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When Mangas Collide

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The world of Boku no Hero Academia rests peacefully for the night. The last of the civilians, pro-heroes and heroes-in-training turning in for a long-awaited rest after the UA's Cultural Festival. All is well—in this world at least. The world adjacent to it, however, is in the midst of an eternal war; plagued by death and overrun with gigantic cannibalistic monsters. In another world, two brothers travel the country to restore their original bodies through the power of a tiny crimson stone. In yet another, a high school student writes names in a notebook, while dramatically eating potato chips.

These worlds—and countless others—continue to exist alongside one another; for the most part, completely oblivious to the plights of others adjacent to them. Only a selected few are aware of the existence of these other universes' and even fewer can do anything with this knowledge. Those aware had most likely seen it in a dream. For the World of Dreams is one everyone visits, even if most are oblivious of this fact.

It was from this shared reality that an extremely powerful ability was created. The power to use dreams to see future events, possibly even the ability to visit other beings through shared dreams, if their wills proved to be strong enough. A power commonly known across various dimensions as Dream-Walking.

An ability born from a desperate need to change an undesirable fate, such as the case of one underground hero. While other heroes of his world sometimes developed another form of latent power to predict disaster, this hero's dormant ability was one from a long-forgotten bloodline.


Aizawa P. O. V.


Aizawa Shouta didn't understand the weird sixth sense ability some heroes had when it came to predicting disasters. The fidgety intensity that rolls off of Bakugou, Midoriya and All Might right before disaster strikes were something he learned to watch out for in them, but knew he'd never be able to emulate. His eyes were his power, so he tended to trust their ability to assess the situation above random gut feelings. Besides, he inherited his own way of predicting future events.

As a kid, Aizawa grew up hearing stories of how his family had once possessed prophetic eye abilities before quirks were discovered. This ability eventually diluting within his family over time as quirks became commonplace; until it became nothing more than occasional vivid dreams and instances of dèjá Vu. It wasn't much, but it was something. And with his class becoming the targets of more and more villain attacks, Aizawa would gladly take any advantage he could get if it meant protecting them.

When the shaggy-haired teacher found himself in the familiar black nothingness that indicated he was about to experience another prophetic dream, he prepared himself. Ready to take in every last detail in hopes that he could remember any potentially important pieces of information given to him.

This dark void comprised mostly of dark space, though dark misty clouds hung overhead, shifting slowly. Images, often shown in confusing fragments, displayed within them like an old film; making them distorted at crucial moments. Different scenes played in each dream cloud, forcing him to divide his attention between them all. Noises had a habit of constantly fluctuating within this space. While paying close attention to one dream, a sudden noise from another will rip his attention away from it or voices from one dream will fade out mid-sentence. Regardless, the underground hero trudges on, walking through this void as dream clouds displayed short scenes all around him.

The floor matched the rest of the space, making it difficult to determine where the floor ended and the sky started. Often giving him the feeling of falling despite his bare feet being planted firmly on the ground. The marble-like floor is smooth and cool to the touch.

He casually adjusts his capture weapon on his shoulders. As long as he can remember, Aizawa had always appeared in this space in the clothes he had fallen asleep in, but for some reason, his capture weapon and goggles always accompanied him as well. He smirks fondly as he reminisced about his first trip here. It was just before he started his first year at UA. His dreams were about meeting a loud-mouthed kid with sunglasses and the other dream was of him creating his signature weapon and goggles.

Despite its dark appearance, Aizawa admits that this place does not feel menacing. Often feeling that the space itself welcomes the company. He assumes that most people were unable to see this space for what it truly was. Instead, being confined in one of the many dream clouds, living through its pleasant nonsense until waking; as he does when not existing in this dimension. Ignorance is bliss after all.

The raven-haired instructor halts in front of a wall of larger clouds. Looking up at them humbly. If he gets enough to sleep--i.e. he's not woken up because two students were caught fighting in the middle of the night-- and keeps a steady pace through the minor clouds, he occasionally gets the chance to see more influential events on these bigger clouds. After the first villain attack, he had attempted to ignore the smaller clouds in an arrogant attempt to skip to what he perceived as the most important dreams. He was rewarded with nothing. Absolutely nothing. The void's clouds had slowly dissipated until none were left. However, as the last cloud disappeared into nothing, a blood-curdling scream rang out that made him sick to his stomach. It was Midoriya.

