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Ruki had only fainted at that party for a mere five seconds. And already, upon waking, he was angry as a bull, ready to charge at anything. How could the world do this to him? How could it bring him the worst, most ignorant guy ever, and tell them to get together?? Ruki really wasn't having it. Hell to the no! But he wasn't an idiot either, and some smarter part of him knew that he absolutely had to at least try to talk to Reita about all of this. That is, if he could handle feeling as if he was trying to throw a basketball into a sealed hoop the entire time. Because that's probably what talking to Reita felt like. Utter despair, frustration, and futility.


It wasn't any longer before Ruki stormed downstairs, tightening his fists into a ball. As soon as he spotted Reita, whom was starting some stupid game of beer pong, he marched on over, and grabbed Reita by his strong arm. The man was obviously already somewhat drunk, and so was his peers. Nobody seemed to actually care about the fact that Reita was being dragged out of the game, letting out simple giggles or simply ignoring them. Reita, on the other hand, was completely weak. Easy to yank away, and stupid. Easy to control, like some puppet.

"Where are you taking me, man?" he almost slurred.

Ruki didn't have the energy or the patience to reply. But soon enough, they entered Reita’s bedroom, and closed the doors behind them.


First of all… "You see this?" Ruki immediately spat out, swooping a bag of coins from one of the drawers, and holding it up roughly for dumb Reita to see. "Know what it is?" his teeth were clenched; it was really difficult to keep his cool.

It took a second for the blonde drunkard to register what was in front of him. But eventually, he managed to form a reply, "Yeah!" he was laughing now. What a jerk. "I stole it from some dumbass! Didn't know what hit him!"

Seeing all the random trinkets that were cluttered about the place, Ruki could only guess that this guy was a kleptomaniac. And that only spurred on his anger even more. The fact that he purposely hurt others like this, too.

Ruki approached Reita. He stomped up and grabbed his spiky hair, forcefully pulling his head down until Reita’s face was only a few inches away from Ruki’s. "Well that 'dumbass' you speak of was me!"

Reita only blinked stupidly at this news. His face was turning pink, but it was hard to tell if it was from his drunkenness, or something else entirely.

The careless silence from the thief really pushed Ruki’s buttons. "Not gonna say anything, huh? Not even an apology?!"

Reita pushed the smaller man away, letting out a big sigh of relief when they broke apart, as if Ruki had been suffocating him by being so close.

And then, after a few seconds, he regained his usual composure, and said it. With that big, smug smirk on his face again. "Why should I be sorry? It's not my fault you forgot to lock the door."

Reita heard the slap on his face before he could even register it.

"Asshole!" Ruki exclaimed, turning away from Reita and crossing his arms. "Goddammit! Why does my soulmate have to be such a goddamn motherfucking asshole, who lives so lowly, not even the Devil wants him!" He said that more to himself than anyone else, but it made Reita’s ears perk up.

"What did you just say?" The thief's voice sounded threatened, yet still remained strong, with a hint of anger.

Ruki walked over to the closet, picked up the purple striped hoodie from the ground, and turned back around. "This…I don't want it! But I have it! The same exact fucking hoodie as you." He chucked it at Reita. It lightly hit his chest before falling back down to the ground.

"You're a liar!" Reita didn't believe the shorter one. Why should he believe anything that came out of this guy's mouth? Especially after he tried so hard to take down his ego. Nobody was allowed to do that.

"How can I be lying if it's even on my phone?" Ruki had taken out his cell phone, and brought up a photo of himself wearing the same, exact hoodie. Holding it up with the brightness maxed out, for Reita’s eyes to inevitably see. "We're fucking soulmates, asshole!" He had to say it out loud, although he really didn't want to. The words sounded like poison, as if it would kill him.

For a second, Ruki thought that he could see Reita’s smug demeanor break completely. His smirk fell into a frown, and his eyes widened slightly. For once, he looked vulnerable. Scared. As if he was trapped in a corner, with absolutely no way out. He was literally beginning to tremble a bit, and he mumbled, with a shaky voice, "Get out."

Ruki could barely hear the words through the quiet mumbling. "What did you just say?"

