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A Gamers Multiverse Adventure

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A Gamers Multiverse Adventures


Chapter 1 : Game Over! Start a new Game?



People always told me that there would be a bright light to go towards, or that my life would flash before my eyes, turns out that people are full of shit.



I honestly think that I don't deserve to die, I mean yes I cheated on my girlfriend... with her little sister. But she came onto me, and Id had a bit to drink, and they look almost identical so I think my beloved girlfriend overreacted slightly, I mean really was the knife really necessary? I really don't think I was in the wrong.



And yes I blackmailed a teacher so I could get through my course without doing any actual work but really if he didn't want to get blackmailed why did he stick his dick in a 16 year old? He's the villain here, not me. Honestly he should have been grateful for the lesson on consequences. OK fine maybe blackmailing the girl as well was somewhat wrong but I was young, the temptation was just too much for an innocent guy like me.



So yes I might not be a saint but I really don't think I deserved to get murdered at the age of 19, still as far as afterlives go I suppose it could be worse, though floating though a void is probably going get old fast.



Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial, and can now start the main game!




...What? Apparently the void drove me insane faster than expected, cant think of any other reason a red floating text box would be hovering in front of my face. I could ignore it but really what else do I have do here? The box feels almost like glass but I doubt I could break it despite how thin it seems to be, time to go hit next I suppose.



Your actions in the tutorial will affect your starting skills and the amount of stat points you will be able to allocate in character creation!



Achievements earned

[Reach adulthood]

Condition : Reach the age of 18

Reward : +15 stat points



[Lost virginity]

Condition : Have Sex

Reward : +5 stat points, + 5 Charisma



[Graduate High School]

Condition : Graduate from High School

Reward : +10 stat points, +5 Intelligence, + 5 wisdom




Condition : Watch 100 Anime

Reward : + 5 Stat points, [Otaku] Title



[Game Nerd]

Condition : Complete 100 Games

Reward : +5 stat points, [Game Nerd] Title



[Blackmailer] Rare Achievement!

Condition : Blackmail someone successfully

Reward : +5 stat points, [Blackmailer] title



[Pervert] Rare Achievement!

Condition : Perform 100 perverted actions

Reward : +5 stat points, [Pervert] title



Those last two are sound worse than they are, also screw you floaty box I should have way more achievements than that, OK yes I spent most of my time hiding in my room playing games and watching anime but I'm sure I've done was more things than that.



I just cant remember them at the moment, that's all.



If I had to guess it was the Voyeurism that gave me [Pervert] Achievement, but really who hasn't wanted to spy on girls changing? OK the spy cams I hid may have been overkill, but any guy would have if given the chance!



Moving on it looks like character creation is next, [Enter Name]? That's easy enough my name is... wait what's my name again? How have I forgotten my name? And why aren't I more worried about it?




Once the tutorial is complete the game removes unnecessary data!




A starter skill is preventing the negative status [Panicked]!



Unnecessary data? That's my life you stupid box! I can remember plenty, but everything related to names and places is gone. I don't know whether I should be happy or worried about some skill affecting my head, better just move on and pick new name, but I've always sucked at naming characters



Name : Shiro



Yes fine, I admit it. I'm a weeb, and white really isn't the most original name but I cant think of anything else so lets just move on.



Shiro, [No title equipped]

Level – 1 [0/1000]

Class - The Gamer [LVL Max]

Alignment – Neutral Evil

HP – 110 [1 Regen per Minute]

MP – 210 [11 Regen per 10 seconds]

SP – 110 [1 Regen per 10 Seconds]

Strength [STR] - 1

Endurance [END] - 1

Dexterity [DEX] – 1

Intelligence [INT] - 11

Wisdom [WIS] – 11

Charisma [CHA] – 6

Luck [LCK] – 1

Points – 35

Money - 0 Credits



Seriously? Everything starts at 1? Fine. Since there's MP I can assume I'll get magic so looking at this from a RPG perspective I should go for a Mage build to put those boosts to use. Also Neutral Evil? Always though I was more of a lawful neutral, but I can see your point floaty box.



