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Give It To Me

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Kirishima Eijirou is hot. Not that Bakugou would ever admit it out loud, but it’s true. And his muscles being displayed in all their shirtless glory on a Saturday morning in the weight room, the day after Bakugou took his monthly T injection, is not helping.

Kirishima puts the bar down after his last rep, and Bakugou steps away from spotting him, admiring his back muscles when he sits up.

“You ready to shower now, dude?” Kirishima asks as he stands.

“Yeah, yeah, and you’d better wash up good, Shitty Hair, you smell,” Bakugou grumbles.

What he doesn’t say is that Kirishima smells good despite just finishing a workout. He has that musky, manly scent that makes Bakugou want to do so many things to him.

The two boys leave the weight room and head into the vacant bathroom. Kirishima is chattering away as they place their bags in their lockers.

Kirishima turns around when they begin changing to give Bakugou privacy, and the action makes a warm feeling bloom in Bakugou’s stomach.

He can’t help but admire Kirishima’s ass as he pulls off his boxers, and he mutters, “Fuckin’ T,” under his breath.

“Did you say something, man?” Kirishima asks, turning to look him in the eye, and Bakugou has to resist the urge to look between the other’s legs.

“No, let’s get going already,” he grumbles in response, and wraps his towel around himself as he heads into the stall.

Kirishima starts the shower in the stall next to him. Bakugou tries to concentrate on washing his hair, but the thought of a very wet and very naked Kirishima right next to him is making it all but impossible.

“Fuck,” he says out loud, tilting his head back against the tiles.

“What’s wrong, man?” Kirishima yells over the water.

“It’s fucking nothing, Kirishima,” Bakugou yells back.

Kirishima turns the water off and says, “You know I know you too well to believe that, so spill.”

Bakugou curses again, unsure how to respond.

He weighs his options for a moment, then answers, “I just took my injection yesterday.”

“And the side effects are bothering you or something?” Kirishima asks.

Bakugou grunts.

“Well, what are they? Can I help?”

“It’s...personal,” Bakugou responds carefully.

“Come on, man, I can handle personal, I’m your best friend!”

“Fuckin’-okay, I’ll tell you, but you can’t judge, got that?!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it!”

“T makes me really fucking horny,” Bakugou says as he feels a blush rise to his cheeks.

There’s a moment of silence, and then Kirishima says, “That’s it? Why don’t you just rub one out?”

“‘Cause it’s not that simple, Shitty Hair!” Bakugou shouts, and then, quieter, “It’s not enough just doing it to myself.”

“You know, man, you could just ask for help.”

“What am I supposed to say, hey, Eijirou, ram your cock into my pussy so hard I squirt?”

“Oh fuck,” Bakugou whispers, because he did not mean to expose his massive crush on his best friend through a sexual fantasy.

“Fuck,” Bakugou’s thoughts are interrupted by Kirishima cursing, “That’s so hot, Katsuki.”

Wait, so he’s cool with the whole “make me squirt with your cock” thing? Bakugou can work with that.

“Then why don’t you come and give it to me?” Bakugou asks.

Kirishima growls and rips open the shower curtain, pinning Bakugou against the wall and kissing him roughly. Bakugou kisses him back and moans in surprise when Kirishima lifts him effortlessly.

“Fuck, Katsuki,” Kirishima moans as he kisses down his neck, “You make me so hard, you have no idea.”

Bakugou whimpers as Kirishima latches onto the juncture between his neck and shoulder. He grinds down onto Kirishima’s cock needily, making the other groan.

“I-“ Kirishima cuts off with another groan, “I don’t have a condom.”

“Birth control,” Bakugou pants as he continues to grind down, “you can cum in me for all it matters.”

Kirishima reaches up to palm his breast and says, “Maybe I will.”

“Please,” Bakugou moans as he throws his head back.

“Okay, okay, let me prep you first, babe,” Kirishima says, and the pet name makes Bakugou tingle.

“Just give it to me now,” Bakugou demands.

Kirishima presses the head up against Bakugou’s hole and looks at him inquisitively, “Do you really want to take this without any prep?”