Reita stopped shaking. Instead, he now stood tall, and sent Ruki a stone-cold death stare. It actually sent chills down the smaller man's spine. "I said, get out! Get out of my fucking house! You're such a party-killer! No fun at all! A lame loser!" Reita huffed, "No one likes a fucking nerd like you!"

Once again, Ruki didn't have it. The sassy diva within him just couldn't leave without having the last goddamn word.

"If I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb all the way up to your ego, and then jump all the way down to your IQ.” After he said this, Ruki snapped his fingers, flipped his hair, and left the house. As he walked away, he couldn’t help stealing everyone’s attention and glances, because, well...he was super glittery like a disco ball, hot like a pancake, and angry like a bull. A diva at its finest. Reita stood dumbfounded in his bedroom, wondering what the hell kind of shit he somehow just got himself into.


* * *


Ruki was back home, enjoying a cup of hot chamomile tea, when he heard his phone ping.


AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : Hey, where did you go? I’ve been looking for you, but I don’t see you at all at this kickass party!


ROOK-at-me ( O w o) : I left and went home. But not without telling someone off, of course! You were right, I still have some diva in me.


It took a while for Aoi to respond. He was probably up to no good at that party. But that gave Ruki just enough time to think about his situation, and fully enjoy the warming aroma steaming up from his teacup. Honestly, who did that Reita guy think he is? He seemed to have such a big ego. Way too big for that small brain of his. Who was he, actually, though? Ruki took another thoughtful sip of chamomile, and it seemed to clear his mind even more. This made it easier for him to realize that perhaps Reita wasn’t so high and almighty after all. He remembered the moment where the man’s entire demeanor shattered. Ruki saw a glimpse of a person who looked like they were suffering. Like their life was constantly trying to strangle them with barbed wire.

...Or maybe this tea was just getting to his head. That sudden ego drop couldn’t have really meant anything, right? Maybe Ruki was just imagining things. But deep down, he wished that it was true. Because he truly didn’t want to be stuck with such an ignorant asshole. Nevertheless, Ruki was still angry. And bitter. Because Reita truly was mean-spirited.




AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : No way! Who did you tell off??


And finally, Aoi answers!


ROOK-at-me ( O w o) : Reita. He was being such a jerk towards me! But, uh...I have something to tell you about him. I’m not sure if you’ll believe me, though.


Who was he to keep his best friend out of the loop? Ruki had found his soulmate, and as much as he hated his match, it had definitely been a big dream of his. Even though that dream was pretty much thrown into the mud as soon as he saw who it was.


AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : Of course I’ll believe you! You’re my bro. What is it?


Ruki took a deep breath of reassurance. Here it goes. By telling Aoi, he’d be basically admitting and anchoring the truth to himself, and to his life.


ROOK-at-me ( O w o) : Reita...he’s my soulmate. I found the purple hoodie in his closet. And he couldn’t have stolen it from me, because, well...I’m wearing mine right now.


When he had gotten home, Ruki frantically searched his bedroom to see if his hoodie was still there. Because maybe kleptomaniac Reita had stolen it along with his other belongings. But it was still in the same spot he always left it-- under his bed, shamefully.


AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : Holy fuck, dude! Reita is by far the straightest-looking guy ever! Are you sure??


The reply from Aoi was so fast, Ruki knew that he was anxious and worried by the bittersweet news.


ROOK-at-me ( O w o) : Of course I’m sure! He has the hoodie, and it’s obvious that it’s his own. His reaction to seeing mine sent him into a fit!


AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : Jesus! We need to get you two together, then.


Ruki had to read that last message twice. Aoi wasn’t actually serious, was he? There was no way in hell that Ruki wanted any part of Reita again! Especially not after such an intense fight.


ROOK-at-me ( O w o) : But...Aoi! I hate that guy! We just don’t get along. He ticks me the heck off! He’s such a waste of oxygen!


AO-that-hurts ( > o <) : Ouch to that last comment, man! Anyways, this soulmate at birth stuff doesn’t lie. Trust me, I should know. I’m the one with a ring on my finger. Anyways, I can’t text you anymore right now. Some people are yelling at me to get off my phone and continue this damn Flip Cup game. I don’t even like it so far. Ugh...I’ll message you later!


