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Mermaid Tendency

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Caesar was a hopeless romantic. He loved looking through shipwrecks for any remnants of those “others”.

“Caesar, this is a bad idea…” Suzie Q, his closest friend and only fish friend for that matter, told him

“Hold on. I swear we’ll get out of here in one second…” He finds some mysterious metal object and gazes at it in wonder, “What do you think this is Suzie?”

“Who knows, who cares? We should get out of here or else your dad is going to kill us.”

Caesar had to scoff, “He doesn’t care that much about me. Okay, let’s go. I have to ask Marco what this is anyway.” Caesar tucks the mystery object into his satchel and starts to swim from the wreck. He thought it was quick, but apparently not quick enough as a shark almost takes a bite out of his tail. Caesar just barely avoids it and attempts to swim away quickly. He grabs Suzie and they start to swim towards the safety of the castle. The shark starts gaining on them and Caesar checks his surroundings and finds a cave that he heads towards, hoping to trap the shark in the hole. Just as it looks like he’s about to duck into the cave he turns upwards and sends the shark into the crevice. He then swims away quickly and heads back to the castle. He enters from the back and attempts to get back to his room quietly.

“Caesar.” He hears a low growl, presumably from his father.

“Hi… Dad…” Caesar laughs, trying to diffuse the tension

“Where were you?”

“Oh… just swimming around.”

“Do you remember what today is?”

“Happy Birthday?”

His father sighs, “Yes, it’s my birthday. But you forgot to come to the concert. Your siblings were rather disappointed.”

“What does it matter? I’m just the baby of the family. It’s not like I have a chance of being the next King.” Caesar sighs

“Caesar Antonio Zeppeli. It’s not that you will take over my place, it’s that you made an embarrassment out me and your siblings. That’s why I’m disappointed. Why I’m frustrated. Because I know you were out searching the wrecks after I’ve told you god knows how many times not to go near there! You could get hurt!”

“Dad, it’s fine. I went with Suzie.”

“Well I’m glad you’d at least have a messenger should you die in one of those idiotic wrecks.”


“I mean it Caesar. Don’t you dare go back to the wrecks and look.”


“Good. Now go to your room.”

“Can I go out really quickly?”


“Because… I forgot to eat while I was out?”

“No. Bedroom. Now.” Caesar groans and quickly swims back to his bedroom. He hated how much his father overreacted to everything. Suzie swims in and says,

“Got busted huh?”

“Shut up.” He sighs, “God my dad worries too much. Doesn’t he?”

“Well… he car…”

“Don’t. Finish that sentence.” Caesar’s anger flares up, “He doesn’t care about me. Not compared to any of my siblings, the only reason is that he has to care, because I’m my mother’s flesh and blood. So don’t you dare think he cares about me.”

“Well… let’s go see Marco.”

“I can’t.” Caesar’s tone changes to mimic his father, “You made an embarrassment out of your siblings and I, therefore you have to stay in your room while I mope in mine.”

“I mean… The windows are open…” Suzie offers

“You know what? Let’s go.” Caesar grabs his bag that he had thrown by the door when he entered and starts to swim towards the surface. He shields his eyes from the sun as he scanned the rocks for his bird friend. He sees Marco swoop in and land on some rocks not too far away. Caesar swims to him.

“Hey Marco.”

“Oh, hey Caesar, how are you?”

“Annoyed. You?”

“I’m doing well… what brings you to the surface?”

“I need your help identifying something.” He rummages through the bag and pulls the mysterious metallic object from earlier. Marco examines it for a minute, before confidently saying,

“That’s a dinglehopper!”

“A dinglehopper?”

“Yes. Humans use it all the time, they use it in their hair!”

“Hair?” Caesar swirls the ends of his hair with the Dinglehopper, “Like this?”

“Yeah, exactly!” Marco smiles

“Thanks, now I have to get back before my dad threatens to care about me more by not actually caring about me.”

