty expertise." Dottie smiled and sat up. "Looks like ya need sleep first though."

“I’ve been up all night. Course I need sleep.” He crawled onto the bed then wincing as his shorts rubbed the lines Pierce had made. He hadn’t cleaned up yet and was just kinda glad they didn’t mention it. They never did though.

Peggy hugged him when he laid down and he soon had all three girls dog piling him. It helped him sleep somehow and he drifted off listening to them figure out his outfit for the day.

He woke up to his alarm going off and the three girls giggling about something. He walked out to see not three, but five girls now. Becoming the lead escort honestly just meant you didn’t have any alone time. He looked at the two girls, Darcy and Sharon.

Darcy was setting makeup along the counter and the others were looking through the drawers- his drawers. The wrong drawers at that.

“You know that’s my night stuff. My fancier stuff is over here.” He pointed to the suitcase he refused to unpack. He really didn’t have any room for it anyways. He pulled out American flag themed pants with a jacket matching. He hated it, but it showed his best assets.

“So, we were thinking. Dottie can do your makeup and Sharon can do your hair. We asked Darcy to bring her for that reason..” Peggy motioned to them as she spoke.

“So, you asked them to come early and just knew I’d have to say yes after they were here?” He saw her smile a bit and couldn’t help but smile himself. “Of course.”

He sat in the chair Dottie at set for him. He was nervous and honestly didn't want to go. The lead escort had to go to these meetings. Steve hadn't known why until he was bumped up and suddenly was shoved a shit ton of responsibility.

Hovat, the last lead escort, had recently retired. She hadn't actually been an escort, more of a madam. She also had a daughter. She also didn't listen to the rules. Steve was the lead now.

Peggy rested a hand on his thigh and smiled. "You okay?" They were all a bit worried and Steve nodded. He shook it off and smiled. They didn't need to know about Hovat.

“Just a bit nervous. First meeting and all.”

“Well, you’re gonna look damn good.” Dottie smiled and practically sat on his lap to get started. He didn’t like much makeup, but Rumlow expected it from him. He hated it. He looked over to see the eyeshadow she chose to see reds and blues.

"I can't believe I have to go by Cap at this." Steve sighed as he held her brushing at his cheeks. They all had names for their work, his being picked by Rumlow. He thought it was funny with his jacket he be called Captain America. Steve hated it.

"I can't believe you let Rumlow choose that name. I mean the guy chose his ma's last name for his own." Angie snorted then and took a drink of her soda. She was sitting on the dresser. Steve wasn't sure why.

Dottie finished his makeup with red eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and gems under his eyes. It actually looked good despite the terrible palette he had to work with. Sharon did his hair them and just finished teasing it when the door opened.


The ride wasn’t terrible. Rumlow and Rollins mostly ignored him and they weren’t that far. Steve listened to music and tried to take a nap. It must have worked considering he was jostled awake by the car stopping.

“Are we there?” He looked around to see they were in a garage.

“Yeah, get out first.” Rumlow pushed him out and he scrambled to not trip over the door. He waited and followed the two into a room where others were other seated. Great.

“Ah, I see Hydra actually showed up.” A somewhat large man spoke up as he leaned on the back of a chair across from theirs- at least he assumed the empty ones were theirs. He had a scar on his right eye and looked to be security, though no one was in the chair.

“Whiplash, shush.” A thick accent was the next think Steve heard. The owner begin a fairly attractive man. He wore a leather jacket and his long hair fell into his face despite being pulled back. He was sitting beside the biggest chair, also empty.

Steve knew who he and the girl beside him were. Dr. Von Strucker's kids were well known. The older twins having left the gang, though it was rumored only one of them stayed in crime. It was rare for someone to do that. Scarlet Witch, half of the second twins, stayed with her father while the boy twin was sent away. Then there was his adoptive son, Winter Soldier.

