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Hold The Light

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“Coffee for my two favorite future wildland firefighters.” Hoseok hummed setting a coffee in front of the two who were studying hard. He pressed a soft kiss to Yoongi’s temple making the older smile before he sat next to him.

“Thank you Hoseok.” Namjoon said grabbing the coffee. Next to his books were two empty cups he had already downed.

“Thank you Seok.” Yoongi hummed. He took a drink of the coffee letting it slide down his throat slowly before looking at his boyfriend. “How'd your exam go?”

“Good. I find out next week my score. But I feel really good about it. Want some help studying?”

“No thank you,” Namjoon smiled at his friend. He glanced at his books and notes again, going over them more.

He and Yoongi were in an EMT course to learn medical first aid for their certifications to become a wildland firefighter. Something the two of them had realized they wanted shortly after beginning college courses when a wildfire burned close to their town and they saw the firefighters working relentlessly to stop the fire from getting closer.

Hoseok on the other hand was taking a different course that still offered first aid, but focused on the structure saving aspects of firefighting. Hoseok wanted to fight fires too, but instead of running into a burning forest, he wanted to go into burning buildings and save people. The three had become best friends in high school, with Hoseok already knowing what he wanted, his dad had done it for years and as a child he loved the idea of helping people and being brave like his dad. Several Halloweens were spent wearing a firefighter jacket far too big and a helmet that sunk over his eyes but didn't hide the heart shaped smile and dimples.

“Would you like some help studying my love?” Hoseok teased Yoongi making the older blush. The two started dating shortly before their senior prom, and Namjoon loved his friends dearly, but the flirting in front of him was too much sometimes.

“I mean you can.” Yoongi said softly.

Hoseok smiled, “I'll give you kisses for each right answer.”

Namjoon shook his head smiling as that flustered the oldest. He grabbed his coffee and got up, “I'll let be right back. I need to get up and stretch.”

Yoongi and Hoseok nodded, acknowledging him before flirting some more.

Namjoon smiled and walked away from his friends. He knew they didn't mean to make him feel like a third wheel. It just naturally happened for the two who loved each other so naturally. He walked over to the giant windows the library had and looked out them at the parking lot that had a beautiful forest behind it. Already, Namjoon could pinpoint things that would mean a large fire if the forest had caught on fire. His studying in his firefighting courses had taught him that much.

Even still, it was one of his favorite sites that he loved to walk in front of the windows looking out to. Sometimes losing track of the time or where he was, that there were other people around and he could easily bump into them….

A pile of books crashed into his chest and an arm knocked into his own that had the coffee. In an effort to protect the books that Namjoon had no doubt were library ones and would cost a fortune had they got damaged, he pulled his arm back, the sudden motion making the coffee spill down his hoodie as the books clattered to the floor. The poor victim of his aimless wandering gasped in surprise as they saw what had happened.

“I'm so sorry. I didn't see you, I was too busy daydreaming.” Namjoon quickly apologized ignoring the sting of the hot coffee on his chest. It wouldn't be the first time and it definitely wasn't the last.

“No, it was my fault. I piled too many books on. I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Oh gosh I made you spill your coffee. Damn it. I knew I should've listened to Ken. He always told me this would happen. I'm so sorry,” the stranger rambled.

Namjoon quickly and gently grabbed their arm to calm them down and get their attention. “Hey it's okay. I'm fine. Equal part fault. I didn't spill any on you or the books did I? Are you okay?”

When the stranger had calmed down enough to look Namjoon in the eye, it stopped every thought and he didn't even feel the sting from the coffee anymore. It was probably just a mild first degree burn anyways. In front of Namjoon, was by far the most handsome human being he had ever seen. His eyes were wide and even though he was concerned over Namjoon and partly embarrassed, Namjoon could see the mischievous glint in his eyes. His ears were tinted red at the tip and his cheeks were a rosy color, but neither red looked as gorgeous as the strangers lips which looked more full than he could ever imagine any other man or even woman having. His light brown hair was slightly messy as if he had run his fingers through it a lot, but how a few strands fell onto the strangers forehead it still looked great.

“Yeah. I'm okay.” The stranger said, “incredibly embarrassed but you know, that happens when you run into a god like human being and spill their coffee on them without even introducing yourself. Hi, I'm Seokjin. Can I replace your coffee by going on a date with you?”

Namjoon’s eyes widened surprised at the boldness of this stranger, Seokjin. He saw how the tips of his ears got even redder and quickly he fumbled to save his mistake.

“I-I mean if you don't want to that's totally okay. You could tell me you have a girlfriend even if you don't and I won't be offended because honestly I'd be surprised if you weren't single. Did you know you are very handsome? Oh shit. What if you're totally straight and I'm just making myself an idiot?” Seokjin’s eyes widened at that possibility and he turned his head, mumbling something in another language which Namjoon recognized as Korean from his parents speaking it all the time at home.