“See you around!” Marco shouts as Caesar dives back into the water. He swims to his secret cove and places the dinglehopper among all the other things that he’s collected from the wrecks. His dad was pissed enough about merely going to the wrecks, so Caesar could barely imagine the anger his father would have when he found out he had collectibles from nearly every wreck he had ever scoured. He sighs softly and looks at a painting of a beautiful man. He had no idea who this man was, nor the man’s story, but he was always entranced by his beauty. Caesar only wished he could meet a human with half the beauty of that man in his painting. He only wished that his spouse was okay with his collection, and that he as good looking as the painting. That was a simple wish, wasn’t? He didn’t realize just how long he had stayed there until he notices that from the hole in the top of his cove, no more sunlight came through. Even weirder than that, there were lights, but they weren’t anything natural, appearing in pinks blues and greens. Caesar decides to see what was going on and swims to the surface. He sees a gigantic ship a few miles away from him and sees the lights popping off of that. He started in awe of it all as he unconsciously swam closer. Forget being discreet, Caesar kept his head above the water trying to figure out just what this was. He saw an opening at the bottom of the boat and peers up into it. He watches as the humans move in ways Caesar could never imagine. They circle around each other. What for? Some were moving faster than others, taking bigger steps, but why? It was then that he saw a gleaming figure, with a giant smile plastered on his face. Caesar scoffed at him, but couldn’t help but stare at the handsome man his eyes were taking in. Next to him was a similar looking man. Though, he wasn’t actually a man he found out after watching for a few minutes. Suddenly a giant animal comes towards him and makes a shrill sound that Caesar can’t stand. He tries to hush the animal, but the other man starts to walk towards the edge. Caesar dives under the water to avoid being caught but keeps his head near the surface. After all the water was dark enough.

“God Danny, you’re acting crazy today.” The man laughs and pulls the animal away from the edge. After this Caesar goes back to spying, ignoring the nagging feeling of Suzie pulling on his tail.

“Your dad is going to be livid if he finds out you were here and not in your room!”

“Yeah, five more minutes.” Caesar was absolutely taken. He would do anything to pull himself onto the boat and talk with the other man who had stolen his heart with only the glimmer of his teeth. It was then that the water had started to get choppy. Caesar knew this was a sign that the weather was about to turn for the worst, but the humans are in blissful unawareness. Suddenly some lightning strikes a few miles away and Caesar goes to find shelter. He waits but sees the ship start to sink. He sees the large animal fall into the water, then sees that the human took a dive too. He sighs and watches as the idiotic human starts to drown. God. Was he really falling for this guy of all people? He swims towards him and grabs him, draping his body over his shoulders. He swims them as quickly as he can to the surface and presses his lips onto the other man’s to try and get the water out of his lungs. He sits there still, and Caesar takes him to the nearby shore. He tries again, pressing his lips against the other’s mouth to get air back in him. He feels the man’s chest heave and he coughs. Caesar backs up and watches, making sure the other man still wakes up but not wanting to give himself away. He stirs and almost looks at Caesar.

“Goodbye… beautiful stranger.” Caesar whispers what he thinks is softly then goes swimming back towards his castle. Caesar goes flying onto his bed and looks up at the ceiling. His heart rushed as he thought about how that man’s hair looked as he started to wake up. How firm his lips felt as he had used them for recitation. He traces over his lips with his fingers where the other man practically kissed him and smiles. He does a flip above his bed, and rests on his bed again. Suzie comes in and looks at him.

“What’s up with you? You look… changed.”

“I’ve fallen in love.”

“Is this like the guy that got your bagel and lox right…”

“No. No, no, no… This was real. This idiot. Dove into the water to save his animal, and I had to save him. And he was gorgeous.”

“So, he was an idiot?”

“Yes, and I love him, but he’s a human. So, I can’t be with him.”

“Yeah… that stinks.” She sighs in solidarity. It is then that his father comes barreling into his room.

“Caesar. I know you were sneaking out.”

“You can’t prove that!” Caesar yells back at his dad.

“Then what’s this?!” He pulls out the dinglehopper and Caesar gasps,

“Where did you find it?!”

