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You felt stupid for taking so long to realize it.

It only had dawned on you tonight what was so strange about your relationship with Sonic. Specifically, what happened (or rather, didn’t) after sex.

The sex itself wasn’t an issue—it was the farthest thing from. Sonic could easily leave you breathless and panting, clinging the bedsheets for dear life as he thrust himself into you, perfectly hitting every sensitive spot in your core. It was amazing, and your head was spinning whenever you came down from your high. Perhaps that’s why it took you this long to realize what was so odd.

The cuddling. Or, specifically, lack thereof.

Sonic could give mind-blowing makeout sessions, the best sex you’d had in your life, but he never stuck around to cuddle afterwards. He’d go shower, clean himself up, then return to bed as though nothing had happened. Heck, he was not a hugger, sure; many guys weren’t. But this was just strange.

Tonight, after another amazing session of intimacy with your lover, you decided to confront him about the matter. He came back from the bathroom, hair dripping from his shower, dressed in loosely-fitting sweatpants, and you patted the space on the bed beside you. “Come here,” you asked sweetly.

Sonic blinked, as though your request was the strangest thing he’d ever heard. “Sure,” he said finally, a bit hesitantly, “I didn’t think you’d wanna go again so soon.”

“Huh? No! No, I—I thought we could, y’know, cuddle a bit,” you sputtered, taken off guard by his comment.

“Oh,” he said simply. “I…if you want.” He sat on the bed, still leaving a good three inches of space between the pair of you.

He wasn’t about to deny being close to you, but he seemed uncomfortable with actually touching you in a nonsexual manner. You frowned. “I don’t bite,” you teased, “come closer.”

Sonic remained sitting upright, even as you inched towards him, wrapping your arms around his body and pressing your head to his chest. You could hear his rapid heartbeat and feel how tense he was. His fists were clenched at his sides, and he made no move to reciprocate the gesture.

Did I do something wrong? You wondered. Carefully, you reached a hand to run your fingers through his tangled, damp hair, and he jolted suddenly, as if he’d been burned.

“Are you okay?” you asked finally, recoiling.

“I’m fine.”

“You don’t seem fine. Did I…do something?”

“N-no. Just…just not used to this.”

“What, snuggling?”

“Um, yeah. I just… I don’t like it, I guess.”

“Oh,” you said, a little surprised. You’d never met anyone who didn’t like cuddling. “Why not?”

Sonic shrugged. “I don’t know. Affection was a sign of weakness in the village where I grew up. If someone touched you, it was a hit in combat,” he explained, seeming detached from the memory. “Maybe that’s why I don’t like…touching…now.” He stared ahead into the distance at nothing in particular. It was the most you had ever heard him talk about his past with you.

“Do you…want me to leave?” you finally asked. You’d never considered that nobody had ever hugged or kissed or cuddled or even touched Sonic before other than to hurt him. The thought broke your heart, and you wanted nothing more than to shower him in the love he was denied growing up.

But not if he didn’t want you to.

“…No,” Sonic answered after some consideration, “you…you can stay. I want you to.”

“Alright,” you said, continuing to run your fingers through his hair, down his neck, gently trailing your hand down his bare chest. He shivered slightly, but you could feel him eventually relax under your touch. Didn’t like it, my ass. He just needed to know someone could be close to him without wanting to cause him harm.

As if you would even consider hurting him.

Again you leaned into Sonic’s chest, his chin resting on your head, and he didn’t pull away, instead wrapping his arm gently over your body to bring you closer to him.

You weren’t sure how long you both stayed that way before you felt Sonic’s breathing grow heavy and slow, snoring softly. Content with knowing he’d always have someone to shower him in affection—and someone he could trust to give it to him—you closed your eyes and soon joined him in sleep.