“Woah, hang on. Give me a chance to answer at least. I'm Namjoon.” Namjoon managed to laugh. “You don't have to replace my coffee, but a date would be nice since I don't have a girlfriend, or boyfriend and I'm definitely not straight.”

Seokjin’s face seemed to turn an even brighter shade of red, making Namjoon smile in amusement. “Oh god. You're serious?”

“Absolutely. I'd like to get to know you more. Did you say something in Korean too?” Namjoon asked as he bent down to start picking up books. He set his now empty coffee to the side, feeling slightly guilty that Hoseok’s money on it had gone to waste, but not feeling guilty enough to not wish to bump into the man again.

“I did. Are you-?” Seokjin started to ask but stopped himself as he picked up books with Namjoon.

Namjoon nodded, “second generation. My grandparents immigrated here before my parents were born. I grew up with them and my parents speaking Korean all the time. Are you?”

“Yeah first generation. My parents moved here before my older brother was born. They don't speak English as well so I grew up learning Korean and English so I could communicate with them and at school.” Seokjin nodded.

Namjoon smiled standing once all the books had been picked up. He waited as Seokjin adjusted the books he had picked up and smiled, “that's awesome. My friends are similar to me, but their families came over sooner than my own did.”

Seokjin nodded taking the offered books from Namjoon, “it's cool that we met then. Um, so the date-? Is that still-?”

“Oh yes. Yeah. Um here.” Namjoon glanced around and found a notepad on one of the tables and a pen and wrote his number on it with his name then stuck it on the top book on Seokjin’s pile. “You can just text me or call about it?”

“I will, Namjoon. I mean how else am I going to ease my guilty conscious and redeem myself from my confident and panicked gay moment earlier?” Seokjin smiled and winked.

Namjoon could've sworn he would've fainted. “I'd like that, but I don't know. I like the confidence too.”

Seokjin grinned, “well you're in luck. I am the most confident gay around.” His name was called and he looked back seeing a friend waving to him. “I should go. Um I'll text you?”

“Please do.” Namjoon smiled. As Seokjin walked to his friend Namjoon watched him go, smiling and lifting his hand in a small wave as Seokjin glanced back before grabbing the coffee cup. He walked back to his friends, tossing the empty cup into the trash before sitting down.

“What happened?” Hoseok asked worried as soon as Namjoon sat, seeing the coffee stain on his hoodie

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked, looking ready to jump up and check Namjoon over.

“Yeah, yeah I'm fine.” Namjoon waved off their worry and pulled his notebook close. His hoodie was one his grandma had sent him what seemed like forever ago. One she had found that she thought he'd like, which he did, which was why it was covered in so many stains from spilled food, drinks, and Namjoon had no idea what else. He wore it even at the parties, he, Yoongi, and Hoseok had thrown so the possibilities were endless. The stain from the coffee just added to the stories the hoodie held. “I bumped into someone cause I wasn't paying attention. Saved their books by dumping it on myself.”

“They must've been really grateful.” Hoseok mused, thinking of how expensive the fees got with the library.

Namjoon nodded. He looked down at his notes and tried not to smile, “and I got a date out of it.”

“What?” Yoongi looked at him, “Namjoon that's the most important part of the story!”

“Who’s the guy? How did they manage to woo you?” Hoseok asked looking around for whoever it might have been.

Namjoon smiled and shook his head, “no. Not telling you.”

“Come on Namjoon who is it?” Yoongi laughed. He glanced at his friend, watching as he just focused on what was in front of him and looked around the library, trying to figure out who might have finally caught Namjoon’s eyes.

[Sent 2:41pm] From Unknown: Hi, I hope this is Namjoon?? It’s Seokjin. Would going to get coffee tomorrow work?

Namjoon smiled at the text he received, texting Seokjin back.

[Sent 2:42pm] To Seokjin: Hi Seokjin! It is me. I have class at 11:30 but it ends at 12:45. Maybe we could make it lunch and coffee? Lunch can be my treat :)

“Who are you texting?” Yoongi noticed Namjoon’s smile.

Quickly Namjoon tried stuffing his phone in his pocket, “no one!”

Hoseok was too quick and stole his phone, scrolling through until he found the text, “who’s Seokjin? Is he your mystery man?”

Namjoon groaned, “Hoseok, give it back.”

“Lunch and coffee?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him.

“He feels bad about me spilling my coffee.” Namjoon mumbled, he was sure his cheeks were red, and that his friends were going to tease him about it.