“In your cave.”

“What cave?!”

“Don’t lie to me Caesar, I know you’ve been through the wrecks. In fact…” His father swims towards his cave, dragging his son with him to watch as he destroyed the one thing that he put care into curating

“Dad, no!” Caesar sobs and he destroys everything, the last thing he touches being the painting that Caesar had spent so many hours looking at. Everything was gone like that. Caesar held the ashes of his collection for the other creatures he cared so much about.

“Don’t you dare, disobey me again.” His father swims away and for once, Caesar feels utterly alone. In the darkness, is when Caesar finds light. More particularly, the light of a set of eyes. He watches the eyes and starts to follow them to another cave practically halfway across the ocean. He swims in, feeling a pull on him only for him to shake it off.

“There you are, my dear.” A deep, booming voice says from the furthest, darkest corner of the grotto.

“Who are you. What are those?”

“Those are merely my pets, Wamuu and Esidisi.” The other person in the room begins to stroke the scaly creatures before throwing a brew into the giant pot, illuminating the room. “Now about you. You’re King Mario’s son, are you not?”

“Yes… But I don’t matter to him.”

“I think you do. But that’s besides the point. You want something, don’t you Caesar?”

“I… how do you know my name?”

“Because I’m well acquainted with your father. He banished me here, but that’s a story for another day. Now Caesar. Tell me what it is that you want. Could it be freedom? A man? Tell me and I’ll make it so.”

“I’ve… fallen in love with a human, and I wish to be with him.”

“That’s nice, I’ll make it happen. However, I would like some… guarantee that this opportunity of a lifetime won’t be wasted.”

“What do you want?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Just your voice.”

“My voice?” Caesar covers up his neck

“Will you really need it? With that gorgeous body of yours, and that bright blonde hair, I’m sure the man will swoon all over you before the very first night.”

“Alright fine.” Caesar decides

“Pleasure doing business with you.” The man smirks and conjures a contract. Caesar signs it without a second thought and the next thing he realizes, he’s on the beach. He looks down and sees his tail was gone. His tail. Was. Gone. He couldn’t believe it he was really a human. He goes to say something when he feels like his voice was never there. He lets out a breath that should be a sigh when he suddenly sees a man with brown hair, running up the shoreline with a big beast. The animal makes that noise again and bounds towards Caesar. He’s tackled roughly by the thing before the other man comes to pull the animal back.

“Hey Danny… calm down. I’m sorry, are you alright?” Again, Caesar attempts to say something, but his voice won’t budge. So he decides to settle for a nod instead. “Oh, that’s good to hear. You… are you from here?” Caesar shakes his head a little bit. “Well you’d better come with me. Maybe after you’re feeling better your voice will come back. Oh, duh. I’m Joseph by the way.” Joseph helps hoist Caesar into the carriage and they ride to the castle. Joseph props his head up with his fist and looks out at the sea. He had a brooding expression and Caesar had to wonder what it was he was thinking about. When they arrive, Joseph steps out first and offers his hand to Caesar and Caesar takes hold of it lightly, avoiding falling out from his wobbly legs.

“Still not doing too hot, what is the first day with your legs?” Joseph laughs, not realizing how dead on he was. As Caesar balances himself on the step, Joseph decides to be more abrupt and carries him bridal style into the castle. Caesar just held onto the buff man as he compares the castle to his home. It was definitely smaller, and the architecture was medieval at best. However, it still had a warm feel to it that Caesar felt good about.

“Ma’ I’m home.” Joseph shouts. Caesar couldn’t help but feel that his eyebrows were raising as he heard such informal speech from a prince.

“Joseph dear. Who is this?” A beautiful woman, who hardly looked older than him, asks

“Not sure. He doesn’t have a voice, and there’s no way to get him to tell me.”

“We can make guesses.”

“Mark… Anthony…”

“He looks like a Caesar.” She says. Caesar nods quickly and motions at her, “First try huh? Well. Welcome to the palace Caesar. You’re free to go anywhere you’d like. It’s not much, but it’s where my husband rules… ruled from.”