Shiro, [No title equipped]

Level – 1 [0/1000]

Class - The Gamer [LVL Max]

Alignment – Neutral Evil

HP – 150 [5 Regen per Minute]

MP – 310 [11 Regen per 10 seconds]

SP – 150 [5 Regen per 10 Seconds]

STR - 5

END - 5

DEX – 5

INT - 21

WIS – 11

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

Points – 0

Money - 0 Credits



That's a bit better, though if there isn't magic I'm going to feel like a complete fool, at least lucks always useful even if I have no way of knowing if these are even high, at least until I see someone else character sheet.



There's a portrait of me on these screen, naked. Not really what I wanted to see.



Do you wish to change your appearance?

[Yes] [No]



Hmm, I don't really see the point, even though I'm pretty average as far as looks go, Short black hair, skinny build, the kind of face you couldn't pick out of a crowd if I'm being honest. My only noteworthy feature is my steel grey eyes, and they aren't exactly impressive, still I think its better to be able to blend in than to stand out to much so I'll stick with them.



Please select a difficulty

[Easy] [Normal] [Hard] [Nightmare]



Easy. I thought I was enjoying an easy life before and I ended up with a knife in my throat, I don't see why I should make things hard if I can just cruise by enjoying the Easy life.



Do you wish to Enable adult content?

[Yes] [No]



Yes. Obviously. Keep your PG-13 shit away from me.



Please choose a starting hub

[City Apartment] [Hunting Lodge] [Island Hideaway]



Hub world? I don't quite understand but I'll choose the Apartment, Cities are convenient, so it seems like its the easier start.



Are you ready to start the Game?

Warning once started the setting cannot be changed!

[Yes] [No]



I think so. I cant see anything I'd want to change so I'll just click yes.



Confirmed, Please enjoy the Game!



A bright flash blinded me, and once my vision cleared I was standing in the middle of a living room, it doesn't look high class, but it isn't run down either, nice and average. I can live with this. Looks like its a single bedroom apartment, 1 bathroom, a small kitchen and the living room, not bad.



As I'm exploring the apartment I cant help but notice something, its quiet. Far too quiet for a city. I head out of the front door and notice that there is only 1 door, this building has no other apartments, I head downstairs to see an empty receptionist area, and I do mean completely empty, apart from some basic furniture there's nothing else here. No paperwork or stationary on the desk, everything looks brand new. There's a single key on a hook on the wall, so I take it and put it in my pocket.



[Shiros Apartment Key] added to inventory



Skill added [Lock]



Skill added [Unlock]




The Game can be controlled through voice commands, try saying “Inventory” or “Character”!



More boxes, as I feel around in my pocket I notice the keys have vanished. Why does it always feel like the boxes are mocking me? Oh well might as well try.



“Inventory” the moment I say it a new pop up shows up, this ones a list of options Weapons, Gear, Consumables, Books, Misc and Key chain, all but key chain are greyed out, I tap key chain, unsurprisingly it just has a single line showing the key I put in, I can't remove it from my inventory and there doesn't seem to be any other options so I'll just move on.



“Character” this brings up my character sheet I set up earlier, but now there are a few new options available. Skills, Classes, Titles, Achievements, Perks and Store. Perks and Store are both greyed out at the moment so I'll go for Skills first I guess.





[Gamers Mind] (Passive) LVL MAX

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through

Allows peaceful state of mind

Immunity to psychological status effects



That explains a lot. Really I should be having a breakdown right now but I only really feel curiosity.



[Gamers Body] (Passive) LVL MAX

Grants a body that allows for the user to live real life like a game



I'm not too sure what that means yet, guess that's for me to discover as I 'play the game'.



[Lock] (Active) LVL 1/30 (0/100)

10 MP to use

Allows the user to lock doors they possess the key for

At level 10 doors locked will be Unpickable

At level 20 doors locked will be Unbreakable

At level 30 keys can be created for any door, regardless of ownership



That seems useful, though its a bit overpowered isn't it? If I max it I can just lock anyone's door and permanently seal them. Could be fun, it'd really confuse people at the very least.