“Okay, but you suggested and offered to pay for lunch.” Hoseok grinned, “he must be really cute huh?”

“Shut up. Can I have my phone back?”

“Hang on,” Hoseok moved out of Namjoon’s reach and typed something before waiting.

“What are you doing? Hoseok, give it back!” Namjoon laughed standing up.

Yoongi stopped him from grabbing his phone, “hold on we’re doing something for science.”

“For science my ass.” Namjoon laughed, “what is this? High school again?”

"Yeah." Hoseok grinned, "Oh babe look."

Yoongi looked over his shoulder and nodded, "Oh I know him. He was in my basic emergency care class. He's an early education major."

"Wait how do you know who he is?" Namjoon said. His friends let him see his phone again.

[Sent 2:48pm] From Literal LOML: that works for me Namjoon :) meet me in front of the library?

[Sent 2:50pm] To Literal LOML: perfect! Hey can you send me a picture of you so I can put it as your contact photo? :)

[Sent 2:51pm] From Literal LOML: miss my face already? ;) since you asked so nicely….

[Photo attached]

[Sent 2:52pm] To Literal LOML: :O you're too handsome

"You guys are assholes." Namjoon blushed grabbing his phone from them. He saw the response Seokjin sent and smiled a little before tucking his phone to the safety of his pocket.

"We're just making sure our friend isn't going to die going out with some creep." Yoongi laughed. "If I knew he was your type I would've introduced you."

"Shut up." Namjoon laughed. He glanced towards where Seokjin was and saw the older was working on something, very focused that he had a frown on his face and his lips pouted out slightly. "I didn't know he was my type until now."

Hoseok grinned, "yeah, you're in love already. When you get married please invite us."

"Only after you two get married." Namjoon teased back.

Hoseok blushed but smiled at Yoongi.

Yoongi blushed and waved it off slightly, "getting this degree comes first. Come on let's finish studying."

Namjoon laughed and glanced at Seokjin again, smiling when he made eye contact with him. He waved a little before looking down to study. Maybe Hoseok was right.

[Sent 2:54pm] From Literal LOML: thank you. You aren't so bad yourself ;) ♡

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"What should I wear?" Namjoon asked. He glanced at his watch and realized he was quickly losing time before he had to go to class.

"Just something you wear every day. You already impressed him with your nasty ass hoodie." Yoongi said eating breakfast that Hoseok had made for them.

"Shut up," Namjoon balled up a shirt and threw it at Yoongi.

"He's not wrong Namjoon. Wear what you normally would." Hoseok said from where he sat behind Yoongi. He leaned up and Yoongi put a strawberry into his mouth.

Namjoon made a face at how his friends were being and looked back into his closet with a sigh, "why didn't I do laundry last night like I said I would?"

"Why did you have some three-piece suit you were gonna wear?" Yoongi teased.

"I invite you into my room and this is how you treat me? The disrespect. In my own home." Namjoon complained.

"We share the rent. Suck it." Yoongi mumbled.

Hoseok laughed and kissed Yoongi's head before getting up. He went over to the closet and looked before grabbing a shirt of Namjoon's. It was a regular blue t-shirt that had the design of a flower on the bottom of the sleeves, "you have pants that match this right?"

Namjoon nodded, "should I just wear that?"

Hoseok nodded, "I mean unless you think it's stupid."

"Just trust Hobi. We only got like ten minutes before we gotta go to class." Yoongi said, "and you still haven't eaten and I need my coffee."

"Was the pot I made not enough?" Namjoon asked grabbing out the pants he would wear.

"I already drank half. Hobi had some and we left like half a cup for you." Yoongi said.

Namjoon sighed, "if you want you can have that. I'll grab some before class."

Yoongi nodded, "you just don't want me to harass you huh?"

"Exactly." Namjoon grinned, "now go. Hobi can you help me?"

"Yeah I got you. Come on Yoongs I'll get you more coffee babe.” Hoseok laughed. He got up and pulled his boyfriend along, laughing at the protests it got from him. “I can give you kisses too babe.”

“Bye Namjoon.” Yoongi said leaving now without a fight.

Namjoon laughed shutting the door behind them. He got dressed and paused in front of his mirror and ran his hands through his hair a few times. He was nervous about going out with Seokjin. He didn’t want the older to not like him. He liked the older too much.

“Namjoon if you’re not down here in a minute I’m leaving you!” Yoongi yelled.

Namjoon sighed, “hopefully he likes it.” He went downstairs and took the coffee Hoseok offered in a travel cup, “thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Hoseok grinned, "and don't worry about your date. It'll be fine."

Namjoon nodded taking a drink of the coffee before grabbing his shoes and putting them on. "Thanks. Hopefully it goes good."