Bakugou keens and arches his back, because it feels so good. But Kirishima’s right, he can already feel just the head stretching his hymen, and he knows he’ll tear if he tries to go for it now.

“Fine, prep me first,” Bakugou grumbles.

Kirishima grins, “I’m gonna make you scream for me, Katsuki!”

“Good luck with that, you shitty virg-“ Bakugou cuts off with a yelp as Kirishima suddenly squats and lifts Bakugou onto his shoulders.

He wraps one arm around Bakugou’s waist, and brings the other down to rub a finger over his hole.

“You know, Katsuki,” Kirishima starts as he presses his finger inside of him, “I’ve always wondered how you taste down here.”

Before Bakugou gets the chance to respond, Kirishima is wrapping his lips around his cock and sucking hard. He presses in another finger and curls them up right into his g-spot. Bakugou moans and grips his hair with both hands, grinding down onto his face. Kirishima sucks harder, and Bakugou bucks into him, enjoying the friction of his fingers and mouth. Kirishima adds a third finger and Bakugou’s gone, moaning loudly into his arm as he cums over Kirishima’s face. Kirishima pumps his fingers and laps at his folds gently until his tremors subside.

He looks up at Bakugou and smirks, “Told ya I could make ya scream.”

Bakugou scoffs and looks away, red faced, “I didn’t scream, Shitty Hair.”

“Oh?” Kirishima stands, keeping Bakugou’s legs on his shoulders, “Maybe I should try again, then.”

He presses his cock up against Bakugou’s entrance and looks at him, “Are you sure you want this?”

Bakugou grunts without hesitation. What he doesn’t say is for just how long he’s wanted it.

“Okay,” Kirishima kisses him tenderly as he pushes in.

It still hurts, and Bakugou whimpers against Kirishima’s lips, and squeezes the hand Kirishima offers.

When he’s all the way in, Kirishima pulls away from the kiss, “You still doin’ okay, Blasty?”

Bakugou inhales slowly, “Yeah, ‘m fine. You can move.”

Kirishima carefully rocks his hips, and they both groan simultaneously. Kirishima thrusts a little faster, and Bakugou clenches down around him. The action makes Kirishima thrust harder than intended, ramming right into Bakugou’s g-spot. The action earns him a moan from Bakugou, so he repeats it. Bakugou is close already, panting and moaning and gripping the back of Kirishima’s neck.

“Fuck, I-Katsuki,” Kirishima whimpers against him, “I-I love you! I love you so much! I’ve always loved you!”

Bakugou’s eyes widen, and Kirishima hits that spot one more time. Then he’s shaking and screaming Kirishima’s name into the other’s neck. True to his fantasy, he squirts all over Kirishima’s cock. Kirishima’s pupils dilate, and then he’s tipping his head back and cumming inside of Bakugou.

The two remain panting for a moment, until Bakugou looks at Kirishima and asks, “Did you fuckin’ mean what you said?”

Kirishima turns red, somehow still embarrassed despite having his softening cock inside of Bakugou, “Yeah, man, I meant it.”

“Then...” Bakugou blushes and his nose scrunches cutely, “Do you wanna be my boyfriend or whatever? ‘Cause I-I love you too.”

Kirishima looks at him, shocked, and then grins and nods rapidly, “Yes, yes, I want to be your boyfriend!”

“Then, if you’re not too tired or some shit, can you carry me back to my room? I think you fucked the use out of my legs for a while.”

Kirishima laughs, “Yeah, I can do that. I have great stamina, after all,” he winks.

Bakugou makes a mini explosion and Kirishima laughs again, “I got it, Blasty, we’re goin’.”

Kirishima helps him into his clothes, and then piggybacks them back to Bakugou’s room. He gently places Bakugou on the bed and kisses his forehead.

Kirishima turns to leave, but Bakugou grabs his wrist, “Wait. Stay. Please.”

Kirishima’s mouth slowly spreads into a grin, and he hops into bed with Bakugou, pulling him close. The two fall asleep like that, and even though he’d blow up anyone who suggested it, Bakugou loved it.