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I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

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Throughout history, love has not always been fair. In fact, many have been cursed in matters of the heart, and doomed to never be with the one that they desire.


The tragic tales of these star-crossed lovers has captivated generation after generation, and have been told millions of times. There are various renditions of them, known across the world, in every language and every country. Helen of Troy and Paris, Romeo and Juliet. Belle and the Beast, Peggy Carter and Captain Steve Rogers. Nearly everyone has heard of at least one of these pairs, if not all.


Yet little is known of the tale of Gerard and Helena, who are quite possibly the pair who've suffered the most throughout time.


Herein lays their tale, sealed within the vinyl of the records of the once-popular punk-rock quintet 'My Chemical Romance', waiting to be pieced together by the willing souls who have the courage to do so.