He didn't appear until he was grown. No one knew anything about him, though Steve could tell from the accent he wasn't from America. He ended up sitting right beside him (Rumlow and Rollins definitely did that out off fear he was sure.) Steve looked around at the others.

The girl, Scarlet Witch, had her hair tucked back into a ponytail and wore a nice red leather dress with thigh high boots. She was messing with some kind of knife from what he could tell.

He knew the other group, Ghost and Ronan. Ghost wore her outfit, which meant nothing of her was showing. She also didn't talk. Ronin looked like he was going to kill everyone. His hair hidden behind a hood and his eyes glaring daggers into everyone and thing he turned them on. He met Steve’s eyes and Steve was sure he would die right then and there. He looked away quickly and pulled his phone out.

“You realize this is a damn meeting, right?” Rollins took his phone away.

"You realize it hasn't started yet, right?" He heard a small laugh from the Russians, probably Scarlet Witch. He put his legs up on the arm his back towards his colleagues.

"Do you even know how to act decent?" Rollins glared as Steve waved him off smiling at the giggling witch.

"Come on Cap, you really need to piss Rollins off like that?" Rumlow only spoke up then and Steve's face went blank.

Everyone know who Cap was. It's why he hated that he had to use it at the meeting.

"This little twink is the number one hooker of Hydra? The one everyone asks for at the Red Room?" Whiplash leaned forward and Steve found himself curling up on the chair.

"Well, go ahead, tell them." Rollins laughed a bit as he spoke and Steve just nodded and glared at him.

"Yeah, what of it?" That made Rollins stop.

"You idiot! Don't disrespect him like that. " Rumlow nearly slapped him and Steve knew it. Couldn't risk damaging him though when he has to work the next night.

Someone cleared their throat. They all turned to the entrance. Red Skull was the first to enter, his military like coat closed and he sat down. Sonny Burch followed wearing a white suit with pale pink accents. He sat in the chair Ghost and Ronan had been standing by. Mr. Hammer, Steve was sure of it, walked in wearing a dark suit shirt and dress pants. He sat where Whiplash was.

It took a few minutes before the doctor came in. Dr. Von Strucker walked in like he owned the place, which Steve was sure he did. He owned everything and everyone in the room.

He wore a lab coat almost and had papers in his hand. He spoke in Russian and the soldier responded. Steve thought he had motioned to him, but that couldn't be.

"Let's get this started." Strucker sat down and cross his legs before looking at Red Skull. "You've been busy. Ten years and you have collected quite a business. Drugs, weapons and prostitutes. I even hear you partnered with Red Room. I'm sure you remember that used to be the Commando's before we let it go."

"It's almost hard to believe." Hammer some up leaning back in his chair. Steve made sure to not change his breathing. He know this was coming and he didn't want to be involved.

"Well, like you said, I've been busy. I worked hard and everything I've done is in the guidelines. Are you mad, Hammer, because you recently lost territory perhaps?" Red Skull leaned on the table then and Steve shrunk even more. He caught the soldier's eyes and fought the urge to run.

Hammer tightened his jaw and looked at him. He had lost only two blocks, nothing to really brag over. Still, the newest gang taking over the second oldest was still a feat. Steve didn't like the look in Hammer's eyes though.

"Two blocks is nothing."

"It's also not why we're here." Doctor spoke again dnd everyone looked at him. "We have heard rumors. Heard you've been doing things that aren't right in our book." He struggled with English still and Steve was sure no one was brave enough to point it out to him.

"I assure you-"

"Cap, how old are you?" The soldier spoke up looking at him. He had been watching him, Steve noticed, for a little bit but he didn't expect that.

"Excuse me?" Rumlow responded to him this time.

"I didn't ask you anything. He's been there for you the whole ten years, but he looks in his early twenties, so how old are you?"

"I'm actually twenty nine, but I get that a lot." Steve smiled at him and crossed his legs a bit. "I try my best."

He didn't believe him fully and Steve just kept up the act. The rest of the meeting didn't have any interesting bits. That was until the end.