“Mom doesn’t want anyone to take the throne until I’m ‘of age’ or married. And who’d want to get married.” Caesar would, actually. “So I can’t take the throne. And she doesn’t want to take it.”

“That’s enough Joseph. Now take him to the guest room closest to your bedroom. I think that you’ll like it there most.”

“It does have a rather nice view of the ocean.” Joseph remarks, “Here, I can carry you there.” He continues to carry Caesar up the stairs and into his room before lying him down on the bed. “If you need me… to carry you around or anything. I guess… Just crawl to my room.” Caesar nods and bows his head gently

“Huh, well at least you know manners I suppose.” Joseph remarks before leaving Caesar to be. Caesar wobbles on his legs but he manages to walk over to a mirror and looks at himself. He looks for some more fitting clothes, and after figuring out how to use underwear, puts that on and makes himself look presentable. He walks downstairs and looks around. He goes into the throne room and looks around.

“He was a great man.” He hears a voice behind him, and spins around to see that it was the Queen. “My husband.” Caesar can only nod, not knowing what kind of man he was. “He put his people in front of everything in his life. Including his own family. However, I knew that would be the case when I married him… I just never expected his reign to be so short lived.” Caesar didn’t know what to say, so again he just nods in solidarity with her. “I’m sure… he would like you if met him.” Caesar smiles softly that would be a laugh if he had the vocal cords to do it. It sounded as almost if she wanted to marry her son off to the first man he’d seen. Caesar was a little… intimidated by the other man, while he looked nice, he had a personality that completely went against everything that Caesar was taught as a prince of Atlantis.

“What are you doing in here?” Joseph asks

“Reliving my life as only the queen of our kingdom.” His mother sighs softly, running her fingers over the slightly smaller throne immediately to the right of the King’s chair. “He happened to be exploring.”

“Good to see you back on your legs.” Joseph smirks. Caesar has to roll his eyes. He may be without a voice, but he certainly had a face and he was going to use it. For some reason Joseph looked over at him and smirked back. He supposed that he was pressing Joseph’s buttons in a way the other man enjoyed.

“Here, why don’t you two go on a boat ride around the lake? I’ll have the maids work on dinner in the meantime.”

“We don’t have to go out on the lake mom.” Joseph rolls his eyes. Caesar’s eyes went blank. Was she actually trying to set her son up with him of all people?

“You don’t have to, but you should. I don’t want you destroying anymore of your father’s chainmail outfits.”

“Jeez you ruin a mannequin once when you’re ten and you’re branded for life.” Joseph scoffs, “Alright fine. We’ll be back.” Joseph takes Caesar’s hand and guides him down a path in the back garden towards a small pond. He unties the tiny boat from the stake in the ground and throws the rope into the boat. He gets in first then offers his hand to Caesar. Caesar takes it and with a shaky start gets into the boat. Joseph starts rowing it and gets into the center of lake.

“There, my mom won’t be able to see us from here.” Caesar looks over his shoulder and notices a tree in the way of the line of sight. Caesar was going crazy, he wanted everything in the world to tell him to stop. To tell his heart that it was acting out irrationally, but he looked over at the broody prince and felt his heart beating so abnormally loud in his chest that he wanted to throw himself into the lake. “So, what about you? You have manners, so you must come from a prestigious family, right?” Caesar thinks, then nods. “Which family. Or… well you’re not from here so it’s not a family I’d know. Right?” Caesar smiles a bit and looks at Joseph. God, he hated how much he was falling for Joseph when Joseph had no idea that he felt this way. Caesar saw a tree hanging over the lake with thick branches and he takes the oars from Joseph. Joseph’s eyes widen and asks: “What are you doing?!” Caesar guides the boat under the tree and starts to get closer to him, hoping to kiss him and gain his voice back. Whether it was the weight of Joseph reeling back or something else, the boat capsizes and sends Caesar and Joseph into the water. It wasn’t very deep, as Caesar could tread the water, but he was not happy. As soon as he could get onto solid ground, he stomps up all the way to his room to change. He was a little more than ticked that Joseph’s first instinct wasn’t to try and help him, but rather flap his arms around and dry himself off. He hears a knock on his door,

“Hey Caesar. Mom just wants you to know that dinner’s ready.” Caesar just rolled his eyes and opened the door after he was dressed more presentably. He goes downstairs and eats in silence, silently glaring at Joseph throughout the meal.

