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Dragon Tavern and the Eight Skellies

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Far from the city and more closer to the rural area of Ebbot City lived … well you. In a treehouse of all places. You lived alone, and that was perfectly fine by you. You hated the city, you couldn’t stand the people there. You didn’t know a lot of monsters; but they seemed well “rough around the edges” and others seemed absolutely friendly. You lived on a good thirty acres of land. No fence up around your land, or anything like that.
However, you had other “houses” up in the trees with bridges connecting each home to your main home. It was quite the display. You had lived there for well … a very long time.
Some were a bit higher up in the trees; and some were the same level as your particular home.
In fact, your home was a tavern, called the “Dragon Tavern & Inn”, but it had been so long since anyone had visited you. Not that you cared, you liked your personal space. Also, you were basically “grandfathered in” so paying taxes and stuff like that just didn’t occur. You made money though, you had a tesla coil on your property that gave you electricity, a purifying system was set up on each house along with a water base to catch water and bring it in.
Some of the best water ever. You sold your vintage honey Ale at the fairgrounds, or the flea markets. You also made other wonderful drinks. Such as the famous “Dragon Blood Whiskey” and “Dragon Blood Wine”.
Some really powerful drinks that could knock a dragon out cold. In fact, that was your motto. But it didn’t stop there. You also had a large display for the natural honey from the beehives you kept on your property as well. You grew your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well.
Plus, you made natural hair care products, bodywash and bar soaps all natural, and even made natural shaving cream.

These were all huge successes with a lot of people and you sold cheaper than most. Another plus for people. Also, your baked goods were to “die” for.
Making your dressings, sauces, and everything all home made and natural straight from your garden.
However, you were an odd eccentric. You wore pj’s all the time even when “working” and didn’t care what people thought. Your hair was three different colors. Natural brown fading into natural silver/white, and then red when you stayed out in the sun too long.
Couple that with your dark blue eyes and ghost white skin and yes you looked… well different. Some would say “pretty” others said “exotic” and then some that just said “cute”.
You had long since stopped caring what others thought of you and just did what you wanted to.
On your good days you blasted your music, on your bad days you laid down and read your fanfics. The few customers that came in ordered their drinks or foods and you got to work cooking up their orders. If someone was too drunk to drive home, you made sure their drunk asses didn’t leave and stayed in one of the “rooms”. There was a fee for in the morning and everyone that showed up knew the rules. The fee wasn’t even bad, it was a fee for just staying there and maybe making a mess. Twenty bucks for staying the over from an all-night drinking binge.

Now, it’s been roughly three years since monsters had been aboveground. Three years that you had befriended a few of them. Humanity had accepted them, but they hadn’t given them any basic rights beyond the formal ones of “hey we acknowledge you, yes you can work, yes you can buy things, yes you can rent property.” But buying land, owning a business, and even marriage or adoption was still being worked on.
Damn the human government took their slow ass time. Dragging their feet to milk the poor monster’s bone dry. (heh)
Two fire elementals had taken a liking to your tiny little establishment and you gave them the grand tour, trusting your patrons to not steal or destroy the place while you did so. You showed them around the place. You had your own private quarters right above the bar that connected with a split bridge going from your home/bar to the right and again on the left. Showing them from your roof patio the multiple buildings you had built over the years.
In fact, these trees were huge almost as big as a sequoia. They were like made by the “gods” for your homes.
Well whatever deity made these huge trees you were thrilled with the way they held up a home. You had even had the green house up there. You since it was the best source of light for your gardens. In total you had about six green houses, and roughly eighteen guest houses. Each with their own filtered water, each of them powered by a telsa coil, and each one fully furnished. Two bedrooms, full kitchens, two bathrooms, and a half guest bathroom. Not to mention living rooms, laundry rooms, two patios, front porch, back porch, and roof patio.
Both monsters were seriously impressed. You had the brewing area not far from your gardens at the top also. An impressive elevator system from the brewing area to storage on the ground.
And this is how you met Grillby and Chillby. Fire elemental cousins from the underground. Grillby was a red flaming fire monster wearing black dress slacks, white button up blouse, black vest, and dress shoes. He wore glasses as well. Then Chillby who wore black pants, a red button up blouse, a black tie, dress shoes, and also had glasses, but his flames were colored purple.

“You wouldn’t be hiring, would you?” Grillby asked you as you frowned. It had always been just you. You had so little patrons that idea of hiring someone… you’d literally go broke.

Now this was the bad part. You were horrible at social situations. Soo the first words out of your mouth was “Errrrrr…” feeling the choochoo train in your head just derail and killing like half it’s passengers. “I mean… it’s … I have so little patrons, just hiring you both would cause me to go bankrupt. And being as self sufficient as I am it’d still be well impossible to really pay you. Otherwise I’d say yes.”

Grillby took the loss, as did Chillby. Both leaving. And for once you felt bad, like really bad. But sighing and watching them leave you decided that if they ever came back you’d give them a free something of their choosing. Be it beer, or wine, or whatever.