"It will. But you might not make it to your date if we don't go to class now." Yoongi said.

Namjoon laughed and nodded. He grabbed his keys and wallet, stuffing them into his over the shoulder bag. "Are you walking us to class Hoseok?"

"Yeah. I told Yoongs I'd deliver coffee after I get you two to class." Hoseok smiled. He went over to Yoongi and smiled, "come on Mr. Grumpy gus."

"You're lucky you're cute." Yoongi said, as he left with Hoseok, Namjoon following the couple laughing.

"Please, you love me for my coffee deliveries." Hoseok grinned taking Yoongi's hand.

Namjoon laughed locking the door behind him and walked along with his friends. "You aren't wrong. Anyone loves a good coffee delivery."

"Well you know the physical affection you give is pretty great too." Yoongi shrugged.

Hoseok grinned and kissed Yoongi's head. "I love you baby."

"I love you too. Brat." Yoongi teased grinning at him.

Namjoon laughed watching them and listened to their talking the rest of the way to class. He added in here or there but mostly just listened.

Once they got to class, he went in and sat in his seat, not wanting to be a witness to the PDA his friends always partook in. Just as he pulled his notebook out, his phone chirped with a text.

[Sent 11:25 am] From Seokjin: Hi Namjoon. Are we still meeting for lunch today?

[Sent 11:26 am] To Seokjin: definitely! I'm really excited and looking forward to it.

[Sent 11:27 am] From Seokjin: awesome I am too! Now focus in class and take good notes! I'll see you in front of the library after ;)

Namjoon smiled reading the text. He replied and set his phone down. He looked up seeing Yoongi come in and sit beside him.

"Text from the love of your life?" Yoongi motioned to his phone.

"At least I don't look like I was just making out in the hall for five minutes, like a hormonal high schooler." Namjoon teased.

Yoongi smacked him. "Shut up. I'll remember that when you and Seokjin are the two sucking face outside."

Namjoon laughed and smiled to himself as their instructor walked in and started class. He kept glancing at his phone and then the time, nervous and anxious for his date. When class was over, Namjoon put his things back in his bag, his hands shaking a little.

"Hey Namjoon," Yoongi spoke up.


"Just remember he likes you enough to go on a date without you trying. Just relax and enjoy it." Yoongi said.

Namjoon nodded and got up. "Thanks Yoongs. I'll tell you and Hoseok about it when I get home."

"Just leave out the sex." Yoongi laughed following him out of the class.

"Yeah and make sure if you and Hoseok decide to, to let me know. I'll go hang out at the library instead." Namjoon laughed. He waved at Hoseok who was walking over and took a deep breath. "Alright. Here I go."

"You got it Namjoon. Just be yourself." Hoseok smiled.

Yoongi nodded, "he already likes you."

Namjoon nodded and gave them a small smile before heading off towards the library. He glanced at his watch anxiously and saw it was getting close. He took a deep breath before he rounded the corner to the library and saw Seokjin waiting, sitting on a bench reading a book. He smiled to himself and walked over. "Hey."

"Namjoon, hi you made it." Seokjin smiled closing his book.

"Of course I did. We have a date." Namjoon smiled. "Ready?"

"Yeah, I am." Seokjin got up and grabbed the backpack he had next to him and smiled.

"Awesome. Come on." Namjoon smiled and started walking with Seokjin. "What book are you reading?"

"Oh one for class. A Child Called It." Seokjin showed him.

"I read it in high school. What do you think about it?" Namjoon asked.

"I think I need to get my degree so I can be a teacher and advocate for these kids." Seokjin said honestly. "I love kids, a lot. They're just amazing and they're so pure and innocent and they all honestly just deserve so much love."

Namjoon smiled at Seokjin's enthusiasm and nodded, "kids are really great. So my friend Hoseok said you're an early education major?"

Seokjin nodded, "I want to be a kindergarten teacher. Or preschool."

Namjoon smiled, "that takes a lot of energy."

“Good thing I have a lot of it then.” Seokjin laughed.

Namjoon smiled and opened the door for Seokjin when they got to the cafe they had agreed on late the night before when talking about it.

Seokjin smiled and went in, waiting for Namjoon. “What’s your major?”

“Wildlife fire science.” Namjoon said, “I want to be a hotshot.”

“Ooh, an elite huh?” Seokjin smiled, “and you said being a teacher takes a lot of energy. You’re going to be exhausted every fire season.”

“I know,” Namjoon laughed as they sat down. “But I want to make a difference. And being a wildland firefighter is how I want to do it.”

“You could just be a firefighter that runs into buildings.” Seokjin said, “like your friend Hoseok.”

Namjoon shook his head. “I love wildlife. If I could help protect it, then I will.”