“So… how was the boat ride?”

“Well we tipped over.” Joseph whines

“Oh. I see.” She sighs and takes a sip from her wine glass. Caesar quietly cuts his steak in perfect form as the mother and son watch him. “Are you perhaps, royal Caesar?” Caesar nods gently and Joseph’s jaw drops.

“What kingdom are you from?!” Joseph asks, too eagerly

“Joseph Joestar control yourself. Don’t you realize how rude you seem, only caring about his status.”


“No buts. Where… where did Caesar go?” She asks, the door still settling after Caesar had slung it open out of fury.

“Guess I’ll go walk.” Joseph decides to leave, heading for the beach. The beach had always been there to calm him when he needed it. Just as he thought even the waves couldn’t clear his head, he hears a handsome voice. He looks around to find the owner, and sees someone that in the nightlight, almost looks like the man that saved his life. “Are you… my beautiful stranger?”

“Yes, I am.” He says in a soothing but firm voice that Joseph knew belonged to the name who saved him and was quite smitten for.

“Here… I have to introduce you to my palace staff, since you’re the one that saved my life.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly, but if you so insist.” He takes Joseph’s arm and they head to the castle. While Caesar had called it a night, Joseph and the other man had only begun their night as they celebrated who they thought had saved the prince’s life and the man that he’d be marrying the next day. Caesar woke up the next morning to see the other man. Joseph held him so tightly and Caesar couldn’t handle it. He stormed down the stairs and glared at Joseph

“Caesar… this man saved my life. I’m sorry, but I can arrange for someone to take you home, if you’d like.” Caesar scoffs and leaves the castle. He goes running back to the ocean where Suzie was waiting for him. His heart was broken, and even if he never got his voice back, he just wanted to forget that his heart had ever belonged to Joseph.

“What happened?” Caesar shakes his head and starts to swim back out to the ocean. As fate would have it, Marco happened to fly past the window where Joseph’s new flame was changing. In the mirror, he sees the man for who he truly is. The evil witch of the sea, Kars. Marco tries to fly away, but Kars saw him in the mirror and traps him.

“Don’t you ruin this for me. I will take over Joseph’s kingdom, then without his precious son, I’ll take over Mario’s. I will be the ultimate ruler.” He tells Marco, breaking the end of one of his wings. He locks the door and goes to get married to Joseph. Marco barely manages, but he manages to escape just long enough to warn Caesar. He sees Caesar silently crying into his hands,

“Caesar! Caesar!” He squawks, “You have to go back and save Joseph! He’s going to get married to that awful sea witch that stole your voice, Kars. Joseph thinks that he’s you because he has your voice.” So was it real then? Did Joseph love him too? Whatever it was, he had to stop this wedding from happening. He swims as fast as he can without his tail and manages to catch the boat that Joseph was on. With some help, he gets on and storms the aisle.

“Caesar?” Joseph looks over at him. Caesar walks down it and before the other man can object, he kisses Joseph. Joseph’s eyes go wide, and Caesar’s voice returns to him, having kissed the man that loved him back.

“My voice!” Caesar says

“Wait… that’s your voice?!” Joseph asks, still dazed and confused by the kiss

“Yes. I made a deal with, Kars… to become a human.”


“Yes. I was born the 8th child of Mario Zeppeli.”

“I don’t think I know any king by that name.”

“His kingdom is Atlantis.” Caesar rolls his eyes; happy he could sass the other man back finally.