"I'm just saying, Stark has, what, four maybe five escorts he took as minors. Maybe we should do something about that." Rollins spoke up and Steve started paying actual attention. He sat up a bit and noticed a glance from the soldier again.

"He adopted them." Scarlet spoke up.

"And that makes it better?" Rollins continued and Steve squirmed. "He got them from the Leviathan. You know what they do to them?" Rollins knew. In fact, everyone in Hydra knew damn well what happened there.

"Fine, we'll investigate him starting tomorrow. For now, I think we're done." Doctor spoke and everyone shifted the air in the room relaxing now. Steve heard some Russian. "Did it go as planned or am I going to have to rent the boy?"

Steve paled. He hadn't thought he would want him and he was looking forward to not working. He stretched a bit though his shirt going up to show his tattoo just under his naval.

"He's not working for the night. Have him." He grabbed his arm and guided him a bit aggressively towards them. "I do have to run though." He followed the others out until Steve was left with the three.

He didn't say anything and let the doctor just stare at him. He squirmed a bit and he walked around him examining him.

"Soldier, take him back with you. I think he'll be fine to go and not just a hotel." He spoke and Steve waited for them to get up before doing the same

Winter Soldier walked over and put his arm on Steve's back lightly. He guided him to the door and Steve didn't realize he wanted him to move at first. He was so soft about it.

"Where are we going?" He spoke up im the car. He had been guided to sit beside him, the witch across from them.

"We're going home. You'll be his guest for the night. I'm Wanda by the way." She smiled and held her hand out for Steve to take. He did lightly and smiled back.

"I'm Steve." He turned to the soldier then.

"Bucky." He wasn't interested in him from what Steve could tell. Sure enough, he spent the whole ride ignoring Steve and let him talk about whatever with Wanda.

"It was fun meeting you. I have to go though so have fun." She smiled and Steve forced one out. This was his job not some fun night." She was gone when he got out of the car and Bucky held his hand tighter this time.

"Stay close." He pulled him close and started waking. The door led into the lobby and Steve actually stopped to gawk at it.

It looked something too fancy to be in New York. The lobby was two stories big with the second floor roped off and overlooking the first. The walls were painted gold with pictures that looked far too old to not be in a case hung.

"You live here?" Steve just couldn't believe it. He noticed Bucky give him a weird look.

"You don't think the son of Dr. Von Strucker wouldn't live somewhere nice? I mean it's not the top floor like him, but it's still nice. Don't have neighbors." He went to an elevator and pulled a key out to open it.

It took a little bit to get there and Bucky didn't say anything while they waited. The ride up was the same and Steve was beginning to worry a bit.

"So, what do you want with me?" Steve leaned toward him a bit as he smiled looking up as he patted his eyes a bit. Bucky didn't look at him.

"Honesty." He turned then and looked him up and down, something Steve usually didn't get shy about. But he found himself trying to cover himself a bit at his gaze.

"Honesty?" He followed him as he moved to end up in the bedroom. Bucky didn't even hesitate to undress and Steve just kinda stood there. "Do you want me on the bed, Sir?"

"Don't call me sir." It wasn't alpha voice, but Steve felt more powerless against his voice then ever before. "Call me Bucky… and yes you can lay there after you change into something more comfortable."

"I don't-" he was hit with some clothes and quickly changed into the old shirt he was given. He set his things in the corner and laid down on the bed. He was shoved to the other side and looked at Bucky glaring a little.

"Why don't you show that annoyance more often? You basically became a doll around Schmidt." He looked at him his head resting on the pillow.

"I- what do you mean a doll?"

"You would have let that man do whatever he wanted. You even let him give you away for a whole night no pay." He moved onto his arm that was covering by the sleeve and glove.