Damnit. Aoi left him, to deal with this shit by himself. By now, his tea was cooled off, a bit too much for his taste. Everything was cold, it seemed, despite it being a spring month. It’s as if the weather knew just how miserable things were for Ruki right now. He threw a fluffy blanket on himself, and couldn’t help but wonder how exactly Aoi was planning to get him and Reita together. And think of how much of a waste it would be to even try to get them to date in the first place.


* * *


The next morning, Ruki woke up to his phone ringing very loudly. His ringtone, which was a hard deathcore song, was really not the best way to wake up. He ended up on the floor after he let out a small squeal and fell off his bed. His heart was pounding as he tried to catch his breath and his cool before swiping his screen to accept the call.


Still lying on the floor, he answered, “Hello?”


“Ruki!!!!!!” Aoi’s explosive voice almost shattered his eardrum, especially this early in the morning. “I’ve got something to tell you!”


“Goddamn, Aoi! Aren’t you hungover or something??”


“Nah, I think I must be made of steel. Anyways! Dude! I somehow became somewhat friends with Reita last night. I don’t know how, because he honestly really is a dick. But we found some common ground, since we both enjoy playing chorded instruments, and rock music. Anyways, I’m at your front door. Let me in!”


The line hung up after those last words. Ruki put his phone away in his pocket in confusion. Huh? Ruki was at a loss for words right now, and the pounding against his ribcage just didn’t want to stop. He definitely didn’t expect a visitor today, and his nerves were catching up to him again. Nevertheless, Aoi was his best friend. He could deal with him, right? Maybe.

Ruki stood up, walked over the door with uncertainty, and as soon as he unlocked and opened it, Aoi came rushing in like a puppy who had waited too long for its owner to come home. He basically mauled Ruki, hugging him very tightly and forcefully. “Ruukiii!!”

Ruki almost fell over at his best friend’s eagerness. “What?” he spat out, not sure if he should have let in such an animal into his home.

Aoi got out of the hug, but didn’t quite let go of him. He held onto his shoulder and looked him right in the eye with cheerful pride. “I got you a date. With the one and only!”

Ruki stiffened his posture. A heavy feeling settled in his stomach, as if he had swallowed a boulder. A sudden wave of anger washed over him, as well, and he swore, “Fuck! You’re kidding me! Please tell me you’re just trying to mess with me!” He could only hope.

Aoi’s lips curved up into a big smile, from ear to ear. “Nope! You see, I’m a genius. Before the party ended, I asked him... if him and I could hangout tonight at a restaurant/bar place! To discuss more on musical matters. And to help him get laid or whatever, you know, typical asshole guy stuff.”

Ruki raised an eyebrow, still finding it difficult to manage all of his explosive emotions. They were really threatening to spill over, he was actually shaking. “So? What does this have to do with me?"

"I'm not the one showing up. You are! He won't expect it at all!"

Aoi looked like he could barely contain his excitement. He was fidgeting all over the place, and smiling very proudly. As for Ruki, though… he felt like he was going to die. He didn't think this was a good idea. No, no. To take a jerk by surprise like that would probably only end badly. And Ruki wasn't sure if he was ready to be face to face with that guy again...

"And if I don't show up?" Ruki couldn't help but inquire, biting his lip uncomfortably.

"Then I won't talk to you for a very long time. And I'm not kidding about that. I'll give you the biggest silent treatment ever! I just want you to be happy, Ruki."

God. Aoi really, really wanted this date to happen. And he wasn't ready to back off or give up anytime soon.

Damnit...and Ruki did truly care about Aoi’s feelings. Maybe one date with that Reita guy wouldn't be so bad? Well, actually, it would probably be worse than being a turtle that fell on its back. But at least it would probably shut Aoi up. If this date went wrong, then obviously, this soulmate at birth thing was flawed. Aoi would be wrong. Ruki could go back to simply living.

...But was that a good thing? To go back…? To those lonely, boring times…

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Ruki suddenly thought. Might as well please Aoi, and then prove him wrong. It would also give Ruki another chance to kick a bitch's ass. That was always fun. Right? Maybe...

"Fine. I'll show up on this dumb set-up date of yours." Ruki gave in, causing Aoi to squeal in excitement, his dark eyes almost sparkling.

"You'll thank me later, I promise!"

Ruki highly doubted that.