(Several days later)
Word must have spread cause suddenly you were swarming in monster business. You couldn’t keep up with the orders and you saw Grillby and Chillby sitting happily watching you squirm in the new wave of patrons.

Normally, it was too slow, normally you could sit back and relax, oh no; not this time.

Grabbing up pot and metal spoon you jumped up on the counter and banged the two together grabbing everyone’s attention. And boy did they all stop swarming at you trying to place an order to just staring at you. You dressed in your black pj pants with a dragon shirt on and wearing a fedora. (you loved your hats what can you say).

“Hello, welcome to the Dragon Tavern & Inn. I’m Mina Fearcrow and it’s nice to see you all. Let me lay down the ground rules. 1) all bar fights get taken outside, take it to the dragon fighting pits, but not in my bar! 2) It’s just little ol’ me here taking all your orders. But I’ll get to you all at some point. Please be patient. 3) You break it you buy it. No exceptions. 4) if you get drunk you have two choices, give up your keys and rent a room for twenty bucks for the night, or phone a friend/taxi. Point is I’m not letting drunkards roam the streets. Because as I like say to death “NOT TODAY”.”

Everyone clapped, some even got your Game of Thrones reference as well cheering you on.

By the end of that first day you were exhausted, lord did your back kill you. You even had some drunks that were sleeping it off in your rented beds. Looking over at Grillby and Chillby you noticed they seemed impressed by you. Walking over you just set down two applications with them. Seems they had a plan; get you more patrons so you could afford to hire them.

You watched as they filled out the forms; names, addresses, phone numbers, work related experience; age, gender (if there even was one), and of course references.

Damn those witty elemental fine-looking bastards. But hey, you were literally doing much better money wise and most paid with gold, which could still even to this day be turned into human cash for a really good trade value. One gold equaled fifteen human dollars.

At the end of it you asked them to stay after collecting their paperwork, reading it over, noting that they were living in a community shelter. That … that broke your heart. Community shelters were basically like hostels. Probably sleeping on the damn floor.
They agree to stay, you went out and called the back both at the same time. Fuck it why not; your work ethic was lax to say the least.

“I’ve read over your applications, I must say I’m considerably impressed. By the both of you. But I saw where you’re both staying at. Please don’t think of me as being too forward in my questioning, but do you not have homes?”
“We can’t find any suitable places.” Grillby told you. He looked calm, but there was a sadness there. You realized it must be racist/speciest people that wouldn’t rent to them.
Chillby confirmed it with his added statement of “No one will rent to us; the city folk aren’t always kind.”

How dare those jerks not rent to these two hot heads (so glad you didn’t say that outloud). “Alright, well your both of age, and if you can start tomorrow that would be great. Also, I’ll offer it now, you can stay in one of the houses on the higher up floors. At least until I can build you both a home… says here you both have daughters that are attending school. Fuku and Riku? So then both of you would need your own homes. I’m more than happy to build in another tree or on the ground. We can talk this over before work?”

Grillby smiled happily accepting the offer. “Thank you so much. It’s been difficult for three years.”

You smiled at him. Chillby seemed shocked, he was happy for the job. His plan worked, but he had expected to go back to the damn community home. Hell, right now Sans (aka Red) and Sans (aka Vanilla) were watching both Fuku and Riku. He blinked a few times. “You’d… be willing to build us homes for us and our families?” Stars you were … nice… too nice.

He looked at Grillby his “cousin” and saw he trusted you. Then looked back at you. “It sounds too good to be true.”
“Take a look around. You saw maybe what… five people that were human in here today all patrons; and the rest were monsters. The day you both came in there was five patrons; no one else, the same patrons that came in today and shared mead and bread with those very monsters. I’m eccentric, I’m backwards for stars sake, I’m wearing pajamas conducting an interview with the very monsters that brought in a huge amount of business. All just to get me to hire them. I’m not about to say “yes, your hired; have fun with your living situation. See you tomorrow” and pretend we’re fine. No no, I’m building you both homes. So, if you have monster friends that can draw up blue prints I suggest you get started on that cause I’m building you both the best damn tree houses money can buy.” And with that you stood up. “Follow meeee.” You sang a bit as you went to grab keys for them and show them to the temporary homes.

After you did that you watched them leave to collect their daughters and get settled in for the night. It was ~closing time One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer. Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here ~ yes you sang that outloud as you closed up. Getting ready for bed and passing out pretty damn quickly.
~ =^_^= ~
When you woke up the next morning you found that Grillby and Chillby were both ready, also noticing two skeletons walking with each child taking them to school since you lived so damn far out. And another set of two skeletons that looked really really edgy; like hot topic edgy. One one was short as the other two Fuku and Riku taking them to school, but the other was a tall dude, like “hi, how’s the weather up there. Do you happen to know the forecast by chance” tall. The shorter one wore a purple scarf with black jeans and a tight-fitting black tank top with a purple jacket. The other one wore torn up black skinny jeans, a purple turtleneck and a black leather jacket that looked like your trench coat, but with fur around the hood. It looks hella comfortable. And you were dressed in… yep pajamas.

