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You got back up

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Bakugou stayed on the sofa as everyone else got up to greet the quartet back from their mission. His eyes immediately locked onto Kirishima to make sure he wasn't severely injured and he had planned to go back upstairs after that but he couldn't help continuing to watch his best friend. To disappear for days like that without saying anything, and he knew none of them were allowed to say anything but it still hurt.


As if everything wasn't bad enough he was now forced to watch Kirishima's interaction with the pink one, ashido was it? Whatever he didn't care what her name was. What he cared about was the way Kirishima looked at her, with those stupid bright eyes, like there was no one else in the room. It's not like he fucking wanted to be in love with shitty hair in the first place but now he was and it fucking hurt . Because it was obvious, it was obvious to everyone that he liked Ashido, not him. They would probably grow up together, become heroes together, get married, have kids, and Bakugou would be lucky to even get invited to the wedding. Or worse, he'd be right by Kirishima's side through it all, never being able to move on with his life, always too focused on the boy he can never have. Of course the first person Bakugou ever loved has to be him. He fucking deserved it.


Dumbass sparky then has to come and start trying to talk to him. He's not dealing with this today, he'd rather be teased for going to bed early than continue dealing with this shit. As he left he looked back briefly, but of course Kirishima wasn't looking for him, why would he?

Kirishima was happy that everyone was downstairs to greet them at the door, he really was, but he was tired as it was and the main person he really wanted to see wasn't even here. Again not that he didn't want everyone there, he was very glad to see Mina and of course the rest of them but they were all crowded around him and he couldn't just go off to bed because that looked rude so he was kind of stuck. He also didn't want to be a downer to everyone so he was forced to act all happy and fine when he really didn't feel very happy and fine.


Finally he gave in and just asked Denki "Where's Bakugou?" He tried to sound nonchalant about it but it probably didn't come off like that and honestly he was struggling to care at this point.


"He went to bed a little while ago" Denki replied, not acknowledging the annoyance in his voice if he even noticed it.


"I think I'll join him. In going to bed, not- like, like not join him, as in, be with him I mean like- ah, you get what I mean" He was slowly backing out of the room as he spoke, not wanting to hear anyone's reply to the weird mess of a sentence he just spoke then.


He got to his room and changed into sleep clothes then went to his bathroom to get his hair down. His reflection looked back at him, and he studied his face and it's many flaws. The scar above his eye, a weak mistake, people sometimes asked if he got it in a fight and he'd just say yeah because the truth was too embarrassing. The black roots creeping into the dyed red, just another reminder of who he used to be, who is still is, a scared kid who had delusions of being a hero. The frown now tugging at his lips, he tried so hard to be happy, for everyone else's sake because if he was sad then that might bring down the whole group and he didn't want anyone else to be upset because of him.


When he got into bed he just sat there, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. There wasn't a chance that he was sleeping tonight. He let his hand fall down the side of the bed and subconsciously began knocking the wall with his knuckles gently. He wasn't even aware he was doing it until he heard a knock on his door. He wasn't thinking when he opened it, he wasn't even totally in control of his body at the moment, everything was just working on autopilot at the moment. But when he saw Bakugou in front of him he quickly regained his senses.


"Bakugou?" The blond looked at him confused for a second before dropping his head and taking a step away saying


"Sorry, you were knocking on the wall and I just thought-... I'll go" Maybe it was just his tiredness but Bakugou seemed oddly flustered. And, yeah, he also said 'sorry' which is a very un-Bakugou like thing to do. Kirishima didn't think he'd ever seen Bakugou like this and it was weirdly adorable.


"Wait!" He grabbed Bakugou's wrist just as was about to walk away and the blond turned to face him again. They were both silent for a moment. Kirishima wasn't exactly sure why he wasn't letting Bakugou leave, it's not like he actually called him there but if the angry teen could help him cope even a little…


"You can- I mean… stay, please?" Bakugou's guarded expression quickly dropped, his gaze growing soft and he allowed himself to be lead into the room.

Bakugou stood awkwardly in the middle of the room for a moment. Really he shouldn't have come over, Kirishima obviously wasn't intentionally hitting the wall and now he was intruding and making things worse. As if he could help anyway, Kirishima would probably rather have someone like Mina here, someone who knew what the fuck they were doing unlike him. As he looked back at Kirishima he felt his heart drop again when he remembered what happened.


Kirishima noticed the tears in his eyes first.