[Unlock] (Active) LVL MAX

10 MP to use

Allows the user to unlock doors they possess the key for



Huh. No extra abilities? I'm kinda disappointed, I was expecting it to be able to unlock anything after [Lock], I wonder if there's a lockpicking skill? Moving on.



[Blackmail] (Active) LVL 14/50 (200/1400)

Allows the user to use leverage to force other to obey them. Requires leverage on the victim. Larger orders will require greater leverage

At level 10 weak willed targets will be far more likely to obey

At level 25 less leverage will be required to make targets obey

At level 50 all targets will be far more likely to obey



Level 14? I guess I did blackmail 2 people for almost a year. I could pretend that I'll never use this but honestly? I love having power over people like that and I've never had much restraint.



[Skill Creation] (Active) LVL MAX

Allows the user to create their own skills, as long as they have the stats required

Skills can be created manually or automatically through repeated actions

To active just think 'Skill Creation' then the name for your new skill, the details will be taken from your mind automatically



That... actually seems like the most useful skill of them all, I definitely need to experiment with this.



Quest Started!

[Learning the Ropes, Skill Crafting]

Objective : Create a new skill

Reward : A unique skill Book, 100 credits, 1000 exp




Unique skills are skills that cannot be created by [Skill Creation], earn them through

quests or other means!




Starting your very first quest has added the quest log feature, just say “Quest Log” to check out your quests!



Well that's new, but I won't turn down free experience, exactly enough to get my first level, since I'm trying a mage build I think I'll go for an old favourite. 'Skill Creation, Magic Missile'.



Skill added [Magic Missile]



[Magic Missile] (Active) LVL 1/100 (0/100)

100 MP to cast

Sends a magic missile at your target dealing (10 + INT) magic damage

A additional missile will be added every 10 levels

MP Cost will be reduced by 5 every 5 levels

At level 10 missiles will track targets

At level 50 missiles will have a 5% chance per missile to inflict [Stun] on targets

At level 100 missiles will have a 5% chance per missile to inflict [Magic Weakness] on targets, increasing magic damage by 50%



That went well, better than expected to be honest. The cost is pretty high since I can only cast it three times before I run out of MP but with my regen I can cast it once every 90 seconds and I should be able to increase my INT and WIS soon. Once its leveled it'll be very useful. I'll test it later, I don't want to damage my building.



Quest Complete!

[Learning the Ropes, Skill Crafting]

Objective : Create a new skill

Reward : [ID Create] skill Book, 100 credits, 1000 exp



You have leveled Up!

Shiro, [No title equipped]

Level – 2 [0/2000]

Class - The Gamer [LVL Max]

Alignment – Neutral Evil

HP – 150 [5 Regen per Minute]

MP – 310 [11 Regen per 10 seconds]

SP – 150 [5 Regen per 10 Seconds]

STR - 5

END - 5

DEX – 5

INT - 21

WIS – 11

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

Points – 10

Money - 100 Credits



After some thought I increase WIS to 16 and INT to 26, its not a massive increase but it should help, the empty title slots annoying me a little so I go to the titles menu to see what I've got there.





Increases exp gain of skills and titles originating from Manga or Anime Worlds by 25%



[Game Nerd]

Increases exp gain of skills and titles originating from Game Worlds by 25%




Increases effectiveness of 'Adult' skills by 25%, Increases exp gain of 'Adult' skills and titles by 25%



Ignoring the last one (for now) I decide on [Game Nerd], magic missile has been in countless games so hopefully should count, I move onto the skill book, after some confusion I realise its been added to the books section of my inventory and take it out,



[ID Create Skill Book]

Grants the user the [ID Create] and [ID Escape] skills

Use? [Yes] [No]



I tap yes and the book glows for a moment before disappearing, as it does I feel new information being added to my brain, fortunately it's pretty painless.



