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hey there, little red riding hood

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She had her knees spread, the small of her back tilting painfully as large hands pressed down on her waist, gripping her too tightly, yanking her back onto cruel thrusts. The monster’s pelvis was flush against the curve of her ass, leathery fur slapping furiously against her milky-white skin, an inhuman cock stretching her pussy wide. She had got wet despite herself, and it dripped down her legs, slickened the inside of her soft thighs. Her pelvis was aching, body pushed to its limit, a bulge hammering against the inside of her body, showing through her stomach. Her hands were planted on the ground, a plea for stability as she was fucked. The wolfman hadn’t even bothered to undress her, had just thrown her down and started fucking her, and the front of her shirt was pulled taut, full breasts swinging every time the monster forced himself deep.

She had known to avoid the woods. She had been warned.

But she’d been careless.

“Please stop,” she whimpered, words hitched and interrupted, the pace of the fucking too intense for her to draw a proper breath, “pl- please stop,”

There was a growl behind her, like the wolfman still had some semblance of his humanity left, like he could hear her words and understand them. But she didn’t get the reaction she wanted. He thrust into her harder, rougher, faster, skin slapping unnaturally fast. One hand abruptly left her waist, grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair, and pulled. Her back arched, neck aching, and she cried out, the sound mangled and helpless.

“Stop! Stop it, please stop…!”

Overhead, the full moon glowed. Her mouth was open wide, lips glistening with chapstick, pink like the flesh of a strawberry, begging for a cock to be shoved down that throat. Her green eyes were bright and clear, made all the more pretty for the tears that beaded in her lashes and spilled down her flushed cheeks. Her suffering was so beautiful. And as she was fucked, a pathetic litany of, “no, stop, please, please” weaving through the air, other monsters watched.

The wolfman had bitten, clawed, fought, and fucked his way to the top of the food chain. He dwarfed her, gigantic by comparison, his cock at least the size of her forearm, his torso thick with muscle and covered in hair. The king had his prize, and the other monsters salivated at the sight of his conquest, hungry for her bouncing tits, for her juicy pussy, for her whimpers and her womb. It wasn’t often that they had visitors, because most humans knew to stay away.

Maybe they would get an opportunity later. In the meantime, they kept their distance, waiting, watching. From where she was being violated, body rocked by thrusts, she could see them. Glowing eyes, wide and manic, flashes of saliva-wet teeth in wide jaws. She sobbed, wishing she’d never come this way, wishing she’d stayed home, wishing there wasn’t a cock splitting her in half. She wondered if any other humans would wander by this place, whether anyone would see her, whether they'd witness her being raped in public by a hideous monster.

“Pl- Please, I won- I won’t tell anyone, if y-you just stop-”

He yanked her around like a doll, like a fucktoy, growls humming deep in his sinewy throat. He got tired of pulling her hair, took hold of her hips once again to really give it to her.

She screamed at his renewed vigour, falling forward, hands bunched up under her face, cheek pressed against the dirt.

“Stop! Stop!”

He just kept going.




She didn’t know how long it’d been. Sounds kept falling from her mouth, a helpless string of uh, uh, uh, uh, but she wasn’t present any more. Her eyes were glazed-over, lips parted in unconsciousness, hair falling about her face. He’d torn at her clothes after a while, ripping clean through her shirt, shreds of fabric clinging to her poor abused body. Her tits were pillowed against the ground, porcelain skin marred by dirt, the buds of her nipples rubbed pink and raw by the fucking.

Time became liquid, unknowable, confusing. Her mind was broken. Warped by the violence of this wolf mating her. Eventually, she realised something had changed. The monster had slowed, but become more brutal, driving deeper, hungry groans building in his chest.

No, no, no, he can’t, he can’t,

She didn’t have the ability to protest, a groan punching out of her as the wolf started to come, his hot seed flooding her, filling her up. She writhed, trying to get away, but only succeeded in forcing herself further back onto his cock. She could feel the liquid gushing inside her, and if she’d been able to press a hand against her torso, she’d have felt her skin swelling. As it was, she was pinned down, crying pathetically, as he fucked the last of his come into her. It spilled out between her legs, dampening her ass, sticky on the ground. By the time he was done, it was a puddle.

She fell limp. Finally, it was over.

Then, his big hands were on her again, furred palms under her ribcage, lifting her. She whined brokenly, trying to plead for it to stop, trying to beg, please, no more, no more, but then her head was hanging, breasts naked to the open air, as he slung her over his shoulder.

He took her away. Other monsters watched, hungry now, a dozen cocks unsheathed and dripping, as the limp girl hung from the wolfman’s grip.




She awoke on a soft bed, the mattress embracing her tired back. Her pussy had been washed clean, tattered clothes thrown into the bin, a fresh dress buttoned tidily over her bruised body. A fireplace filled the cottage with warmth, and the moment her eyelids twitched, her boyfriend was attentively leaning close. His dark fur and hardened skin had fallen away to reveal tawny hair, concerned eyes, and a lightly freckled face.

“Babe? You okay?”

She smiled sleepily. Yeah, she was okay. It’d been a risk, fucking her boyfriend during the full moon, but it’d been worth it.

“I’m okay, baby,” she murmured.

He took her hand, pressed a loving kiss to the back of her knuckles. She was exhausted, but a flash of warmth sparked in her groin at the thought of doing this again next month.