"It's my job. Why is your arm covered like that?" He noticed Bucky glance down and frown. "I didn't mean-"

"Tell you what, you answer a question honestly and I'll answer one back. Good? Nothing leaves this room." He pulled Steve close now and he felt his face actually heat up a bit. He nodded softly and Bucky smiled a bit.

"So, why do you act like a doll?" He ran his hands through Steve's hair and he felt like his brain was going to short out. He liked it. "Well?" He gripped his hair then and Steve looked at him.

"Have to. 'S part of the job." He pressed his face against him so he couldn't see him. "Don't wanna get in trouble."

"Mmm… want me to answer about my arm?" He moved to sit up as Steve nodded. "Nothing goes outside this room right?" Another nod.

Bucky smiled half heartedly and took the glove off. He showed Steve the metal hand before pulling it up top reveal the whole arm was the same.

"Holy shit." Steve couldn't help but touch it. The cold shocked him a bit, but he just ran his hand up it and looked up. "What happened?"

"Only one question at a time. Now, what do you think of Stark?" Of course, he knew Steve was faking that. He had tried his hardest to not to show his distaste for the others talking about Stark like that, but it was hard sometimes.

"He's a good guy. He actually adopts the kids. He started with Peter a few years back. He'd only been seventeen and Tony wanted some fun. He got him in the room and asked him immediately how old he was. Next thing you know Peter's bought and Tony starts making it a habit to check for underage kids." Steve watched Bucky for any change in attitude, but nothing showed.

"My turn right?" Bucky didn't wait for an answer and started rubbing Steve's back as he moved a little closer. Steve didn't actually hate this. "I was in the army. Got hurt during a mission and Strucker helped me with the arm." He was distant when he spoke. He was hiding something. "Why do you know Peter so well?"

"Tony found him in the Leviathan. Rumlow sometimes goes there to look for anyone too abused and buys them. Saw him there." Steve could feel his gaze on him even without looking up. It wasn't a lie and it wasn't against the guidelines.

"When did they bring you on as an escort?" He moved do he was positioned on his elbow and looked down at Steve.

"It's my turn, besides am I only here to answer questions?"

"Depends and now you can answer." He smirked and god Steve hated it. He looked at him as he pulled Steve almost under him. He nuzzled his neck close to the scent gland. Steve hated it.

"My mother got sick when I was thirteen. Didn't take long after that." He swallowed the lump in his throat. He didn't like being open about this, but he had promised Bucky the truth. He didn't like Bucky tensing up either.

"I didn't ask that." He moved to kiss his jaw softly. "Tell me, baby boy." He used the voice again. Not the alpha voice, but Steve felt compelled to answer.

"My father gave me to them when I was fourteen. Omegas are good money. I was with the Leviathan until I turned eighteen and was moved to Hydra.

"You said you were at the Leviathan until you were legal?" What was the purpose of this question? Steve couldn't figure it out.


"When did they buy you though?" Bucky watching him like prey. Steve swallowed very carefully then and shook his head. He seemed to notice Steve didn't want to share anymore because he softened.

He kissed his neck then and Steve parted his lips. Bucky started running a hand up his shirt Steve relaxed. He couldn't do this part. He knew this part. He wasn't used to questions. Conversation during these didn't happen.

"How old are you?" He spoke up and Steve almost didn't hear him. "Real age." That voice again. Steve moved to tilt his head back.

"Twenty-three." He felt Bucky stiffen a bit and he ran a hand through his hair. "You- you okay with that?" He hated stuttering.

"Yeah." He nipped his neck then and Steve finally let the breath he was holding out. He pulled him on top and wrapped his legs around him his.

"Is this what you want?" Steve tilted his head and smiled feeling Bucky press against him softly.

"No sex tonight." He kissed his neck again and Steve honestly thought he misheard him. What alpha didn't want sex?

Bucky proved to be telling the truth as they spent the rest of the night either making out or talking about meaningless things. Maybe Bucky was the type to take it slow? He had people like that, though they usually only bought the cheap girls. He was meant for one purpose and it wasn't talking.