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The Promise: A Russian Doll fanvid

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Song Title: The Promise
Music Artist: The Shondes
Length: 3:30
Warnings: Some non-gory shots of characters dying temporarily in a Groundhog Day-style narrative, a character standing on a ledge contemplating suicide.
Author Notes: This premiered at WisCon43 (2019). I'm happy with how it turned out, especially considering it's one of the quickest vids I've ever made. Now I will turn all my fannish attention to the project I should have been working on (I just really wanted a premiere at WisCon)!

This is the third vid I've made to a song by The Shondes, tying it with the number of vids I've made to Halsey songs.

Also viewable on DreamWidth and tumblr.

View on YouTube (subtitles are available on YouTube):

Or view on Vimeo (password is: we are the promise):