After months of sleepless dreamless nights, he would recall this scream the night of Bakugou's kidnapping. The dreams graciously continued after that. With their return, Aizawa vowed that he would no longer take his powers for granted. He made an effort to take better care of himself. Made sure he got at least one night of good sleep a week, took extra care to pay attention to everything given to him and took steps to allow certain events to happen as shown. As an instructor, Aizawa did not want his students involved in the rescue of Eri, thinking it would be too dangerous. But after a dream showcasing what would happen if they didn't, he begrudgingly changed his mind. Even went so far as to convince the rest of the heroes involved to let them join the team, though he was never able to explain exactly why he needed them to be involved. It had cost him a few favors, a couple burned bridges and a promise to never speak badly to the press again to accomplish this feat. But it was well worth it in the end. Now he is the adoptive father of the cutest little girl in the world.

The shaggy-haired man waited patiently for these clouds to come to life with large images of what's in store for his class. So far, the images were the usual class shenanigans: Aoyama's pants falling down during the hero class, Sato angry that someone had stolen a tray of cupcakes he was making for the dorm movie night, the girls doing karaoke for their monthly "Girl's night," Iida mad that someone used Kirishima's hair dye to make his hair purple and of course the self-named, "Bakusquad" getting detention; probably from said prank--though Kirishima looked close to tears, so he will make a note that he was probably not responsible for it. Aizawa should thank his lucky stars if his only worry was whether or not Kirishima wrongfully got punished for a prank.

A flash of light, reminiscent of lighting, announced the beginning of another dream. Aizawa crossed his arms in preparation for what this next series of scenes would show him. As always, the images started slowly at first before steadily increasing their speed. Images, sounds, and sensations going through his mind at blinding speeds; most flying by too fast for him to make sense of. Confusing and muddling his mind to the point it physically hurt. The cheerful images of the previous visions morphed into terrible darker images before his eyes. The old injuries below his eyes aching with renewed pain as he continued to watch the scenes unfold before him in horror.

Through the chaos, he made out class 1A's usual laughter transformed into terrified screams. Displays of Quirks going haywire or failing altogether. Most notably; walls of ice struggling to form, only to shatter with the barest touches, Darkshadow raging out of control and attacking other classmates against his will, Kaminari unable to switch his quirk off and electrocuting himself, Mina facing off with a shadowy figure, her face terrified when her quirk refused to activate. Deku yelling as he faces a villain, his body broken--the newfound control he acquired nowhere in sight.

It was too much. The images, the screams and the uncontrollable fear he felt from them, as clear as if they were his own emotions were all too much for him to handle. Aizawa couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't even look away, for the visions played all around him. Each more painful than the last. Too distracted by the pain in his own heart to notice that the world around him began to crack at his feet.

As if to further inflict pain, the misty images began to piece together; creating a clearer picture. The cold glowing eyes of a nomu accompanied by a shadowy figure looks down at his terrified students who continue to fight for their lives. Kirishima's normally bright smile, now a pained grimace as he lies broken and bleeding heavily at a villain's feet. Said villain preparing to aim a blow at his now vulnerable form. Before making contact, the image shifts to Bakugou furiously blowing through the chaos to get to his friend. Only to be taken by surprise by a sudden explosion. The aggravated yell Bakugou lets out as he's swallowed up by flames soon shifts into a pained scream that is cut off short. The resulting inferno begins to bleed into the rest of the dreams until only the death screams of the rest of his class can be heard.

The eraser hero wasn't exactly sure when he had fallen to his knees. But there he was, crouched on the ground as his world burned around him. His dark tired eyes just staring blankly at the blaze in front of him. Not daring to look at the ground in case he saw the burning corpse of one of his students.

"No…," Aizawa whispered to himself, his throat raw as if he had been in the fire as well. He tightened his grip on his capture weapon instinctively, his body involuntarily shaking in--not fear, but unfiltered rage. "No!" Aizawa snarled, pushing himself to his feet. Eyes flaring red as the fissures at his feet cracked even further.

