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Yes, the Brisket is Braised

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-Kyungsoo's apartment-


Warm sunlight rolled through the window like a thick wave of honey. It tickled his skin, illuminated the fine dust dancing around the room and woke up the slumbering cat. It stretched its little black arms, pink paws with claws extracted for just a moment. Another being in this room was stretching, bones cracking like popcorn and quiet mewls escaping its lips. Kyungsoo. His fluffy bed-head was peeking from underneath the covers. The sun shone through the gap in the orange curtains, right onto his bed. Groaning, he sat up and stretched again. Another work-day was ahead of him, and today he really didn't feel like going. It just… hadn't been going that well lately. The black kitty in the room stalked over to Kyungsoo, jumped onto the bed and settled down happily into her owner's arms. "Don't you want to go in my place?", Kyungsoo scratched behind its black fluffy ears and sighed. "Guess you can't hold a spatula…"


That's what his work was, basically. Holding a spatula. A few months ago, when he'd applied for the job, he thought he was going to get the chef's position. But the current chef had suddenly decided to stay a few more years, at the same time giving Kyungsoo a few more grey hairs. He'd already planned it all out, what he'd do when he got the job he actually applied for: he'd change the tacky old place into a bright lunchroom, serving Angus beef burgers with spicy salsa verde and fresh kale salad instead of the fatty sloppy Joes that were served at the moment. Right now, the restaurant attracted mostly the Jocks and popular college kids instead of the people he would prefer to serve: the art majors, the quiet literature kids, the sweet culinary school students… Honestly, he was tired of coming home with greasy-smelling clothes and at least one mean remark to mull over before falling asleep. But he had to pull though. In 2 years, the current chef would resign. Besides, he needed the money. "Otherwise I can't buy you your expensive food, can I?", Kyungsoo said to his cat. It purred and nuzzled its face against his hand. "You little spoiled brat."


-the restaurant- 


“Kyungsoo? Can you go refill the ketchup bottles?”
“Yes, sir.”
Kyungsoo wiped the sweat off his brow and padded out of the kitchen towards the little tables. He wasn’t really mad that he, after 5 years of culinary school, had to refill the ketchup bottles. There wasn’t anyone in the restaurant after all. He was just glad he could leave his disgusting grill for a bit and get some ‘fresh’ air. The floor was sticky. It was clad in a mixture of dropped french fries and grass, which got here thanks to the sport’s majors. They were the main customers of this establishment. At midday, they were famished because of the harsh training they got, and they ran into the restaurant, jostling and yelling and laughing. Sometimes, after football-practice, they didn’t even bother taking their gear off. Kyungsoo hated when he had to take orders then, talking to someone through a helmet. He sighed and screwed the lid off a ketchup bottle. Meticulously, he began filling it. Even though he hated his current job, he would always do his best and try to make everybody happy. Minseok, the employee who usually made the drinks and took the orders, walked past him with a mop and a bucket of water.

“Guess I’ll have to scrub the french fry goo off the floor. Again.”, he rolled his eyes.

Kyungsoo smiled at him and patted him on the back. He was about to say some encouraging words when the door to the restaurant opened, revealing a young man, all alone. Kyungsoo frowned. He looked young enough to attend the college nearby, and ‘square’ enough to be a sport major, but his loose, fashionable clothing suggested that he was an art-major. The problem was that Kyungsoo had never seen this person before, but the guy walked over to the counter confidently and ordered without even looking at the menu. Kyungsoo absentmindedly resumed filling the ketchup bottle while staring at the guy’s face. How could he be a regular customer, but with an unknown face? It was a pretty face, though. He had a lean, sharp nose and full plump lips that stretched into a smile when Minseok handed him his change. His hair was tousled in a lovely way, making a few dark blonde strands fall over his forehead. Kyungsoo’s eyes travelled down the strong chin to the lean neck to the… the shirt he was wearing was so loose that it revealed collarbones of a god and shoulders he’d love to hold onto.


Kyungsoo almost shrieked when his staring was discovered by the stranger. “Y-yes?”

“You’re spilling your ketchup.”

“What?”, The black-haired guy looked down and saw the red goo seeping between his fingers. Ugh. He heard a chuckle behind him as he tried to close the lid with his sticky fingers.

“Maybe if you hadn’t been ogling me that much, you wouldn’t have spilled it.”

Kyungsoo grumbled and threw the golden-skinned stranger an angry look. The guy just laughed and took his take-away bag from Minseok with yet another dazzling smile. He walked over to Kyungsoo leisurely and bit his lip at the big doe eyes looking up at him.

“See you later…” -he peered at the name tag on the startled guy’s chest- “Kyungsoo.”