You had on black pajama bottoms, a grey long-sleeved shirt with your “witch” socks on which were multicolored and oh yeah you put on sandals, cause fuck shoes. Did you care that they were eyeing you like you were insane… nope… you didn’t even give a flying fuck.

Hell, you didn’t even give their scars a once over. You threw open the door and let the four of them in.
“Alright, well I’m guessing these two are going to draw up your blueprints?” you asked the fire elements. You noticed Grillby’s flames turn a light blue. You must of startled him a bit. Chillby just nodded his head.

“Great. What can I get you guys to drink and eat?” you asked all four of them. Also, I want you both to write down what wage you want to earn. The minimum is currently pretty low here it’s sitting a whopping eight fifty.” You rolled your eyes. “So, I just want you to write down what wage you expect, and we’ll go over it later.”

“WE ALREADY ATE PEASANT.” The short skeleton told you.
“I’m far from some poor farmer. But ok little dude… whatever you say.” You spoke cheerily.

You noticed the tall one chuckled as did both Chillby and Grillby. Walking over you extended your hand “I’m Mina Fearcrow. It’s nice to meet you both. Which one of you is drawing the blueprints?”
The taller one took your hand and shook it his voice ragged and deep. Sent chills down your spine… but wait… you were asexual. This… this should not be happening. “Names Russ; m’drawin’ the blueprints. I expect to be paid.” He didn’t let go of your hand.

“Fair enough. You are doing the labor for the ground work after all. Name your price at the end of it. Do keep in mind the buildings will be in the trees. Keep it either boxed or circular. Would you two like something to drink?”

“M’take a …. Hmm… do ya have a menu darlin’?”

“Yep,” reaching over you grabbed up a menu. You had homemade sodas for stars sake, all your own brands too, “Here ya go.”

You waited for them look it over and you noticed the shorter one looking at the wines. “WHAT IS DRAGONS BLOOD WINE AND DRAGONS BLOOD WHISKEY?”

“Oh, ho ho; those are doozies. Hard to describe but I have learned how to make the monster versions of those. Though, haven’t been able to really test them yet. They are literally blood red in color; with an iron like flavor to them. Aged for fifty plus years. The proof is around 223; highest proof known to man and monster. But the taste is sweet with a touch of special ingredient and that’s just the whiskey. The wine is made of red grapes with special spices to give it a unique flavor. A touch of honey as well. But still can knock you off your feet. The proof is 40%.” You told him. You weren’t going to tell him what the ingredients were as it was a super-secret long past down family recipe.

You looked at Russ as he put the menu down “Since m’makin the blueprints I’ll go with a coffee; butterscotch and whipped cream.” He stated.
“Coming right up.” You grinned at the short one. He hadn’t given his name but if he felt confident he couldn’t handle your wine… well then let the bell toll.

You sprinted off to make the coffee and the get the wine. You came back not long after with his coffee and the wine and set both down. You noticed Russ was already underway with Grillby on the specifics of his home. Chillby was thinking of a value for work pay, and the minute the shorter skele took a drink of your dragon’s blood wine he looked at it with … well … he looked impressed. Looking back at you before taking another sip.

You smiled. Chillby came over and you two talked about the wage. What he wrote down was far too low. “How about say twenty dollars an hour and you work … well we’ll figure it out later? Let’s just do a shift set up where these two days you both work till say around mmmm… 8pm?”

Chillby accepted that for now, happy that he was getting paid what was correct. You seemed to be a decent human. He was still skeptical; but hell, twenty an hour, a house of his own, and best of all the rent was fifty bucks a month. Free water and electricity. You had internet, so you’d just get a repeater signal for them in their new homes after they were built. And stars… you were going to teach them how to make some of your drinks; from scratch.
By the end of the day the small skeleton was drunk… like so far gone drunk he had passed out under the table and had only drank four glasses of your wine. Russ chuckled at that. Finally, a drink that could knock his brother out.

Chillby and Grillby both had their blueprints drawn up. You had paid Russ the money he asked for without any complaint. And it was a hefty price. But seeing Grillby and Chillby show off the plans to Riku and Fuku and smiling with their kids… it was worth the price. Plus… you had a shit ton of patrons. And Russ asked to rent a room which only cost him nothing cause he had helped put those smiles on the two elementals faces.

“I’ll take you to your room sir.” You sing sang at him as you showed him to home which made him look around in awe. The place was gorgeous.
It was designed to be welcoming and inviting and he felt it. Stars did he feel like … he could be at home here.

“Good night.” You called as you handed him the key; “Just bring it back in the morning before you leave.”

“Night.” He looked at you and smiled for the first time in a long time.