"So that's it?! That's what we get after dedicating our lives to protect people? We get to train, develop and then lead the next generation of heroes to their deaths?!" Aizawa yelled to the void in unrestrained anger. Abandoning all reason or cares as to how ridiculous he probably looked yelling at no one in particular. A small part of him realizing how much he resembled Bakugou at this moment, though the rest of him didn't care. In fact, he felt like he understood his explosive student a little better now. Taking this to heart, he continued to yell all of his frustrations into the nothingness around him in a rare instance of vulnerability.

Aizawa was enraged. Enraged that with all the quirks and resources UA and the professional heroes had to offer, they still couldn't manage to keep one class of future heroes out of harm's way! Angry that a month couldn't go by without a villain attack, villain encounter, serious injury, or gods forbid a group of his students doing vigilante work. Frustrated that despite all the progress his ragtag group of students worked so hard to accomplish, it would all be for nothing if fate had anything to say about.

"Screw you Fate..." Aizawa finished, winded from his uncharacteristic tirade. His throat was so raw that he could taste blood in the back of his throat. The underground hero swore to himself that he would find a way to protect his class. That he would not let these events transpire the way they were shown. That he would fight any villain thrown his way. Even prepared to sacrifice himself if that's what it took to keep them safe.

A loud crack rang through space; breaking Aizawa out of his thoughts. Looking down he finally noticed the fissures under his feet had spread out all over. The once sturdy ground, now on the brink of collapsing. Some pieces had already fallen into the dark abyss below. His still glowing eyes studied the ground for a moment before blinking. His shaggy raven hair falling to rest gently on his shoulders. The slight movement was all that was needed to cause the last crack that would plunge Aizawa into the depths below.


Present Mic. had once told Aizawa that if you fall in your sleep, you will wake up. He was wrong. The shaggy-haired man fell through the floor and would have crashed hard into the water below had he not used his capture weapon to slow his fall by grabbing a still attached piece of...ceiling? The piece broke off immediately, but it slowed him down enough to only twist his ankle slightly upon landing. An injury that would no doubt transfer to his physical body once waking. He made a mental note to make Present Mic. pay for this later.

The sound of falling water took his attention away from the pain in his ankle. Around him were various small waterfalls that seemed to emit a vibrant blue sparkly light of their own. His eyes traced up their length in curiosity, but they eventually disappeared from view. Oddly, they seemed to start higher than where he had fallen. Looking down he discovered that his bare feet balanced on the glowing water's surface, which rippled constantly from the numerous waterfalls; however, when he placed a hand on the water's surface he could actually reach within its depths.

Dream clouds from his own dream world slowly started drifting into this new area. As they descended, their forms slowly transformed from dark hazy clouds to white fluffy ones and eventually turned to ice when it came into contact with one of the waterfalls. Creating entrancing frozen mirrors in its place. The once gloomy images displayed inside them changed and became clearer thanks to its new form. Aizawa's initial thought was that the scenes were simply repeating themselves, as he noticed quirks still going haywire. However, on closer inspection, he realized that the outcomes were changing.

A wall of struggling ice flashes towards an enemy. It shatters with ease, just like before, only this time waiting behind the obstruction of view is Todoroki and Uraraka. Taking the villain by surprise they easily take them down and restrain them with a long chain. Another scene depicts Kaminari, Mina and even Sero taking on enemies with an assortment of weapons instead of relying on their quirks. There were numerous scenes of the rest of his class defending themselves without their quirks, with a precision and expertise in martial arts as well as weapons that amazed even Aizawa. Some of the students even seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the threat of death looming over them.

Kirishima's broken and bloody form transformed into him flashing that familiar shark-toothed grin as he stood side by side with a girl Aizawa didn't recognize. She had bright blue eyes and long brown hair with blue ribbons tied on either side of her head. Both were scuffed up a bit, but their eyes shined with determination as they held their weapons toward an unseen enemy.

Another scene showed Bakugou back to back with another kid he didn't recognize. This kid had bright orange hair and mischievous red eyes. They both had clearly been through the wringer, their clothes scorched and tattered beyond salvation; but regardless, they still maintained matching determined--if not a little psychotic--expressions on their faces as they taunted their foes, kunai in hands.

Everything suddenly stops. Not just the scenes shown within the frozen mirrors, but the ever-shifting tendrils of the misty clouds and waterfalls as well. Making this new void so painfully silent and unnerving.