Skill added [ID Create]



[ID Create] (Active) LVL 1/100 (0/100)

100 MP to cast

Creates an Instant Dungeon

New dungeons will be added as the skill is leveled

Dungeons available

[Empty] [Zombie]



Skill added [ID Escape]



[ID Escape] (Active) LVL MAX

50 MP to cast

Allows the user to leave the Instant Dungeon and return to reality,

Cannot be used while in combat



Quest Added

[Dungeon Diving for Beginners]

Objective : Defeat the Boss of the Easy Zombie Dungeon

Reward : ???, 500 credits, 5000 exp



Interesting, very interesting. But I don't really want to add a zombie horde to my apartment building, so I suppose it's time to head out of the building. As I leave the front door I quickly notice that the streets are completely empty, and the surrounding buildings seem unused, I seem to be in a residential area with rows of houses around my apartment complex. Trying the next houses front door reveals that its unlocked but as I explore the house I realise its clearly never been lived in, it's furnished but everything is perfect, too perfect. There's none of the wear and tear furniture gets from everyday use. So I leave and keep going down the street.



As I'm walking I hit a barrier, literally. At the end of the street is a invisible wall preventing me from going any further, After dismissing the message that I had taking -1 HP Damage I run to the other end of the street reveals the same. I can't climb over the fences behind the houses either.




While the hub world starts small, it can be upgraded in the store once it is unlocked!



Nice to know, but pretty useless at the moment. Since I can't leave I guess here will have to do.



“[ID Create, Zombies]”



Please choose a difficulty for this dungeon

[Easy] [Normal] [Hard] [Nightmare]



Normal, Hard and Nightmare are greyed out so I select Easy, The moment I do the sky goes dark. The only illumination is from the full moon, which would be great if it wasn't a pale red. I can already hear moaning and movement from the street, luckily I'm still in a back garden so I crouch and slowly sneak around the house to the front garden, hiding behind the front fence I glance over to see a figure stumbling down the street, it seems to be alone.



Skill added [Sneak]



[Sneak] (Active) LVL 1/100 (0/100)

Allows the user to stay undetected, more effective in dark environments or behind cover

At level 25 users movement will become silent

At level 50 user will have all scents removed while sneaking

At level 75 user will become immune to hostile searching skills

At level 100 user will gain the ability to blend into shadows, becoming invisible



I dismiss the notification for now, I really don't have the time to be messing with menus right now.



As it gets closer to my hiding spot I can see that it looks female, her skin looks pale and sickly, her clothes torn and blood stained. She has blood stains around her mouth and red eyes that almost glow. I think I could beat her with my [Magic Missile] skill. As I'm focusing on her a new notification appears.



Skill added [Observe]



[Observe] (Active) LVL 1/100 (0/100)

Provides information on target

At level 25 targets perks and emotional state will be revealed

At level 50 targets background and skills will be revealed

At level 100 targets thoughts about the user and the targets secrets will be revealed (when applicable)



[Female Zombie] LVL 1

HP – 100

SP – 100

Primary stat – Strength



That's useful, extremely so once its leveled. If she only has 100 HP I can kill her easy enough it would just take 3 [Magic Missiles]. Doable but it would almost empty my MP so I better not miss. I hide back behind the fence and wait for her to pass and slowly leave the garden getting behind her. I hold my hands apart and create my first [Magic Missile] between them, its smaller than I expected, barely the size of a baseball. It's a glowing purple orb, it looks pretty cool but the glow reveals my presence to my target. She turns and starts to shamble towards me, but she's very slow. I could outpace her with a fast walk.



As I thrust my hands forward my [Magic Missile] shoots forward and hits her in the chest knocking her over, I quickly prepare another hitting her while she's down. And then one final one to finish her off. I feel pretty drained with my MP so low but I've won my first battle. I'm glad I have [Gamers Mind] because I'd definitely be freaking out over the corpse otherwise. She's missing parts of her chest from where my [Magic Missiles] hit her, I can see her broken ribs and damaged organs. It's pretty gruesome, honestly it's a shame though, she's actually pretty cute if you look past the blood and gore.



Battle Won!