Seokjin smiled, “you’re pretty great.”

“Thank you.” Namjoon laughed softly and smiled. Seokjin was like a dream come true.

After they ate and enjoyed talking over their lunch, Seokjin and Namjoon decided to go for a walk in the park close to campus to get to know each other more. They played a game of 20 questions that quickly turned into just more than 20 questions.

“Okay, most important question. Dog person or cat person?” Seokjin asked.

“I like both, but dog person. At home I have a dog named Monie, who actually hates me I think?” Namjoon laughed, “I went home for break one time and he wouldn’t let me love on him and he stayed by my sister the whole time.”

“He was just upset you abandoned him.” Seokjin smiled.

“I didn’t abandon him.” Namjoon laughed.

“It’s not me you have to plead your case to.” Seokjin winked. “Your turn.”

“Fine. Do you have a dog?” Namjoon laughed.

“I do. His name is Jjangu. He’s a fluffy boy.” Seokjin smiled. “My mom sent me a picture of him too here.” Seokjin looked at his phone and pulled up the text that had a picture of the dog and showed Namjoon, “whenever I go back home he curls up in my lap and will lay there for hours.”

“That sounds like heaven. Can Jjangu teach Monie that?” Namjoon laughed.

“For a fee.” Seokjin grinned. “My turn, why do you want to be a hotshot? I told you how I want to be an advocate in the schools for kids, and you just said you like wildlife. Have you always wanted to be a hotshot?”

“Not really.” Namjoon shrugged. He looked around and then looked at Seokjin, “to be honest I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was younger. I always got high marks in class but whenever people asked what I wanted to be I didn’t know. It wasn’t until two years ago my first semester at the university that I realized it. Remember the really bad fire then that it moved too quick and the evacuations were ordered late?”

Seokjin nodded at the memory.

“Well Yoongi Hoseok and I were packing last minute things into my car when we glanced over and saw some hotshots working. It was kind of cool. They were working the line and ever since I’ve always wanted to do that. Be someone who helps and I know I can do it as a regular wildland firefighter, but as a hot shot I’d be on the line and making the calls instead of having to just mop up or handle less intense areas. The adrenaline of that I bet is really cool.” Namjoon said, “that and there’s just something about fire that’s really beautiful.”

“Are you a pyromaniac?” Seokjin laughed. He gently elbowed Namjoon to show he wasn’t being mean and when the younger smiled at him he continued, “are you an adrenaline junkie?”

“Not really. I mean as a kid I’d climb trees and race my bike down the hill with no hands to beat Yoongi to the corner. But I actually never really liked that rush.” Namjoon shrugged. He looked at Seokjin, “hey that’s three questions.”

Seokjin laughed, tilting his head back, “you caught me. Fine ask three in a row then.”

Namjoon laughed thinking and bit his lip before saying what he was thinking, “you don’t have to answer this one. It’s personal and if you want to skip it just tell me, it’s okay. But um, with you being a first generation from Korea, are your parents okay with you being gay? Or do they have those traditional values everyone else in Korea has?”

Seokjin was quiet for a moment and Namjoon worried he overstepped. He was about to tell Seokjin to just forget it when the older spoke up as they got to a fountain and sat together. “They aren’t as accepting as I’d like. I mean they’re definitely more accepting than my grandparents, who pretty much disowned me, but I guess that mentality is one that if you’ve grown up in it, it’s rough to step away from. My mom’s never agreed with the ideas, and that’s why she wanted to come here to raise my brother and me. She’s more accepting than my mom. My dad is coming around, but he wasn’t as accepting at first. My brother doesn’t care. He just asked that if I find any of his friends hot I warn him so he can make sure they aren’t assholes about it.”

Namjoon nodded, “thank you for answering. You didn’t have to.”

“I know, but I did.” Seokjin smiled, “your turn. Two more questions.”

Namjoon smiled at him, “favorite artist?”

“Like song artist?” Seokjin asked. When Namjoon nodded he thought for a moment, “how cliche would it be if I said Shawn Mendes?”

Namjoon laughed, “He’s good. What’s your favorite song by him?”

“Uh, come back later. I can’t think on the spot.” Seokjin laughed.

“Fake fan.” Namjoon laughed.

Seokjin gasped, “I am a very real fan thank you.” He reached into the water and splashed Namjoon laughing.

“Hey!” Namjoon laughed. He was surprised when Seokjin splashed him again, “oh that’s it.”

Seokjin laughed getting up and running before Namjoon could splash him.

Namjoon laughed and chased him, “come back here you little brat!”

Seokjin laughed, “shut up I’m older than you. Respect your elders!”

“How can I respect my elders when you act like a kid?” Namjoon laughed.