Sensing another presence, Aizawa immediately twirls around, casting his capture weapon at one of the nearby waterfalls; activating his quirk as he does so. The carbon fiber weapon manages to catch something just out of sight within the water. A sword suddenly breaks through the cascade a second later. Stopping just short of his throat. Aizawa lets out an annoyed tsk. His glowing eyes peering through the fall for any sign of movement.

The scuffle had expelled most of the frozen in time water, to reveal a teenager with short light brown hair wielding twin swords. Despite feeling the icy cold of steel against his throat, Aizawa couldn't help but feel unnerved by how he appeared to be the same age as his students. The teen was dressed in a black tank top, white cargo pants, black combat boots, and gloves, a beaten pair of silver goggles hung around his neck and covering himself was a worn dark green cloak. Tension in Aizawa's hand steals his attention. Following the length of his scarf, he discovers his weapon struggling to secure one of the teenager's wrists to his other sword. Twisting it in such a manner that the underground hero assumed was a painful position for him. However, no pain reflected in the youths' cold brown eyes as he too assessed the situation he suddenly found himself in.

"I don't want to hurt you. But I will if you don't leave here now," the brunette ordered, using the point of one of his swords to lift Aizawa's chin threateningly. His accent taking the hero by surprise. Sounding both foreign, yet vaguely familiar at the same time. The flash of recognition did not go unnoticed by the sword wielder. "Who are you?" he asked puzzled.

In a show of good faith, the shaggy-haired man slackened his weapon before answering, "My name is Shota Aizawa." He responded truthfully. His stance still guarded and on high alert. Aizawa's sharp eyes catching the way the kid seemed to breathe a little easier once the tension on his wrist was gone. Noting the subtle rotating movement, he tried to hide as he assessed the damage done. "I came here by mistake. I'm not entirely sure what this place is either."

The teen's eyes drifted to the floating images around them. Noting how they not only transformed but also became clearer upon mixing with his own dreams. His eyes lingered on the ones directly behind Aizawa for a moment before the teen slowly relaxed his stance. "I believe we've gotten off on the wrong foot." He announced, withdrawing the blade from Aizawa's exposed neck until it rested at his side. "My name is Tsubasa."

The underground hero blinked, allowing his glowing red eyes to fade back to their normal charcoal color. Feeling a little better now that the blade no longer rested against his throat, but he kept his loose hold on Tsubasa. Years of hero experience unwilling to let him give up his only advantage under these questionable circumstances. He also didn't miss that Tsubasa had failed to provide his surname.

"Where are you from?" he asked in an attempt to extract more information about the brunette's intentions. "I've heard that accent before. You're not from Japan?" Aizawa determined but wasn't positive.

"I am not," the brunette admitted hesitantly. Choosing his words with care. His light brown eyes regarding the man before him thoughtfully before continuing. "I am from the Land of Fire, though my accent is from my mother's tribe which no longer exists. My brothers and I being the last of this bloodline."

"Land of Fire? Where is that?" Aizawa asked puzzled. Despite his appearance, he was a model student when he attended UA. Excelling in all subjects, especially International Hero Politics. "That's not a real place," the underground hero argued, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. The captured weapon beginning to tighten once more.

The teen maintained eye contact with the suspicious hero before him. "It might not exist in your world, but I can assure it is a real place." Tsubasa tried to explain, gesturing with his hand before the movement was restricted again. Tsubasa frowned at the wraps around his wrist. "I understand your apprehension, but you have nothing to fear from me," The teen assured, tugging slightly at his restraints. "I believe you broke through my dream for a reason." Tsubasa determined, using his free sword to point at the images behind his captor.

"What do you mean?" Aizawa asked warily, risking a glance behind him.

"Allow me to show you," Tsubasa responded, his once brown eyes now glowing a silvery blue. Movement on the water covered floor caught Aizawa's attention. The water's reflection revealed Tsubasa with large magnificent eagle wings on his back. However, his real body remained as it was. Before Aizawa could comment on it, Tsubasa pointed towards a few of the small waterfalls around them with his free sword. They immediately began to widen and merge to create a larger wall of falling water before them. A few places iced over from the combination of both their dreams remained, like smudges on a screen, that Tsubasa was unable to bend to his will. "These were the dreams I was experiencing before you broke through. They didn't make any sense until I saw the remnants of yours." Tsubasa explained as new images began to play.