"Bakugou…" He said softly as he stepped closer tentatively. Not that he needed to be tentative because before Bakugou knew what he was doing he stepped the gap between them and wrapped his arms around Kirishima tightly, taking the redhead by surprise.


"I- I didn't know if you were gonna come back" His voice cracked as he spoke, his face pressed against Kirishima's shoulder. The second that what Bakugou was saying finally sunk in for Kirishima he too tightly gripped his best friend. He wasn't sure how long they stood there, just holding each other closely, but he knew it was long enough for his mind to drift to somewhere darker.


Because Kirishima didn't actually want him here right? He didn't knock on the wall, he didn't talk to him when they returned, he didn't look at him like he was everything. Bakugou was just being annoying, getting Kirishima to comfort him when he wasn't the one who needed comforting. Because Kirishima probably wanted to be hugging Ashido right now, right? There was clearly something going on between them, he should just leave, he had no right to be here.


So he pushed away from Kirishima, letting his arms fall back to their sides. He refused to look back up at Kirishima, he refused to confirm what he already knew was true.

"Can I tell you something?" Bakugou looked up at him in shock, it was almost like he expected Kirishima to kick him out or something.


"Sure" He sounded insecure as he said it, why he was insecure was a mystery to Kirishima but he didn't dwell on it, instead choosing to sit down cross-legged on his bed, patting the spot in front of him until Bakugou sat facing him.


He took a deep breath. Then he explained everything.


It was technically illegal for him to say all of this but he had to, he couldn't hold all this in for this long, and he was sure he could trust Bakugou with this, he could trust Bakugou with his life.


As he neared the end of his side of the story he felt the overwhelming sadness and pressure again. He broke, he broke again , people are meant to learn from their mistakes, not repeat them at a more inconvenient time.


"-but I got hit. I broke. Some unbreakable red riot I am." He laughed hollowly, his smile lacking it's usual energy and joy to an almost creepy extent.


"Then what did you do?" Bakugou was staring at him determinedly, but he didn't understand the question.




"After you broke" Despite knowing it was true he still winced at the words "what did you do next? If you just stayed down then you wouldn't be here right now"


"I… I got back up…"


"Damn fucking right you did" Bakugou was smiling at him proudly, and it was hard not to smile back. He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment facing away from the blond for a moment. And, yeah, he did get back up, he got back up and won the fight, he did it, he was pushed down and still didn't break. Unbreakable red riot… he could live up to his name yet.

Bakugou watched the determined glint work its way back into Kirishima's eyes and at the same time he felt his own heart squeeze painfully. When did he let himself fall so hard?


"Bakugou? You okay?" Fuck, Kirishima saw through him.


Bakugou could have easily made up some excuse, it's not like he didn't have plenty of reasons to be upset but his body just decided to fuck him over and before he could stop himself he just said: "I'm in love with you"


Kirishima just looked at him with shock and confusion, so yeah he'd fucked up.


"Sorry, I don't- I know you like Ashido or whatever but-"


"Ashido? You think I like Mina?"


"Well fucking everyone else does! Everyone knows how you look at her don't even try to deny it!" He was unreasonably angry, it wasn't Kirishima's fault that he didn't like Bakugou. But then again, who else was he meant to blame?


"Bakugou… I- me and Mina are just friends. We went to the same middle school and we know each other because of something, its- I do like her, just not in the way I like you" The words were soft, gentle and maybe it could also be attributed to Kirishima's innate ability to soothe his anger that he immediately calmed, letting the final phrase fill his mind.


"What way do you like me?" Bakugou challenged, already knowing the answer.


But he didn't quite predict Kirishima throwing himself on Bakugou, shoving him down onto his back. Their legs tangled together, Bakugou's hands held within Kirishima's either side of his head as the redhead looked down at him. For a moment Bakugou held his gaze but then his eyes flicked down to Kirishima's lips and subconsciously he licked his own. He still tensed as Kirishima leaned closer, his hands unintentionally sparking as their lips first connected. But soon they both relaxed into it, their mouths moving messily against each other.

Bakugou returned to his own room a little while later, he had to get up early after all. As he laid in his own bed and closed his eyes he couldn't help but smile, knowing that it wasn't all a fluke, that Kirishima actually liked him.

Kirishima looked at his hand, tracing the scars and bruises with his eyes. It was easy to think that he was broken, that he failed. But Kirishima wasn't one to take the easy route.