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Happily Ever Afters

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Hunter wiped some sweat from his weary face and stumbled over to the stepladder. He sighed on every step, wondering how he managed to get himself talked into helping redecorate the living room. It must have been the deep-rooted idea to be the “handy man” and rescue his damsel from the distress of an ugly house. His chivalrous attitude took him through the first hour, but fatigue soon set in. Now his arms shook from lifting items to hang and holding them steady, while his wife debated how to arrange them. Hunter groaned and lifted yet another picture and turned to ask her where to place it, but she was gone. He called for Ashlynn and there was no answer. He sighed. She always had an opinion on where the pictures went. Sometimes he wondered if she argued with him about decor just to be contrary. He debated for a few moments when his arms started to buckle. With only a few more hours of daylight left, he decided to just go ahead and hang the picture. After the long day of work, his patience had reached an end. Setting the painting down, he pulled the hammer out of his pocket and started hammering. He had just made contact with the nail when a sudden jolt nearly knocked him from the ladder. A hand grasped his zipper and pulled it down. The initial rush of air against Hunter’s skin sent a shiver through his entire body. As he glanced down, he gasped in amazement as Ashlynn parted his underwear and suddenly took him into her mouth. At first, he stood frozen from the shock of her lips caressing him. Though he had experienced this many times, that first touch of her warmth against him was such an indescribable feeling for him. His legs stiffened as her tongue softly caressed him, and it wasn’t long before he was hard against her. She withdrew her head for a moment and he groaned as she traced all around. From this position Hunter could stare down her shirt and willed it to come off, but didn’t dare to ask her to stop so she could undress. This was too much of a good moment to interrupt. Ashlynn stared up at him, her beautiful green eyes wide in admiration. “I love my hot, sweaty, handy man,” she said, finishing her sentence with a playful squeeze to his balls, sending another jolt of electricity down through his feet. “You’ve been so good helping me today, you need a real reward.” He dropped a hand to finger through her hair before she plunged back into him even deeper, forcing his fingers to clutch the ladder again. Balance failed him as she sent wave after wave of intense pleasure to him. Ashlynn’s mouth controlled him like a puppet and he was more than happy to accept her demands. He had just about settled from the feelings from her lips, when her hands traced up his legs. She caressed him and he was grateful for the soft touch, as more sensation would have toppled him over. Even so, his knees began to buckle and his heart raced as a real worry came over him he would fall to the ground. Hunter’s hands, which dripped with sweat, were losing hold of the ladder. She continued her rhythmic dance that sent him close to the edge. She knew his body well and she was using that knowledge against him. Surrender was inevitable; he was completely under her spell. The escalation kept building up and that wonderful sensation that he was near. Ashlynn withdrew her mouth from him again. “My strong handyman ready to come in my mouth?” she asked, with a voice that almost sent him over and he nodded. “I love you so much,” she said, in a voice that held no restraint or hesitation on those meaningful words. He groaned, and she pulled even harder on him. Hunter’s sweaty hands were grasping at the ladder so tightly that he knew he would have marks on his hands from this encounter and that thought alone made his cock jump. Ashlynn hovered around him, her warm breath teasing him made his skin felt like it was on fire. He needed her now. Finally, she took him in her mouth again, but this time with such force he really worried he would fall down. His fingers started to lose their grip and he tried to quickly clasp at the ladder but he tumbled backwards. Suddenly, Hunter felt two hands grabbed his rear. Another surge of electricity overtook him as she pulled him into her, taking him deep. It was going to be soon and he tried to fight the urge to let go, to savor the wonderful moment, and how close he felt to her. To his beloved wife. But the sensations were amazing, way too amazing. She quickly opened her mouth and savored the wonderful flavor of his cum. As he pulled out, it was as if time itself had ceased. From his head to his toe, his body had surrendered completely to his Ashlynn’s touch. He moaned as his cock twitched with one incredible tremor after another, knowing that his sounds were only a small way to communicate to her of how she made him feel because she took his breath away, making it impossible to speak. How alive he was right now and how he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. While his head came back down from the clouds, he reached down and fingered his hands through his Ashlynn’s long magnificent hair. Hunter would never complain about having to do any redecorating ever again.