Never had Aizawa experienced dreams as clearly as he did when he gazed up at the scenes reflected in the large wall of water. Projected on a surface easily as large as a screen from a movie theater, with only some distortion from the moving water. The first scene was of Tsubasa and the two other teens Aizawa recognized from his dreams. They were wearing UA uniforms and chatting happily with his students in the cafeteria. This scene changed to the trio teaching the future heroes hand to hand combat as well as weaponry skills. The water rippled to reveal another scene of Tsubasa, this time speaking with a boy with spiky purple hair and tired eyes that rivaled Aizawa's own. Immediately recognizing him as Shinso. Aizawa had just enough time to wonder how he fits into all this before the image changed to Kirishima and the brunette sparring in the gyms after hours. Both sporting smiles that rivaled the sun.

The last scene was of two explosive boys with red eyes sparring with explosions as well as weapons. The large waterfall was barely able to keep up with their speed and intensity. It struggled to contain the force of their explosions. Each one shooting water in all directions, soaking both spectators in the process. With a final boom, the dream shattered as the waterfall itself exploded, sending water everywhere. The sound of chaotic laughter echoing alongside the water raining down around them.

Tsubasa turns to Aizawa. His eyes already back to normal, as was his reflection. "As you can see, it appears that my group is intended to help you guys out," he explains, wobbling slightly. Resting his hand on his sword, which was planted firmly in the water, to stable himself. "You weren't in any of my dreams, so I didn't make the connection at first."

"How did you do that?" Aizawa asked in a mixture of astonishment and suspicion. He was never one to easily trust. Especially, after seeing disturbing images of his students getting slaughtered before his eyes. Having a stranger suddenly appear, promising to save his students from certain death was just too convenient. However, a small part of him longed for it to be true. His eyes studied the teen still in his grasp for a few moments before continuing, "How do I know these images are really depicting the future and not just an illusion you created with you Quirk?"

"Quirk?" the sword wielder repeated, his head cocking to one side in confusion. His free hand scratching the back of his head as he tried to figure out what his captor meant. His troubled eyes staring into suspicious ones.

"I don't know what you mean by ‘Quirk,' but the images you saw were real. Just as real as yours," he assured. Seeing that the man didn't look convinced he continued. "Besides, no matter how strong one's dream abilities are, they cannot be used to fool another Dream Walker."

It was Aizawa's turn to be confused. "What is a Dream Walker?"

Tsubasa smiles at that. "I see you still have a lot to learn about your powers, the world of dreams and the infinite number of worlds beyond your own," the teen determines, motioning to the space around them. Using his sword to point to the faint outline of the hole Aizawa fell through. "When you broke through your dream world in the hopes of changing fate through sheer will power alone; you Aizawa Shouta became a Dream Walker," Tsubasa explained.

"Other worlds? You keep saying that, but that's not…" Aizawa began, before a memory long forgotten resurfaced. He vaguely remembers a girl--a young woman--with long dark brown hair, wolf ears, and a tail; rescue him from villains when he was a kid. How her eyes glowed a silvery blue when she fought. She had been doing vigilante work, which of course was illegal at the time. Though that never stopped her from saving people. He recalls her saying that she never understood how this world was so hung up on rules and regulations when it came to helping people in need. He recalls the way she disappeared in a show of colorful lights so dazzling that he had dismissed it as a dream. Her voice so warm and friendly, with an accent he had never experienced again. That is until today.

Curious eyes watched Aizawa closely. "The idea that other worlds exist outside of your own might be difficult to believe, but it is true. My family has been traveling between worlds for generations and we've still only visited a small number of them."

"Your family?" Aizawa repeated. Once again remembering the wolf-eared woman from his past. That would explain the similarities. "When I was a child I met a woman with wolf ears and tail who claimed to be from another world. Was she a family member of yours?"

A flash of sadness reflected in the teen's brown eyes, before being replaced with their usual warmth. "That would be my mother Amaya," Tsubasa replied quietly. "She died when I was little."

Aizawa didn't need to press him for any sort of explanation. His sad eyes told him everything. She had died on the job. It was a look he's seen on many pro-heroes faces. A look that could never be faked no matter how gifted you were at deception. Pushing the thought aside he continues, "You expect me to believe you just travel to different worlds, helping people out of the goodness of your hearts?"