EXP – 50

Drops – Rotten Flesh



The exp is OK but I really could have done without rotten flesh in my inventory, apparently it's a crafting material but I have no idea what I'd make with it. As I wait for my MP to regen I hear more moaning behind me, looking back I can see 6 more zombies shambling towards me, a quick observe reveals that they are all level 1. my MP is still recovering so I back away. They're still slow so there's no real threat as long as I keep moving. Thinking quickly I decide to create a new skill. I need something that can hit multiple targets, as a mage there's really only one choice.



'Skill Creation, Chain Lightning'



Skill Creation Failed

50 INT Required



...shit. Fine I can try more.



'Skill Creation, Fireball'



Skill added [Fireball]



[Fireball] (Active) LVL 1/100 (0/100)

250 MP to cast

Sends a fireball at target dealing (50+INT) Fire Damage, deals (25+(INT/2) to any targets within a 3 meter radius

Damage will be increased by 10 every 10 levels

MP cost will be reduced by 5 every 5 levels

At level 30 fireball will have a 25% chance to inflict [Burning], dealing 10 fire damage every 5 seconds

At level 60 fireball will no longer have friendly fire

At level 100 fireball will have a 5% chance to incinerate targets, killing them instantly (Does not effect boss characters or targets with a 10 level advantage over the user)



It's no chain lightning but it'll do, my MP has recovered enough to use my new spell so I create the [Fireball] in between my hands and throw it at the group, sending them flying back, it wasn't quite enough to kill the one it hit but it certainly bought me some time, which I'll need since my MP is practically empty. I hop a fence and run to one of the houses back gardens while they are still down. Jumping over a few more fences I find a bush to hide in before any of them manage to follow me. I can hear them moving into the first garden now that they've recovered from being thrown around. I stay in the bush for a while longer as they stumble around separating and wandering off to search for me. After a couple of minutes my MP is back to full so I leave my spot and return to the main street they 6 have spread around so I launch a [Magic Missile] at the closest knocking him over, then another to finish him.



Ignoring a notification that [Magic Missile] had leveled up I return to the back garden and wait for the rest to arrive, as my MP regens. As they start to funnel into the garden I prepare another [Fireball] and wait for them all to arrive and throw it at them.



Critical Hit! X2 Damage




Critical Hit chance is decided by your luck stat and the area hit, so make sure not to neglect it!



The group get blown apart by the explosion limbs flying away as the zombies are destroyed. I've seen countless characters use Fire magic before but it never felt quite as good as this. The heat makes me sweat and my heart has never beaten so fast, it's a wonderful feeling. Is this what pyromaniacs feel? If so then I completely understand why they'd risk their health and freedom for it. Magic is truly amazing. I don't even mind the smell of burnt flesh, it isn't pleasant but if a bad smell is the price of destroying my enemies with fire and explosions then it's a price I will gleefully pay.



Perk Gained [Destruction Magic Novice]



[Novice Pyromancer]

Increases damage of Fire Magic spells by 10%

Decreases MP cost of Fire Magic spells by 10%



Class Gained [Novice Mage]



[Novice Mage] LVL 1/25 (0/100)

Increases all spells effectiveness by 10%

Decreases MP cost all spells by 10%

Increases MP Regen by 10%



Perk Menu Unlocked in the Character Sheet



Battle Won!

EXP – 300

Drops – Rotten Flesh x5



I check the messages as I calm myself. It's nice to have another feature unlocked and passive increases are always welcome. Once I've calmed down enough I realise that I'm still not done, the quest objective was to defeat a boss but I haven't seen anything like that yet. So I had back to the street after letting my MP Regen and switching my class to [Novice Mage]. In the middle of the street there's a single zombie but unlike the others this one is dressed differently, looking like he's just stepped out of a museum clad in Roman armour. I duck behind a fence and peer over so I use [Observe] on him.