“Says the one whos literally chasing me around a fountain!” Seokjin laughed. He turned his head to see where Namjoon was, only to trip and start falling toward the water. “Oh shit!”

Namjoon laughed quickly catching Seokjin and pulling him close to himself by wrapping an arm around the waist. Their chests both raised quickly from their panting to catch their breaths from running and Namjoon was sure the red on his and Seokjin’s cheeks wasn’t from the burst of energy they just exerted. At least, he hoped so for Seokjin.

“Already out here saving lives hmm?” Seokjin said as he stared up into Namjoon’s eyes. He wasn’t much shorter than Namjoon, but he did have to tilt his back just a little to be able to do it. He had a small smile on his face that Namjoon had a hard time interpreting, but figured it could only be considered as something similar to fondness.

“Would it be really cliche and stupid if I said I really like you and I’d love to go on more dates with you?” Namjoon asked.

“Definitely not. I’d love for that.” Seokjin smiled, “and I’d be sad if you didn’t.”

Namjoon smiled, “would I be overstepping by asking if I could kiss you?”

“I don’t usually kiss on the first date Namjoon.” Seokjin said softly, “but for you, I’ll make an exception.”

Namjoon smiled and leaned closer, pressing his lips against Seokjin’s. His heart started racing more than it already had, and Namjoon worried the older would hear it, but all fears of that went away when he felt Seokjin kiss back and the older pulled him closer. Already he was so in love.

Chapter Text

After the date, Seokjin quietly made his way into their friend group, bringing along his friend who wasn't as permanent of a figure in their group as he was their own. Yoongi and Hoseok eased Seokjin into the relentless teasing that consisted of their friend group by teasing Namjoon any time Seokjin was around. This only encouraged Seokjin to tease Namjoon, much to the younger's dismay. Even with the teasing, Namjoon was surprised he and Seokjin hadn't met before, with how well Seokjin got along with his friends, and he was grateful for the cup of coffee that had gotten them there.

"I got something to tell you guys." Seokjin said as they sat in the library. Namjoon and Yoongi had a paper to write, Hoseok had a small test to study terms for and Seokjin was tired of reading the book he had to read for class.

"Seokjin, I'm glad you make Namjoon happy, but if this is another lame ass joke I may have to stab you with my pen." Yoongi sighed.

"You wouldn't. Besides it's not another lame joke." Seokjin said, looking more offended that Yoongi would call his jokes lame.

"Fine. What is it?" Yoongi looked up at Seokjin, who was smiling as all eyes turned to him.

"Where do you find a cow with no legs?" Seokjin asked.

"Oh my god." Yoongi groaned looking back at his paper.

Hoseok grinned, enjoying that he had someone else to annoy Yoongi with. "Where?"

"Right where you left it." Seokjin grinned.

"I'm gonna kill him, Namjoon." Yoongi grumbled.

Namjoon laughed, "please don't. I'm kind of fond of him."

Seokjin leaned over and kissed Namjoon's cheek and smiled as the younger took a drink of his coffee, "besides how else am I supposed to test out my jokes and find the best dad joke to tell Namjoon and I's kids someday?"

Namjoon almost choked on the drink of coffee he took, surprised. Hoseok and Yoongi both laughed at his expression as he processed exactly what Seokjin said.

"Oh no, did I kill you?" Seokjin laughed patting his back. "Are you okay?"

"Jin, we've been dating like what two months? When were you going to tell me you wanted to marry me?" Namjoon coughed.

"Oh I just figured...I mean unless you don't want to someday, but I really like you and could see a future with you." Seokjin said quickly, nervous at Namjoon's surprise.

"No, no. It's okay. I wouldn't mind but you just surprised me. Warn me before you do that, so I don't choke on coffee." Namjoon said quickly. He liked Seokjin too, and honestly could see the same as Seokjin, the two getting married after college and having a family together. Even if they had only known each other a short amount of time.

"So when's the wedding?" Yoongi teased.

"After yours." Seokjin said without missing a beat, grinning triumphantly as Yoongi and Hoseok both blushed glancing at each other.

Namjoon laughed, "I don't know if they'll ever get married Jin. They might just roll over in bed one day and be like 'oh. That's what we forgot' and have like eight kids and a dog."

"Two dogs." Hoseok corrected, "we agreed on two dogs."

"But not eight kids!" Yoongi said making the other three at the table start laughing.

"We'll compromise then. Six." Hoseok grinned.

"I'm gonna stab you with my pen next." Yoongi said.

Hoseok laughed and wrapped his arms around Yoongi, "you wouldn't. You love me too much."

"Sometimes." Yoongi grumbled, but Seokjin and Namjoon could see how content he was being held by Hoseok.