“What?!” Joseph shouts

“Yeah. I have 7 older siblings.” Caesar sighs, “Anyway. That’s not important. Your groom is trying to become a runaway bride.”

“Get back here!” Joseph yells and runs after a fleeing Kars. Kars gets on a lifeboat and heads to an island. Joseph steals another lifeboat and follows him. They make it to the island and Kars gets up to the volcano.

“Try and stop me now.”

“Gladly.” Joseph rips the sleeves off his tuxedo and balls his hands up into fists, ready to fight. He wasn’t expecting Kars to be so quick, but here he was, on the side of an active volcano, fighting what felt like a god and losing severely. If he could just lure the man into the lava, everything would be done, and he could go marry the man that he actually loved. After some rather clever trickery, Kars falls into the lava and almost drags in Joseph. At the last-minute Joseph grabs a ledge and pulls himself back up. He looks at his hand with a severe burn and screams in pain as the flesh melts off him. It’s just as he’s about to give up that he sees a figure standing before him.


“JoJo, you idiot. I could’ve taken care of him.”

Joseph laughs, gasping for air “JoJo huh?”

“Shut up… you’re going to die.”

“That’s fine. I deserve it for not realizing that I… I liked you.” He smiles

“JoJo. Don’t you dare die on me before I even got a real kiss from you.”

“Come here.” Joseph uses his other hand and pulls Caesar close.

“No, I don’t want it right now…”

“It maybe the only kiss you get…” Joseph’s breaths start to shallow out and Caesar quickly takes Joseph’s arms. He had noticed during the ceremony, that while he had his voice back, he was starting to get his tail back too. So, he swims to the bottom of the ocean with Joseph.

“Caesar where have you… who is this?” One of Caesar’s siblings asks him

“Where’s dad?!” He asks

“Throne room.” Caesar swims quickly to the throne room. “Dad.”

“Caesar where have you been?! Who is this?!”

“Joseph. Please. You have to heal him.”

“Caesar you directly disobeyed me.”

“Please. I promise, just heal him and I’ll never interact with humans ever again. Please… I love him.”

“As long as you swear.”

“I swear.” His father sighs softly and heals the other man as Caesar gently held his hand. Mario notices the way that he looks at Joseph but as Caesar promises, they leave him on the shoreline and Caesar swims back home with his father. When Joseph woke up, he looked around,

“Caesar… Caesar, where are you?” He couldn’t believe that Caesar was gone but he didn’t have the energy to look. For some reason, he felt incredibly drained. Caesar wasn’t feeling much better as for days after he left Joseph, he would never leave his room. His siblings would have to come in a force him to eat a piece of seaweed here and there just so he wouldn’t die. He knew this is what he promised his father in exchange for Joseph’s life, but he missed his JoJo so badly it felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest and he felt utterly alone. Joseph had settled back into his life as the prince, but something had changed about him. He wasn’t as nearly carefree and one day he told his mom,

“I’m ready to take the throne.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… I don’t want to look for anyone else.”

“You really loved Caesar?”

“Yeah…” He sighs

“Alright, I’ll get your coronation arranged.” She walks off to talk with some staff in her castle. Joseph looked out at the sea and hoped that wherever Caesar was, he was happy. But he wasn’t. He was miserable and every day he felt more of his life slipping away from his fragile body.

“Caesar, please come out.” His father enters quietly, not carrying the usual tone of intimidation in his voice.

“I don’t want to. I know I promised not to interact with humans again… but I feel as though I left my heart with Joseph and without it, I’m merely existing, not living.”

“I understand. But please, won’t you come with me? I have some official business to attend to and feel as though it would do you good to attend the event.”

“Alright…” He swims off his bed. As he steps into the light, his father sees how much his son had deteriorated. His tail was dull, his ribcage showing underneath his skin. He sighs and holds him in his arms. Caesar was surprised by this sudden affection but wrapped his thin arms back around his father.

