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Tutorial on putting pictures and gif on Ao3

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Tutorial on how to put pictures or gifs on Archive of Our Own. Tutorial is not pictures, but is the same for gifs.


1. You must be on Rich Text not on HTML!!

2. Click on Insert/edit Image

3. Find your image on Google in a new tab

4. Click on the Image in Google and this should show up:



5. Copy Image Address

6. Go back to Ao3 and click on Image/edit Insert

6. Paste Image Address in first box like this:


7. Click on the first box to paste then the rest will auto fill (You can fill in the Image description part if you want, I never do. Lol)

8. Click "Ok" and your Image should appear in blue

9. Click NEXT to it, not ON it. If you click on it it will delete and you will have to start over

10. Enjoy your new picture of gif!!!!!