Tsubasa smirked at that. "Do we need a reason to help those in need?"

The underground hero smiled at the familiar naive words despite himself. He looked back at his dream clouds, which seemed to be unaffected by Tsubasa's powers. They still displayed glimmers of a hopeful future. It appeared that Tsubasa was telling the truth when he said his powers were unable to affect his dreams. Only able to provide clarity to them within this space. It would be a huge gamble to trust him and accept his help to teach his students to protect themselves without their quirks. However, refusing would be a certain death.

Aizawa looked back at the teen, expecting him to be studying him carefully as he always was, but was surprised to see him staring at one of Aizawa's dream clouds instead. It was the one of Bakugou back to back with one of Tsubasa's teammates. Honestly, of all the images this one surprised Aizawa the most. He figured that only Kirishima and the Bakusquad could ever get that close to Bakugou without the risk of death. But here's a kid that couldn't have known the explosive teen for more than a few months, fighting side by side with one of his most volatile students in perfect harmony. Not only that, but he managed to get him to use a weapon instead of using his quirk. Bakugou, not use his quirk?! What a feat! Mr. I hate everything quirkless is not using his quirk--willingly?

Aizawa takes a closer look at the weapon in Bakugou's hand. A three-pronged Kunai.  ‘Oh. That's why.'  The underground hero looks back at Tsubasa. Noticing for the first time the sadness in his amber eyes. The two three-pronged kunai in their hands was Amaya's prized weapons. He remembers them clearly when she had rescued him as a kid. Thinking back on it; this was the image that was displayed behind him when Tsubasa decided to lower his sword.  ‘A treasured weapon wouldn't be handed over lightly. No wonder Tsubasa decided to trust me so easily,'  Aizawa thought to himself. The least he could do was do the same thing. He owed it to his mother.

The Underground hero turned to face the teen before him. He pulled on his own treasured weapon, freeing Tsubasa from his grip. The sudden release breaking Tsubasa out of his thoughts. Aizawa then calmly kneels, resting an arm on his knee as he does so. "I, the Eraser Hero; Aizawa Shouta, hereby ask you Tsubasa and company, to please travel to my world and help save my students from the future I saw in my dreams," Aizawa enlisted to the son of his savior.

Tsubasa blinked cutely, shuffling slightly in embarrassment by the sudden formality, before composing himself. His amber eyes once again glowing a dazzling silvery blue. The teen rests a hand on the heroes' shoulder. "Before an agreement can be made, please allow me to explain a few things." a nod from the hero urged him to continue. "Even if we come to your world to help. There is still a chance that the terrible events shown in your dreams could still come true. That it's entirely possible that after all our best efforts some or all of us will die. The future is extremely difficult to change as I'm sure your very aware. The more people who know, the more different choices and changes can happen as a result. Do you understand?"

Determined charcoal eyes meet amber ones. "Yes." the hero announces. He promised himself that he would do anything to save his students. Accepting these strangers' help would no doubt bring their own consequences, but as long as those consequences didn't result in death he would gladly shoulder them. "Even so, if there is even a glimmer of hope to save them; I will take that chance. So, I implore you to do everything in your power to help me change their fate."

Tsubasa smiles. He offers a hand to the man kneeling before him. "Then I, Tsubasa Hitsuzen, hereby accept your proposal on behalf of my teammates. We shall travel to your world and do everything in our power to aid you in your time of need. We offer our knowledge, our weapons, and powers to you until the job is finished." Tsubasa vows, gently pulling Aizawa to his feet. Resting a hand gently on his shoulder, the teen adds, "My family is honored to serve your family once again."

Aizawa and Tsubasa spend the rest of their dream sharing information and creating a plan to save everyone. Once the young dream walker wakes he inform his teammates on their next mission and plan to rendezvous with Aizawa in his world within a week.

As they planned, Aizawa couldn't help but be reminded of Tsubasa's mother when he looked at him. They not only looked similar but acted the same as well. He was reminded again that while this trio would be here to help them, they too were only kids, the same age as his class as it turns out. Aizawa would be sure to protect them as well. He wouldn't let them become a casualty either. The next few months were going to be interesting to say the least.