“You were your mother’s baby. She loved you so intensely that when I lost her, I felt resentment towards you. That’s no excuse for how I treated you, but I can only hope that this will make up for it. That and we can be a proper father and son in the future.” He started swimming and Caesar followed. The sea had changed so much as he had shielded himself in his room. He had no idea where his father could be taking him until he pulls Caesar up onto a rock. From the rock he sees Joseph’s castle. Caesar tries to get back into the water, before his father presses down on his shoulder.

“Today is Prince Joseph’s coronation.”

“So, we’re just going to watch it from here?”

“No. I will. You will go and… become his husband.”

“What?” Caesar looks at him

“I thought about it a lot, and you seemed both at your happiest and at worst as you brought the prince to me to heal. I saw in your eyes how much you loved him, and I know more importantly, rather than keeping you trapped in the castle, your mother would want you to be with the man you loved. So, I give you my blessing to be with him, and I give you your legs back.”

“Dad… I mean… King. Mario.” Caesar tears up and hugs his dad tightly, “Thank you.” His father makes a sweeping motion across his son’s body and his tail is turn back into his set of legs, and his body is healed from months of self-harm.

“Here.” He hands his son a locket, “If you wear this as you get closer to home, you’ll be able to turn yourself back into a merperson.”

“Thank you.” Caesar holds his father tightly and after a kiss on his cheek swims away to the beach. There Caesar saw carriages coming in one after another from every kingdom far and wide as he runs up the coastline to get to the gate. He’s blocked by some guards.


“I don’t have one. But I’m Caesar Zeppeli acting as an ambassador for the Kingdom of Atlantis.”

“No invitation, no ent…”

“Loggins! Messina!” He hears a gruff woman’s voice shout at the guards

“Queen Lisa.” They bow towards her

“What are you doing not allowing this prince?”

“He has no invitation ma’am.”

“I will personally vouch for him. Now lift up your staffs and let him in before I throw you into the ocean myself.”

“Yes, your highness.” They lift up their staffs and Lisa Lisa takes Caesar by the arm and into the courtyard.

“You have a lot of nerve showing up today as my son prepares to take the throne without a husband because his heart belongs to you.”

“That’s why I’m here. For his heart. You see… after the fight with Kars, Joseph was fatally injured, and I brought him to my father since my father has magic… and the price was that I would never see Joseph again. I thought I’d be okay with that, I thought Joseph would be okay with that… but my heart was broken anew every day that I was without him. I love him so much, and I want to be with him forever.”

“Alright. Follow me.” She says and guides Caesar around the hidden catacombs of the castle. She prepares a white outfit for him.

“Is this… wedding wear?”

“Of course. I’ve been trying to marry my son off to you since I saw what a mess he was over you the first night that he brought you home.”

“Oh.” Caesar blushes

“Now, I’ll go tell Joseph that he has to change, and don’t leave here until I come and get you.”

“Okay.” Caesar holds onto the bouquet that Lisa Lisa gave him and waits quietly. He hears music start to play and Lisa Lisa comes back for him, handing him a veil. He takes the woman’s arm and watches as Joseph waits at the end of the aisle, utterly pissed. He was probably thinking that his mom married him off to some stranger and didn’t want to go through with it. His tux certainly showed signs of a struggle with his mother. Caesar smirked behind his veil as he was about to give the idiot the biggest shock of his life. Lisa Lisa guided Caesar down the aisle and left him at the altar. Joseph, either not knowing tradition or wanting to know what his future “bride” looked like he lifted up the veil long before the kiss to seal the marriage. He gasps as he sees Caesar and Caesar smiles at him.

“Hi JoJo.”

“Well… I certainly wasn’t expecting you.”

“Way to have a first kiss, right?”

Joseph has to laugh a little bit, “I guess.” After exchanging vows, the priest announces them as husbands and Joseph pulls Caesar in close to give him a proper kiss. Caesar cups Joseph’s giant chin in his hands as they seal their union. After their marriage, Joseph helps guide Caesar through the coronation ceremony. As kings and husbands, they walk down the aisle arm in arm and get into a carriage carrying them off to god knows where.

And they lived happily ever after, if not with the occasional fist fight.