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His mother had never had the strongest body. After his birth, her health deteriorated even more, there was no way she would’ve survived another pregnancy. There wouldn’t have been any need for a second child, had she birthed a healthy Alpha boy. Namjoon was healthy. He was a boy. He was, however, not an Alpha. After taking one whiff of his baby boy’s sweet, citrusy omegan scent, his father made a decision.
He got his first pill at three years old. A simple scent blocking one, nothing too strong. His first hormone injection at 6, to get tall. His first heat suppressant at 13, his first extra testosterone shot a few weeks after. A customized Alpha-scented perfume was his daily best friend. His body did protest with every new medication, and most days he wasn’t able to go outside, but after a while it accepted the changes. He grew extremely tall for an Omega, he built up muscle mass more easily, got a deeper voice and thicker body hair. He didn’t mind, wasn’t angry at his father for putting him through all this. Living as an Alpha gave him all the advantages he wanted: he got the best private tutors, he was able to quench his seemingly endless thirst for knowledge in politics, diplomacy and economics, he was allowed to his father’s business meetings and could contribute to the important decisions that were made, and learned how to lead a company from a young age. He could do whatever he wanted, and nothing stood in his way. The thoughts of him basically cheating and lying to everyone around him were quickly shoved to the back of his mind at the endless possibilities opening up before him. No one knew, except for his parents and Dr. Kang, his personal doctor and Omegologist, who had been sworn to secrecy.
At 17 he got his uterus removed, in hopes of eradicating any omegan instinct and bodily function he had left at this point. The most reliable procedure for that would have been to remove some of his scent glands, but not only would that have been extremely dangerous, it would also raise some suspicion since their absence would definitely be noticed. He underwent the procedure in a very high-end Hospital in Canada under a false Name and also false age - they made him a year older than he actually was. His parents fought a lot, his mother opposing to the procedure and trying to change his father’s mind. The night before his surgery his mother sat on his bed. He heard her sniffling when she opened the door, so he pretended to be asleep, not wanting to see her tears fall. She gently stroked through his hair and was quiet for a long time. “I’m sorry, Namjoonie”, he heard her whisper suddenly, “I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything from the very beginning. I’m sorry I ruined your chance to live how you want”. His heart clenched. He wanted to tell her ‘I don’t mind’, because really, he didn’t, he never wanted to live as an Omega anyways, but he didn’t say anything. Not because he was supposed to be sleeping, but because something gnawed at the back of his mind. Something like doubt. Something like how maybe, maybe he didn’t mind as less as he thought he did.