“So, did you really mean it?” Namjoon asked as they walked to the apartment later. Seokjin was over at the apartment so often anymore that Yoongi and Hoseok both asked Namjoon if he was going to ask Seokjin to move in soon.

“Mean what?” Seokjin looked at him. He held his books in one hand and held Namjoon’s in the other, his hand seemingly fitting perfectly in Namjoon’s.

“That you’d want to marry me someday?” Namjoon said softly.

Seokjin blushed but nodded, “absolutely. You’re an amazing person Namjoon. When I’m with you, I feel-I feel like everything is perfect. You make me so happy and I look forward to getting to spend time with you and I can’t wait to see you when we’re apart. Maybe that makes me a little crazy, but I love you Namjoon. I really do.”

A shy smile appeared on Namjoon’s face along with a little blush as the younger glanced down at his feet. “I really love you too Jin. And, not now, but definitely in the future, I can see myself marrying you and us having a family.”

Seokjin smiled and leaned over kissing his cheek, “let’s finish getting our degrees first at least and you into a hotshot crew yeah?”

Namjoon smiled and nodded. The idea that Seokjin felt the same as him, and was loving enough to understand what Namjoon wanted to do and listed one of their goals together was to get him there, made him feel warm. Seokjin really was perfect. "And get you into a school you love teaching at."

Seokjin smiled, "I could even do a home daycare, as long as you get where you want to be."

"But Jin, your want is just as important."

"I know, but mine is more flexible than yours. Yours is going to be a set station somewhere with your fire seasons spent around the country. It's fine." Seokjin hummed softly. He kissed Namjoon's cheek, "and I can tell how bad you want to be a hotshot."

Namjoon just looked at Seokjin for a moment, wondering just how he got to be so lucky to have Seokjin in his life. To have someone so understanding and caring of what he wanted. He really was going to marry the man next to him.

"Fine, but you'll still have little students to teach."

"Exactly, even if it's just our little ones and Hoseok and Yoongi's six to eight children." Seokjin grinned.

Namjoon laughed, overwhelmed with just how much he loved Seokjin. He never thought he'd be able to love someone so much.


Yoongi and Namjoon both studied over their notebooks, anxiously. In the last two years, they had given up so much to end up here, to get certified as wildland firefighters. Most of the things they needed to know were stored and tucked away in their memories, rehearsed so much that it became second nature. It didn't save them from the nerves they felt over not being certified.

"You'll be okay." Seokjin soothed Namjoon. In the two years, he was patient, letting Namjoon skip and reschedule so many dates just so he could study. He even brought some of their dates to Namjoon, bringing food, water, and the reminder to take a break before helping the younger work on studying again.

"I want to get this right." Namjoon mumbled.

"Fifth watch out then. Tell me what it is." Seokjin said, figuring out a way to help relax Namjoon and Yoongi both. Hoseok looked grateful as he realized he could do the same for Yoongi.

"Uninformed on strategy and tactics and hazards." Namjoon said closing his eyes. He didn't hesitate and instead said it with confidence.

"Good. Yoongi your turn." Seokjin nodded to Hoseok who had helped Yoongi in similar situations and even had to know some watch outs too.

"Eleventh watch out Yoongs." Hoseok said gently.

"Unburned fuel between you and the fire." Yoongi said quickly.

Seokjin smiled watching Namjoon mouth the words along with Yoongi. He knew Namjoon would end up certified after the test. There was no doubt. "Number twelve Joon."

"Unable to see the main fire and no contact with anyone who can." Namjoon said looking at him. He felt better and was grateful for Seokjin's way of calming him down.

"Number 18 Yoongs." Hoseok grinned. It had become a joke for this watch out between them and he knew it would help the older relax even more.

"Feeling like taking a nap near the fire line like it's Christmas time at grandma's next to the fire place." Yoongi smiled at Hoseok.

"See you two are ready. Your watch outs are like second nature to you. You already have your first aid certifications, now you just show them what you already know." Seokjin reassured, "and remember when you deploy make sure you get your face in the dirt. You got this."

Namjoon nodded and kissed Seokjin, "Thank you babe."

"You're welcome. I'll see you when you're all certified my hotshot." Seokjin smiled.

Hoseok hugged Yoongi, whispering how proud of his boyfriend, and reassuring him that he would get certified. It helped Yoongi visibly relax as they stepped back and he handed Hoseok his notebook. With their boyfriends' help, Yoongi and Namjoon felt ready to take on the certification board.

"We'll probably be about half an hour to an hour." Namjoon said handing Seokjin his things.

"No worries. We'll go grab coffee and then come relax while we wait." Seokjin smiled.

Hoseok nodded, "you focus on yourselves right now. We'll be cheering you on."