[Zombie Warrior] LVL 5 {Boss}

HP – 250

SP – 200

Primary stat – Endurance



This should be handleable, 3 [Magic Missiles] will deal around 120 damage with my new class, if I ambush him then retreat while he's knocked down I should be fine. I create my missile and launch it at the zombies back, the orb streaks through the air smashing into its back, it stumbles forward but doesn't fall so I follow up with another [Magic Missile]. The zombie hadn't recovered yet so the second shot knocks him to the ground, my third shot hits him directly in the face, Blasting away his skin and revealing the skull underneath.



Critical Hit! X2 Damage



Another observe shows that the boss is down to just under 100 HP but he is rising up quickly, far faster than the regular zombies. He gets back on his feet and starts running down the street. He isn't that fast, its more of a jog than a run but he's far faster than the shambling zombies I beat before. I retreat back into another garden hopping fences as I move from garden to garden. I can outpace him, as he attempts to follow. He clearly isn't very smart as he fails to get over the fences properly, falling over as he tries to climb them. My MP recovers while I run so I prepare another [Magic Missile] and send it at him as he blunders over a fence, knocking him back. With his health down so low it's the perfect time for another [Fireball].



Creating my little ball of destruction I admire its glow for a moment while the zombie tries to get over the fence again before launching it at him. I watch with glee as it connects melting his skin and blasting him across the garden. I get a warm fuzzy feeling as I look upon the devastation my spell caused, if this is what a level 2 mage can do I can't wait for the higher levels.



Battle Won!

EXP – 500

Drops – Putrid Flesh



Quest Complete

[Dungeon Diving for Beginners]

Objective : Defeat the Boss of the Easy Zombie Dungeon

Reward : Portal Added to the Hub, 500 credits, 5000 exp



You have leveled Up!

Shiro, Game Nerd

Level – 4 [850/4000]

Class – Novice Mage [LVL 1/25 (38/100)]

Alignment – Neutral Evil

HP – 150 [5 Regen per Minute]

MP – 400 [20 Regen per 10 seconds]

SP – 150 [5 Regen per 10 Seconds]

STR - 5

END - 5

DEX – 5

INT - 30

WIS – 20

CHA – 15

LCK – 15

Points – 2

Money - 600 Credits



I quickly increase INT to 30 and WIS to 20, leaving me 12 points to spend, after some thought I increase CHA and LCK to 15 and save the last 2 for now, I liked having my stats be multiples of 5. I use [ID Escape] to leave the dungeon and head back to my apartment.



Once I arrive I notice a new door in my living room that wasn't there before, looks like I found my portal, as I approach it a new menu appears.



Congratulations on earning your Portal!

From here you can traverse to other worlds, this would usually have a one time cost to unlock but as this is your first time the first world chosen is free!

Please select the world you wish to go to first.




Capture Pokémon to battle for you, collect gym badges and complete your Pokédex on this adventure!

If selected you will be able to choose a region to start in, and will not be able to choose another world until you have become the champion of your starter region



[Persona 4 Golden]

Summon Personas to battle shadows, improve your social links and solve the mystery of the midnight channel!

If selected you will take the place of the Protagonist of Persona 4 and will not be able to choose another world until you have reached the True Ending




Take the role of Supreme Being of the Great Tomb of Nazarick as you lead your followers in this new world they have been transported to!

If selected you will take the place of Lord Momonga (The Skeletal Form is optional) and will not be able to choose another world until you have completed The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc



[High School DxD]

Join Rias Gremory and her peerage in Kuoh academy, whether you join the devils, another faction or make your own is entirely up to you!

If selected you will be able to choose from multiple potential starts and will not be able to choose another world until you have reached the conclusion of the Rias Gremory Arranged Marriage Quest



[Mass Effect]

Lead the Normandy in the battle against the Geth and Saren the Rouge Spectre!

If selected you will take the role of Commander Shepard and will not be able to choose another world until you have completed Mass Effect 1




Play as wide variety of Heroes in this team based game!

If selected you will not be able to choose another world until you have 150 victories, and have unlocked 1 Overwatch Hero as a Follower



[Star Wars The Old Republic]

Play as one of 8 classes in this galactic adventure.

If selected you be able to choose from the 8 classes and will not be able to choose another world until you have completed your class story



...looks like I'll be playing this game for a long long time.