Yoongi smiled and kissed Hoseok's cheek in thanks before he went in.

Namjoon squeezed Seokjin's hand and smiled at him before going in as well.

Seokjin smiled and looked at Hoseok, "We're gonna have wildland firefighters for boyfriends."

"It's a little hot." Hoseok joked making Seokjin laugh.

"Come on, let's grab coffee so I can panic away from here." Seokjin laughed.

Hoseok grinned, "I knew you weren't that confident."

"Oh I'm confident Joon's gonna be fine. I'm not confident that I won't go in there and yell at the testers if they're rude." Seokjin laughed as they walked.

"Yoongi will take care of them." Hoseok said smiling. He paused, "wait maybe we should stay then."

"Nineteenth watch out, Yoongi protecting his best friend." Seokjin joked.

"No kidding." Hoseok laughed shaking his head.


Namjoon felt his heart racing in his chest. He felt confident going through the process of showing how he knew every technique, every watch out, every procedure. But this was where he was nervous. Having to sit in front of the people who would decide if he could be certified or not and tell them why he wanted to go into the job, why it was something he wanted. It made his heart race and he felt nervous with every passing second.

"Namjoon Kim," someone called for him as Yoongi walked out of the room they had come from.

Yoongi gave Namjoon an encouraging look and a thumbs up. He had done okay.

Namjoon wiped his hands on his pants and stood. He felt a piece of paper in his pocket that he didn't realize was there and quickly pulled it out. When he opened it, he smiled.

Just relax. Talk to them like you're talking to me. You got this Joonie. -Jinnie

Namjoon took a deep breath before following the man into the room. He shook hands with the three sitting behind a table and smiled at them before sitting down. "Hi, I'm Namjoon."

"Nice to meet you Namjoon. You did really well today." The person in the middle said, "we just have a few questions before we make our decision."

Namjoon nodded and tried to relax, running his thumb along the note Seokjin had given him.

"First question, why do you want to become a wildland firefighter?" They asked.

Namjoon took a deep breath. Like you're talking to Jin, "Well I wasn't exactly sure when I was in high school what I wanted to do. When I got to college, I still wasn't exactly sure. That was until a fire got close to the college and my friends and I had to evacuate. I remembered watching some of the firefighters work to save what they could and help keep the line from getting to the college. I want to be a hotshot. And I'm gonna keep trying to be one, because I want to work the front lines and save what I can like those guys did."

"You could be a firefighter in structure and save things that way." The one on the left said, "why this?"

"Because I love nature and I feel like this would be more rewarding to me than structure. I know in both there's moments where you win some, you lose some, but if I can save just a little bit of land, stop a fire from reaching a house, then it'll be worth it. If I can help give someone more time to evacuate, I'll be happy." Namjoon said. It was everything he and Seokjin had talked about together, late at night when Namjoon was so frustrated he could scream. Seokjin helped him remember why he wanted it so badly.

"Good. And lastly what are you hoping to gain from being a wildland firefighter?"

"Everything. Experience, hard work, working with others, I'm not going into it for the money, or anything material really, and I know every fire season I'm making a sacrifice to not see my family and friends as often and I understand that, and as long as I can again help someone have a few extra minutes to get out, it's what I want to do." Namjoon almost held his breath as the three looked at each other and share what they had written. He hoped their decision would be a unanimous one.

"Mr. Kim, congratulations. You're being certified in wildland firefighting." The man in the middle stood and held his hand out.

Namjoon quickly got to his feet, almost knocking the chair back and shook his hand. "Thank you. I appreciate it."

"Of course. Congratulations." The man smiled.

Namjoon smiled and shook the other two's hands before leaving. He found Yoongi waiting for him.

"So?" Yoongi asked.

"We're one step closer to being hotshots Yoongi." Namjoon grinned.

Yoongi smiled, "come on. Let's go celebrate with our boyfriends."

Namjoon nodded and they walked out to where their boyfriends waited, both just talking and relaxed.

"Joonie, how'd it go?" Seokjin asked.

"I want to know how you knew I'd need this." Namjoon held up the note and smiled, "because I'm sure it helped me get my certification."

Seokjin grinned and hugged him, wrapping his arms tight around Namjoon. "I'm so proud of you! You're going to do so amazing Joon!"

Namjoon laughed softly hugging him.

Hoseok smiled and looked at Yoongi, "babe?"

"You don't expect Namjoon to get certified and not me, do you?" Yoongi laughed softly. "I'm certified too."

Hoseok smiled and hugged Yoongi as well, kissing his forehead and holding him close. "I knew you would be."

"Let's go celebrate. Because I want to have a little bit of fun before my last final tomorrow." Seokjin laughed.

"I think we can do that." Namjoon grinned.